Eagles Snag CB Jordan Poyer In 7th Round

With their second seventh-round pick, the Eagles grabbed another Pac-12 player who has competed against Chip Kelly.

Oregon State cornerback Jordan Poyer (6-0, 191) was No. 85 on Mike Mayock’s top-100 list. But the Eagles were able to get him with pick No. 218.

Poyer made the switch from safety to cornerback after his freshman season. He finished last year with seven interceptions, tied for second-most in the nation.

Poyer ran a 4.54 at the Combine in Indianapolis.

“Like I always say, I may not be the biggest guy out there, maybe [not] the most athletic guy out there, but I’m a football player,” Poyer said. “I understand the game. I understand schemes. I understand offenses. I know my body. I know who I’m going against. So I use that to the best of my advantage and it makes me the player I am.”

There was also an off-the-field incident at a bar involving Poyer.

“It wasn’t a fight,” he said. “It was more just me being dumb. I wasn’t 21, going into a bar and kind of refused to leave and then got 60 days banned from the bar, got kicked out of the bar and wasn’t allowed to come back. I came back and it was just a bad situation. And the media kind of blew it up as a fight, but it wasn’t. It was just kind of a dumb situation to be in. I put myself in a bad situation. But I learned from it.”

Poyer was a great two-sport athlete in high school. He was drafted by the Florida Marlins in the 42nd round, but decided to pursue football. Poyer met Kelly as a high school junior and played against him every year.

As for fit, Poyer said he played both outside and in the slot.

“We played a lot of man and zone,” he said. “My senior year was kind of when we opened our defensive playbook a lot. I came inside in the nickel. I probably played more snaps in the nickel than I did on the outside my senior year. It was a lot of man. It was a lot of zone. A lot of different combinations of coverages. I feel like the defense that I played in at Oregon State is really going to help me transition over to the NFL.”

Many projected Poyer to go on Day 2. Instead, he stayed in front of the television for six-plus rounds and was passed over on 217 occasions.

“I kind of wanted to have an idea of who would pass me up because I kind of use that stuff when I play,” he said. “I’ll remember who passed me up and I’ll use that and let it fuel me.”


The Eagles used their final pick, No. 239 overall, on Oklahoma defensive lineman David King. King (6-5, 286) projects as a 5-technique defensive end. Kelly said he ran a 4.64 at his workout.

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  • Does Poyer realize that the Eagles passed on him 4-5 times also if he was a projected to go so high?

    • xlGmanlx

      I’m sure he is smart enough to realize they might have had needs that were a higher priority.

  • JofreyRice

    This is a good pick.

  • Geagle

    Earl Wolffs mom is from north Philly….he was sitting in a room with his uncles and family, a few had eagles hat on, he answered the phone, said Philadelphia, and his uncles jumped on him….LOVE DRAFTING EAGLES FANS!!! His grandmom still lives in NOrth Philly…he spent alot of time here growing up…wow, you can quicl;y tell that this is one high charecter kid. very impressive young man. cant wait til you guys hear him talk

    • Johnny Domino


      • Geagle

        as in a Link? Philadelphiaeagles.com multimedia section(videos)
        Poyer is also an impressive young man…plays with so much swag, that I was shocked to hear how Chill, Humble, and down to earth he is…wasnt willing to talk about how good he is, when the reporter led him to do so…Really really think we did some big things with this draft

  • If you guys don’t hear from me it will be because I will be watching a bunch of film on all these kids.

