Eagles Wake-Up Call: Barkley Showing Some Early Command

The quarterbacks were at the far end of the field, going through mobility drills while the special teams units got some work in on the main stretch of grass. The song booming from the giant speakers at this moment was “Electric Feel (Justice Remix)” by MGMT, a techno-ey dance joint. And there was Matt Barkley, bobbing along to the beat in between reps.

“You have to have a groove out there,” Barkley said with a smile.

Given that it’s just the second week, the rookie seems to be pretty loose and comfortable in his surroundings.

The USC product has consistently been the third quarterback in behind Nick Foles and Michael Vick. His supporting cast is always changing and he is still learning the system and its verbiage on the fly, but is nonetheless charged with executing the up-tempo offense and making sure everything is running smoothly. That means ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

On Monday, Barkley demonstrated that he has pretty decent command.

“You have to at this point,” he said. “You can’t make any excuses as to why you don’t command. You can’t use the excuse that you just got here, that you’re just learning a new offense. Everyone is learning a new offense so you just have to suck it up, stick your head in the playbook and kind of think about delayed gratification.”

On several occasions he was paired in the backfield with newcomer Felix Jones, who understandably is a little behind on the learning curve. There were a couple times when he lined up on the wrong side of the quarterback, and each time Barkley recognized it and made the correction. Similarly, if a receiver who was supposed to go in motion failed to do so, he would pick up on it and instruct his teammate to get moving.

“As a quarterback you have the responsibility to have complete knowledge of the offense, so sometimes you have to do things like that,” said Barkley, who was pretty crisp throwing the ball as well. “For the most part, though, these guys are so much better than the college kids. They know where to be, they know their routes, they know their protections.”

Michael Vick estimates that about a third of Kelly’s offense has been installed thus far. Practice seemed a little sluggish Monday compared to the week prior, perhaps because the players are carrying around a little more of the playbook with them in Week 2 of OTAs. Barkley, though, didn’t appear too weighed down.

“Feel good,” he said. “A little more on your plate mentally, but I love it.”


Sheil gives a detailed account of Monday’s practice.

Nick Foles got the majority of the reps with the first team.

LeSean McCoy was unable to finish because of apparent knee discomfort.

The Eagles have added another tight end to the mix.


Lane Johnson is still working with the second team, but doesn’t seem concerned. From Zach Berman:

“I think right now it’s really early,” Johnson said. “Training camp doesn’t start until August. So you’re trying to get as many reps as you can, learn the system, and that’s where I’m at right now.”

Clark Judge says Vick has plenty to prove this season.

Michael Vick last week fired back at his critics, saying they’re “ignorant” and “know nothing about football,” and good for him. The guy’s entitled to his opinion, and he voiced it.

But we’re entitled to opinions, too, and Vick’s comments underscore the obvious: Now, more than ever, he has something to prove — namely, that he’s more, much more, than his detractors say he is.

And finally, if you haven’t seen Jimmy Kempski’s video, titled: “A day in the life of an Eagles blogger, set to Chip Kelly‘s practice soundtrack,” you must. (NSFW.)


More from the current round of OTAs.

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  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Seems Barkley getting better everyday of practice. meanwhile Vick is firing back at fans and media. yeah hes definitely focused on the task at hand.

  • Good to see Barkley exercising his strengths in commanding the offense. Looks as if he’s on pace to master this offense.

    Although I question if this is an open competition. If Barkley is not given equal time in managing the First Team Offense how is he capable of getting acclimated to the speed of the NFL game. He managed a complex Pro Style system at USC under Kiffen, with world class athletes, but on this level everyone and especially defenders in the defensive backfield has world class speed.

    In any event Barkley looks to be setting up quite a challenge come training camp where he should be much better, crisp and smoother running this system.

    • It’s an open competition. For Vick and Foles.

      Barkley seems to be in training for that number 2 spot ’cause I just don’t think they keep Vick and Foles – and (this is a stretch I know) Dixon could take the number 2 if Vick is the number 1 – no need to change much of the offense to make it work should Vick go down.

      • That seems to be how the competition is shaping up so with that my opinion is this isn’t what you would seriously call open competition, and it’s definitely not open at all positions.

    • This is how a 4th round quarterback has to go out beating 2 guys with NFL experience. You have take the limited snaps you are given and make the most out of them. He will not be handed anything because of his pedigree. The idea of seniority doesn’t completely escape Chip, he’s got to have some respect to the vets otherwise he risks losing the locker room.

      If he keeps acting and playing like this, he will get more reps. From what has been relayed to us so far, he going about everything the right way. But it’s when the pads come on he will be really tested.

      • Fink

        Agreed. Same goes for Lane. Chip is likely just letting the vets go with the ones to keep their respect. Once they get pads on and Lane shows the coaches how good he can be, the job will be his.

      • Then seniority if employed as a criteria defies Kelly’s claim of open competition at the QB position. If the competition was in fact open than Barkley would have received 14 reps with the first team.

        Kelly’s seen tape on Vick, and Foles. Foles is exactly what his scouting report says he was and will be in the NFL. Foles reinforced that in 2012 when given a chance to start for the Eagles. He’s expected to be and has shown he’s a career backup who needs years of work before becoming a starter at this level. It’s not as if he’s expected by osmosis to get much better with a few months off.

