Eagles Wake-Up Call: Five Options At No. 35

The Eagles landed offensive tackle Lane Johnson with the No. 4 pick.

But there’s still plenty of work to be done. Here are five options for Birds with the 35th pick:

Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia – I’ll admit I didn’t see this coming. The West Virginia QB spent all of Thursday night in the green room without a team taking him. Only one signal-caller was selected in the first round, and that was Florida State’s EJ Manuel, who went to the Bills at No. 16. The Eagles did plenty of homework on Smith, and as I’ve written, there are likely aspects of his game that Kelly finds appealing. There are two picks before the Eagles are on the clock: Jacksonville and San Francisco. The Jaguars could certainly take Smith, or a team could trade up. If the Birds have the chance to take Smith at 35 and pass, it’s probably fair to say he’s not on their board at all. And that has to be considered a possibility at this point.

Jonathan Cyprien, S, Florida International – I thought he would go in the first round, but Cyprien is still available. Three safeties went off the board on Thursday: Texas’ Kenny Vaccaro (No. 15 to the Saints), LSU’s Eric Reid (No. 18 to the 49ers) and Florida’s Matt Elam (No. 32 to the Ravens). Cyprien (6-0, 217) and South Carolina’s DJ Swearinger are probably the top two safeties still available. It’s a need area for the Eagles, and there are still good players on the board.

Tank Carradine, OLB/DL Florida State – I was way off on my projection here, thinking Carradine would go in the top half of the first round. At 6-4, 276 (34 3/4-inch arms), he has size and versatility. But Carradine suffered a torn ACL in November, which could explain why he’s still available. The Eagles had him in for an official visit to the team facility. Chip Kelly said Thursday night that Dion Jordan was an option with the No. 4 pick. While Carradine’s a different player, perhaps he will be the outside linebacker the Eagles end up with. Update: Bad news on Carradine’s medical could cause him to drop.

Jamar Taylor, CB, Boise State – He could be the best cornerback on the board. Taylor (5-11, 192) ran a 4.39 40 at the Combine, and many projected him to be a first-round pick. Four cornerbacks were taken Thursday night: Alabama’s Dee Milliner (No. 9 to the Jets), Houston’s D.J. Hayden (No. 12 to the Raiders), Washington’s Desmond Trufant (No. 22 to the Falcons) and Florida State’s Xavier Rhodes (No. 25 to the Vikings).

Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford – The Eagles did plenty of work on tight ends during the pre-draft process. Ertz (6-5, 249) had 69 catches for 898 yards and six touchdowns last season. And Kelly knows his talents all too well. Against Oregon last season, Ertz caught 11 balls for 106 yards and a score. He could be an option at No. 35.


T-Mac has the full story on the Birds going with Johnson.

And here is what Johnson had to say about being selected fourth.


Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz.com offers his take on Johnson:

Johnson is a great athlete. His Combine workout would have been solid for a running back or linebacker, but it was phenomenal for an offensive tackle. He ran faster in the 40-yard dash than Anquan Boldin did at the Combine. Johnson is also strong, agile and explosive. His arms are 35 inches long, giving him an ideal frame for the offensive tackle position. Don’t think of Johnson as a finesse athlete. He has a big-time mean streak. He loves to run block and wants to bury his opponent in the ground. Johnson has excellent potential and could develop into a Pro Bowl player.

Rich Hofmann of the Daily News thinks the Eagles made the right choice:

I like it. We all have seen this team, in past seasons, attempt to prove that they were the smartest people in the room. To be fair, they did some smart things in the past. The way they have manipulated their picks in the later rounds of the draft really has been smart and profitable.

But in their first big spot together, Roseman and Kelly chose a solid, sensible guy who fit both the coach’s philosophy and the long-term needs of the franchise. We don’t know if Johnson can play, obviously, but the reviews have been good and the athletic potential is interesting.


More reaction on the Johnson pick, and we’ll look ahead to the rest of the draft.

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  • Hey guys, massive Eagles fan. have done a write up of day 1 of the draft. Would be awesome if you could give it a read!http://www.undisputedsports.com/2013/04/2013-nfl-draft-round-1-recap/

    • Sb2bowl

      Hey rich- as I just said at igglesblitz, go some place else to push your website! Maybe spend some money on advertisement rather than piggy-back off the websites of other people.

      See ya!

    • Joe Jones

      Just read it…well done. Who do you like at 35? I keep it simple, highest rated player on your board, regardless of position(its unlikely to be a tackle). The guy I really like is Tank Carradine. He looked amazing at his pro day, if his knee checks out, I’d take him.

