The EJ Manuel Diaries: Feeling Good About the Eagles

Quarterback EJ Manuel is doing a weekly diary here on Birds 24/7 as we count down to the draft. In this installment he writes about his visit to Philadelphia, and his emotions with the draft less than a week away.

What up Bird Gang!

Man, this feeling has been a long time coming. We are days away from the 2013 Draft and I feel like I’ve done so much to help myself. I made a few visits, which included a stop to Philly.

First off, the fact that there is a hotel connected to the airport is by far one of the most convenient things I’ve experienced in the past 3 months. Once I was settled in, we headed to dinner at Chicky Pete’s (sorry if I’m spelling it wrong guys) that first night. Of course, I had a Philly cheesesteak and these really good fries, which pretty much put me to sleep within the next hour.

Woke up bright and early to meet with the GM, asst. GM, owner, OC, Qb coach, head coach, and pretty much anyone else who had an office within the facility. I don’t want to give away too much, but I left the building feeling good about the Eagles taking me. The good thing is I’ve had the same feeling from every team I’ve met with. This is why I’m so proud of handling every meeting, every visit, every film session, every dinner as if my life depended on it.

I would love to become a Philadelphia Eagle, but if they decide to go a different route, I’m sure I’ll be getting a call soon after. The biggest thing I will do as the draft approaches is to enjoy the moment. You only get drafted once, and this is an extreme new beginning for not just me, but my family also.

Hope I’ll be writing you guys back soon, and it has been my pleasure giving you all insight on this process. Looking forward to seeing what happens draft day! God Bless!

EJ Manuel

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  • Token


  • theycallmerob

    Thanks for taking the time, EJ. Seem to be a stand-up kid. I wish you success in the league, unless it comes at the Eagles expense.

    • Richard Colton

      I watched him on Gruden. Seemed like a really cool kid. If Kelly & Co. see something in him that says “future franchise QB” I’m on board.

      Since it’s draft week, let me pose a few hypotheticals and tell me how you would react as a fan:

      A) EJ falls to #35 and the Eagles take him
      B) Birds like him more than Geno Smith, see something draft “experts” don’t – worry about Buffalo and NY and take him at #4
      C) Birds feel the only way to grab him is to move up into the bottom of round one, and the best price is #35 and #101.

      • Geagle

        colt, let me ask you a question: We draft EJ Manuel, and he doesn’t prove to be a franchise QB in year 1(very real possibility, whether from not getting playing time, or not showing promise with his playing time), you get to the 2014 draft, then what? Can we afford to still mortgage our draft to go get Teddy or Taj? Or do we have to take ourselves out of the round 1 QB hunt?

        • Token

          If they take EJ hes their QB unfortunately It would take them out of the running for next years crop of actual QBs. Because you would be taking EJ early in the 2nd, maybe even have to trade into the first. The Chip era will sink or swim with this kid.

          • Geagle

            But we can’t actually put EJ on the field as a rookie, can we?

          • cliff henny

            why not? kelly has history at oregon of incumbant qb, well liked and successfull in Bennett, getting beat out by upstart new guy in Marioti. open competition will be for draft picks too. dont think it’s lip service with kelly. way it was in oregon, he seems to be bringing that here. with all this said, rather see dysert in 4th, marioti or bridgewater in 14

          • Geagle

            definitely rather see Drysert. people bitch about him because his lack of big arm..he is Avery accurate intermediate passer, and having a Cannon and going down field all game is not how you you run a face paced offense. we need short, intermediate completions, no celebration, get to the line and get off the next play….Drysert, and even his college career remind me of a much more Mobile Nick Foles. I wouldn’t be surprised to see chip Like Drysert a lot more than EJ or Geno….

            No Love for Taj Boyd?

          • cliff henny

            live in SC, seen every game, have brother in law who has extremely close ties to clemson, taj is fools gold…i hate him as an eagle! he throws to 2 of the fastest wrs you’ll ever see in college together, beyond athletic TEs, and has times when you just scratch your head and wonder what the heck he saw. hes like geno, more of a product of offense and conference…he’s good, but not in bridgewater, manziel marioti discussions, not even remotely close.

          • Geagle

            Thanks for the intel…haven’t relly gotten around to him yet, oth than like two Clemson games that I just watched as a fan,not looking at prospects

            You guys should check out Drysert on Grudens Qb camp

          • Jason N.

