Eagles Wake-Up Call: What The Barkley Pick Says About Chip

When the  Eagles  moved up to select Matt Barkley in the fourth round, it sent a jolt through the NovaCare media room — as I am sure it did through living rooms across the Delaware Valley. There were “Wow!”s and “Huh?”s and grunts, followed by the the sound of reporters frantically attacking their keyboards.

A beat later one of the Eagles’ PR men came in and announced, “Chip is on his way down, guys.”

A scramble to the auditorium. Chip Kelly swiftly made his way to the podium as the media was getting settled. One reporter said to Kelly as he walked by: “Man, I can’t figure you guys out.”

Kelly stopped. And turned. And said, “It’s really not that hard. Look at who the best players are. That’s who we’re going to take.”

The drafting of the USC quarterback is the most significant moment of the Chip Kelly era to date. Not because Barkley will go on to become a franchise quarterback — he could be amazing, he could be a disappointment — but rather because of what it reveals about the new head coach.

Kelly has stated on numerous occasions that he is not married to a specific scheme and will cater to his players’ strengths. But a golden rule when reporting on a team is to watch what they do, not what they say. Up until this point, everything Kelly had done was pro-mobile quarterback. He made the decision to keep Michael Vick. Signed G.J. Kinne and Dennis Dixon. Released Trent Edwards. Nick Foles was on an island. And when word got out that the Kelly had already implemented the read-option, you wondered how Foles could compete and survive.

The problem with going after one specific type of quarterback is you significantly shrink the pool — and it’s a small pool to begin with. If you are passing on superior signal-callers just because they don’t fit your vision, then your vision has some major flaws. Kelly is a very smart coach by all accounts, and the real smart ones don’t box themselves in, but there were some doubts.

Then came the  Barkley pick.

“With Coach there’s a lot of perceptions about what he’s looking for and what he wants, and it’s always been personnel driven and it’s always been about getting good players,” said Howie Roseman moments after the draft wrapped. “One of the things that we’ve learned during the interview process was, it’s not just, ‘I have to run this specific offense, I have to have these specific players.’ It’s ‘Tell me who are good players, and then let me find their strengths.’ That’s exciting from a personnel perspective.”


Grades start rolling in for the Eagles’ draft.

Take a peek at the Jon Gruden QB Camp episode featuring Barkley.

The Eagles add nine undrafted free agents to the fold, including one bad ass punter.


Domo gives the Eagles a B-plus for their draft.

The Eagles stayed true to their board in this draft, ignoring need and selecting the best available player. Lane Johnson is an athletic OT who appears to be a good fit for Chip Kelly’s offense and second-round TE Zach Ertz is going to be a fun weapon to watch Chip Kelly use to create mismatches. The one and only trade GM Howie Roseman made – giving a seventh-round pick to Jacksonville to move up three spots in the fourth round and select QB Matt Barkley – could turn out to be a franchise-changer if Barkley ends up becoming the Eagles’ starting quarterback for the next 10 years. If he doesn’t, well, it was only a fourth-round pick.

Jeff McLane believes Kelly’s approach to his first draft mirrors Jimmy Johnson‘s in some respects.

They took players they were familiar with, with the majority of them coming from power conferences. In some instances, they coached against them – four of Kelly’s eight draft picks played in the Pac-12. They recruited a few of them out of high school.

Kelly, it seems, went the “If you can’t beat them, draft them” route by selecting three players from the only three teams he lost to during his last two seasons at Oregon. He drafted Stanford tight end Zach Ertz in the second round, LSU defensive tackle Bennie Logan in the third, and Southern Cal quarterback Matt Barkley in the fourth.

Kelly called it “a unique coincidence,” but those players obviously made an impression.


We’ll get  deeper into Kelly’s first draft picks.