      I know some would say, its a redundant pick….we have Curry, Cole and Graham who may or may not fit our scheme. Well, if Tank is going to be an elite pass rusher, you fit your scheme to take advantage of his skills. Is JPP a protypical 3-4 DE? No, so if the Eagles had a chance to acquire him, should they pass cause “he doesn’t fit the scheme?”

      I reiterate, take the player who has the greatest potential, dont fall for the line of thinking that says, “but we need a guard or a safety.” That kind of thinking leads to selections like Danny Watkins, Nate Allen and Jaquwain Jarrett,

      • The Eagles did have a chance to pick JPP, and chose Graham instead. LOL. I know, I know… I still can’t believe that one, that’s all.

        • Joe Jones

          good point,,,,forgot about that…..bad example huh?

        • GEagle

          I still can’t believe people continue to mention this

          • cliff henny

            see what people are saying next yr, when graham has better year than JPP

          • Geagle

            yeah man…it’s maddening. if the Eagles would have draft JPP and he didn’t work out, Philly would have been burnt down to the ground

          • Tom W

            Fact. Tank doesn’t fit. Cyprien is best talent on board.

    • FLAGGED.. you have a total of FOUR posts, all pushing your website. Go push it somewhere else. We should all FLAG this imbecile.

    • theycallmerob

      I also have a bridge for sale. Anyone interested, please let me know

      • cliff henny

        verrazamo or brooklyn? am looking for property in NY

      • Johnny Domino

        I’d go Penrose Ferry, if you can get it changed back.

        • theycallmerob

          it’ll cost you a little more, but I think we got a deal.

      • Jason N.

        I always knew Jason Kelce is a bridge builder because of his beard.

        That confirm it.

    • whattheDEUCE22

      aint nobody got time for you RICHARD

  • Exceptional evening. Tonight promises to be just as intense. There are a wealth of talented players to chose from that can bring immediate help to the Eagles.

    In order of over all player rating, the Eagles have G Smith, QB, M Watson, T, M.Te’O, ILB, J. Hunterr, WR J, Taylor, CB and J Cyprien, SS to choose from when their pick comes up this evening baring any trades

    I’m not sure there isn’t a player above that could not come in, and push for significant playing time and, or add critically needed depth to the Eagles roster.

    • CJ

      You’re going to draft another OT? Nevermind, I looked up and read “Dutch”, now I understand.

      • I think the Eagles are considering in order: 1. Geno Smith, 2.M Te’O and 3. J. Hunter, with pick 35.

        You didn’t completely read the sentence above.

        • CJ

          Oh, I can read, thanks though. You said he’d be 3rd on their board and able to push for significant playing time. No, and with Peters, Herramans, and Johnson, no again.

        • Tom W

          Eagles Board … not mine but what I am hearing

          1) Ertz
          2) Hunt
          3) Brown
          4) Hunter

          Dunno why they dont see value in Cyprien …

          My Board

          1) Cyprien
          2) Ertz
          3) J Williams
          4) Escobar/Kelce
          5) Hankins

          • It’s plausible that could be the Eagles board, Ertz is the 2nd rated TE, Hunt the 5th and next DE, Brown could be rated before Te’O and Hunter is definitely the next best receiver on the board.

            I am sure if the Eagles indeed are using the BPA strategy and, the Jags don’t take Geno, the Eagles will. Geno Smith is the best player available in over all player rating.

          • Tom W

            If that is the case then Cyprien should be there too .. he is rated in the 90s in almost all draft grades I have seen … and has a high floor .. little risk. I think Hunt carries alot of risk. Same w Geno. So even if they are all generally the same grade (Personally I think Cyprien is higher than both) you take Cyprien because he is seen as the safer pick.

    • Well said Dutch, still a wealth of tale t to be had. I wouldn’t be surprised if we try to wheel and deal and try to get three picks in tonight.

      • the Eagles seem well positioned to deal for additional picks.

        • We shall see

        • Tom W

          Yes Dutch! Deal down! otherwise lets go w Cyprien. Watson is redundant w LJ, Geno ehh, They like Brown better than TEO, Hunter they like I dont unless we trade Maclin tonight, JTaylor is good but lots of good corners in 3d round.

  • GEagle

    I think you all know that Dion is my baby…and I have to admit, I threw a bottle against the wall I when Miami took him….I said it repeatedly, if we were going Oline, there were only two choices, Cooper and Lane, the two with all pro ceiling….Honestly, if Fisher,lane and Joekel were all 3 on the board, I would have been pissed if they passed on Lane for the over rated Joek n Fish……I wanted Dion, because I thought Long and Pugh would have been on the board in round 2….with none of it making it to round 2, I’m actually extremely happy today that they took Lane….

