Eagles Draft Buzz: Trade Winds Blowing?

A roundup of Eagles-related draft buzz from today…

In what should come as no surprise, the Birds are one of the front-end teams making calls about potentially moving down in the first round. ESPN’s Adam Schefter identifies the Eagles (No. 4), Lions (No. 5), Browns (No. 6), Bills (No. 8) and Dolphins (No. 12) as teams looking to make a move.

Roseman admitted last week that the Eagles were open to making a deal, and the team has been very active in recent years, having pulled off a first-round trade in five of the past six drafts. As we’ve been saying for awhile, the sense from the team is that there are 12 to 15 prospects that stand out above the rest. Assuming that’s the case, it’s unlikely that the Eagles would be willing to drop down all the way into the 20s or 30s.

The key, as always, is the market. Right now, it seems several teams in the top-10 would be more than willing to move down. The players to watch continue to be the offensive tackles: Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel, Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher and Oklahoma’s Lane Johnson.

The Jaguars, at No. 2, are a bit of a wild card. The guess here is still that they take Oregon outside linebacker Dion Jordan, but there’s been buzz (to drive up the market?) that Jacksonville will go offensive tackle.

The way I see it, there are two scenarios that would create a favorable market for the Eagles in terms of finding a trade partner:

1. The Chiefs take Joeckel, the Jaguars take Jordan, and the Raiders take Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd. If Fisher is still on the board at No. 4, I think the Eagles will field a lot of interest. Then again, if they don’t get a favorable offer, they might just take Fisher and move on.

2. Fisher and Joeckel go off the board in the top three picks, but the Eagles find a team that really likes Johnson. According to Albert Breer, teams’ opinions of Johnson vary:

Of course, it only takes one team to make a deal.

In case you missed it, a couple weeks ago, we went over teams that could be interested in moving up and guessed at potential compensation.

The Dolphins continue to be a team to watch. They’ve got the No. 12 pick, 11 picks overall and five in the first three rounds. They’ve also got a dire situation at tackle and a franchise quarterback in Ryan Tannehill to protect.

Meanwhile, the Jets, Rams and Vikings all have two first-rounders, making them potential partners. The Falcons, too, have been rumored to be interested in moving up.

One more things on trades: It’s not unusual for teams to have a deal in place before the draft that hinges on a specific scenario. In fact, that’s what happened last year with Fletcher Cox.

“I think there are teams that are very comfortable giving you scenarios they’ll stick to in that situation,” Roseman said last week. “With us and Seattle last year with [Seahawks GM] John [Schneider], it was very easy to get to an agreement on the compensation if the player we were interested in was there and they felt comfortable moving back.

“I think what that does, it takes the negotiating out of being on the clock, because when you’re on the clock, there’s a lot of things going on. You’re getting a lot of phone calls and when you’re starting something new or from scratch and you’re going through that process, time runs out fairly quickly.”

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is continuing his draft preview series with a look at the linebackers. Here’s part of the passage on Jordan:

“He’s very athletic, fast, rangy, explosive with a keen ability to bend and accelerate around the corner,” Atlanta GM Thomas Dimitroff said. “He can be both a drop guy and a pass-rush threat. It makes him a consideration in the top five (picks).” Suffered third-degree burns over 40% of his body in 2007 when a vacuum cleaner he and his friends were using to siphon gas exploded. “The only negative is his body,” one scout said. “He got burned. He went to Oregon because that was the only school that stuck with him. He’s the whole package. All he has to do as a rusher is develop an inside move. It’s all up the field now.”

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  • It’s been reported the Dolphins have agreed to the terms requested by Branden Albert, now an agreement for compensation between the Chiefs and Dolphins have to be reached on which of the Dolphins second round picks will cement the trade.

    Being there are 15 talented players separated from the rest of the participant, how does trading back ensure the Eagles coming home with a candidate who would be one of the top 15 talents. Not only is the trade back a maneuver to forgo the opportunity to draft Johnson, it also precludes the Eagles from drafting much discussed Jordan as well.

    Now I’m certain this is just a smoke screen in the final days before the draft.

    But the Eagles strategy to trade back is familiar in being the death march into oblivion for which the Eagles are firmly entrenched. I don’t see the Eagles doing anything different this year. They’re setting up to blow another draft opportunity and saving money on signing draftees.

