Draft Buzz: On Revis, Manuel And Matt Scott

Some draft links to pass along on this Sunday…

The big news around the league is that the Bucs appear set to acquire Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. League sources tell ESPN’s Adam Schefter that Revis has been granted permission to take a physical and negotiate a contract with Tampa.

If the deal goes through, the Jets are expected to receive the No. 13 overall pick as part of the package. That would make New York one of three teams with two first-rounders (the Jets also have the ninth pick). St. Louis (Nos. 16 and 22) and Minnesota (23 and 25) are the others.

Any time a team has multiple first-round picks, it automatically becomes a candidate to potentially move up. The Jets are in prime position to get two quality players in the top 13, but in case you’re wondering, those two first-rounders add up to 2,500 on the old draft value chart. The fourth pick, which the Eagles hold, is at 1,800.

The Jets also have the 39th pick (second round). So they could potentially package that pick with one of the first-rounders to move up to No. 4.

Again, probably unlikely, but those are the scenarios.

Buzz continues to grow that Florida State’s E.J. Manuel will be the second QB off the board, behind Geno Smith. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock had Manuel as his second-rated signal-caller, and this from Dan Pompei of the National Football Post:

There is a feeling in some NFL front offices that E.J. Manuel has leapfrogged Matt Barkely, Mike Glennon and Ryan Nassib and now could be the second quarterback taken, perhaps even in the first round. Part of this may be because teams have been unable to sell themselves on Barkley, Glennon and Nassib. And part of it may be that Manuel might have more potential than any of them. There clearly is a bust factor with him, but some think Manuel can be a better player at the next level because he has more raw talent than any quarterback in the draft other than maybe Geno Smith.

If Manuel falls to 35, the Eagles will think seriously about taking him. But I’m not sure they’d be willing to trade back into the first round to get him.

Which means the quarterback to keep an eye on might be Arizona’s Matt Scott. Expected to be a Day 3 pick, Scott has the athleticism Chip Kelly covets out of the quarterback position.

In his annual prospect rankings, here’s what Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel wrote about Scott:

Benched early in 2010 in favor of Nick Foles. Redshirted in 2011 and came back to flourish in coach Rich Rodriguez’ read-option offense. “Very interesting guy – he’s like a (Colin) Kaepernick,” one scout said. “Not as big and doesn’t have as strong an arm. Really came on this year. He’s a very, very talented athlete.” Finished with an 11-6 record and passer rating of 88.1. Wonderlic of 22. “Low release, lot of tipped balls, raw, OK smarts and leadership,” another scout said. “He’s had a bunch of concussions, which is a little scary. Three this year. But he’s kind of gaining steam.” From Corona, Calif. “Highly inconsistent as a decision-maker,” a third scout said. “But throwing the ball, he has up side.”

Once Smith and Manuel are off the board, Scott is the name to watch at QB for the Birds.

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  • borntosuffer

    39th pick SECOND round

  • theycallmerob

    “Highly inconsistent as a decision-maker”
    no. thanks.
    and sorry, but you can’t use “has up side throwing the ball”. That is requisite for EVERY NFL QB. Like saying a carpenter is good with his hands, or a hooker has a strong jaw.

    • Geagle


  • Geagle

    Word on the streets lol is that Scott had a bad workout with us….Think Dysert is basically THE MOBILE version of Nick Foles(has the intangibles we love in Foles, ATleast I think he does)…accurate intermediate passer which you need to be able to run an uptempo offense…can’t be throwing incompletions 50yards down field and expect to have a hurry up offense.

    • So of course I took a little time and looked at some film on Dysert. He seems to have a decent arm, accuracy is a little unknown as most of his targets were wide open on the tape I watched. He has functional athleticism but what I like most about him is he is a gamer. The kid has a little gun slinger in him. If we don’t pick up a QB before then I wouldn’t mind spending a fifth rounder on him. He is projected 4-6.

      • Geagle

        yeah, Gamer is a good way to describe him. If we have to draft a QB, I would hope its him, 5th would be ideal..The only other Qb, I’m ok with is Landry Jones late in the draft(have a feeling he will be a Gem, but he isn’t mobile)…..I hear we took a long hard look at Aaron Rogers little brother..haven’t seen him play so I won’t comment

    • southy

      I’m not touching a guy who has had 3 concussions in the past year. Next one could be your career right there.

  • Geagle

    Guys, take 2 minutes out your day to watch this Evan Mathis interview.. Makes some interesting comments about our Line and QBs…

    • planetx1971

      Damn it. Couldn’t get that to play. Would you bee willing to sum up the high points for a big Mathis fan?? Even if you’re not a fan if the fan?? Lol

      • CTAZPA

        I love Mathis too. He was just being really positive about Chip Kelly and the new way of running an NFL practice, which Mathis described as fast and efficient. He also said that Chip explains everything. He named the five OL starters that we would all expect at this time and said Peters looks like a beast.

