Eagles Wake-Up Call: ‘You Can’t Fake Football’

Summer break. A much-needed respite from the grind that will allow the players to recharge and come into training camp fresh and ready for the season. Right, Coach?

“I don’t think that,” said Chip Kelly. “I’d be here every day if I could.”

Chances are Kelly will be at the NovaCare just about every day leading up to camp, but the veterans don’t officially report back until July 25.

If Kelly had to give his team a grade following OTAs and minicamp, it would undoubtedly be an incomplete. He has mentioned  on numerous occasions that it would be unfair to create a depth chart at this point before the players put the pads on. Kelly noted that in college teams are actually allotted more practices in the spring, and you’re allowed to hit. You can make evaluations in that environment, but few in this one.

That doesn’t mean nothing got accomplished. Two-thirds of the offense was installed according to Kelly, and the first-year coach seems pretty pleased with this group.

“[I’m] real happy with where they are and where I expect them to be.  I didn’t have any expectations going in.  My expectations were that they improve every day, and I feel like they’ve improved every day,” said Kelly.

The rookie program runs until June 21 (Zach Ertz and Jordan Poyer will join the team around the 14th following graduation). The vets are on their own, but can work out at the facility. The strength and conditioning coaches have written out a program for them to follow. Kelly says he’ll know whether his guys adhered to it or not.

“It’s on them in terms of what they do in the summertime in terms of coming back. We’ll see them in July.  We’ll know.  That is the great thing about this: You can’t fake football,” said Kelly. “If you didn’t do any work from the time you left here on June 6th and show up on July 25th, we’ll know because your body will tell you what you can do.  You can’t just take time off.”

Over the next couple weeks, the coaches will be busy going over breakdowns for their first four games against the Redskins, Chargers, Chiefs and Broncos. Kelly said there is always work to do, and hopes his players have the same mentality.

“I expect them to be professional and prepare like this is their year.  And that’s what I think they expect of themselves,” he said. “So this is your job and this is what you lived your whole life to do: play in the NFL. Now you have an opportunity.  So there is a responsibility that goes with that.  So it’s, I believe, a privilege to play in this league, and with that privilege goes responsibility.  So I expect our guys to work their tails off.”


One more running diary from Sheil before the break. Savor it.

Michael Vick says “it’s tough” splitting reps with Nick Foles. 

Some thoughts on Vick, DeSean Jackson and the secondary in the latest Twitter Mailbag.

Kapadia focuses in on the sports science angle. 


Vick is hopeful Kelly will name a QB before training camp. From Geoff Mosher:

“Hopefully, Chip makes a decision before training camp and we won’t have to answer that question, so we can go out there as quarterbacks and just focus on this season and not answer questions about competition every day.”

Asked if tension could mount between he and Foles as the competition plays out this summer, Vick said, “Yeah, but hopefully we’ll have an answer by then, so I’m not going to answer that.

“I won’t want to continue to answer those questions. I won’t continue to answer those questions until Chip makes a decision.”

Domo points out that the Eagles would benefit financially if either Nick Foles or Matt Barkley wins the job.

Foles, who started six games last season as a rookie, has a $635,800 cap number in 2013. It increases to only $750,800 next year. Even if he threw a gazillion touchdown passes and led the Eagles to the Super Bowl this season, he can’t get a raise until after the 2014 season.

Barkley, a fourth-round pick in the April draft, has a $531,000 cap value this year, $621,500 next year and $711,500 in 2015. He must play under his rookie deal through ’15.

Why is this important? Because for at least 1 more year, the league’s salary cap is expected to remain relatively flat, while a number of Eagles player contracts will increase substantially after this season…

“There are no perfect players,” Roseman said. “People are punching holes in all of these players before the draft. If you see a quarterback who has the things that translate to your system and hit on one, you have an opportunity to build your team with a young quarterback like San Francisco and Seattle did. And then you can use your [salary-cap] resources in other areas.”


The offseason program is over, but we march on.

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  • KCruel

    Looks like the second half of the Eagles off season is about to begin….. (Cue Sad Peanuts theme music and slow exit with slumped shoulders)

  • Ron Hipple

    cut vick

  • Brian

    Trade, or release, Vick today. There’s no room on this team for his ego.

  • Corry

    SalPal was all over those quotes yesterday for ESPN. I really wish Vick would be more careful about his responses. I get that he wants to be the starter, but for the love of crap, think before you speak!

    • It doesn’t matter what Vick says…it turns into full blown media circus and it’s dissected and re-dissected a gazillion times. Nothing he said was particularly controversial, but by the time the media gets done it turns into Mike Vick trying to pressure Kelly into making him the starter.

