Eagles Wake-Up Call: Mike Vick Versus the Ninja Stick

If Tom Anderson helped Michael Vick smoke LeSean McCoy in that race Thursday, he isn’t taking credit for it.

“No, that’s genetics right there,” he said with a laugh. “That’s Mrs. Vick.”

But surely, reconnecting with his trainer this offseason didn’t hurt him any.

Anderson, a track coach at Landstown High School in Virginia Beach, also trains professional athletes (Percy Harvin is also one of his clients). Vick’s high school football coach, Tom Reamon, now coaches at Landstown, and sent Vick in Anderson’s direction following the 2009 season. Vick credits Anderson for restoring the strength and speed he lost during his time in prison. In 2010, those skills were back on display in a big way.

Vick’s play has dropped off since then, as well all know. Coincidentally or not, he spent very little time with Anderson last offseason as his off-field obligations and interests expanded. He returned to the fold following the disappointing 2012 campaign. The bulk of the training was done during  a three-week stretch in late February-early March, when Vick would head to Virginia from Thursday-Sunday to work with Anderson.

This time around, Anderson decided it was time to put the gloves on.

“We looked at his issues. ‘Mike, what’s the major concern?’ It was the blows he was taking.”

Anderson wasn’t focused on who was responsible for the hits, but rather on how to limit the punishment when those hits came. So he made boxing — and the art of avoiding the brunt of the blow — a central part of the training regimen.

In one exercise, Anderson would stand about two feet away from the quarterback and repeatedly swing a foamed “Ninja stick” at his head or upper body, forcing Vick to turn his shoulders and “get skinny” to minimize the impact. In another, Anderson put an elastic band around Vick’s ankles and had him slide from side-to-side while punching at a stationary bag. (Anderson wouldn’t let Vick make contact with the bag. “We’re not tuning up your knuckles,” he told him, “we’re making you more elusive.”)  Whistle blows. Slide punch slide. Thirty seconds on, 30 seconds off. Whistle. Slide punch slide.

Vick and Anderson also wanted to get prepped for Chip Kelly‘s up-tempo pace, so they treated their football sessions more like track practice. Short bursts. Run a play. Right back to the line. Run another one. They timed it so it was the equivalent of running 30 plays in a quarter. Anderson taught him breathing techniques that sprinters use.

They also focused on the read option — going through different looks and having Vick react to them.

“He looked magnificent,” said Anderson. “You put him out on the perimeter, it’s a problem. It was exciting, I’ll say that.”

The biggest difference Anderson saw from 2010 to last season was that Vick was playing slower. He was relaxed in ’10, allowing muscle memory to shine through.

“Any time there is confusion, when there is a different set of stimuli, it slows you down,” he said. “He was apprehensive. We tried to speed it up and get him acclimated to different stimuli and different angles.”

Whether you want to credit genetics, training, or both,Vick proved Thursday that he is still lightning-fast at 32. The big question is whether he can still play and react fast, as he did back in 2010. We’ll see if his offseason work pays off.


Teammates react to the Vick-McCoy race.

Matt Barkley is just as curious as you are as to what Kelly has in store.

In the latest Twitter Mailbag, we talk Vick, Nick Foles and the secondary.

Sheil gives us three Eagles numbers that matter.

 Tom Gamble‘s draft input was “really valuable.”


Can we take anything away from Vick’s victory over Shady? Dan Graziano weighs in.

What does this tell us about the on-field chances of the 2013 Eagles? Not a lot, I guess. But when people put down Vick and wonder why Kelly brought him back for another chance, things like this can serve as reminders of what he still has to offer. Vick is one of the all-time athletic marvels in the history of the NFL — as fast as any quarterback we’ve ever seen (and apparently faster than some of the league’s top running backs) and armed with one of the strongest throwing arms of all time. Kelly would hardly be the first coach to look at Vick and see fantastic, even limitless potential.

Mel Kiper believes tight end Zach Ertz will be one of the impact players from Round 2.

It’s not an accident that we’ve seen tight ends drafted out of Stanford in two of the past three years. Chip Kelly loves to use them. And the Eagles drafted Ertz not just because Kelly couldn’t stop him in college — Ertz had 11 catches against the Ducks last year — but because he’s a great fit for Kelly. The Eagles have speed outside, but they really needed another tight end so they can get two on the field. And Kelly loves players who catch and block down the field. That’s Ertz.


