What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Here’s this week’s roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles.

Bucky Brooks of NFL.com draws a Matt Barkley/Tom Brady comparison:

Matt Barkley could be the next Tom Brady and should be the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback of the future.

Don’t laugh. That statement is based on my belief that the Eagles’ fourth-round selection steps into a perfect situation that sets him up for individual success, while giving a championship-starved franchise a young quarterback with the pedigree to carry Philly over the threshold. With veteran Michael Vick ahead of Barkley on the depth chart right now, it’s a situation reminiscent of Brady playing behind Drew Bledsoe for a season in 2000 before emerging to take over the New England Patriots’ offense in 2001.

SI.com’s Don Banks puts the Eagles’ playoff chances at 50/50:

There’s so much change underway in Philly, and that usually requires an acclimation period of sorts and enduring the baby steps phase of the rebuilding process. But Chip Kelly doesn’t really strike us as the patient type, and if he can find a hot hand at quarterback, solidify the offensive line and shore up that sieve-like secondary, the Eagles have the skill-position weapons to win with. This isn’t a club facing a three-year slog back to contention.

Evan Silva of Rotoworld.com ranks the Eagles’ offensive line No. 14 in the NFL:

The Eagles rank in the top half of the NFL’s offensive lines because they’re loaded with up-front talent. They just couldn’t stay healthy last year. All-Pro Peters tore his right Achilles’ twice and didn’t play a down. Kelce lasted two weeks before tearing two knee ligaments. Herremans missed eight games with a dislocated foot. Watkins has chronic ankle problems and is a bust. Mathis was the only healthy starting lineman last season, and he is now recovering from ankle surgery. No. 4 pick Johnson is a fantastic fit for Chip Kelly’s up-tempo offense, and this line has top-five potential, but the unit warrants a conservative ranking due to so many injury concerns.

Michael Vick gets one final chance, writes ESPN.com’s Ashley Fox:

Vick must prove it. He must prove that, even though he will turn 33 next month, he still has the speed and mobility to run away from defenders. He must prove his arm can be as accurate as it is strong. He must prove he can read and react at the pace Kelly demands. And he must prove he can lead a team that quit on its previous coach.

In his QB rankings for CBSSports.com, Will Brinson has Vick 21st:

Twice upon a time Vick’s been a quarterback destined for greatness. But his inability to protect the football and stay healthy has him on thin ice in Philadelphia; he could very much end up thriving in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo offense and surge up this list, but as it stands right now, there are too many issues with Vick’s ball security, accuracy, ability to read defenses and age to completely trust him.

Matt Mosley of FoxSports.com has some unflattering things to say about new Eagles RB Felix Jones:

The Dunkin’ Donuts stores in Greater Philadelphia received some wonderful news Tuesday when the Philadelphia Eagles signed former Cowboys running back Felix Jones to a one-year contract. The former Cowboys second-round pick showed up for training camp in July at least 10 pounds overweight, and promptly failed a conditioning test.

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com only has one Eagles player in his top-100, and that’s Evan Mathis at No. 47:

The Eagles line was horrible for most of 2012, but Mathis was as good as any left guard in the league. He is tough and he can move.

Sean McCormick of Football Outsiders/ESPN.com writes that the Eagles’ biggest red flag is still the secondary:

The problem is that, at least on paper, the team did a much better job of finding replacements at safety than at cornerback. Kenny Phillips and Patrick Chung are both young, productive players with good draft pedigrees. There are reasons why these two players were available in free agency: both are injury risks, and Chung was benched in New England because Bill Belichick felt Chung freelanced too often. Still, the talent makes both players very worthwhile gambles. The free-agent additions at cornerback have less upside.

Ronde Barber tells SI.com’s Peter King about the one play he’ll always remember:

“I think the play I will always remember came in Philadelphia [in the 2002 NFC Championship Game]. That’s the year we went to the Super Bowl. But it was the fourth quarter, and we’d been showing blitz a lot that day. I had a sack earlier in the game. So I came into a gap when Donovan was getting ready to get the snap. He saw me, and the ball got snapped, then I was back [into coverage]. I thought he’d throw hot to Antonio Freeman, and quick, that’s what he did. I saw him throw, I cut in front of Freeman and just said to myself, ‘Don’t drop it!’ And then, all that space in front of me [92 yards), and I scored. Just surreal. Two weeks later, we’re in the Super Bowl. My wife still cries when she sees that play. And I saw Donovan’s mom after the game. I had three touchdowns against him over the years, and she said to me, ‘Why do you keep doing this to my boy?’