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  • thefadd

    Sanchez came out early when he was advised not to. Leinart stayed in school so he could party more. Only time will really tell why Barkley stayed the extra year but he already throws a prettier ball than either of them…

  • GEagle

    In terms of value…..you couldn’t ask more out of ab4th round pick. great move!!! WE increased our odds of having a franchise guy o our roster, worst scale scenario we got trade bait….considering the Casey Mathews pick, this is a grand slam

  • Niels

    Here’s what I don’t get. If one (rightly imo) assumes that each QB has a specific set of strength’s that don’t overlap a lot; does the QB competition happen BEFORE an offense (which as Kelly notes needs to be fit to talent) is put in, OR does Kelly have an offense in mind already that he can tweak enough to adjust to any of the candidates? I guess the latter is the case here, but I for one have a hard time imagining a base offense that could be easily adjusted to any of them.

    • GEagle

      we have an offense already. the only difference is, inserting the inside and outsize Zone reads when Vick is in the game, and taking them out of the gameplan when Foles and Barkley are behind center…..We already have Some of the playroom Of course, a ton of it still needs to be added…but It’s going to be the same offense, but not every QB will run the zone read packages

      • Niels

        That makes sense. I guess the question will be whether Barkley/Foles do the limited offense that much better (read: no turnovers, smart decisions) to make it worthwhile. I also wonder if Foles/Barkley get bonus points for being young.

        • Geagle

          IZR OZR(inside and outside zone reads), is just an extra opportunity for Vick to turn the ball over…..It might look good to Chip in practice and during Camp when QBs wear the red jersey, but come preseason, and regular season, when QB’s get hit and vick puts the ball on the ground…that will take away whatever advantage Vick’s mobility might have in chips head….Im sorry, I will NEVER forget Vick rushing down to the goaline against the steelers, closing his eyes, and falling down, fumbling as the defender closed in on him…I had NEVER seen that out of Vick before, and its freightening going forward. I dont believe Vick will start more than 2 more games(at the most) as an Eagle….The sooner Kelly eliminates Vick from the QB competition, the better our young QBs will be going forward

      • dislikedisqus

        You make good points, but you can’t run a qb position like thAt past the first two preseason games. There has to be 1 starting qb, with his scheme, when you get to the regular season, not a platoon approach.

        • Geagle

          Of course….once we get to the regular season, the QB that won the job will have a decent sized leash before evert hinking about yanking him..but Im talking about in terms of preseason, or if the starter gets hurt and we have a QB change…..the Offense is what it is, and its the same for every QB…Its not like we are going to have 3 different playbooks, one for every QB…Its one playbook, when Vick isnt behind center, you just take out the Zone read packages… I really dont think its a big deal…..Regardless who the QB is, we will speed up the pace, Bryce/Shady will pound it, we are going to throw alot of Bubble/Tunnel screens…the only thing that changes is If Vick is in the game, he will probably carry it 5-8 times per game, and a few different style run plays for Shady and Bryce to play off Vicks threat to keep the ball…………
          I dont understand how its so divided amongst fans between Barkely and Foles. They are both Eagles. They can both be great, or they can both become nothing but backups…Its ok to give thoughts on who you think will beat the other, who you think will give us a better chance to win…But I dont understand the fans who are either A) completely against Foles, or B) completely against Barkley..I can understand Fans not wanting to support Vick, because we have already seen so much Horrific crap out of him, and because his age excludes him from our future, so I understand Fans being Fed up with Vick, heck I am….But Its Not FOLES vs. Barkley. BOTH ARE EAGLES. Best case scenario they grow into Big Ben and Brees, worst case scenario they are both backups….But it will be a long time before we know what we have in both of those guys….so nothing to do but get behind both and support them, and have patience so that they can grow……Of course, like everyone I have my oppinions, I have my thoughts on who will be the better QB…butt he Fact of the mater is no one knows a damn thing, and Im not married to either. I will root and support both, I have both become as great as they possibly can, and I genuinly want whoever wins the QB competition to be our starter…I dont want anything handed to anyone. May the best man win…..However, if it were up to me, we would move away from Vick NOW. Vick is the past..playing him a year or two, just keeps us from our future….We have two young gunners with potential….and we have a plethora of skill position players in place that would make a game manager like Trent Dilfer look good….so start building for our Future. Cut Vick, Trade Vick, do whatever with him, I dont care…..I would like to move forward with the two young bucks, with Dixon as there tutor

          • http://www.philthycanuck.com/ Adam

            You absolutely do NOT take out the IZR and OZR out of the offense, no matter what QB is under center. The IZR and OZR are the two cornerstones of Chip Kelly’s offense and they set up almost EVERYTHING else. Just because you do not have a mobile QB it absolutely does not change this. You may run the QB option less, but everything else is a go.

