Eagles Take DT Bennie Logan In Third Round

The Eagles flipped to the defensive side of the ball in the third round, selecting LSU defensive tackle Bennie Logan.

Logan (6-2, 309) was a two-year starter at tackle for LSU. He finished the 2012 season with 45 tackles, 5.5 tackles for a loss and a pair of sacks. Playing alongside the likes of Michael Brockers, he was overshadowed for much of his time with the Tigers. But Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman identified a versatile lineman that they believe can be a three-down player.

“He can push the pocket from the inside,” said Kelly. “Really kind of a guy that we targeted. He was a second-round kid for us. We were just kind of holding our breath there as he fell. I think it will be a great fit for Billy Davis and what he is going to do with those guys.”

When the Eagles met with Logan at the Combine, they told him they were interested because he can play nose tackle, the three-technique, one technique and defensive end. He prefers playing in the interior, which is where he’ll likely be most of the time.

“When I talked to him at the Combine they told me they were going to run a 3-4 defense and what not,” said Logan. “They said they are going to be doing a lot of movement and that I move real good, so I will be able to fit int heir scheme real good.”

Logan said the Eagles, Browns and Cowboys were showing the most interest.

“The more I see of this kid the more I like him,” said NFL.com analyst Mike Mayock prior to the draft. “He plays hard. He didn’t have the same kind of PR that the [Glenn] Dorseys and all of those other LSU defensive tackles have had. But he may be a better pro than he was a college player.”

From his NFL.com draft profile:

Athletic tackle with a wide frame and solid thickness and strength throughout. Nice lateral quickness to step into a gap after the snap, can penetrate through to get a hand on the ballcarrier or hold his ground with a shoulder against single blocks to stuff the hole. Plays with leverage when man-up and against double-teams, doesn’t get moved off the line often. Flashes the violent hands and pop to shed and eat up backs coming into his area. Works hard as a pass rusher… Not elite in his initial quickness, will be stoned more consistently by NFL linemen unless it improves and might be taken out in obvious passing situations. Might be best as an athletic nose, rather than a three-technique. Inconsistent getting off blocks inside to two-gap, lunges towards ballcarriers after they’re already by him.

Like second-round pick Zach Ertz, Kelly had first-hand knowledge of Logan, having played against him in 2011.

“I guess that’s what kind of gave me an advantage over most people because he actually saw me play in real life,” said Logan.

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  • Geagle

    Very nice player, and Im not at all surprised that we targeted him…anyone know anything about his charecter? Is he mean?
    Landry and Datone Jones, and Bennie…3 kids I thought would be better pro’s.

    • cliff henny

      from last 3 or 4 yrs of draft prospects coming out of LSU, not seeing many valedictorians or noble peace prize candidates. think he does two things well, play football, and stay on just this side of the law

      • Geagle

        yeah but he wore #18, which goes to high charecter leaders down at LSU….Im just curious about his mean streak….All I know is Joe Banner must despise us…
        Bennie said, right before the Eagles drafted him, the Browns had called his agent, telling him how they were going to pull the trigger hahaha…sorry Banner! lol

  • Geagle

    Very impressed with Texans GM….the reciever, swearinger, and Brennan Williams….
    niners are doing it Big, but that was expected.
    Cincannati is having a great draft
    Rams continue to improve
    Giants helped themselves unfortunately

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Rams Tavon Austin and Bailey thats really interesting i love both of those recievers

      • Geagle

        rams are doing BIG THINGS!!

        Very surprised that Jeff Fisher wasnt able to land the HoneyBadger….but I guess it makes sense that Arizona drafted him, since Patrick Peterson and his father have been forking out and mentoring the Badger…

        Man the Giants took Hankins and Pugh….very solid draft.

        Cowboys continue showing the world, the blue print how not to build a team…They are making a scheme change as well on defense, yet they arent adding defenders…..Enjoy all your TE’s and WR’s…when we own you cowgirls in the trenches…and when they arent drafting skill positions they are spending 1st round picks, on 4th round centers……Cowboy fans need to seriously boycott that team, until that dumb owner, decides to hire a real GM…I mean, its one of the dumbest things I have ever seen….and we complain about Howie lol

    • JofreyRice

      As always Ozzie Newsome running the draft. Baltimore filling needs with good picks.