Kapadia will also race Vick, but has demanded that no cameras be present.


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  • nicksaenz1

    Whether this form training helps Vick remains to be seen. I didn’t see anything that taught him how to slide, hold the ball, or read pass coverage. However, it’s interesting, to say the least, and sounds like it involves some techniques that all QBs should go through every offseason. I’d have to think that any coach that hears of this training (if they haven’t already) would have to be slightly intrigued if it helps his QB remain upright and move around better in the pocket.

    • GEagle

      Interesting…hope it helps mike, but I’m as skeptical as you are.Not exactly sure why this would exite me..Vick has always been a physical GOD….it’s the football IQ, and unnecessary risk taking that bothers me…although I’m glad for Vick that he has his speed back I actually am in awe of Mike Vick the person since being released from prison. Class act…so I wish him well..but its tough to have any excitement regarding him.,..Fool me once, fool me twice….

      • nicksaenz1

        it wasnt really skepticism. all that was helped was ability to elude hits and how to try to take them better so he doesnt break his ribs again. sounds great. however, id be more inclined to hear about what hes doing to improve his defense-reading abilities, learning to slide, etc. those are whats going to win him the job, not how to take a hit. you alluded to it, so im not sure where you inferred skepticism. i just noted that its interesting training, but not as practical because him being a ‘god’. turnovers are his problem, not making people miss…. i agree completely about his personal transformation. not enough ppl give him credit in this regard.

  • Richard Colton

    Good luck to Kapadia in his upcoming race with Vick. Turnabout being fair play – does that mean someone gets to go to town on McManus with the Ninja Stick?

    • GEagle

      Hope Sheil tries running with his shoelaces untied

  • Geagle

    Jesse Sapolu…and two knew Hampshire kids, a CB and a LB are going to try out for the Eagles…You guys can get the skinny on http://www.eaglesblog.net

    • GEagle

      Sapolu is an interesting kid former Zealand, who chip tried to recruit at Oregon, but the NCAA wouldn’t allow it…athletic Olineman, interesting kid..think San Fran had him for a year

      • laeagle

        Yes, Jesse sure is an interesting kid. Hall of Fame offensive lineman. Please minimize your chatter.

        • GoBirds1

          You two are like the blind leading the blind. Read the link to undo the confusion.

          • laeagle

            Thanks hardball, I think I got it.

  • Kcruel

    Glad to see Vick getting back to basics as a result of Chip arriving.

    When I hear the word skeptical from any Eagles fan esp without confirmation of scheme, players or starters under a new coach, I imImediately categorize them as a Negadelphian. So accustomed to focusing on the bad experiences of the past, they fear the same experiences in the future. Contrast that with 49ers fans, by adding Harbaugh they actually believed in Alex Smith & the same group who failed the previous year under Mr. “Can’t Win With Them”. Happiness may lie in reserving judgment until you actually see nothing has changed.

    • I try to be as positive as possible, but everyone has their right to be skeptical and critical. This team has been bad for too long now. Blind acceptance just because of a coaching change is ridiculous.

      I really doubt the love for Smith was as universal as you make it seem. He was on a short leash the entire time, and it was pretty clear Harbaugh was looking for any excuse he could find to put Kaepernick in. If they loved him that much he would have gotten his job back when he got healthy.

      • Kcruel

        Its not blind acceptance to be relieved that the previous regime was replaced after bottoming out. Your proverbial Eagles glass may be half empty, mine is always ready to be refilled when changes are made.

        That was 2012 when he was replaced, the previous year 49ers nation was singing his praises & asking for a long term contract. I lived in the Bay & heard it daily esp after we handed the 49ers a victory when Maclin was stripped from behind. Get your facts straight before deciding to debate.