    • Geagle

      see you in the film room lol

    • Geagle

      go to philadelphiaeagles.com multimedia section…and listen to all the interviews

  • Geagle

    whats bennie logan jamaican or hatian? he has an accent

  • Geagle

    I dont understand how we arent all jumping up and down overjoyed that we got Barkley?
    This kid would have been the 5th pick in the draft last year to cleveland…he had 1 bad year, with inferior talent…he has been a stud QB the 7 years before that…in a chip kelly offense, with all these playmakers, all he has to do is make good decisions, get the ball in the hands of the playmakers, throwing with anticipation…thats not TOO BIG for Barkely…Im not saying we got a franchise QB, but we increased our odds of having a franchise QB on the roster. QBs are the ultimate crap shoot…no one really knows what any of these QBs are until they get developed…We got top 5 value(in what was one of the best QB classes ever, in the 4th round after a down year…thats friggin Amazing.
    Thursday morning, if you would have asked me if I wanted Barkely, I woulda told you hell no! but only becase of where I thought we would have had to draft him…in the 4th round its a no brainer. This kid is SMART, this kid been threw some tough times, I like that…Battle tested, still confident. Doesnt complain about the money he lost going back to school..He always kept his head up, and Im not going to say that the Kid has no shot to make it in the league…He oculd just amount to a career backup, but today we just increased our odds of having a franchise QB on our roster….and we got it for basically chump change. well done Howie….So curious to see what the Chipster can mold Foles and Barkley into…..Barkley doesnt have that same schmuck air sorrounding him that Lienart and Sanchez had…Yes, I know I know, he is still a USC QB….but now, he is our USC QB, so lets hope he uses this to fuel himself into the steal of the draft

    • cliff henny

      all i know is qb meeting room is going to be one rough place for vick. if kelly teaches as fast as the smartest guy picks it up, vick is going to be shooting eye daggers at foles and barkley.

      • Geagle

        hahaha so true….keep up, or drown old man!…with the mismatches that chip will create, it really doesnt take much to throw a 15 yard pass in stride to one of our weapons…just need to be smart enough to know where it is, make the decision fast enough to take advantage of it…….you dont throw bombs with Vicks big arm in this offense…50yard incompletions slow downb the pace….We dont need Vicks Cannon. We need a brain, someone who can throw 30yards, and take care of the ball…who am I to say that Barkley cant do that?

        • BrickSquadMonopoly

          no one.

    • JofreyRice

      Dude, he was playing with literally the BEST wideout in the entire country. And his #2 was pretty damn good as well.

      My beef with him is the rag arm. You have to be able to drive the ball to the second level. Foles doesn’t do it that well, either. Barkley throws with a little more anticipation than Foles, but I don’t think he’s as good on the move. For all the things Vick drives me crazy with, the arm is the truth. He’s never going to be the ultimate weapon QB that he was supposed to be, but he’s got an NFL arm. I’m not sure either Foles or Barkley’s arm is good enough. We’ll have to see how it all shakes out.

      • cliff henny

        he was also being coached by the worst.

        • Geagle

          in fairness to the kid….it was really bad!

      • Geagle

        Do you realize, that for all we know a 7th round guy like Dysert could become the next Joe Montana…trust me, there is plenty about Barkley that I dont like, but there also is some good stuff to work with, and for the price we paid, Im excited, at a possibility..nothing more…
        Now if you would have told me Barkley got drafted #35, my computer would be in pieces and we wouldnt be having this combo….You know, that if the Eagles would have traded up to get Barkley last year, most of us would have been excited….To get him in the 4th round, by only giving up a 7th is serious value…chip says he had him rated in his top 50, so how could I not be excited…I hated Barkley this morning, but chip likes him, and if Chip is genuinly excited, then Im excited!!!

      • Token

        His arm is worse than Foles IMO. I think Foles will be fine arm wise if he gets some mechanical things straightened out. I liked Foles in the pocket. He showed some promise with the right side steps here and there. I think he has functional mobility. If something is there he can take it. Not gonna burn anyone in a foot race, but hes not a statue.

        At first I thought this pick showed what they think of Foles. But now I just dont know. I think it might mean Vick isnt here this year. I think initially Kelly was expecting to run a offense just like a Oregon. But maybe after this mini camp things have changed.

        If he wanted to have a scheme that runs the QB you dont take Barkley. If you like Foles and want a backup/competition of the same breed you take Barkley.

        Either way I dont like the pick because I dont like Barkley. Ill be shocked if hes a successful NFL QB. Hope he proves me wrong.