    WE need a SAM…Jamie Collins, Sio Moore, Micheal Buchannon

    Rd 2: I won’t be surprised if they just pull the trigger on Escobar or Kelce as high as rd 2:
    Cyprien, Carradine, Hankins, Jesse Williams, Jamie Collins

    Jamar Taylor is a very good CB, but I wouldnt take him at 35.

    the only way we could screw up this draft is taking Geno

    • Agreed like so many of the options still available just not Geno!!!!

      • GEagle

        Also, a name NO ONE talks about but that we should be on the lookout for is Damontre Moore

        • Jason N.

          Ehhhhhhhh. Rather have Cyprien

    • DunedinEagle

      You threw a bottle against the wall? Loser

      • CJ

        shows a great deal of restriant if you ask me, I expected multiple bottles.

        • GEagle


          Dunedin, isn’t it a Iittle earlier for cock on your breath?

    • Mr. Wu

      hahaha your unbelievable dude……just last week you were arguing that OT “made absoluteley no sense” at number 4 ….but whatev….do you bud

      • B-West

        Haha. Well, to be fair, when you post 200 times a day and claim you know everything under the sun, it can be hard to keep things straight.

        Silver lining of the draft weekend excitement coming to end? Ridding ourselves of the Geagle armchair draft analysis.

        • Guest


        • GEagle

          TWo days left you insignificant troll lmao

          No such thing as negative publicity. hi Hater! Lol

      • Geagle

        Did you miss all the posts that said, if the Eagles do go Oline in round 1, I hope it’s Lane or Cooper? What am I supposed to do, throw a temper tantrum cuz the dolphins took Dion? I don’t understand…..and if you are so untuned with my oppinions you would know that most of me wanting to pass on Oline was because I expd Long and Pugh to make it to 35…when they came off the board, how could I complain about Lane?

        • GisFeable

          You admitted you threw a bottle against the wall. I would call that a temper tantrum.

          • GEagle

            Lol do you actually think I was serious? Hahahahah

      • FMWarner

        If you try to make sense of that guy’s posts, you’re just going to drive yourself crazy.

    • Tom W

      Good pts. We need to trade back hopefully w raiders and get another 3d. That 3d lands us a good corner, s or 5tech.

      It doesn’t sound good. Sounds like eagles looking at Ertz, Brown’s brother, Hunter, or Hunt. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

      We need a SAM but the guys you mentioned are more 3 rd guys.

      Cypprien is by far the most talented player on the board. He ranks in about a 90 or first tier player. Most importantly, the dropoff after him is the steepest at any position left. That is my preferred pick if we stay put.

      If Ertz goes we can always look for Kelce, escobar, Vance, Florida TE. He is a good pick but not great utilization of position scarcity or depth of draft.

      Same w Corner. Tons of them. Please I hope they dont force a Slay pick here.

      Carradine doesn’t really fit — more of a 4-3 de coming off acl. Hankins and Williams more so ntackles (not that tall for a 5-tech). And I rather wait and grab Krueger (20 yrs old 6 6 270) or tons of other good 5 techs.

      I’m scared he takes Hunt … 26 yr old estonian projects worry me ****

      Don’t want a wr — why — where is he gonna play???????????? Unless you have a trade in place for maclin … I do not want justin hunter.

      ILB — Brown’s brother Why??? to sit on bench for a yr??

      I understand BPA — but the BPA is Cyprien. maybe Ertz but there is great depth at te. I think I am going to be disappointed possibly upset after our 2d round pick if they go Hunt, Hunter, or Brown.

      • GEagle

        I would prefer Cyprien or Hankins…your analysis on Ertz situation is spot on…considering what would be left on the board, it’s not a great way to spend resources….I’m down to trade back, and just grab our TE, and get it over with…but Cyprien, Hankins def work for me….Hunt, you never see me talk about. Scares Me!!! I don’t bash him, but I don’t discuss him either…WR is probably the only pick that would aggrivate me…Hoping some Birds get traded tonight…I’m literally ALWAYS down to trade back in this round

      • Jason N.

        This is the only time so far we both agree on something.

        I prefer Hankins or Cyprien.

        Cyprien if we stay at 35th.

        Hankins if we trade down a bit and maybe grab a 4th or a 3rd if we are lucky.

    • Jason N.

      Really? I was yelling out of happiness on the top of my lungs when the Dolphins traded up to grab Dion Jordan. I swear I thought they were going for Lane Johnson.