      • Geagle

        wouldnt expect anything less out of Ozzie…That man is a personel Stud!
        Man, I wish Kiko Alonso was an Eagle today

      • The NT pick was a bit of a surprise; guess Cody isn’t developing well. And judging from the local reaction, it’s more a case of relief that Elam and A. Brown dropped to where the Ravens could draft them (many mocks had him as the 1st ILB off the board, in rd1).

        • JofreyRice

          I thought I read something about Ngata playing more straight up nose for them. Maybe they really like him at End, which is a better use of his freaky athletic ability.

          • not to mention, Ozzie still has 9 (!) more picks- 2 in rds 4, 5, and 7, and 3 in rd 6.

    • Tom w

      Is chip makin these calls?? Thought Bennie was a 4 th rd prospect. Not thrilled. Don’t think he was top of many people’s boards then and don’t think he was top nt dt de there. May be a good player but I don’t see upside and saw a lot of good talent available.

      • Geagle

        yeah, well the Eagles thought he was a 2nd round prospect, so did Bennie and his agent…Browns called his agent right before the Eagles took him…screwing over Joe BAnner is always a fun past time…I like the kid, the versatile theme continues…
        No Chip isnt making these calls…The draft board they worked on for 9 months is making these calls…People always enjoy ripping Howie, and say they wish Gambl;e was running things…what people need to realize is, players that Gamble doesnt like, dont even get to Howie’s desk…Prospects get streamlined and Funneled to Howie…so at the end of the day, howie is just chosing from guys that Gamble likesand already signed off on anyway…the draft board is not, ok there are 300 prospects, lets rank them and put them in order….Teams only put about 150 prospects on there draft board….so not every player that you see drafted in round 1, 2 and 3 was on our board….I doubt there are players on our board that Chip,Gamble and Howie dont agree on….When its time to draft, Howie looks at the board, if there is a guy graded above the rest, thats who will be drafted…if there are 3 guys with a similar grade, thats when Chip and gamble give there imput and debate prospects….

        • Tom w

          I see he was ranked 8-11th dt prospect by about 25 outlets. I saw a couple guys at dt/nt go later I liked better. More importantly the kid isn’t the starter at nt and not a 5 tech. So we drafting for future already at a position that is only on field 40 percent of plays. I guess his versatility allows him to stay on field all 3 downs which is important. Okay I understand. Still angry we haven’t gotten more picks. Watched more film on him last nite and see he is a gritty run stopper who doesn’t quit but also has some upside if taught up bc he is athletic.

          Looking at Philip Thomas or Krueger or Barrett jones. Looking at McGee and commings. Looking at sanders. Calpa safety.

      • That’s just like, your opinion man. But Lebowski aside, I thought the same thing at first. Keep in mind, Kelly himself was at the LSU and Georgia pro days, and knows these guys (as do many of his ex-SEC coaches); Azzinaro did his homework at many, many pro days as well. If they like Logan more than Jenkins or Williams, I’ll trust that. And what we, CBS, and ESPN have as grades are not what teams have. Logan was about to be drafted by the Browns. Brandon Williams barely made it in the 3rd rd, and Jesse Williams is still out there.

        • cliff henny

          great movie reference…’do you see what happens Larry?’ is one of my all-time favorite scenes.

          • “Walter, I’m sure there’s a reason you brought your dirty undies”
            -“That’s right dude. The weight. The ringer can’t look empty”

          • cliff henny

            over the line!!! mark it zero smokey!

  • xlGmanlx

    In chip we trust. Coaching and IQ only get you so far, you have to have an eye for talent. I’m hoping chip delivers as JJ 2.0

    watching the highlights of the ole miss game, i thought he looked good. It almost looked like they were avoiding running at him and targeted the other side of the field.

  • TheGreatJB99


    Whats up man?

    Logan wore #18 at LSU. They only give that number to the best of the best… on and off the field.

    • Geagle

      chillin chillin.,..how are you? enjoying the draft?….sucks about hankins!

  • Wilbert M.