        • GEagle

          You can be excited about the new regime, but still have doubts on certain players….I’m sooo excited about Kenny Phillips, but am I blindly going to assume that everything is ok, and that after the surgeries, and chump change price we paid for him, that he is back to starting form? I’m skeptical of Phillips,Vick,Watkins,Maclin right now, but that doesn’t mean I won’t root them on if they are on the field in September…what is this blind, mindless sheep acceptance of EVERYTHING? I think Chip is going to be a damn good coach. but I don’t expect him to be a miracle worker, and to have discovered the fountain of youth…I can be excited about the eagles, while also rationally acknowledge that not every single player from the last regime, is going to magically transform just because we have a new coach. I’m Sure the change will bring out the best in MANY of our past players…but you have to be a fool to expect it from EVERY PLAYER….cheering your team on, and being skeptical aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive

        • And that’s great. I’m happy you’re happy. But if your attitude is that your way of thinking is the way it should be and someone else is wrong because they are skeptical, you are just as bad as they are. Everyone has their right to their opinion, and there’s always room for well thought out debate.

          Anybody here can tell you my homer glasses are rosier than most, but in no means do I think I am right and the skeptics are wrong, and that they have no right to be skeptical and even negative. Until Chip gets on the field and shows us that he can improve the team and right the ship,you’re going to see a lot of skeptics.. and rightfully so.

          • GEagle

            What people need to understand, is that you can be skeptical about a certain player this time of year, yet still root him on, if he takes the field as a bird is September…I got my Rosie Homer shades on for about 97% of what has transpired since the chipster came to town, but I would be a fool to just accept EVERTHING blindly and not have questions…come September, I will be my rabid fan self cheating on, WHOEVER takes the field…but there are certain position battles, that I look at in terms of what’s the best for our FUTURE, and I put more weight into 2014/2015 than I do next year…..

            Btw, someone the other day was asking where they could find the footage about the chip press conference when he held up 3 fingers…Eagles official site, has put up a mix tape of last weekends best chip quotes.like a highlight video..and the three TE segment was included in the video…

            Also, if everyone heard Chip kElly interview with Angelo Cataldi…very exciting, hearing what Chip thinks of the 2013 Eagles chances

      • Tom W

        But to judge and draw negative conclusions on the regime based on ways the old regime did things is a bit obtuse and narrow minded — Something this town is well known for. And the Eagles have been relatively good for over a decade except for last two years…

        • Why is it? Howie Roseman is still here.

          Eagles have been relatively good because of the exceptional play of guys a select group of guys. But the organization did an absolutely horrid job of preparing the roster for the future, and as the home grown talent got older the team drafted badly and tried to create a patchwork band of mercenary free agents to fill the void. It finally caught up with them last year, with a 4-12 team that looked good on paper, but played terrible on the field and had absolutely no depth.

          I’m not saying I think it’s all Howie’s fault, but he’s not going to get a free pass from anyone in Philly. As long as he’s part of the brain trust going forward you will always see people criticizing the way of the old regime, as he was part of it.

          • Capt. Undapants

            People keep placing blame on Howie and I’m still not understanding why. Let’s look at some facts that should absolve Howie.

            Lurie’s endorsement. While I understand the skepticism here, the previous draft itself should back Lurie’s comments up. Andy Reid took Eric Fisher rather than Luke Joeckel. Joeckel was the consensus best #1 overall player. Various articles state that he was number one in Kansas City’s organization as well. Who does Andy Reid draft? Fisher because he liked him better. Reid gets his way when he wants.

            Let’s try from an Eagles’ standpoint. Ever since his arrival Howie has been getting players that Chip has wanted. Howie has been catering to the head coaches preference in measurables, football iq, attitude, etc. he has been catering to the coach. Lurie said that in 2012 Howie took the reins. Look at our 2012 draft class.

            Explain the hate to me.

          • Well a few things here.. Joeckel was the consensus in the mock draft community. Doesn’t always translate to what coaches and GM’s think. Fisher was a less polished (not much less) prospect but had more of a mean streak that some coaches prefer. I don’t think it was as clear cut as you make it seem, I think there was a lot of organizations that would have made the same choice as KC. Now, if you were to mention the fact that Andy plans to re-up Brandon Albert and have Fisher play RT for a long time, now that’s a bonehead decision.

            I do believe that the poor drafting had more to do with AR than Howie. But there are other issues as well. He did well on some contracts, but some not so well (Cole’s has made him basically impossible to move, and I believe we over paid for Herremans). If Washburn was Howie’s idea, that also did not work out so well.

