Eagles Wake-Up Call: Barkley the Next Eli?

Trent Dilfer is decidedly bullish on Matt Barkley. He is on record as saying the former USC signal-caller is a first-round talent. Predicted that he would be the Eagles’ starter within three seasons. Thinks he can man that post for 5-8 years.

In a phone conversation with Birds 24/7 on Monday, Dilfer drew parallels between Barkley and another NFC East quarterback, Eli Manning.

“There is not a lot of difference between Matt Barkley and Eli Manning in their senior film,” said Dilfer. “In fact, I would argue that Matt’s college film is slightly better than Eli’s film.”

Dilfer went on to say that Barkley has “slightly higher graduate-level passing skills” than Matt Ryan coming out of college.

On one hand, the comparisons shouldn’t come as a complete shock. Barkley was a four-year starter for one of the premiere football teams in the country, and holds almost every significant school and Pac 12 record. He might have been a high first-round pick if he had come out last year instead of returning to USC for his senior season. On the other hand, he was ultimately deemed a fourth-round selection. Manning went No. 1 overall; Ryan was third.

That means little to Dilfer, who calls quarterback the worst evaluated position in all of sports.

“I get sick to my stomach before the NFL draft,” he said, “because quarterback evaluation is reduced to the lowest common denominator.”

The focus becomes physical measurables like height, weight, speed and arm strength, Dilfer explains, while critical information is overlooked. The former QB and current ESPN analyst relies heavily on tape. He has tracked Barkley since grade school, and watched every snap of his at USC. He believes that his experience in varied Pro-Style offenses, his exposure to big moments and his “high-functioning football IQ” are important parts of the equation. He is also of the opinion that the right fit is paramount. And he thinks Chip Kelly and Barkley fit quite well together.

“I think his skill set matches very well with what I believe Philly is going to do offensively — being a quick decision-making offense in the passing game,” said Dilfer. “They are going to put the keys in the quarterback’s hands and will ask him to do a lot, to make quick decisions, move the chains and get into the end zone.”

As far as arm strength, Dilfer says Barkley may be average to below-average when it comes to ball speed, but is above average in a metric he uses called “Load To Arrival” which measures when the off hand comes off the ball to when the throw arrives at its destination. It factors in release time, decision-making, arm strength and to a certain degree, anticipation.

Dilfer called some of the similarities between Manning and Barkley coming out of college “scary,” but was quick to remind us that Eli didn’t exactly storm out of the gates.

“To be fair Eli, because of a lack of overwhelming physical talent, struggled early until he got the keys to car to get the Giants into the best play possible at the line of scrimmage,” he said. “It was, ‘OK Eli, you get us into best play so you don’t feel uncomfortable.’ That’s when we saw the elevation of Eli.

“It’s when you marry the cognitive skills and the intangible skills with the physical skills that you get the complete quarterback.”


Evan Mathis is expected to miss OTAs after having minor surgery on his ankle.

Former coach explains why you don’t want to rile up Jordan Poyer.

In the first installment of his depth chart outlook, Sheil focuses on the safety position.

Howie Roseman and Chip Kelly are trying to strike the delicate balance of winning now and building for the future.


Why do so many standout USC quarterbacks not make it in the pros? Mike Freeman ponders  possible explanations,  including the “Spoiled Brat Theory.”

It goes like this. Recent USC quarterbacks in particular grow up with a silver football in their mouth. Not all. But many. They grow up pampered both at home and in their sport. They only time they experience adversity is when the CD player on their dad’s BMW doesn’t work.

This is part stereotype, part unfair but also part accurate, according to several NFL scouts. “The feeling is that some of them are coddled,” said the scout, “and mentally soft.”

Pete Carroll does not believe Barkley will disappoint.

“I think Barkley is going to be very good. He’s a smart guy and he’s athletic. He’s going to shock some people with how quickly he adapts to the NFL.”

Ron Jaworski talks about Kelly’s approach outside the lines so far since taking over as head coach.

“Chip Kelly gets it. He understands it’s more than just X’s and O’s on the football field — it’s the players who play the game,” said Jaws. “He’s inclusive instead of exclusive, and I think that’s going to go a long way in Philadelphia. If you’re embraced in this city you’re embraced for life. We all know at the end of the day you’ve got to win football games…but when you see a coach who cares about his players, his organization and the community like he does, it gets us all excited.”