    I think we’re going to regret not taking Damontre Moore, especially when he fell to the 3rd round. He’ll be the guy I’m always going to compare Bennie Logan to. Kind of like Brandon Graham to Earl Thomas.

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      12 reps of 225 at 248 lbs!?! and 4.95 40 That is sad thats low work ethic no intangibles…hes natural talent like a honey badger type but these guys gotta prove themselves it wasnt a mistake to pass him

      • Wilbert M.

        You are absolutely right. But, the Giants see through these issues and come up with gems. Burfict was a cautionary tale in every aspect and he was awesome for the Bengals. I think Damontre is going to be the same type of story.

        • Geagle

          who took Damontre?
          Its very alarming to draft players, who’s college coaches wont endorse!!

    • Guest

      I don’t see that at all

  • h

    i like the picks, but i feel like the eagles could have done a better job. ertz is a great player, but at that point there were still many good CBs available and I think that would have been the smarter pick than TE. then i question the logan pick, just because i feel like he could have been available in the 4th. he has the size to be a NT which is nice. Im hoping we go either Shamarko Thomas, Phillip Thomas, or Da’rick Rodgers. need the safety help. also love to trade a 7th rounder or 2 to move up and select another one of these three players if they slip later in the round. I want gerald hodges or jelani jenkins in the fifth.

    • The Browns were about to draft Logan after us. And judging from pre-draft visits, the Eagles probably have a number of later-round secondary prospects who they feel are better value than grabbing one with the 2nd pick. And with regard to the 4th, I agree with you on the safeties and Rodgers; I’d also take Swope, and maybe grab Rambo in the 5th.

      • Geagle

        Brandon McGee

  • Ian

    Terrible pick. This guy flat out sucks.

    • xlGmanlx

      Yeah, because I’m sure you have coached at the DI or NFL level right?

      • Geagle

        dont you know…we judge players on Highlights?

  • Geagle

    Didinger who Btw is AWESOME,Has some interesting thoughts:
    1)Diddy thinks Phillip Thomas, BW Webb and Ryan Swope are his day 3 sleepers for the Eagles
    2)He says he loves that Bennie gives effort on every single snap, plays very hard…Needs to add some moves because he rellied alot on the bullsrush. High motivation, High effort player…Thinks very highly of Logan as a NT for when we line up in our under fronts.
    3)On Ertz, he thinks he will be very effective for us, and he wont look like a Rookie, because he is very prepared by Shaw and Stanford. Diddy likes his frame, and thinks he can even add 10lbs and not lose anything….

    “The previous Regime, past years(Andy, Banner…), Eagles were almost slaves to combine numbers..How guys tested, how guys ran, and Ertz had the lowest Vertical jump of any TE at the combine. In the past, he thinks those combine numbers would have Taken him OFF our board, but he stayed on here because he is a very good fit in our offense, not a great blocker, but willing scrappy blocker who will do the dirty work, but the thing I like is he will catch the ball in traffic, productive in redzone, fights for the football…for a team thats had trouble scoring in the Redzone, he thinks this is going to be a player that will be very effective for us down there(redzone)”……………”Like most Stanford recievers, he is very polished, good route runner, can get down the field, deep seem routes, goes up and catches balls over defenders, speed, knows how to read a zone and settle in and find an open spot. This is a guy you can plug in and play right away without having to learn much, he is very NFL ready, will contribute from day one, and he is very good in the redzone, which is a huge need. Thinks this is a very good pick for us, and he doesnt think this is the end of Celek”
    Man I could listen to diddy talk all day

    • Richard Colton

      I like Ray too. I don’t always agree when he likes a player – he fell in love with Stu Bradley and wouldn’t let go. Ray is pretty honest when he doesn’t like a player. Best thing about the day 2 picks? Not one Teo Neshiem in the lot. At least we knew these guys – no reaches.

  • glenn

    Looks like Logan was blocked out of alot of plays in this game against a mediocre line. I think Jonathan Jenkins and Jesse Williams are better NT that were available at this spot. It kind of seems that Kelly favors players he knows, and will over rank them on the draft board. Like Ertz and Jordan. We will see. Hope Logan plays alot better as a pro, than he did at LSU.