            Unless Howie was kept in a broom closet since he became GM, he needs to be held accountable for the choices that the organization made. Even if it’s Andy’s name on all these choices, Howie had no qualms taking credit when things went well.

            He deserves credit as well, he learns form his mistake. But by no means is he immune to rightful criticism. I like Howie a lot, and I think he’s improving year after year, but nothing he’s done has made him untouchable.

          • Capt. Undapants

            I’ll have you know that I typed out a huge response because this was about to be a good debate. Then as I kept reading/writing I realized that I was arguing really hard for Howie. I wondered if *I* was Howie. Haha.

            I guess I can see it from your perspective; and you did answer my request. So I’ll leave it there.

          • It’s not really even my perspective to be honest. I like what Howie is doing the last few years ,and I really think he’s learning from his mistakes. I’m just trying to shed some light on why some people might not think the same.

          • Capt. Undapants

            Appreciate it my man.

          • I think Howie does much more good than harm, same with Andy – over the whole of his career.

            Howie does a good job with the money and bringing in talent. Was it Howies fault that Nnamdi *AND* DRC sucked? Maybe. Probably not.

          • GoBirds1

            YES and Yes. Who was Howie competing with when he got Namdi for way less than he anticipated? Jerry Jones, a drunk self appointed GM and Tannenbaum, another non-football GM that has since been fired and has of yet to secure another football management job. And why did we get Namdi in the first place, we already had DRC and Ansanti, because Howie and the rest of the Bird culture is we are smarter than everybody else and we will make work as the gold standard always does. Now, how did that really work out for Howie. It must be fun playing fantasy football with Lurie’s money.

          • GoBirds1

            Your biggest mistake is your premise – Lurie’s endorsement. If you believe that lie, i have some waterfront real estate to sell you in Florida.

          • Capt. Undapants

            I hardly, if ever, believe endorsements such as that. Which is why I went on the tangent about Reid, Joeckel, and Fisher. Given how 2010, 2011, 2012, AND 2013 turned out (refer to my argument) I’ll go ahead and believe Lurie.

            Reid chose Fisher instead of Joeckel notwithstanding the Chiefs’ org allegedly being high on Joeckel. Reid preferred Fisher; Reid got Fisher. Now rewind to 2010, 2011, and 2012. Look at the former two drafts and the latter draft. Howie supposedly took over in 2012. Look at that draft. Look at 2013 when he followed Chip’s requests. Do 2012 and 2013 look like 2010 and 2011? Hell 2 tha nah. Common denominator? Reid’s [alleged] lack of participation in either draft.

            Now I could be overly optimistic, but the 2012 draft and, preliminarily, the 2013 drafts give me good reason to be hopeful. So I’ll continue to stick up for the current GM until he gives me a blatantly convincing reason not to be.

          • GoBirds1

            You must not have followed what went on between ’10 and ’13 and Howie’s appointment as GM. His primary role was to head player personnel decisions and prepare for the draft. All I have to say is Watkins, Jaquin Jarrett, Nnamdi. See my other post below regarding Howie and the Nnamdi acquisition. Who do you think had more influence on the draft, Howie, Gamble or Kelly. Howie is smart, just not a good football talent evaluator. He learned from his mistakes and realized he is better off letting those who have made a lifetime and career out of evaluating football talent than doing it himself and stick to what he knows, structuring contracts, managing the cap and negotiating deals. Delegate and let the football guys make the football decisions. How much organized football do you think Howie ever played at any level in his life? Probably close to zero. If you have never played the game and have never coached the game, it is very difficult to be value added in any type of football analysis at this level.

          • theycallmerob

            This is ridiculous. Howie is not king of talent evaluation. There is a scouting department for a reason. Howie is told who to go after, and he does in the most financially reponsible manner possible (from the team’s perspective). The general consensus is he is good at it.

            Reid and Banner are gone. Some issues are not- the void of talent they left from the years of bad drafting (yes, even before Howie was hired); the breakdown in player self-accountability and overall crumbling of the team concept; the coaching debacles; the Vick experiment; etc. This is the biggest cultural shift in 15 years. That is obvious to us from the FA’s brought in, the cultural changes, the structural changes, the draft (which was vastly different this year and last, from the earlier Reid years).

