Eagles Draft Predictions: McManus Vs. Kapadia

It’s time for the first annual Birds 24/7 Draft Predictions, where Sheil and I lay it all on the line in a fight for bragging rights. Kapadia is still stinging from his sound defeat in our 53-man projections battle back in training camp. Let’s see if he can get on the scoreboard.

Q: Will they draft a quarterback? If so, who?

Sheil: It just feels like they have to. I don’t think Geno Smith is going to get out of the top-15, and I don’t think EJ Manuel is going to be available at No. 35. So where does that leave the Eagles?

Two names to watch: Zac Dysert (6-3, 231) out of Miami (Ohio) and Matt Scott (6-2, 213) out of Arizona. I’ll flip a coin and go with Scott. At the very least, he can replace Dennis Dixon on the roster and give you someone who can run the spread option.

By the way, McManus, I don’t think we can have Manuel continue his diary entries as a member of the Jets, Bills or Jaguars. That just won’t fly with our audience. You probably want to get on the phone with Scott or Dysert and set up something new.

Tim: Who needs a Dysert diary when we have Nicky Foles?

I think the Eagles would pick either Smith or Manuel if the price is right, but the draft will likely fall in such a way where they’ll end up taking a quarterback in the latter rounds instead. My guess is they grab Scott, especially if he’s available in the fourth round. He needs some work, but he has a skill set that Kelly may be drawn to, and he can hang in the background while Foles and Mike Vick run the show for now.

Sadly, we agree.

Q: What will they do at No. 4?

Sheil: I’m going to pull a bit of a surprise here and say they draft Florida defensive lineman Sharrif Floyd. My guess is that the top of their board looks like this: Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher, Dion Jordan. The problem? I think all of those players are going to be gone by the time the Eagles are on the clock.

The Eagles will be deciding between guys like Floyd, Lane Johnson, Ziggy Ansah and Star Lotulelei. If they really are committed to taking the best player available, I think it’s Floyd. He brings versatility to the defensive line, is only 20 years old and can team up with Fletcher Cox to form the core of your defense for years to come.

I can’t wait to re-read this around 8:30 tonight and realize what a dope I am.

Tim: You don’t have to wait until tonight to figure that out. (Rimshot.)

My pick is Jordan. I agree Fisher and Joeckel are gone. Then the Raiders are on the clock (assuming they stick at three) and will likely do something insane. I’m betting on Jordan being there, and the Eagles pulling the trigger.

Here is what I find interesting, though, Sheil: There is a chance that both Jordan and Johnson are there at 4, and one of them is guaranteed to be available. There have been serious rumblings about the Birds trading back. So out of Jordan and Johnson, they must not like one enough to grab at 4, right? Which one is it?

If they do move back, I change my pick to Star.

Q: Should Tavon Austin be a consideration?

Sheil: Well, I know you believe the Eagles’ receiving corps is the worst unit assembled in the past 25 years. But I also know you’ll probably slam your head against your desk if they add another target who is under 6 feet. Man, tonight is going to be fun.

I think we are probably over-thinking things with Austin. He’s fast (4.34 40), can line up anywhere (out wide, slot, backfield) and was ridiculously productive in college. In other words, of course Kelly is going to want to consider him!

And the truth is, he makes sense on many levels. Jeremy Maclin is in the final year of his contract, and Jason Avant (who is 30) doesn’t seem to possess the skill set Kelly covets.

If the Eagles think Austin can hold up (and he has said he’s never been injured in the last eight years), they’ll absolutely consider him in the first round. Size is the issue. Austin is 5-8, 174. Wes Welker was 21 pounds heavier when he came out of college. Percy Harvin was 18 pounds heavier. I don’t think the Eagles will take him at No. 4, but if they trade down, he should be near the top of the list of possibilities.

Tim: How about all the late Eagles-Austin buzz?

Loving it. Yes, Austin should be a consideration. He is the automatic front-runner for Offensive Rookie of the Year, yes? This crop of talent lacks sure-fire studs, right? I think Kelly would have a ball with him. One connected person I talked to thinks the receiver goes in the 8-12 range. Would I be shocked if the Eagles trade back, and the Commish calls out Austin’s name when they are on the clock? Nope.

Q: Name one Day 3 prospect who will be an Eagle.

Sheil: Ready for this one, T-Mac? Joe Kruger, DE, Utah. Philadelphia continues its tradition of getting the lesser-known brother! Sure, the Browns signed Paul, but the Eagles were just waiting to pounce on Joe. The 6-6, 269-pounder has long arms (34 3/8-inches) and ran a 4.83 40. He’s projected to go somewhere between Rounds 4 and 6.