Josh Katzowitz of CBSSports.com has Connor Barwin at No. 10 on his list of impact free agents:

The big question surrounding Barwin is whether he’s the player who scored 11.5 sacks in 2011 or the one who accumulated only three sacks last season. Perhaps in Philadelphia, Barwin can be the star of the front seven — which J.J. Watt would not have allowed in Houston.

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  • Ascher Levy

    Pete Prisco is an idiot if he doesn’t include both McCoy and Desean in the top 100 players. They will make him eat his words by the end of this year as they thrive in this offense.

    • Bdawk20

      McCoy maybe, but DeSean is not even a top 10 receiver in this game, let alone a top 100 player in this league (Think about it, it is an average of 3 players per team on that list)

    • You could have ended at “Pete Prisco is an idiot.” McCoy should be on the list. Mathis at 47 but him not on the list makes absolutely no sense. I love my boy Mathis but he’s a solid aging LG, Shady is a premier young RB. It’s not even comparable.

      DeSean doesn’t belong on the list. If it was 2010 then maybe.

    • JofreyRice

      I don’t know about Desean, but certainly McCoy is the #2 or #3 running back in the entire league, and easily the most laterally explosive runner. Prisco has Alfred Morris in there, a plodding 1 cut runner that’s a product of Shanahan’s system–the same system that helped Ryan Torain put up 750 yards in 8 starts, back in 2010; who has since left the league to pursue other interests in the field of insurance sales.

      And Prisco rates Jamaal Charles ahead of McCoy & CJ Spiller, Lynch, & Doug Martin. Awful list!

      • Do we honestly expect any less from Pete?

        • JofreyRice

          I mean, that is just asinine.

      • It was amazing how much Morris following Williams around the ends last year resembled the old Redskin plodders behind the hogs.

        If Doug Martin made the list maybe the criteria for the list was the production from 2012, which was not one of Shady’s best years. aside from the down year, Shady is recognized in most circles of respected analysis as one of the league’s premier Backs.

        I expect Shady to run off 1400 yds maybe 1500 yds this year.

        • JofreyRice

          Outside of AP, the top 5 running backs in the league are pretty volatile, from year to year, because of the nature of the position. I think Doug Martin & Ray Rice are right around the same level, skill-wise–both of them are better runners & receivers than Alfred Morris, though. Charles is a good back, a lot like CJ Spiller. They’re great homerun threats, but I don’t think they’re quite at the level of Shady for all-around skills. With a good line, Shady was deadly in closing teams out in the 4th quarter.

          • To me, the top 5 is pretty clear, just a matter of what order you want to put them in… AP, Foster, Rice, Shady and Martin. It’s after that it gets real dicey with guys like McFadden, Lynch, Morris, Charles etc..

          • JofreyRice

            See, I think Foster is a little overrated. Maybe I have a prejudice against Kubiak/Shanarat type zone runner, I feel like their numbers are hugely inflated. I’m not a fantasy football player–I know that Foster is thought of highly in those circles because he’s so productive, but I think the production is very manufactured. He’s a very smooth, decisive runner, that uses his blockers really well, but he’s just a slightly quicker version of Alfred Morris, IMO. When I watch him, I don’t see anything athletically that really jumps out at me. I just see a smart, savvy ballcarrier maximizing his talent behind a very good OLine, in a scheme tailor- made for him. I’ll take beast-mode Marshawn Lynch or Lightning quick Jamaal Charles’ skill set over Foster’s.

            Did you get a chance to watch CJ Spiller at all? Really fun watching that guy play.

          • I can see your point, I am a fantasy football player, so that might be why I am biased towards Foster, but I think his football IQ cannot be understated. I’ve always preferred less flashy backs guys who follow their blocks and can see the field well.

            I guess my list was more of a “who would I want to build a franchise around” Lynch is a great running back, but he’s a bit of a head case. I’ll give him credit though, he has done a great job in Seattle keeping his nose clean. It’s crazy to think he’s only 27 though it seems like he’s been in the league forever. He’s been a feature back since he entered the league in 2 run heavy offenses, you’ve got to wonder if he’s got many prime years left in him. AP is banged up and getting old but he’s just too damn good to pass up, in a league of his own really. Charles is right on the cusp of my top 5.