        • GoBirds1

          I think the phrase you are looking for is functional mobility, Foles has no speed, just ask him or watch hi TD run in the Tampa game.

          • Token

            Yep. Couldnt think of the phrase. Edited.

            And yea hes far from speedy. But he still took a 20 yard open lane and scored before getting hit. Thats all you need.

          • theycallmerob

            Flacco did something similar his rookie year against the Bengals; had a big lane, and took it, for a long and slow TD run. Same reaction Foles got. At the end of the day, if your QB can at least do that + pocket awareness, I can work with ’em.

      • theycallmerob

        I don’t understand how this gets continually brought up, I guess from national know-nothings. He does not have Vick’s arm, but he is a long way from a noodle arm.

        • JofreyRice

          I consider myself more a local know-nothing, and like Lurie, keep my own voluminous notes.

          I don’t think he’s got an NFL arm. There is no zip to the ball when he delivers it to the second level. He’s OK at lollipop throws, but I don’t think he’s got the juice to get the ball out there on out routes without NFL DBs being able to drive on it. In this case, if you’re looking at those lollipop throws, “Numbers Never lie”, but if you actually watch him make those throws in games between 15-20 yards downfield, the ball takes a long time to get there, and there is too much arc on it.

          • Richard Colton

            As an international know-nothing, I’d like to weigh in. I’m worried about MB’s arm strength. As an optimistic know-nothing, I’ll point out that unlike other QB attributes (height, mobility, vision) arm strength is something that can be improved. Not to mention that arm strength drove down the draft stock of Rodgers, Montana, and Brady, while driving up the stock of Bobby Hoying and Jeff George. The pessimistic know-nothing will point out that every QB who comes out of college with average arm strength will invite comparisons to the exceptions – but odds are they’ll follow the rule.

          • theycallmerob

            You’re the most well-known know-nothing around. I do see the same issues on tape that you mention Jofrey. And had Barkley been our 2nd rd pick, I’d be up in arms. But evaluating this pick in April, I’d say we got tremendous value. His arm is no less strong than last year, when he would have gone 1st rd. Best case: starting QB for a long time to come. Worst case: cut, wasted 4th rd pick. Realistic possibility: serviceable backup qb. Again, morning after, I cannot find too much fault with the Eagle’s thinking.

          • Richard Colton

            agree. I think I would have hated this pick in round 2. In round 4? risk/reward works for me.

          • cliff henny

            it’s a value pick. guess you can claim eagles are lying they had top 50 rating on him, absolutely no way to prove either way. giants right behind us take nassib, who’ll never even sniff the field for 3 or 4 yrs. simply cant pass up on possible franchise qbs in 4th round.

    • joethomas215

      Palmer was a USC quarterback, he was pretty good, still ok, should have a big year with Fitz.

  • cliff henny

    damien squares DL out of ‘bama was just signed. russell shepherd, out of lsu, is that the other one signed?

    • GEagle

      We signed 9 already:
      Dline: Squares, and the kid that looks like sons of anarchy from Oregon! Isaac Remington
      Guard I really like, athletic named Matt Tobin from Iowa
      ILB Jake Knott Iowa state
      C Kyle Quinn Arizona
      Punter Brad Wing LSU
      RB Stoney brook ,Miguel Masonyet
      RB Mathew Tucker TCU
      Shepard WR

      • Geagle

        Tucker is a big back, 6ft 221 lbs, ran a 4.55…”straight ahead powerback with some initaial giddy up”
        maysonet is the small chip kelly style back

        • Nick M

          Maysonet had a nice college career. Nice practice squad guy or someone who can compete with Polk. (who knows if he’ll ever be healthy and the team needs depth at RB)

          • Geagle

            Matthew Tucker – RB, TCU 6’1″, 221 (4.44, 35.5″ vert, 9’10”, 17 reps, 7.13 3cone) reminds me of?
            Bryce Brown – RB Kansas State 6’0″, 223 (4.48, 34″ vert, 9’9″, 22 reps, 7.04 3cone).

      • Token

        Matt Scott went to the Jags. Probably smart on his part. He may start. Jags also signed Jordan Rodgers.