    • No one would know Jenkins or Williams better than the Eagles, who have some of their ex-coaches on staff. Apparently there are negative reports on Williams’ knee, and Logan is seemingly the better and more versatile player than Jenkins. Sometimes, just because stats don’t appear in the box score doesn’t mean a player didn’t perform; Logan did a lot of the dirty work at all DL positions so Mingo, Brockers et. al could shine.
      But I’m sure the Eagles coaches don’t know any of that, and are just playing favorites.

      • Geagle

        Montari Hughes is still out there, and I wouldnt be surprised if 3 years from now, him and Brandon Williams become the best NTs from this class…I also wouldnt be surprised to see us Draft Jose Jose in the 7th….this is a very deep NT class, there are more NTs then teams that need or even use them…
        I really like the addition of Logan(He is a dirty work, team guy, gritty like Mike Patt)….If we can add Dial and Kruger today to the Dline…and an OLB like Quanterus,Corrnelious, Buchannon, Jelanie Jenkins…Then I will be very pleased with the future of our front 7

    • JofreyRice

      Yeah, drafting guys that played well against Oregon is kind of a bad way to approach to roster building.

      • cliff henny

        and, to continue that arguement, anyone who played well against ‘bama (stoutland), too, right? or, would you prefer guys who played poorly? so we shouldnt draft anyone from SEC or PAC12?

        • JofreyRice

          I’d prefer the choices not be confined to players he’s had personal experience coaching against. I don’t think you’re “continuing my argument” so much as strawmanning it. If you’re comparing passrushers and want to use Alabama’s line as the gold standard of near unanimous NFL quality talent, as a point of reference, I think that’s valid; one of the reasons I liked both Fletcher Cox & Sheldon Richardson was that they were very effective against ‘Bama’s line.

      • Do you seriously think that’s what the draft has been so far? Not that maybe everyone in the country had Ertz as either the best or second best TE prospect, probably a rd1 selection. Or that Johnson was near unanimous not to make it past the top 5.
        I thought more highly of you than that, Jofrey

        • JofreyRice

          Hey, you can think of me what you want. I’m going to shoot straight. I’m not high on either of these picks, and the early returns suggested that they were at least partially due to Kelly’s opinion based on personal experience. I think that’s a flawed way to build a team, whether you’re doing it with Free Agency additions, or draft picks.

          That being said, no, I don’t think they were “reaches” in the way Jaiquawn Jarrett was. As opposed to the discussion about Newsome and Baltimore, these guys do not have the benefit of the doubt, for me.

          • Token

            You are right that people scratch and claw to fluff everything Howie does. I dont get it. Why? What has he shown people that they feel the need to defend him all the time?

      • Token

        Someone on here I think was saying Logan gave Bama, Warmack specifically, all they could handle in the BCS game. Its on youtube to watch. Im not seeing what they are seeing.

        Now, I know nothing about this kid. So im not going to smash this pick. Seems like some “experts” think he could have been a 1st rounder next year.

        But on the surface he seems like a fit for a 4-3.

        • JofreyRice

          I don’t think that’s true. Warmack & Jones handled him.

          • Token

            yea thats what it looked like to me. And that was supposed to be his good year right? Pete Prisco called him one of the steals of the draft. So theres that I guess…..

  • southy

    we have the potential to be fierce in the trenches over the next couple of years, but the secondary concerns me. if we can’t cover well anyone with a quick release is going to nullify our line.

  • Tommy has a good write-up as well over at IgglesBlitz. I’m intrigued by the various fronts the Eagles can run with Logan and Cox. Those two alone can hold down a line in a dime look, allowing Graham/Cole/Barwin to do their respective thing. Or a Logan-Soap-Cox front against the run? With Ryans cleaning up?
    Or Curry-Logan-Cox? would be a fantastic front in nickel or dime.
    The LSU D-coordinator also had enough faith to use Logan as a spy against some of the option QBs; ran Manziel out-of-bounds for a sack that way.

    Real excited to see how he looks in camp after Huls attacks him with science.

    • cliff henny

      tommy’s great, not a homer. read last night he liked the pick, but had to spend some time figuring out how he’d be used, guess he did, have to check that out.