    • theycallmerob

      Not every team grades players the same, so not everyone’s top 15 are the same as the Eagles. A top5 Eagles player may be available way down in the 20’s. It all depends on how they’ve graded some 2nd and 3rd round players, and whether the depth of this draft is more valued than those players going at the top.
      Additionally, the new rookie cap essentially removes that whole bit about saving money. If anything, it would make teams even more willing to trade into #4, since it costs less now than a couple years ago. The past is the past; new structure, new scheme, new talent evaluation. Either way….we’ll know in a little more than 50 hours.

      • Geagle

        Gave up on Dutch a while ago..lol

        • nicksaenz1

          He took the fun out of commenting for me, thus, my near silence. That and draft season isn’t my thing. Little interest in the research into a player that likely won’t be on the squad next season.

          • GEagle

            well here an interesting nugget for you..

            Peter King: “Chip likes Geno Smith, but chip REALLY LIKES Nick Foles”

          • nicksaenz1

            Would’ve traded him if he.didn’t lol. although, a draft trade is possible, still.

          • Geagle

            nah…we would have fleeced the kansas city fatman months ago…they elected not to trade him, so chip could see him during a 3 day mini camp? doesnt make much sense to me, considering the Fatman would have paid the most(we could have DEFINITELY got KC’s 2nd rounder for Foles)

          • gEagle

            Im actually not this draft crazy normally….but the Eagles aren’t normally out of the hunt by Halloween…so with a miserable season on my hands, I just dove into the prospect pool early in the process…

          • Why would you take dueling opinions as anything but fun?

    • CJ

      It would cost as much or more to pay a 1 and a 2 than it would a high 1. There’s this thing called slotting now. Don’t let facts get in your way though, I wouldn’t want to ruin your streak today.

      • cliff henny

        that’s one reason teams dont load up on 8-10 top 5 round talents, it requires alot of cap space. we have plenty this year along with roster space.

        • Damien

          You’re living in the past… It’s really cheap nowadays…

        • Minimum salary is $480K for a Rookie, that’s tip money. Unless you’re a top 10 First Round selection and negotiate a huge signing bonus. Outside the first round, you can sign for $480K, and say a $10K signing bonus, but those aren’t mandated in the CBA

      • GreenScabs

        Not to mention the fact that he just completely fabricated the “report” that the Dolphins have agreed to the “terms” requested by Brandon Albert!?? First of all, that’s completely illegal and no team can negotiate with a player without have consent from the team that said player is currently under contract with, and the Chiefs have not granted this permission. Second, there have only been two “reports” regarding the Albert and Dolphins situation over the last few days, the first was from Ian Rapoport stating that the Dolphins “are willing to meet the asking price” for Albert but the two teams can’t come to terms on the compensation (K.C. wants the higher of the Dolphins two 2nd rounders, while the Fins only want to give up the lower of the two), the second report was from Chris Mortensen (who is much more reliable IMO) stating that the Dolphins and Chiefs have had no contact in over two weeks.

        Keep them coming Dutch, and I’ll keep knocking them down…….

        • http://www.nfl.com/…/branden-alberts-demands-holding-up-...
          2 days ago
          Trade talks between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins for Branden Albert remain ongoing,

          • GEagle

            You are really providing links to rumors a week before the draft to back up your argument? You do realize 90% of everything we hear this week is false?

          • And you have unmitigated access? Is that what you’re tell us?

          • GreenScabs

            Yesterday 4/22/13

            “ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports the Dolphins have had “little or no communication” with the Chiefs regarding Branden Albert for “almost two weeks.”
            The report seems to run a bit contradictory to NFL Network’s Monday evening story that claimed Miami is willing to meet Albert’s asking price. Money no longer seems to be a sticking point as the Chiefs wait out the Dolphins’ trade-compensation offer. It’s believed the Fins are trying to get Albert for the 54th pick. Kansas City wants Miami’s earlier second-rounder at No. 42 overall. Apr 22 – 11:37 PM”

            Your link doesn’t work, my information is more recent, which in the end means I’m the winner and you’re the loser.

          • I am certain you are following the report distributed from some organizations’, as am I,

            I’m more inclined to follow the NFL accounts, than ESPN’s.

            Different assessments of the information wouldn’t be unusual, would it?

      • the salaries are relatively similar, however, the vast difference come in the Signing Bonus, and the back in escalation on the contracts in either year 3 or year 5, it’s not as pedestrian as you would have the uninformed believe.

