Twitter Mailbag: What If You Could Choose Just One?

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From @MarkDawson_: What do you think is Chip Kelly’s current biggest area of concern with his team?

Honestly, I think his biggest obstacle/concern is time. He’s overhauling the entire operation, and will still be asked to field a competitive football team come September. Tuesday gave us a feel for how difficult a task that will be. The first time we got a chance to watch practice there were some miscues, but everything went pretty smoothly considering the crazy-fast pace and newness of it all. The next time out was a bit more rough around the edges. And Tuesday was pretty sloppy. That had less to do with the rain coming down and more to do with the fact that Kelly is ramping up the installations, giving the players a lot more to think about.

“We’re really starting to pile on now,” said Kelly. “And especially for some of the these young guys that piling on process…I think you can hit a wall a little bit, but they’ve got to fight their way through it.”

There is just so much to teach and learn; entirely new schemes being  implemented on both sides of the ball. And the clock ticks toward Opening Day…

From @penseur76: Do you think Kenny Phillips will even make the roster? Seems like Steve Smith 2.0.

Both are ex-Giants, both have had microfracture knee surgery, so I understand where the thought comes from. Phillips bounced back from the surgery better than Smith, who just retired after six seasons because he couldn’t get right. Phillips played 31 of a possible 32 games the two seasons following the operation on his left knee.  He started having issues with his opposite knee last year, and appeared in just seven games for New York in 2012.

I can’t say I’m encouraged at this point. The fact that the Eagles were able to sign him to a one-year deal with no guaranteed money was the first clue that the league had concerns about his health. Now he’s missing time for an injury that Kelly says he’s had “for a couple of years.”

It’s important to remember that it is May, and there is every reason to take it easy on a player with an injury history. Maybe he pans out. But I definitely have my doubts.

From @TAF_Podcast:  if you could have 1 current Eagle for the rest of their career, who would you pick?

Good one.

I think you could make some kind of reasonable case for LeSean McCoy (24), Nick Foles (24), Lane Johnson (23), Zach Ertz (22), Fletcher Cox (22), Matt Barkley (22) and maybe Mychal Kendricks (22). (Am I missing anyone?)

For me, it would come down to Cox and Barkley. (I wouldn’t take McCoy simply because a running back’s shelf life is so short.) If you want to play it safe you go Cox, because there is a good chance that he will be an impact player for a lot of years, and he has Pro Bowl potential. But I would probably go Barkley simply because of the value of his position. Maybe you end up with nothing more than a backup or an average starter, but you risk it on the possibility that he becomes a franchise-changer.

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  • JofreyRice

    I’d go with #91, and I don’t think it’s close.

    • theycallmerob

      Agreed. Just using T-Mac’s list, I’d pry put Johnson 2nd, but a distant 2nd.

  • cliff henny

    first question is why now i’m glad they signed vick and let him fight out ’13 qb with foles. kelly has plenty on his plate, imagine if he drafted manuel or smith? might have just been too overwhelming. get everything in place, then let’s figure out long term solution for qb.

    • Brent E. Sulecki

      hate to say but I rooted for them tryin to get manuel. since chip had connections with him. guess it says a lot that he passed on him. I know there was other needs on the team. all in all im happy with what chip has done and the group he has put together. competition being number 1

  • Philly0312

    Tim, I have to ask, what have you seen at practice that makes you take such a big leap of faith on Barkley? A rookie who finished stronger than he started, and looks like a multi year pro bowl player vs a 3rd string QB who hasn’t played a down. Not arguing it – just wondering what I’ve missed or what you have seen to bring you to that opintion

    • TMcManus247

      Just based on general philosophy of mine: Until you have a franchise QB, you’re spinning your wheels. There is a chance, however remote, that Barkley is a franchise QB. (He has an impressive resume, the necessary intangibles, etc.) So I’d take the risk knowing full-well I could get burnt. Not basing it off practice.

      • cliff henny

        not huge difference in age b/t foles and barkley (2yrs), can only guess you are more impressed w/ barkleys intangibles and resume than foles?