      I was so happy!

      I thought, damn somewhere out there Geagle and Tom are majorly disappointed lol.

  • Lots of options on day 2.

  • CJ

    Geno’s blowing off Day 2 of the draft, he’d rather go home and sulk than tough it out. To me, that may prove some of the knocks that he’s soft and sulky when things get tough. No thanks. If he’d have stuck around, I’d have been fine with it and he should’ve been a top 5 pick today for sure, but with the microscope on him he folded, and that really worries me.

    Maybe in the 3rd if he’s still there, but I want no part of him in the 2nd now. We have bigger needs. The D needs some attention.

    • DutchEagle

      Of course he’s sulking, he’s disappointed. I’ve never heard of any SB losers being criticized for sulking on the field. But I imagine it’s even worse for Geno because the draft is a process that he cannot influence; and he didn’t make the mock drafts that projected him going that high. I guess that makes it even more frustrating.

      If I could choose, I also wouldn’t go on national television for another round of public humiliation.

    • Myke Lowery

      I wonder how many comeback wins he’s had? Anyone know? Maybe it shows he isn’t a baby when things get tough.
      Regardless I still wouldn’t want him at 35

      • DutchEagle

        And let’s not forget he “lost” approximately 10-15 million dollars. My day is ruined if I lose a 20..

        • CJ

          He’s going to lose more for acting like he did. Left early AND isn’t coming back. Toughness and class are attributes in good football players too. That exhibited neither.

          • GEagle

            If I’m Geno…I would shut the world up, and stand tall tonight at the draft

          • Beavis

            Adam Schefter‏:
            “West Virginia QB Geno Smith has decided to remain in New York and will be attending the draft tonight in Radio City Music Hall.”

          • CJ

            I just saw that and took back every word I said, scroll up a tad. That’s all I wanted to see from the guy. Goes to show I’m not the only one to think that wasn’t a mature reaction though.

          • GEagle

            Good for him…I’m happy for the kid!!! Seriously!

            Doesnt mean I want that no instinct having, mental midget in Philly…but I am happy for the kid, and wish him well except when he plays us

          • CJ

            My point exactly! If he’d do that, I’d do backflips if they took him at 35. I’m not high on the guy, but if shows me that, it’d change my mind. And a lot of others I would assume.

          • Beavis

            With all due respect, you’re an idiot. Who wouldn’t be disappointed in this situation? Let’s say your work your entire life for something, you pour your blood, sweat and tears into that effort. Your financial future could hang in the balance. Your entire career depends on this moment. And then it doesn’t happen. At the bare minimum, you would be upset. Now let’s add a national television audience examining and disecting your every move, your body language and your facial expressions. Would you subject yourself to the entire dog and pony show again? Would you want to let millions of people sit there and discuss your life for the sake of enterainment? No, you wouldn’t. And neither would I and neither would anyone else on this blog. Stop being so pompous and saying someone lacks toughness and class for deciding to do what everyone else would do. This is a 22 year-old kid who was publicly humiliated for your viewing pleasure and now he’s going to be called out for notnot doing it again?

          • cliff henny
          • CJ

            I’m not the idiot. It’s not “not happening”. He’s reaction might’ve slaughtered what’s left of his stock if he’s not careful. If you accept the invite you’re aware of the risk. He’s not going to be in there by himself, he’s not the only one in there that’s still left.

            Also, Te’o was invited, knew the risk, and he didn’t go. So Smith isn’t doing what “anyone would’ve done. Smith should’ve either stayed home to begin with, or swallow his pride and show he’s got the mental toughness to handle much more than this. Didn’t see that last night.

            Would I be pissed? Heck yes, but there’s ways to handle that other than sulking. Be serious. You and whoever else can talk about Quinn and Rodgers, but they didn’t walk out early.

          • CJ

            Also it’s not all bad news. If he’s as good as he thinks he is, he’s now one year closer to free agency. So the loss of money up front can be made up at least to a degree, if he pans out.

          • CJ

            And now, I get to recant: This just in: someone actually has common sense and convinced Geno Smith to show tonight. Assuming he goes through with it, I’ll take back everything I just said about the guy.

            All I was asking for was a little class and toughness: he made a commitment to go and he should follow through. Obviously, I’m not the only one that felt that way.

          • Phil Perspective

            Toughness? Under your definition? Obviously you don’t remember when Aaron Rodgers was drafted. You wouldn’t want to sit through that BS either. Thankfully, Rodgers got the last laugh.

          • Jason N.

            Rodgers have more right to be disappointed. He was a much higher rated QB then Geno Dmith. And plus from what I remember. Rodgers look more shock than disappointed.