As always, plenty of angles to tackle.

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  • addicted2mula

    Matt Barkley playing for Chip Kelly!! Hes our Tom Brady. In a few years

    • GEagle

      The Foles is our Big Ben

      • Jason N.

        If that’s the case then I pick Brady over Ben.

        Though I would be happy either way.

        Fun fact. Big Ben is amazing on trying to convert 3rd down. His success rate is ridiculously high.

  • GEagle

    The media either talks About Vick or Barkley….they are going to be in for a surprise, and a lot of people will look very foolish when Foles is the 2013 starter lol..Chips practice Philosophies(high paced, keep moving, slow down for no one) aren’t just designed to get players in top shape and get them accustomed to the high pace we will use in games…His practices are also designed to get separation, and for some players to intentionally get left behind. That doesn’t bode wel for Vick..Last time Vick saw anything from the college game was when Jim Mora Junior just let him do whatever he wanted. that was a very long time ago. I don’t see how Vick can keep up with the young gunners, who recently experienced similar spread principles, and playing extended periods of time in a hurry up…the high paced practice environment(not slowing Down to correct players) allows chip to really separate the players with exceptional FBi(football intelligence) from the rest…I don’t see how Vick could possibly learn this offense faster and command it better than Foles or Barkley…
    if your football intelligence isn’t up to par, and you aren’t reading defenses correctly, it’s going to be painfully obvious..at some point Chip will ask the QBs to know 3 variations of a given play, get to the LOS, read the defense, and then audible into the correct version of the play..so if you are having problems reading a defense, you can’t hide it, because you will be blatantly running the wrong play. I am not a Vick hater. I have been supporting him for YEARS, but I do want what’s best for our beloved team, and even if I tried, I literally can’t make a case for going with a 32yr old, who has been starting forever, yet Has, LITERALLY NEVER HAD back to back good seasons(FACT!!!)..every time he has given fans and coaches hope by having a good season, he turned us into suckers because he regressed the following year..and I’m not just talking about his Eagle career, this dates back since Atlanta drafted him…so even if Vick catches lightning in the bottle and shocks us with great play, there is literally NO PRECEDENT for him following it up with another good season in 2014 so how could you possibly choose an erratic, unreliable, inconsistent QB over two promising kids, when in a year you are going to have to decide if you want to spend a first round pick on a QB..now is the time to see what you have in Foles and Barkley, because if you draft a Qb in the first round next year, it will have to be high in round 1, probably even having to trade up, and if you pull the trigger On a QB that high, you have NO CHOICE but to play him. You can’t say ok I’m going to invest in a round 1 Qb, and then figure out what I have in Barkley and Foles…you draft a QB that high, you have to play him..
    luckily this veteran QB we are talking about is being asked to learn a brand new play book drastically different than anything he has seen in a long time, and try to keep up with two bright kids who are going to not only devour the play book, but who also have recently experienced a lot of similar spread concepts..and he is going to have to keep up, with a coach who is going to ask them to perform at an insane pace, and who won’t slow it down if you start getting left behind lol. no way to fake FBI or reading defenses in this environment…good luck with that Vick lol

    • Philly0312

      I think you are spot on – way too much is being made of Vick being in good shape. He’s usually in good shape. People seem to think Kelly’s offense will be simpler for Vick because of the read option – which is slightly true. The RO does require fewer decisions and a quick and accurate release – which is why we’ve seen it successful with young athletic QBs new to the league. It isn’t a progression offense for the most part. Foles, when not compared to RGIII, had a great rookie year (compare his numbers to Luck). I see no reason not to have Foles as the favorite right now. Vick is sharing the top of the depth chart do to off the charts athletic ability, which he has always had – and he never plays up to it.