        • TMcManus247

          A little bit, yeah. But I like Foles. Still a ton for both to prove.

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            a lot

      • Philly0312

        Roger. Good enough for me. I have high hopes for Barkley – there is a reason many draft guru’s still rated him as the #1 QB in this class. I’ve paid attention to his career since I first heard about him when he was a sophomore in high school. Seems like the type of guy, mentally, who can be a franchise QB. I hope he brings the physical tools necessary as his career progresses. Everyone forgets – arm strength is actually something you can improve – look at Rodgers – he did not have great arm strength coming out of college and now he has one of the strongest arms in the NFL.

      • Richard Colton

        a punchers chance, I’d say…

      • Brent E. Sulecki


    • aub32

      “A rookie who finished stronger than he started, and looks like a multi year pro bowl player”

      Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but is this line describing Foles?

      • Philly0312

        haha – no, but I can see where you get that from what I wrote. I was referring to Cox. Guy played better down the stretch. Wouldn’t surprise me if he posted double digit sacks this year

        • aub32

          Lmao, I realized it shortly after asking that you may be referring to Cox. I completely agree.

          • Philly0312

            Yeah, I should have used actual names though, much less confusing.

        • Brent E. Sulecki


  • Brent E. Sulecki

    I didn’t hear nick foles. what happened wasn’t he taking 1st team snaps. how does a 4th round rookie overtake him….hmmmm. I wonder

    • You mean the guy he listed right after Shady?

      • Brent E. Sulecki

        no. he said comes down to Cox and Barkley. listed Foles. yeah wonder how just a 4th round guy gets into the conversation. I mean hes just a 4th round qb….just as good as mike kafka, but along the lines of kolb. am I missing anything?

        • 4 year starter at one of the most prestigious high schools in the US, 4 year starter at USC, top 3 QB in school history. Had an mediocre season that cost him a lot of money, he would have been a 10 top pick if he went in the draft last year. Where they gets picked does not always equal how talented a guy is.

          Have you even watched Barkleys tape or are you just going off what you’ve read? You should take the time to watch the tape from his Junior season, listen to the way the kids talks and handles himself. There’s glimpses of a franchise QB in him, which I’m guessing is what Tim thinks as well.

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            thank you for writing that adam. I was being sarcastic. im a huge Barkley fan. I was just saying the same things some of these fools on here say when it comes to the qbs and Barkley. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

          • aub32

            I don’t know about everyone, but I think most the fans that are trying to reign in all the Barkley love are just saying he shouldn’t be penciled in immediately. He has potential but was still a 4th rounder. There are legit questions about his game. I hope he does become the guy we’ve been waiting for but wouldn’t mind is he sat a year or two while learning the system and working with the strength and conditioning coaches.

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            there shouldn’t be any questions of his game until he takes the field. foles on the other hand has tape to look at.

          • aub32

            lol Barkley has tape. They didn’t just pull names out of a hat last April to decide who goes where. The fact is Barkley fell because guys much more knowledgeable about the game than either you or I had concerns about his abilities. Please explain to me how he fell that far if he is NFL ready, and don’t you the Russell Wilson example. Wilson fell because of his height and only his height. What’s Barkley’s excuse?

          • If he declared in 2012 draft he would have went in the top 10 of the first round, probably at 8 to Miami so let’s not tie him to his draft pick. He had a less than spectacular senior season that hurt his stock, but it wasn’t even a bad season statistically. He’s got concerns about some of his intangibles just like most guys coming out of college, but let’s not ignore the fact that he’s a 4 year starter from one of the best schools in the nation, top 3 in school history. With his pedigree, football IQ, and skill set, he has potential that cannot be ignored.

          • aub32

            Adam, I am in no way ignoring what he is or where he may have gone in the 2012 draft, if not 8 definitely 22 over Weedon. However, he fell for a reason. I am saying he is receiving a lot of praise and expectation for someone who hasn’t taken a snap, or was even drafted to be the franchise guy. If this were Luck a year ago,I’d be right there with you all. Barkley was a value pick not the franchise pick. Every team in the NFL was willing to pass this guy over a minimum of 3 times. That doesn’t scream NFL ready to me.