        There is a vast difference in over all compensation, and picks 1 through 10 are slotted a premium salary over picks 11 through 32 in the draft.

        Your facts are a bit skewed. A penny pinching team, like the Eagles could in deed save money trading out of the top 10

      • UKEagle99

        Oh please tell me he’s not streaking now >_<

  • Anebriated

    Jets 9th and 39th picks for our 4th and like a 7th. roughly even value and we add a top 40 pick. Take Johnson warmack ansah or letouleli. Any trade down becomes a possibility if dion Jordan is off the board when we pick

    • GW.Fisher

      If Fisher is off the board I like this trade.

  • Jason N.

    I think this is a good article on Why the Eagles shouldn’t draft Dion Jordan over Eric Fisher or Star Lotulelei.

    • Peter Eichert

      Im in the boat that hes too much of a gamble that high in the draft myself. This team has missed on Defense plenty of times with 1st rounders. Only one I like is Star, otherwise I want them to trade down if it still gets them their guy and an extra pick. Hope no QBs either, wait til next yr.

      Crazy story about him being burned though, yikes.

      • Jason N.

        I agree. For me. It’s either Joeckel, Fisher or Star. Maybe Johnson too.

        Or trade down. Grab Milliner and get Kyle Long in the 2nd.

        We don’t need to gamble so early in the draft. Teams like the 49er’s can gamble because they have strong players at almost every position so they can afford to.

      • xlGmanlx

        Who isn’t a gamble?

        • GEagle

          Yeah, it’s crazy how fans get into thinking this guy is safe, that guy is a gamble….Just because we each have favorites, that we believe in, it doesn’t mean they are less of a gamble…you got guys who lacked production Ike Jordan going in the top 5, and the most productive pass rusher in college could fall out of round 1…if there were such a thing as safe players, Jarvis would be the number 1 pick in the draft since all 32 teams cleared him physically…even a guy like Joekel who I believe in, he could very well get to the NFL, and find out his technique isn’t good enough to dominate inspight of his physical shortcomings…every player is a risk..tons of due diligence is done on these picks. from watching every snap on film, talking to teammates, coaches, bowl games, combines, individual workouts..heck tea,s even hire former FBI agents to dig into their past…you have to trust that your coaches can coach away the mistakes, and excentuate their strengths…so what you do, is you find the kids who’s characters you believe in the most, and you take the one with more potential…if you believe in your coaches, and you believe in the kids Charecter, baring injures, how can a supreme talent not eventually grow into their potential?

    • ICDogg

      Although Jordan is not my top choice, I don’t agree with this at all.

      Apparently the author thinks that Jordan’s lack of production in the Rose Bowl which followed the 2011 season is significant enough to rule him out.

      He also thinks we have other guys with substantial skill sets to play his position, which I do not agree with.

      He also thinks we have a bigger need at O-line, which I also do not agree with.

      • I agree with your first two points, but not really your third.

        • ICDogg

          Don’t get me wrong, we do need some O-line help. I just don’t have it up as high on the list as some other spots. I would not object, though, if the Eagles took one of the O-tackles with the #4 pick. It depends on how much they like the player, more than how much they have a need at the position.

          • geagle

            Oline is certainly a need…but, I think bigger needs are:
            1)5tec(can’t just assume curry can do it)
            2))OLB( who can pass rush, but ALSO cover)
            3)Guard(in case. Watkins does perform like a first round, this player should be able to play both Guard AND Tackle(If there weren’t such talented guys like Long and Pugh available at 35, I would be comfortable waiting til round 4..but those two are first round talents, so you can’t pass that up)
            4) safety that can eventually beat out Chung
            5)Outside Corner in case Fletcher’s knees don’t hold up
            6)Backup center(should be able to play multiple positions, if not you can sign an Undrafted one or take Khalid Holmes in the 7th)
            7) back up Mike (we could get by for another year with Chaney as the back up WIL)

            And I think there are other needs ahead of our 4th OT

      • the Fact that Jordan has not been productive against upper tier competition in the BCS is a cause for concern, It’s just not the Rose Bowl in 2011 but on every occasion Oregon faced BCS Powerhouse teams, Jordan is ineffective and has little to no production or impact in those games.
        When he’s playing against the Big Boys he’s not a factor when he plays virtual Girl Scout in his conference he’s a hammer.

        Your level of competition matters and is an indication how you will meet the challenge on the next level.

