Eagles Wake-Up Call: Examining Three Draft Scenarios

Chip Kelly’s response drew laughter, but there was actually probably some truth behind his words.

“Yeah, and I get bored,” Kelly said last week, when asked about the process of working through different draft scenarios with Howie Roseman and the Eagles’ personnel team.

“To be honest with you, when they give you a million different scenarios, I think the same thing in the back of my mind.  What if one team will trade 17 picks for us? You would say that would never happen. But the New Orleans Saints did it for Ricky Williams, so you have to talk about it. So we talk about it.”

Kelly is only three months into his tenure, but the sense here is that he’s at his happiest when he’s on the field coaching, or in the meeting room with his staff working on offensive concepts and X’s and O’s.

April in the NFL, however, is draft season. And that means teams are making sure they’re ready for any and all scenarios – specifically in the first round.

So while there continues to be uncertainty at the top, even though we’re only one day away, let’s go over three potential scenarios and try to sort out what each could mean for the Eagles.


1. Luke Joeckel (OT, Texas A&M)
2. Dion Jordan (OLB, Oregon)
3. Sharrif Floyd (DT, Florida)

What do the Eagles do? This is probably the most appealing scenario for the Birds. The simple solution is to pick Central Michigan Eric Fisher and call it a day. And my guess is that’s probably what the Eagles would do.

But if Fisher is still on the board at No. 4, Roseman’s phone is going to be ringing. If he gets offers from a team like the Cardinals (No. 7), the Chargers (No. 11) or the Dolphins (No. 12), he will at least listen. If the Eagles have Fisher rated much higher than other prospects on their board, they probably won’t make a deal. If they have him lumped in a tier with several other guys, they’ll think about it, if the compensation is right.

Note that this scenario is basically the same if the Chiefs take Fisher. The decision would then just come down to whether to draft Joeckel or trade the pick.


1. Joeckel
2. Fisher
3. Floyd

What do the Eagles do? As I’ve said before, this scenario comes down to what the team thinks Jordan is capable of as a pass-rusher. I’m not saying that’s all he would do in their scheme, but that’s the determining factor in whether you think he’s worthy of the No. 4 pick. We know he has traits that Kelly values: He’s long and he’s versatile. We also know Kelly loves him from a character/make-up standpoint (unless he has just been blatantly lying).

With Joeckel and Fisher off the board, my guess in this scenario is that the Eagles go with Jordan over guys like Oklahoma offensive tackle Lane Johnson and Utah DT Star Lotulelei. And while it’s less likely that Roseman gets calls from other teams under this scenario, it’s possible that someone wants to sneak up to grab Johnson.

It’s even possible that a team sees Jordan as one of the few prospects in the class with elite upside as a pass-rusher and wants to move up to take him.


1. Joeckel
2. Jordan
3. Fisher

What do the Eagles do? This is the trickiest situation for the Birds. Note that even if the Raiders don’t take Fisher at No. 3, they could trade the pick to a team that does want him.

We wrote yesterday about how Roseman will talk to different GMs before Thursday and get trades in place should the board fall a certain way. My guess is that this was the primary scenario he called about. If the Eagles were to stay put, they could go with Johnson or Lotulelei.

But there certainly are wild cards. Remember, we know very little about the team’s exact defensive scheme. Perhaps someone like Floyd or even Missouri DT Sheldon Richardson would actually fit better than we think. Maybe they see BYU DE Ziggy Ansah as a movable chess piece. Perhaps they see upside in LSU OLB Barkevious Mingo. Or maybe they stun everyone and just take West Virginia WR Tavon Austin.

Again, my sense is the Eagles would like to trade down if Joeckel, Jordan and Fisher are off the board. But if they can’t find a partner and stay put, my guess is they go with Johnson and solidify the offensive line.


Are the trade winds blowing? Here are some thoughts on the latest Eagles-related draft buzz.

Enough about the first round. What about Day 2? Here are 15 potential Eagles targets.

The latest mock draft roundup shows there’s still no consensus on the Eagles’ pick.

Greg Cosell offered up some high praise for Jordan.