            I love what Buffalo is doing. CJ Spiller is something to watch, I was following close in 2011 when they had Fred Jackson and Spiller going before Jackson got hurt, that was a deadly combo. As a Canadian the Bills are kind of our adopted team, I’d love to see them start having some success. Although I’m not sure EJ Manuel and Kevin Kolb were the way to go.

          • theycallmerob

            Canadian, eh? no wonder you’re so damn sensible.

          • I quickly glanced at this on my phone and thought it said no wonder you’re so damn sensual. Wasn’t quite sure how I was going to respond to that.

          • chloroformdreams

            Completely agree though I never stop getting shit for it. Foster is a good player but shouldn’t be in the top 5 convo IMO if pure talent is the characteristic that we’re judging. Shady, Doug Martin, AP, Beastmode, Charles, Spiller, McFadden and several others would all eviscerate opposing teams behind the Kubiak/Shanarat run blocking scheme. Anyone remember those amazing Denver RBs who were schwag once they left?

          • Charles is a talented back, now with Andy in tow in Kansas City installing the Pistol he’s probably going to have an exceptional year, not that he’s delivered anything less. But the pistol is definitely an advantageous offense for an already quality running back like Charles.

            It’s really good to see so many quality backs in the league and the reestablishment of the ground attack.

          • I would not trade Shady for any of those including AP given the chemistry Shady has with his blockers in this blocking scheme. I thought Dion Lewis was a perfect compliment to Shady, similar styles. However, I can’t get enough of Bryce Brown so long as he’s not fumbling.

            Shady is a tough son of a gun he takes some wicked shots and keeps on ticking. I don’t know if I’ve seen a tougher back in the NFL. If you sit in the end zone you can hear defenders Ting off of Shady and this kid just gets up, flips the ball to the ref and trots off after a tough score.

            I would like to see more of Shady touches distributed to him out in the route to preserve his career.

  • Bdawk20

    Of course Wilma would want to know why someone was doing something to her boy, not something her boy did to himself in clutch situations.

  • Matt Mosley has always hated Philly. Not surprised he would find a way to sh!t on the Eagles about signing a guy to 1 year minimum deal.

    • Alex Karklins

      God, he was so awful as the NFC East blogger for ESPN. Dan Graziano, for all his faults, at least strives for objectivity and has a decent sense of humor.

      • theycallmerob

        Amen. I stopped reading it when Mosley was there.

    • The Mosley’s article wasn’t unflattering to the Eagles, but he did lay into Jones who came into Cowboys camp in 2012 out of shape and over weight. As a result when the first team back when down, Jones was ill prepared and that resulted in Jones getting hurt again.

  • Ashley Fox with her completely wrong analysis again. Vick is done either way.

    • B-West

      Her stuff consistently reads like a 9th grader’s book report. I don’t really understand her rise to prominence.

      • The Daily News in Phila more than 25 years ago committed to writing on an 8th grade level to help increase the literacy level in Phila.

      • It’s all about the pronoun.

        • Steve

          Yeah, women have it so much easier in the world (especially the sports world)…. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself coming up with that brilliant and in-no-way sexist analysis. Now go make me a sandwich.

          • Elliptical Man

            If I don’t get hired, I have no recourse. If a woman doesn’t get hired, she can whine about sexism. And the Steves of the world will make sure she gets hired, regardless of her qualifications.

          • Capt. Undapants

            Oh, the plight of the majo-… Sorry. Not the place.

            How bout them Philadelphia Chippahs?!

          • Warhound

            Women are the majority.

          • Kimbafuzz

            Life is soooooooooooo much harder for men in the job market. Let’s just forget that women get paid $0.70 for every $1.00 men make. *RME*

  • An Ashley Fox sighting, and the pronouncement of the Donut King…..

    If the Eagles were looking for an additional contributor at Running Back why not Ahmad Bradshaw who if healthy could have been plug and play and he’s a good blocker? Same with Safety, why didn’t they give Charles Woodson a call, who of the Safeties available in Free Agency has better instincts, and range? Either could/would have added proven productivity, and leadership at a reasonable cost for a year.

    The Bucky Brooks article is compelling and states a thorough case for Barkley over a reasonable period of adjustment.