        If he consistently can’t or doesn’t make an impact against quality teams it’s doubtful Jordan will make a difference in the NFL,

        Based on the games I watched, he doesn’t have the intangibles to disrupt NFL pockets as a pass rusher.

        • Geagle

          Dutch, I really hope you of all people provide a first round mock, and ten names that have the best chance at being Eagles…there is no one I want to see enter than you

          • A mock isn’t necessary. I don’t trust the Eagles will be efficient in this draft as it’s part of their characters as an Organization over several decades to screw up the draft.

            I don’t see with Howie in place this year the opportunity to break from that format.

          • UKEagle99

            For someone that is very critical of Eagles drafting, I’m surprised you are not jumping at the chance to show them how it is done.

            Dutch, you’re on the clock :-)

        • GreenScabs

          In my opinion Dion Jordan is going to be the best defensive player in this draft, and I really hope he’s still available at #4. The kid can do it all, and is long and fast enough to disrupt ever kind of pay an offense can throw at him. If it wasn’t so late I would go into greater detail, but I have no reservations in saying that I think he will be one of the best players in the league in a few years.

          • I don’t doubt he can do it all as you’d have us believe,

            What I’m saying is he’s not done it all against stellar competition on occasions when Oregon played Top Tier BCS Opponents or when he was lined up against equally assessed talent.

            Or put another way, It matters little your exploits against Girl Scouts, the question that remains is can he swim with the sharks in the deep water?

            That’s only a lingering question because in the two years of film against Quality Opponents, his production isn’t obvious.

  • Saskatoon Eagles Fan

    I would be really happy if the Eagles could get a team’s 1st rounder next yr if they were to trade back. 2 first rounders next yr in what looks like a good draft for QBs would give us a lot of potential ammo to move around if a certain QB were to catch Chip’s eye

    • ICDogg

      they’d have to move back very far, I think, to get that

      • Geagle

        I would do almost anything for an extra 1st rounder next year…..I would trade the 35th pick and a 4th rounder next year for a 3rd rounder and 2014 1st round pick….and gladly pass up the 2nd round

    • CJ

      I would too but I don’t know if there’s a team out there dumb enough to bite. If any one of clowney, bridgewater, or Matthews came out this year they’d have probably been the first overall pick this year

      • Geagle

        Austin Seraian would probably also be the first TE drafted this year

    • eagleking21

      FOR A 4TH pick in the 1st ROUND if we dont get the teams next year ill be pissed

      • eagleking21

        if we dont get the teams 1st round pick next year*

  • As the days roll on I truly believe trading back is the way we roll.

    • xlGmanlx

      Disagree, the only thing that changes from an uncertainty standpoint is expectations by trading back, the risk is identical.

    • Geagle


    • ICDogg

      I would say about a 40% chance of a trade

  • GEagle

    READ THIS!!!!!

    Peter King “Chip Kelly likes Geno Smith, but Chip REALLY LIKES Nick Foles”….

    …yet he is letting everyone twist in the wind and run with the Foles can’t fit. Hahahahahahaha Foles 2013 Starting QB, after his decision making WIPES THE FLOOR with Vick in camp!!!

    • cliff henny

      well, that’ll either be the case, or not. find out in 2 days. if eagles draft smith or manuel, i’ll really wonder why foles wasnt sent to kc, figure reid was paying top value for foles. even if eagles dont take top qb, still not counting out vick, guy seems to play his best when fighting for job.

  • Green Flyer

    Roseman wants to trade down, but I don’t think he’ll find a fit. They will have to pick Floyd, Star or Johnson.

  • Zachary Kahn

    At the end of the day, we have the benefit of having a coach who knows Dion Jordan very well. It will be telling one way or the other whether we draft him or pass him up because no one, including scouts, know what he can/can’t do better then Kelly. I personally believe that if hes there at 4 and both Fisher, Joeckel, and trading down possibilities aren’t there, the Eagles will likely take him. We are transitioning to a 3-4 and we really don’t have a true 3-4 outside LB on the roster. It will be interesting though.

  • scrapplejoe

    I don’t see anyone moving up…. Their really is no good players except the OL guys who will be gone in the first 3 picks…

    Andy Reid would love to trade out of that first pick…. No takers…

  • scrapplejoe

    Trade Foles to some team for their 2nd rounder……


  • Gobirds1

    It is a horrible story that I was not aware of, but I wonder what his Wunderlick is after blowing himself up try to siphon gas with a vacuum.