Tim: Look at you going with the Kruger. I’ll throw you two tight ends. I could see them taking Florida’s Jordan Reed in the third round. A late-round name to watch is Pittsburgh’s Mike Shanahan. He is a wide receiver converting to tight end. The Eagles have apparently shown a little interest.

Q: What’s one bold Eagles prediction?

Sheil: The Birds will draft a wide receiver or tight end in the first three rounds.

Free agency was spent building up the defense (aside from James Casey), but it’s time for Kelly to start adding his kind of guys on offense. I mentioned the team’s wide receiver situation above. Chances are they don’t take Austin in the first, but the team could certainly address the position in the second or third rounds.

Tight end is also an option. It seems like the Eagles have worked out every tight end prospect in the draft. There are plenty of versatile options who can line up in different spots and stretch the field. Don’t be surprised if the Eagles grab one on Friday evening.

Tim: I am not so sure the experiment of moving Trent Cole and Brandon Graham to linebacker (particularly Cole) is going to work all that well. They are going to need some ‘backers that can play in space. That’s part of my thinking in picking Jordan. If not him, they’ll try to address outside linebacker somewhere along the line.

Also, I think they grab two corners.

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  • Zachary Kahn

    Great stuff guys. I think the Eagles will go with Ansah at #4. I don’t really know why, just a gut feeling.

  • Naaaaap18

    BOLD PREDICTION: They will not draft anybody that played in the PAC-12

    • CJ

      thats bold alright…

    • devCal

      how bout the pac-10?

  • eaglepete

    I have them taking Lane Johnson. Wasnt so sure after reading the negatives yesterday but after watching his tape, the guy is a beast. He mauls guys out there, looks like a young Jason Peters, Id love that pick. If Star drops into the late teens, someone is getting a steal. Hope its not the Cowboys, I think they get one of the safeties.

  • If they stay at 4, I think they should take the tackle. But either way, I’m extremely excited towards welcoming to Philadelphia our newest Eagle and the first selection of the Chip Kelly era! Exciting times!

  • My own two cents: The Eagles will NOT draft an OLB with the 4th pick. It’ll be Star Lotulelei or Lane Johnson, and I’d rather have Star (I’d take Star over Sharrif Floyd, as well, if Oakland passes on him third — not as good a fit in a 3-4). I don’t see any way Kelly can justify taking Jordan, who is NOT a can’t-miss NFLer by any stretch… If you are a brand-new NFL head coach, you cannot make your first-ever NFL draft pick a kid you had in college, UNLESS it’s a QB who will implement your preferred offensive system. Dion Jordan and Chip Kelly would be forever linked, and if Jordan turned out to be just another NFL player (or worse), Kelly’s tenure here would be marred by that choice. And for no good reason! Jordan’s not a proven commodity, and neither is Ansah. I’d take either one at the top of the SECOND round, but not with my first pick.

    • Geagle

      We would never chose Star with Floyd on the board..I just think there is a huge misconception about what Star is…he is nothing like Ngata!!!

  • Nick

    Something that I don’t see mentioned as much lately: doesnt Chip Kelly love WRs who can block? Austin Maclin and Jackson are all really fast toys that Kelly would love, but wouldn’t a power running game get demolished with all 3 on the field? I think Avant stays. That man can block. Also I still have a crush on his hands, but really Kelly has been stockpiling big people who are alright at their positions but are good at special teams. Avant fits perfectly.

    • Nick

      To be clear I’m not saying I don’t think we’ll trade back and take Austin. I would love that, he’s exciting. I just think a roster full of little weenie WRs might not sit right with Kelly.

    • eaglepete

      I agree, they will go with a bigger WR later in the draft.

    • I love Avant, he’s one of my favorite Eagles. He’s got heart, he’s a blue chip Philly guy like Cole and Celek. But Avant won’t be on the team in September. He just doesn’t offer enough. He can block and get you a few first downs but a guy like that isn’t that hard to find. He’s got zero big play potential, not a red zone threat, and almost no YAC’s. Chip will find someone who brings more to the table than Avant for the slot.

      This has nothing to do with Austin either, whether we draft him or not I still believe we will have a new slot receiver.

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    Finally some pundits I care about! Good work fellas.