            Just because Chip has a west coast QB he will absolutely still incorporate his Oregon offense. He will blend it in with Pat Shurmur and his WCO.

          • Geagle

            Until we see If Foles or Barkley can actually RUN IT, against NFL LB’s….I dont see how you can just say that its a lock. Yes its certainly a Cornerstone of The Oregon Offense…but I dont see how anyone at this point can say that it will be a cornerstone of the Philadelphia Eagles offense……….Since the moment Chip was Hired, I expected The Philadelphia Eagles offense, to compare closest to that of the Patriots…..but It all remains to be seen.. But when 2 of the QBs of our future arent a lock to be able to run it at a competant level, I dont see how we can say that at this point

          • http://www.philthycanuck.com/ Adam

            Of course they can run it. They’re professional QB’s. Vick would be the only one of the 3 that I would question if he can handle grasping it.

            The very first day Chip got to work with his team he starting installing the zone read offense. So I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s going to be part of the offense. You don’t completely throw out what you did that made you successful to get to this point. It won’t be all we run, but we will run it.

            I’m not sure you fully grasp the concept of the IZR and OZR. Having a mobile QB running the QB option off the IZR and OZR is only one part of what you can do with it. The IZR and OZR can be very effective with a QB staying in the pocket as well. It opens up a ton of pass plays, screens, and running plays. Plus, you can still run an option with a slow QB, but the threat of him holding the ball is obviously lessened.

          • JofreyRice

            eh, disagree somewhat. There is some minimum level of running ability that’s needed to force the defense to account for the QB, and I’m not sure Foles or Barkley has that minimum level running ability.

            They’d have to be able to run away from a backside defender that’s reading the handoff and taking a step toward the RB, if they think he’s got the ball. I’m not sure that most NFL DE’s or OLBs (Pierre-Paul, Ware, Orakpo) couldn’t take a step towards the running back on a read-option play, diagnose that the QB still has the ball, and still turn and chase Foles or Barkley down before they got more than 3 yards from the LOS. The athletes are just too good.

            We’ll see what happens. Watching how this thing unfolds is really going to be fascinating.

          • http://www.philthycanuck.com/ Adam

            In the paraphrased/probably misquoted words of the great Michael Vick… “He’s got 2 legs don’t he? Then he can run!” If the end bites hard enough on the fake handoff, even a guy who runs an 8.6 40 can take off to the sidelines and get a few yards.

            If you’re going to run the read option full time, then yes you need a QB who can be mobile. Obviously Barkley and Foles doesn’t fit that role completely, but they can work in some aspects.But with Chip Kelly as your head coach, and with Pat Shurmur as OC, I can absolutely see a blend of both zone reads and WCO. The handoffs, the bubble screens, and all the play action passes are still in play and must be accounted for.

            With Shady and Bryce Brown in the backfield, certain aspects of the zone read will absolutely work. They must be respected. Certain won’t, but if you tailor it to the guys we have and you can make it work. You blend that with a more traditional offense of Pat Shurmur, you’ve got a tough offense to game plan against.

          • http://twitter.com/Lez215 Dutch

            Zone blocking is the blocking scheme, that’s going to be a consistent. Running options are simply pitch, slant or dive plays that option is effective and available in play action designed plays. The option is always determined by how the DE or OLB pitches in to defend the attempt, and the reading pre Snap alignment of LBs and Safeties is critical to whether you audible out of the called play.

            What could be considered new is formation modifications, like 2 tight end sets, or a single back set. But the basic of using the most basic running plays, or calling an audible are the same.

            Foles can run the option, he’s just not a threat to NFL speed on defense. Any defense would want Foles to keep the ball, he’s easier to deal with than one of the other backs or flankers in open space. Foles gaining 4 yds isn’t a negative play.