        When asked about the QBs, he made the generic comment that it’s working for everyone despite varying styles. When Barkann pushed, Mathis made a joke like, “what do I know, I’m just walking around.”

        Good interview for the hungry fan. But in the end, he pretty much just said the company line.

        • cliff henny

          was funny, asking about how the same play looks different when vick vs foles runs it…’i don’t know, i was busy blocking’… think kelly got to these guys. when asked about offense, deflect.

        • planetx1971

          Thank you very much man. Hopefully it’ll work for me sometime. Hungry fan is right! Lol

  • Geagle

    Im getting so stoked about Vinny Curry! Just like how Hungry he is. He is obssessed with redemption(as if he did something wrong last year),..and I like it! Kids going to be a beast.
    Curry played under 5 different linecoaches in College, who all used different schemes….Loving the versatility…and the best part about Vinny is his use of hands. Really reminds me of a seasoned veteran in that aspect

    • cliff henny

      hope that’s the case. fact is we have more holes than current picks and even if howie adds 3 or 4 mid rounders somehow, we’re going to need players to step up. 3 guys i’m specifically talking about are graham at pred, curry at 5-tech amd danny at G. if these guys have shown they can play to grade taken in draft, that would change everything. know alot hate watkins, but he was terrible scheme fit, stoutland/kelly might bring out 1st round grade ball, and healthy herrmanns and peters makes everyone’s job easier. dont see why graham/cole cant make shift, it’s not that huge and curry doesnt seem huge stretch either

      • Geagle

        I don’t rule any of that out..If those guys fit, we will be significantly further along on the road to NFC EAST redemption.

  • Eaglesnoles05

    As and eagle and a Seminole , I would love to grab Manuel . He is a man. That’s #1 with him. He is big tough and talented. His upside is worth the 2nd round pick, I’m telling ya. But I’d be VERY upset if we took him at 4. Don’t count him out as a star, but don’t bank on him with a 1st

    • Geagle

      I dunno man, I was always led to believe that a woman at Qb was the way to go

  • Manuel at 35 would be a steal…big, strong, and athletic. Let him sit this year and then he will be the starter that Chip can hitch his wagon to.

    • cliff henny

      another reason we should wait a year…what if vick works?! mean, we all saw the redskins ‘capitulation game’. sure kelly watched that till the tape broke. even if he can get 75% of that, that’s still good. why sit manuel for a yr, draft him, play him. telling you, i wont be surprised if vick has best year ever. just when you think you can write him off, he comes back stronger. and i’m no vick fan, know all his faults, but reason kelly kept him.

      • Geagle

        I would almost prefer drafting a QB and having him sit for a few years…I don’t Care about the recent rookie successQBs have been having…It can never hurt to be more prepared when you take the field for the first time….of course, I would still prefer not drafting any QBs this year…but I don’t think the unlikely event that the scarecrow magically grows a brain at the age of 33, should have any impact on a QB…if you believe in him you draft him, I just have a hard time believing that Chip believes in any of these guys

    • Richard Colton

      Hope he’s gone by 34 so we don’t get tempted.

      • Geagle

        Yeah. I’m in the same boat

  • Geagle

    the Nephew of Donovan McNabb is a highly touted NHL prospect..hahahahaha that makes too much sense

  • Brandon Albert and Miami cannot seem to come together on terms of a contract. Why is this important you ask? That means Miami will be in the trade-up sweepstakes for an OT. Either us or Oak will be the most willing to move.

    • cliff henny

      geno smith at 3 to oakland just seems right.

      • I can only hope so. That would be awesome as far as the Eagles are concerned.

        • cliff henny

          think perfect would be no tradebacks and joeckel, fisher, shariff go 1 2 3…than we could leverage anyone wanting jordan, smith(you know one team loves him) and johnson.

  • JofreyRice

    The rise of QBs is really amazing. I remember having a discussion on here about how I thought Scott would be a great addition in the 5th, or how I’d be comfortable with Manuel in the 4th. Now Scott’s a 3rd (or maybe even 2nd) rounder and Manuel is pretty unanimously considered the legit #2 QB of the draft in the media’s eye–and I don’t think the media is that far off of the real teams, with so many former personnel people involved in the process.

    I still don’t love either of those guys high, but they have tools. When you think about it, QB really is the #1 need area for the Eagles. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them address it high. Selecting the right QB was a very tricky and important decision for establishing Reid’s legacy, maybe Chip & Howie try to make their mark here.

  • Hope the Seahawks draft Matt Scott to compete for the second spot behind Russell Wilson.

    • What I mean is he is a perfect guy for the spread and read option offense. He would fit perfect as a backup.