Jason Peters, Kenny Phillips Don’t Practice

Jason Peters was not at the NovaCare Complex for the Eagles’ voluntary practice this morning.

Chip Kelly would not offer details, but did not seem overly concerned. Asked if he would have liked Peters to be here, Kelly said, “No, I understand exactly where Jason is.”

Kelly did confirm that Peters’ absence is not injury-related. The All-Pro left tackle is coming off a pair of Achilles’ injuries, but has looked good this offseason.

“I expect him to be here shortly,” Kelly said.

Taking Peters’ place at left tackle with the first team was second-year player Dennis Kelly. Meanwhile, first-round pick Lane Johnson saw his first action with the starters, lining up at right tackle.

Another absence from practice was safety Kenny Phillips. Phillips is at the NovaCare Complex, but was not on the field. Kelly said he spent the session in the training room.

Asked if Phillips had an injury, Kelly said, “Yeah, he’s had an injury for a couple years now.”

Phillips missed nine games last year with an MCL sprain in his right knee. He also had major surgery on his left knee in 2009.

The Eagles signed Phillips this offseason, but according to various reports, his contract did not include any guaranteed money.

Phillips had been practicing prior to today, mostly with the second team.

Much more to come from practice.

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  • Before everyone goes crazy with Jason not being at practice, does anyone really want to see our most important lineman running around on wet grass during an optional practice, coming off an ankle injury?

    We need Peters in September, not in May.

    • Philip Soloninka


  • James Skip Carl

    Same with Kenny Phillips

  • Myke Lowery

    If I can’t practice, I can’t practice. It is as simple as that. It ain’t about that at all. It’s easy to sum it up if you’re just talking about practice. We’re sitting here…. and we’re talking about practice. I mean listen, we’re sitting here talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, but we’re talking about practice. Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game last it’s my last but we’re talking about practice man…. I know it’s important, I honestly do but we’re talking about practice. We’re talking about practice man.We’re talking about practice. We’re talking about practice. We’re not talking about the game. We’re talking about practice.

    • cliff henny

      what’s funny, is, he was right. bs media, led by non other than the worthless howard eskin got the bit in their mouth that by Iverson not practicing, it hurt his teammates. my favorite part is when a reporter followed up that rant with question to the point that him practicing would benefit his teammates and AI shot back ‘now, how in the hell am i supposed to make them better!?’

    • Richard Colton

      Wow – I appreciate the time you took to transcribe that. Nicely done.

  • JofreyRice

    I think it’s going to be really interesting to see if Kelly’s sarcastic and flippant style of media management is going to fly if the team struggles early. Aspies could give a guy like Belichick lessons on communication and personability, but Bill B delivers on the field. If the learning curve is steep, and the early returns are in the form of hopeful losses, how are folks going to deal with responses like “he’s had an injury for a couple years now”?

    • I get what you’re saying, but who are these “folks” you are referring to? The media? The fans? Why would Chip care if either parties liked his answers? Can we fire him for being sarcastic? With the way Andy handled the media during his tenure, do you really see Lurie coming down on Chip and telling him to knock it off? Chip has already provided more insight in a few months than Andy has in 14 years.

      I believe it’s just about time the Philly media gets knocked down a few pegs, and I’m happy to see Chip do it. Maybe it will cause them to put some more time and thought into their questions besides just looking for a sound bite or head line.

      • cliff henny

        i’ve lived in 5 nfl markets outside philly, and everytime get ‘eagles fans are the worst’. first time didnt know any better, but as it went along, realized it wasnt the fans, it’s the local media. a guy like howard eskin or cataldi would be run out of darn near every other major market, but for some reason, fans let them get away with saying what they say.

        • It’s ridiculous. These guys are journalists, their job is to report what they see and hear. But after a few seasons of being on the beat and watching some games from the press box they feel like they know better than actual football minds. You know, the guys that get paid to do this stuff. I’m not saying these coaches are untouchable, but some of the writers have this holier than thou attitude that they have not earned.