        • Once again Dutch you manage to ruin any possible discussion with your matter of fact know it all attitude. For someone whose such an expert talent evaluator and who thinks of himself as a better football mind than Andy Reid, you sure do spend a lot of time lurking and commenting on the internet.

          If you knew as much as you like to act you do, you’d know that NO talent evaluator in the NFL makes a final decision on a QB after 1 rookie season. Never. Especially one that had the numbers that Foles did.

          • For the love of god, Foles number can’t compare to the numbers of all rookies over a period of time simply because they will not account for the various policy and rule changes from one period to another.

            Foles is what he was projected to be and he demonstrated that in 2012. So no, he’s not going to get much better over an off season and it’s fairy taleish to believe other wise. He’s lived up to, or down to his expectations.

            Now, since we are at fairy tales, would you if you were King take away that option of participation away from me, and what does that have to do with your lack of knowledge on Football and talent?

            Would it be advantageous for you not to read or god forbid comment on my post? Or, are you compelled to get my attention?

          • I think we would, were we in charge, decide FOR you whom you will be attacking this week. Let’s see, you’ve already crushed Barwin, now Foles… I think next week you shall be directed to destroy Mychal Kendricks. So let it be written, so let it be done.

          • I’ve never attacked anyone in here. I just state my opinion as you have the very right to do.

            I have respect for the kid who’s authoring this forum and would not disrespect his work in a juvenile selfish manner.

            Assessing their talent isn’t attacking them, frankly the Eagles are known for questionable personnel moves, I merely question Howie’s moves.

          • theycallmerob

            The mere fact you call him “kid” is disrespectful enough.

          • Outside of Kendricks missing to many tackles, as a rookie playing out of position he did a very good job and has a foundation to build upon. However, it really doesn’t take much to be better than everyone else on the Eagles roster at Linebacker so limit the pats on his back.

            It’s been an incredibly thin position running over a number of years throughout the 14 year Reid era. I doubt the linebackers in those 14 years have a combined 30 sacks.

          • Ahhh yes, various policy and rule changes.

            That’s the best you can come up with?

          • NFL Rule changes since Peyton has changed the passing and defending game totally. That goes without mentioning.
            How long have you actually followed football?

          • JofreyRice

            It’s a fairy tale to believe that NFL players improve? So how does one get better, if not through hard work, repetition, practice and familiarity? He was a third round pick, not some derelict they found at the bus station.

            Please stop whining that people are disagreeing with you and attacking your arguments. You’re posting your opinions on a public sports blog, you should be prepared to defend your position.

          • Stated more clearly, it’s delusional to believe Foles is going to get much better than his best, and you’ve seen his best in 2012.

          • JofreyRice

            You really don’t see the huge assumption on extremely little evidence that you’re making? At the risk of pointing out the obvious, you are not an NFL QB guru, and you don’t have the power to see the future. You reject objective evidence, in fact, in favor of highly subjective and error prone anecdotal evidence you’ve seen “up close”.

          • You hope I’m not a guru. Really you know nothing of me or who I am, as I don’t know who you are, but it is painfully obvious from your post you lack certain football knowledge and reason.

            To suggest Foles is anything beyond the obvious evidence that you’ve seen is setting yourself for major disappointment.

            You guys don’t actually read the commentary that headlines these post. The kids that write this blog are telling you what I’m saying. You guys just ignore their message within the articles.

          • JofreyRice

            In the other post about how Kelly gave more reps to Foles, you showed that you don’t understand the phrase “quick release”, so besides the obvious fact that you’re a regular commentor on an Eagles blog, as opposed to a successful NFL coordinator or QB’s coach, I know you’re not a guru.

            Why not entertain the idea that you could be wrong in pronouncing Foles’ career over after 7 games?

          • Aren’t you the guy that mentioned something about Foles having a pocket presence?

            Foles has not done well feeling the pocket closing at this level he’s been sacked 20 times in 235 attempts in 6 games. That’s near a 10% rate for a pocket passer and puts him on pace for 47 sacks through a 16 game season and more than 16 interceptions and 18 fumbles over the course of 16 games in the NFL.

            As it stands, in 2012 he’s either in 235 passing attempts been sacked, threw an interception or fumbled on 33 occasions when dropping back to pass.

            He’s shown his capabilities and pocket presence, and quick release and making good decisions aren’t part of his forte’

            Not much different than his 3 year career numbers at Arizona.

            I don’t think there is not a place for Foles in the NFL, it’s just not as a Starting QB is what I stated.

          • Brian

            Mentioning Foles’ sack numbers, without noting he was being protected by four reserves, is very telling of the strength of your argument.

          • That’s a weak argument. There is no such thing as special exemptions in the NFL, you play the hand you’re dealt.

            Foles play hadn’t been better or worse than what he put forth at Arizona even with the excuses some of you want to give Foles.

            You can’t quit because one of your starters is out of the game.

          • JofreyRice

            Did you happen to look at the link from Pro Football Focus, that I posted a bunch of times, that found Foles was 25th in the league in terms of self-sacking? How about a little further down in the article where it states his success rate versus other QBs–including rookies. You might be surprised if you allowed for the possibility that you might be wrong.

            Once again, you’re misusing the term “quick release” and you still aren’t aware of it, even though I’ve pointed it out to you several times. Please search the internet for what “quick release” means. It does not have to do with a stopwatch time from when the ball is snapped to when it is thrown.

            That link provides proof that in 313 dropbacks, Foles, himself was responsible for 1 sack and 3 hits. The rest were credited to his awful line.