          • Why can’t a value pick turn into a franchise guy, especially one who one year ago would have been what you have called a “franchise pick”? It doesn’t have to be this year. Stash him behind Vick or Foles for a year. And what do you mean by a value pick? The Eagles drafted him when they picked because he was their highest rated player available. That’s really just a pick to me.

            The worst thing about last years QB crop was the ridiculous expectations that are going to be put on rookie QB’s by the fans for the next few years. Luck, RG3 and Wilson are the exceptions not the rules. Any NFL scout will tell you QB’s need 3 full seasons before they can be judged as being franchise worthy or not.

          • aub32

            Ok obviously you haven’t been reading my entire position. I hope Barkley can eventually be the franchise guy. There are very few things I would want more. My take is that the fans claiming he’s ready and should be considered ahead of Vick and Foles need to reign it in a bit. I am happy with the pick and feel he has potential. However, he did slip for a reason so 2013 expectations need to be calmed down just a bit wouldn’t you say?

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            so if hes the week 1 starter. named by chip Kelly himself. whats ur stance then? how do you feel about that?

          • aub32

            He will have my unwavering support. I just think that’s a much bigger “if” than you realize

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            btw as much as I do like Wilson. I do think he is going to have a hard time duplicating the success he had his rookie year. as far as luck and rg3, I think they will be fine..just thought id throw that out there

          • That’s not true and hasn’t been true for 12 years.

            No NFL coach has 3 years to evaluate a top drafted QB under any circumstance. There are a ton of coaches unemployed because of the QB they drafted not showing his worth in year one. Rogers, Kapernick, Brady and Phillip Rivers are the exception of today’s starting QBs in the NFL, those three did not Start one game in the years each were drafted.

            In Today’s NFL for Quarterbacks if you don’t show moxie and an ability to win when installed right after you’re drafted, the probabilities that you will get a chance later just is not in your favor.

            You have what it takes and show it, or you don’t. There aren’t many if any second chances.

          • I would love to see your list of coaches who were fired because of a rookie QB who struggled in his first year.

            Last year 3 of the 12 starting QB’s in the playoffs were rookies. Prior to that, only 11 rookie QB’s have started a playoff game in the past 30 years, and only 8 of those 11 had winning records in the regular season.

          • Jacksonville, Kansas City and Cleveland all have new coaches after one year, and all are auditioning new Quarterbacks. Jacksonville and Cleveland are seeking to replace recently drafted round one Quarterbacks.

            However, that is not the discussion, the discussion is, as you stated falsely in the above post was : “QB’s need 3 full seasons before they can be judged as being franchise worthy or not.” Quarterbacks in Today’s NFL as of 12 years ago, don’t get 3 years.

            As you stated, 3 rookies lead teams to the Playoffs last season.

            Just one team along the Eastern Seaboard NFL Teams, Brady and Romo were the only QBs who didn’t come in and immediately start in New England. Both played behind Drew Bledsoe, as Rogers played behind Farve, and Phillip Rivers in San Diego played behind Drew Brees

            Fitzpatrick in Buffalo started immediately as did, Sanchez, Eli, McNabb, Vick, Flacco, Griffin Big Ben, Ryan, Cam Newton, Freeman, and Tannehill,

          • JofreyRice

            Do you even bother to look anything up before making absurd statements? Jacksonville started Blaine Gabbert for 2 years (2011 & 2012), and he’s the favorite to start a 3rd–I think his situation and Michael Vick’s is actually pretty similar. Matt Cassell was an acquisition, so trying to wrap my brain around your argument here is impossible. Weeden was a dumb pick, but Cleveland has been a toilet forever, and went through an entire regime change–Owner, GM, Head Coach; pretty much top to bottom. If they don’t give the ball to Brandon Weeden to try and justify his draft position, who is playing QB for them in ’13? Jason Campbell or Brian Hoyer?

