McCoy’s Publicist: Charges ‘Completely, Unequivocally False’

Update: LeSean McCoy’s publicist has released the following statement.

“The allegations against LeSean McCoy are completely, unequivocally false.  There are no criminal charges pending and no probable cause was ever found. This is sadly an attempt to extract money and LeSean will vigorously defend any attempt to collect money through a personal injury claim”

From earlier:

A woman has filed a court claim, alleging that Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and his bodyguard assaulted her on a party bus, according to Courthouse News Service.

Per the report, McCoy, three other men and his bodyguard took a trip to New York City on a party bus on Dec. 18, 2012. On the ride home, McCoy sprayed the women with water.

When the woman protested, McCoy instructed his bodyguard to “get her.” The bodyguard and/or McCoy struck the woman in the face, poured a liquid on her, dragged her and pushed her.

McCoy then instructed the driver to pull over on the New Jersey Turnpike, while he and the bodyguard tossed the woman off the bus. After some of the guests complained, they brought the woman back on the bus. They then drove to a rest area and left her there.

The woman is seeking more than $50,000 in compensatory damages and punitive damages for assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and negligence.

This isn’t the first time McCoy has made headlines for the wrong reasons this offseason. In January, he and the mother of his child engaged in a very public spat on Twitter that McCoy eventually apologized for.

Tim McManus contributed to this report.
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  • Philly0312

    This story has me very concerned. This is not the first time McCoy has had off the field issues. This is the first I recall one which took place originally during the season. Despite his talent, I have to question the contract he received, and whether the Eagles should keep him around. I never thought I’d say that – truly. If even half of this is true, I wouldn’t want him on my own team if I were still playing. I understand he isn’t guilty until proven such, and the incident sounds fairly odd, and likely much of this if fabricated or the police would have looked into it further. But the kid keeps getting in these situations.

    • Myke Lowery

      Nickname is shady for a reason

    • Reef215

      What situations?
      – not showing up for a charity? oh yeah BIG CRIME THERE

      – having a twitter fight with a baby mom (who by the way got pregnant as a one night stand not the result of a relationship)

      – and this situation screams GOLD DIGGER LOOKING FOR A PAY OUT ALL OVER IT:

      1.) She know who Shady is and know that she had witnesses.
      2.) The police, especially in a small town in NJ would be EAGER to jump on a high profile case, people build careers off of stuff like that.
      3.) Girls stick together even if they are strangers, women do not like to see another woman get manhandled let alone PUNCHED in the face by STRONG MEN. this definitely would of came out a lot sooner

      So not one of those things led to a case being brought in December

      It seems like you’re one of those High Horse Judgement guys that probably watches midget porn and beat yourself with a whip on your back. It is totally weird to compare non legal situations to a guy’s ability to help your football team WIN A SUPER BOWL.

      Why don’t you, Tebow, and the rest of the holy choir at your church start a football team where at the end you guys can say “it wasn’t about winning, it was about not pouring water on drunk girls in a party bus and having respect for gold digging baby mamas….white horse on 3”

      • Richard Colton

        I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger

    • morgan c

      Also was kicked stripped of scholarship to Miami, in college (why he went to Pitt). His wikipedia entry just says he left Miami because of coaching change, but that isn’t the whole story. This is clearly a pattern of stupid and bad behavior.

  • Did she ever go to the police? probably not.

    • Guy Le Douch

      Yes she did. Details in the full story.

      Not a surprise after seeing the ‘highlights’ from that twitter war he had w/ his baby mama.

  • Bdawkbdawk

    awwww man.

  • Jack Waggoner

    TMZ update:

    The woman who claims Eagles running back LeSean McCoy assaulted her on a party bus in December had no visible injuries when she met with cops on the night of the incident, cops tell TMZ.

    New Jersey State Police Sergeant Brian Polite tells us … officers did meet with a woman at a rest stop near the Jersey Turnpike on December 19, who claimed she had an altercation with a male on a party bus.

    Sgt. Polite tells us … during the initial meeting with the accuser, she never named McCoy as her attacker.

    As we previously reported, the accuser — using the alias “Mary Roe” — filed a lawsuit against McCoy claiming she suffered major injuries to her head and back — and bruises all over her body — after McCoy and/or his bodyguard roughed her up and kicked her off the bus on December 19, 2012.

    In her suit, Roe claims she got the boot because she resisted when McCoy tried to spray her with water while on the bus, which was heading back to Philly from an NYC nightclub.