      • GEagle

        Also..yes, this offense should be easier for Vick, because the genius of Chip Kelly is creating blatant mismatches that result in DEFINED throws for the QB..my beef with Vick is the way he is wired. he is not wired to take the easy and defined throw, he is wired for homeruns, even when the coach wants him to bunt….Say a play is designed to have a slow LB defend Ertz on a quick 7 yard out, and we are in high tempo mode with the purpose being to not allow the defense to substitute because we have them caught in a mismatch…If the play is designed with Desean going deep as a decoy, can Vick stay Discaplined and ignore Desean if he has a slight step on the CB, and take the 7yards to eRtz knowing that if he throws a 40 yard incompletion, it completely RUINS EVERYTHING, allowing the defense to substitute out of the mismatch chip has been working all game to set them up for?…How much can we trust Vick in that regard? it’s hard for me! His instincts take over, and him being wired to try and be superman takes over…and that’s very scary to me..
        There are so many potentially scary negatives surrounding Vick, yet since the day Chip was hired, the only thing reported was basically..Foles is getting traded because he doesn’t have the right 40time, Vick will start in 2013 while he grooms Geno,EJ,Dysert or Scott..LMAO.. I can not wait for training camp and preseason to get here do we don’t have to listen to the media’s lazy, irresponsible and borderline retarded assumptions lol…..
        Anyone know the offseason dates? Rookie camp starts Friday, Correct?
        When is team OTAs?
        When does training camp start?
        has the date for the first eagles practice OPEN to fans been announced yet? ( the sooner it is, the sooner I can taker work lol)

    • JofreyRice

      I’m not going to read that whole thing, but I will say that the narrative about Vick being “ready” was the same one we heard last year–that he finally had a full preseason as the starter, was focused on football etc. It was clear from the first preseason game that he was the same old dude, holding onto the ball forever, making stupid decisions, taking big hits, rather than trying to throw it away.

      At this point, I’ve gotta see it to believe it.

      • Richard Colton

        I never pegged you for a Vick hater Jofrey. How about giving the guy a CHANCE? He’s only been in the league for 12 years (11 if you take away his incarceration). As everyone knows, it takes a minimum of 14 years to properly evaluate a QB. Call me crazy, but now that he finally has a he’ll be ready to thrive.

        • Septhinox

          That’s pretty much the narrative. lol

        • Jason N.

          I’ll give Vick another 8 years.

          In the mean time, let me go find a wife. Get married and have a kid.

          Surely he’ll be ready by then?

        • CJ

          In many ways he’s just the #1 overall pick version of Avant or Mahe or Watkins, or whomever. We know what he can do, we know what he can’t do, we know we’re not winning a superbowl with the guy, and we’re fairly certain he’s not going to be (or at least SHOULDN’T be) the QB beyond this season. So why not give someone else a shot? I’m not saying Foles or Barkley are any better. I’m just saying let’s find out for sure how bad we need a QB before next year’s draft when there are a bunch.

      • Brian

        I don’t believe it, and I don’t want to see it. I hope we move on from Michael Vick this preseason.

    • Septhinox

      You make a lot of good points, but man, you need to look up the word brevity.

      • GEagle

        I swear I’m going to write a 4000 word thesis just for you tomorrow

  • Corry

    I really hope Barkley has Eli’s best talent which is, of course, throwing lollipops off his back foot that magically land in the hands of his receivers while avoiding a drive killing sack. (I kid, I kid…mostly).

    • GEagle

      I still can’t believe Eli has 2 SB rings (SMh in disgust)…Eli is not some great QB, he is like a brilliant/ semi retarded, football idiot Savant…

      • Jason N.

        That might be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard about Eli. A savant.. Haha

    • Cranky Caucasian

      Agreed. I’m hoping he has Eli’s luck.

  • http://twitter.com/THEKID_ Mike Jehle

    Barkley was a great value in the 4th round, no doubt…but lets not get carried away.
    Agreed on Foles…don’t sleep on him.
    Oh, and despite the kind words about our 4th round pick…I still don’t like Dilfer! LOL

    • Bob Brewer

      My thoughts exactly (didn’t see this comment before I posted mine).

  • southy

    I’m not a big fan of Dilfer’s. He tries way too hard to come across as confident in his analyses, and it comes off as arrogant, especially given the way he played the game himself. Load to arrival? WTH is that?

    It sounds like he’s done a lot of homework on Barkley, and I really hope he’s right, but I wish it were someone I trusted a bit more crowing about Matt.

    • Philly0312

      Well…Dilfer was a game manager – not a horrible thing. And he won a Superbowl.