      He’s better than me – I’d give the media Andy Reid type answers so they’ll just be mad, but can’t turn everything said into something it’s not.

      • Corry

        I don’t know, I think he could be more careful with what he says and honestly, while it makes for a boring press conference, I’d prefer the Andy Reid non-answer answers.

        And no one should ever answer SalPal. That dude loves to stir the pot.

        • I think he just answers honestly…but in a Philly where a guy not showing up for voluntary practices can turn into 100+ comment thread – there isn’t much you can say that isn’t a problem.

          • jshort

            Agreed, it is tough to be a player, let alone a QB in this town. Everyone has an opinion, I’m rooting for Foles, I like underdogs with ability. I was all behind vick too, until last year. That picture is still stuck in my head, the fumbles, interceptions, the sacks he took, holding the ball to long. running with the ball, sliding head first and getting concussed. Maybe he straightens all this out, i’m not a hater, but I can’t get those pictures out of my head.


          • No offense. But Foles managed 6 ints and 8 fumbles in 6 games. Why isn’t that picture “stuck in your head” ?

          • jshort

            Because he was a rookie, with a bad O-line. Vick is a vet, had a little better O-line to start with with a full compliment of weapons.

          • A little better oline?

            A full compliment of weapons?

            Neither one of those statements is true. The line was atrocious for both – and Foles benefited from a RB setting records and Maclin who decided he knew hot to catch and hold onto a ball.

          • Vick is 10 year vet. Diff guys. Diff experiences right? Yet their numbers weren’t even that far off.

          • Way to miss the point. I wasn’t referencing their stats – I was referencing their expectations based on their experience in the league.

          • Dutch

            Name another Rookie Quarterback over the last 10 years who had at their disposal some of the weapons Foles had with the Eagles and was as horrible, panicked and out of place under the rush who went on to become significant as a Quarterback in the NFL? Flacco, Cam, Ben, Freeman, Tannehill, Sanchez, Ryan among rookies starting in their first year needed excuses. When each was thrown to the wolves they competed at a high level and proved the stage wasn’t to big for them to handle.

            Foles just isn’t convincing as any of the rookies exposed to action before him over the last 10 plus years. He gave the same to the 1-5 Eagles he gave to the 13-17 Arizona Wildcats under his leadership.

          • Dutch

            “Flacco, Cam, Ben, Freeman, Tannehill, Sanchez, Ryan among rookies starting in their first year DID NOT need excuses.”

            If this was truly an open competition, Matt Barkley would be given the same reps running with the first team as Vick or Foles. This is a new offense introduced by a new Coach neither Foles or Vick has any more experience at this scheme than Matt Barkley.

          • If Chip felt confident enough in Barkley’s ability to compete at the same level as Foles and Vick he would be getting the same amount of reps. Or do you think there is some conspiracy theory that the man who drafted Barkley doesn’t really like him, and even though he’s far and away better than every other QB we still won’t give him any reps?

          • Wow, quite the list you’ve got there. Freeman had a stellar rookie season, passing for 10 TD’s and 18 INTs and a beautiful 58 passer rating. Sanchez with 12 TD passes and 20 INT’s with a 63 passer rating. Tannehill also threw more picks that TDs in his rookie season. Do you even research your facts before you spew them out?

            And before you go off on handle saying that I think Foles is better than any of these guys, I do not think that so whatsoever. My point is that if you judge a rookie solely by his stats in his first season, there are few that look pretty. A lot of the guys on your list were fortunate enough to step into teams with good defenses (Ryan, Flacco, Ben) where they weren’t ask as much.

            None of these guys were asked to do what Foles had to do in his rookie season, playing behind an offensive line missing 4 of 5 starters and still asked to throw the ball more than most, averaging 38 passing attempts. He set franchise records for rookie passing yards in a game, most passing yards in a season, most completions in a game, and most completions in a season.

            Clearly Chip is not satisfied with what either of these guys did, otherwise one would be the clear cut starter. I wasn’t even trying to make a case for Foles in this post, my point has always been that Vick should not be the starter for this team. He offers nothing in the long term success of the team, or even short term. I would rather watch Matt Barkley go 0-16 then see Michael Vick play another snap as an Eagle.