          • http://twitter.com/Lez215 Dutch

            Once the DE or OLB makes a commitment after the play starts determines who is going to run the ball, the pre snap read checks the placement of the linebackers and safeties , but the basics are slant, dive, or pitch.

            If you are playing a lead foot Quarterback, attack the backs and flanker forcing the QB to keep the ball. The alignment of the LBs and Safeties will determine if you audible out of a run to a quick hit or screen. However, any positive yards, even from a slow Quarterback indicates a successful attempt. It’s just some QBs are homerun threats. Three yds and a cloud of is exceptable in the option.

            The routes from the WCO compliment the spread option, most passes will be within 10 yds of the line of scrimmage or behind the line. The key is getting the ball into the hands of your playmakers. a QB like RG III, or Johnny Football present problems because both as capable of being as effective a playmaker as his flanker or running back. You’d want to get the ball out of their hands.

          • Geagle

            trust me, Im pretty well versed in the OZR/IZR concepts….you do not need to tell me how it sets up so much, I understand all that….I strongly disagree with your 2nd paragraph. I dont think mini camp had anything to do with what we are going to be…they spent the 3 days(from my interpretation) doing 2 of the most drastically different things, than anything chip had on film from our players in the past regime for 2 reasons:
            1) If he doesnt have any film at all of his new players running anything close to ZR’s and 3-4 2gapping…it would make sense to use the mini camp simply finding out who can, and who cant do those things.
            2)While learning about his roster, the ZR and 2gapping we saw at mini camp could also have been a draft smokescreen…everyone thought we we wanted Geno(I LOLed but thats a different story lol), and EJ because of assumptions that were further backed up by the intel being leaked from our predraft mini camp…but now the draft is over, and they did the exact opposite of drafting a ZR QB, and they didnt draft a single player that you can call a 2gap Lineman with any certainty….Im still not going to ignore that our personel was tailor made for the Hybrid scheme which just so happens to be the defense of choice for our new Defensive Coordinator….we certainly didnt draft any clear cut, 320lb 2gappers, yet every player on that practice field last week ran off and couldnt wait to tell us how they were 2gapping, while our Coach and GM refused to CONFIRM that we will be a 3-4 defense…Sounds like a smokescreen to me!!!!

          • Geagle

            heck there were some very enticing QBs that went undrafted capable of running Zone Reads…yet none are on our Roster…interesting

          • JofreyRice

            you mean “run the offense” or “run effectively against LBs”? I’d say we pretty much know the answer for Foles. He has good pocket mobility, and is a pretty nice thrower on the run, but I do not think he can advance the football by way of running against NFL defenses.

          • JofreyRice

            That’s my line of thinking. After the Barkley pick, though, I’m so confused by the contradictory moves, and what they mean, I’m almost done trying to prognosticate, and ready to just let it unfold in TC. Almost.

          • Absecon

            Well said! I think the key to Vick this year will be Foles in camp and early preseason. If Foles progresses from where he left off, Vick will be the back-up or traded if Barkley looks like he can handle the back-up position like Foles did last year. Dixon is probably the odd man out with the Barkley pick unless Vick gets sent away early. All that said, we could be in for a year of Vick up, Foles on deck, and Barkley in the hole….any way I’m 100% on board. Worst to first, baby!

          • Geagle

            Yeah I agree….The Xfactor is really where foles is right now in his development. If he has improved significantly from last season(which is certainly a possibility, than I dont see how Vick will make it to september as an Eagle…With that said, I also wouldnt be surprised to see Vick get the nod either. I really do believe that Today, Chip has very little idea who is QB will be…Every coach talks that Competition BS, but not all of them genuinly mean it….I think this is a REAL and LEGIT competition, and someone is going to have to win this job…..Its just the practice pace, with a new offense, that doesnt give me much hope that Vick can beat either of those two for the Job. There is a good chance Barkley and Foles will devour that playbook and know it inside and out in a week…..Can anyone say that with confidence about Vick?….Fole and Matt have seen alot of this stuff recently in college….When was the last time Vick was exposed to anything like this? Combine the fact that the intellectual side of the game and reading defenses were never his strong suits…Its tough to have any real confidence in Vick not getting left behind.