            Is Howie anywhere near Ozzie’s level? no. But he’s sure not Matt Millen either. Our organization is structured differently, and Howie does what he does very well. Enough already. This notion of 31 other wise, football-playing and therefore successful football-evaluating GM’s outsmarting Howie is ridiculous and shortsighted. Let this process play out.

          • GEagle

            Well said..perfect way to put it..”Howie is told who to get, and he figures out the best way to AQUIRE them”…. in terms of the draft, Lurie already told us that prospects get funneled down to Howie…Howie is really only choosing from a pool of respects that Gamble and the scouts already signed off on….If you trust chip, then you are a fool to not trust Howie…If Chip didn’t believe he could be successful in Philly, he would NOT BE HERE!!! howie is one of the main reasons chip has blessed us with his presence lol

        • GoBirds1

          GOOD? this team hasn’t been good since they went to the SB. What Eagle team have you been watching?

    • cliff henny

      negadelphia was a hard and well earned nickname. lot might have to age. anyone older than 40, grew up in some of the worst football and baseball times any city could ever see. phillies, accept for 10 yrs, put some the most horrendous product on field for 60-70 yrs, eagles werent far behind up till say ’95. it has been alot better lately. i can see how fans under 30-35 dont get it.

      • The 20 years prior to 1980 were the worse period in sports history, but there was an exception due to the flyers who won the Cup back to back in 74 and 75 and treated Phila to the best Championship parade we’ve ever saw.

        In the 70s and 80s, the Phillies were pretty lean, but we had Steve Carlton, arguably the best pitcher in baseball, who lead the Phillies to a 1980 World Series victory with Tug McGraw as the closer. 1981 Phils loss in WS to the Blue Jays The Philles won it all 9 years after opening Veterans Stadium.

        It was Dick Vermile who initially turned around the Eagles fate, Vermile was also a College coach who left the ranks of the NCAA at UCLA to come into Phila in 76 and with in a few years had the Eagles in their first Super Bowl. Vermile woke up the beast in Phila with regard to the possibilities of what the Eagles could become.

        That was followed by the Sixers in 83 Fo, Five, Fo, rummage through the Playoffs to bring home the Banner.

        Then came the first “Fat Man” Buddy Ryan who build an absolute monster defense, had he taken more interest in the Offense there’s no doubt the Eagles could contend for a Super Bowl.

        Phila is negative because of the disappointments over the years of being close on several occasions but not having what it took to get over the hump and bring home those titles. There were years in that period when we had the best teams but could not close the deal in the end. .


        • cliff henny

          why i put cutoff line at about 40. i’m 41, so really only have memory of about age 10 on, or 1980 on, bad, but not 40-50’s bad. had father and uncle who we’re full pitch negadelphians, and for good reason. some of that’s worn off, but both still as soon as i say ‘eagle or phillies’ start in with ‘here comes homer’. anyone under 30, just really cant understand just how aweful philadelphia sports was for literally generations.

          • That’s true, you begin to see the divide at those fans born in the 80s. The 80s compared to the 20 years before were the absolute worse period in Phila History. After the 1960 Eagles Championship everything went down hill for that 20 year period. The worse being Dallas, Giants and Redskins winning multiple Super Bowls and the dreaded Steelers bringing home 4 to the Western part of the State.
            For a long time there were a lot of Steelers and Raider fans in Phila, Dick Vermile brought them back into the fold. Well that and the time when it was a possibility that Lenard Toss would have to sell the team to a group from LA to settle his debts with the Casinos in Atlantic City.

      • Richard Colton

        right on Cliff. I’m 35. I was out of the country in ’08 & ’09, so I missed the Phillies championship season completely. I haven’t seen a championship team since the ’83 sixers – and I was 4 years old. My endearing sports memories are Mike Schmidt getting heckled into retirement in ’87, the mirage that was the ’93 phillies, Rich Kotite taking over a very good Buddy Ryan team and letting the wheels come off, the Legion of Doom, and Andy Reid playing Moses in ’04.