Albert Breer of NFL Network writes about Kelly’s approach:

“It’s high energy and high efficiency in everything you do,” said Bellotti, who became Oregon’s athletic director in 2009, when Kelly was elevated to succeed him. “In meetings, it’s not just looking at the play. It’s, ‘Here’s what happened, here’s why,’ and it’s coming rapid fire. And there’s competition in everything you do. He did it on the field, but with everything else, too, it’s, ‘How can get I better? Did I learn something watching that other guy get coached?’ It starts with the players. He empowers the players to be the best.”

The three words you hear most: Win the day.

Fullback Leonard Weaver retired as an Eagle yesterday. From the Daily News’ Les Bowen:

“It’s just been a great honor to be here. I’ve been very fortunate and blessed,” he said.

He said he felt he was embraced here because he understood the fans, and played with heart.

“They work hard. They’re going to talk bad about you. They’re gritty. They’re going to tell you to your face what time it is, but at the same time, they’re going to get it done,” he said.

Liz Spikol over on the Property blog takes a look at DeSean Jackson’s new pad and notices an ex-Eagle selling his Old City condo.

And finally, Janine White introduces the new Eagles cheerleading squad over on The Philly Post.


We’ll be churning out draft content, with pieces on Tavon Austin and a complete first-round cheat sheet. A reminder too that we’ll be hosting live chats for all three days of the draft as we report from the NovaCare Complex.

And T-Mac will be representing the Eagles in ESPN’s mock draft today so be sure to tune in. I’m offering him 20 bucks to go with “Sheil Kapadia, little-used slot receiver out of Ball-So-Hard U.”

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  • hnic101nj

    Sheil….this is why I followed you from philly.com…best breakdown out there….Great Job as always

    • theycallmerob

      Plus, as a fellow alum, you represent BallSoHard U. very well.

  • Geagle

    Scenario #1: Fisher on the board, is what would bring the most trade value, so we would have to trade down to 7, 9,11,12…get as much compensation as we can, while taking Star,Ziggy,Mingo,Sheldon or Jonathon Cooper
    Scenario #2: With Jordan and Lane on the board, someone will want to jump ahead of detroit to get Lane, so we strong arm Detroit into giving something up so that they can get Lane at 4, and we get Dion, the player we wanted all along at #5
    scenario #3: see scenario #1

    • Tom W

      1) I think Tavon needs to be thrown in for scenario #1 and #3 as a possible player that fits for the eagles, may be bpa at 12, and is someone eagles may covet.

      Doesn’t sound like the eagles want to trade down twice to 17-30 range (say we go to 11 or 12 and someone like Rams, Vikes, etc wants tavon or falcons/niners want mingo or sheldon …. would you concur from reading what Howie has said? Maybe this weakens if Star is gone before we pick in a trade down to 12.

      2) What do you think about Williams from Alabama as a versatile and powerful 5tech and nose …. I have seen some divergent views on him … I liked what I watched against strong competition … could be someone who falls to us in the second round (unlikely but somebody has to fall)

      • Geagle

        I think Jesse is a BOSS and I would absolutely LOVE to have him!

  • Kemoslobe

    This has become my daily must read site. (Actually several times a day). Love the coverage. I would be happy with any or OTs or Jordan at 4. Trade down for Star or other top DTs is okay. I really wonder what Chip thinks of his WRs after one minicamp and lots of film. Could he draft a replacement for Maclin or DeSean in this draft?

    • Geagle

      I think a pass rusher is coming in the first round. Howie basically said that he loves the depth in the later rounds at Oline,Safety,Corner,NT..He then said, there are some real good pass rushers, but they will come off the board early in round 1 like always, and their isnt good depth at that position after round 1…..I think that says it all! If there was a valuable piece on info that Howie has offered leading up to the draft, IMO it would clearly be that…
      In a year where we will be chosing between a handful of similarly graded prospects, I think it comes down to, you look at the most valuable positions, and then you look at which positions have the weakest depth in this draft class, and you take the player that will be difficult to find later in the draft if you pass on him in round 1…….

