Matt Barkley: I Did Not See This Coming

Matt Barkley met with the Eagles at the Combine back in February.

He knew Chip Kelly from having played against him in the Pac-12. And he worked out for Eagles quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor. Barkley even had a pretty good hunch that his name was going to get called in the fourth round today.

But he’d be lying if he said Philadelphia was on the short list of places he thought he’d end up.

“I did not see it coming,” Barkley said. “I had a great meeting with Coach Lazor, the quarterbacks coach, when he came out to USC to work me out. And I’ve had a pretty solid relationship with Coach Kelly over the last couple of years, obviously playing against each other. I have all the respect in the world for him, what he was able to do at Oregon. This comes as a breath of fresh air, a new beginning. No matter when it happened, I’m just glad to have a home and a place to start working and to start my career.”

It’s been a long few days for the Eagles’ fourth-round pick. Some thought he had a chance of going in the first round. Most believed he would be off the board at some point Friday. Instead, all he got was a few pranks calls.

Barkley just kept slipping and slipping until the Eagles moved up three spots and grabbed with the 98th overall pick.

“It definitely was hard to sleep,” Barkley said. “I knew I was going to wake up early this morning. I actually took a walk with my fiancee this morning and prayed with her just to kind of get my mind off of things, and we kind of got a tip that it was going to be early in the round, so we hurried back home. But did not expect it to be right off the bat.

“It was a weird feeling not knowing where you’re going to be working, where you’re going to have a job, and so the fact that I just finally have a home is encouraging, and I cannot wait to hit the playbook and hit the field.”

Kelly has said consistently that he’s looking first and foremost for a quarterback who can be accurate. Barkley completed 63.6 percent of his attempts last year and 69.1 the year before.

Still, the issue of fit is one that will continue to be debated. Barkley is not known for his mobility, and Kelly now has QBs with varied skill sets on his roster, including Michael Vick, Nick Foles and Dennis Dixon.

“From what I hear, it’s not going to look exactly the same as it did at Oregon,” Barkley said of the Eagles’ offense. “I mean, the team’s different, the personnel is different than what coach had last year. They have a pro-style coaching staff. If they stick to that, then I’ll work at it. I’ll be a part of that offense. It doesn’t matter what we run, I’m going to give it my all.”

Asked if he expects to compete for a starting job, Barkley said, “Absolutely. I’m going to come in and compete. My mindset is whatever happens, whatever the situation is, that has to be your mindset of coming in and competing like it’s your job and pushing myself, challenging myself day in and day out. I think it’ll be great to be able to learn from Michael as a vet who’s been in the game for a long time and to learn from a great coaching staff. Just to push myself, I’m going to come in and work my hardest from Day One.”

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  • East Falls 215

    All he needed to do was pray? Should have done that last Thursday night.

  • Richard Colton

    Pranking a draftee on draft night is now officially known as getting “Sanu-ed.” And BTW – it’s a scumbag move.

    • GEagle

      It is pretty friggin trashy

    • Run Eagles Run

      did someone else get pranked this year? what am I missing?

      • Richard Colton

        it’s in the story – somebody pranked Barkley

        • Run Eagles Run

          wow totally missed that paragraph, thanks. and I agree, thats pathetic. Im guessing those “prankers” dont have much going for them.

          • GEagle

            I doubt Barkley was the only one that got pranked this year..people are just mean spirited and pathetic these many people not content with who they are….Like is there really any chAnce that Manti wasn’t getting pranks during round 1?

          • nicksaenz1

            I’d almost feel bad for Geno if he was getting pranked all of Thursday night

          • Brian

            Or it was just one of his buddies dicking around.

          • Run Eagles Run

            yeah, thats a funny joke. those friends wouldnt be gettin my new cell number if I was matt barkley.

      • Jason N.

        EJ Manuel also got a prank I believed

        I’m sure Geno got a few too.

  • eagles are back baby

    love the draft so far, no fatso is such a relief, also hope barkley comes in and wins the job…….we all know that vick is a moron and can’t lead a winning team…..I don’t really like slow motion foles either…

    • southy

      because Barkley is a track star compared to Foles?