            Fitzpatrick in Buffalo was not a rookie, he was an acquisition. Eli & McNabb both sat behind vets for a good portion of their first season–like Foles–and both had about the same kind of statistical output you’re using as a reason to write off Nick Foles.

            I agree with you that QB’s seem to be getting thrown intot he mix much earlier. The class of ’12 looks to have turned out really well, but the success of Luck, Griffin & Wilson are completely irrelevant to the chances of Nick Foles’ success.

            Taking general results, and applying them to try and predict a specific event, is called deductive reasoning. It’s the same kind of process that led to people believing the sun revolved around the earth, and that spontaneous generation was responsible for maggots on rotting food.

          • Couldn’t have said it better.

          • Andy124

            Actually, McNabb and Manning were significantly worse than Foles in their first action iirc, which only strengthens your argument.

          • I said fired because a rookie QB struggled in his first season. Jacksonville is the only team listed there that fits that description. Pat Shurmur was gone no matter what, he was not Banner’s guy. KC didn’t have a rookie QB.

            Dutch, no where did I say a QB has to sit, so I have no idea why you’re listen guys who have started right away. Giving a guy 3 seasons does not mean sitting him for 3 years. There are plenty of a rookie QB’s that come in and start from day 1 that have less than stellar seasons, but play better the next year. That is the point I’m trying to make is that with NFL QB’s, after 3 seasons, you’ve seen what the guy is. Any rookie QB you draft in the early rounds will get at least 3 years of their rookie contract to show their worth. it might be on the bench, it might starting, or it might competing against a vet that was brought in to challenge you.

            If it was cut and dry as you like to make it seem, why is Weeden and Gabbert still on the roster and not cut?

            And do you think ANY rookie QB in this years class is going to make the playoffs, let alone 3?

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            I don’t agree with that assessment of Russel Wilson. I don’t believe it was only his height. I liked Wilson a lot going into last years draft and the eagles just couldn’t get there to get him. I like his athleticism most and his arm. former 3rd baseman. anyway back to Barkley. I personally think he is hurt by the USC label that is on him. I think the difference between him and those other big USC names are what is going to make him successful at the next level and the QB of the Philadelphia Eagles. his job as it stands now is to put points up and move the offense and if he does that with his 3rd string guys, then its only a matter of time till hes taking first team snaps or splitting with one of the two. Vick and or Foles.

          • aub32

            I highly doubt the sigma of his school dropped him 2 or 3 rounds depending on if you view him as a 1st or 2nd rounder otherwise. As I said, I hope he can be that guy, but to make it seem like he’s the best option and poo poo the other guys because Barkey is unknown isn’t the way to go.

          • Ryan

            What explains Aaron Rodgers “falling”? He turned out OK didn’t he?

          • aub32

            He fell later into the first round, not the 4th. You’ve gotta be kidding me to make that comparison. Come on dude.

          • aub32

            I didn’t know Rodgers fell to the 4th round.

          • Barkley fell because of the questions surrounding his arm strength, and last year’s shoulder injury. It’s pretty common for a recently injured player to fall in the draft.

            Joe Montana also fell in the draft because of his arm strength. Barkley has good company in the category of fallen draftees.

            When and if Barkley enters the game as an Eagle in place of Vick, it’s going to be a difficult decision to take him back out.

          • Kelly saw Foles on Tape, and prepared Oregon to face off against Arizona and Nick Foles for three consecutive years. Kelly is very familiar with Nick Foles

            The First Kelly decision with regards to QB when he got the Eagles job,and watched tape from 2012 and knowing Foles was here under contract was to Sign Vick for $3.5 Million for the 2013 option year. His next decision on Quarterbacks, was to draft Matt Barkley.

          • JofreyRice

            Vick was already under contract, as well, they didn’t have to “sign” him at all. He was set to make 15.5 Million. They restructured him down to less than a quarter of that, at 3.5 Mil, and publicly stated that the QB competition was “open”. That’s really not the ringing endorsement for Vick and indictment of Foles that you’re hoping for.