      • Fink

        Any chance we move up to No. 2 for Jordan?? Seems unlikely at first, but I wouldn’t be surprised.
        I can’t even imagine the reaction of the OT lovers on this site haha..

        • Richard Colton

          as opposed to the “lets cut our draft board in half and only consider one position crowd?” Howie said he has 4 guys he likes at #4. I don’t think you hang up the phone no matter who is on the board – but I’d need to be blown away with the offer. It would need to be in the Atlanta for Julio Jones, NOL for Ricky Williams, or Skins for RGIII. With so many teams talking publicly about trading down, I doubt that level of compensation will be there.

          • GEagle

            I dunno man, there hypothetically could be the Lions,Cardinals,Chargers,dolphins all entrenched in a bidding war for Lane Johson….it really all depends on whether the cardinals would be happy to settle for a guard, and how teams view Fluker and Menelek…word on the mean street of Westan Oregon, the stomping grounds of the gangster Chael P Sonnen…is that the Dolphins have spent more time with Menelek than any other Tackle.

            meril Reese is borderline obsessed with Terron Armstead, he said he hears his name a lot, and some think he could become the best tackle in the entire draft….Why is what Reese says important? Reese had the Eagles taking Chris Polk as high as the 4th round…he obviously heard something leading up to it…just so happens we knew the board well enough to know Polk would go Undrafted…or we just got lucky

            Peter King think chip is in love with Foles, and that’s the QB he wants to groom…why is what Peter King says important? Couldnt have been that easy to guess that the Eagles were going to draft Danny Watkins…he certainly wasn’t on my radar

          • Richard Colton

            Armstead made a run at the first round post combine, then the “workout warrior” stuff hurt his stock…then the back issue flared up. I’m starting to think he might drop to round three.

            You want to trade down one place? three places? I’m OK with that in theory. I just think it’s a buyer’s market this year. I’m not going down to #8 for a 4th round pick or a conditional #3.

          • GEagle

            Baldi also just said that Fisher and Joekel will struggle athletically, and that he believes Armstead and Long will be much better pro’s…finally ATleast one expert who sees things the way I do…maybe I’m not completely crazy lol(I was starting to worry)

          • Richard Colton

            Did Baldinger say that? He’s such a contrarian. I always run into him at this steakhouse by my place.

            I think all four will be good pros. And if the birds wind up with 2 of the above (Imagine Fisher at #4 and Armstead somehow making it to #101 – a la Matt Miller’s mock draft) I’ll be ecstatic. I’ll take my chances with Joeckal and Fisher having better careers.

        • gEagle

          nah..I think howie knows the board and won’t be fooled by the Jags pathetic attempt at a smoke screen….friggin Jordan isn’t even a Leo…lol try again Jaxonville

  • Geagle

    Marquis Goodwin
    Rontez Miles

  • Geagle

    Hahahahaha LaConfora saying he has inside info that the Eagles are leaning towards Mingo at #4 over Dion JOrdan….hahahahaha cause LaConfora treated howie so well, that howie couldnt wait to reveal his pick to Jason so he could share it to the world

  • Sheil that’s my question. What do the Eagles think of Jordan as a pass rusher? How does his ability to cover help hunt and put pressure on NFL Quarterbacks. It’s very usual that General Managers consider a linebacker’s cover skills when they are looking to draft a pass rusher.

    Sounds more like the attributes you’d like in a Safety to negate the threat of Fred Davis and Jason Whitten in the division then getting after Romo, Eli and Griffin. I don’t see Jordan’s cover skills being a threat to contain Victor Cruz in the slot,