            How about David Fales? I like him. If he keep getting better next year. And the Eagles get a bad enough record but miss out on Bridgewater. Maybe we can get Mariota or Fales.

          • JHawknole

            I live in Liberty and the Boyd hype is simply crazy. Dude should have left this past year. As good defenses continue to figure out Morris’s gimmick offense, Boyd’s #’s will suffer from an O that will have to press. Look for a pressure-filled letdown from Boyd, bank it.

          • Jason N.

            Matt Scott in 3rd or 4th? I like him the most if we HAVE to draft a QB.

          • Geagle

            prefer drysert to scott(rumor has it that Scott had a bad workout for us)…Drysert basically reminds me of a mobile Nick Foles(and Miami ohio team reminded me alot of what Foles had to work with at Zona)

          • Jason N.

            Hmm I wouldn’t mind Zac Drysert either. Him and Matt Scott is fine with me.

            To be honest IF we have to draft a QB I rather we spend a 4th-7th round pick on it. Or at most a 3rd..

            Not a 1st or 2nd.

            I have a much better feeling about next year.

            People who want Geno Smith or EJ Manuel never really take into consideration of how the 2014 draft class will turn out.

            They just get brainwash by the media and the hype after the combine of how good EJ Manuel is with his big frame and strong arm. And totally forget that the guy don’t read the defense that well and get panicky easily.

            The Eagles are rebuilding. We aren’t going to find every single pieces to our team in 1 draft. It’s going to take at least 2 years to rebuild.

          • Jason N.

            Yeah I Dom know about you guys. But I rather take a chance with Nick Foles this year, OR mortgage the house on any prospect in 2014 draft than Manuel or Geno Smith this year.

            Kelly should really consider if this year guys like Smith and Manuel are worth it that he’ll miss out on next year QB who is going to be at least the same if not better than this year draft.

            Come on this year QB class is not the worst but its pretty down there.

          • Geagle

            GM’s that has been asked about it(draft strategy), basically say that the 2014 draft class definitely is factored into thier draft plans for this year, hopefully Howie is no different

          • Token

            The above post was in response to you. Not sure what I was doing.

          • Jason N.

            I gotcha. Thank you. Lol you probably just click on responding to your message instead of mine.

          • Token

            Thats seems to be the common sense approach. But the Eagles never do that kind of thing. Maybe it will be different with CK.

            They are not winning anything this year. Throw Foles, Dixon or any other QB not named Vick out there for one season.

            Wait until next year and trade up for the right guy. There could be 2 or 3 QBs next year that are much better then Geno. EJ is a middle round project in most any other year. Hes like a Nick Foles type of prospect coming out. But this year he is getting way overhyped because of the crop thats coming out.

            Next year is when some real talent could be there. I dont care about trading first round picks away like the Skins did if it means getting a legit talent. I want Bridgewater as of now, think hes gonna be even better this season. But this jerked off system may prevent us from even looking at quality real QBs who throw from the pocket.

          • Jason N.

            Yeah I agree, I hope things will be different with Kelly, for as good as Andy Reid was at coaching (most of the time) he was horrible at drafting outside of picking good players in late round and sometimes get a hit on QB (Mcnabb)

            Yes, I think if we don’t draft a QB this year, or at least don’t spend a high pick on it. (Praying for that)

            Then next year IF unfortunately Foles doesn’t work out and Kelly fall in love with a guy like Bridgewater or David Fales or Mariota. Then if we are out of range, We should trade picks to get the QB we want.

            I mean why not right?? The Redkins did it and now they’re going to have the best QB they have in a really long time, and a franchise QB.

            If you love a prospect and you know he’s going to be great with your team, you do everything possible to get him like the Redkins did.

            My top prospect are Bridgwater, Mariota and David Fales in that order.

            Manziel still need to prove that his arm can grow stronger and more accurate, but he certainly step in the right direction last year, let hope he have another great year and declare.

            Manziel and Boyd and Logan Thomas are the next 3 on my list.