      • BrickSquadMonopoly

        no because we know what we have in foles

        • Douche canoe

          What do we have in Foles? i watched him play with 2nd stringers.

          • Geagle

            calling Bell and King 2nd stringers might even be a stretch. I dont think people realize how many 3rd down Bail out throws that Foles completed, that those two BONEHEADS got called back for holding penalties…It was an insane amount. What QBs overcome that?
            It was bad enough he was sorrounded by backups, always under a ton of pressure, but atleast what, 10 times? He would bail us out with a completion on 3rd and long, only to have it called back by those two bumbling idiots, making it like 3rd and 20, and that didnt happen just 2 or 3 times….How the hell could anyone have over come that?
            All I know is I was at the redskins game, sitting near the skins sideline, and Foles had that team on the ropes. They didnt know what was hitting them, because he was bringing us back….Then people see the most grossly underthrown pass ever to a wide open reciever, and actually have the gaul to start questioning his arm strength? 4 days later it was revelaed he broke his THROWING HAND 4 plays earlier, and the kid still had the heart to stay out there and attempt bombs…Nothing is certain, but there was a very real chancxe that Foles was about to complete his 2nd come from behind win in a month, against our division rival, who was on fire going into the playoffs…How much different would be looking at Foles, if he had just finished that comeback? does anyone really think there was no shot we were coming back to win that game? if so I strongly suggest going back to watch it
            He was in an impossible position to succeed…so you simply cant pass judgement yet on him either way. we really need to see more….My thoughts on Foles:
            Encouraging, but yet to be detrmined……….

        • Jason N.

          We don’t know what we have in Foles. Damn the guy played 6 games. Give him some time.

  • GEagle

    Geeeez still talking about QB Mobility? CHIP KELLY just traded up, passing up on some studs, to take a pocket passer…..and we still can’t let this mobile crap go? mobility is nothing more than a bonus!!!!

    Just out of curiosity, what else needs to happen, before the media never mentions QB mobility again? I need to know!!!! the media already brainwashed the entire Delaware Val,ey into thinking this crap….people are seriously insane if they think mobility is ever going to be a prerequisite to play QB. Finding accurate pocket passers who make good decisions and take care ofthe ball, is already so darn hard to find…yet the media THINKS that could be discarded because of a lack of mobility?

    I’m not singling anyone out, because so many people were guilty of it….but seriously, the media coverage since Chip has been hired, has been some of the most irresponsible journalism imaginable…It’s bad enough, that it didnt make sense, but they continue to ignore everything anyone in our organization has said about it, and continued to brainwashing dumb assumptions into fans, and they also ignored a bunch of blatant signs like not dealing Foles to KC… cHip Kelly has traded up, to get a POCKET PASSER…..are we done? it’s not the media’s job to make assumptions.

    • GEagle

      And as I write this I’m listening to a dope on NFL network talking about Foles getting tradd to KC. I seriously despise what the media has become…which is the reason this is by far the best site for eagles news you can find…limited speculation…Just the NEWS? love it!!!

      If Media members and so called experts want to speculate, come join the comment section

      • G

        All media is manipulation, look at CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX… all lies all manipulative just like the idiots that keep saying mobile QB

    • Charlie Casserole

      I agree. The media refused to listened to the actual words that Chip was saying and insisting on trying to read between the lines and twist the words to fit what the media wanted.

    • southy

      i guess it’s not really “non-negotiable”

      • GEagle


    • Nicholas Disilvestro

      you are so right about the media. if you listened to ike reese you would think chip wouldnt take any qb that didnt run under a 4.4