          • Jason N.

            I agree. I know it’s a sad thing. But adversity and disappointment make you stronger. He should have held his head high and come back tonight.

          • Jason N.

            No, but if I was Geno Smith, I would have went back to my hotel yesterday. Call up a love one, and talk to them about it. Get over it in the morning. Show up to the 2nd day of the draft. Look strong and happy. Not go home and hide behind my tv and watch it at home.

            You need to show the world that you can handle disappointment.

            Look at Tony Romo. The guy is ridicule by his own fan base daily for not winning enough playoff games but does he sulk after the game? No. He did it in the game and let it go. Unlike Jay Cuttler who call out his teammates and bitch whenever they’re doing bad.

            Geno smith should have held his head high and say, “we’ll it’s unfortunate that I wasn’t a top 10. But I’m not going to let that bring me down. Whichever team is going to draft me, is going to have a guy with a lot to prove that he deserve to go before EJ Manuel.

    • Phil Perspective

      Seems you forget what happened to Aaron Rodgers. You know, that guy who presently is probably the best QB in the NFL. He was drafted in the same draft as Alex Smith(Yes, Andy Reid’s new QB). There was debate about whether Smith or Rodgers would go # 1. And Rodgers had to wait three years after he was drafted when the Packers finally tired of the yearly Brett Favre drama.

  • I am so stoked about who is still available. I can’t wait to see how tonight plays out. I would be ok with any of the names listed above except Geno.

    • Sb2bowl

      I concur. I’d love us to drop back 5 spots, pick up a 3 this year and pick bpa at that point

      • Tom W

        I agree.

  • southy

    If Andy were still coaching this team, we’d still have picked Lane Johnson. But we’d be planning on playing him at qb.

  • Mark Sitko

    Ummm…and MARGUS HUNT YO!!! Forget Tank – MARGUS MARGUS MARGUS!!!

    • GEagle

      Margus,Carradine,Jesse Williams, JONATHON HANKINS(who to me could be better than ANY DT taken in round 1), Jamie Collins, Damontre Moore, Cyprien, Jon jEkins…think it’s going to be one of those names

      • Tom W

        I’m hearing Hunt, Hunter, Brown, Ertz …. I wouldn’t be thrilled about any but I could live w Ertz. Rather trade down and get a 3d OR draft Cyprien.

        • GEagle

          Honestly, Cyprien was probably my top safety on the board…I could see Ried getting picked ahead of Cyprien…but not Elam or Vaccaro…..I’d feel like we got a steal if we land Cyprien

  • Jack Waggoner

    There are also a couple of good DT (3-4 DE) prospects that would make sense for a team that still needs one.

    • Jason N.

      I love John Hankins in the 2nd round if we trade down for any team that is looking at Geno Smith or Cyprien.

      I wouldn’t mind taking Cyprien at 35th

  • Average__Joseph

    With all the talent still on the board, I see the #35 pick as very tradable. I feel they will trade down and aquire more picks. Think of the deal NE got for their pick, the Eagles will get something big for pick 35.

    Just An Average Joseph

    • cliff henny

      NE dropped out of the first round, that’s why they rec’d all those picks. we might be able to drop a handfull of spots, maybe pick up a 4th, but not out of the round

      • Average__Joseph

        Yes they moved out of the first round (NE dropped from 29 to 52) but hardly any offensive skill positions, Safely or LB have been taken. This is a valuble pick and for a team whose top player on their board is unepectedly still there, the Eagles can get much more than just a 4th. You have to think of this round as almost “round 1A”. I actually could see the Eagles trading down in this round twice.

        Just An Average Joseph

        • cliff henny

          all good points, but comparing compensation b/t dropping in round vs out of round is unfair.

          • Average__Joseph

            Yes but that is why NE and Belichick is so good; he knows, in this draft, the difference between a player at 29 and a player at 52 is very little, especially when you adhere to the “BPA” model.

            Just An Average Joseph

        • Tom W

          Yes Joe. I’m with you. Studs all over rds 2-3 and even 4. I think someone is going to come up and get our pick.

          Either for Geno, Nassib/Barkley OR Menelik Watson — last good starting otackle … chargers, dolphins, LIONS!!! raiders

      • Tom W

        Dropping back is dropping back …. it doesn’t drop much from 32 to 35. Later you get less valuable the pick is. If we dropped 10 picks we may get a late 3d or early 4th … 20 picks and a 3d and 5th.