          • Token

            A odd dynamic here is that in the case of Vick, there are people blame the line almost completly for his sacks and TOs. Im wondering if Dutch is one of these people.

            Yet, with Foles its all on him. Even though the line was even worse by the time he took over.

            On a side note it sure would be better to watch Foles and Barkley battle it out without Vick stealing reps for no reason. Hes here a year. They need to know THIS season if Foles or Barkley is the guy, or if they have to trade up in next years draft for their QB.

          • I’m not defending Vick in any of my assessments of Foles. Foles has long had these habits that are a deterrent to him becoming a substantive Quarterback in the NFL.

            What has Vick to do with what Foles is not?

            However, both were subject to the same personnel groupings and Foles without Shady didn’t loose much with Brown installed in the offense. Shady didn’t have the best year in 2012, mostly because Peters wasn’t there to usher him down field. His production slipped from 20 tds to 5.

          • cliff henny

            if they cant seperate themselves from Vick, that’s not a good sign. no one gets worse by having more competition. also, benefit of kelly’s practices, wont be a shortage of film to be evaluated upon.

          • JofreyRice

            I was surprised that Kelly kept Vick around. That being said, I can’t argue that Vick had some amazing athletic talents. I think Kelly was intrigued by that, and wanted to see if Vick could handle the quick-decision making enough to be able to run the offense. We’ll see how it plays out, but early returns don’t show Vick blowing anyone out of the water. It seems that Kelly is true to his word that it’s an open competition between those two, for now.

          • theycallmerob

            With regard to your side note, I could not agree with you more. Say the crazy happens, and he somehow has a good season (by season, I mean only 12 games). It simply pushes the mess to next year, and adds more confusion to the draft. Not to mention, I can’t imagine Vick beating out Foles and Barkley so badly, whereas his unique talents lead to a WAR (Wins Above Replacement) of +2 over either of the other QBs.

            For all this talk of building for the future/long-term thinking, Vick seeing significant playing time this season seems very shortsighted.

          • Token

            I agree. This team aint winning jack this year regardless. Its time to find out if either of these young QBs can be the guy for the future. Pissing around with this situation is the type of thing that could lead to a very short Chip Kelly era.

          • theycallmerob

            We have to end this already. He’s as much an evaluator as I am an astronaut. Let’s all just save the ink.

          • JofreyRice

            It is kind of fun, but you’re probably right.

          • It has every thing to do with recognizing an open receiver, and that’s where Foles is maligned by his hitch in his long looping motion to throw at this level by the time he releases the ball the defender has made his break and is in position for an interception or a pass defended.

            That wasn’t difficult to digest watching Foles in 2012 or at Arizona.

            Foles doesn’t have the strength or ability to “Flick” the ball out of his hands in passing attempts and no zip on his outs.

          • Yeah. These days folk will right off a rookie pretty quickly if he doesn’t deliver. The very fact they resigned Vick let’s you know Kelly wasn’t sold on Foles. You also got to know Kelly played against the kid in college – so if anyone is clear on what he can (and cannot) do is Chip.

            Also there were too many question marks surrounding Vick to name him the starter. And Chip’s philosophy in college was always to play the best guy whether he was a freshmen, or senior. So Ductch – even in his arrogance – has a point – Foles is what he has shown he is – Chip just wants to know can he win with him or not. If he can – great – if not – Vick it is.

          • Well reasoned input, it’s not surprising some in here wouldn’t be as reasonable and vote up your entry.

            The point is Kelly could have saved Lurie 10 Mil letting Vick hit the Road had Foles put an obvious end to the saga surrounding Vick when he had the chance in 2012 to set the stage.

            He didn’t and did what he could and was projected to show at this level.

            That in no way is a knock against Foles, but in some minds it’s negative. Foles can still earn a good living holding the clip board and playing in emergencies over his career.

            I don’t know where this sense of entitlement originated surrounding Foles talent.

        • Yeah, got it – you don’t like Foles, much as we were heavily told how much you disliked Barwin. Over and over and over, ad nauseum. An ‘open competition’ means that even the rookies have a CHANCE at a starting position, but one which must be earned. Nothing’s being handed to anyone from Day One. That’s all. You have two people who are ahead of the rookie in terms of their NFL experience – seeing and reading defenses, understanding different concepts, and even the speed of the game (and the players). Naturally the rookie’s not going to get as MUCH time as the vets, particularly when there’s an entirely new system that everyone has to learn. It seems as though you just want to find problems where, here in the early OTAs in MAY, nothing is written in stone, and guys are just getting to know each other.

          • How dare you come here and use logic?

          • My difference of opinion on those kid’s talents and achievements have nothing to do with me liking them. That’s absurd.

            To the contrary, I championed for Foles when none of you knew much about him during the 2012 College season. He was as his report stated, a gunslinger with 3rd to 5th round projections. Raw and needed work over time, but a likable prospect to keep in storage.

            It was Andy that harmed the kid throwing him into the fire before he was ready.

      • Richard Colton

        If you think the debate is hot now – wait until Vick struggles against the 1st teams in preseason and Barkley lights up the scrubs in the 4th quarter. Isn’t that how the preseason QB controversies typically go?

        • That’s going to be pretty intense. That will indicate a true controversy the likes we haven’t seen in Philly in a very long time.