      • JofreyRice

        I’d actually disagree. I think he does kind of like all their picks, no matter what. He’s very reluctant to offer criticism on players or the team, definitely a glass half full guy. I think it’s a good perspective to have to offer some counterbalance, but I’m usually way less optimistic than he is. Haven’t read the article, but if it involves having a lot of hope that Sopoaga is going to have some major effect on games, I don’t think I’m going to agree.

        • cliff henny

          sure you do disagree, pretty much a given

          • JofreyRice

            hey, all I can offer is my honest opinion.

        • Token

          Sopo didnt have a effect on games even when surrounded with way more talent in SF than he will have around him here.

        • Geagle

          dude, Sopo is a very capable Cat on 1st and 2nd down…He isnt going to take over games, but he will do his job, and make life easier for everyone else onb the front 7….As a tutor, he is sooo Valuable. People thought Cullen Jenkins would have a positive effect on our Lockeroom…SOPO is light years better than Cullen in that aspect..
          Sopo isnt going to be here 3 years from now when we are really ready to compete…but for now, making the transition, changin the culture, new scheme, tutoring young players on how to give themselves every single advantage possible on sundays…I think Sopo is a very solid addition to our team…Just the effects he will have on Cox make him so valuable…
          Bennie and Fletcher are still going to add weight. When its all said and done, I expect them to play at 310-320lbs

          • JofreyRice

            Sopo is really no great shakes IMO. He’s just a big guy in the middle of the line that doesn’t do much. A lot of times the stuff guys like that do doesn’t show up in the boxscore, I don’t think that’s the case with Sopo, I think he just doesn’t really have a big effect on games. We’ll see.

          • Geagle

            yes sir…noing wrong with ending a respectful, but worthy football debate with an AGREE TO DISAGREE

        • Shot in the dark here, maybe he likes the picks because they were… good picks? Seems based on where these prospects were ranked and what we’ve learned about where the Eagles had them on their board that these were good value picks. No reaches, no forcing anything based on positional needs, versatile players with size and speed. Draft experts seem to like the picks too.

          Tommy tends to look at the positive and project what they do well into what the Eagles need. He’s not afraid to point out the negative but doesn’t put as much emphasis on it. These kids are so far from finished products. Some are going to be more polished than others. You look at a guy, see what he does well and see if he can do it in the NFL. You look at what he does bad, and decide if it’s innate flaws or if they can be coached out.

          • JofreyRice

            Yeah, I’m not arguing that it was a reach or anything like that, just that I’m underwhelmed with the player. I’m not trying to diss Lawsons blog, but as I wrote above, can you think of an instance when he didn’t like a pick?

          • He always makes it clear in some form or another of guys that he does not want the Eagles to draft. But the thing about him is he doesn’t get hung up on names, I think he’s all about fit and value. For him it’s more about “well this is how this guy is going to fit, this is how Chip will use him, I think he’ll have success in Chip’s offense/Billy Davis’ defense because etc”. It’s not about dwelling on the the what ifs, or the what could have happened in the draft scenario. It’s … this is the guy we’ve got, this is how we’ll use him.

            I understand what you’re saying. Tommy is absolutely an Eagles fan, I don’t think he’s ever denied that… he’s a glass half full guy. But what can’t be discounted is his scouting ability. He’s respected in the community and puts a lot of time into his film study. He may tend to not focus as much on the negative of an Eagles prospect but he doesn’t oversell the positive.

        • No worries, the article is not a soapfest. I guess reading before judgement is out of the question.

          • JofreyRice

            Serious question, have you ever seen him criticize a draft pick?

          • I have not, and to be honest I usually don’t read much of tommy during the season. But these past months, he’s had some good player analysis articles out. And I also just consider this particular article to be well-written. Which is why I alluded to it in my original post, analyzing the pick and Logan’s potential.