          • BrickSquadMonopoly

            Under what leadership? It doesnt take a high school grad to know when someone just aint a leader

          • dusk2k3

            Flacco and Ben were game mangagers their first year. Cam Newton had the advantage of athleticism to get him out of trouble when he couldn’t read the play. Feeman and Tannehill have done nothing to impress thus far. Sanchez is just outright horrible and was completely covered by skill players and a great Defense.
            Foles wasn’t flustered a single time by pass rush last year. He moved well in the pocket, did a good job throwing away balls on bad plays and played with 2nd and 3rd string line during all of his starts. Vick had a full line except Peters, had all the the offensive key players playing, and still couldn’t get the ball out of his hand in time, had multiple int’s per game, constantly fumbled and couldn’t protect himself when he ran the ball.
            Stop sticking up for Vick people. He is not a good quarterback. He’s a great athlete but not a good quarterback. Reminds me a bit of Tim Tebow. :)

          • AZ_Eaglesfan

            You clearly are a Vick homer and refuse to see the truth. You are defending him when he made blatant comments that go against what his Head Coach believes in. Chip has said a million times, nothing would be decided before he saw players in pads, yet Vick wants a starter named before TC? He whines about sharing reps and he is clearly worried he will not be the starting QB for the Eagles. I

          • Dutch

            Because the talking heads in Phila that shapes the popular opinions among sports fans there will not allure to that data in identifying Foles, nor will they mention the win/loss record of Arizona under Foles.

            I don’t know if the argument of a losing Quarterback, on his biggest stage can come into the NFL and be of any help in leading a perennial contender back to the playoffs

          • Andy124

            Is it really that hard to remember the stats of a guy you talk about damn near every day?
            Foles threw 5 interceptions. And while he did have 8 fumbles, he only lost 3 of them.
            I don’t care if you want to talk about fumbles, or lost fumbles. Just so long as you stay consistent. Don’t start calling fumbles turnovers, and don’t start talking about Foles’s fumbles and Vick’s fumbles lost like a certain troll likes to do.

          • I talk about Foles everyday?


            Says the guy who can’t keep Vick or Foles name out his mouth?

            Sorry 5 INTS and 8 fumbles (that’s so much better) – I didn’t mention anything about turnovers did I? I talked about INTS and Fumbles.

          • “I think that Michael’s a great quarterback and I think that on a team, you want the best quarterbacks possible to compete against one another and Mike’s one of the best in the league and I believe that. We want competition and I’ll keep saying it, we’re all on the same team, we’re all going to compete against each other.” – Nick Foles

            Why would it be so difficult for Vick to embrace the QB competition as well? If he’s confident he’s the guy he’s got nothing to worry about. Just show up and do your job, his work will speak for himself. Chip has already made it known that the competition will most likely go through training camp, so just man up and win the job. Subtle complaints to the media about your coaches decision making is not going to get you anywhere. Any way you want to look at this quote, it does not look good on Vick.

          • Foles is just happy to be playing ball.

            Vick is a 10 year starter.

            Diff guys. DIff experiences. He answered the question honestly – no sugar coating. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t “embraced” the QB comp. No QB (no real starter anyway) wants to go into TC not knowing where they are on the depth chart.

          • theycallmerob

            I don’t take Fole’s comments and quotes as evidence that he is “just happy to be playing ball”. No QB, especially at the NFL level, should have that attitude. He’d be long gone by now if he was just playing ball and not invested in winning the starting job.

            IMO, it seems similar to the criticisms Flacco received early; his nonchalant attitude was often misconstrued as apathetic.

          • Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Vick didn’t play well enough to be handed the job and now he’s going to have earn it. Same for Foles. “happy to play ball” is complete BS. He’s hungry and taking the right attitude on competition.

            Should we give him an award for answer the question honestly?

          • Once again. No one is saying that Vick should be handed anything. But his response to the question isn’t indicative of a man who expects that either.

            The quote was:

            “Hopefully, Chip makes a decision before training camp and we won’t have to answer that question, so we can go out there as quarterbacks and just focus on this season and not answer questions about competition every day”

            That’s not controversial. That’s not a comment by someone expecting anything to be handed to him. That’s someone who wants to get into training camp and work on the season and not competing for a gig.

            But because M. Vick said it it turns into a lot more than what it is.

          • Your 2nd last paragraph is a complete contradiction. He doesn’t want anything handed to him, but he doesn’t want to have to compete for the job?

            Vick is one of the most polarized athletes in sports. He’s an All-Pro, 2x 100 mill contract signee, and a convicted felon. So please, stop with this sob story crap. If Mike hasn’t learned to guard his tongue in the media yet that’s his own problem.

          • Phil Lee

            You say he should guard his tongue, but in the original Mosher story, it says “Dodging questions about the No. 1 theme of training camp could potentially bring some criticism”.

            This isn’t about competing, this is about dealing with the media circus.

            I think it is fair for Kelly to want an open competition, but he’s smart enough to know that there are drawbacks to that – one being the potential media distractions (not unlike the Jets last year).