    The jury is in finally on Danny Watkins…… it’s official, he’s a complete bust.

    Don Banks gets it, the Eagles with the skill position players they have are by no means out of the running to compete for the division crown. The questions are solely on the play of the defense, as it’s been for some time.

    There is no need to throw up the white flag of surrender in Philly because of a transitioning Coach.

    Sheil, had you heard, Andy Reid is installing elements of the pistol offense in Kansas City.

    • It won’t take much more, if any, than 9-7 to take the NFC East. No team has really improved, and with the big ?’s around RG3, Tony Romo and Eli not getting any younger, the Eagles are still very much in the playoff hunt.

      A deep playoff run would be a different story. But if we can take the NFC East or play wild card game, that would be a great step in the right direction for Chip and company.

      • JamesDDl

        Based on how CK and the Igg’s approached free agency and the draft, I believe they are on a two or three year time table. Just too many areas of weakness to fix in one year. Five or six wins in year one seems reasonable.

        • Don’t agree. Last season was bad, flat out ugly, but just think back to the games. We blew the lead against Pittsburgh. Winnable game. Detroit scored 17 points in the 4th quarter. Blew the lead, winnable game. We blew another game in Dallas with the lead going into the 4th. The 27-20 loss to Washington in week 15 was a game we should have won as well.

          Common denominator here is with better coaching, the Eagles could have won those 4 games . All of a sudden a 4-12 season becomes 8-8. We have the talent to be a decent team next year but it will be to coaching that decides that.

          • Dominik

            And do not forget the completely makeover of the O-Line last year compared to this year. Peters and Kelce are back, Johnson is new, Herremans only played 8 games. That’s about as big of a difference as there will be for this football team, besides the coaching change.

          • JamesDDl

            Hope you’re right, but you can also argue that they won a couple games that could have just as easily gone the other way.
            That said, the point of my comment is that although they will never publicly admit it, their actions in free agency and the draft tell me that they are realistic about it taking a couple years or so to be competitive. The new draftees may or may not help this year. The O line remains a big question mark. QB play will most likely be mediocre. The defensive backfield will probably struggle. The defensive front seven – who knows. Oh and by the way – they are installing a new offense and a new defense.
            If they really thought it was possible to compete in ’13 they would have spent more money to address all of these critical needs. They could have but they haven’t and I think that makes perfect sense. Hate to burst anyone’s bubble but that’s how it looks to me.

          • I understand what youre saying here, but at the same time look back to 2011 where we went 8-8. Is there any real talent removed from this team since then that would stop us from getting there again?

            I don’t think their actions if free agency or the draft have any indication on how they expect the season to go. I think the team has moved away completely from the philosophy of spending big money in free agency, and drafting for needs. Because really, what did that get us? It didn’t help the team, and it didn’t put us any closer to making any serious runs. I think this is a trend you will see continue whether we’re close to making a run or not, so I don’t think it’s indicative of their expectations next year at all. They stayed true to their board and principles, they definitely didn’t throw in any towels.

            Your points are good ones, but they can be looked at from a different angle as well. OL has a lot of question marks, but what if they stay healthy? Then you could argue it might be one of our biggest strengths. The backfield may struggle, but could it struggle any worst than it has the past 3 years? If anything, I expect it to be better than previous season. Defensive front seven moving away from the wide 9 could create a lot more success. Mediocore QB play would actually be a nice change from flat out terrible.

            I’m not talking about this team going 12-4 and making a deep playoff run. I’m saying that a .500ish season is a realistic goal and a great building block for Chip’s first season here. With the strength of our schedule at the strength (or lack thereof) in the NFC East, it’s not exactly a pipe dream.

          • JamesDDl

            It will be interesting to see what happens.
            I will gladly give up a few W’s in year one if they demonstrate a commitment to building a strong winning organization for the long term.

            An investment in sound football fundamentals, operating and playing with integrity and building a solid foundation will lead to more W’s, a team I will be proud to support and ultimately a championship.

      • that’s pretty much on par with how I see the possibilities of the 2013 season.

        I agree, I don’t buy into the perception the Eagles have to toll through a few loosing season before returning to a level of respectability.

        The Giants are going to be who they are and that’s likely 9-7, the Redskin have the best defense, but the interesting unknown is how teams defend the Redskins and RG III.