    • Geagle

      are you kidding me…its too early for this dutch…His friggin cover skills help, in that an Oline has NO IDEA WTF is he doing on any given play..Is he rushing? or dropping back in coverage? a player sooo credible at both provides the Ultimate Disguise…say Oline accounts for him on 3 plays in a row, yet he doesnt rush, a rusher would have came from somewhere else, and they might have not been prepared for it(so because Dion was a threat to rush, it could have given another one of our rushers that inch, or that split second needed to get passed the Oline and into the backfield…Also, The next time that situation arises the line could think “we arent going to be fooled again”, dont account for Dion, and he blazes thru untouched, destroys Romo and forces a turnover….
      Not knowing if a guy is Rushing or Dropping back, is soooooo ridiculously valuable in a 3-4. Oline’s will always have to account for the possibility that Dion is coming..and every bit of attention the Oline allocate into preparing to stop him, is attention they take away from stopping another Rusher…Heck it trickles down in so many different ways..for Example, they think Dion is coming, so they keep a back or TE in to help out on him, and Dion drops back…well its not the flashiest asset, bet its one less pass catcher that opposing team could send out to possibly make a play on us…Its so valuable in sooo many different ways, that its just insane to hear people devalue it…
      3-4 is created for 1 reason…so that the Oline doesnt know where the 4th rusher is coming from,…well if you have a bunch of OLB’s who arent credible in coverage, than you might as well play a 4-3 because you wont fool anyone..
      playing a 3-4 without OLBs that can drop in coverage, is like Andy reid calling a play action pass when no one on the defense believes they will run the ball….so please wake up,. and stop devaluing it! You are entitled to like a player more, but you dont need to devalue someone, and what they bring, so that you can like someone else more

      • Just don’t even bother..

        • The evidence in his body of work doesn’t support the expectation that has developed concerning Jordan.

          The Eagles don’t play in the Pac 12. He has not been a stand out before or after his injury when playing Auburn, LSU, or any number of BCS Teams with comparable NFL rated Talent throughout their roster.

          I’ve not seem him penetrate one Offensive LIne in those situations, or have any impact against legitimate pro style passing teams with talented Ends.

          Have you? And if you have who and when?

      • Richard Colton

        He’s the most exciting pass rusher/hybrid athlete in the draft. How about that for starters? And yeah – Jordan’s lack of production while he was injured is going to scare some teams into dropping him down their board, but who knows the truth behind those numbers better than the Eagles’ coaching staff? I know this: if the Eagles take Jordan or pass, they’ll know the reasons better than any other team.

        • Tom W

          Second that.

          • Geagle

            Third it

        • His production against quality teams prior to his injury last year and the year before is equally not impressive.

          Some people posting here took issue with an article questing Jordan’s place in the draft because of his lack of production in a Rose Bowl against Auburn, but that lack of production extends back into 2011 against comparably talented Teams Oregon faced.

          • Richard Colton

            If he’s there at #4 and the Eagles don’t draft him, I’ll entertain the bust discussion. My issue with the article was the outrageous hyperbole. They said he wasn’t the biggest impact player on their defense. Maybe I was watching the wrong games, but to say he wasn’t the best player on the Duck’s D? They lose all credibility.

      • Tom W

        Truth. Disguise in who is rushing vs dropping back is one of the few certain advantages defenses have left vs elite qbs … listen to what P Manning has said on the subject; look at how Ravens give Brady fits. Its also the main reason most teams are switching to a 3/4 or hybrid defense.

        • By any other definition the 3/4 is actually a 5 man front, and lends itself to conventional 7 men in the box defending and containing the run, which has been a thorn in the Eagles attack for at least 5 years.
          This is not a new concept in Football.

      • The ineffectiveness of Jordan over the course of his career against similarly talented opponents suggest that he’s not much beyond a project at best.

        He’s neither amassed impressive sacks, hurries or pass defended numbers that justifies his status as a potential No.4 Pick.

        Still, how good is he in coverage as a pass rusher on a team that needs obvious pass rushers?

        I’m not one convinced, nor is there evidence Jordan has the ability or will develop sufficiently to deter NFC East Tight Ends and Slot Receivers and, or become disruptive to NFL Pockets.

        That’s not saying he can’t but he doesn’t appear remotely built to be a difference maker in the NFC East.

  • Sig

    Sheil, I wish I had your confidence that the Eagles will not draft Geno Smith. I see him as the only prospect I would be upset with at the top of the first. I have a feeling they will stay away, but every year the Eagles find a way to surprise their fans, good or bad.

    • Richard Colton

      worry factor (scale of 1-10)

      Dee Milliner: 2 (down from 3 last week)
      Geno Smith: 4
      Tavon Austin: 3
      Taking no player in top 12: 5

      • GEagle

        Zero worry factor in Millner who literally has had 5 surgeries already..