          • Agreed. Based on both QB’s last years performances, the new offensive system, and the addition of Barkley, an open QB competition is absolutely necessary.

            Not exactly worried about a media circus to be honest. there’ll be a media circus in Philly no matter what goes on the media will find something. They got like 3 weeks out of the Edwards vs. Kafka story for the freakin 3rd QB spot.

          • No it was a typo.

            That’s someone who wants to get into training camp and work on the season and not have to worry about competing for a gig.

            Meaning if you know where you stand before TC you can in and work on that – focus on your role (or look for another job if you’re the guy getting cut) and not spend day in and day out answering questions about the QB competition.

          • jabostick

            A couple of points: it’s a lot easier for a QB who was projected to mostly be a career backup to wlecome competition than it is for a 32 year old who has started his entire life.
            Second, I think the comments are less about having to compete and more about having to answer question after question, day after day ABOUT the competition.

          • Phil Lee

            Yeah, plus I honestly think he’s ‘damned if you do/don’t’. If he’s honest, he’s whining about having to compete. If he gives a stock answer, no one believes him or he gets the “thanks for telling us nothing” treatment that Reid got. If he no comments, it’s a story too.

            And then in this instance, people read in their own interpretation anyway!

          • FMWarner

            Agree 100%. Vick can’t win, there are too many people who want to run him out of town even if he turns out to be the best QB on the team.

          • Andy124

            That’s completely false. He could have said almost the exact same thing as Foles. Just tell the reporter you’re focused on getting better every day, and making the most out of every snap you get. Anything along those lines.
            He’d have been praised up and down for his maturity and how well he’s handling the competition.
            I don’t know how much any of this matters, but it certainly wasn’t a no-win question for him. That’s just nonsense.

          • Great, I get that, but what exactly does he gain from not welcoming it? Does Mike actually believe anything he did over the past 2 years warrants no competition this year? Now he’s out in the media, after Chip has said that he’s going to keep the competition going through TC, he comes out and says he hopes Chip doesn’t do that?

            Not exactly doing himself any favours in Chips eyes.

          • jabostick

            It all depends on how you perceive the comments, I guess.
            I think he’s saying that he wants a starter named so he can avoid the distraction of constantly rehashing it (or else he’ll just stop talking), while others obviously think he’s getting fed up with the competition itself.
            I get annoyed with how Vick is careless in addressing the media, in general (i.e. the dynasty talk, “I’ve figured out fumbling”, etc), but I think the criticism is unfair in this case.

          • I get what you’re saying man, but when you say “he wants a starter named” do you honestly think that means either him or Foles? To me, based on how Vick has handled himself throughout his career, I highly doubt Foles being named the guy is even a consideration for Vick. He wants Chip to name him starter before training camp.

          • You’re reading way too much into the comment.

          • and what makes you the authority on that?

          • eaglepete

            exactly. Lets not kid ourselves for a second that if Foles wins the job Vick wont be upset and possibly be a distraction since hes almost considered the leader of the team. That is probably true in a lot of the other starters eyes as well. Vick knows it will be a problem if he loses, it will be even more questions and negative attention coming his way. I guarantee if he loses out to Foles he will want to play elsewhere, somehow, some way. Book it.

          • Yup. Which is why we need to cut him if he doesn’t win the job.

          • Dutch

            If a 10 year veteran can’t beat out convincingly a Quarterback coming off a NFL 5 TDs 1-5 debacle, and 11-17 Record at Arizona his last two years he needs to leave town.

            I can’t remember another Quarterback coming into the NFL with such a miserable record in college prospering to become a success or leading a team to the NFL Playoffs and if Vick can not distinguish between himself and Foles clearly it’s time to put him to rest.

          • Brian

            Vick was so awful last year that Foles replaced him! Put him to rest!

          • Dutch

            Any consideration that someone else competing for the Starting position with you as the team’s quarterback is self defeating.

            Had a Quarterback shown, when asked by the media he didn’t expect to win a competition or was not frustrated some with the challenge to his perceived authority that’s a major problem in the huddle.

          • Ok? I’d hope they both expect to win, otherwise they’re in the wrong profession.

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            Vick is scared. hes the only one that seems to have a problem with competition.

          • Dutch

            Not accepting competition for a NFL Starter isn’t unique, do you think Farve would openly accept competition and a challenge from Rogers in Green Bay?

            That is part of a winner’s mentality. Football is akin to Tap Out. in most position battles the challengers have to convincingly demonstrate their superiority and force a Tap Out.

          • Except Brett Favre was always the clear cut starter in Green Bay. Aaron Rogers wasn’t competition, he was his heir. Rogers was only given the starting job after Favre retired.