        Other than that – terrible. But my parents and grandparents had it way worse. decades of hopeless teams. Yeah – negadelphia was earned by clueless coaches and greedy owners. It’s our birthright until we get one Super Bowl.

        • GEagle

          Born in 82, and I was out of the country for the exciting 2010 season…so it’s been a while since I saw some decent football in Philly…as for the sixers, Im not even ready to talk about them after how Bynum ripped my heart out…anyone else know what it’s like to get season tickets to the sixers for the first time EVER this year, only to see tickets sell for 25 cents a game on stub hub? Oh the pain!!!
          Wanna hear something even more painful? Remember the Eagles Super Bowl year? Remember how we started out really bad losing to the patriots, and some other teams? I sold my tickets for the second half of the season lol. the last game I went to that year was the Jets game lol..so I got to see, the Monday night opening day at the linc loss, with Rocky on the jumbo torn to the Bucs, the loss to the pAtriots, I forget who we played in the 3rd game, then I saw the Jets game, and unloaded the tickets…we went on to make a Super Bowl run!!!

      • laeagle

        I’m over 40, and I get it, but it’s still a waste of time to take all of the past failures of our teams and use them as an excuse to wallow in misery. Seriously, get over it. When you’re so jaded by the past that you can’t look at a fresh start with anything other than more habitual negativity, it’s time to find another hobby. Following sports should be fun, and if it’s not, your life will be short and brutish.

        • I agree. If people think 4-12 is normal for us they are either very new or very high.

          If people are not optomistic/excited about the Chip Kelly era by this point then they can GTFO. I have been here rain or shine so it makes no difference to me.

        • cliff henny

          my point was more to the understanding of negadelphia, not condoning it. tell a 60 yr old man not be, and he’s got unlimited ammo from his childhood. those under 30-35, really havent seen the lean times. i’m for most part not, until the end of a close game when i can hear my father say ‘wonder how they’ll F it up this time’

      • eaglepete

        yup, totally agree Cliff, Im 42 and know exactly what you mean. Read my comment above on Vick, and I think its the logical reason we dont want to waste time with him as the starter. Its not like the guy hasnt started for this team the last 3 yrs or so. I could understand if this was only his 2nd seasons but its not.

      • Under 35 for sure. I am 35 and have been a fan since right around 87. Our defenses were amazing back then but our offenses often lacked. Then in the Andy/Donovan era we had a better balance and put up great numbers.

        For people that don’t know: from about 2000 to 2010 it was pretty much the Pats, Colts, and then us on winning percentage – one of the only stats that does actually count for something.

        New fans understandably hear the history/hype but the product is very mediocre. This is not how we do things, trust me things are improving.

    • Richard Colton

      I tend to agree with Adam on the Alex Smith thing, but your point is well taken. Maybe a better analogy is the new 49ers regime and Vernon Davis? He seemed to be on his way out of San Fran, and Harbaugh got him to play at a high level.

      • GEagle

        Alex smith was not 33yrs old at the time of a coaching change

        • Richard Colton

          do you mean Vick? I wouldn’t compare the two. Vick does nothing for me at this point. He’s just a placeholder. Even if CK gets him to play the best ball of his life, so what? he’s already on the downslope of his career, where will he be when (god willing) we’re making our Superbowl push in 2 seasons? I’d rather invest time in finding out what we have or don’t have in Foles & Barkley than wasting time trying to turn around Mike Vick’s career for a 5th time.

          • GEagle

            Preaching to the choir my friend…NO MORE BAND AIDS! No more trying to retool on the fly…start building towards the only thing that matters, a Super Bowl…shortcuts don’t work very often

          • Nick

            If Vick plays the best ball of his life for an entire season, the Eagles win a Superbowl. Did you see 2010? It’s just the “for an entire season” part that probably won’t happen.

          • Richard Colton

            yeah – except he’s 32. Even in 2010, when the league caught up to his change-up and slider, he wasn’t able to adjust. The best we can hope for from Vick is 14 games and 58% passing. Even if he looks great in the regular season, between his history of injury and poor decision making on the field, I wouldn’t feel good heading into the playoffs.