          That’s why I enjoy Sheil and Tim, they present the facts, they don’t spin stuff for their agenda. It’s all fair assessments that they’ve seen on tape.

          • cliff henny

            i have more of a problem with reporters having agendas and personalizing attacks. really is widely accepted in philly media from days of carlton/schmidt to McNabb and fans seem to treat being able to accept our garbage media as a badge of honor.

          • theycallmerob
          • Mr. Wu

            Good point, rablle babble babble babble babble bable

      • JofreyRice

        Yeah, I think the media & fans, in general. Certainly, whomever was annoyed by Reid’s rote answers, or arrogant persona, which included both groups. I’m not saying it will be any kind of dealbreaker, or result in his firing, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out if Kelly responds this way after some crushing loss. I do think that an arrogant style, when married to less than stellar results, can cause agida amongst the fan base.

        You know my thing with safeties; I’ll admit Kelly’s offhand way of admitting they signed an injured guy, while refreshing for its honesty, is also somewhat disappointing, since it was one of the moves they made to improve an area of extreme weakness.

        I’m not sure I can agree with such a wide-ranging statement about the “Philly media” needing to be knocked down a few pegs. I thought Reid did a fairly good job of treating them like jerks, it’s not like he ever felt some need to answer to them respectfully…Guys like Cataldi pander to a segment of fans, and should probably be ignored, but there are others among the Philly media that have the right to ask questions about the state of the team.

        • For sure. But I think the trend I’ve been noticing with Chip is, if your questions are poorly worded (does he have an injury) or would paint him into a corner (whose #1 on your depth chart at QB in May) he’s going to give you vague, crappy answer. It’s not really new territory, you’d be hard pressed to find coaches who will give you much more than this, Chip is just a bit more sassy than some. If the media wants to get good stories and good facts out of Chip, they’re going to have to step up their game…. which is really the way it should be. He’s a football coach, not a PR guy.

          I don’t really agree when you call it an arrogant style. I think he’s been giving us quite a bit of insight on why he does what he does it, that there’s a method to his madness, not some guy on a power trip that has to have it his way.

          I get what you’re saying about safeties, but when you sign a player of Phillips calibre and he gets no guaranteed money, it’s an admission that you’re giving a shot to a guy who has some big question marks about his health. It’s disappointing but not exactly shocking. And to be fair, we really have no idea on the severity of his knee. They weren’t exactly betting the farm on Phillips, he was brought in for competition.

      • Warhound

        I want to see the National and Local Media knocked on their collective asses. They look for sound bites over substance. They don’t admit mistakes. They never retract a lie with the same vigor that they put out the falsehood. And, apparently, if you are a white child in Newtown your murder is newsworthy, but, if you are a poor black child in Chicago your death isn’t news. It’s just what happens. If a white person beats up a dark person it’s a Hate Crime – regardless of the situation. When blacks assault whites it’s never a Hate Crime – even when the assailants yell racial epithets. Mostly, the Media stinks!

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Chippers a mastermind he belongs as a coach in the NFL from his forward thinking and ingenuity alone

      • JofreyRice

        Hmmm…while I’ll say I’m very hopeful that is true, I don’t think it’s any kind of guaranteed fact, yet.

      • Token

        Where do Kelly fans get this stuff? The guy has done zero. Lets take it easy.

        • BrickSquadMonopoly

          Dont believe me jus watch. “If its all so simple why haven’t these NFL coaches already thought of it?” Dont know the answer but hes gonna make em look silly

          • Warhound

            Yep – Lots of coaches are just hard-working technicians/teachers. Even at the NFL level a lot of these guys have average intellects. All through the 60s and 70s we watched coaches misuse time-outs.
            They used to deny water during practices! As a group, in my lifetime, football coaches have often shown a lack of critical thinking skills and a reliance on tradition and even stock sayings to guide decision making. So, yeah, Kelly may bring ideas that will leave his peers reeling!

  • Johnny Domino

    Sure, this is great and all, but did they play “Pink Houses”?

  • PaoliBulldog

    When I read the part about Philips I thought it said he spent the “season” in the training room. Freudian slip?