            Your tap out point is ridiculously and irrelevant. And by the way, tap out is a verb, while Tap Out is a douchebag clothing line.

            Your arguments lose a ton credibility when they’re wrong, especially when you can’t even spell Favre.

          • Justin

            To be fair, you BOTH spelled Rodgers wrong.

          • AZ_Eaglesfan

            This man gets it people. This is exactly what I have been saying to all my Eagles buddies.

    • Tyler Phillips

      If Vick said “Man I really need a nap.” The media would spin it as he’s sick and tired of the QB competition anyway. No win situation.

  • JamesDDl

    The accountability angle certainly is refreshing!

    CK knows he has one real chance to make a strong statement and establish the culture he wants. Discipline and personal responsibility seem to be important to him. He no doubt also realizes that year one rebuilding expectations are such, that they can bite the bullet and get rid of players that choose not to buy-in to the new culture. Very encouraging for the long term.

  • cliff henny

    have the feeling while these players can leave for 6 weeks, but you better be pretty secure in your position with the team. he sounds like one job i had where if you left at 5pm, the owner always had one manager stationed at the door making ‘part-time or half-day’ not to subtle jokes. Kelly ovbiously isnt going to break any CBA rules, but sounds like he has his own sub-set. being a work-aholic, like kelly, probably isnt the greatest way to live a well balanced life…but as a fan, it’s a tremendous way to run the eagles.

    • Any of these guys who aren’t taking these six weeks to digest and master what they’ve learned during OTA’s and mini-camp deserve whatever fate awaits them – they can screw around if they want to. Kelly has made it clear that no one is guaranteed anything on this squad.

    • Tyler Phillips

      Sure sounds like that manager was working hard standing around not doing a whole lot. If you are good at your job you don’t need 8 hrs. Work smarter not harder.

  • Jery

    The boys better b sticking to the program or the chipper will no…couldnt agree more about cutting/trading MV…really thinking and hoping we got a steal when drafting MB…@ least i hope so…i see a bright future for the Barkley/Chip combo…fingers crossed!

  • First time in a very long time, maybe since high school, Vick has a true QB competition and he’s handling it poorly already. How about instead of complaining about competition, you embrace it? Seize the day, Mike.

    • AZ_Eaglesfan

      I am so tired of his attitude. The guy thinks he deserves to be handed everything. He is weakkkkk.

    • Honest_T

      Put the comments in context. Vick was getting yelled at by Chip for not holding the ball properly, again!, and was throwing incompletions into giant fly-swatters, while Foles is throwing 60 yrd TDs to D-Jax. He had a bad day and sees his window closing.

      Vick’s comments are already blaming Chip for his poor performance.
      At a minimum it shows a lack of leadership. I can’t blame him, he has
      all the ability in the world and his window of opportunity has closed.
      By all accounts Vick spent his off-season working out and learning how
      to take hits, not elevating his game. What would really make him better
      is studying film of defenses, blitzes, and other QBs to take his game
      to the next level. For an NFL QB, development between the ears is more
      important than their physical ability, because defenses will take away
      your strength and force you to adjust. Vick has all of the ability in
      the world, but never showed an ability to effectively adjust, instead he
      just takes off running. Unfortunately, his comments show that his
      failure to adjust is not isolated to the field.

      Vick knows it is only a matter of time until he’s done in Philly and is already making excuses for poor performance and mistakes (both now and during the season), by blaming a lack of reps during camp & OTAs. He is on a 1 year deal, and with Foles & Barkley continuing to mature and carrying a much lower price tag, there will be a competition again next year; one in which he has no interest in participating. Mike Vick is not the future of the organization, so even if he wins, what does he win?

  • Beavis


    “So this is your job and this is what you lived your whole life to do: play in the NFL. Now you have an opportunity. So there is a responsibility that goes with that. So it’s, I believe, a privilege to play in this league, and with that privilege goes responsibility. So I expect our guys to work their tails off.”

  • Joe Thomas

    I would like the Eagles to just cut ties with Vick. Fans already have tired if the turn overs and mistakes. Every year he claims to be truly dedicated but it’s not genuine. The team will be better off moving towards the future and have Foles and Barkley battle it out. The fact is Vick is the one Qb who is not a long term solution, and that’s what we need

  • Andy124

    I keep reading how Mike would have gotten ripped no matter how he answered those questions. That is incredibly false. Read Foles’ quote, put Vick’s name on it, and people would be singing his praises about how much he’s grown as a person, what a good leader he’s become and how well he’s handling a difficult situation.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Mike Vick fakes football everytime he is out there