What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Here’s the weekly roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles.

Evan Silva of Rotoworld offers up post-draft lineup rankings. He’s got the Birds 25th:

The strengths of this defense are a deep group of pass rushers, Cox, and the two inside linebackers. Fletcher has plus talent, but couldn’t even keep the Rams’ nickel corner job last year. Williams was one of the NFL’s most oft-burned cornerbacks. Phillips and Chung are rehab projects. Barwin has three sacks over his last 21 games, and Sopoaga is a rotational two-down run stuffer at best. This rebuilt group is likely to struggle in both run and pass defense.

Clark Judge of CBSSports.com talked to an offensive coordinator of a perennial playoff team about Matt Barkley:

“I’m not sure what to make of this,” said our coach. “I don’t know how this style of quarterback fits that coach and the offense he runs.”

Well, former coach Tony Dungy is one who believes Chip Kelly’s offense in Philadelphia could resemble the K-Gun that Ted Marchibroda operated in Buffalo in the 1990s, with quick play selections and a quarterback who was more accurate than mobile. Jim Kelly couldn’t run, and neither can Barkley. But Barkley can lead, proving it as a four-year starter in high school and again in college.

Nate Davis of USA Today gives the Eagles a C for their draft:

T Lane Johnson (No. 4 overall) projects as a special player and, given his rare athleticism, is uniquely qualified for Chip Kelly’s high-octane offense. However, until the curtain goes up on Kelly’s attack — and the revamped defense — we’re not going to claim we understand how all this fits … or if making a move for QB Matt Barkley was the right thing to do.

Mike Tanier of SportsOnEarth.com offers his take on the Birds’ draft:

Follow this thread of reasoning: Kelly was a great hire because of his unique, unstoppable system; Barkley does not fit that system, but that is no problem, because Kelly is an offensive genius who can run any system he wants; we know this even though no one has seen him run any other offense, because no one watches New Hampshire or Johns Hopkins. Has the thread taken you clear around in a circle? Good.

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post takes a look at some of the best undrafted free agents, including Stony Brook running back Miguel Maysonnet:

This was a highly productive small school player who needs to prove he can make a step up against better competition. Ray Graham signing with the Texans also was a nice pickup, as was Michael Ford with the Bears.

In an ESPN.com piece, Matt Bowen lists Stanford tight end Zach Ertz and the Eagles as one of the draft’s best fits:

Ertz is what I call the “move guy” in Ace personnel (two wide receivers, two tight ends, one running back) when he is on the field with veteran tight end Brent Celek. In the playbook, we can label Ertz as the “U” or the “F.” He’s a tight end with an H-back skill set that can align off the ball in a wing set, in the slot, the backfield or as a backside “X” receiver (think slant or fade here). Various alignments which give the quarterback positive matchups in the passing game.

Bryce Brown talked to USA Today about playing in the league at the same time as his brother, Arthur, who was drafted by the Ravens:

“I love my brother and could not be happier for him,” the Eagles backup tailback said. “He has been there for me every step of the way, as a brother, friend and teammate.

“We always shared a dream of playing in the NFL together. To know that it’s actually happening now is just surreal.’

According to Darren Rovell of ESPN.com, Matt Barkley returned to USC for without insurance:

Two sources told ESPN.com that Barkley returned for his senior season without insurance. While that might seem crazy, the standard insurance policy issued to players is a total disability policy, meaning that the only reason to collect is on a career-ending injury. But by failing to take out insurance Barkley couldn’t protect himself from dropping in the draft. Loss of value insurance can only be written when paired with the disability policy.

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  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Go Birds!!!

  • Token

    Silva is probably right. You look at this D and it doesnt make you feel very confident. He may give them too much credit even. Says we have a group of young pass rushers. Well yea maybe, but they all have to switch positions now to rushing LBs. You cant assume thats going to work.

    I like some of the signings but theres a large injury risk. And Williams may be a bit of a headcase and in reality only played because the Ravens lose their star corner for the year. And he probably should have been ejected from the Super Bowl if im thinking of the right guy. Guys who cant control their emotions will cost you at just the wrong time.

    So it comes down to really hoping Phillips and Flecter can stay healthy and play at a high level. One of them is a guy that couldnt play for the Rams, who have a pretty good defensive HC btw. When you look at the numbers it would seem like he played well when given the chance though. Ill be very interested in seeing what Poyer can do. He has a realistic chance to start as a 7th rounder since they are kind of grasping at straws at that spot.

    In the likely event that Phillips goes down, safety still looks like a train wreck. I feel you can get by with average corners but not safeties.