        Btw, Darius Slay has. Torn meniscus…If Chip doesn’t fear ACL problems, then he damn sure won’t fear a meniscus…this injury could potentially drop slay to a position of good value that we didn’t expect

        the only way Geno becomes an Eagle is if he falls to 35. We won’t take him 4th, and I doubt we would trade away our 2014 1st rounder to trade back to like 25 and draft Geno

        • Jason N.

          Geno or EJ Manuel. I hope he doesn’t trade back in for neither.

      • Jason N.

        Yeah I’m pretty damn worry if they draft Tavon Austin in the 1st round. Especially if they decide to do it at 4th overall for no reason.

        Like damn.. I’m pretty tired of small WR. If the Eagles trade back and absolutely want a WR. Why not Cordarelle Patterson? Or Robert Woods?

        Not saying those are my ideal trade back picks. Cause I rather they just stay and pick Fisher and call it a day and go tease Reid about his mustache.

        Just joking. But Reid really did look much better before he decides to let his mustache grow out of hand.

  • The idea of Howie deciding the strategy is not comforting in the least. A thorough review of Howie’s prior decisions haven’t produced much to celebrate considering the available talent he by-passed in selecting talent. Most of the local media slapping him on the back in April isn’t much help to fielding talented teams in Sept and Oct.

    • Capt. Undapants

      Go ahead and come clean… You’re a Troll, aren’t you?

      • Fink

        He’s the one who ‘liked’ his own comment.

        • I don’t think most people that happens upon this site rates the comments, but I’m very certain in Phila that the majority of Football Fans are inclined to believe as I do about the culture of failure surrounding the Eagles and their method of running the operations when it comes to importing talent.

          I’m a long, long time fan. Before the Madden Game Era, which I’m betting captures many of your attention spans.

      • Which part of that post do you dispute as being a valid concern?

        simply put, Howie in his present position has in totality been an abject failure finding talent or sufficiently skilled contributors to add as depth.

        You’ve been a supporter of the Eagles for several years I’ll assume, where is there proof that statement is exaggerated in any way?

    • jabostick

      I love our FO situation (Roseman as point man with Gamble a proven advisor) and I think Howie and Chip are as good a fit as you can get. If Chip works out as a coach, I think Howie makes sense as his GM (i.e. young, wants to be innovative, cap savvy, etc)

      • I sincerely don’t fell that Kelly is content with being bothered with reviewing the potential scenarios with the draft, Sheil made mention of Kelly saying it was boring.

        It’s not beyond reason that Gamble is Howie’s replace waiting. Howie replaced Banner. I don’t give Howie a pass because the press release says he wasn’t responsible for the draft disaster of the pass. That’s simple deflection.

        It’s all public relations.

        • eaglepete

          Im with you on Howie, he has this draft to get it right, last season at least appears to be a step in the right direction. Problem is, it takes 3 yrs to really know so hes prob not going anywhere. I think a lot of people would agree with me in terms of Howie still having a lot to prove. Just ripping the guy all the time however just turns people off is my guess. Although I have heard hes comes off like a complete a.. to the people that work there and I wouldnt just make that up. Does not relate at all to anyone except upper mgmt. I personally cant stand people like that, no matter where he came from or where hes going so rip away since to me it has some merit.

    • theycallmerob

      How many different times are you going to post this?

      • Here is a reasonable proposal to you, Show me another GM who has over 3 drafts failed to field 10 starters or 15 serviceable players contributing impactive meaningful minutes who has kept his position?

        I’ll stop posting that.

        Now, you have some control over what I post………..

        • theycallmerob

          I was alluding to your howie bashing. But seeing as how you’re still seemingly in the same warped thought pattern that led to yesterday’s fiasco, I think I’ll just stop after this. Good day

          • I was referring to Howie, and the proposal is still extended to you

        • Nick

          Buddy Nix of the Bills.So you’ll shush now?

        • xlGmanlx

          Reid has stated over and over he had final say for player personnel. I don’t think that was all on Howie as Reid made plenty of gaffs before roseman was in the picture. Why don’t you try and be positive? The regime your using that mindset for is in KC.