    But Sgt. Polite says … when cops met with the accuser in the wake of the alleged incident, they did not observe ANY visible marks or injuries on her body.

    Cops say the incident is still under investigation.

    Read more:
    Visit the TMZ Store:

    • Philly0312

      Great update. I still think he shouldn’t have been in the situation in the first place. It sounds like a BS incident – but smart players aren’t involved in BS incidents, although it happens (i.e., Bettis, who supposedly raped a girl in 2001, and it was eventually discovered to be a hoax run by a couple people trying to extort money from him)

  • Richard Colton

    he became irritated when she called him Mark

    • Ron Hipple

      She probably deserved it

  • Bob A

    They better get this guy help for the whole “women are toys and objects” thing in his messed up head before he advances to Big Ben level

  • Zachary Kahn

    This is a load of crap. You think shady would have his body guards beat a woman and throw her off a bus? Sounds like some girl is trying to make a little money if you ask me…

    • Justin

      That’s what I thought, too. Going for a lawsuit 6 months after it happened? And if this had been true, I’m sure we’d have heard about it a lot sooner.

      • Reef215

        Exactly it was in December.
        1.) She know who Shady is and know that she had witnesses.
        2.) The police, especially in a small town in NJ would be EAGER to jump on a high profile case, people build careers off of stuff like that.
        3.) Girls stick together even if they are strangers, women do not like to see another woman get manhandled let alone PUNCHED in the face by STRONG MEN. this definitely would of came out a lot sooner

        • Zachary Kahn

          Yeah and not to mention how bad of a state the Eagles were in at that point. The media would have been all over this to kick the birds while they were down.

  • Roasty

    When Shady first showed up he was always smiling and seemed like a genuinely good player to have on your team. The whole twitter thing blew me away because I didn’t see him as that type of person at all. To even put himself in the situation to be accused of something like this speaks enough about him. Real shame.

    • Philly0312

      Well, he has had other issues – like not showing up for charity events that he promised to be at, or autograph signings. I chalked it up to a little immaturity for a young kid. People at 22 do worse things. But this has been an escalating trend.

  • Bdawkbdawk

    It wasn’t shady- it was just some guy who looked like him. @beatdownandthrowwateronadime25.

    • GEagle

      Hahaha..”you did good, you”( in my best Robert Deniro voice)

  • eaglepete

    “After some of the guests complained, they brought the woman back on the bus. They then drove to a rest area and left her there.” Sounds like there are some witnesses to refute or corroborate the incident so shouldnt be tough to figure out whos telling the truth. Could be somewhere in between but in the public opinion arena this isnt good for McCoy. His image is taking a beating regardless.

    • GEagle

      if this story was accurate, I’m sure one of the disgusted witnesses on the Bus would have came forward publicly a long time ago….If bystanders were so upset that they stopped shady, then someone would have came forward immediately…If body guards were beating up woman, this would have been HUGE news…If I believe anything it’s that he threw water on her

  • People can down vote me all they want for this.. but this stuff has GOT to stop with Shady. This guy is a top player in the NFL, the face of a franchise, and a role model to so many kids out there. Even if this is all BS he needs to stop putting himself in these situations.

    You know, I would actually love to see a Women’s Lib group get on Shady’s case about his behaviour. I think the only woman I’ve ever read about involved with him that he shows respect to is his mother, and it’s about time that changes.

    • Richard Colton

      i’ll vote you up, because your comments are always reasoned and come from the right place.

      But here’s my honest take on Shady’s latest: Immature jerk with inflated ego and sense of entitlement common to professional athletes meets like-minded gold-digging groupie. boozeboozebooze. words exchanged through haze of alcohol. He commits no crime except acting like a jerk, which after countless hours spent watching Law & Order, turns out is NOT a crime. Gold digger feels disrespected and sees dollar signs. Lawsuit ensues.

      Shady’s had three PR flare-ups since he got here. #1) No show the paid events #2) Twitterbeef-gate #3) the bus. What do they all have in common? He thinks he’s more important than everyone else.

    • I could care less , he gets a check to play football. Be a role model to your own kids like barkley said. But i respect your opinion.

  • xlGmanlx

    People trying to extort successful public figures isn’t new, I guess it always surprises me who the suckers are. Who knows what comes of this, but you don’t hear about either of the Manning’s, McNabb, RGIII, Wilson, Luck, Brees, LT, AP or Brady having stuff like this go down and they are just as recognizable public figures. Be smarter than this doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time.

  • cliff henny

    what’s shady doing on a party bus? on top of that, with people he doesnt know? he should pay 50k for stupidity if he put himself in that situation.