          Barkley not getting equal time now has the making of a simmering controversy. If for no other reason than it’s an entirely new scheme by a brand new coach

          • JofreyRice

            Uhh, except for last year, when a healthy Vick was benched for a rookie Nick Foles. A 4th round pick not getting “equal time” is a “simmering controversy”? I seriously admire your ability to bend logic. You’re like the Leonardo Da Vinci of horribly unsound arguments.

          • Healthy, Vick was concussed and forced out of action by the NFL policy. 4th round pick or not, Kelly claimed open competition at every position.

            So I’m assuming you never tried out for a Football Team under open competition.

            Ordinarily with anyone who’s actually played at any level that doesn’t require an explanation.

          • JofreyRice

            I know you’re not into facts, but Vick was benched for Foles after he was healthy. It’s one thing to be ignorant–that’s just a lack of information. When one is presented with information they just choose to ignore, it’s a whole different game. Enjoy life in the bubble, Uncle Rico, and be sure to keep posting.

  • Fredneck

    I have high hopes for Barkley…despite the USC connection. He seems smart and understands his role. I just don’t see Vick showing us anything other than what we’ve seen in the past. Foles may suprise us but he isn’t the solution for the next few years. Should be a good back up though.

  • It’s a shame Vick is still here wasting time and reps. It would be great to see Foles and Barkley battling it out.

    • You’ve seen the best in 2012 that Foles will ever be with extended time in the NFL. He’s not going to get much better if any at all from what you witnessed in 2012.

      And his best isn’t good enough to start for any team in the NFL at this time. What he may become with proper coaching and over time who knows, but he’s exactly what he was projected to be in the scouting reports on Foles coming out of Arizona.

      • Damien

        That makes literally no sense. Why would a second year player who hada a good rookie year, not improve?

        • Richard Colton

          If your argument is that it makes no sense coming from Dutch, then OK. But plenty of players who have solid first years underperform in year two. “Sophomore Slump?”

          • The argument from Dutch is that Foles has reached his ceiling afer 6 games and will only get worst. Complete BS.

          • Richard Colton

            I went back and reread his second paragraph in Dennis Green’s voice. “He was who we thought he was…and we let him off the hook. You want to crown Foles? Crown him.” Sad and funny at the same time.

          • LOL!! Excellent. Hey, I guess this week Dutch is just gonna b*tch about Foles until we all vomit, like he did with Connor Barwin a few weeks ago.

          • Foles hasn’t shown in Phila to be distinctly different than he had been at Arizona for 3 years, so no I do not as most other evaluators see Foles maturing into a creditable NFL QB

        • Good Rookie year…… that’s a subjective assessment isn’t it ?

          Good or Bad, I’m not making up the scouting report it’s available online at credible scouting service web sites.

          Further it’s expected some of those in here and around Philly clamoring on Foles abilities and potential actually read the same scouting reports I did since they have been posted over 2 years.

      • I wonder how six starts in the NFL for what was admittedly a poor team defines one’s career. Seems to me that the great Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning began in similar fashion, and while I am NOT one to engage in a great deal of hyperbole – I’m NOT comparing Foles with two of the greats of the game – I’m saying that sometimes, you don’t know what you have until they play. More than six games. The NFL seems to be the sport with the longest learning curve of the four major ones.

        • His starts in the NFL resembled his Starts over 3 years at Arizona. He’s a unreliable processor of information and slow to figure out what’s going on at game speed. He doesn’t make good decisions and is not accurate nor process good foot work.

          He’s prone to become discombobulated under pressure and throw interceptions, and isn’t reliable with the ball when hit.

          We’ve seen this up close in Phila.

          • JofreyRice

            The actual objective numbers of what Foles does when he hangs onto the ball don’t support your opinion.

            Foles when holding the ball for >4 seconds:

            54 Dropbacks, 40 Attempts, 20 Completions for 328 Yards, 2 TD’s, 0 INT’s, 95.6 Passer Rating

            Let’s look at Vick holding onto it for >4 seconds:

            94 Dropbacks 41 attempts, 12 completions, 274 yards, 2 TDs, 3 INTs, 40.7 Passer Rating.

            All of this from the PFF article I linked to you yesterday.

            I actually think Foles pocket presence, and ability to throw on the run are strengths of his game.

          • I could care less of his comparison with Vick, Vick first isn’t a pocket passer as Foles is claimed to be.

            The point is simple, Foles has shown his capabilities and they match his body of work over 3 years at Arizona. He was not assess upon completion at Arizona to be of starter quality for the NFL, and he’s shown in 2012 he’s not of Starter quality for any NFL Team.

            He’s destined to be a career back up, and there is nothing wrong with that job in America.

            To compare his stats with other rookies who are not his peers in the 2012 class is useless and distorts who Foles is and how he measures up with quality Quarterbacks leading NFL franchises.

            That you believe he’s a capable throwing on the move Quarterback is your right to believe, no one with any NFL credibility shares your belief.

          • JofreyRice

            Shorter Dutch “I could care less about facts that directly contradict my argument”.

            Barkley was not “assess upon completion at USC to be of Starter quality for any NFL Team.”, yet you’re claiming he should have an equal shot to win the starter’s job. Isn’t Barkley maxed out to his potential based on what people with NFL credibility, and evaluators, have written about him in scouting report–people such as yourself?

            BTW, where do you rank yourself among the GMs?