  • knighn

    I didn’t want Geno Smith at the top of the 1st round. Now I don’t want him at all. I will be extremely disappointed if the Eagles take him. Simply put: Chip Kelly believes in competition. Does Geno Smith seem like someone who actually wants to compete for a starting job? Does he seem like he would be a good team player if he didn’t win that starting job? After last night, I can’t help think that the answers are No and NO. So, if the Eagles have a chance to pick Geno Smith, I can’t help but hope that their answer will also be: NOOOO!

    • cliff henny

      Aaron Rodgers was sulking around too. might be reading more into that. but, prefer to tradebait smith. extra 4th would be nice.

      • knighn

        Ah. I’d actually have to go back and watch. I didn’t recall Rodgers being that bad. Maybe I’m being too critical of Geno. I just can’t believe, in this day in age, that agents don’t prepare their QBs with stock lines to say if they happen to fall!
        Something like, “Whoever takes me, whenever they take me, I’m going to prove that I am one of the best QBs in this draft and one of the best QBs in the NFL. I may hot have been taken at the top of this draft, but whatever team takes me, I plan to help them come out on top!”

        • cliff henny

          yeah, go watch. he was furious. sure he’ll be better after getting away for couple hours. in the moment, i can cut these kids a break.

          • Phil Perspective

            Yeah, I mean anyone here would be pissed if they were led to believe they’d be a top ten pick and ended up being drafted in the middle of the second round. All those people ripping Smith for his reaction are just plain silly.

          • GEagle

            the only person he should be mad at is his agent!!!

            TEo had a good agent that told him, stay home, don’t make a fool out of yourself..you want to be in the limelight?being drafted by an nfl team isn’t good enough? Then that’s the risk you take

          • Jason N.

            I blame that Jason De Lafora guy from CBS.

            He spouted nonsense and got kid’s hope up.

          • Rebounding from disappointments and adversity is valuable and helps build character.

            I’m more interested in how he will respond. It’s not falling that’s the tale, tale sign, it’s whether you stay down or bounce back up that determines what a person is made of and the kid from Philly, Floyd demonstrated and represented himself very well after being disappointed before a national audience last night.

            Maybe, Geno like Floyd develops a chip on his shoulder that becomes a driving force within his gut. Worked for Tom Brady.

      • Jason N.

        Just watched the clip of Aaron Rodgers on his draft day. He didn’t seem to sulk that much. His face was more surprised and disbelieved that he drop that low then disappointment. It’s more understandable though considering that Aaron Rodgers was a much better prospect than Geno Smith. Geno Smith is a late 1st rounder that got hyped up to the top 10 and be side of the weak QB class.

        Aaron Rodgers drop because of a pretty strong class in many positions. I mean you got Demarcus Ware and Roddy White in your draft class. That’s pretty sweet.

        • cliff henny

          why’s it more understandable, geno thought he was top 5, that’s more of a personal quaification on your part. they did cut into rodgers after what seemed like every pick, he was showing fustration. it’s tough, no one handles it well, just all have a varying degree of how poorly

          • Jason N.

            Talent wise? Geno was not a top 5 player in this draft.

            Aaron Rodgers at the time you could argue that he was a top 10 talent.
            Hype and some stupid NfL analyst hype him up so much thinking that the Eagled or the Jags will take him because of the weak class and need for QB.

            If Geno Smith was a strong QB in a weak QB class. And he dropped. That would be much more surprising.

    • FMWarner

      I can’t kill Smith for walking out like that, it’s a pretty humiliating situation. I don’t want the Eagles to draft him, but it’s not because of his attitude.

  • Bruce

    Surprise to see no Jesse Williams on that list

    • JofreyRice

      Some whispers about knee problems for him an Carradine

      • No whispers on Tank.. ran a 4.75 40 6 months out from ACL surgery. He’s going to be a steal for some team.

        • GreenScabs

          There is still a lot of concerns with Tank. I know he ran in a straight line for his 40 a few weeks ago, but supposedly his medical recheck was not positive at all. Many people are now comparing his injury to that of De’Quan Bowers in 2011, meaning that teams think his ACL injury is degenerative. That’s not good news at all for him.

        • JofreyRice

          Giants beat writer Mike Garofalo sent an email to someone that was leaked about Carradine failing the Giants physical. His ability to run 40 yards doesn’t really tell you much about the ability to cut on that ACL. As mentioned below, it could be a Bowers situation. I loved Carradine pre-injury, but Bowers hasn’t been the same guy. It’s not a foregone conclusion these things are always a success.