        With the schedule the Eagles have this year, there’s plenty of wiggle room for the Eagles to run off a string of wins.

    • JofreyRice

      Bucky Brooks’ article was compelling? In what way? By typing “Tom Brady” and “Matt Barkley” in the same sentence? Brady is one of the best of all time, and Barkley, until otherwise proven, is a 4th round draft pick. I can’t see a lot of parallels between those two. If anything, that kind of comparison is a terrible disservice to Barkley.

      I think Bradshaw’s a good back, but I don’t know he fits in here. I’m OK with the running back situation as is. I think Kelly’s scheme and the offense is going to maximize a talented backfield. I expect that to be a strength of the team in 2013.

      Charles Woodson is shot. He’s been barely hanging on for the past 2 years. I would have preferred they signed George Wilson, when he was available. They still could go out and get Kerry Rhodes–considering it doesn’t seem that they have a lot of hope for Kenny Phillips. Bernard Pollard would have been nice, too–could have used an enforcer like that.

      • There are a couple of parallels, though I agree — it’s really, really a stretch comparing the situations. I guess the biggest parallel is the offensive system, given that Brady’s running a similar system to Chip Kelly’s, and is a QB like Barkley who won’t do a whole lot of running. You’re right, it IS a disservice to Barkley, because it starts to set expectations where none ought to be. No one knew that Brady would be anything more than a 6th round pick until Bledsoe went down; he could as easily have turned into Matt Cassell.

        • The Brooks article doesn’t compare Barkley to Brady in so far as their individual talents, but just in the scenario that Brady sat for a year before taking over the position.

          It’s a pretty good read and lays out a logical plan for Barkley to become the starter in Phila after a year in the same way Brady took over with the Patriots.

      • Brooks’ article doesn’t focus on comparing Barkley to Brady,

        in any way other then ” a situation reminiscent of Brady playing behind Drew Bledsoe for a season”.

        The weakness in the Eagles backfield, top to bottom is blocking and in any option scheme blocking by all the skill positions is necessary. Presently, Avant is the best blocking skill position player in Phila. Bradshaw offers exception blocking at the RB position in a rotation.

        I’m on board with Woodson being a better addition then the Eagles Free Agent signee, Phillips.

        • JofreyRice

          By comparing their situations, Isn’t the implication that you have an ultra-talented backup QB playing behind an aging veteran? I don’t think that’s been proven to be the case yet, at all, and I don’t see how putting that kind of expectation can be anything but damaging to Barkley.

          I agree that Bradshaw is a fantastic blocker. He’s almost at Westbrook level. I’d hate to see him take carries from a guy like Bryce Brown, though. As far as smaller scat-back types, I think Felix Jones fits better as a Kenjon Barner or LaMichael James role than Bradshaw does.

          If Phillips’ knee is shot, yeah, something (Woodson) is better than nothing. I think Phillips’ talent level warranted taking a shot on him. My problem is that they signed Phillips and checked the box for safety, as if they’d genuinely addressed it–that’s the same kind of negligence we saw last offseason, in regards to the position. It was always a very real, and even likely, scenario that Phillips’ knee would act up. Drafting Earl Wolff in the 5th round was not any kind of real insurance against that, so it looks like we’re going to be giving Nate Allen ANOTHER chance. I think they could have done better than Charles Woodson in Free Agency, though.

          • The issue with Felix Jones is reliability. He’s prone to injury and being out of shape. Again, the comparison in the entire article is nothing more than sitting out a season.

            Brooks like most analysis believe that Barkley has demonstrated over the 4 years at USC the Kid has exceptional Football IQ and capabilities to command and manage a pro style offense that has expectations of quick reads and intermediate and short passes supported by a superior ground attack. That pretty much duplicates Kiffens WCO scheme at USC

            Brooks makes the case Barkley could do well given a year sitting and being prepared by Chip Kelly.

            I share the concern you stated about Phillips. I’ve seen the Eagle to often over the years bank their hopes on injured players that never work out as planned. If Phillips can’t go, we’re back at square one.

            The exception where top rated QBs are concern in the draft is that over the last 12 years, those players are put on the field to sink or swim, the probability has been over the period is if they aren’t playing right out of the box they will not become significant contributors. There are circumstances and exceptions Rogers is one, and Phillips Rivers is another. Currently there are maybe 5 or 6 starters who weren’t starters on day one after being drafted during that 12 year period.

