Oddsmakers: Lane Johnson the Favorite To Go No. 4

Oklahoma tackle Lane Johnson is the favorite to be selected fourth overall, according to Bovada. The odds are 3/2 that he will be the pick. Star Lotulelei (7/4), Dion Jordan (2/1) and Chance Warmack (9/1) are the next best bets.

Vegas anticipates that Luke Joeckel will go first to the Chiefs. Eric Fisher (1/2) is the clear favorite to be taken at No. 2. For the third pick, Bovada pits Sharrif Floyd (1/10) against the field (11/2).

Some other odds of note:

Will the Eagles trade the 4th pick overall?          

Yes +170  (17/10)

No   -250   (2/5)

Draft Position – Geno Smith       

Over/Under 8½

Draft Position – Matt Barkley     

Over/Under 37½

2013 NFL Draft – Draft Position – Tavon Austin     

Over/Under 13½

Draft Position – Tyrann Mathieu  

Over/Under 75½

2013 NFL Draft – How many QB’s will be selected in the 1st Rd?               

Over    1 (EVEN)

Under 1 (-140)

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  • Richard Colton

    Pretty solid lines. Vegas is hedging its bets with someone trading up to get Lane Johnson. If I had a hypothetical gun to my head and had to bet – I’m thinking Geno and Tavon both will be over drafted, so I’ll take the under on both.

    • Do you doubt that Austin will not be a consistent productive asset to an offense and an impact on special teams in his first 5 years?

      • CJ

        I’ll give it a caveat based on where he ends up, but Austin has to be the easy frontrunner for Offensive ROY.

        • I agree, I think Andy Reid hindered Jackson’s production in limiting his returns. Jackson could have been more impactful used in a variety of assignments than he already is in the NFL.

      • Richard Colton

        Im not even sure he’s the best WR in the draft. Interesting talent. Could be DeSean Jackson. Could be Percy Harvin – except he lacks Harvin’s upper body strength. The guy he reminds me most of is Peter Warrick. Honestly, I think of likely top 12 picks, he and Ansah have the most bust potential.

        • That’s where Mayock has Austin rated, 12th over all in his top 100 but there are a number of what I believer are productive receivers with different skill sets.

          I think Robert Woods is going to be an exception pro who earns a living catching in traffic, similar to Dez Bryant in dallas. I don’t see Austin being that kind of possession receiver but I think he will be a weapon in space, especially running screes and quick pitches and, offer something special as a return man.

          • Geagle

            I dont know what to think of Tavon….could take over the league, or be an epic Fail…there is just not alot of precedent for mega success by past players of his stature….I mean, people try to compare him to Percy, but Percy will look like Megatron next to Tavon…I dont know what to think…I see all the ability everyone else see’s..but I dont know what to think..This WR class is the position I struggle with the most…cant figure out how to rank them, who to even mock them to. frustrating

  • CJ

    Yes. Under, Over, Under, Over, Over. Now, where’s my money? :D

    You’d really have to be derranged to put bets on this stuff. This is worse than prop bets during the super bowl.

    • Geagle

      im betting on Lane going 4th to detroit..but I think we already Know Im draft Deranged

  • cliff henny

    god i love vegas…gambling makes everything better!

  • Jason N.

    At this point ill be happy with Lane Johnson or Eric Fisher.

    I’m not a gambling man, so I don’t understand it.

    But could someone explain to me the over/under thing?

    What do all the numbers mean?

    • Doodoo

      it means if you bet the under on 8-1/2 for geno that you win if he gets picked anywhere from 1-8. YOu lose if he is picked 9 or above.

      • Jason N.

        What about the Eagles trading their pick?

        What does “yes +170 (17/10)

        No -250 (2/5)?”

        That one confuses me.

        • CJ

          I think that’s the payout on a $100 bet. You pick up 70 picks if you bet yes and you’re right, as opposed to 150 if you bet no and you’re right. In other words, Vegas thinks they’re trading the pick to a team that’s going to pick Lane Johnson.

          I don’t bet so I might have that wrong, but that’s my understanding.

          • CJ

            *bucks, not picks

          • cliff henny

            it’s based on $100 bets. you bet yes, put 100 up, if you’re right, get 170 back, if wrong, lose your 100. if right, you win 17 for every 10 you put up

            bet no…you have to put up 250 to win the 100 back. if right, you win 2 bucks for every 5 you put up.

          • CJ

            that’s right. So basically Vegas is saying the eagles will sit tight and take Lane Johnson. Hope they’re wrong.

  • ben

    This stuff is just writer’s block scat.

    • I’m sorry this free content isn’t more to your liking.

    • CJ

      Dear Valued Customer,

      We’re sorry that you’re disappointed in our product. Here, please enjoy a free subscription on us. Or get the hell out. Either way.


      Someone other than management

  • Geagle

    I think Im going to bet a couple dollars on Lane going 4th…
    Im starting to get really convinced, the problem is It will cost Detroit #132 to draft Lane, so Dion can fall to us at 5…Im feelin it!!!!

    • Richard Colton

      Dion’s going to be sitting there at #4 and Howie will pull the trigger…on Dee Milliner. You’re not even a little worried?

      • cliff henny

        sure G’s family has bags packed by front door and full “F”N howie drafted who” emergency evacuation plan

        • Geagle

          hahahahahahaha….my girl says Im not allowed to watch the draft at home…making me go to a bar lol

          • CJ

            Why? If they draft Millner she’ll still be able to hear you even from there.

          • Geagle

            Hahahahaha probably right!!!

            What if Howie was amongst us? What if hOwie was one of the regulars, and he posts exactly what the Eagles want to do…and we just look at it, as if it’s just one of us, who know nothing more than the next man? I would have so much fun on this site if I was Howie…I would tell everyone exactly what I want, and no one would even pay attention

          • CJ

            That’d be hilarious, though the degree of hilariousness largely depends on which one of us Howie would be. In some cases, that’d scare me to death. In others, I’d be fine with it.

      • Warhound


      • Tom W

        Not in the least. I hear they have a late first round grade on Milliner.

        • GoBirds1

          Tom, who do you hear these round grades from? You have connections in the NovaCare complex?

  • Tom W

    Geno Smith going after 8 —- yes please!

  • Richard Colton

    Over/Under on number of selections Eagles make in round six: .5
    any takers?

  • Max Lightfoot

    I still think that Andy Reid will trade down or else do something bizarre with that pick because, after all, he’s smarter than everyone else in the NFL.

  • thefadd

    Fisher, Joeckel, Floyd, Johnson is exactly how I’ve been predicting it for a week now except that I think it’s a toss up whether Joeckel or Fisher goes #1 to Reid. Those two are essentially interchangeable in my mind.

    The real question is whether Philly values Johnson as the fourth best player on their board or thinks they can trade down and swing some extra value. I could easily see Howie trading down a few spots, grabbing Star, and picking up another day two pick in the process, packaging that new pick with their #2 and hopping back into the end of the first for Fluker, Manuel, or maybe just sitting tight for some other OT they secretly covet. They trade down and they could conceivably come out of the first three rounds of the draft with a DL, OL, CB, AND QB. A little sick.

    If I have to guess, though, based on their espoused “measurables,” there’s no way the Philly brass covets anyone in this draft more than Lane Johnson. Johnson and Peters would be the most athletic OT combo ever. Remember the play Shady used to run behind Peters all the time where JP would block two dudes? Now teach that to Johnson and BB and run it 10 times a game off either side of the line.