            Ozzie Newsome
            Ted Thompson
            Jerry Reese
            “Dutch” from Eagles 24/7
            John Schneider

            Or do you consider yourself a QB guru only?

          • Strictly based on the pronouncement by Chip Kelly that the QB competition was open to all QBs in camp.

            What else with regards to the QB Competition could be deferred from Kelly’s statement?

          • JofreyRice


            But the scouting reports of credible NFL types said he wasn’t a starter, so why should they even have him in the competition? He can’t possibly improve, that’s a fairy tale.

          • Richard Colton

            nope, it’s “deferred.” As in “Dutch’s starting QB choice will be ‘deferred’ until he finds some more ‘scientific data’ with which he agrees”

          • Oh, enough with the error, what in my post is inaccurate based on the historic data and Foles play as witnessed in 2012, and before that on Foles.

            If Foles is somehow named starter that’s unconditional surrender in Philly.

          • Richard Colton

            it was funny, lighten up. If you can’t laugh at yourself…then don’t worry, we’ll all do it for you.

          • Don’t you think this is all about a laugh?

            The Eagles losing is not something that is going to go over well with me and a lot of other people. That would make me wrong and that’s not something I can get accustomed to, this was a horrible year.

            I was humbled, and had to listen to the Redskin fans. The Redskin fans when they’re winning are worse than Dallas and the Giants combined.

          • Richard Colton

            exactly, until the birds lose their first game…then it’s back to screaming at each other

          • I’m born and raised in Philly. Haven’t lived there in a long time but return for the games and family events on occasions through the year.

            I dearly miss going somewhere and being involved in hotly contested debates in Philly.

            Nowhere have I found people to be as opinionated as those in Philly. I have a sports bar that people come to just to get involved in respectful debates,eat, drink and watch the games.

          • theycallmerob


          • Really now, what could be expected when you seen the kid give his best effort and those matched his historical best accomplishments over his career body of work?

            You act as if I made up or doctored the reports and projections on Foles.

          • Under the Wizard of Oz……….

          • theycallmerob

            Careful. He has already stated he has NFL credibility.

            Is that you, Rich Kotite?

          • theycallmerob

            one more time:

            54 Dropbacks, 40 Attempts, 20 Completions for 328 Yards, 2 TD’s, 0 INT’s, 95.6 Passer Rating

      • MAC

        You really are the least popular poster on any opinionated sports site ever. You spew the same line about Foles in every article. No QB can be considered “known” after 6 NFL starts. Say anything you want man I am not a McNabb hater, Cam bash-er, or Foles lover (you seem to think anyone who disagrees with you falls under one of these). I just know after 6 games behind that line, no McCoy, no Jackson, Celek, and a lame duck coach in his rookie year with a rookie RB fumbling at a record pace I saw some things that were encouraging. I am not sold on Foles and think he will probably end up a career back up, but nobody including Chip Kelly or any other QB coach in NFL can say they are certain Foles is not good enough after 6 games.

        Your “play the hand your dealt” mind set with Foles is flawed for many reasons. First those circumstances more than some small issues, he is a ROOKIE QB, and you do not apply same logic to your McNabb and Vick thoughts. If you believe in the “play the hand your dealt mind set” then how could you possibly back Vick after last 2 terrible seasons when he played? Also in comments above you said McNabb was stuck with tier 3 wr group. (By the way I am a McNabb supporter and always have been so this is only to prove a point, not bc I am bashing McNabb) While in your “play the hand your dealt attitude” toward Foles applied to McNabb then how can you support McNabb or Vick?

        • I didn’t come here looking to fill a void in my life or make new friends. And as it appears you definitely aren’t an authority or much good in diagnosing personalities. My assessment on Foles are also shared by those who contributed scouting reports on the lad out of Arizona, they are not based in any way in support for Vick that’s an illusion you generated without the benefit of my post. But just one of the wrong conclusions you came up with. The Facts are as they are, Foles has shown you his best and it’s not projected he’s ever going to get any better than what he has shown in 2012.

          You have no clue about anything about what and who I like or dislike, those are your assumptions based on your preferences.

          And obviously you spend a considerable amount of time drawing false conclusions on people you encounter or in this case never encountered. A trait to common in those who believe themselves self important, a step above and entitled.

          That seems to drive your thoughts of how much more important your ideas are over those of anyone else.

          I’m not convinced your input makes any more of a difference than the next faceless participant of this forum. Get over yourself………..

        • defroe

          I BEG TO DIFFER… cg25 on philly.com might be one of the most hated on all sites. maybe they are the same person…

    • Bdawkbdawk

      Foles and Barkley shouldn’t have anything handed to them. If they want to start in the NFL, they should beat out Vick. There does not seem to be a shortage of reps.

      • The Real Damien

        This isn’t me. Who’s using my account?

        • Bdawkbdawk

          What? I have been posting as such for about ten months. Just have some disques problems that are for some reason making me sign in as a guest.

          • Damien

            What? I have been Damien since I joined last year. I can’t access my account though (someone changed the password) so now I just use guest… Whoever is using my account, stop it. IM DAMIEN.

          • Bdawkbdawk

            Right, Right. You very well might be the real Damien. You just confused me by replying to my comment

          • Damien

            Woah. Your name just changed on my screen. Before it said you were Damien… My bad.

          • Andy124

            It’s happened to others as well.

  • And the winner is…

    I love how the experts in comments section already know who the best QB is when the coaches, who get paid big $$ to do this, apparently don’t even know yet.