          • Geagle

            Exactly…I dont want to spend the 4th pick on Geno because he is a fraud…but if someone who we believe in(like Bridgewater), Id be literally willing to give up whatever it takes to get him. Id take Drysert late, if I had to take a QB…but if it were up to me, I wouldnt draft any of them,. not even a 7th rounder. Use your picks wisely, build this team the right way, because next year we need to prepare to mortgage our draft to go and get our Franchise guy…and Heck, there is always a chance Foles takes a drastic step forward this year and proves that he is a QB we want to build around. Im not ready to write that kid off. He impressed me last year, I really hope he beats out Vick for the day 1 starting spot

          • Jerry Pomroy

            Dude, everyone, it’s Zac Dysert, as in roll the “dice”. Not Drysert, as in it’s so dry out. If you’re gonna tout a player, at least get the name right geez. :)

            I see him being the sleeper QB in this years draft. When he got injured just before combine his name dropped off radar.

        • Richard Colton

          With any of my above scenarios, I don’t see how you don’t play him as a rookie. By taking him that high – you’ve made your choice. Unless Vick or Foles sets the world on fire with their play and the Eagles make a playoff run.

          Nightmare scenario – EJ gets taken high (somewhere north of pick #35) he plays well – better than Blaine Gabbert, not as great as Wilson or Kaepernick. Eagles pick high enough to grab a potential franchise QB in round one 2014. What do you do? Pick a QB in top three rounds three years in a row? It’s why I don’t think QB is a top 3 round pick this year.

          • Geagle

            Guys, going from reading half the field to reading the entire field, is not something we can just assume that everyone can grasp overnight…..It’s possible that he could have a decent rookie year I guess….I will say the Eagles would give him by far the best chance at rookie success because out of the bad teams that don’t have a QB, we have the offense already in place…But if this kid has to play a a rookie for like Oakland, Jax Cardinals…I would really really worry about him

          • Joe Jones

            Geagle, serious question, not trying to be a jerk but how many times are you gonna write this “reading half the field” stuff? First of all, its your opinion, not factual. I’m not gonna pretend that I am knowledgeable about the parameters and scope of the Florida State offense. You state your opinion so emphatically, how are you so sure of what he can and cant do?

            Dont you think its reasonable to assume that Chip Kelly, Pat Shurmur and Bill Lazor can determine if this is 1)true 2)something that they are confident they can correct, if it is in fact the case?

            I agree with your perception that learning to scan the whole field and go through progressions quickly is difficult and thus, why so many QBs struggle at the next level.

            Lastly, repeating something over and over again doesnt make it factual. At the end of the day, its simply your opinion, nothing more. Please dont take this as a personal attack…its not. You are a passionate fan and I read most of your post…dont agree with them all, but debate is fun…..Go Birds

          • Geagle

            What do you mean it’s not factual? it wasn’t a fact that Blaine GAbbert only was asked to read half the field in college? I made that up? Lol

          • Joe Jones

            Ok, you dont know the difference between fact and opinion, so…..guess that settles that. Thanks LOL

          • Geagle

            you do realize that I just heard it from EJ Manuel’s mouth? lol… He blatantly said he didnt have to go thru his 5 progressions at FSU, but says he likes it better, and thinks it will be easier for him…..hahahahaha
            “Ay Bey…..Shoot at the King, you best not miss!”

            so tuck your tail, and run along!

          • Joe Jones

            I guess its too difficult for you to differentiate between, “didnt have to” and “incapable of.” I imagine its a novel concept, but in the NFL, people like Chip Kelly, Pat Shurmur and Bill Lazor get paid to coach and teach.

            Now if you said, “he didnt operate out of a pro style offense, so I’m not comfortable that he is going to be able to learn to read the entire field…..” a reasonable person would say, “ok, valid concern.” Thats what makes evaluating prospects difficult, projecting…….

            But that requires an ability to think and communicate, so you are at a real disadvantage LOL.

            So you run along and dont come back. I will be sure to never respond to any of your thousands of posts here. Have a great day.

          • theycallmerob

            The great 24/7 mystery is over…guess we found out who your down-voter is

          • Geagle

            hahahahhaha….people are just miserable

          • planetx1971

            Don’t sweat it Joe.This guy truly is an opinionated ass that’s completely incapable of a debate. He’s a “there’s my opinion and everyone else is wrong” guys. Has a diva like ego. You were totally polite and this jerk just berated you. Type if fan that gives Eagles fans a bad name.

          • Joe Jones

            Yeah, thanks Thomas. I guess some people think if they type the same nonsense, over and over and over again… somehow becomes true. Why? “Because Geagle said so…..” Gotta love the internet.