      • GEagle

        What Vick needs to do is get to an offensive team meeting, look around the room and take notice of all the crazy weapons we have surrounding him, then get it thru his sick head that we do not NEED him to be superman and put the offense on his back, we need him to manage the game, take care of the damn ball, and get in a groove, consistently throwing 5-20 yards passes to recievers in stride so that they can do some YAC damage…it’s hard not to picture Vick trying to do too much, and do some ridiculously bonehead ish that makes chip loose his mind Lol..If Chip doesn’t like rollercoasters lol, he better cut vIck today lol JK…

        I actually think Vick’s presence is valuable right now. having two young guys, working and fighting to dethrone such a popular veteran is Soo valuable. because if Foles is the ReL deal, Vicks presence will push him. and we get to see how well the kid can respond to some serious pressure, and If nick can win the job, he will be better for it

        • Philly0312

          Good point.

    • GEagle

      How do you feel about Chris Stubburd? no one ANNOINTED Barkley as much as Stubs did on Phil from Mt. Airy’s Sunday show…claiming he was the best Qb in this draft, and definitely going to be our great franchise QB of the future…The draft is Stubs thing, he puts a lot of work into it, sometimes he is good, other times he is horrible…Barkley can be the next big thing, or he can become an average career backup…I need to see a young QB play ATleast 20 NFL games..Ideally I would want to see a kid play two seasons, and not judge him til around week 5 of the 3rd season…but there is no chance In that happening when you have two promising youngsters on the roster…I’m so excited for TC battles at Safety, WR, Dline and QB…I want what’s best for the team, so in my perfect world Vick plays like those 6 games in 2010 and has one of the best showings in his life…but Foles or Barkley playetter and just can’t be kept off the field…If Vick plays horrible, and gets left behind(practice tempo), and Foles is the starter, that doesn’t say all that much…but if Vick plays really good, and Foles or Barkley just can’t be kept off the field, it would be time to get really excited…so I WANT Vick to play GOOD. I’m rooting for every single one of our Eagles, but I don’t have much faith in him, and I. Rooting for two young kids a little more….If Vick doesn’t start here, I do really hope he finds some NFL success somewhere in the AFC like the Jets before he retires. I’m proud of the man since he ha seen here. Really applaud the Charecter he has displayed since coming to Philly…so I wish him well, but I can’t root for a mike Vick more than I can root for us having two high caliber young Franchise QBs on the roster…If both Foles and Barkley Pan out, do people realize how much better positioned we will be, allowing us to pump all our resources into building a top defense and getting some more Oline depth?..really hoping ATleast 1 of these kids are the franchise Answer, and if both are the real deal, well them we will be sitting really pretty in the future…Not only is it good to have 2 good QBs, but the trade value you get from a good QB is the ost valuable thing in sports…think about it. top pitchers can get trad for minor league prospects(and pitchers is the only position comparable to QB..yet a backup who played 1 good game with the most potent offense surrounding him, is still being traded for serious value,

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Dilfer is very opinionated on QB’S with his QBR stat and all his evaluation. i know he works tirelessly on watching film on these guys. i hope hes right and we got the best in the draft. like others said. dont overlook Foles either.

  • JofreyRice

    Considering Barkley was a 5 star recruit, I guess it’s *not* weird he’s followed him on every throw he’s made since he arrived at USC, but GRADE school? Wasn’t Dilfer in the league, playing games, until 2007? Barkley was a senior in High School in 2009. How did he have time to scout Matt Barkley in school? Did he spend his in-season down time on the playground, with binoculars, charting throws?

    Makes me wonder if there’s a Cali bias at work here. Some of these evaluators always have guys with certain profiles they value higher; is that the case for SoCal QB’s for Santa Cruz born, Fresno State alum, Dilfer?

    I will say that Dilfer correctly identified McNabb’s inability to deliver in big games, when a lot of other folks couldn’t. I hope he’s right about Barkley, but I’m not impressed by his load metrics.

    • Guy LeDouche

      Video tape.

    • Jason N.

      I think that’s what we called hyperbole.

      I’m sure it’s like a way of saying it seems like Dilfer been watching Barkley for a really long time.

      And I hope that Dilfer is right about Barkley though. Intelligent is hard to reach but arm strength can get better.

    • Richard Colton

      “I’m not impressed by his load metrics.” – thought you could sneak that one by us without noticing, huh? well played sir.

  • Bob Brewer

    I hope Barkley was born with a horseshoe up his butt like Eli was.