  • cliff henny

    today’s when Kelly’s familiarity with college prospects should really come thru. top 100 are on everyone’s radar. maybe move players for picks…howie’s going to do something today, he’s got to be jonesing for some action

    • Geagle

      yeah, I expect us to do some serious Damage in the late rounds today and with priority undrafted free agents

      • Jmkrav

        If we keep all those 7th rounders, that’s how we get those priority UFA. A la Bryce brown last yr

        • cliff henny

          can release guys to make more room. plenty of cuts coming next week

          • Geagle

            Oh yeah! heads will certainly soon be rolling off the chopping block. In with the New,out with the Old…last years special teams alone, should tell you that alot of backups are going to get replaced. Kelly wont stand for that crap that Andy let slide

          • Zachary Kahn

            *cough* Clay Harbor *cough*

  • JofreyRice

    Not gonna lie, underwhelmed by this pick. Hopefully Logan is more productive as a Nose or 5T than he was as a 3T at LSU. Guy got stuck on blocks a lot. Absolute doormat for Chance Warmack in the national championship game, and even got handled one on one by Barrett Jones. A bit slow in his first step.

    The best thing about him is that he’s got really long arms, and times his swats very well. He seems to have a natural feel for that aspect of the game. He doesn’t “get there” often, but tries to affect the play in that way. NFL QBs tend to pump fake and have a higher release point, so we’ll have to see if that aspect translates.

    • Geagle

      Wow, I have to disagree…I actually liked the way he handled himself against Chance…That was the first tape I watched on Logan(naturally)….
      …The man is extremely versatile. To see a man his size, be trusted by his coach to spy guys like Johnny Football(I was shocked at the job he did against him in that role) was very very impressive to me…Tom Lawlor made a great point, talking about how we had a talented guy like Darwin walker, who all he wanted to do was rush the passer, regardless of what we really needed him to do…as opposed to a guy like Logan, who will literally do anything thats asked of him, and do it providing constant effort and enthusiasm….Logan did a ton of the dirty work so that guys like Mingo, Brockers could do the sexy stuff…..
      If you are expecting fletcher cox, you will be disapointed. But every successul Dline needs a Mike Patterson..and we just basically landed, a more athletic, versatile Mike Patt.
      After the Logan pick, I would be willing to bet that we will run more Under, less true 3-4.
      The first Dlineman added, and a high 3rd round pick, would have DEFINITELY been a beast 2gapper, who eats double teams if we were going to use the true 3-4 as our base defense….Its going to be alot of 4-3Under IMO… far from Elite at handling doubleteams….Easier to engage and then Shed blocks with longer arms(so he has potential for sure). Its not a sexy pic, I will give you that….But, Im excited about it(and we continue to add enthusastic football players that are going to create a very successful culture in our locker room)…I just hope we still draft atleast 2 of these Lineman:
      Montari Hughes
      Jesse Williams
      Gaethers(although Kelly talking about not seeing 330lbers in this draft who can also move, worries me)…

      who took Brandon Williams? Ravens? the rich get richer, and the poor dont get an F’in thing! lol

      We desperatly need an OLB

    • If we didn’t draft prospects that Bama o-line put to shame we’d have slim pickings left. There’s a reason 2 of them went in the first round and another will go on Day 3.

      It would be so great.. if we had their o-line coach in our building… to see if Logan was really that bad.. ahhh.. a pipe dream I guess.

      • JofreyRice

        He really wasn’t very effective at 3T against a lot squads, Warmack just particularly stoned him in pass pro and demolished him on run plays in that game. Well, maybe the competition in the NFL won’t be quite at the level of Alabama…

  • Mike Bond

    Another Affirmative Action contract given to someone who is a criminal. SOOO Philly right now!! He obviously has connections in City Hall who got him this job. Arrest them all!!

    • RightsTough

      You’re right but I feel compelled to call you a racist simply because we live in times where truth and integrity are superseded by labels like “Racist” sexist” and Anti-semite”. It’s all a joke. If my grand father could come out of the grave and see what we have allowed to happen to a country he loved he would bludgeon me with a shovel!

      America is screwed! People who contribute NOTHING are allowed to vote, which determines the direction of our country and then they all laugh at the people who pay the bills after their candidate wins and buries us further in debt.

      I would say, “Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do”, but these ghetto folk game the system like Minnesota fats in a pool hall”

      We the people. We the tax payers. We the suckers.