  • JofreyRice

    Interesting. Jimmy Johnson built those disgustingly successful Cowboys franchises of the early ’90s through very active participation in the player acquisition process. Pete Carroll has built the Seattle D very much like the mid-90’s 49ers ones he ran. I guess Kelly wants to focus on the install of his philosophy and play concepts and feels comfortable giving a laundry list to Howie and getting sort of what he wants. It will be interesting to see how well they can come together.

    • Geagle

      fascinating….wish we could ever find out exactly the dynamics of Chip,Howie and Gamble…of course, we will never know the truth.

      • xlGmanlx

        I think based on everything we have read, they are all on the same page trying to do whatever it takes to win. I’ve been in situations where the leadership just gelled, and the sky was the limit. It FEELS like that kind of scenario is in play now.

  • Bruce

    I think in the case of scenario three the Eagles would likely select one of Lotulelei or Floyd. I think Lotulelei can still be had if you traded down, I can’t see anyone besides the Jets taking him in the top ten unless someone moves up for him. It seems Floyd wouldn’t be as effective in the five-tech, but it’s my thinking that this guy is just a good football player and could thrive in any spot on the line. The versatility of Lotulelei and Floyd has to be tempting for the Eagles.

    I guess in this scenario you hope that one of Watson, Pugh, or Long is sitting there when our second round pick comes around.

  • I know GMs and coaches live in the “now” and not the future, but I would load up on picks for next years draft which has a quality QB class. That’s where our QB of the future is, not the dogs we have now of are in this years draft.

  • GEagle

    I gotta give the jets front office props….they have the Bills petrified that the Jets will take Nassib, so the bills basically have NO CHOICE but to draft him 8th overall…As a GM, everytime you force a team drafting higher than you, to draft a guy you probably aren’t considering at that spot, it’s one stp closer to a guy you really covet falling to you…Jets ain’t playing around. they are doing some darn good work…If they ignore sexy allures and draft a Dlineman and an Olineman 9 and 13, I will be really impressed with the way that team is being run…and I can’t even believe I just Said that

  • Your 3rd scenario is the one where I’d love to see them trade back and grab Tavon Austin instead. I think they’d be able to get the best possible compensation for #4 given the stampede that could happen with teams jockeying to get up to grab Lane Johnson (who I’m not sold on given most of his buzz is about his “measurables”), and Fisher and Jordan are the only two guys I’m willing to count on as real “difference makers” available early.

  • Max Lightfoot

    I hope that Tom Gamble has some positive influence on Howie Baby’s pick – because, as we know, Roseman can fall in love with certain players who just aren’t legitimate NFL talent. Ostensibly, Gamble can recognize real players – and if the Eagles can improve through this draft, I’ll be really excited. Go Eags!

  • Jason N.

    I can’t believe one day away from the draft and people are talking about Tavon Austin could possibly be going to the Eagles.

    If we have to trade down I rather take Lotulelei, Richardson or Xavier Rhodes.

    Over guys like Tavon Austin or Geno Smith.

    We already have enough small speed WR on the team. If we are going to spend a 1st round pick on a WR at any year, I rather it be on a player with Calvin Johnson or Julio Jones potentials.

    a big, tall physical WR.

    • If you see any guys in this draft that have anywhere near the potential of Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones, please let us know.

      • Jason N.

        I don’t. That’s why I rather they not draft a WR until the later rounds. There’s some nice prospects with good upsides that will be available in the later rounds.

        You know there isn’t a Calvin Johnson or even Julio Jones in this draft. There isn’t even a Roddy White or Andre Johnson.

        I rather take a guy like Marcus Davis in the 7th.

    • xlGmanlx

      agreed, i don’t want midgets.

  • Jason N.

    According to CBS Sports.

    The 4 best players available this draft in order is.

    1)Luke Joeckel
    2)Eric Fisher
    3)Dion Jordan
    4)Lane Johnson

    If you want to check just google “CBS sports top nfl draft prospects 2013”

    Star Lotulelei is 5th.