            I think I tried to explain that every player has limitations in ability or experience and its up to the coach to determine what is correctable and what is not. But like you said, fallen on deaf ears.

          • planetx1971

            Deaf ears is right man. You even took the time to compliment this guy in your response. Unreal. Anyway enough of the negative right? Super psyched about the birds and that feels AWESOME.Got a favorite for rounds 1 and 2 in the draft??

          • Joe Jones

            I want defense in the first round(Jordan, Mingo, Star) and OL in the 2nd(Long, Pugh, Armstead)…..I have no idea which of those guys suits us best, but I trust that Chip and Howie do. So excited to see what we do.

            If Dion Jordan isnt there at 4, I hope we trade down and pick up an extra 3rd. Kenny Phillips has a bad knee, only signed a one yr deal, for essentially no money, so they arent relying on him for much. A young safety would be great, Swearinger or Reid(dont think he lasts til the 3rd). And a young TE to add to the mix. as I see Casey and Harbor as both H-back types.

            I’m just excited to see what they’re gonna do. We have a great opportunity with a top 5 pick….gotta get it right. Go Birds!!

          • planetx1971

            I’d REALLY like to add something to that but it really mirrors my my wishes for our picks. DEFINITELY hope we go defense first as well. Im absolutely excited (and a tiny bit nervous I’ll admit) for this one. Just hoping it turns out well for Chip’s first! Go iggles!!

          • Richard Colton

            Hey Joe. I see it a little differently. We both want a star in round one. I’m willing to go offense or defense, as long as they get the pick right. I’m a little more nervous about moving down past 10, because the odds of getting an impact player are reduced.

          • Joe Jones

            Cant argue with your logic. I really like Mingo, think he has “it.” So, I quietly hope he’s our guy, cause I think he’s a guy who should be available in a reasonable trade down scenario.

            I’ve read in several places, rumors/speculation about Miami wanting to trade up for one of the tackles. They have plenty of extra picks, Jonathan Martin had an audition at LT last yr when Jake Long got hurt and it didnt go very well. Would you move down to 12 if the compensation was an extra 2nd and 3rd? Gives us 12 and 2 2nds and 2 3rds.

            Who are the top 13? Joeckel, Fisher, Johnson, Warmack, Cooper, Star, Jordan, Ansah, MIngo, Floyd, Millner, Smith, Austin?? Just a guess, subject to debate…..but one of those guys should be there. No, they dont all fit or make sense.

            My ideal trade down scenario is AZ or Buff and get an extra 3rd and 6th? But I agree with you, getting an impact player is imperative. 6 more days…cant wait!!

          • Richard Colton

            If we do trade down to 10-12 range – Mingo is a guy I like. I wouldn’t take him any higher, certainly not at #4, but yeah – interesting prospect.

            Would I trade 4 for 12 & 42? No. But only because I think your odds of adding an impact player at 4 is better than 12 + 42. 12 /42/60? You’re making it harder to say no. Just as an aside – Miami may trade one of their twos to KC for Albert. So that would take care of their pressing OT need.

          • Jason N.

            In my opinion, Eric Fisher in the 1st and Jesse Williams in the 2nd would be amazing.

            Not sexy picks but practical. If Williams doesn’t fall to 2nd then I like John Hankins or Sly Williams.

            Or Cyprien if he fall to us.

          • Geagle

            backhanded compliments are not welcome here…and saying “I dont mean to sound like a jerk” doesnt give you a free pass. Since, I have never seen either of your names before, I doubt I started talking shit to either of you for no reason…

          • Geagle

            same nonsense what? I provided a link with EJ directly saying what you jumped down my throat for, for no damn reason…yet you are still talking shit and think you are right? haahahahahahahah…who else do you need to hear it from? hearing it from EJ himself wasnt good enough for you? lol…If you dont like the way I respond, then maybe you should adress me next time without talking shit, and then I will respond to you with the same respect I treat every other Eagles fan with

          • Joe Jones

            “Jumped down your throat?” Thats funny……. I’m not gonna waste another second on you. You got the last word..congrats……..Message Board King…you da man. LMAO

          • theycallmerob

            thanks for sharing, though the irony of your post is….ironic

          • Geagle

            hahahah totally polite? really? in my experience, when you start your comment off with “not trying to sound like a jerk”, you typically end up sounding like a jerk…and since Im able to post a million times a day without disrespecting a fellow Eagles fan for no reason, you are out your damn mind if you think Im just going to take a backhanded slap and say thank you….who the hell are you? like I have never even seen your name before, and you are that obssessed with my posts? If you keep my name out of yours, I probably wouldnt even notice you lol….To each his own, I prefer talking football, not petty BS with the likes of you…have a blessed day. Go birds

          • Jason N.