    • JofreyRice

      This is a fantastic question. The Niners and Seahawks are trying to get athletic backups to their QBs so they don’t have to change the whole gameplan if the QB1 goes down. The Redskins seem comfortable with having a “backup offense” for Kirk Cousins. In those cases, though, there is a clear-cut starter in place, that has specific skills that they’re maximizing; We don’t have that here.

      It sounds simple but at some point, I feel like Kelly’s got to design an offense, and then see who performs the best in it. They can say that it’s an open QB competion and all that, but you’ve got to have some metric for judging who does well. Are we to believe that after he determines who the primary QB is, then he’s going to design a custom “backup offense”, while the team & QB learns and perfects the primary one? Seems like a lot to ask.

      • Geagle

        I dont disagree, but you can devise an offense, and in the constraints of that offense, put in different packages for different style QB’s. i think there are a ton of concepts from Oregon that can translate without the ZR…take for example speeding up the pace in a package with SHady, Celek, Ertz,Casey, and Benn/Cooper….chip talked about what a simple concept it is, if you try to defend us with Linebackers, we will speed up the pace, not allow you to substitute, and create mismatches to explot in the passing game…If you try and defend it with cornerbacks, we are going to pound the ball down your throat….the only thing that really changes is, HOW we will pound the ball down your throat..I dont doubt that if a mobile guy proves to move our offense the best, that chip would love to try to use the Zone read run game, because of that split second that it freezes the defense, and that extra element that the QB adds…but its not the end of the world if you have to switch the run game to a more pro style of run game. The important part is you will still have a bunch of Big Tightends, blocking smaller cornerbacks allowing shady to just pound it down the defenses throat……For the most part, the pass game can be the same(I say CAN BE, because Im aware of the different things you can do in the passing game off of a zone read, but even if we had a mobile QB, I dont think those intricate additions would even be added until year 2 of the offense anyway)………..

        Forget the Oregon offense. If we have personel that allows it to translate, awesome…but the meat and potatoes of chip kelly isnt Oregon….Its coming up with packages, that force a defense to try and sell out to defend with Linebackers, or try to defend with Cornerbacks, whatever they choose, the point of the Offense is within that personel grouping, to have an answer to blatantly expose which ever way the defensive coordinatolr chooses to try and defend us, and once we have them in blatant mismatches, put the peddle to floor, speed it up, do not allow them to substitue, while wearing them down, and breaking a big play….That is the jist of Chip Kelly…..That can all be accomplished without Zone REads(He will not force it on the personel)….He can easily devise a pro style run game to mesh with his passing principles if our QB cant run ZR’s
        .I think Kirk ran alot of what RG3 ran, but we didnt see alot of the pistol that RG3 ran

      • http://twitter.com/Lez215 Dutch

        Isn’t that what the players coming out to speak to the media indicated during the mini camp?

        Kelly is installing his offense. the option read. The Option Read has 3 common plays and most everything else can be run off those sets. The difference I expect is the elimination of 30 and 40 yd bombs, and no more waiting on your deep receivers to run open.

        Pat Shumur is the Offensive Coordinator, and a WCO guru. The routes in most Spread Option attacks rival those of the WCO, short passes and intermediate routes exploiting the openings vacated by the defense in trying to contain the option attack.

        The passing game is going to be short to intermediate routes, not much beyond 20 yds and probably a 60- 40% run dominated offense.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Russel Sheppard is the real QB on the roster to watch out for.
    he and Barkley were top 2 HS quarterbacks in the country coming into college. where was Euegene, EJ, Nassib…bottom line is Kelly got huge value for a kid that has been a QB his entire life. every level. always played. hs college and if he looks like the man, he starts week 1 and we will see.
    the kid shows up in pressure situations learns from them and seen just about everything the past 4 years. nfl a whole new game of course, but i like Matts experience. nothing should be too big for him. protection is huge. this pick and Poyer pick one of my favs.