            If Kelly made the same kind of concrete and final decision on Foles that you have, why is Foles taking half the reps with the first team?

          • MAC

            THANK YOU!!! Well said, I was just thinking that if Kelly knew Foles was not his guy as Dutch states; then why even let him have any significant reps? Why wouldn’t he have traded Foles if the reports are true that there was trade offers from Reid before they acquired A Smith.
            I got a crazy thought; hey NFL rosters need depth at QB and if they can have Vick at a fraction of the original contract why not bring him in? I mean that is just to logical for Dutch.

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            my thing is I’ve seen Vick not be able to do it. I’ve seen Foles kind of be able to do it. I haven’t seen Barkley do anything yet. therefore im going with the unknown and until he shows he cant do it, till then hes my pick.

          • Eh.. that’s a dangerous view to take in football. The only fair and honest way to judge the calibre of an NFL QB is by what he’s done in the NFL. Barkley hasn’t done anything so lets just wait and see. He’s going to have to earn his stripes.

          • aub32

            So if we didn’t draft Barkley would you be rooting for GJ Kinne? And how has Foles kind of been able to do it? Do what? Win one game against the worst secondary in the league. Vick beat the SB champs, yet Foles get credit for beating Tampa. Give me a break. Fans like you are so enamored by the unknown that you build up ridiculous expectations of guys in favor of damning proven commodities. Vick was the team in ’10. He was good in ’11 but not good enough to overcome a bad defense. I have seen the arguement made many times that not even Rodgers could have had much success on this team last year. Yet it’s known Vick is “not able to do it”. Vick is able to win games. Vick is able to win this division. Vick is able to average over 25 ppg (2011 stat). These are things that I know not just projected heights of a 4th round pick.

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            GJ is a nice football player. not sure if hes starting caliber but he can play and be a backup in this league. very smart and tough kid.

          • Yeah folk always leave out some very basic stats with Vick –

            Like HE OWNS THE EAST – Knowing that you have a GREAT chance of having the best divisional record with your QB takes a lot of pressure off IMHO – we KNOW he can beat the bricks off of Dallas – beat the Giants and beat the Skins –

            “He was good in ’11 but not good enough to overcome a bad defense.”

            THANK YOU – someone with sense – you can’t look at 2011 and say he played badly – the numbers don’t bear that. What they do bear is he wasn’t good enough to overcome bad D – and guess what neither was Drew Brees (or Cam Newton) or any number of other QBs – but unless Vick is single handedly taking the team on his back then he is a “bad” QB.

          • MAC

            In 2011 in 13 games Vick threw 18 td’s (1.4 Td’s per game) and had 14 Int’s and fumbled 10 times but only lost 4 of them. So his TD to turnover ratio was 18TD’s to 18 turnovers. The #’s do bear out that he was part of the problem. Not all his fault but when you are equal in TD’s to turnovers you were not doing a good job. Hence the 8-8 record. It was not all on him, but he certainly contributed to it. Let’s not forget the guy was getting over $12 million that year at QB to have numbers that are below average.

            When people say Vick can’t do it, most mean we have seen his career and he has not had enough success to justify thinking at age 33 he is going to become this playoff winning QB. He has 2 playoff wins since entering the NFL over 10 years ago. Both of those were in same season. Does that make anyone feel like he is a super bowl contending granchise QB? Lets be honest here. He is a livable QB but at age 33 with an injury history and turnover problems on a team that is young and were looking at the future not this year. Any fan that thinks we are a serious contender this year go look at our defensive secondary and depth. Look at that were installing a whole new system on offense and switching defensive scheme completely. Let’s be real here these things do not change over one off season. So saying we know that Vick can’t win it all is based on his entire body of work. His age and injury history do not project forward. I am not a Mike Vick hater at all, in fact I like him as a person. As a 33yr old QB I just don’t think this team should be using a veteran QB like Vick since were essentially rebuilding.

          • The Eagles were 8-8 in 2011 because the defense could not hold lead that Vick provided the Eagles in the 4th Quarter. Turnovers abound, without Vick there is little evidence the Eagles could have won those 8 games, but the tragedy is the Eagles should have won 10 games.