            Technically we wouldn’t give him the best chance to succeed. He’s not a QB that can start from day 1 and be good, Geno got a better chance from day 1 and do well.

            Manuel is better sitting behind someone for a year or two. And that’s why places like 49’ers would be a better place for him.

          • Geagle

            did you get your oppinion from one of my posts? lol

          • Jason N.

            Your 49er’s thing? Yes, he can sit behind Kap.

            But the rest no.

            If we draft him that high he better start day 1. Otherwise someone else should draft him. We got too many needs to fill.

          • Geagle

            Exactly…we can’t pick a qb 3yeard in a row in the first 3 rounds. I wouldn’t touch a qb this year…but if we took Drysert in the 4th, I don’t think that would stop us from going after another one next year…but you can’t take EJ in round 2, and then go draft another QB next year

          • Jason N.

            Yeah, drafting a QB in the top 3 round every year hoping we’ll strike gold is the worst way to draft. We miss out on so many great prospect because of that stupid technique.

            The Eagles should find a QB prospect they really love. Not like. LOVE. And get him in 1 year and stick with him.

            Like the Jaguars did. Now the Jaguars got really bad luck and keep drafting the wrong guy, but their strategy allow them to stick with a QB for at least 2 years to find out if he’s worth it or not. We just got Foles. It’s too early to give up on him.

            If he still suck by the end of the season. Then drafting a high QB next year would be more acceptable.

          • Jason N.

            Exactly, if we pick Manuel that high. Especially if we have to trade up to him. And he’s not starting or if he is starting and he completely suck. Lots of people are going to be calling for Kelly’s head.

            From what I’ve seen from Manuel, he get incredibly nervous when a defender get close to him and his accuracy and technique drop fast. If that happen in the NFC East against JPP and Ware twice a year. Not to mention we play against Suh and Chicago Bears defense this year.

            God I hope we don’t draft Manuel..

      • Geagle

        geez man….it’s already a rainy Friday, and these are the scenarios you want me to think about? Lol thanks a lot Colt….what did I ever do to you? Lol

      • theycallmerob

        Well…of those 3, I guess (a) if kelly et al. feel he is their prospect. I dont want to give up picks for any player; if anything, I’d like more for this draft

      • Geagle

        A…but why cant i find a link to the QB camp with him? I saw glennon, geno, landry, barkley.
        I do like that EJ visited the Eagles after Geno, Could see his personality and skills helping us forget all about Geno…
        .Im going to say something crazy, but look out for it…..Dion is off the board, Eagles trade all the way back to like 15 and draft EJ Manuel in the first round. Im not asking for it, just something that doesnt get talked about, which could be a real possibility. I would much rather have EJ than Geno…and drafting EJ while getting an extra 2nd, 3rd, instead of Geno at #4….Is something that even an EJ skeptic such as myself could get on board with

        • Richard Colton

          I can see them doing that as well. Like you said, if you like him that much, why roll the dice? If you’re tepid, why even consider him with pick 1 or 2?

        • cliff henny

          package minnesota or rams first pick and load up on their 2-5 rounders. i’m on-board with manuel as long he’s 1 of 8 or 10 picks in top 150. dont think he’ll make it to 35, not with SF picking twice at 31 and 34, he is perfect backup for them

          • Geagle

            yup. NO shot really of him making it to 35…like you said, if we are picking 8-10 times in the top 150, Id be on board

      • Jason N.

        I agree with the guy bellow. This draft is not a draft to be giving away picks. The later rounds are the best. I think we should stick the with picks we have.

        Plus I’m not crazy about Manuel. He’s 3rd round prospect, a project who is going borderline 1st round.

        I mean if Kelly see that he will work out and want him then I guess he should draft him in the 2nd. But if not, he should not be drafting for a QB just cause he can.