    Hopefully, the abundance of reps going around will help them (the coaches) determine the best player(s) for now, and the future.

    • Everyone’s an expert on the Internet, don’t you know? LOL. Be fair, though: We’ve seen more of Vick, for longer, than Kelly and the coaching staff at this point, and have our own thoughts on the matter. Gotta give us this — we were right about McNabb for years, and those coaches who ‘knew better’ didn’t listen.

      • Bdawkbdawk

        Unless your opinion on McNabb was that he was a terrific QB who always kept the team in games, limited turnovers, and occasionally threw a crap short or mid-range pass, you weren’t right about McNabb.

        • LOL!! Those things, and more… we also knew that he would NEVER carry the team to a title; that he would never raise the players around him to be better than they were; that he would never be the LEADER in the locker room the team needed; and that the Eagles would never win a Super Bowl while he was the QB.

          • Bdawkbdawk

            The only time McNabb had a true reciever he got us to the superbowl. And we lost. It happens. The superbowl is a total crapshoot. If by cary you mean put the entire offense on his back then youre correct. But I can only name a handful of QBs that can do that. And i doubt most people think that McNabb is one of the 5-6 best all time.
            But he did make every single one of his skill position players better around him. Pinkston, Thrash, Mitchell. Come on now. Unless you would say the same about Archie Manning, Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton, and Jim Kelly, you shouldn’t be blaming that on McNabb.

          • FMWarner

            Every time someone says “You can NEVER win a Super Bowl with X player” I know I can safely ignore them.

          • BigGoon

            Was Dilfer better than McNabb? He did win a SB… McNabb led by example and was a class guy that got us to the Superbowl. Though he never won one, we were not an embarrassment of 4-12 like last year.
            Chip has never won a national championship. He has been #2.
            Do you want to go on record now and say that he will NEVER win a Superbowl as well?

          • defroe

            maybe you knew he wouldnt win but im sure you’re just hater and with every nfc championship game and the super bowl appearance you were biting your nails rooting against the team so you would be right… you didnt know jack

        • Most weren’t right about McNabb, Kolb or Foles and they never accounted for the tier 3 receiving corp that McNabb was stuck with while he lead the Eagles to 5 NFC Championship Games.

          McNabb was akin to Jim Kelly minus 1000 yd receivers.

      • You have seen what Foles can do, and will do if extended more playing time.

        You simply are hoping for more. than he’s ever been to this point.

        • Brian


          You’re ruining this website for me.

          • this isn’t the place you’ll find all fans willing to cosign questionable talent and signs off on insufficient personnel moves made by the Eagles.

            If you’re looking for warm fuzzy assessments of all the Eagles moves it’s not here.

            The attraction of coming here is that it’s not a homer site and has objective reporting on all the issues. Not like the typical Philly blog where you’re given a conclusion to believe and expected to step inline.

          • Brian

            I don’t need warm and fuzzy. I do prefer discussions that are based upon facts. Just because you say it, doesn’t make it true.

          • Does that just apply to Dutch in your evaluation of the participants of this site. However, let it be stated I’m flattered you’d take the time to dialogue with me in a mature manner.

          • Richard Colton

            talking about yourself in the third person is, amazingly, the least self indulgent thing you’ve said today.

          • That’s humility. Let it not be mistaken, I think very highly of myself.

      • FMWarner

        Um, if you’re talking about the McNabb haters, you weren’t right for years. Dude finally got old, and then everyone said “See? We knew he sucked all along.”

    • Richard Colton

      You’re right, but consider this: there are four QBs on the roster (five if you count Vick). We don’t know what Barkley or Foles can do because we haven’t seen enough. I’ve watched Vick since 2000. I know what we’re getting from him, and it doesn’t rhyme with the Lance Vombardi Trophy.

      • BrickSquadMonopoly

        5 if you count Vick? LOL either you’re delusional or just ignorant

        • Richard Colton

          hyperbole wasn’t an option? I’m just not interested in Vick at this point. I know what he does/does not give this team. I know that he won’t get better at 32. I’d rather go 3-13 and have my Nick Foles question answered than 8-8 with Vick.

          • theycallmerob

            preach, good brother

          • BrickSquadMonopoly

            You deserve to lose your Eagles fan card with the idiocy of that statement. Give up a potential playoff push to get to know Nicky lol. Yet i feel that I know him pretty well already. Stupidity

          • Richard Colton

            everyone who doesn’t agree with you is stupid? come on brick, even you can do better than that. Vick is a known quality. He may be better than Foles/Barkley, but we don’t know that. And yeah, I’d be willing to sacrifice a few wins in ’13 if it got us closer to a superbowl.

            There are plenty of fans in the NFL who are content with mediocrity and the occasional 8-8 “playoff push.” Most of them live in Cleveland. Maybe you would be happier with them.

  • A lot of people are worried about Lane Johnson not getting reps at 1st team RT, but what’s got me really concerned is the fact that Ed Wang is our backup LT. If Jason goes down this season, it could be Demetress Bell all over again.

    • Except that, with the addition of a decent tackle in Johnson, we could slide Herremans over to the left side.

      • Richard Colton

        Or Lane, since he’ll probably end up there a few years from now anyway. But OTs are like starting pitchers. Can you ever have too many good ones?