            The 2010 Playoff Game against the Packers was lost because of Akers who missed two makeable field goals, one 41 yds, and the other 29 yds resulting in the Eagles losing to the Packers by 5 points.

            There’s is but one player that made the Eagles competitive in 2010 and 2011 and that was Mike Vick. Vick could not over come the terrible play of the Eagles defense to make the playoffs or in 2010 get by Green Bay.

            Eagle Fans, the overwhelming majority know and support Vick, it’s a small minority that claims the Eagles are a better team without Vick using trumpeted up rhetoric and unfounded myths.

          • Ryan

            Vick turns the ball over at a record setting pace and did so even with a good offensive line in 2011. Look at how turnovers correlate to winning. Foles turned the ball over some, but not as much as Vick, and with a significantly worse team around him that had given up on the season.

          • aub32

            Actually Foles had a higher rate of turnovers. Also, can we get rid of this notion that the O line was good in 2011. The O line was good at the end of 2011. In the beginning we had some journeyman no name (Mathis), a 6th round rookie center, a rookie RG who then and still struggles in pass pro, and a guard who was converted to RT full time. Yet despite the turnovers and the O line Vick still averaged over 25 ppg and had the team in position to win late, but the defense couldn’t hold water if you gave them a bucket.

          • Those facts you listed just don’t fit in the narrative that a minority of Eagle fans have in trying to make a case against Vick. Nor do they realize without Vick there is no 2009 playoff game at the Linc, the game in which Akers misses a 41 yd, and 29 yd field goal that the Eagles loss by 5 pts.

          • MAC

            HE is a rookie guys. How is that not a factor?

          • aub32

            What does that mean??? Ok he was a rookie, but what does that have to do with who should start in 2013. If QBs had Madden ratings and Foles was listed at 74 and Vick at 76, you still go with the best guy available. Since when did NFL teams start putting in the player with potential to start the season. I’m all for getting reps for the young guys if a season is lost, but I’m not putting someone in to start knowing there’s someone even one iota better on the roster.

          • Andy124

            “Actually Foles had a higher rate of turnovers. ”

            No. No he didn’t. wtf? Nick had 8 turnovers in 7 games played. That’s a lower rate than Vick’s 15 turnovers in 10 games. You don’t even have to do the math. It’s self evident.

          • Foles on 15% of his dropbacks either throws an interception, fumbles, or gets sacked. Foles in 6 games was sacked 20 of the 48 times the Eagles surrendered sacks in 2012. That leads to the scouting reports on Foles and his inability to process information, follow his progressions and make quick decisions.

            How is it that could be ” turning the ball over some” ? Vick had 15 turnovers in 10 games, Foles had 13 in 6 games. Take also into account that teams did not sense a need to blitz Foles so he had time in the pocket but he was confused and still threw interceptions or failed to get away from rushing defenders in the pocket.

            Somebody here isn’t being honest with themselves given the exact facts of the matter of turnovers in 2012.

          • Andy124

            So by your math, every time Foles fumbles, it’s a turnover, regardless of whether it’s a turnover or not? But you don’t count it the same way for Vick? Yeah, no agenda there.

          • MAC

            In 2011 in 13 games Vick threw 18 td’s (1.4 Td’s per game) and had 14 Int’s and fumbled 10 times but only lost 4 of them. So his TD to turnover ratio was 18TD’s to 18 turnovers. The #’s do bear out that he was part of the problem. Not all his fault but when you are equal in TD’s to turnovers you were not doing a good job. Hence the 8-8 record. It was not all on him, but he certainly contributed to it. Let’s not forget the guy was getting over $12 million that year at QB to have numbers that are below average.

          • cliff henny

            not a vick supporter, but vick played better than foles overall (and he should 10 yr vet vs rookie thrown into unwinnable situation). cant agree with vick showing nothing and foles some assessment. regardless, kelly sees all 3 day in day out, whichever he feels is best for team, that’s my pick. so, barkley will show over next 3 months if he can or cant, to who it matters, kelly.