  • David J Daniels

    Our team still needs to get bigger, and get more pass rushers….thus, our 2nd round pick should be Tank Carradine, Big Jessie Williams from Bama, or John Jenkins from GA. Got a feeling we will go with the pass rusher, as there are a few other DT/NT to be gotten in round 3. Maybe a trade down to pick up another 4th or 3rd may make sense since it seems like good value will still be available thru Saturday.

    • Tom W

      Jessie and Jenkins aren’t pass rushers. They are ntackles or short 5-tech. Tank is a 4-3 de …cant play olb and dont you wanna play him at 5-tech. I’d rather wait and get Joe Krueger from Utah, paul Kruegers little bro, 6 6 junior 20 yrs old 270 athletic. kid is still growing … JJ Wyatt measurables. Mean. Can get him in 3-5 th rd.

      • I don’t think it’s a good idea to get away from drafting the next best player. The Eagles need help all over this roster and to by pass the best talent in line is part of the issue with this talent depleted roster.

        Any strategy that by passes the best talent that drops to you irrespective to position is falling back to reaching. Now we have a tackle, a good tackle by all accounts, but does that mean later maybe say in round 5 if another highly rated tackle is the best talent available when you pick, do we forgo the opportunity to add additional depth to that position?

        It’s more important we get Football players, the best at their position of all available because we have room on this roster for good, talented players.

    • Presently the Eagles have 4 of the first 101 players, it makes no sense to trade back unless we can get an additional pick within that range. Trade pick pick 67, so long as you can parlay that into pick 71 and 80, by no means should any trade down be for a pick in excess of 102.

      Anything but an addition pick within the range of the picks we currently have is an elaborate way to reach for lessor talented players.

  • Andy

    I think they have to get someone for the secondary at 35.

    • FMWarner

      Agreed. I like Cyprien first, then maybe Banks or Taylor.

  • Would not be shocked at all if Chip keeps rolling on offense and goes with Zach Ertz at 35. Adam Caplan says on twitter he would not be surprised if the Eagles carried 4 (FOUR) active TE’s on game day, and that we may even take 2 in this draft.

    • Tom W

      I think you are right although I’d rather trade back and take escobar or kelce if we are locked in at te.

    • Ertz is a justified pick if you have a Quarterback in place already that you aren’t using as a short term solution. That’s not the Eagles position going into this draft.

      As the Eagles are currently constructed they can not over look the Best talent available at every position on their roster.

      • A 6’6 tightend with a skill set like Ertz is an asset to any quarterback, whether its Vick or whoever we get next year. Especially Vick because of his height. We’ll be taking a TE this draft.

        • cliff henny

          wont be surprised if we take 2. remember, they’ve shown plenty of interest in kasa and he’ll be day 3 guy.

  • cliff henny

    It’s Tank…Kelly must own stock in an ACL replacement company. Slay in 3rd, and he’ll replace his meniscus with an ACL

  • Green Flyer

    They need a DLman and I think they’ll take The Tank.

  • borntosuffer

    Get some D – Lot’s of quality to choose from in areas of need. No Geno, please.

  • jamesbondage

    Does it make sense to trade back to end of the 2nd round with the right offer? there are still many quality players left on the board and with needs on multiple positions, we can really use another 4th/5th rd pick…

    • cliff henny

      back end, no…6-8 spots, yes. right now there has to be 5 guys on eagle’s board available with 1st round grades. figure falling back to 40, should be able to still target a guy.

    • Tom W

      Yes. total sense. 10 picks 20 picks. Yes. Get me a 3d. Studs all over 2d and 3d round. We need another 1 maybe 2 picks in rds 3-4.

  • Token

    Suprised Cyprien is there too. It looks like if they want a safety, which they really really should, that they need to get one this pick. Cyprien, Swearinger and Rambo may not make it out of this round. Id have to guess its between a safety and Ertz right now. Ertz would be fun and all, but they have to address the defense. Safety is important. And relying on Phillips who cant stay healthy and Chung who cant stay healthy and isnt very good anyway, just doesnt seem like a good plan. I dont know anything about the corner Taylor. Maybe hes a good fit?

    • cliff henny

      have no clue how cowboys passed on Cyprien. what in the world was Jerruh thinking? their safeties were only slightly better than our’s last year, and he takes a 3rd round center? went to bed very happy last night

      • nicksaenz1

        he was thinking that he just paid his QB 55mil in guaranteed money and he wants him to be upright. granted, he drafted a C, but everyone needs a good center.

