Maclin: Vick Running With First Team

Jeremy Maclin gave us a peek behind the Chip Kelly curtain Thursday.

Kelly has said that the quarterback competition is wide open, and that very well may be the case. But to start, it’s Michael Vick getting the most work with the first team.

“I mean right now, you’ve got Mike going with the ones,” said Maclin, “and Nick [Foles] sprinkling in some reps here and there.”

The veteran receiver was holding an event at Lincoln Financial Field called “Mother’s Day Miracle,” where five teenagers associated with his foundation presented gifts of appreciation to their moms.

After the event, Maclin talked some football with a group of reporters. Not surprisingly, the subject of quarterbacks came up. Maclin was asked about Matt Barkley being drafted by the Eagles.

“You look at a guy like Mike Vick who has proven himself in this league, a guy like Nick Foles who stepped in last year and had some success to a certain extent. Barkley’s college achievements are off the wall, so he has good guys to learn from,” said Maclin. “I’m sure he is going to have to embrace that. He’s going to go through some ups and downs being a rookie quarterback. But as far as the competition, if there is a competition, if there isn’t, I don’t get caught up in that.”


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  • Ashley Leask


  • atlvickfan

    Good. As it should be.

    • GEagle

      Really? This was voted up 13 times? I seriously would have never guessed that Vick had more than 4 supporters….learn something new every day

      • CrackSammich

        Is it really surprising that there are people out there less vocal than you?

      • Richard Colton

        What kind of football fan cheers for a player’s individual success ahead of their team’s?

  • chloroformdreams

    It’s so early, good bit of info though. You’re the man Tim.

  • Dubiy

    Didn’t chip already say that theres no first team or second team and how its like a seating chart.

    • dislikedisqus

      well he’s seated at the first team table.
      Not really believing everything CK says.

  • Does this surprise anyone? The guys in the locker room love Vick, that’s nothing new. I think the guys want him to be the starter, he’s been the guy here for a few years. But the fact is, it’s not a democracy, and they don’t have much say. Chip will go with Vick if he wins the day, or Foles, or Barkley.

    I guarantee if Vick wins the jobs and the losses start piling up, they won’t be so quick to shun the idea of Barkley getting in there.

    • Not so sure about that,I think they showed more love for Foles last year.

  • Token

    Im still holding out hope that something happens so I dont have to watch another year of Vick. Dont even want to think about that.

  • Jordan England

    They didnt give Vick a 10 mil contract with 3.5 mil guaranteed for nothing. Vick is gonna get his chance to shine and prove himself he I worth taking another chance on. Reid tried to make him a pocket passer which he is not. He gave the defense less of a challenge, with Kelly he will be able to play like he wants to and be the QB he is. I am pretty sure that if he starts messing up and giving the ball up and losing games Chip won’t have a second thought of putting in the backup. Not a Foles fan but, he will be the runner up against Barkley and Dixon. But, on the other hand Dixon did talk to Chip and got onto the Eagles, so he may have a shot to be the starter or the backup. We won’t know until the season starts. GO EAGLES

    • CJ

      They gave him that contract because it was a discount. Vick took the contract because there was nothing better out there. So yes, they gave him that contract for nothing. It’s tradeable, and it’s low risk. If you think that contract guarantees him somehow that he’s an NFL starter, then I guess you didn’t see what happened to Alex Smith and Matt Flynn last season.

      • Alex went into the season as a starter last season, you forget that??? Michael Vick is their insurance, he will surely be their starter going into the season the question is who will finish as a the starter.

      • It’s the same contract he signed for $100 Million, it’s not new or renegotiated, the $3.5 Million paid to Vick in March was for the option 2013.

        Had the Eagles not paid Vick the $3.5 Million the contract would have ended and Vick was free to go anywhere as an Unrestricted Free Agent with no compensation due the Eagles, Vick accepted the option to stay.

    • I could have swore that this was my comment! I have been screaming this exact same thing for weeks! Vick is amazing when u let him be Vick! Reid lost track of that an wanted him to be a drop back pocket passer! So now we insert Chip Kelly and watch as the NFL’s jaw drops!