    • Corry

      I wouldn’t worry about that either. I think in a real game situation you’d see Herremans or Johnson over at LT. might even see Mathis kick out before they put Wang on the field.

      Obviously if August rolls around and Wang is still getting reps at LT then push that panic button.

      • You start moving those other guys around then it starts putting other less skilled guys in at their positions. It would only take an injury or two to devastate the whole line. It’s something to keep an eye on.

        • Corry

          Sure you’re putting less skilled players in at other positions, but are they better than Ed Wang? Also LT is the premium position so I will definitely live with Danny Watkins at LG or RG if that means a better player is manning LT and Ed Wang is safely guarding the bench.

          • I understand that Herremans and Mathis are versatile, but the problem comes mid season, when they haven’t taken a rep at LT all year. If you put Mathis at LT, then youre left side is Mathis and Watkins, two guys who have limited to no reps there.

            My point is, it would be nice to have a back up LT who could step in when needed and not be a liability to the entire line, without having to shuffle everyone around. With the situation we went through last year this should be something that should be in the back of the teams mind.

          • Andy124

            If Lane Johnson develops (I’ll assume he does at this point), you’ve got Dennis Kelly as a servicable 3rd OT. You can move LJ to the left and plug Kelly in on the right, or just plug Kelly in to the left side if the coaches think they need to keep LJ at one position as a rookie.

          • Corry

            I get what you’re saying. I think a quality swing tackle (or just plain quality backup LT) is a luxury the team just can’t afford with so many holes on defense and only so many resources to fill them. Last years disaster of an OLine is definitely a lesson in preparedness but I just don’t if its something they could have addressed given the circumstances. As atb124 pointed out, Kelly is a decent option but to get him out there you are likely moving Johnson over since I don’t think Kelly has the feet for LT.

          • Eh, with 20 mil in cap space I’m not really sure I can buy the lack of resources excuse. Maybe they’re just happy with who they have, and maybe my concerns aren’t warranted. But it’s definitely gonna be something to watch out for.

          • theycallmerob

            I can’t say I’ve seen much of the man, but is Wang that bad that you mention him and Demetress Bell in the same sentence? I completely get what you’re saying, but how many teams out there would be totally ok if they lost their LT to injury? I think Kelly made good strides last year, all things considered. And honestly, at this point, I have no idea what Wang brings to the table.

            One last name who might surprise in training camp is the UDFA, Nick Purcell. Seems talented, and has history with Kelly (interesting back-story: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1458167). He seems to have done something right so far- he was signed to the roster after the rookie mini-camp.

    • Warhound

      Kelly will back-up both tackles.

    • xlGmanlx


  • Stuart Philp

    Even if Vick is the best QB on the team – which I currently believe he is due to experience, but Foles and Barkley will get there soon enough – we need to get rid of him just to remove the distraction. This team needs to go under the radar and focus on learning the new system, without media distractions, the weight of the past, and delusions of things they are not (dream team, dynasty, blah blah).

  • Bdawk20

    Throwing caution to the wind to all the armchair QB’s – we get on every QB’s nuts the second they do 1 thing we like. Why don’t you just wait it out? We think every QB is going to be the next great one (Kolb) based on zero evidence. I hope Barkley works out, but come one, give the kid some time.

    • Brent E. Sulecki

      i just want this whole thing to be over honestly..its agonizing to sit thru. knowing like other posters have said it should be Foles and Barkley battling it out. Vick has highjacked this team for over 3 yrs now and not delivered a thing. big arm, yeah. little brain. i really hope chip sticks to his guns around wk1 and names the starter and we dont look back. i just pray its not vick. vick to me now is a specialty qb for keeping d on their toes for certain packages. im hoping also Barkley does what he can with his limited or not 3rd team reps. if he can make 3rd team offense look good, then hes capable of much more with the 1’s. that being said if his preseason and TC is good im okay with him backing up Nick. but i doubt its for long

      • Some of the issues in Foles scouting report coming out of Arizona that he displayed starting those 6 games last season.

        Foles can be pretty inconsistent with his accuracy. At times he will thread the needle between defenders and other times he throws a screen pass off target. It’s really frustrating to watch. It doesn’t help that his offense usually has at least 1 wide open guy on every play so rarely does he actually have to fit the ball into tight spaces. He usually struggles when he has to though. He throws a pretty deep ball but he’s inconsistent with that as well. His accuracy when throwing on the run is also poor as he fails to lead receivers consistently. Overall, his accuracy just isn’t impressive.

        Decision Making: This is an area where Foles really struggles. His offense takes a lot of the pressure off of him as most of the time he has a set receiver to go to pre-snap. His mental clock is slow and he takes a while to go through his progressions. Only when he has a nice clean pocket with ample time will he actually go through his 3rd or maybe 4th read. Most of the time he’ll hesitate on throwing to his first read and then quickly try to find his checkdown. It just doesn’t look natural and you get the sense he’s panicking trying to do the right thing. He lacks anticipation and usually makes the throw after the receiver has come open and he’s just playing pitch and catch. He also just simply makes some bad decisions. He’ll throw into coverage and it’s usually when he gets pressured. Again, I get the sense that he panics and doesn’t really know what to do.

        • Brent E. Sulecki

          he def needs work. any of you guys heading up to novacare for the TC practices? this is alot better for me than the hike to lehigh.

          • They’re going to have lottery admissions at novacare. Bad year to move the camp, there’s no way to accommodate the thong of people that would show up in South Philly.