  • Stoones

    I’ve heard talk of trading back into the first round to grab Geno if he falls — but what about doing the same to grab Jesse Williams before the Niners, etc snag him? He’s been touted recently as an ‘almost Star Lotulelei’ talent… can we pass on QB until later… or even until next year? Thoughts?

    Fischer/Williams (if we can get em) sound like mighty fine building blocks to me…

  • I hate to say it, BUT, the Eagles will draft Geno Smith. He’s the least talked about guy, which is who they usually take. They didn’t send the entire organization out to meet him if they didn’t have a lot of interest in him. I think the Banner will try to trade up to 3 to take him. If Smith is gone, Eagles trade down. If no trade available, Eagles take one of those three tackles.

    • A Roy

      Just because the entire group visited WV doesn’t mean they were in agreement as to his potential.

    • What the Eagles have done in the past regime — “as usual” — doesn’t apply in 2013. I’m certain you are correct, that they had some interest in Geno Smith, but not with the fourth pick in the draft.

    • cliff henny

      with that theory, i would say 2nd is ziggy, he wasnt discussed till monday, and 1st is floyd, he didnt show up till yesterday. geno, we’ve been linked with him for months.

      • Geagle

        its not who is talked about…Its about who is talked about as being Leaked as our true target…When you hear someone say, sources say Eagles like so and so…immediately cross that guy off the list:
        NO ONE, will have an inside source that says someone we truley like….Now you might hear experts say The Eagles will draft Dion, or Sharrif, or Ziggy….but they got to that conclusion, by connecting the dots on their own…not because an inside source with the Birds told them so…To my recollection, that guys that havent been mentioned as targets from inside sources are:
        and I expect our pick to come down to one of them

    • I think you’re reading too much into the fact that he’s the least talked about. He’s the least talked about because he’s just not that great a prospect. He’s the best of a very weak QB class which is why he’s talked about at all.

  • Sig

    I have been hoping for Floyd at 4. It is a passing league and I can just see Cox and Floyd destroying NFC East QB for years to come. Both are young and have a lot of room for growth. GO TEAM GO

    • Unfortunately, in a 3-4 they don’t work as well… not many 3-4 DEs can rush the passer, since they facing initial double-teams off the ball. That’s why the OLBs get all the sacks.

  • Jack Waggoner

    1. Yes, the Eagles will make a day 3 QB selection and that will be Jeff Tuel from Washington State. That is also the answer to my day 3 prospect.

    2. The more I think about it the less I think the Eagles will take a raw prospect like Ziggy or Lane or even Dion Jordan in favor of a guy with more proven college production. I think the Eagles used this strategy last season and the draft was pretty successful. And I think that Howie’s fingerprints will be on this draft more so than Chip Kelly, other than that Kelly has specified what type of players he needs and wants. Ultimately, though, I think the Eagles will trade down a few picks. That would put a couple of other guys on the radar, Austin and Star Lotulelei, both of whom I will talk about.

    3. One of the guys they would consider if they trade down (or maybe even if they didn’t) would be Austin. There are few guys in this draft that you could really consider to be major difference makers to add to your roster, guys who could make an immediate positive impact. One of those guys is Austin. So if they’re picking at 7 or 8, I think they would very likely take him. I don’t think he’ll get past 9.

    4. Tuel, as I said earlier.

    5. Bold prediction: the Eagles are trying to develop a multi-front defense with 3 guys who can excel either at playing a one-gap or two-gap techniques. We believe Cox can do this, and as a stopgap, we have Sopoaga who can do this. Maybe Antonio Dixon might do well in such a role as well. But we are looking for that 5-tech guy still. This is why the Eagles will consider Star Lotulelei or maybe they wait until round 2 and go after a guy like Hankins of Ohio State or Jenkins of Georgia. I just don’t think Vinny Curry is the right guy to be in that spot, and I think it’s the biggest single position of need on a team with a lot of needs.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dixon and/or Curry as draft weekend trade bait. I like Dixon, but he’s not a guy who can/will be in good enough physical condition for Kelly’s type of team… and as you noted, Curry is NOT a 3-4 defensive end. Nor is he a 3-4 OLB. He’s a 4-3 end rusher, period, now on a team that has no need of his skills (and that has an overabundance of such players already on its roster!).

      • ICDogg

        The thing is, the Eagles better have some depth on defense, because it stands to reason that if the offense is running at a high tempo, the defense will find themselves on the field more.

        So I wouldn’t be so dismissive of some of these guys. They may not be starters, but we might need them anyway.

