Quick Roundup: On Slow Ticket Sales, Ertz And Logan

A couple notes to pass along while we wait for the first day of rookie minicamp to wrap up.

The Eagles announced on Thursday that they have signed five of their draft picks: tight end Zach Ertz, safety Earl Wolff, defensive end Joe Kruger, cornerback Jordan Poyer and defensive lineman David King. The details on Ertz’s deal are out.

That leaves just three draft picks —  Lane Johnson, Bennie Logan and Matt Barkley — who still need to sign on the dotted line.

Logan recently drew praise from Gil Brandt, who believes the LSU lineman can make an immediate impact.

Logan should start as a rookie for the Eagles. He’s a lot like Mike Patterson — the defensive tackle who just left via free agency — except Logan is better. He’s strong (Logan had 30 reps on the bench press at the combine), has outstanding quickness for the position and is able to get off of blocks. He’s also a good pass rusher for a defensive tackle. Logan wore No. 18 at LSU — which is an honor given to the player who best represents the team, both on and off the field.

Despite all the excitement around the new regime, single-game tickets are selling slower than many expected. As of this afternoon, you could still get a seat for Andy Reid‘s return to Philadelphia, for instance.

As Philly.com points out, these tickets are on sale earlier than normal. Last season,  single-game tickets weren’t available until June 21st at 10 a.m. By 5 p.m. that day the team had announced that they had sold out.

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  • Fink

    I wonder what the jersey sales numbers look like for these rookies.
    I’m ashamed to say I’ve never owned an Eagles jersey, but I plan on buying one soon. Problem is, I don’t know whose/which color to get.. Any suggestions, my brothers in green?

    • Ballz4u

      Brian Dawkins…kelly green

    • Fabrizio

      Cox will be a beast. I’d go with the white or black Jersey.

    • jabostick

      Sheil used to do a post on which jerseys were good buys back on his MTC blog (I liked that post, by the way, Sheil. Feel free to bring it back). It’s safest to go throwback and get Dawkins or something.

      I tried to get too smart with my last one and got N Allen at the start of his rookie year and it doesn’t look so great now. It is especially hard with a new regime to know who might be impact guys that’ll stick around

      For current guys with some long-term potential, McCoy or Cox might be your best bets. White looks pretty sharp but if you want to better hide that big spot of Frank’s Red Hot, go with green or black.

    • theycallmerob

      Boy, I’m curious to see the responses you get for this one, but I’ll just give you the only two I’ve ever bought (who, coincidentally, happen to be my all-time favorite Eagles): Dawkins and Westbrook.
      If you’re looking for a current player, I dunno…maybe Ryans? Though he may not be on the team for “many years to come”, if that’s an issue for you.

      • Brian

        Agreed. Those are the two jerseys my kids have.

    • Fink

      My current top three are.. Dawkins: kelly green, Cox: green or black, Shady: green or black
      Definitely keep the suggestions coming. Would love your inputs, Sheil and/or Tim.

    • Cranky Caucasian

      Couple years ago I got one with my own name and number since I’ll never be traded or leave as a free agent. Got burned a couple times, never again.

      • GEagle


        • Cranky Caucasian

          Also known as smart. If you’re volunteering to buy me a new jersey every year, I’ll send you my size and address. Thanks!

        • GEAgle

          down vote all you want…your own name on the back of an eagles jersey is a KNOWN Philly sport fan VIOLATION!! I didnt make the rules! lol

      • Richard Colton

        still regretting that Rich Miano jersey? need to let it go. I feel your pain though – I still have a midnight green William Fuller

        • hillbillybirdsfan

          No shame in that, Fuller had some nice years with the birds!

    • Furious E

      My first one was a midnight green Troy Vincent, bought on sale shortly after he went to Buffalo since I’m cheap. Then my gf got me a black Shady McCoy jersey for Christmas his rookie year, which is kinda cool since he wore 29 that year. Maybe with some luck some day it might be worth something because of that.

      You can’t go wrong with a Dawkins jersey though. Who gives a bleep if he’s retired, no individual has ever embodied the spirit of Philadelphia football better than that man.

    • cliff henny

      i’ve only ever bought 1, it was a Mcnabb green and my German Shepherd Dog wore it every gameday, past 10 yrs. died late Oct and was creamated with the jersey, and is now somewhere off the coast of Myrtle Beach. Next one gets Dawkins, cant ever go wrong with him.