        • Eagle

          Very smart

  • GEagle

    eagles already signed 9 Undrafted free agent…

    We got a real athletic guard I like…Punter brad wing…a TCU RB with Potential… Dlineman on Oregon that looks like he belongs on sons of anarchy, and ILB…The kid from Damion Square DLINE Alabama….a running back from Stoney broom I don’t k ow about, and a center….Darick Rogers went to the bills

    • Token

      The stoney brook RB Mel and Todd both liked a lot as a under the radar guy on a segment they did called Draft Lab before the draft. You can see it on youtube. For whatever thats worth. Starts at 2:15


    • Joethomas215

      Have you heard anything on Rontez Miles or Dexter McCoil

  • So the more research I do the happier I become. Poyer is a BALLER! Also a quick thought three undrafted free agents that we should look at are Chase Thomas OLB Stanford, Kwame Geathers NT out of Georgia, and Matt Scott out of Arizona. We just missed on Z. Motta and Zac Dysert becoming FA’s can’t believe they didn’t go til the 7th.

    • Token

      Geathers and Scott are gone. Thomas is still unsigned I think.

      EDIT – Thomas gone too.

  • GEagle

    Of course the niners signed the future Jason peters(3years from now) Luke Marquardt

    • Richard Colton

      so when we need to replace toddfather at RT in 3 years, we can trade a first round pick for him. I’m thinking we should be picking #32 by then.

  • Mostel

    You all need to go back a few articles to the Barkley one and see how I called the Poyer pick……………sadly I had it in the 5th, but he’s here!

    • theycallmerob

      I would love nothing more than for him to win Cary Williams’ starting job.

      • Geagle

        stop it….you are going to love C-dub! He will be a fan favorite…
        you guys need to go on youtube, and look up Earl Wolff “Jumping”….dude verticle leaps, basically his own height and he does it with ease

        • theycallmerob

          shake your pom-poms for someone else. I live in Baltimore, had the distinct pleasure of watching Williams play every sunday. I would love for him to get on the field in nickel or dime sets only. If Fletcher’s knees are ok and Poyer hits the weights/drinks the shakes, I’m a happy man.

          • Geagle

            the nfl strength program will be CRUCIAL for Poyer…If he attacks it correctly, and puts in the work, he really could be special…I dont need to live in Baltimore to have watched every Ravens game last year(btw, I fockin ADORE FELLS POINT, this place, with Crab Tator totts with Melted Cheese drives me insane!!! RA SUSHI near Fells point is pretty friggin awesome as well,)…I do think Cary had an up and dwn regular season, but the kid really came into his ow for a playoff run….He wasnt supposed to be the starter, he grew into it…you are out of your mind if you think C-Dub is done improving…Last years playoffs can really spring board him into a nice corner,..Cant wait to see him get up on Cruz…

            You have a lot of nerve not being excited about a young guy, who is just scratching the surface, coming into his own, who just held it down in the playoffs against Peyton,Brady and Kapernick…If Cary had 3 years o playing experience under his belt, nd played the way he did last regular season, you would have a point. But you are selling him short if you dont factor in the improvements young players make as they gain experience, and the confidence that last years playoff run will bring to his development

      • Geagle

        you guys are going to think Im nuts, but I honestly believe Bradley Fletcher had the best cover skills on the entire free agent market…very physical, always in good position…we just need him not to suffer any knee setbacks….if he never goes under the knife again for his knees, then we got ourselves a stud….same thing with Kenny Phillips I guess

  • The arrogance of these kids is hilarious. He kept track of who passed him up in the draft and is going to get even. Give me a break! I’m sure every NFL coach stayed up all night regretting drafting this kid.

    • Richard Colton

      That really doesn’t bother me because it’s just cliche now.

      What’s the kid supposed to say when a reporter asks him the laziest question on draft day? So kid, you were projected to go in the 1st round…are you disappointed you weren’t taken until the 7th?