          • It wasn’t Vick that didn’t adjust it was Reid that didn’t adjust. As a matter of fact dude became even more stubborn then make adjustments to his game. For Reid it was about winning HIS way not just winning.

          • Foles and Barkley will get some reps and a lot of playing time during Vicks downtime. No body including Chip Kelly or Vick thinks that he will play 16 games. In 2 years one of the youngsters could have 8 wins under their belt if they play lights out. Not everyone drafted has to play right away.

  • cliff henny

    sounds great, not going to blast anyone for taking the off-season more seriously. hope it translates to the field. what i get more out of this is maybe the media thinks everything out of kelly’s mouth is lip service, ie open competition, but sure sounds like vick took him seriously (bigger, stronger, faster and maybe more durable). also, add peters and cole, both sound like they’ve bought in. whether we like it or not, vick still has pull with the players, and when team leaders step up, will make everyone else fall in-line. all the complacency that set in with players under Reid hopefully kelly’s gotten rid of in 3 months.

  • phil

    Not falling for this crap again. Every off season for the past 2 years its the same thing with a different thing he’s working hard at. Now its avoiding hits. The past two off seasons we were kept being told how hard he’s studying defenses, becoming a better pocket passer and avoiding turnovers. Then we get awarded with that week 1 performance against the browns. We already know he’ll miss at least 4 games if he starts this year too. Im not buying this crap anymore. Ill wait to get excited when we have anyone but Vick under center.

    • cliff henny

      listening about Vick in off-season is really like watching ‘groundhog’s day’. every year it’s the same thing over and over.

    • Andy wanted Vick to sit in the pocket. Chip is going to let Vick do his thing. Big difference

    • GoBirds1

      How about him and Bryce Brown room together and focus solely on ball security. Something the both should have learned in high school or earlier. If they could master this basic discipline, their value to the team would go up significantly. God bless their God given talent, now use a little common sense and show some discipline.

  • addicted2mula

    With the new line Vicc is goin to feel comfortable behind the line. AND WE ARE GOIN BACC TO A RUN FIRST TEAM. That well help Vicc out as well. Chip is goin to make the plays fit Vicc and make it easy. Zacc Ertz well be his new guy to throw to

  • eaglepete

    This is all well and good but when you get blind sided, non of this training matters. A lot of hits in football you never see coming, and those are the ones that hurt you. I will just say this again, coach #4 for Vick now thinks he can make it work with him. Most of us that bash Vick are only doing it because we think we know his ceiling already. That being the case, we want to see a young qb groomed because that can take a season or two. Why waste time on Vick at this point. Even if he plays well, the new coach, new system and esp the D will only net this team a certain ceiling of 8-9 wins max in best case scenario. I think that is sound reasoning and not negative. You can give me Elway examples but that team they built around him was full of pro bowlers and TD who was a beat of a rb, best TE maybe ever in football in Sharpe and great WRs and line. This team is not even close to that level, if it ever gets there Vick will be gone by that point because he simply wont be granted those extra seasons to get there.

  • Phils Goodman

    Vick always reminded me of a boxer with his pocket movement.

    • Richard Colton

      even the President couldn’t get Vick to slide. Not sure why we all think Chip Kelly can.

      • Phils Goodman

        What’s that have to do with boxing?

  • Even if he does have a good year, he’ll get a big contract, then suck.

  • GEagle

    Vicks career stats:
    56.3% completion percentage
    123 passing TDs
    82 INTs
    37 fumbles

    • Can’t mention his stats without talking about rushing TDs and rushing yards. Those are HUGE parts of his game.

      • GEagle

        That also got him knocked out of a lot of games

        • I think sitting in the pocket has got him hurt more than on the run. he never ends up flat on his back after a run.