        • We need bodies and depth, I completely agree — and don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against these guys. I’m just thinking out loud that they won’t be here. Heck, I would not be at ALL surprised if Trent Cole were traded for a third round pick!!

      • theycallmerob

        Curry has not only played DE in a 3-4 defense as recently as college, but he has shown he can play it well.

    • eaglepete

      Like everything except Austin, no way they are even thinking about adding him. i get the excitement over his playmaking abilities but I think they look bigger WR in later rounds. I like this Tuel guy sounds like a good risk, but I think Scott is similar and could be same option in similar rounds. I like Star as well, Im hoping they can trade back and still get him with an extra pick. This DJ Hayden guy looks awesome on tape, I think he will be a player for years. This team needs depth at Safety and CB, I hope they get some in this draft. Not that hes the guy, dont think he lines up but imo.

      • ICDogg

        I think Scott will be gone well before Tuel. Scott probably in the 4th, Tuel is probably 6th-7th. I could see the Eagles going after either.

      • Jack Waggoner

        I think they’re serious about Austin.

  • McShay’s latest Mock has Fisher 1 and Joeckel 11. Yes, 11. Wouldn’t it be nice to trade down to 11 and still get Joeckel plus some xtra picks? McShay has Birds taking Lane Johnson but, really? Prefer Floyd or Jordan

    • ICDogg

      I like Lane Johnson but it’s hard to believe they would pass over Joeckel to take him.

      • theycallmerob

        ….as well as 10 other teams. I don’t think McShay is getting much sleep these days

  • Jason N.

    God I hope they don’t draft EJ Manuel or Geno Smith.

    If they have to waste a pick on a QB. I rather it be a late rounder for Matt Scott or Zac Drysert.

    We have too many needs to be taking on a project at 2nd round.

    And if the Eagles do move back, which I hope they don’t. Cause I’ll be praying for Fished to drop down to us so we can get him.

    Idk why Tavon Audtin is an option. I know Kelly’s offense will most likely love speed. But we already have Jackson and Maclin. I rather that if they have to draft a WR, then draft a guy who is at least 6’0 and have good speed.

    I like Marcus Davis out of Virginia Tech, good size and good speed. We can probably get him in the 7th

    • ICDogg

      My bold prediction is that the Eagles will trade Maclin during this draft.

      • cliff henny

        for? gotta put in round. think we should have a ‘bold prediction challenge’.

        • Geagle


          me thinks they gladly take a 4th for Celek
          Mac could go as high as the Rams n Vikings 2nd first round selection..no later than the texans, niners, Vikings 2nd round draft picks
          Avant and a 7th for a 5th
          Curry, for a 3rd at the latest
          they would take a 5th for Cole and flip it into a NT

          Btw, the Chiefs have Told Joekel, that they are taking Fisher number 1

          • cliff henny

            i would do all those trades in a heartbeat. even if you are a round off, still, wouldnt blink. all players i like, will wish them well. what does vick get us? i dont think foles is on the block, makes no sense, he would be in kc if that was the case.

          • GEagle

            Exactly…KC paid a ton for Alex smith…They would have clearly paid the most for Foles, and it would have still been less than Alex. it Makes no sense,.,I don’t think Vick gets you a pick this year…Today, you could probably get a 6th, maybe a 7th…I think if he is going to be traded, it would be in training camp when someone gets hurt, and gets desperate to give up a 2014 5th, 4th at the absolute best(but we would probably have to throw in a 6)

          • cliff henny

            in a sick demented way, i want to give vick one more chance. trust me, i know everything everyone going to say. but his high end, though it’s 1/1m, with kely calling plays, could (stress could/if) put it all together, be special. sure kelly’s watched the mnf redskins game till tape broke. seeing him pull the ball out from under mccoy’s belly rolling left, peters clearing the way like bo jackson in nintendo football with run/throw options. has to be something there that 5 or 6 coaches keep givin this guy chances that we fans just dont see. foles is foles, whether he starts game 3 or game 6, he’ll be fine. least kelly isnt like every other nfl team giving every rep to 1 qb, and not getting other prepared(though that might be cause we dont have sure fire 1)

          • GEagle

            I want Vick to Start only if he beats out Foles in camp(if it’s even close, the young guy should get the nod coming off a 4-12 season)….everytime I want to give Vick another shot, he burns me.l.fool me once, fool me twice….