          • Andy124

            ” but vick played better than foles overall ”
            Based on what?

          • cliff henny

            just about any statistically catagory Vick wins. and he should. my issue is he didnt win by a landslide, which he should of. i’m a ready and willing buyer of either, but last years stats and performances isnt helping either side’s arguements.

          • Andy124

            He does? Who had the higher quarterback rating? Who led the team to more points? These aren’t cherry-picked stats. They are the primary stats by which a quarterback is measured.

          • Ryan

            Vick also played while the season was still meaningful, McCoy and Jackson were healthy, and we still had some semblance of an offensive line.

          • Without Peters playing LT there’s absolutely nothing meaningful about the Eagles, their Offensive Line and Offense.

            It matters little who’s able to play on the Offensive Line due to injury if Peters is not available, the Eagles are doomed point blank if Peters isn’t playing.

            Ask Shady! .

          • aub32

            How much better would Manning or Brady have faired though. With no protection, 7 step drops, and a coach who refused to run the ball, they would have been killed. I think they would’ve done better than Vick but not by much, and they still would’ve lost a lot of games due to the defense.

          • The measure of the effectiveness of the offensive line can be taken from the drastic drop in production from Shady McCoy. Without Peters, McCoy’s production dropped from 20 touchdowns in 2011 to 5 in 2012.

            From 38 sacks in 2011 to 48 sacks in 2012. Kelly the rookie, gave up 5 sacks, and 20 hurries all by himself.

            And the scheme called for 50 pass attempts a game.

            That is punishment similar to a South Philly Mob Hit. For any Quarterback playing behind a line giving up that many sacks and hits on a Quarterback that equivalent to a pipe bomb going off at their front door.

          • Losing 4 out of 5 starters is a freak occurrence and is something that no team in the NFL is built to withstand. McCoys lack of production was not only because Peters was gone, the entire line was gone. Not to mention the fact he only played in 12 games.

            Shady can’t be completely pardoned though. Great RB’s will make the best of the situations they are put in. Bryce Brown ran for 150+ yards and 2 touchdowns in back to back games behind basically the same line Shady had. He had a down year, but I fully expect him to rebound.

          • That sounds logical, but that’s not the fact. The Fact is that without Peters the Eagles Offensive Line is totally shut down. Teams know the Eagles are going to Peters side and there’s nothing they can do to stop the assault.

            That’s not to say your post isn’t reasonable. But the fact is clear, Shady does none of that jump cut and out into a open lane if Peters isn’t available. Shadys production doesn’t come on the right side behind Herremans and Watkins, it’s exclusive to the left side behind Peters. Brown caught defenses napping, exactly as Morris in DC did last year. The challenge for both is to repeat their production this year as teams prepare and game plan for them. Neither will be sneaking up on defenses this year.

            If you were playing linebacker in the NFC East wouldn’t you be more prepared this year for both?

          • MAC

            In 2011 Vick had McCoy going off week in and week out. McCoy had what like 20 total TD’s or maybe it was 19. He had an outstanding year and Vick even with that support and a solid o line threw 18td’s and had 14 int’s with 4 lost fumbles (10 fumbles total). Even with a decent o line and a great running game Vick was by franchise QB’s standards below average. I am basing that on him being paid like a franchise QB.
            You can bash Foles all you want that’s fine I think he is probably a backup QB in the NFL. However to compare Vick to Foles when one came into league 10 years ago and one was a rookie. So by pay scale, experiemce, and overall skill level Vick should have beat Foles numbers and outplayed him by a land slide. It should not even be close.
            Stop acting like in all your posts like Eagles fans won’t deal with a rebuilding team. You can act like we are not rebuilding but we are it’s just on the fly. You always state fans won’t put up with a bad rebuilding year. Really? or what they won’t sell out every game. Eagle fans will be right back selling out stadium in 2014 bc there will be hope with a lot of young pieces. Kelly in his 2nd year and scheme change having been used for over a year. Lurie knows long term success is more important than short term mediocrity. You speak for all Eagle fan supposedly when you say fans are not willing to deal with a down year with Foles or Barkley starting. I discagre. In moment they will be annoyed and threaten not to come back, but on 2014 stadium will sell out again and we will have given a young QB a year to grow with experience. Vick equals at best 8-8. That gets you a middle of pack draft pick and that helps nothing toward figuring out the most important position on team QB.