  • thefadd

    This is one that people REALLY need to not overthink. Michael Vick was BORN to run a Chip Kelly offense. You’re isolating Jason Peters, Michael Vick, and Shady McCoy on the edge against an OLB, a corner, and maybe a safety. ALL DAY. Your safety valves are DeSean Jackson and Zack Ertz. You’d have to dig up Darrell Green to find a defender who could run with ANY of that. I’m not saying Super Bowl, I’m just saying — If Matt Barkley is still on this team in three years, he’ll be a very nice backup.

    • Richard Colton

      if that’s true then he was born 10 years too early. I don’t disagree with anything specific you said fadd, it’s just difficult to see the logic in rebuilding around a 32 year old injury prone QB.

      • CJ

        you forgot turnover prone. :)

        • Vick in 4 years has 37 ints, or an average of less than 10 per year over the 48 games he’s entered as an Eagle.

          And where does Vick measure against Big Ben, Brees and Phillip Rivers in Interceptions annually?

          What’s the Interception average for the top 10 QBs in the NFL?

          When it comes to fumbles, if you don’t want your QB to fumble it is probably good to protect him from being hit. In 2012 he fumbled 14 time on 180 hits in the pocket.

          Had you ever played QB in an organized Football League?

          How often does the top 10 QBs in the NFL get hit in the pocket?

          Also can you quantify prone?

        • And doesn’t know how to slide, makes poor red zone decisions,has too many passes knocked down,etc……

      • Kelly doesn’t have to rebuild the Eagles Offense. Phila has a contingent of Skill position players who are second to none in the NFL.

        They were lacking in 2012 their starters due to injury. That doesn’t require a complete tear down and, rebuild.

        It seems the defense, and rightfully so, has been dismantled thus far.

        • Richard Colton

          Kelly was hired specifically to rebuild the Eagles offense. What else was he hired for? Defense?

          This team is at least two years away from superbowl contention.

          • That may be an opinion, but the fact as it’s playing out right now is he tore down the defense, and added insurance to the Offense in the terms of a Tackle and Tight End and Quarterback.

            I had not taken notice of Offensive Free Agents in the droves coming into Phila. Maybe I missed something. Looks like 10 of the 11 Starters will be the same in 2013.

          • Richard Colton

            Agreed that the D will be torn down and built up, but so will the offense. That’s why he’s here. Eagles signed zero premium free agents and two “tier two” guys – one of whom was an offensive player. 3 of the top 4 draft picks were on the offense. You don’t think he’s rebuilding the O?

            I think the difference between you and me is that you live in a fantasy world where the Eagles 2012 season was an aberration caused by injury, bad luck, the Mayan calendar, and a bad schedule. I’m trying to be realistic; 4 win talent + 4 win coaching = 4 wins. In your world, retooling with a 32 year old QB makes sense. I know that it’s rebuild (not retool) time.

          • I was sure I covered the additions from the draft as insurance. Which in no way signifies rebuilding, but adding much needed depth which is needed through out the roster.

            Again, I’ll echo, the sentiment that the Eagles have premium talent at the skill positions on offense who were, IMO used in an asinine scheme under the old regime.

            The Defense has and continues to be the problem in Phila, and apparently judging by the actions taken by Chip, he felt the same after evaluation.

            If there is a Skill position job at risk on the Eagles offense that would be the slot receiver, Avant who may not meet the challenge.

            It’s pretty exaggerated to believe Chip is jettisoning the Eagles premium skills position players just for the sake of making changes.. So no I don’t think he rebuilding the offensive personnel. All evidence in signing second tier free agents point to adding depth to the roster.

          • Richard Colton

            Slot receiver? That’s all we need to make this a superbowl offense? Man, I wish that were true.