            In the infamous words of the WHO…”We won’t be fooled again, No No”….I can’t under any circumstances..but if he plays, I will get behind him, cheer for him, and give him the benefit of the doubt, because I think, along with Peter King, that Kelly likes Foles much more than the world realizes…so if Vick plays over a kid Kelly likes, I know it will be for a good reason, and expect Vick to look good…I just don’t have much faith that he can beat Foles mentally

        • Jack Waggoner

          to move up from the 2nd round into the first, perhaps.

      • Geagle

        possible..Avant, Celek, Cole, Curry, Maclin wouldnt be surprised to see any of them traded. If by some miracle you hear Tavons name called when we draft, Maclin should just start packing his bags…I literally think there is a 0.000% chance that you see Tavon,Maclin, DEsean on the same roster…I dont buy that for a second

    • Because the Eagles LACK top-end speed. Maclin doesn’t have it, Avant and Cooper don’t have it. Only Jackson does, and when you can double him (because the others don’t make you afraid), he’s valueless.

  • knighn

    The only way I can see the Eagles drafting Tavon Austin and keeping both Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson is if Chip Kelly plans to use a number of different O packages.
    – Imagine a “Size” grouping where the Eagles use an extra O-lineman as a tight end, keep James Casey, Brent Celek and Shady McCoy (or Bryce Brown) all on the field, and then another large WR/TE (to be named later). Eagles would probably run out of this group.
    – Imagine a “speed” grouping where you have Maclin, Jackson, Austin, Shady and another speedy WR/TE(to be named later). Eagles could run or pass with this group. Opposing defenses will probably be in nickle or dime, making it easier to run with either McCoy or Austin.

    • cliff henny

      my bold prediction is celek will be moved 3rd day (for 6th) after gavin escobar is taken in 3rd, kasa in 6th. think we’ll live with the jax/mac (cant wait to see momah play), add a goodwyn type late that can take the DAT plays. like austin, he seems like a luxury

  • dislikedisqus

    Pretty interesting to see PFT saying the Browns are trying to get up to 3 “to pick Geno Smith ahead of Philly at 4”. Considering how the Browns organization is so ex-Eagles, they must know something about the Eagles and if this is true, it would imply at least that the Eagles are not happy with their QB situation and maybe even that they are going to pick Smith at 4. Yuck.

    • dislikedisqus

      Maybe CK wants to start off having his first draft pick booed like Reid did.

    • eaglepete

      The more this hype fest has gone on, the more I actually like Smith. I think he could be a decent pro but I still dont want us to draft him. I didnt think that initially and I know its not a popular opinion but does anyone really know? were all guessing here. I just think this team has too many holes to take a qb in first 2 rounds.

    • cliff henny

      sounds like howie and the boys have so much mis-information out there, no one has any clue, even people with extremely close ties, what we’re going to do. great, have them trade up, pushes better player down. either we get to select a better prospect or work a trade back since our board would have 1 more player we desire. least of my worries are the browns/banner and drafting smith at 4.

  • Tom W

    NEW UPDATED SUCCESS DRAFT POSITIONAL CHART at eaglesrewind.com screams
    not to otackle in first round (and wait till the second) because you
    have the same exact chance of landing a starter, probowler, or all pro
    in rd 1 as you do in rd 2.

    Vice Versa — Biggest drop off in
    chances of finding a probowler between rd 1 and rd 2 ———
    linebacker. Dion Jordan? Mingo?

    In a deep draft at otackle and shallow draft at edge rushing lbs … again making Jordan a sensible choice over say Lane Johnson … but I could work with either or a trade down


    • Richard Colton

      Ohh my god, you tricked me into clicking onto the chart again. Maybe it was the all caps that did it this time.

      to recap:

      1) the guys who did the research don’t interpret the evidence that way

      2) they say: “…For the first round, I wouldn’t get too hung up on the odds chart, other than to say I would NEVER take a RB in the first round.”

      3) As far as I can see, the only person at Eaglesrewind that interprets the data as “teams should not draft a Tackle in round one” is in the comments section – a Tom W

      4) It groups all the LBs together. 3-4 OLB and and 4-3 MLB/SAM/WIL are different breeds

      5) The measures for success are arbitrary to the point of absurdity. Too few players make All Pro for that measure to be successful. The Pro Bowl is watered down. “Starter” tells you longevity but doesn’t account for politics, team strength, etc. How about Rich Hoffman’s stat? 60 games started + at least one pro bowl. Use that and the numbers change.

      6) If this chart was in any way useful – GMs wouldnt take OTs in round one, just like they don’t take RBs at the top anymore. Why will 3 OTs go in the first 7 picks tonight? Are 50% of multi billion dollar NFL teams run by idiots?

