Live Eagles/NFL Draft Chat: Day 2

Join Tim and Sheil for a live chat during the second day of the NFL Draft. The Eagles are scheduled to have picks 35 (second round) and 67 (third round). The Jaguars are on the clock at 6:30.

  • Token

    With Cyprien off the board, Ertz is a good pick. Is Celek still here? Does he fit what CK wants at TE?

    Its apparent CK wants to make sure his offense is up and running.

    I think there probably two safeties left worth a shit and they may not last until the 3rd. Gonna be a interesting night.

    And most importantly, geno bullet dodged again. If they pick a QB it will be Matt Scott most likely. But at this point, just dont pick one.

  • Syx

    Jamar Taylor hasn’t been taken yet?