    I’d be happy with any of the players at those top 5 and I hope the Eagles doesn’t trade down.

    Roseman said they narrowed it down to 4 players.

    Let assume they put Joeckel and Fisher into one slot. Since its almost guaranteed that the Chiefs will draft either Joeckel or Fisher, leaving 1 left.

    Let put Dion Jordan into the 2nd slot, and Lotulelei into the 3rd, Johnson into the 4th.

    So now it’s impossible to know what the Eagles hierarchy for the top 4 picks is, so let just say they’re all equal.

    That mean we have:

    1) Joeckel/Fisher
    2) Jordan
    3) Lotulelei
    4) Johnson

    I’m 99% sure the Eagles will be picking on whoever is left out of those 5 prospects when it come to them at 4th overall.

    If at least 1 of those prospect are still available, the only way the Eagles will trade down if they get an incredible deal. Otherwise I think we should expect 1 of those 5 to become an Eagle.

    If according to the majority of the mock draft I’ve seen this last 3 days.

    Fisher is our pick for the 4th overall.

    I can’t remember who exactly. But one of the big blog writer on the Eagles website was in a CBS mock draft representing the Eagles. And he picked Fisher, at that point Jordan and Joeckel and Floyd are off of the board.

    Well I’m done with the guessing game. I can’t wait till tomorrow. Since this is Kelly and Gamble 1st year in Philly. Ill give them the benefit of the doubt to make the right choices when drafting.

    They better not set the Eagles back another 3-5 years because of bad drafting.

    Ill tell everyone this now. If we don’t draft Dion Jordan and he turn our go be like the next Brian Urlacher or Ray Lewis. Then ill be back here to personally apologize to every Dion Jordan’s fan.

    But if we pick Jordan and Fisher became idk the next Chuck Bednarik. (I know Bednarik isn’t a tackle, he was a center, but he’s the only hall of fame offensive lineman I know on the top of my head)

    But if Fisher become anywhere near that or at least a multiple pro bowl or Super Bowl winner.. Well let just say ill be majorly upset for the next 3-5 years.

    Whatever happen. Whether Jordan or Fisher or anyone else we pick. Let just hope we make the right choices in this draft.

    • Richard Colton

      It’s unlikely that he becomes the next Brian Urlacher or Ray Lewis, mostly because I don’t think the Eagles will draft Jordan to play MLB. But Especially because their new system doesn’t feature a MLB.

      It’s very likely that the order you have there is the order they’ll go. I’m just not sold on taking Lane Johnson at 4. Joeckal & Fisher? Sure Johnson? doubt creeps in

      • Jason N.

        Well I know we don’t have a MLB. I just wanted to find a quick comparison in my head of a great linebacker and Lewis and Urlacher was who I thought of. I was being generalized.

        I really hope this whole Eric Fisher to the Jags thing is just a smokescreen cause they really want Dion Jordan.

        Gus Bradley and Dion Jordan make way too much sense not to happen, Bradley love his defense and Jordan got perfectly in what he used to coaching in Seattle.

        I hope the Raiders are still going with Shariff Floyd and not get any crazy idea about drafting Fisher.

        The Raiders are notorious for having crazy draft day ideas. Heck I wouldn’t be surprise if they take Denard Robinson at 3rd overall considering they loved speed so much in the past. Lol

        But I think Shariff Floyd and Star Lotulelei are on the Raiders radar.

        I just really hope Fisher drop down to us and we get him.

        I have doubts about Lane Johnson too, but it’s the same doubts that I have about Dion Jordan.
        Both are physical freaks that had a great combine and senior bowl, but raw and have a good chance of being a bust.

        Though I believe Lane Johnson is a bit of a better prospect than Jordan at the moment because it seem like according to scouts he get better everytimes he get on the field at the Senior game and combine.

        He does play with a mean streak which I love, I remember one clip when he still pushing the DT back even though that DT was pretty much completely taken out of the play cause the RB was like 10 yards down the field already.

        On a side note. Have anyone seen this picture of Eric Fisher?
        The dude look mean as heck. Love it that he also play really aggressively.

        • Richard Colton

          How about this guy?