        • eaglepete

          hey wait, that sounds like Vick in his 10th year, you sure you didnt get that mixed up. Ahhhhhh just kidding, I just want them to go young since Vick wont win it all for this rebuilding team. He should however win the starting job over the young guys based on experience and skill set, just not very exciting as a fan. Per original comment, even Reid didnt think Kolb was any good or he wouldnt have let Mike beat him out or take over for him so quickly. They know what they see in practice, we fans just want another franchise QB to build around since that can take a long time to find.

          • When Kolb was unveiled at the Linc the entire crowd was morbid after a few series. When he was injured and Reid entered Vick there was a reserve through the crowd until his first scramble. By the end of that game, there wasn’t a way Reid could thus a dagger into the hearts of the fans and bring Kolb back to the starting position.

            We didn’t expect much, but we knew this kid Vick brought a better opportunity for wins in an otherwise retooling period for the Eagles. Nobody expected a playoff run.

            I now, probably the only individual believe the Drafting of Barkley signals a new beginning for the Eagles. I expect big things out of the kid despite where he was chosen in the draft.

  • cliff henny

    Let’s hope either Foles or Barkley steps up and take the spot from Vick. when all is said and done, Vick is Vick-the good and the bad, we know it, coaches know it, players know it. starting spot is there for the taking. either they show enough to warrent the position, or Vick plays another year (or however long he lasts) and we’re qb shopping in ’14. if Vick wins the job, it tells me as much or more about how Kelly feels about Foles and Barkley. eagles know they are in rebuild, it doesnt escape kelly that he needs to develope younger talent. look at all the free agents, all younger guys who can grow with the team. i’m sure everyday he walks into the NovaCare center and says to himself, ‘com’on Nick or Matt, show me you’re the guy’.

    • Not much to add to this, except a caveat: Barkley’s failure to win the job as a rookie in 2013 doesn’t necessarily make the Eagles a QB shopper in 2014.

    • Guest

      You’re right of course, but consider this: there are four QBs on the roster (five if you count Vick). We don’t know what Barkley or Foles can do because we haven’t seen enough. I’ve watched Vick since 2000. I know what we’re getting from him, and it doesn’t rhyme with the Lance Vombardi Trophy.

      • cliff henny

        sure, think that’s part of the evaluation process. if foles/barkley is equal to or slightly less than vick, thats enough to win job. you can sell youth to vets as tie breaker. if vick plays them off the field, he has to play. i want vick to play well, i want foles or barkley to play outstanding and win the job. people not wanting vick here or failing are looking at it the wrong way. we want the the job won, not handed to them and see if they can perform.

      • Richard Colton

        sounds familiar

  • Andy124

    Just gonna throw this out there… Trolls: Don’t feed ’em.

  • addicted2mula

    Vicc starts this year. Barkley franchise QB Foles bacc up

    • That’s pretty much how I expect this to play out. Honestly I’d be a little disappointed if Barkley by game 11 isn’t playing. The one exception would be if Vick is on pace then to duplicate the 2010 season and the Eagles are in contention for the division crown.

      • addicted2mula

        Agree. I think with them goin bacc to a run first team well help vicc. And its a spread option. As long as he dnt get hit a lot and make stupid mistakes and with an healthy oline I see him playin pro ball level

      • Eh,

        I think you have too much faith in Barkley’s abilities. He dropped to fourth for a reason. While he MAY be a gem, I’ll hold my opinion on that ’till I actually see something from him that suggests otherwise.

  • Chip Henderson

    Although I like to read this page, but never have commented until now. The reason I’m commenting is because of someone consistently saying we’ve seen Foles’ ceiling already(paraphrasing). How can we already have seen what Foles is after 6 starts for a horrible team without the tp WR, RB, TE, and best 3 OL? Add on to the fact that when Foles was in there, without said players, he ran the offense more proficiently and had a better PPG than Vick? I’m not crowning Foles as a great QB by any means, but he’s a 2nd year player with 6 starts for a horrible team. Then add on top of the fact that each of his starts continued to be improved from the previous one. I’m not an expert, but that’s called encouraging, if that’s all it is.

    • eaglepete

      most reasonable fans know this. Some Vick fans feel the need to put down Foles to somehow prop up Mike even though they are mutually exclusive. What you said is exactly right but this conversation and back n forth will continue until the QB competition is over and a starter is named. I guess we all have to get used to it.

    • theycallmerob

      Thanks for joining us, hope you’ll stay. Don’t let a few bad apples ruin your appetite to comment, new views are always welcome. But be warned, some won’t take too kindly to all that reason and logic you’re spewing.

      • Max Lightfoot

        I live in northwest New Mexico, where logic and reason can get a fella in serious trouble, so I hear you, tcmr. And maybe on this blog. But that’s the price to pay for seeing the big picture, along with the picayune details. Rock on, rob.

  • DunedinEagle

    The fact that Chippah is wasting precious reps on Vick really makes it difficult for me to even consider buying in. It’s a shame because other than that one issue I like what I see for the most part.

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Its a QB competition if you expected any less you are the fool. Theres a reason Mike is still widely considered a top QB among the league and by league i mean… THE PLAYERS

  • xlGmanlx

    The beauty is, and I said this last year, Vick never plays a full 16. We will get our wish to see other QB’s in action, which is what I will wait for. I like hearing what Barkley is saying, sounds like a 4 year starter.