      Kid says “yes, i’m upset and frustrated” – we call him a whiney little girl

      Instead he tries to spin it into a positive – “I’m going to let it motivate me to play even harder against the teams that didn’t want me” – and we say “ohhhhh he’s MOTIVATED! and he’s a HARD WORKER.”

      Same reason I never ask “what are your weaknesses?” in a job interview anymore. Nobody has ever said anything besides “I’m a perfectionist” since 1997.

      • Dominik

        “Same reason I never ask “what are your weaknesses?” in a job interview
        anymore. Nobody has ever said anything besides “I’m a perfectionist”
        since 1997.”

        Reminds me of this great quote from ‘The Office’:

        Michael: Why don’t I tell you what my greatest weaknesses are? I
        work too hard. I care too much. And sometimes I can be too invested
        in my job.
        David: Okay. And your strengths?
        Michael: Well, my weaknesses are actually… strengths.
        David: Oh. Yes. Very good.


  • JofreyRice

    Jake Knott could potentially become a guy they groom as quality ILB depth, which is pretty good from a UDFA. I liked his teammate AJ Klein better, but Knott was pretty good, too. Needs to do some development, but has a good body type and skillset to backup Demeco at the SILB spot. Could just end up as a camp body, but definitely worth taking a flyer on.

    • Geagle

      I like him…knack for making plays…has like 8-10 career INT(cant remember exact number), forces fumbles…I like the kid. He will just need to learn how to Shed blockers(weakness)..

      The guard we got is very athletic, dont know much about the center….

      I think King was a great pick(some say he could be developed into a versatile RJF type of rotation player)

      • JofreyRice

        I definitely have some major problems with their personnel acquisition, but I will say I like the way Howie & Crew run the 6-7th rounds and UDFA. They take a good mix of boom or bust types along with what I consider underrated potential contributors.

        I just wish they could get rounds 2-6 right more often, that’s kind of the important part.

        • Geagle

          whats was wrong with Ertz(first round talent), Bennie Logan(versatile, high charecter mike Patt type of grunt), Barkely(would have been the 5th pick in the draft last year), , Wollf(high charecter guy they targeted), Kruger and Poyer(rd3-rd 5 talents)…..look these werent my fav players at there positions, but we got some INSANE value out of almost every single pick…how can it be anything less than an A+? who our fav players were doesnt matter, because regardless of our individual oppinions, no prospect is a lock. Best you can do is get the most value with every draft pick…and I think we did that. We got charecter, versatility, and humongous upside with most of our draft picks…Getting krug and Poyer in the 7th, Barkely and wolf in 4-5, is insane value IMO

          • JofreyRice

            Honestly, I don’t care so much about perceived value as I do about the individual players. I think there were better players we could have gotten. It’s great that you’re sky high on every pick they made.

          • cliff henny

            really all a team can do isget great value so the percentages are in your favor, which after 3rd round are tremendously stacked against you. look at cowboys, taking 3rd round guy in first. it could work, they could end up with great draft, but try that 8-10 times, you’ll end up w/ crappy roster. like hitting on 13 with dealer is showing a 6.

  • Geagle

    We seriously need to find an OLB that can cover, either by someone getting cut in June, or a trade..Who the hell can we even consider pencilling in at SAM behind Barwin? vinny curry? who the hell is going to cover a TE?
    I hope Howie atleast calls the Bills to talk about Jarius Byrd(Dangle Maclin, or next years 2nd round pick),,They Franchised Byrd, but are very far apart on a contract extension to the point that Byrd is going to hold out(and he is a high charecter guy so it means they arent even close to agreeing on the money). He is asking for Dashon Goldson money, and I dont know that I can see the Bills ever pony that up to him…if we cant aquire him, maybe he plays out the year on the Tag, and we go after him aggressivcely next ofseason….This is a huvge long shot…but If its not a lock that Byrd will spend the next 5 years in Buffalo, than we should atleast take a run at him…
    A future secondary of:
    Byrd/Wolff (two interchangable safeties) with Phillips and Chung backing them up, is nice depth.
    now we are talking!!!