          • cliff henny

            offense, yes…team, no. really dont think it matters who qbs, but defense just wont be all that great. Linc’s scoreboard is going to light up like a pinball machine, for both teams. just see alot of late leads being lost. be a fun 6-8 win team

    • Tommy McCabe Jr

      Really? Born to run an offense that he hasn’t even installed yet. Kelly has repeated over and over that he will mold his offense around the QB he feels best suited with. Think outside the box. Teams send scouts to OTAs all the time. Chip makes Vick look relevant again in OTAs and camp, a QB goes down somewhere in the league and BOOM, Vick is now a new 4th or 5th round draft pick and we owe him shite on that $10 million contract. All the while those “sprinkles” of Foles, get him ready to finish the preseason/start the season as the new Franchise QB of the Eagles.

      • The reports from the players suggest very much Kelly has begun installing an offense that they’ve described as the Read Option, or in McCoys terms a “Track Meet” .

        Kelly also suggests he tailors his offense to the talents of his Quarterback.

        If that’s the case an offense tailored to Vick’s talents and strengths will be the first he’s commanded since he returned to the NFL and won the Come Back Player of the Year Award with the Eagles in 2010,

        Pat Shurmur the OC is sure to implement a short and intermediate WCO style passing strategy supported by a strong running attack.

    • Nicholas Disilvestro

      The only thing every “expert” seems to agree on is this wont the a carbon copy of the Oregon offense. You and I have no idea what Chip will run.

      • The Eagles will Zone Block, like Oregon, and be dependent on the Run, like Oregon… What exactly is the Oregon Offense other than running, blocking and an occasional pass?

        The Eagles ran a Zone Blocking Scheme under Mudd the last two years, so that’s not a new development.

        Oregon was never a QB Run dependent offense, Kelly has said it’s only the threat of a QB running that changes the dynamics of how a defense play.

        The Option in and of itself is pretty simple, the primary plays are slants, dives or anything off tackle sprinkled with play action.

        the Denver Broncos since Elway has run a version of the very same offense using the same blocking scheme to win two super bowls.

  • xlGmanlx

    May 9th


  • aub32

    I really don’t get the shock here. Right now none of the QBs know exactly what system Kelly is running, and therefore there is no mental edge to be had at this point. Fans can whine and cry about how they think that Vick doesn’t have the football IQ based on incomplete information, but CK said it best when he said he had no idea who was asked to do what and where to place most the blame. So he has no idea who would be best to learn what he wants to do. However, Vick stands far above the rest when it comes to the physical part of the game, and I am not just referring to his ability to run. He has a much quicker release than Foles, and his arm is much stronger than either Foles or Barkley. Therefore, it only makes sense for CK to want to see what he can do first, and if Vick excels why wouldn’t he get more reps and become the starter. Now before anyone gets up in arms, the more they practice, the more the mental side will play a bigger role, especially in preseason. I just think it’s Vick’s job to lose, and that shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.

    • GEagle

      I really don’t see how this meAns anything…they had a 3day pre draft mini camp…they weren’t wearing pads building chemistry…it was a friggin walk through…and there is NO shot in hell that Foles would have ever took Vicks veteran spot after 3days of walk through….Yes, I do believe Foles will win the starting job, but I didn’t expect him to even be close to overthrowing Vick in May….you don’t bring a proud veteran leader like Mile back, and have a kid listed ahead of him right off the bat…how is this news? How is this a surprise?….even a guy like me who thinks Foles will win the job, wouldn’t want to see Vick disrespected by losing his spot so early in the process. if Foes is going to start, he is going to have to earn it on the field, and I wouldn’t want it any other way..but as of now, he hasn’t even had a chance to win anything on the field, and Vick hasn’t had the chance to lose the starting position yet…so how the hell is this news? And more importantly, how is this even a debate?…..self Tacklin Maclin!!!

      • Tom w

        Thank you. Non story. Very slow media day but got blown up by the beat guys too.

  • Birds

  • JamesDDl

    I think we need a little more info here. Is this comment based on the minicamp from 3 weeks ago or are there other team activities? If it’s based on the minicamp, does it contradict what Kelly said and what was reported about the quarterback competition?