    I cant even make it through one game of Wolff. Started watching the Clemson game on youtube. Guy seems like a Jaiquawn Jarrett. Dont care what his measurables are. He has no feel. Goes away from the play alot. Backpedaling after the ball has already been handed off to the RB. Ugh, such a potentially strong safety class and they basically just ignored the position. Maybe next year. Hope im wrong about the kid. But that one walterfootball comment about him not even knowing what schemes his team ran. I could kind of believe it. He looks lost a lot to me. Takes bad angles.

    I dont care what his coach says about him. When is the last time a college coach badmouthed their player that was just drafted? And while I actually value Greg Cosells opinion alot, I think he really gets excited about safeties that run around and hit. He doesnt care much about their mental aspect.

    • Token

      Man, the more I watch of this Clemson game…..its bad. Just watch. Maybe someone can give me a link to a game where he looked like a NFL prospect?


      • nicksaenz1

        Definitely not the best tape to watch and feel good

        • cliff henny

          it is clemson. they had 7 or 8 skill position players that will be drafted b/t ’13-14. sammy wadtkins and nuke hopkins plus a freshman, think alexander who might be best of bunch, ellington, boyd…just saying, that team once it got rolling was as good offensively as any college team. if he looks bad against a va tech or NC i’d be worried.

          • Token

            Unfortunately the NFL had some pretty good offenses too.

            But regardless of the opponent. Really, the level of opponent isnt what I care about. Wrong angles are wrong angles. Not being able to diagnose a play. That stuff is the same regardless of who your playing. I just do not see what this guy has to offer honestly. Today was the first I sat down and watched him.

            You would have no idea he ran so fast at the combine by watching his tape. He doesnt play that fast.

          • Richard Colton

            Good stuff on Wolff and the DBs Token. Personally, I’m hoping there are a few good players in this bunch. I’m not as doom & gloom about the situation, because the D was deplorable last year and its going to take more than one year to fix.

          • Token

            Heres the UNC game btw. Doesnt get much better.


        • theycallmerob

          I’d say cliff is right re: the skill players of Clemson against the overmatched NC state defense, but you’re right too…that film does him no favors.

      • theycallmerob

        Here’s a bit of a better look at him, against FSU (even better competition, IMO). Tommy has a good write-up to go with the video.


    • GEagle

      Why can’t you assume Graham will be a good predator? He is doing the same exact thing he always did, trying to beat an OT around the edge, only thing different is he gets more of a running head start now..Graham and Cox will combine to form a FORCE on the weak side….lol The problem is we can only play one predator at a time…The weak side is more than good…the strong side is the real question

    • theycallmerob

      spot on re: Williams. I was praying for a CB in the draft to step in as a 1 or 2 starter, and have Fletcher’s knees hold together at the other spot. The only way that happens is if Poyer proves everyone wrong, as he implies, and earns a starting outside spot.

    • eaglepete

      I thought Silvas comment was dead on also. Not a lot to get excited about D wise, only thing this team has going for it is that it was so bad it can only get better. Maybe just a tiny bit better though which wouldnt mean a whole lot.

    • CJ

      On the bright side, even if he’s as bad as you say, at least they didn’t burn a 2nd on the guy like they did Jarrett.

  • RE Mike Tanier:

    “Follow this thread of reasoning: Despite the fact that I, Mike Tanier, am paid actual US dollars by several different media outlets to be a ‘football analyst’, I have FAILED utterly to do the requisite research to see that the Oregon offense either featured the QB read option or did NOT do so, based on the abilities of the quarterback. I have FAILED to even consider the possibility that teams might actually have access to, and have watched, film from Kelly’s prior stop at New Hampshire so they could be well-informed on Kelly’s ‘system’. I have also FAILED to see the difference between a ‘system of coaching’, involving training and practice methods as well as general offensive and defensive philosophy, versus an individual bundle of plays which can be removed from the playbook based on who’s taking the snaps at QB. Finally, I have ignored completely the fact that Bill Belichick, one of the more innovative and adaptable coaching minds in the league, who most certainly does NOT run any ‘read option’ plays, liked Chip Kelly’s ‘system’ so much that he visited and borrowed many key components to run his offense, which was quite successful last year. Has the thread made you wonder if all of the multiple media outlets which, again, pay me actual US dollars to pull poorly-informed opinions out of my rectum are wasting said money? Good.”

    • KCfromDC

      One fun fact to add to this already brilliant retort is that Chip was the defensive coordinator in the year he spent not being watched by anyone at Johns Hopkins, so there was no offensive system to have no knowledge of anyway.