      • theycallmerob

        I love it. I will be buying one for my new GSD puppy when I go to the Iggs/Chiefs game this year. Thinking I’ll go with Dawkins too.

        • cliff henny

          congrats! 1st gsd? he wore a kids large, fit him perfectly, most thought i had it made for him. ex hemmed the front so he could ‘business’ with it on.

          • theycallmerob

            Thanks, first one that’s actually “mine” (grew up with them my whole life). Wouldn’t want any other.
            All bark and no bite, though….real wuss. And kind of just submits when playing with other dogs. The more I think about it, a Maclin jersey would be more fitting.

          • cliff henny

            yeah, just nothing like them. had 3 guys trying to break into my house once(spill over from bar fight), i kicked open the door (at time i was heavy into bodybuilding) and told guy on left i was going to knock him out…the other 2 said ‘what was i going to do about them?’ yelled for haydn, he came bombing up from the back, hit the GSD stance and just knew what to do-stared at the 2 guys, ‘i said, well, one of you getting hit by a shephard! ” all 3 took off.
            and he wouldnt of hurt a fly…but it’s in there

        • DLRJ

          I have a shepherd (mutt, but mostly shepherd, I think) named Lito who still wears his #26 jersey on game days. His namesake may be gone–is he’s retired?–but I am of the mind that his INT for a touchdown to beat Dallas makes him in some ways an honorary permanent member of the team. At least that’s what I have to tell myself. My wife and I always said we’d have to rename him if he signed with Dallas or the NYGs, though. Vito?

      • Furious E

        Sorry for your loss, but I must say that’s pretty awesome.

        Don’t mean to poke fun, but I really want to get my parents a Vick jersey for their yellow lab for Christmas, for the sake of irony. My dad is a lifelong Eagles fan who disavowed himself from the team a couple years ago out of disgust with Reid’s mismanagement and Vick’s criminal history. Now that Reid is gone he’s starting to come back around and I figure by Christmas Vick will almost certainly have played his last game as an Eagle. It should be worth it to see the reaction at least haha.

        • cliff henny

          nawh, pets are fun…i actually took cloth and tape and replaced mcnabb with mexico and 5 w/ 7-so, get him one he’ll like and tweek for a joke-just an idea. my boy loved it though…told him to get your ‘5’ and he would sit by the closet door waiting. (probably cause he knew sausage and beers werent far behind)

    • Beavis

      In order: Randall and Seth from my youth. BDawk from the Linc to game they retired his jersey. I know I’m in my late 30s, but it just seemed right. Cunningham may have cemeted my faith in Philly (grew up elsewhere), but Dawk is my favorite player ever.

      Admittedly, it was a safe choice.

    • Reggie White 92 , Bill Bergey 66 or Harold Carmichael 17 in White.

      Neither of these ever stops being popular

    • G

      I have Jackson green, vick and mccoy white, mcnabb black, Samuel black, and (regrettably) Asomugha black…. my next is probably Cox or Ryans I’m thinking… McCoy and Jackson are good bets tho

      • G

        Oh ya and my signed green westbrook… met him at the superbowl party this year it was a dream come true

      • Fink

        You get the stitched or printed ones?

        • G

          All of mine are stitched 100% authentic… no other way.. I have a good hookup for cheap ones

        • G

          Asomugha is the only new nike one I have, the rest are reeboks.. and the westbrook is print on because I found it on kijiji the night before the superbowl lol just needed something for him to sign

        • G

          There’s stitched then there’s triple stitched.. the single stitched ones are like the ‘semi-authentic’ ones, then the triple stitched are the ones they wear on the field, much better material and what not..

      • GoBirds1

        Not a jersey guy, but you knew something was up when at camp after the SB loss the TO knock-off jerseys were going for half price. I pulled the trigger on one for the hell of it and ended up using it as rag about a year later.

    • Richard Colton

      Get a Midnight Green David King – if he gets cut from the team, tell people its a Howard Eskin tribute

    • laeagle

      Still sporting my double-Duce.

    • Guess I’m one of the few with an Andrews 73 hanging in the closet. I’ve been using Dawk’s exclusively, but it’s time for me to get a new one too.

    • Schoff

      Jerome Brown # 99 in Kelly Green. That, a black BDawk, and a Midnight green Celek.
      The 99 gets the most wear though.