  • http://twitter.com/MrTyner2U Michael Tyner

    I am not the biggest Barkley fan but there are some things about his game I like. Being a 4 yr starter, quick decision making and pocket awareness are my favorite traits. Now that he is with the birdgang i wish him the best

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    coaches and their picks are forever tied together. its Barkley’s job to lose.

    unless he shows absolutely nothing in TC or OTAs. “repetitive accuracy”

    • JofreyRice

      eh, it’s a low-stakes move, if it doesn’t work out, I don’t think it matters much for Chip or Howie, he’ll just be another Mike Kafka. I thought Barkley was a 4th rounder, so I don’t think they got great value, and I don’t think they reached. It was an OK pick, I just didn’t really see the need to add another backup-level QB to the mix, when there were better DBs on the board.

      • Geagle

        you dint think he was a 4th rounder last year. So if he was a 4th rounder this year, and a first rounder last year, lets splt the difference and call him a late 2nd round prospect….so we still got nice value…I am the furthest thing from this Barkley fan…But If my beloved coach had this kid as one of his top 50 prospects, then Heck yeah Im excited about getting him in the 4th round……..still pissed about Kiko going so high, but we wouldnt have taken him over Ertz, and I doubt they would have taken him over Logan or Barkley in the 4th, so I guess he was never really in the cards for us….Kiko and Datone Jones will be two of the best players to come out of this draft…

        If Im being honest, my initial knee jerk reaction to the pick, I was FURIOUS! Just because Im a defensive guy and there were some beasts on the board…but rationally, it just made too much sense so I quickly became excited…,.I was literally picking up my take out food, when I saw Barkley getting picked, and boy was I steaming mad!!!, By the time I got home, 10 minutes later and got to the Keyboard, I had already wised up, and became so excited about the value they got from the pick

        • JofreyRice

          First of all, last year is last year. Another year lets you see more of the player. Do you think Sanchez would have gone in the top 5 if he had more experience in school? Do you think he was worth a top 5 pick, in retrospect?

          Secondly, I never thought he was anywhere near Luck or RG3. I view QB through the lens of the Eagles. I never wanted him as a starter for the Birds–weak arm was evident before this year, there was just more expectation that his anticipation was enough to overcome it. It wasn’t. If you’re don’t envision a guy starting for you, then don’t take him before the 3rd or 4th round. Like I said, for a guy that’s got a realistic ceiling as a backup QB, yeah, I think the value is OK. I’d see the fit better on a team with a more clearly defined West Coast attack, though.

          • Geagle

            I cant disagree….but lets not be greedy. Fact of the matter is, if you draft a QB in the 4th round, becoming a solid back up should make it a WIN, anything more than a solid backup in the 4th round is just gravy…You never once heard me clamor for Barkley leading up to the draft..But his value excites, if anything, atleast for the fact that he is a big name, and there will always be a dumb, QB desperate team that would give up some value for a name, that hasnt yet Failed in the NFL. Heck you could probably sit Barkley on your bench, never play him, never expose any of his flaws…and in two years find a team like the Raiders,KC, Jets,Bills, give up some nice value for him,…Its just a good pick on so many different levels, that I am able to remove my personal feeling towards Barkley from the Equation…
            Do you believe in Chip? Do you believe in Gamble? I do, so how can I not be excited about getting a player they had as a top 50 prospect in round 4?…what he amounts to, what value he brings us, that all remains to be seen. But TODAY, I applaud the pick,. and I do really like the kids intangables, and for me, thats 90% of it……

          • JofreyRice

            Nah, I don’t believe in things until I can see them; that’s my nature. Chip has a great college resume and seems like a smart, well organized guy. That being said, he hasn’t proven anything at the pro level yet, and I’m still very skeptical of Mr. Roseman. Historically, it’s been difficult for guys without any pro experience to succeed at the NFL level, but it’s certainly not impossible.

            I’m not sure I can agree re: Barkley. All the teams you mentioned passed on him multiple times. Oakland was rumored to be interested in the 4th, but apparently not enough to give up more than a 7th rounder. Personally, I think they got a good deal with Tyler Wilson. Unless Barkley shows some reason why those teams were wrong, I’m not sure they are going to pony up picks in exchange for him. His former status as a first round projection has very little to do with the price of tea in China; he’s a fourth rounder now.