        Because if its come and bite him in the butt like Jarrett did with Andy Reid. This new relationship with the Eagles and Chip Kelly is going to start out ugly.

        There are safer picks in the 2nd like Matt Elam, Jonathan Hankins and Jesse Williams who might fall to the 2nd round that I’m pretty high on.

        Provide we got Eric Fisher in the 1st.

        I like Matt Scott at 3rd or 4th better. Good athlete as Manuel, but doesn’t get as nervous as him, even if he is more raw as a thrower than Manuel.

        Matt Scott is the only QB that ill be okay with the Eagles drafting. Caus 3rd and 4th round, that’s when you can draft a project. Not 2nd.

      • hokieduck

        I just don’t see Chip going for a QB from this year’s prospects. He has Vick and Foles and Dixon and a first year in the league honeymoon period to change the culture (already happening), show progress (not too hard?) and establish his schemes and learn the league a bit.

        The QB by committee (if there are injuries) or a terrific year for Vick will be just perfect. Make this draft about cementing a terrific offensive line, maybe defensive line too. That is the strength of this class. Get your franchise QB next year when Manziel, maybe Mariota and Teddy Bridgewater come out.

  • jamesbondage

    talkers don’t impress me.

    • cliff henny

      just an excited young man, documenting an opportunity of a lifetime. cant blame him. he’s actually accounting well for himself in the entries i’ve read. seems very likable, serious and responsible. this has more to do with his age group being comfortable and used to these personal media platforms. it’s not going away

      • Geagle

        yeah, I actually appreciate the blogs, and the way he carries himself. from everything I hear, very like able, has all the intangibles…but so does Foles, so that’s not enough for me to want to trade up from 35 to go get a project of a QB. How many QBs have really had instant NFL success, after only reading half the Field in college? With what’s going to be available in the 2014 draft, and possible development of Foles, I’m sorry, but I can’t see how taking a project QB at 35 makes sense to me, and then when you start talking about trading extra picks to go get him, sorry, but HELL TO THE NO!!!

      • Jason N.

        I’m sure I’m just paranoid. I don’t mean this in any way as to dissing Manuel. But god the way he keep talking “I think Philly would love me and I would do well in the system” etc. etc.

        Remind me a lot of Vince Young or TO.

        Guys who talk a lot.. God I hope for his sake he won’t develop a diva complex.

        Especially at such a young age, and might not even be a starting QB.

        We already got a semi-diva in Desean Jackson. :3 it would be a headache to deal with a potential of another one.

        But that’s just my opinion, I might be wrong about the kid.

        • cliff henny

          my only question is, have you read every blog, or just the ones eagle sites post? naturally, ones posted will be about philly. i get no ‘diva’ from him. kid’s talking about fries and hotel rooms and acting like a professional in every minute of his day, stating he’s taking every meeting with full focus. skill wise, not sure about kid, but everything else seems like we could do alot worse.

          • Jason N.

            Eh I’m not saying he will turn out just like Vince Young and TO, but there’s always a chance with any players.

            But you’re right, we could do worst than him, though I rather not have him. He’s seem like a nice kid and in any other draft I think I would be okay with taking him in the 4th but he’s borderline 1st rounder and that’s just banana to take him anywhere that high unless Chip Kelly can see th future and know this kid will be the next black QB to win the Super Bowl.

  • Geagle

    It just doesn’t strike me as the Eagles style to tip anyone off about anything. When I hear someone say they have inside info about a team wanting a prospect, or a kid like Lane and EJ saying they feel good about the Eagles….I feel more inclined to cross those names off our list, than to move them ahead on our list

  • cliff henny

    sure he does want to be an Eagle. guy is pretty much pigeon-holed as a spread qb. his choices right now are back-up at SF, SEA, guess WASH but thats longshot at best or fight for starter in Philly. any other team he’s couple year project till he might become typical nfl pocket qb.