          • nicksaenz1

            And they should have done better than Wolff in the draft. Really hoping we’re proved wrong, and that waiting and getting him in the 5th instead of a S in the 2nd or 3rd was the way to go.

          • JofreyRice

            I’m honestly not that hopeful. They screwed the pooch. This was great year to grab a tone-setting safety and they didn’t.

          • Token

            Yea very disappointing. Such a important position that they just cant fill.

            From what Ive watched of Wolff, I will be absolutely stunned if he is a good player. Stunned. I think his combine is the only reason he went even that high. I think he looks like a moron on the field.

          • nicksaenz1

            I agree. I wanted them to trade up a few slots to nab Cyprien at the end of the first. I didn’t think he’d last to the 35th knowing that the Ravens had almost no choice but to draft one of the remaining top rated safeties.

          • JofreyRice

            Yep. You know why they had to draft safeties? Because they didn’t have starting caliber safeties on their roster. Novel idea, right? Get talented guys to protect the back end of the defense, if you don’t have them–at least make the attempt. I wasn’t high on Matt Elam, but I’d say that Ozzie Newsome knows what he’s doing; he’s the kind of GM you don’t question often.

            And even though I think Blaine Gabbert trash, I like what the Jaguars did in providing him some protection, and nabbing a playmaker for the slot for him. Even through that, they managed to grab a guy that has a real shot to be an impact safety, in Cyprien.

          • nicksaenz1

            Definitely can’t argue with the Jags’ strategy of at least trying to give him weapons before moving on from him… I wasn’t sold on Elam, either, but you said it perfectly; hard to question Ozzie. No more. This conversation of safeties bothers me and we have all season to hear about it. Here’s to hoping we’re wrong.

      • nicksaenz1

        Any idea if the FO even inquired about Rhodes?

        • JofreyRice

          Nope. What really bothers me is they could have had him back in 2010 for a fourth rounder and a 6th!

          • nicksaenz1

            Excuse me while I try to hold back the urge to throw something across the office.

    • You never know… Bradshaw is a guy who thinks he’s a #1 RB, and may have no interest in going to a team where he’d be 3rd or 4th on the depth chart. Whereas Felix Jones has always been a timeshare RB. It’s tough knowing to whom they speak and not — for all we know, the Eagles contacted Bradshaw’s agent and were told, “No thanks”. Or maybe they didn’t. Until the mutual interest (“mutual” being the key) becomes public via a visit or workout, we never know what’s going on behind the scenes.

      • I think the lingering Free Agents all have to some degree questions surrounding the health of the players. There are a few exceptions Freeny, and Abrhams among them.

      • nicksaenz1

        That and because he thinks he’s a #1, it doesn’t make sense to pay a guy that much to be a #2 at best.

    • And with the fact that Woodson has basically come out and said he’d play for anyone, and still has yet to get a deal anywhere you have to wonder how much he’s got left.. if anything at all. Personally, I think it’s time for him to hang up the clete’s. He’s had a stellar career, nothing left to prove.

      • theycallmerob

        Went to, and left Denver, with no deal. I imagine you’re right.

        • Denver is struggling with Champ Bailey at Corner. He’s been around a long time and he may have seen his last days.

          Two aging defenders on the back end of a defense is not such a good combination with the receivers in that division.

          • JofreyRice

            See, in this case, I think the reports of Bailey’s death have been greatly exaggerated. He had a memorably terrible playoff game, but he can still play. He’s 2 years younger than Charles Woodson.

      • You’re not getting the Woodson of 9 years ago, but I would compare Woodson with any of the Safeties on the Eagles rosters.

        If he’s out dated at a position that position would be corner and I am still not sure woodson is not a more competitive corner than what’s presently on the roster.

        I think he’d be a asset to the young guys the Eagles brought in this year at both positions.

        • Eh, no thanks. There isn’t one corner on this roster I wouldn’t rather have on the field than Woodson. He looked like a liability last year, flat out bad, it’s pretty clear he doesn’t have anything left. Not to mention the health problems. The only reason I would want him around is as a mentor and locker room guy, but then I wonder if that’s even a good idea. Why would a 36 year old Woodson want to come to a team in complete transition, for a year to sit then retire? Do you really see him buying into Chip Kellys approach, basically doing nothing? I have a feeling the other teams in the NFL feel the same, which is why he probably won’t get signed. Would not be surprised if he gives up and retires. As I said before, he has nothing to prove.

