Twitter Mailbag: On Geno, Manti Te’o And the Honey Badger

A day late on the Twitter Mailbag this week. A little busy yesterday. But that turned out to be a good thing because there is a ton of intrigue and several big names tied to rounds two and three. Much to chomp on, so let’s get to it.

From @TomWelke: Will Geno not coming back to the green room cause mental makeup questions and cause him to drop more?

I would hope that the Eagles — or any team in the NFL — would rely on the information they have been gathering over time, and wouldn’t be swayed by something like that. If that moves you off your position, then you didn’t have much conviction regarding Geno Smith to begin with.

If I am honest, some of what I have seen/read in the run-up to the draft has given me pause when it comes to Smith. I know Philadelphia, I know the scrutiny that the quarterback position receives, and I know that Nolan Nawrocki’s evaluation will seem like a four-star review compared to what Smith is going to hear in this town (or elsewhere) after a couple down Sundays.

We take those 140 character bites, or watch his body language through the television, and draw sweeping conclusions. But the truth is, it is unfair to judge a man’s character based off such limited evidence. He could very well have an iron will, and may turn a few moments of adversity into years of fuel to the benefit of the franchise that drafts him.

The Eagles have met with him, analyzed his game, talked to people around him. They should have a sound understanding by now of who Geno Smith is, and likely don’t care whether or not he shows up to Radio City Music Hall tonight.

[The latest report suggests he will be in attendance.]

From @penseur76: Will the Eagles select Jonathan Cyprien? Geno Smith? “Tank” Carradine? or surprise pick with Te’o? in 2nd.

I would imagine Smith is in play assuming he’s still on the board at 35. They made an organizational decision to pass on him at 4 and probably thought he would land elsewhere. But at this point, it might just be considered a good value pick. Would you doubt that the Eagles have a first-round grade on him? And how many other of the remaining players could you say that about?

I’m not ruling  Manti Te’o out, either. This guy was recently regarded as one of the top players in the country. Then came the championship game and the stories about his personal life, and that stock plunged big time. Two questions: Is he a fit for Chip Kelly‘s defensive scheme, and does he have thick enough skin to endure all the attention/ribbing he’ll receive in a major market? If the answer is yes on both fronts, then you might be getting a steal.

Outside of those two marquee names, I could see the Eagles going with Stanford tight end  Zach Ertz, Florida International safety Jonathan Cyprien, Florida State DL/OLB Tank Carradine, Texas A&M DE/OLB Damontre Moore,  or Mississippi State corner Johnthan Banks.

From @Jfr1978Josh: Any chance we select the Honey Badger?

The Eagles believe Tyrann Mathieu is a draftable player, but you really have to do your homework on this guy and figure out where you would be willing to pull the trigger. This is a first-round talent with red flags coming out of his pockets. Is he on the straight and narrow? If so, what are the chances he stays there? Big questions that I am sure every team has looked into. The answers mean everything when it comes to this prospect.

There is a point where he probably becomes too enticing to pass up. But I’m not sure that point comes on Day 2.

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  • Interesting quote from Caplan. He’s pretty plugged in in Philly. I hope Ertz gets past the 49ers.

    “Adam Caplan ‏@caplannfl

    Here’s what I said during pre-draft show on TEs: Eagles might select 2 TEs out of this draft. Might have 4 active on game days.”

    • eaglepete

      wow, interesting, we absolutely need a TE. But isnt Ertz the guy with the tiny arms, T rex TE right ha? although second rated on most boards.

      • GEagle

        I have a real hard time seeing how chip could like Ertz over Escobar or Kelce… I don’t understand..what is it? Cuz Ertz has the bigger name? Ertz is Joekel…Esco and Kelce are Lane Johnson….SWING FOR THE FENCES!!!

        • Bigger name? He’s the bigger name because he had better production than Escobar and Kelce. 2nd ranked TE for a reason. Plus I never said Chip liked them over those guys, that was my opinion.

          • GEagle

            take your thong out of your cheeks…no one was coming at you! why would I talk shit when you are in the majority oppinion? I was simply asking what you saw in Ertz over those guys, because you are one of the more respected oppinions I can find around here? If I’m not seeing something please share it with me….not sure why you felt the need to turn this into a pissing contest…I’m simply asking people what they see in Ertz to want him over Esco and Kelce?….no one was attacking you..

            I’m simply from the school of thought that draft evaluation for chip is more than, well this kid played against me and had a big game. I think if Ertz had never lit up Oregon,mhe would never be talked about for a chip Kelly offense over Esco, Kelce and possibly Vance….no one was disrespecting of or coming at you, I was looking to engage in an intelligent football debate, and I saw that you liked Ertz and wanted to see if you could show me something g that I wasn’t seeing in him is all…cheers

          • Ertz could come to Philly and challenge for meaningful minutes and add quality depth to the roster. Kelly’s familiar with this kid, he could do nothing to contain him when Oregon played Sanford.

            Ertz is an accomplished pass catching Tight End, Big target to work the seams but he’s not the chosen blocker of the bunch.

            Harbaugh may pull the suspense surrounding Ertz by selecting him before anyone else considers adding the kid.

        • GisFeable

          You mean the same Johnson that you said made absolutely no sense in selecting?

          • GEagle

            what did you say? Oh that’s right, too irrelevant for anyone to remember hahaha

  • eaglepete

    Cyprien, Arthur Brown, Keenan Allen, would love any one of them in that order. Anyone know if Brown fits our D scheme? All I hear are good things about that guy, thought hed be gone in first for sure. This is when the draft gets interesting.

    • Brown’s one of the highly rated interior linebackers, with good range. His talent and ranking justifies a selection and adding to the talent on the roster and depth at the linebacker position. The Eagles aren’t in a position to by-pass obvious talent no where on the roster.

  • FMWarner

    NoGenoNoGenoNoGenoNoGeno. Please. I would love to see Cyprien or Banks.

  • Mikeq

    I don’t understand why some fans are so interested in Tyrann Mathieu. We already have about the exact player in Boykin- minus so many failed drug tests that “he stopped counting”.

    • FMWarner

      Me either. Guy is a late rounder and wasn’t as good a corner as he was a returner. It’s just name value, everyone knows who he is.

  • Warhound

    Plz, No Te’o

  • Bob

    Basciano is a piece of garbage

  • Christopher Zeitz