      7) Tom’s 5″ by 7″ index card doesn’t hold the secret of the NFL draft. sweet moses.

  • Geagle

    Every single player that someone reported as saying “we have inside info that the Eagles like this player is FALSE!!
    Tavon? hahahahahah get real, teams are build in the friggin trenches, it being a meat and potatos draft, people actually think they will take this midget in round 1, while they have swish cheese Holes in the trenches? Better shot at them trading back and grabing Eifert lol
    Star..heard too many inside sources saying we like him..
    Geno? Get real! Cuz chip kelly is going to take a QB that loses his mind everytime he even sniffs pressure.,…
    why has no expert said they have inside info that the Eagles Love Dion Jordan(and its such an obvious choice??
    I think the real targets are the guys that no one has inside Intel of us wanting:
    Sheldon Richardson

    • cliff henny

      sure you watched cooper’s tape…that kid is a road-grader with wheels. and get him 10-12, so he also get us gavin escobar.

      • Geagle

        Very true…taking him and AQUIRING a pick that gets you Escobar, leaving your 3rd for Hankins or Swearinger would be a serious Homerun…I really think the Eagles are going to pick 5th tonight

        • Geagle

          Or heck they could take both Lelce and Escobar in the 3rd, and our Offense would be scary

    • Richard Colton

      I have serious intel that the Eagles are considering Dee Milliner. anyone ever hear of him?

  • Geagle

    1) Cooper will get picked ahead of Chance

    2) Millner wont be the first CB chosen..My guess, Trufant(but a number could get picked ahead of him)
    3)Menelek Watson gets drafted in round 1, as high as Miami(depending on what happens will Albert)
    4)Sylvester Williams, Tank Carradine, Datone Jones all get picked in round 1..

    • Geagle

      Bold Prediction, Sharrif won’t get picked earlier that #9

  • Geagle

    I heard Scott had a bad work out with the Eagles. I also hear alot of teams like the Jets like Dysert..My guess is the Eagles QB drafted will be one of these names:
    Scott(Im close to crossing him off the List)
    Ryan Griffin
    Jordan Rodgers
    Landry Jones(I think Chip cares less about Mobility than most people think)
    TE: 1 of these 4 players will be birds in order(wouldnt be shocked if they trade Celek and get two of these guys, we could still get 2 by adding a furia type in rd 7:
    Vance McDonald
    Nick Kasa is our fall back guy
    Jordan Reed(although I think he is a longshot because I view him more as an H-back, and we are looking for a Jared Cook Type, but Very talented)

    Kruger, Quinton Dial,Hankins,Jesse Williams,Montari Hughes, Brandon Williams, Kwame Gaeth, Jose Jose….I think atleast 2 of these guys will be birds.
    Im expecting one of these guys added:
    Slay, McGee, McFadden, Poyer(although I think he will get moved to safety)
    IF, TAVON is drafted, it 100% means that they have a deal in place to get good value for Maclin..Possibly the Bears, Texans, Rams, Colts, Vikings, Patriots(long shot because they dont have many picks)

    • cliff henny

      Lurie is wasting his money paying Howie. he should 1099 you for the month of april

      • GEagle

        We shall see…I could easily look dumber than Dutch by the time this thing is over. I’m aware of that being a very real possibility, but that’s what makes this fun….I just can’t wait to see, how right or how wrong my interpretations are

        • cliff henny

          dutch isnt too bad if he could ever get off lurie and howie. lurie is a very good owner, not great, get us sb, he’ll be great. howie…i just wonder if he’s ever fired and promoted from within. you cant assign equal blame throughout chain of command, or you’ll have to fire the janitor.

          • GEagle

            Dutch says, he wishes Gamble was driving the bus tonight instead of howie…what a dumb statement. the Eagles are streaming and funneling players to Howie….howie won’t even look at a player that Gamble hasn’t already passed on to Howie. howie will just chose between the guys Gamble, has already signed off on…..I honestly can’t tell if Dutch is serious, or just trolls

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Ya i hope we dont draft another QB unless its a 7th rounder cuz its just a wasted pick. Its just not the year

  • joethomas215

    I wouldn’t mind the Eagles using a late pick on Denard Robinson, Chip could put him to good use,

  • xzaq927

    I think that vick and foles are a great combo myself, and picking good offensive lineman is a step in the right direction at protecting the QB. an area that has long plagued past eagle QB’s