      • GEagle

        man, that 99 belongs framed onto your wall…Classic!!

    • I had a McNabb, then a Vick, last year I went against the grain and went with a black Kendricks jersey. Pretty happy with my purchase, really hoping he has success in the new scheme.

      • G

        Kendricks is a wicked purchase, I’d get that at some point too hoping he has a breakout season this year

    • JettMartinez

      For what it’s worth, I’d go McCoy in green or black. I’ve got the green one. Going back I’ve had Cunningham in white, Chris T. Jones in green (Christmas gift from roommates, those were some lean years), McNabb in green, and now Shady.

      • GEagle

        my favorites that I have are Randall’s blue ProBowl Jersey, and the white, grey and Kelly green Reggie White, and the Kelly green Papale…but about 3years ago, I retired all my jerseys, I will never wear any of my Jerseys again..when I bought a home, I built a man cave/sports bar, and framed all my jerseys and hung them up…..I will continue to buy new Jerseys, probably wear them once to a game, and then retire them to the walls of the man cave…but I have been slacking recently with the new players. haven’t bought a jersey since Desean….
        …Gotta Get Demeco’s, the 2nd best LB we had in 15years is a must have collectors Item..gotta get a fletcher Cox at Kendrick’s at some point

    • UKEagle99

      I currently own

      JB #99 Kelly Green

      Cunningham #12 Kelly Green

      McNabb #5 The other Green

      The other year my wife bought our kids Jackson #10 Jerseys in the other Green and me a Kolb one, D’oh!! I still love her though :-)

    • James Skip Carl

      I have a Bednarik jersey you can’t go wrong with that

      • GEAgle

        wow! thats pretty darn impressive

    • dave h

      wilbert montgomery.

    • hillbillybirdsfan

      Currently have midnight green #10 and white #25. Have a #5 midnight green in the closet and an old white #92 that used to get taken out for special occasions.

  • damrvrhunter

    I will never wear a jersey but any other team-logo apparel is fine.

    • eaglepete

      Im in your boat, not a jersey wearer. Got a hat, tees, all that works but Jersey never been my thing. Friend just gave me a vick one because they accidentally sent two and they are really good copies made in China, not worth shipping back. Cant wait to burn it if Vick starts, ha, not a fan and told him as much.

  • Birds24/7

    Kelly green, Trent Cole

    • jabostick

      I got that one (after my Nate Allen misfire). Love it

  • krizman

    What kind of contract are Johnson, Logan, and Barkley on if they haven’t signed their deal yet are participating in this camp? Is it some kind of temporary rookie deal?

    • G

      Yeah they will still participate… the first round pick almost always takes a little longer to get done, I don’t know about Logan and Barkley

  • Jack Waggoner

    Game tix are out of my price range.

  • nicksaenz1

    It’s really hard to justify going to a game anymore, even when they are good. The seats will never compare to the comfort of my, or a friend’s, couch. The TV provides a view comparable to an upper level seat with nearly the same clarity. For the price of the 4-6 beers I’ll drink before they cut me off at half time, I could just have a case of some good beer. If you total up the costs for 2 people to go to a game, between tickets, parking, food/drinks and NO merchandise, you’re looking at a $150 day per person, probably more, depending on your tickets.

    • GEagle

      I still enjoy going to the games, although I do feel you…one thing I can’t stand, and I will NEVER do again, is watch an eagles game with friends, as crazy as that sounds lol…me and my buds all graduated Collegel like 5years ago, so by now, most are busy, and have families, so clearly we don’t get to see each other every day anymore…so it’s like, whenever we all get together for games, we are so hype to see each other, that we talk sooo much, and I always end up missing half the game…now, whenever I don’t go to the games,and stay home, I don’t even go to my living room lol..I try my hardest to make my lady go out for a few hours lol, if not by now, she knows that if she is going to watch it with me, she needs to really watch it…right before kickoff, I stick a rack of ribs, or Brisket in the oven, or order delivery(by the time they actually deliver it or the oven is done cooking the food, it’s halftime)…I bring the big screen TV, right to the edge of my bed, bring the computer and IPad onto my bed, and I turns bed basically into my Football Media room lol….Nothing Like watching football alone, all the technology and food right there on your bed, like a true pig(only time my lady allows food on the bed lol).Love being at the Linc, Love being home alone…will never again, stay in and watch with friends…

      • nicksaenz1

        That’s great! I only watch with friends a couple times a year, and usually when it’s still nicer out so I can grill or put the smoker to use. I definitely feel you with the talking too much and missing the game…My girl just plays games on her phone/ipad while I watch. She isn’t a birds fan though, and hates to listen to me scream at the TV (which was usually caused by something Vick or Andy did).