          • Mr. Wu

            It seems like no matter how many times this fact is stated people still gloss over it…….you gotta let Vick be Vick

          • GEagle

            Vick sure seemed like Vick last year when he scrambled down to the 1yardline against the steelers, saw the hit coming, closed his eyes. Fell to the ground, and just gave the ball to the steelers….
            I’m soooo tired of the excuses of the Vick apologists. It’s OK, let it GO! he fooled me TOO! You don’t have to go down with the sinking ship, you can ABBORT!! GOOD BUSINESS is also knowing when to CUT YOUR LOSSES and ABORT!……He has fumbled and gotten hurt scrambling out of the pocket, and he has gotten hurt and fumbled getting hit in the pocket…he has thrown INTs from the pocket, and he has thrown them on the run. he is 32 years old, and isn’t a THINKING QB….How can people still have faith in the guy, being able to out duel, and make less mistakes over the course of a playoff game then a Wilson, Ryan,Kapernick,Rogers,..and then beat out a Flacco,Brady,Peyton,Big Ben in the SB?
            if you have a 32yr old who you KNOW is not capable of winning a SB, them WTF are you doing with him? TODAY, an Undrafted rookie like Matt Scott, has more potential to win a Super Bowl lol..and that doesn’t mean that Matt Scott is going to play better than Mike Vick next year, but ANY YOUNG KID who has less then 2years of NFL playing experience, at the very least has HOPE to one day develope into THAT guy…Vick provides ZERO HOPE! the best you can get out of Vick is an exciting, BUT predetermined, LIMITED RIDE…and that’s not good enough for me. I would rather see a revolving door of young QBs at QB, ATleast trying to find someone HO can eventually be developed into that guy…Vick represents, a potentially exciting, But COMPLETELY WASTED YEAR!…the goal is to win a Super Bowl, not to get to the playoffs..while you are building to get to the Super Bowl, if you happen to sneak in the playoffs, GREAT..but we shouldn’t waste a year, building a developing a playoff team, with a player we already know isn’t the answer…and that Dynamic compounds itself when you have two young rookie QBs with some potential on your roster

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      What is the point of stating incomplete statistics. Very unconvincing

      • EXACTLY! It’s about offensive production. When you add in rushing stats and rushing TDs his production looks a lot like other top QBs.

      • GoBirds1

        How about this for complete statistics: Playoff record for starting QB- 1-2 after 10 years in the league. Not very impressive.

  • GEagle

    Baldi is saying we are going to see crazy stuff with Lane…..JP and Lane lined up side by side in unbalanced formations…the tackles being lined up outside the numbers..Baldi is saying we should be prepared for crazy innovations…He sAid he was watching the fiesta bowl, and saw a crazy play he had never seen before, so he texted howie about it, and howie responded with, “IT’S COMING!!”

    • cliff henny

      why not? as long as the play isnt some crazy 6 lateral throw-back to qb. all the ‘crazy’ oregon plays, it’s just an odd formation, but the play ends up being rather simple.

      • GEagle

        I’m ALL FOR IT!!

      • GoBirds1

        You mean crazy like a half back option to run or pass on the two yard line. Or do you mean insane like running the shovel pass inside the ten for 14 years out of the same formation — and it is the only play you have ever run out of that same formation. That crazy and silly Andy Reid!!! In Chip We Trust…GoBirds!

      • GEAgle

        cant wait for the first time I see Lane and Peters lined up side by side, far outside the numbers, away from the rest of the line, and just smashing people

  • Cyrus Robinson

    If Chip can devise a syatem that Vick could thrive in, he’d be unstoppable. Vick has the highest ceiling of almost any QB, even at 32. I know he hasn’t played well as of late, but he has the ability to do anything. A mistake free, or even greatly reduced, Vick would be an absolute monster. Especially now that he has his Crumpler type TE.

  • xlGmanlx

    I think Mike’s dedication and commitment to winning and football cannot be challenged. However his ability to separate himself mentally from being just good to elite is the bigger question.

  • Max Lightfoot

    Vick’s dash comes from years of running for his life! Hopefully that will change with this year’s O-line. Hope he does well this year. I’m tired of everybody and their Uncle Lou ragging on Vick. All he’s done is try his best – he leaves it all on the field. Go Eags!

    • nicksaenz1

      No one questions his effort. Its the constant mediocrity that people are tired of seeing.

    • GEagle

      Casey Mathews try his best too….is that good enough for you? Kurt Coleman does HIS best, is that good enough for you? Sorry, but we don’t hang up our 16th place medals around here…RESULTS!!!!

  • FitTech

    Vick vs Sheil would be close. I would have to give the edge to Sheil by a nose.