  • jabostick

    I’m not blown away by Eli comparisons. His value gets way inflated because he’s had a few clutch moments at opportune times (and should get credit for those, mind you). But the Giants have mostly hovered around 8-10 wins during Eli’s run; they haven’t dominated. Their two best seasons as a team they were upset at home in the playoffs.

    I’d trade what we have for their two SB runs but the reality is that those required a pretty incredible amount of good fortune and outside of those two years they’ve either missed the playoffs or lost their first playoff game.

    • eaglepete

      Kind of agree, esp in terms of regular season. Eli doesnt wow as much as his reputation at this point. That being said, the clutch factor is huge in the NFL but you need a good D which those Giant teams had. Look no further than McNabb and Reid, who several times had the best team in the league and still failed to close the deal. I want more of that clutch factor, because come playoff time thats when it matters most.

  • ben

    I cannot blame fans for skepticism of a team that has come close for years, so I will forego the yelling at whiners and tell you simply: Barkley will be the starter the first round of playoffs, Kelly is about to shake the inert minds of NFL coaching establishment and fans will forget past failures by Barkley’s 3rd start. Move on.

    • Brent E. Sulecki

      Preach brother…

    • Richard Colton

      I fell in love when you said playoffs…kinda zoned out after that. We going to the playoffs this year? If that happens I don’t care if Sean Considine is under center.

      • Fink

        I would be ecstatic to see Foles or Barkley take the first snap of the 2013 season, but I trust that Chipperoni will put the guy out there who gives us the best chance to win, even if its Vick.

        Couldn’t agree more with your comment. If we are winning games, it doesn’t matter who is taking the snaps.

        Can’t wait until OTAs and TC so we can hopefully get a better idea of who Chippendale likes.

    • Chris B

      Ahh, but what year will the Eagles have a “first round of playoffs?” 2013? 2014? Longer?

    • Absecon

      If you mean the first round of this year’s playoffs, sorry don’t see it happening short of injuries to Vick and Foles. I could be incredibly naieve, but I don’t see Vick and Foles both failing so miserably that a rookie will get a shot. If Foles didn’t get a head start playing time wise last year, I’d say maybe he could get ahead of Foles by the time the season starts. I see this as Vick’s puppy (bad pun) to lose, and Foles will get first shot if Vick gets hurt or fails miserably. I see CK giving Vick every chance to finally use his athleticism to his advantage. And for the record, I’m not a Vick fan. Next year is anyone’s guess, but this year Barkley only sees time due to injuries to Vick and Foles.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    i want the smartest players on the field. smart players make fewer dumb plays. thats what Chip says….so out of our QBs who is the smartest?….Vick is in the best shape…good for him. lets face it hes not getting any smarter…My money is on Foles and Barkley who havent hit their ceiling yet…i even give a nod to Gj over Vick in brainpower

    • GEagle

      Totally agree…Barkley could eventually compete with Foles…but I don’t see how any QB can be more game ready this year than Foles. Foles is a year removed for playing in a high tempo spread offense, He made better audibles at the line as a rookie, than Vick did having a decade of experience…and Foles got 6 games of very valuable NFL playing experience under the most pressure he could ever possibly see, and I don’t think Barkley can overcome that in his first offseason….so I think it’s going to be Foles…But the 2014 offseason battle should be very interesting between Foles, and Barkley with a year of experience under his belt…I think both of those two kids are smart, retender enses well, and bring strong intangibles to the table..so 2014 and 2015 could be some fierce QB battles

      • Brent E. Sulecki

        im with you. Foles as all tools to excel. i hope to see alot from Barkley though too. if he sits im fine. hes a smart enough kid he can learn from not playin and if he sees the field one or two games. that would be cool. not expecting much from this team this year. but i know they will compete. and the games wont be over at halftime. andy always coached the first half and forgot about the 3rd and 4th quarters. meanwhile the belichecks of the world make adjustments after halftime and the real game begins then. these guys are in great position to succeed.

      • Fink

        Many analysts agree that Barkley is the best ense retenderer in the 2013 draft class.

        • GEagle

          Yeah that’s what I heard too

          • Fink

            I kid, I kid.

  • knighn

    Matt Barkley already looks smarter than Eli “Stupid Face” Manning, so he’s got that going for him.

    • GEagle

      whats wrong? You don’t find the hint of down syndrome look to be sexy? Lol

      • knighn

        Wrong on sooo many levels!