    • Geagle

      if the kid was smart and took an honest look in the mIrror, he should be hoping to go to a team like the Cowboys or Giants, where he could sit and learn for 4years and then take over when Eli and Romo are ready to move on. Of course, kids don’t see it that way. They want to play NOW, which I understand…but for a Kid who has only read half the field in college, his best shot at NFL success is sitting for a few years. like everything thier is always an anomaly…but sometimes If you get thrown in at the wrong situation, too early, it ruins you and you are never able to recover as a prospect, which is why Foles impressed me so damn much last year. I don’t care about any of his great throws, or any of his bad throws….the way he handled himself in that dysfunctional sinking ship was so damn impressive to see out of a 3rd round rookie. People should not UNDERVALUE that. ME THINKS that if a guy that gets rattled like Geno Smith, was in Foles shoes last year, it would have gotten really really bad. LIke after two games, please pull this kid before he can never recover type of BAD!!!…had Foles not gotten hurt, thier is a decent shot we beat the playoff bound DEADskins that day, and we would have had no hesitation having Foles finish out the season…and that shouldnt be understated. because, there is a good chance, in Foles shoes, Geno would not have been able to let finish off that year. It could have been really bad…Like Imagine Blaine Gabbert in Foles shoes last year? Could he really have Been left in to finish the season for us? I’m nt so sure…

      • cliff henny

        sure, i agree with most of what you state, but you are flipping the discussion from Manuel’s viewpoint to eagle’s viewpoint. if the eagle’s take him in the 2nd, its cause they see him as a viable option. just as you have often used the same agruement on jordan, if he’s available at 4, and Kelly passes over him, you’ll understand that kelly has inside info and feel it’s the right move. i dont think anyone wants anything to do with geno due to the costs associated in getting geno. if he fell to 2nd, where he belongs, different story, but senseless arguement, cause he wont get out of top 10.

        • Geagle

          The 2014 QBs available is what really skews my view point…but, every NFL team has thier eye on 2014, and factor it into all thier decisions, which is why you hear experts say that GMs will be stingy with thier 2014 picks…..

          • cliff henny

            why im pushing for max picks this year, cause with any success we’ll need to leverage 50% of draft to move up. i watched alot of the 4 or 5 loss teams last yr, mean they were just horrible and healthy, we were horrible and hurt. think with any health, we’ll be 6-8 wins, so it’s going to cost a good amount. but, if we carry alot of cap, use free agency to fill in holes. these 2 off seasons have to worked as a whole. it’s not 1 yr fix.

          • Geagle

            Exactly man….we have to use his draft to hit and fill as many holes as possible, so we can put the finishing touches in FA, and then give up whatever we have to give up, to the team that just invested in Geno, to move up and go get ur QB in the 2014 draft

          • Dominik

            Love that strategy!

  • Adam

    These diaries are gonna get pretty awkward after he gets drafted by another team..

    • Geagle


  • Joe Jones

    Best of luck next week EJ. Thanks again for taking the time to share your experiences with us. As I’m sure you can see, Eagles fans are passionate and opinionated. We appreciate your honesty and enthusiasm about wanting to play here. I think its very cool that are willing to speak your mind about wanting to play here. You could have taken the politically correct stance of “whatever team drafts me” bs…..but we know in life, everyone has preferences, especially about something as important as where you wanna work and where you wanna live….so thanks for being honest.

    I hope you go to the team that gives you the best chance for success, if you’d be most successful in Philadelphia, I guess that would mean a great career and a Super Bowl ring. And thats the only thing that really matters. We want a Super Bowl win……nothing less!!! Go Birds.

    • Jason N.

      I agree, he sound like a nice guy and I hope he got a good career wherever he go, even if it is here in Philly. But if Kelly doesn’t think he’s worth it then don’t get too sad Manuel. I think San Francisco is nice this time of year.

  • JofreyRice

    Yikes, don’t think EJ Manuel will be having cheesesteaks and fries if he’s an Eagle–or he’ll have to explain it to the collector that downloads the data from the nutrient monitor Kelly’s having installed in everyone’s esophagus. Actually, I think even going into a place that sells alcohol like Chickie’s and Pete’s might result in a negative report from one of the team’s cutting edge decorum auditors.

    • Johnny Domino

      I believe he had to pay Pete to even mention the fries.
      A little surprised he didn’t detail the foot massage he got from Spadaro.

  • Geagle

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him drafted much higher than we all think

    • cliff henny

      agreed. geno will go top 10, i bet EJ will go top 20. learned to never underestimate the stupidity of qb desperate teams

      • Geagle

        Yeah top 20 seems right

        • Jason N.

          Oh lord. I could see the Rams drafting Manuel.. They do have a second 1st round pick.

          He’ll be sitting behind Bradford for another year or two.