          • nicksaenz1

            I won’t say he won’t get signed, but I’d say he won’t get signed until mini camp/training camp injuries start to happen. It’s not completely out of the question that the Eagles sign him. Chung and Phillips could both end up injured in that time frame.

          • I’d still rather have Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman start. He’s not exactly any more durable than Chung or Phillips.

  • B-West

    F Ronde.

    • JofreyRice

      reading that made me feel sick to my stomach.

      • B-West

        Killed me a little inside, too. That one easily hurt me the worst. Last game at the Vet, crowd was amazing for that one. B-Mitch kick return, Duce up the middle… Boom. Here we go. Then… Not so much.

        • JofreyRice

          ugh, and then they let the Bucs pitch a shutout to them in the christening of the Linc the next season! Disgraceful!

        • FMWarner

          By far the gut-punchiest loss I can remember. And I’m old!

    • East Falls 215

      My exact thought.

  • Bdawkbdawk

    Priscoe confounds me. He explicitly states that his list does not just consider last year’s performances… Lesean?…Peters?

    Bucky might be the most generous guy in the country. Yea, Vick-Barkley looks exactly like Bledsoe-Brady to me too.

    • G

      Lol Bucky’s funny… chalk it up boys, we got the next Brady who will win us 3 of 4

      • Lol agreed .. let the kid light up a preseason game at least before we crown him as a future hall of famer

    • Elliptical Man

      If it’s not just about last year, McCoy should be on the list.
      But Peters is still a bit of a question mark, health-wise. And he’s getting up there In years.

      • Bdawkbdawk

        Sure, if I’m another team I wouldn’t trade for Peters because of his age and injury concerns, but youre telling me that if teams could choose to have any player play for them next year, Peters wouldn’t be in the top 100? I don’t know.

  • soundbonz

    Eagles fan credo for reporters: Say nice things about the Eagles, your [sic] a genius. Say negative things about the Eagles your [sic] an idiot.

    • B-West

      It annoys me thinking about how clever you probably felt when you worked [sic] into that.

  • Justin

    For reasons I can’t explain, I’ve found myself growing eager to see what Barkley can do. I really hope he lights it up.

  • DunedinEagle

    I no longer care “What they’re saying” I need to go puke a little.

  • oh god , can we stop the hype train , PLEASE. I just wanna fly under the radar , maybe win 6 or 7 games and get better , thats it. Bucky brooks needs to have a seat , I cant stand how SOME media members are these days. They throw out some random asenine shit that noones gonna hold them to, so if it happens they look like Nostradamus. Please lets not ruin this kids career before it even starts with rediculous expectations. Let him be what he is .. a 4th round pick. Anything we get from this guy is a win.

  • I like what he wrote about our line , YES this line COULD be one of the top 5 lines in football. But we just dont know yet. Im as optimistic as anyone , but to think Kelce , Herremans, & Peters are all gonna be in 2010 form seems a little bit far fetched. Especially peters. Plus im not sure how good lane is gonna be as a rookie i think he could have some growing pains. I hope im wrong though.

    • Richard Colton

      Yeah, same here. Peters hasn’t played a full 16 game season since ’06 – what was that, Lane Johnson’s sophomore year of High School? I actually think he can bounce back and have a stellar season. I’m looking forward to seeing him and Lane in action. The rest of the line worries me – we need 3 players at or near 30 to come back from surgery, and another season-ending injury looking to prove his rookie campaign wasn’t a fluke.

      I’m hoping that out of: Mathis/Herremans/Watkins/Kelce/Peters – three of them bounce back and play great. That still means we need to address the interior of the line next year early.

      • cliff henny

        i have concerns about JL (growing pains) and Peters and Herremanns (injury), mathis will be fine…Kelce is the one i’m worried about. first, injury and missing time along with is he a fit for stouts scheme? is he strong enough and big enough? and being hurt isnt helping change either. plus, maybe Watkins and dennis kelly could be functional backups @ T and G. i liked kelly at end, danny, yeah, hot garbage so far but let’s hope stout is as advertised…but who’s behid kelce? dallas Reynolds, pretty far drop-off

  • jon h

    Pete Prisco owes McCoy a big apology.