        • GEagle

          Sorry…couldn’t help myself lol..
          Eli, looks like the love child of “Corky” and “Mr. Ed” hahahahahahaha I have to stop! Lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshualbrowns Joshua Browns

    I tend to like Dilfer’s analysis, especially when it comes to QBs, but the one thing he failed to mention which concerns me about the Eli/Barkley comparison is the quality of the team around them. If you watched Eli in college at Ole Miss, you saw a guy who obviously was a special talent carrying much less talented players to success. Take a look at the 2003 Ole Miss roster – other than Brandon Jacobs and a freshman named Patrick Willis (whatever happened to that guy?), there are a couple of NFL journeymen and a bunch of nobodies.

    Barkley had USC teams literally LOADED with NFL caliber talent and put up excellent #s, but didn’t produce expected results in terms of wins and losses (and I know some of that had to do with the NCAA sanctions, but still…). Does that translate to success at the NFL level? I don’t know…

    • http://www.facebook.com/joshualbrowns Joshua Browns

      Oh, one other quick thing:
      “If you’re embraced in this city you’re embraced for life.” Lord, I hate hate HATE it when people say this. Somebody call Charlie Manuel right about now and ask him if that’s true.

      • Richard Colton

        good point Josh. I think it’s absolutely true with regards to certain players – not managers or GMs. Brian Dawkins? Bernie Parent? Aaron Rowand?

        B-dawk would have to get charged with a DUI while crashing a car with personalized Dallas Cowboy license plates into the Rocky statue to lose his goodwill in this town. Even then, I’d probably forgive him.

        • cliff henny

          forgot the dead hooker in trunk…even then, nawh, still help with bail just for the hit that crushed crumpler’s ribs in nfccg

        • http://www.facebook.com/joshualbrowns Joshua Browns

          You make a decent point, although I’d argue that Cole Hamels and Ryan Howard are both threatening to disprove it.

          And I think the fans would still love Dawk in your scenario. It might be the only time you’d ever hear a Philadelphian say, “hey, Rocky’s just a fictional character anyway!”.

    • Brent E. Sulecki

      brandon jacobs played for the Salukis at Southern Illinois

      • Brent E. Sulecki

        and Auburn before that with ronnie, carnell and jason campbell

        • http://www.facebook.com/joshualbrowns Joshua Browns

          Crazy – I looked at the SI.com roster for 2003, and there was a 240lb RB named Brandon Jacobs on the roster who wore #27. I guess I’m so used to seeing them together I assumed it was him, but you’re right. My bad.

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            what a coincidence right. no problem man. i would have thought the same thing. had it not been for when jacobs came out i wanted the birds to draft him.

  • http://twitter.com/Lez215 Dutch

    It’s obvious that some of you do not give credit to the Mannings prior to their College and the NFL experience, but those brothers were tutored by their father exclusively, Archie who himself is an HOF caliber Quarterback.

    Archie raised those brothers for one purpose and that’s to win what he never did in the NFL. a Super Bowl and to this point his plans have become a reality. Payton and Eli were sought after coming out of College as was Andrew Luck more so because of the accomplishment of their fathers who were in Archie’s case a premier QB with the Saints, and Ollie Luck a better than serviceable QB who played with a variety of teams.I would say both Manning brothers knew after college just as much as many of today’s OCs about schemes, concepts and specific responsibilities of each man on a unit.

    There’s not to many if any other QBs in the NFL who were prepared over a lifetime as the Mannings and Andrew Luck, and the difference is obvious today. Once they had become accustomed to the speed of the game, all three has shown exceptional understanding and command of the pro Game, exactly like they did in College. All three spent a life time in a virtual Quarterback camp, preparing for the NFL. .

    Sons of talented fathers who are exceptional stand outs are common in every sport. Earnhardt in NASCAR, Griffey in the MLB, and Curry and Kobe Bryant in the NBA each has the very same preparation by their fathers before entering the bright lights of professional sports and taking those sports by storm. .

    • Jason N.

      I agree, it’s legacy.

      Though some players don’t really follow their father footstep cause they just lack whatever their father have.

      I love runningback, and Barry Sanders is one of my favorites. So I really hope his son will become something special too.

      I heard Barry Sanders Jr. Is a RB at Stanford and that’s he’s pretty special already.

    • Honest_T

      When exactly, will Casey Matthews “take the sport by storm”?