    • CJ

      Are guys walking around in shorts 3 weeks ago playing catch indicative of the depth chart come the preseason? Hardly. I’d chalk that up to showing Vick some respect as the incumbent, nothing more. When it’s time to compete, they’ll compete. But no one’s winning a job in April.

  • DunedinEagle

    Please don’t let FumblePickVick teach anyone anything Chippa! My god after ten years he can’t even learn to read a defense or slide, he has no business passing on any did bits of his so called knowledge. This will all sort itself out in TC and Pre Season. My hope is that Vick is traded to a team that loses a QB before the season starts and we go with the better of Foles/Barkley. If they suck we get another high pick and go after a QB from next years class in round one. If they excel that’s an even better scenario. Any situation that involves starting Vick next season is just a complete waste of time. You don’t find out what you have in the young guys and everyone knows what we have in Vick. A guy who has one playoff victory in his career and two $100,000,000 contracts. Flame away Vick nut huggers.

    • jack d

      another ignorant fan who knows nothing about football. Let me spell it out for you, you can’t last in this league for 12 years without being able to read a defense you can be a 3x pro bowl qb if you cant read a defense

  • I believe Vick should start the season and continue to play until he gets hurt or causes to many turnovers. Hopefully he plays like his old self. Then INSERT MATT BARKLEY aka Brady 2.0

    • CJ

      Which old self? the one from even years or odd years? There literally is a difference, and that’s a big part of the problem.

  • ar_eagles

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but they haven’t had any team practices since the minicamp before the draft, right? So there have been no more practices since then, when Chip said they were even in the snaps. Either Mac just straight up called Chip a liar, or he is making stuff up. No one should get excited/angry by this, as it is still way too early, and Mac’s words seem closer to the latter.

    On a side note, I come to these boards everyday, and I have never seen so many Vick supporters. I think you may be performing your victory dance a little too early. Everyone is sleeping on Foles, but I think he will surprise you.

    Keep up the good work Sheil & Tim!

  • salwc2k

    Vick will be our QB this year with Foles as BU and Barkley 3rd….I am excited to see how Vick will do with a very good O-Line and some semblance of a running game (something Andy R never cared much about) and I belevie Chip will let Mike Vick be Mike Vick instead of letting him sit back in the pocket with a target on his back and a poor O-Line to protect him (hence the cause of a lot of the fumbles and injuries). It will be nice to see a running game again too (hopefully). GO BIRDS!!

    • Seems most of the players on the team, and Members of the media, who are former players agree with you.

      Some people in Philly are throwing in the towel on the season before the first snap calling for one of the unproven players to take the helm of the Eagles Offense. But Vick is the best opportunity for the team to run off wins in an other wise weak division. Assuming Kelly means what he says, this will be the first season since Vick won Come Back Player of the Year in 2010 that he’ll have a scheme that supports his strengths and talents and won’t be forced into a collapsing pocket launching missiles and taking 180 hits in the pocket.

      In a run dominated offense, with a reasonable passing game similar to the West Coast Offense that McNabb ran in Phila, The Eagles have more than enough talent on Offense to be in every game.

      However, this Barkley kid can catch fire in camp. He’s a proven winner coming from a major program and has performed under the bright lights, so the possibilities exist that he could surprise and challenge. I wouldn’t count that kid out just yet. Once the gets accustomed to the speed of the NFL anything is possible.

      As have been the story of the Eagles the last three plus years, it’s the defense that makes the stadium full of fans holds it’s breath.

  • SunRa Haru

    Vick + Chip Kelly offense = marraige. ‘Til death do us… You’re about to witness the resurgence of the most phenomenal black quarterback in the NFL. Never mind RGIII (He won’t be the same this season) and never mind the haters. We possess the speediest, freshest , most “wear your defense down” offense this season with Mike “The Dark Knight” Vick at the helm. Tongues will be left hangin’ this year.

  • Michael Vick is a #1 and with a line to protect him he will prove it!!!