        • cliff henny

          was a bad trade, value wise, should have rec’d alot more than a 3rd, then takes a 3rd round player in 1st. guy could be a player, but JJ left a lot of meat on the bone for this draft. both were poor moves. do that too often and end up 4-12

          • nicksaenz1

            obv, i hope this pans out that in hindsight we’re saying the same thing. if in 5 years he’s got himself an all-pro center, we’ll be saying how Jerry made the second most brilliant move of his otherwise horrible ownership

    • Tom W

      They like CHung alot. So it would be a FS if they drafted one here. Unfortunately I dont think they are looking at safety here at 35. I would hope Cyprien .. first tier player … nice dropoff after him.

      I don’t they interviewed, worked out, or brought in Cyprien ….

      • cliff henny

        heard that too, i dont see it, neither did BB. plus cyprien can play either, little insurance for philips who has to prove he can stay healthy.

      • Token

        Yea the Oregon connection is strong apparently. You can write in Matthews in the final roster spot now.

        Chung has really never been a good player. I dont get the love affair with him apart from Oregon.

        If Cyprien is sitting there its tough to pass on. And like I said, I like Rambo also but could see him gone before their 3rd rounder.

      • FMWarner

        I don’t get the love for Chung either. He had a nice rookie season and has gone downhill ever since. Granted, the Eagles know a lot more about him than I do, but I don’t get it.

      • Cypien is the next best strong safety, Taylor the best corner and, rated over Cypien, Te’o or Brown the best ILB. To select Cyprien would mean reaching over Taylor and, selecting Taylor means reaching over Te’o and, or Brown.

        Are the Eagles sufficiently staffed with talent they can afford to reach?

        Corner and Linebacker are positions that needs depth in Phila.

  • tom

    Agree with you on Cyprien and Ertz. Others who perhaps are higher on the Eagles’ draft board are DE Margus Hunt, DT Jesse Williams, and IL Manti Te’o or CB Jonathan Banks.

    • cliff henny

      te’o makes no sense for eagles in 2nd. with johnson, it only backs up what kelly’s been saying for months, big athletic and fast…te’o is non of those, and also would come in as back-up, when we should be drafting starter. not even slightly worried about te’o

      • GEagle

        Doubt teo is even on our board

  • Wilbert M.

    Damontre Moore would be a nice pick. A 2nd round version of Dion Jordan – not as athletic but a heck of lot more productive in college than Jordan.

  • JofreyRice

    Cyp or Swear please.

    • cliff henny

      yup, does swar make it to 3rd? really want gavin escobar, we need a tight end that can hold the safeties. dj on outside 1 on 1 would mean big play or 2 every game.

      • Tom W

        I was wondering the same thing. Dunno if he falls. And Swear more of a SS whereas I think they looking for more of a FS. Probably get philip Thomas in 3d though. nice fall back if we go Ertz over Cyprien.

        • JofreyRice

          I don’t know if you watched much S. Carolina, but Swearinger played all over that defense–tho, you’re right, he did play down in the box, or on the slot, primarily. The Gamecocks require you to be so multiple in your skill set. I think he matched up in 1 on 1 coverage w/Justin Hunter in the Tennessee Game.

          • cliff henny

            yeah, DJ is no joke! cant stand USC, but that kid showed up every game, cant say that about clowney. Philly would luv Swear, got a little b-dawk in him, angry and you know when he’s involved in a tackle, he brings it

      • JofreyRice

        I don’t think he does, but hell, I thought Geno Smith was going #2 overall, so WTF do I know?

    • Tom W

      Cyp yes.

      • Jason N.

        So glad Dion Jordan didn’t drop to us.

  • Tyler Thierolf

    Please please please Jonathan Cyprien @ 35!

  • Jason N.

    I must thanks teams like the Cowboys, Giants, Rams and the Bills for overdrafting players so that great guys like Cyprien could fall to us!

    Sometimes I love Jerry Jones. A center in the 1st round. The boos from the cowboys were even louder than when the Jets picked.

    • FMWarner

      Not only that, but they got horrible return on the 18th pick BEFORE picking that guy.

      • Jason N.

        What was the return again? I forgot lol

        • FMWarner

          For moving down from 18th to 31st (where they took the center) they got a third rounder.

  • GEagle

    TEo in a city with our fans, and our media? Lol hahahahah think people…that kid would get eaten alive

  • Brian

    Despite the other pending needs, would it be the end of the world if they took Geno? After all, in 2001, Drew Brees was taken with the first pick in the second round.

    • If the Eagles are seeking to add depth and talent they aren’t drafting based on need, but rather the best player rated. If they take Geno it’s a sign they are using the Best Player Available approach, if they reach over Geno they’re reaching and anything goes.

      The Eagles not having talent in key areas now is a result of reaching in prior drafts.