    • GEagle

      I despise the national “experts”..Like I really can’t stomach them anymore…I have no clue how people can make good money, giving the laziest, most uneducated oppinion imaginable…How can you even put your reputation on the line by writing some of the nonsense they write?

      • eaglepete

        For the simple fact that they are now required to put something out daily almost. So we end up with drivel like most of this stuff. NFL is year round now. Didnt use to be this way.

        • GEagle

          You can still put something out every day that actually makes sense…any idea how many times it has been talked about that Kelly might run the Oregon offense? how could ANYONE EVER SAY THAT? I have literally heard people use the words “carbon copy of Oregon offense”, when discussing what chip might actually do…like WTF? how dumb and lazy do you have to be to say that? there is no BOUNDRY side of the field in the NFL.you want to waste my FOCKIn time with a lazy generalization, than tell me it’s going to be a cross between The Patriots offense, and Bill Obriens Penn state Offense, with some zone reads sprinkled in…ATleast that makes sense…but it’s frigging May already, and people still have the nerve to talk about Kelly being hired to run the Oregon offense…what a disgrace…I do more research to post a silly oppinion on the comment section of a blog, then this idiot put into writing this…what a joke

          • eaglepete

            I dont disagree, that was just my guess on why they have become so lazy. It really is amazing how they can not even try at times.

          • GEagle

            Exactly…like No one can possibly think this dude put a drop of effort into this..it’s like, crap I gotta meet my quota: writes down some worthless lazy crap, 5 seconds later he submits it….what a joke. How could that piece of work be acceptable. How can you even attach your name to that?

            Also, how do you give the Eagles draft a C?
            1)they drafted one of the few players In The top 10 with true ALL PRO potential.
            2) Ertz who some considered a first round talent
            3) Logan, versatile high Charecter position of need
            4) Barkley, a guy who would have been drafted 5th by the browns last year
            5) Wolff
            And then two kids who could have gone as high as the 4th round….
            The entire draft is a crap shoot…If you get players at positions that you need, who weren’t considered reaches where you drafted them, then you don’t get to give the draft a friggin C…now, if in 3years, only 2 of these kids work out, then you can give it whatever bad grade that you want…but I find it ridiculous for anyone to say that we had a C draft

            As exciting as the new coaching change has been…I need the season to come around, so I can stop hearing so many retarded senseless oppinions, that literally don’t even make sense….there is some valuable oppinions out there, but you have to sift through so much worthless crap to find them…I can’t tell you what the hell we are going to do on offense, but I can’t even guess how many times I have read something that I knew for a fact had no shot of being true…and I don’t get it. How do these people even get this platform?

          • Richard Colton

            I’m confused about some of your names. Who are “Logan” “Ertz” and “Wolff”? Don’t you realize that according to national experts, the Eagles only drafted two players?

          • GEagle

            Lol sooooo true

          • Wilbert M.

            I love the Eagles draft, but you need to remove the green blinders and accept why national guys give this a “C.” Lane Johnson was the 3rd best OT in the draft and we used the 4th overall pick for him. Ertz is potentially a great TE, but we already had Celek and had other serious holes to fill. Logan may be a great character guy, but his performance was spotty. Late round guys don’t factor in. This is what gives us a national “C.” It’s all OK, because Lane will be the best of the bunch and Chipper will light a fire under Logan’s butt.

          • GEagle

            I couldn’t disagree more!!!! people should not inject there personal oppinions about plays drafted…It’s one thing to give your oppinion on a prospect leading up to the draft..but once the draft is over, since personal oppinions about a drap shoot really mean NOTHING, you grade the draft on helping your team, and whether you reached for players……there isn’t a single friggin player we drafted, where anyone can say, man they took that guy a round too early, so there is NO SHOT IN HELL THAT you can give this draft a C at this point….3years from now, this draft class could be an F…but there is no way that you can call our draft a C at this point

          • Timdawg Anothony

            I dunno man. 3rd best OL is fine, but he was THE BEST available on the board for the 4th pick. So I don’t follow your logic.

    • Dr. Rick

      Awesome post, JB. Spot on.

  • Septhinox

    ““I’m not sure what to make of this,” said our coach. “I don’t know how this style of quarterback fits that coach and the offense he runs.”

    Even other coaches are falling into the trap that Kelly must run what he did at Oregon. The NFL is going to be in for a big surprise.

  • theycallmerob

    “Loss of value” insurance? what has this country come to?

    • GEagle

      That ship sailed when people started trying to sue burger king for getting fat

  • ThatDude

    Does SportsonEarth even count as a legit blog? Its basically bleacherreport.

  • Check out a site I made @ undisputedsports.com!