      • GEagle

        And it’s literally the dumbest friggin thing I ever heard in my life. It’s so frigging hard to find someone who can make accurate throws, complete better than 60%, not turn the ball over, move the ball against good defenses, to even insinuate that a player that fits that mold would be discarded because he can’t run the ball, is the dumbest and most irresponsible thing imaginable….who the hell gives up on an accurate passer because he can run a FOCKIn outside zone read? And I been hearing this crap, all day, every day, since friggin January…by PAID PROFESSIONALS….I swear sometimes I’m waiting for Ashton to come out and tell me I have been PUNKED…what a irresponsible, brain dead of a JOKE!!! Who else needs to tell The media that the Eagles LIKE FOLES for them to believe it? WTF else needs to happen for them to cut the crap, and leave the friggin kid alone to develope. as a fan, they certainly aren’t making it easier on the kid…and I want my beloved birdies to have the best chance to succeed….so all the media needs to STFU with the irresponsible crap. leave the Kid alone…and wait til ATleast a week into training camp before the even offer another worthless judgment on the kid…NOT ENOUGH INTEL TO KNOW EITHER WAY..So instead of being irresponsible, leave it as YET TO BE DETERMINED!

        • GEagle

          Because unfortunately, 90% of people are insanely impressionable..Since hiring chip Kelly. The media has turned Eagles nation, from KFans that took pride in their Football acumen, to a legion of brain dead idiots, harassing our 2nd year QB, and thinking running the ball is a prerequisite for playing the position!!! “experts”

          • cliff henny

            funniest part is, kelly been telling the truth for 3 months, and everyones been calling him a liar. guy could care less, he’s got films to watch. i hope he succeeds, and torments our garbage reporters for a long lon time. hope people got that moron anthony cataldi off the radio. he was the worst

          • GEagle

            chip came all the way from Oregon, and he is probably thinking, these people are friggin Retarded. I tell them the truth, I have Howie tell them, I have lUrie tell them, and they still think I’m lying. way to represent the city of Philadelphia…He could have gave them his playroom, nd if they didn’t see zone reads they wouldn’t have even believed him lol

            Btw, ranks Poyer and Kruger as the two highest rated players drafted in round 7 so far…I’m thinking our next Ick is:
            Kwame Gaethers
            nickell Robey
            Rontez Miles
            dexter McCoi

          • GEagle

            Is DaRick Rodgers to tempting to pass on?

          • cliff henny

            lot of good talent left late in this draft. see lot of UDFA being signed. howie’s cutting knife is going to be dull by weds

          • GEagle

            we just took David King, DE Oklahoma…yeah, I’m sooo excited for this Undrafted free agent class…I’m sure we already called Kwame Gaethers and told him, if you don’t get drafted, come join your brother…

    • GoBirds1

      Then why in the Hell did they keep Vick around? Ball security and quick good decisions not exactly his forte

      • USC

        He was kept around at a low cost so that he can be evaluated in camp. There is no guarantee that he opens the season on the roster.

      • Jason N.

        If I remember correctly if they cut him they’ll lose 4 or 10 millions dollars.

        They restructured his contract down to 1 year and 3 millions.

        So if he leave this year, they’ll only lose 3 millions.

        Not bad considering what they could have lose.

    • Jason N.

      I wouldn’t call any QB from this draft a stud.

      It’s more like he passed up on some more “mobile” QB for a guy like Barkley.

      Personally, I hope he work out and prove to everyone that USC QB are not the same and that one can find success too.

      • EagleGriff

        GOOD CALL. Im with you bro

  • GEagle

    FOCK YEAHHH Joe Kruger is an eagle!!!!

    • Tom W

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I wanted him in the 4th wow we got lucky… pumped. Made my day and this draft. Reid got Catapano. Doing well

      • GEagle

        We just got Poyer Daddy!!! Killin it in the 7th

        • Tom w

          I’m goin nuts. 2 picks made this draft great. Poyer and Krueger I woulda taken in 4th. No more wasted picks. No more small school nonsense.

          • Richard Colton

            I feel better about this draft than any I have ever watched

          • GEagle

            Yes sir!!! Although last years I was going nits, because they basically took most of my 7 round mock lol

          • GEagle

            Nickell Robey, Rontez Miles or Kwame Gaethers is NEXT!!!! Whoooooo, or possibly Da’rick Rogers

  • KRUGER!!!!!! Don’t be surprised if he is our starting 5 tech by week three

    • Richard Colton

      you and GG called this pick from round 5. props.