      • cliff henny

        i’m feeling like a cross of 2 seinfeld’s were made about this. 1st, the one where kramer gets addicted to kenny rodgers chicken and he’s destroying some in jerry’s bed…2nd, the one where george meet’s his perfect partner and tries to watch TV and eat while having sex with her

      • GoBirds1

        I don’t get to go to every game these days for various reasons and often will watch the game on my own to focus on the game. But your whole thing about setting up camp in bed makes me think your a bigger loser than I thought. I am calling BS on you having a girlfriend, and having one like your boy Manti’s does not count. Your at home Eagles ritual probably has more to do with your mom bring you chips and soda in her basement than your girlfriend letting eat in the bed. Either way, LOSER!!!! BTW, how are those Sixers tickets treating you?

    • Going to a Game is like a Mini Vacation. If you really like Football and the Eagles treat yourself to a game. Going to a game,is a simple pleasure

      If you can go to a game outside of Phila one not far away try is once. Try the Redskins vs Eagles season opener. .

      • nicksaenz1

        I love football, and I’ve been to plenty of games outside of Philadelphia. It’s just hard to justify the prices. I can respect the mini vacation view, though.

  • Guest

    Guess I’m one of the few with an Andrews 73 hanging in the closet.

  • ben

    Sorry, I have NEVER bought a jersey or even a cap for any pro team. I just won’t feed my income into a corporate machine. I don’t care whether anyone knows for whom I root. You guys who buy team stuff, good for you, I’m cool with it. Just sayin’

    • cliff henny

      so you grow your own food? make your own clothes? get around on horseback?

      • eaglepete

        haha horseback, that made me laugh.

  • Any fellow Canadians on this site have experience in going to an Eagles game? Just trying to figure out the best way of going about it.

    • Richard Colton

      Not Canadian, but some of my best friends are.

      “Wit” means you want your cheesteak with fried onions. The amount of beer consumed in the Link parking lot on gameday will remind you of the Canadian holiday called “every day of the week.” Ohh – and if you have a friend you don’t like, get him to wear a Giants jersey as a joke.

      • Giants Jersey…..,

        he is pretty much guaranteed to spend the evening after the game at Thomas Jefferson waiting on that friend to have his jaw reset.

    • I no longer live in Phila and fly in to attend Eagles games.

      if you really like the Eagles and don’t live in Phila, it may, and should be a much better experience meeting the Eagles on one of their road games.

      I’ll suggest if you do go to an Eagles game at the Linc be certain you can sit in a suite where there is comfort and security to avoid the crud that’s common at the Stadium complex in Phila and especially avoid the concourse beneath the 200 level.

      The experience of attending an event at the Phila Stadium Complex resembles going to a Gang Fight. The experience is worse then the legend if you’re trapped in the general seating area.

      Hotels in the area are Dog Villas, stay in Center City, it is better to fly in on game days, cab over and if you survive that get back out of Phila before you become another Victim

  • D2theL

    Well in mt book, the best jersey I own is the Seth Joyner throwback with the Jerome brown commemorative patch. All other jerseys kind of come up short.

  • Glad I took time to read some of the comments.. Attending the Games can cost upwards of $200 a ticket and for some of us there is travel expenses also.

    For the cost to attend games in Phila, not many of the paying customers want to come watch a developing QB lead the Eagles to losses until he gets his feet on the ground.

    Loosing until we find a franchise QB is not the same product some of us are willing to pay that same $200 to be entertained and support the Eagles.Whether you like Vick or not, Vick is entertaining and gives the Eagles credible opportunity to run off wins until one of the QBs on the roster develop. This comes to dollars and cents.

    When Kevin Kolb was named starter in 2009 up until a Stadium full at the Linc actually saw him under center there was hope, by the 2nd Quarter we all knew this wasn’t going to work and or satisfy the paying fan base and, that strategy will not work or satisfy the paying Fan Base now.

    The demonstration with Foles last year confirmed Eagles paying customers don’t support developing QBs and losses that offer no entertainment value.