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            im down with that. I just feel real strongly about Barkley

          • Interesting, so why was the situation “Unwinnable for Foles and not Vick” who was subject to the same support and more blitzing than Foles?

            Is there some perception that King Dunlap was more efficient than Bell at Tackle? What about the leaking sib Watkins at guard?

  • sig

    If I could get 6 more years out of Jason Peters (would be 37) I would have to consider him a very strong candidate. Think of all the first round draft picks that don’t make it to their second contract with the same team. If you can get 6 good years out of JP then that would be awesome. I understand that 6 good years out of JP would be asking a lot but there is no reason he could not play at a hight level well into his 30s.

    • cliff henny

      if you can get 6 yrs out of jP, then you’re a bazillionaire, cause you found what Ponce de leon couldnt, the fountain of youth.

      • sig

        Yes playing at a high level at 37 is a little crazy, but there a several good offensive linman that play at 35. That is still 4 years, and that is the same length of the new rookie contract.

        • Sig

          And I just really like JP, he is the man.

  • aub32

    Johnson and Cox (insert sophomoric comment) seem like the safest bets, with Cox being more so having shown he could perform in he NFL. Barkley is still being given way too much credit in my opinion. If I am projecting a life long Eagle, I’d much rather go with the top two draft picks that were touted as having a high floor but still raw than a QB who slid all the way to the 4th.

  • Cox is going to be a monster for us. He’s our best defensive player and will be a perennial pro-bowler.

  • JofreyRice

    FWIW, Apparently, The Cowboys had Matt Barkley ranked as a 2nd rounder. Remember when they leaked their draft board in 2010? Jerry did it again, standing in front of their big board for multiple pictures. the Cowboys fan blog “blogging the boys” has recreated their board by analyzing the pics:

    Besides the Barkley valuation, I think it’s notable they had a 4th round grade on EJ Manuel.

    Most of the other guys the Eagles drafted were valued by the Cowboys about where the Eagles valued them, Johnson as a 1st rounder, and the 3rd best T, Escobar ahead of Ertz, but both 2nd rounders, Logan as a 3rd rounder. Kinda interesting.

    • cliff henny

      interesting they didnt have Poyer, Kruger or Wolff even rated.

      • JofreyRice

        Yeah, I noticed that too. It might be a scheme/fit thing, rather than an indictment of them as players. Apparently, they seemed to prioritize bigger safeties & corners. I mean, Kruger is a 7th rounder, so maybe they just didn’t like him all that much.

        • cliff henny

          whatever he’s doing…keep doing it. they might make noise next 2 season, but that sal cap bubble is about to burst, and romo’s contract isnt going to help soften the blow

    • ClydeSide
  • Jack Waggoner

    Fletcher Cox would be my choice

  • Sandiego20


  • Tommy Vegas

    I’d say Chip Kelly is the only one I would choose for the rest of his career.

  • Damien

    Value wise:

    1. Cox

    2. Lane Johnson

    3. Matt Barkley

    4. Lesean McCoy

    5. Nick Foles

    6. Desean Jackson

    7. Zach Ertz

    8. Jason Kelce

    9. Brandon Graham (OLB version, as a DE, top 5)

    10. Bryce Brown

    HM: Barwin, Maclin, Herremans, and Peters (maybe)

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      1. Cox 2. Shady 3. Lane Johnson 4. Desean 5. Ertz 6. Barkley…Thats as far as i could go really but i think Ertz has the potential to be higher

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    I’m with you guys on 91. He was the best player on that defense as a rookie. If Peters was 28 and not coming off of such a bad injury he’d be the guy though, LT is critical and he’s flat-out the best player on the team when healthy.