          • Geagle

            I was not a chip guy…I ride n die with Gus Bradley lol, so for Chip to have gotten me this excited and on board with him, after Gus Bradley was sitting in Lurie’s mansion drinking Dom N Smoking Stogies, color me IMPRESSED. Im not some Optimist, but everything Chip has done or said since arriving has made sense…whether or not they drafted the players I wanted or not, the important part to me, is they drafted players at either the appropriate value, or we got a bargain like in the case of Kruger,Poyer, and probably even Wolf………..There is no point in me holding Andy Reid’s crap over Chips Head…as for Howie, you dont trust him, I dont agree, but I do understand because I felt just like you for a long time….But I do NOT question Tom Gamble…and a player doesnt even get to howie’s desk unless Gamble already signed off on him. scouts funnel players to Tom, and he sorts through them, and funnels them down to howie…so whether or not you trust Howie, he is still only chosing from a pool of players that Gamble believes in…I never been as comfortable with our Front Office and its hierarchy….but thats just me……They earned enough trust with me for me to have an open mind, and be supportive, until proven otherwise

          • Bluesman


            I live in Eugene and have watched Chip make tough QB decisions – think Bennett verses Mariota. Last year he had an experienced and successful QB in Bennett who served previously as relief to Darron Thomas. Bennett was a LOCK according to all fans. But fall practice proved Mariota was the better decision maker and more accurate passer; these are qualities Barkley has in spades.

            Chip is going to go with accuracy and decision making traits over experience and mobility. Barkley is a killer accurate passer who can read and pick apart defenses – I know, I saw him do it often. Now whether the speed of NFL LBs and corners will change things for him I don’t know, but from where I sit, he is the best you’ve got for fitting in Chip’s system.

            Zone blocking is a mainstay for Chip; not necessarily zone reads. He needs quick backs who can use blockers effectively and make quick cuts, and who can catch and block effectively.

            Bill Belichick has collaborated with Chip the last few years. He and Chip are on the same page in exploiting TE sets. You will see a Patriot like offense, think blend of WCO and Chip zone. Barkley can excel in this scheme – think Tom Brady.

  • addicted2mula

    We got the best QB in the 4th round. Why are yall bitchin? Value is a big! Vicc is the starter for week 1. If that doesn’t go well then he well go bacc to New Hampshire days and throw the fucc out the ball wit Barkley

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      U mean Barcley?

  • dollamakeuholla

    I Googled Matt Barkley and 2012 Draft. This kid would have gone Probably no later then pick 3 or 4 to the browns. And we go and get him in round 4! You have to be excited to atleast see what the kid can do! Great Value

    • Geagle

      you have to think the browns would have taken him for sure

  • dollamakeuholla

    Pretty funny when your 300lb offensive lineman runs the same 40 time as your 4th round QB

    • JofreyRice

      Haha, yeah, but that’s really just about Lane Johnson’s freaky ass workout. He ran faster than our second round TE, too!

      • dollamakeuholla

        wow he will be a monster! Can you imagine him trucking at you if you are a 5/10 180lb corner!

  • KCruel

    For some unknown reason I dont believe the franchise changing QB is on the roster yet. Like Brett Favre & Steve Young, they are probably on languishing on another teams depth chart waiting for a coach/team/system which favors them. With that said, Dennis Dixon, ur window is now!!

    • bigjohn9

      I kind of agree with you but myself being from Eugene and the Ducks in my backyard I got a chance to watch Chip over the last 4-5 years. With a combo of local news, watching them practice and at games. Chip will create the franchise QB and also run the offense how Chip wants to run it. Chip is not a traditional coach by any means and the next couple years will be so exciting to watch him and his coaching staff work his magic

      • Geagle

        as someone from Oregon….In your best guess, Do we look like a team thats going to be running Zone Read concepts? or do we now look like a team thats going to look more like the Patriots?

        • http://www.philthycanuck.com/ Adam

          Why does it have to be one or the other?