  • Token

    This kid has to grow up.

  • Shady is getting shaken down by one of the infamous Philly Baby Mommas…… pull over buddy and turn your pockets inside out. Charles Barkley and the Doc had similar problems as a Young Gun in Philly.

    Shady, stop with the tramps…… Call Snoop Lion and let him fix you up!!!!

    This is typical soap opra ish!

  • CBBC

    Last year I had a concussion from a work related accident. I was repeatedly told by my Doctor to not drink alcohol, take drugs, and was limited in many of my daily activities. Good to see a professional athlete respecting professional opinions during his recovery from a brain injury to go and party at a nightclub in NYC. As a fan of the Eagles I feel like McCoy just spit in my face. So disappointed…

    • Brian

      From “Dec 10, 2012 – Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy finally passed their baseline concussion tests.” The bus incident was 8 days later. Relax.

  • Josh J.

    How about some props to an NFL player using his brain and setting up transportation to party as opposed to the countless morons who get numerous DUIs after a night out. For me, that speaks volumes to McCoys maturity.

    • Mostel

      ding ding ding! +5 points to team Josh. McCoy having a bus party as opposed to putting people’s lives at risk via his own or a fellow party goer’s DUI is a very smart move.

      • morgan c

        Agreed! Let’s applaud him for organizing a party bus, where he could beat women (at worst) / objectify them (at best), and get drunk while recovering from a concussion!

        Come on, are you serious? Ya, he didn’t drive drunk (re: so we commend him for not being an aggressive idiot and breaking that law?), but because of that, he was able to be an ass to a large number of women. McCoy is an irresponsible idiot. He better get 1200 yards rushing, or else I’ll want him off my team.

  • GEagle

    I never liked Curtish Marsh…Today that Changed. very tough not to be excited to see what that young man can do, after basically giving an interview on, in which he was basically Foaming at the mouth with Hunger to get on the made a new fan today, because of Genuine passion, and hunger…mUch respect and best of luck kid

  • EaglefaninAZ

    It’s in the media. It must be true.

  • I seriously could care less about this situation. I dont care about this random woman, I dont care about his baby momma. Ive never spoken to shady so im not gonna judge , i dont think hes a titus young type if not theres NO WAY he wouldve gotten a 2nd contract. Hes not dating my dauighter i dont care how he treats women that has nothing to do with me, Or what i want from him as a player. Noone ever won a superbowl with a team full of choir boys. As long as hes not missing practice , getting suspended etc. im good. If Big Ben can bounce back after Rick Rossin a chick im not worried about shady lol

    • morgan c

      “i dont care how he treats women that has nothing to do with me”

      So you wouldn’t care at all if he raped and beat women? I’m not saying he does, but I think it’s kinda messed up you wouldn’t care at all if he was clearly an evil human being.

      • Well he would be in jail at that point and off the team , so no i would not care about lesean mccoy anymore. To me so far all hes shown is that he may be a little misogynistic. I could care less about that , as long as he gets it done on the field. Its not a good thing but people are who they are, hes hired to do a job , if he does that job i dont care about his personal life.

  • Mostel

    Mr. Boddicker said it best.

  • Ig_l

    So he sprayed water on someone and his bodyguard threw her off the bus. Y’all act like you were never his age. Let alone with millions of dollars.

    Settle with her for $2,500 and have her sign a non-disclosure agreement. Call it a day.

  • Wilbert M.

    Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. That’s what Shady needs to realize. He might not be the pig he’s being portrayed to be, but it doesn’t really matter. He needs to grow up and start acting like a man. He’s already hurt his endorsement potential by hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not more). There’s NO WAY I would want him endorsing my company.

  • morgan c

    Even if he didn’t hit her, he still admits to organizing this stupid party bus and kicking the woman off (and clearly being a completely immature and aggressive asshole, at best). This was all while he was supposedly recovering from a concussion. This, combined with the twitter spat with his kid’s mom is bad stuff. McCoy seems like such a nice and fun guy on the field and in interviews, but he clearly has some issues. Call me stupid, but I don’t want misogynistic jerks on my team, and if McCoy doesn’t shape up, he’ll be suspended for a significant amount of time. Jesus christ man, shape the F up, idiot.

    • Whats wrong with kicking someone off YOUR bus? lol IF this was a female kicking a dude off a bus for acting up noone would be saying anything. Nothing hes done so far is even close to suspension worthy. You need to do ALOT more to get a lengthy suspension.