      • GEagle

        And we just got Poyer!!!! Whoopooooo

  • cliff henny

    was putting all my negative voodoo on smith and manual, Barkley never crossed my mind (lived in LA for 7 yrs, cannot express my hatred for USC). we knew a qb was getting picked, so really the type/name is the surprise. for all those handing vick the job (and i must admit i was leaning 60/70% that way myself) just got serious wake-up call. wonder if it’ll be vick/dixon vs foles/barkley?

    • hillbillybirdsfan

      If you’re willing to call it ‘Vixon vs. Farkley’ I’ll start printing up the posters.

      • cliff henny

        lol, done deal…think that’s perfect! com’on farkley!!!!

      • Bdawg


      • mrparabolic

        How about Dick vs. Bales?

        • hillbillybirdsfan

          That one will be perfect if they’re working together in a buddy cop movie. They sound like the perfect pair!

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    Kruger is in the house! I have a good feeling about that guy.

  • Dominik

    Does anyone think Howie has one or two Free Agent CBs he likes? Because there are no CB drafted at the moment, and we are in the 7th round. Even if he picks one up there, we still have absolutely no depth at the position. Williams, Fletcher and Boykin sound solid to be, but you need more corners on your roster and Fletcher had some injury issues.

    And I don’t think Marsh, Hughes or some Practice Squad members are the solution.

    • Dominik

      OK, Poyer sounds like another good pickup for the 7th round. :) But there is still a depth issue, I think.

  • Capt. Undapants

    Whoever called Poyer and Kruger… You all are bosses.

    • CJ

      LOVE! those picks

  • cliff henny

    this is where all the college coaches will really help. bet 2 or 3 UDFA make team too.

  • cliff henny

    only position am surprised we havent addressed is hybrid rb/wr. cant be too many teams seeking those guys, maybe that an after draft pick-up?

  • GEagle

    Patriots just stole Buchanon…Me thinks we wanted him

  • Geagle

    Keep an eye out for Jarius Byrd,…he is going to hold out because they are far apart on a deal. Bills drafted 2 safeties…so maybe after he plays this last year on his tag, we can have a shot at him…Chip loves him from what I hear…Maybe they are so far apart(he wants goldson money, and deserves more lol), that we can trade for him…who knows, the bills are notoriously cheap

  • Jason N.

    I think I know why the media keep trying to read between the lines and make assumptions even though Kelly is being as honest, straightforward and revealing as he can without tipping stuff off too much.

    The media is used to hearing Andy Reid talk for 14 years, and we all know. Reid always make the same general statements “we need to get better.. We weren’t prepared”

    Or always beat around the bush. And finally when Chip Kelly come around and be straight forward with them. They can’t help but read between the lines like what they did with Reid. It’s a hard habit to break.

  • Just,e

    Name me a mobile qb who’s had a long, mostly injury free, Super Bowl winning, career

  • Jimbo99

    Well, the Jets took Geno Smith, so go figure who would take whom ?

  • POPS

    OK, LET’S PUT THIS TO BED. Mobile QB super bowl rings 0. Exciting to watch, my favorite is Cunningham and McNabb, 0 rings. Current crop of mobile QBs? Last year saw a lot of very talented, exciting Mobile QBs, but the statue Flacco won. Year before, statue Manning, and on and on. Top QB’s in league: Rodgers, Breeze, Manning, Big Ben, Brady, Manny Ice, and honorable mentions Flacco, Manning Jr, none are known for mobility, but accurate and smart…oh don’t look now, but Barkely is accurate and smart. This pick will pay off and others will regret passing up on him, like passing on Brady and Rodgers.

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Its a new generation though havent you noticed that more QBs coming out are mobile now? Gene pools are getting better physically and athletes are becoming more athletic. Andrew Luck is a perfect example of a great pocket passer with mobility. Runners are going to be athletic but passers are becoming more athletic for the most part. Its an added dimension and only one that becomes a fault only when fighting for extra yards not something to discriminate against. Different time

  • $doWork

    Vick is our qb. At least for season 2013!! Who cares whos secon string.