      I think too much is made of pedigree. Yes, it is certainly an advantage at lower levels, but at the Professional level you have to have the inner passion and drive to be elite. Tony Gwynn could give give his son everything, including his name, but couldn’t make him the hitter he was. You can go down the list with Chris Carter, Michael Jordan, and hundreds of others that failed to exceed the level of their father’s success. Dan Mario, Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, and most other Hall of Famers had exceptional careers without a “pedigree”.

      • http://twitter.com/Lez215 Dutch

        I thought I was specific with the examples. Nor was it suggested every athlete prepares their kids to follow in their foot steps, however, the Mannings Eli, and Payton, and Andrew Luck were prepared specifically for the roles they now occupy and it’s that preparation that sets them apart. .

        Can’t say Casey Mathews is bitten by the bug, but the Mathews pedigree is pretty impressive thus far given Clay Mathews is definitely following in his dad’s Clay’s footsteps in being a stand out with Green Bay, as is Clay’s brother Bruce’s son Jake,a relative stand out at Texas A&M whom next year is likely to be the first Tackle chosen in the NFL Draft.

        Duron Carter, Chris Carter’s kid was signed to a rookie try-out last week with the Vikings, so that chapter is still developing. .

    • Richard Colton

      Peyton Manning was the best prepared QB to come out of college since Todd Marinovich.

      Pedigree may count for something in other sports. So might a lifetime of preparation and a whole basketful of “measurables” – but not for QBs. That’s why the position is so notoriously difficult to predict. That’s why I love the Barkley pick. Imagine if we landed an all pro QB in the 4th round? Ohh man. And they way the position is impossible to predict with accuracy, who knows? no one can say with authority that he won’t be a great QB, just like we can’t say he will be.

      • GEagle

        Peyton certainly was the most prepared QB to come out of College, and even the great Peyton looked terrible his rookie year

  • Mr. Wu

    The only problem with Dilfer’s statement is that it came from Trent Dilfer. Well let’s hope he’s right this time.

  • eaglepete

    Ill say this again about the Barkley pickup. A team looking for a franchise QB absolutely has to gamble come draft day because of how long a team can take to find their guy. Definitely worth the gamble on Foles and Barkley, it can take over a decade to find a franchise QB so it doesnt hurt to take some shots to find the most important player for a team. Look no further than Skins giving up the farm for RG3, you can always build up the other parts of a team.

    • cliff henny

      the interesting thing about kelly’s offense is…what if you dont need a franchise qb to run it at high level, he did it at Oregon. wouldnt that just shift the whole nfl phylosophy right upside down! it really is the only flaw in the nfl, it’s just way to starting qb centric. everything revolves around them, money, how team is built, who gets other huge contracts like LTs. every good team (now that smith in out of SF) is literally 1 rolled up knee from being .500. just think of the tremendous advantage kelly could create if he lessened the degree of just that 1 position by half, or instead of taking 4 yrs to make qb, only takes 2 due to offense being more qb friendly. or having enough practice reps to have a 1a and 1b like foles/barkley. just in cap space alone, every top 10 qb is 12-15% of the cap. remember the pats great run, had alot to do with brady on rookie contract. seattle is loving life, starting qb only costing 1.5m, it’s huge advantage. balt and dallas are hating life cause they had to buck up for franchise qb, if you even consider them ones, cause if not, they’re 3-4 yrs from having anything equal. with that said, i’m paying rodgers 20m all day long.

      • knighn

        “12-15% of the cap” or even more.

        I have thought about the idea of Chip Kelly minimizing the QB position in the NFL. It certainly worked for him in College. But there are certain things that work in college that just don’t work in the NFL, even with a genius like Chip Kelly. See igglesblitz / Tommy Lawlor. Of course I agree: in today’s NFL I can’t see a team getting away with running the ball 65% of the time! In today’s NFL a team is eventually going to need a franchise QB (even if the QB is not the most physically gifted guy in the universe).
        Either way: I’m looking forward to the regular season so we can have a much better idea of what Chip Kelly actually plans to run!

        Oh, and if Joe Flacco is really worth $20 million, what’s Aaron Rodgers worth? Like $40 million? $60 Million?! Note: I’m not actually suggesting this. I just think Flacco is overrated and not worth $20 million, even in today’s day and age.