          Or if the 49’ers want him. I can see him sitting behind Kap.

          I know Manuel is a “I want to play now” kid. But he really should sit and learn. It would be more helpful to his development.

  • Geagle

    Ok, here is how EJ(straight from his mouth adresses the issue about reading defenses)…He says he looks forward to the NFL style where no matter what the defense is, you go thru your 5 progressions…”at Florida state I had to read the defense first, and that based off what side of the field we were going to work to”…He says that, the NFL way is probably easier for him, because its just muscle memory, going through the motions….
    A panel of 4 journalist pinned him down, asking him if he could go to one team, who would it be…One of the journalist cracked a joke about KC since they are the first pick in the draft, and EJ laughed, but after that he said it would have to be the EAGLES. His dads been an eagles fan…. The one thing that pisses me off about hearing Geno and EJ talk, is they both act like Josh Freeman is some great QB they hope to be like…If you get drafted by Philly, YOU BETTER BE MORE than Josh Freeman! lol…Gruden compared him to Culpepper.

    The link:

    the formula is simple:
    Without knowing what you have in Foles yet, would you use your 2nd and maybe 3rd round picks to go get Manuel…….OR would you rather fill needs in this draft, and mortgage probably significantly more than a 2nd and 3rounder to get a guy during the 2014 QB feeding Frenzy?

    • Token

      Yep the nfl will be easier….. muscle memory….just going through the motions…

      Jesus….. Please stay away from this QB class.

      • cliff henny

        think you are reading too much into it. he means that he’ll be professional with lot more practice reps. if manuel falls to us at 35, i’m onboard. dont like waiting a yr (barkley leinertsure others) and if anyone knows whether manuel vs ’14 is right for eagles, it’s kelly. guy was 4 for 4 at oregon. just something to his system that helps qbs succeed. why he’s coaching the eagles and i’m fielding the same bs sales calls i have for 17 yrs, lol

        • Token

          Its college vs pro. People have to stop with the assumption that because Kelly did this or that in college it will be fine in the NFL. The NFL is 10x more QB dependent. Defenses are much better than what Kelly faced 98% of the time at Oregon.

          • cliff henny

            reason he got hired is cause he did such a great job in college, so i’ll assume he can adjust, since he knows he does need to tweek his system. if we cant assume he’s going to be great in pro’s, than it was an awful coaching choice. he will also have players that are 98% better than he had in college.

          • BrickSquadMonopoly

            i think ur gonna be surprised to see some of these nfl defenses lookin like college players tryna keep up with this high tempo…watch how desean and shady get utilized its going to be very confusing

  • Joe


  • jaran riley

    Hopefully this can be Chips guy.

  • Jason N.

    I think for people that want Geno or EJ.

    Idk about you guys. But I was mightily impressed with Foles last year.

    If you look at the way he play. Not his production or his stat.

    He play with a chip on his shoulder being a 3rd round pick and all. Plus when you look at him, he played tall and confident, he take hits and try to extend time despite being really slow to make sure his target get open.

    He got thrust into the starting QB position when like a quarter of the team got injured and he worked hard with what he got.

    At many points in the season he didn’t have Jackson, McCoy or any of his offensive lineman.

    I was watching a game and I was like omg.. He’s making Riley Cooper look at least pretty good despite being our 4th WR.

    I think considering everything unless the Eagles front office think that Manuel or any other QB in this draft is someone they absolutely love and think that can be our future.

    Foles deserve another full year with a healthy team, and new coaches to prove himself. He showed a lot of promises last year.

    So wait for another year, to draft a QB that high. We can’t be drafting a QB every year until we hit gold… We’ll miss out on so many good prospects. Especially if we have to reach for guys like Manuel in the 1st??

    Let teams like the Rams or 49’ers do it. They got more picks and can afford to do so. At least they got at least a stable starting QB.

  • JBreeze3878

    I have been saying all along I would love to see the Birds take EJ Manuel with 2nd round pick.

  • JHawknole

    Kelly runs a very similar playback as Jimbo does, just more uptempo. Manuel and Kelly also have a relationship going back to the recruiting process in which Manuel implied if Oregon had only been on the East Coast. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t suit up in Eagle colors. Unless of course someone else swallows him up. Don’t forget also, not only can he run multiple Pro-Style offsenses, he’s the best lead option QB in the draft.