          • cliff henny

            it doesnt. the formation will be shown. there’s plenty of options outside of qb carrying in the zone read. also, i really hope Kelly scraps the IZR, nfl qbs have no business running between tackles. look no further than Shanny, just cant put qb in position to take hits from LBrs. OZR at least they can target sidelines. sure kelly is drawing up plays with foles/barkley (forkley think should catch on), with the assumption the end will crash down. that’s the beauty of the zone read, really doesnt matter what that player does, it’s wrong. sure kelly is plenty smart enough to take advantage

          • http://www.philthycanuck.com/ Adam

            EXACTLY. Thank you. It doesn’t have to be as black and white as yes we’re running Chip’s Oregon offense if we have a mobile QB, and a “New England style offense” (whatever that means?) if we have a pocket QB. It can absolutely a blend of many different things and I full expect that to be the case.

          • Geagle

            of course captain obvious…..but If people are going to try and pin point what it will look like, and keep assuming that it will be Oregon, I would caution that it will probably look more like New England….The fast pace 3TE passing game, meshed with a more prostyle running game as oppoesed to the ZR running game…..I think calling our offense Oregon, or New England, either way isnt accurate because it will be a blend, and spin off of both….but if we are going to play the naming game, I am much more comfortable calling it New England, than Oregon……and If I didnt have to hear the gazillion assumptions that Oregon has arrived in Philadelphia, I would never even mention New England

          • Geagle

            this is what you need to understand. Yes there are concepts in the passing game that can only be used off of zone reads, Im not ignorant to that…But for the most part, regardless of who the QB will be, the passing game, especially in year 1, will be the same for every QB…The only thing that changes is the run game. If your QB can zone read, the run game will be designed around that split second of doubt that the ZR puts in the defene, and that extra element of the QB possibly keeping the ball…The only thing that would change if our QB cant ZR, is we would be going with a more pro style of run game…
            .Is it really the end of the world if Shady and Bryce run a pro style instead of a college style run game…Shady can run anything!…So I dont see how changing to a pro style run game is that big of a deal. He does not need the spit second of doubt, that the possibility of the QB keeping the ball provides, to get loose and do damge to a defense..He has been doing serious Damage without that element since he has been in the NFL….so exactly what is the big deal? ,.,sure, if you have the right QB, there are some interesting things we could do with Shady and Bryce in terms of Zone reads…but not having it is not the end of the world. Shady has become one of the best RB in the NFL without it,
            At the end of the day, all we need to be concerned with is that, a Bunch of LB’s are going to be forced to cover Casey,Ertz,Celek,Benn….and once they get tired of being exposed thru the air, they will switch to cornerbacks, and Shady is going to be running behind our ultra athletic Oline, and 4 Big Bodied reciever TE’s blocking a bunch of tinier cornerbacks….oh and by the way, they wont get a chance to substitute, so its bad enough they will be stuck having our Big people beat up on there little people, but the pace is also going to be wearing them down….and after all that they still need to worry about getting down the shifty shady! Good Luck with that!.,…and whether a QB can run or not, doesnt change that! It can easily be accomplished without any Zone reads…shady has been doing it for years now.

          • http://www.philthycanuck.com/ Adam

            Yeah… I’m not even sure what you’re trying to say here. So we’ll just leave it at that.

  • PaoliBulldog

    Across the Delaware Valley? Surely you know your blog is read all over the country/world!

  • eaglepete

    I have been very skeptical and did not believe at all that Chip wouldnt need a scrambling qb. Simply based on the acquisitions and keeping Vick and then with some of the info coming out of practice. I couldnt have been more happy with the Barkley pick because it changed those thoughts, did a 180 and Im stoked. I think a lot of people have to admit to themselves that a lot of the reason fans etc are down on Barkley is because hes a USC qb and they havent done well recently. Thats kind of a weak reason if were honest, I get the arm strength thing. After watching the Ertz highlights I love that pick as well, was tired of Celek last season seemed like he lost a step but 3 of them can all contribute. Nice to have a playmaker there. Guess Harbor may be odd man out.

  • C-Dub

    interesting nugget- at Chip’s Presser, he mentioned speaking w/ all his players about his picks to let them know where they stand. He spoke with Foles and said he left Vick a message, but Vick didn’t call him back. Sign of trouble? Wondering why no major sports networks picked up on this…stupid TeBlow overshadowing probably.