        • GEagle

          He can minimize the position during the regular season…but you need a good QB in the playoffs…no way around it

          • cliff henny

            never said the qb could be bad, just making point that he could reduce cost, he cant change that it’s the most important position. if the system makes them easy and faster, that’ll reduce the cost. if his practice system allows for 2nd stringer to be better prepared, that’s advantage too. one of the restraints to making an nfl team is salary cap. if kelly’s system allows for an easing of just that one contract, where that money could be spent on other parts of team, that would be huge advantage. yes, if qb throw 5 ints, probably lose game.

          • Warhound

            But how good does he need to be if the extra $ pays for an OL for the ages?

        • cliff henny

          even 50/50, the overall offensive phylosophy could change, where the learning curve is reduced dramatically. if his system is making qbs quicker, that reduces the value. he did that at college for sure. in pro’s, it’ll need to be more passing, but he’ll be working with much better players than hs recruits. it still wont change that it’s the most important position. flacco and romo got paid so much because of time invested along with replacement cost, they just dont have plan b, or can make one in less than 5 yrs. the elite are still elite, room for those guys, but they are few and far between. but alot of qbs getting elite money that arent.

          • GEagle

            I don’t disagree….so excited to see what he can turn the two young gunners into

  • Wilbert M.

    Barkley will be the starter on 9/9/2013.

    • cliff henny

      this season might be more like a NBA game, it’s not who starts, but finishes. but i just cant see how the eagles can go into next years draft not knowing what they have in foles/barkley. really have no dog in this hunt, whether it’s current guys or ’14 draft pick, need someone to be in place by ’15. i’ll give kelly/roseman till then.

      • Wilbert M.

        Cliff – you are right. Foles and Barkley will get their shot unless one gets out of the gate a la Russell Wilson. The one thing I’m pretty confident about is that both beat out Vick. If Chipper values quick reads and anticipation, I don’t think Vick has a chance.

  • atlvickfan

    I get to watch SEC games down here. Eli Manning had a much better arm in college than Barkley. Don’t know what film Dilfer is watching; maybe it’s on fast forward.

    • Richard Colton

      so if Barkley isn’t the answer, who do think the QB should be? Ohh right…

      • GEagle

        You do realize you are talking QBs with someone who’s screen name is atlVICKfan?lol…Iwould be mortified if I had to watch our QB play like a friggin video game Charecter that was atlanta Vick..how can anyone even enjoy that brand of football?

        • Richard Colton

          I know. She’s very typical of the kind of fan who would rather see a single player succeed than the team. What I don’t understand is the argument that Vick should start because he adds so many options to CK’s offense. Turnovers aside, Vick is one of the most one dimensional QBs in the league. We got a handful of good games from him, then the NFL figured him out. I’m done with Vick.

          • GEagle

            a second your motion to be done with Vick…If your Qb is going to be one dimensional, that one dimension better be ACCURATE PASSES!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/IndyEaglesFan Rocky Price

    2013 Barkley = 2012 Wilson

  • xlGmanlx

    Who cares about a proclamation before they even play a meaningful snap. The beauty is we won’t have to guess or chose our own adventure. Time will tell, no matter how many articles or predictions are made in MAY.

  • Ben Factor

    I just linked to this site from a USC blog. I know zip about the Eagles, and still, I’m surprised by a few things I read.

    For the record, Matt Barkley never played in a spread offense, and rarely ran a no-huddle offense. I don’t think that Kiffin gave Barkley as much freedom as Barkley wanted, when Barkley looked back on 2012. He is bright, and it was often repeated that he is good at reading defenses at the line of scrimmage. I always thought that USC should play a lot more no-huddle, given that Barkley supposedly had the knowledge and smarts to read the defense and counter what he saw. So far as his conditioning, he looked like he should lose weight, but what do I know?

    I haven’t followed Vick much at all, but I sort of assumed he was extremely athletic, with a strong arm. In the system that Kelly ran at Oregon, a series of inexperienced QBs played well. I inferred that a highly evolved “mental game” was not required for QB success in that system. I could have that all wrong. In addition, Kelly may be planning an entirely different approach in the NFL. Still, I would tend not to rule out Vick in a Kelly system, looking at Kelly’s history.

    I have no justifiable assertions regarding Nick Foles. I always assumed that Barkley was the better QB, but (1) I could have been wrong, and (2) that was then, this is now.