          Just joshing you though. Mayock has Eric Fisher rated as the best player in the draft, and he’s a guy I listen to. If We get Fisher, I’m happy. I’ve got it narrowed down to Joeckal/Fisher/Jordan as the three guys I want. But as with all things, I temper my expectations because there is no sure thing in the draft. ever.

          • Jason N.

            You’re right there is no sure thing.

            I have a best friend, he and his dad are from Michigan. So they’re huge fans of Detroit Lions and Michigan Wolverine, his dad went to Central Michigan so he been watching all the games since forever.

            He told me that Fisher is the 2nd best prospect in the draft outside of Joeckel. He’s been watching Fisher for years, for when Fisher declare for the draft he hoped that the Lions will draft him. Though Taylor Lewan from Michigan was his 1st choice but he went back to college.

            He told me if the Eagles pass up on Fisher, the lions would be happy to draft him.

            He’s the most knowledgable person I know when it come to football, personally. So I trust him.

            I really hope we get Fisher.

            Ill be wearing my Eagles #25 jersey in front of my tv tomorrow at 8pm at my best friend’s house.

            I can’t wait!

            Nothing would make me happier to see Jason Peters on one side and Eric Fisher on the other side.

          • xlGmanlx

            I want to say the last few SB winners don’t have mega draft picks invested on the OL, DL is where they spent the pics. It hasn’t changed in my opinion defense wins championships. Not lock down defense mind you, but getting critical stops. If Kelly starts the new wave with tempo control dictating matchups, defense will be even more important. The NFL is a copycat league. There is probably quality talent on the OL in rounds 2-5

          • Richard Colton

            There looks like there may be some decent O-line talent in the 2nd and maybe early 3rd. I don’t see it after that. Im OK with a high pick on the O-line if we get a good player out of it.

      • Jason N.

        Oh and do you see this pic of Dion Jordan? His face really reminds me of Cuba Gooding Jr. in Radio lol

    • cliff henny

      you slotted 5 guys, we pick 4th. it’s not a question ‘if’ one will be there. no way picking anything except qb will set a team back. high pick rookie qbs have to play, no way of hiding them, making them another part of team. if stink, yup, you’re hosed. have watkins, he stinks, it’s not killing us. if we dont pick a lineman, dennis kelly a 5th rounder could OT slide herrmanns inside. have rookie wage scale has changed all this. these top pick dont hyjack payroll. stinks to bust on top pick sure, but you can make up for it with overall consistant drafting.

      • Jason N.

        I have no idea how to response to this. Except one part.

        Yes I know I put down 5 prospects because I think the Eagles put Joeckel and Fisher on the same level. And the chiefs is pretty much guaranteed to pick one of those two, so whoever is left is going to be one of the 4 prospects the Eagles can pick at 4th overall.

        Unless the Chiefs goes with Lotulelei for example and both Joeckel and Fisher drop down to us. Then we can pick one or the other.

        But I doubt that will happen.

        I hope it will turn out like this.

        1: Joeckel
        2: Jordan
        3: Floyd
        And at 4th overall. We got between Fisher and Lotulelei to decide.

      • xlGmanlx

        New CBA doesn’t mean you have to start right away. I think the draft will be even more important because you don’t have to pay out big money to rookies and can still draft high or trade up.

    • Tom W

      I agree with the 5 players on your board… But I think they trade down if johnson and Star are left thinking that Star can be had later (possibly as far back as 13 but certainly 7 or 8) and get a good tackle/guard prospect in rd 2. heck – they may even trade down with Fisher there if the offer is good enough.

      • Jason N.

        The offer better be a 2nd and 3rd. Otherwise I find it hard to pass on Fisher.

        At least a 2nd this year and one more 2nd next year would be great.

        Trade ammunition for a QB

  • xlGmanlx

    Unless they get wowed with a trade, stay put and draft the highest player on your board.

  • xlGmanlx

    I was stoked to read Star’s draft profile before the combine and hoped the igg’s nabbed him, I think I will go back for that and hope they get some giants on the DL with versatility. Otherwise, I’ll be tuned in tomorrow and enjoying every second.