Vick: We’ve Done A Lot Of Read Option

If there was any doubt that the read option was coming to Philly, Michael Vick erased it Wednesday.

“We’ve done a lot of read option,” said Vick. “It’s part of what we do. I’ve been working very hard in the weight room, and all the quarterbacks have as well. We’re trying to make sure we’re physically ready for whatever needs to be done in this offense.”

And so we know that the option game is being implemented. And we also know that Nick Foles is splitting first-team reps with Vick in what Chip Kelly describes as a wide-open quarterback competition. How does that work?

“I mean, Nick can run. Everybody got two legs,” said Vick, drawing laughs. ” He can do it, man. We all can do it, and that’s why we’re all here.”

But it was Foles who admitted at the end of last season that he is not cut out for a read-option system. Kelly has stated that he will cater the offense to the strengths of his players. It will be interesting to see if the read-option is the the foundation of this offense, or simply an element of it that can be taken out at any time.

Vick, for one, is a fan of what is being installed in the team’s first minicamp under the former Oregon coach.

“I felt like I made a big jump from yesterday to today,” he said. “Actually going out there and practicing and seeing it against different defenses. I was very accurate today, guys running wide open and I think that’s the system. But I was able to make some tight throws, and I feel like the learning curve for me in this system is coming along.”

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  • NickyPizzas

    I haven’t been this excited for a mini camp and for training camp in, well, probably the beginning of the Reid era. I like Coach Kelly’s attitude, I like the clips coming from the team, it is very refreshing. I don’t recall this type of attitude in many years. I know it is way early, but I need something to get excited about!

  • Septhinox

    When RG3 went down, did anyone think the world would change because Kirk Cousins had to start? Good coaches are flexible in their playbook. People are so caught up in Andy Reid’s one dimensional offenses, they forget other coaches can adjust.

    • theycallmerob

      Preach it from the mountaintop. This all or nothing, defined positions mentality will fade as the fans and media become acclimated to his style

    • GGeagle

      yeah its crazy to think Chip would scrap a good pocket passer because he cant run. I dont know If foles will be a good pocket passer or not, but there is no way I can be convinced that lack of speed at QB is a deal breaker…If you are capable of moving the ball, and putting up points, NO Coach will ever care about how you get it done. They will just put you in a position to keep getting it done.

      The point of the read option isnt because seeing a QB run is fun and exciting. Its just another tool to try and move the ball. If Foles can move the ball from the pocket, better than Vick can move the ball with the Read option, does anyone actually think that Chip would choose Vick?

      Chip will put Vick in the best position to move the ball, and then he will do the same with Foles..Whoever has more success, wins the job.

      • Warhound

        Gotta figure that picks will be a decisive factor.

        • Geagle

          definitely..and even if Vick is named the starter, FUMBLES could change things really fast with chip at the helm..QBs don’t get hit in practice, so that’s an element of Vick chip won’t get to see until the preseason. If Vick starts the regular season and turns the ball over the way he did in the first 3 games of this past season, he won’t see a 4th game as a starter. Chip will not just ride with it the way Andy did, especially having no contractual ties to Vick…lI still don’t see the point in giving the job to the player incapable of playing 16 games? It just takes snaps away from the guy that will inevitably have to play.

          • Lee Washington

            Makes as much sense as writing about a guy who won’t be here after Draft Day,,,,, Who will inevitably be gone,,,,,

    • Lee Washington

      Amen sir,, as a matter of fact Andy’s downfall was his inability to adjust.
      Be it year to year, game to game or play to play. He and Marty were for years stuck on stupid.

  • GGeagle

    Lane Johnson says he thinks the Eagles might pick him at #4

    Every prospect is talking about the Eagles…yet the prospect you would expect to talk about the Eagles the most, hasnt said a word….Very interested to see what comes out of Dion Jordans mouth the next 7 days…8 days left boys!

    • Richard Colton

      Crazy thing is – he could be a top five pick and still be the third OT drafted. Unreal. Just think, towards the end of the college/NFL season, when we were starting to guess who the Eagles would take with their high pick – the first two names associated with the Eagles were Luke Joeckal and Mantei Te’o.
      BTW – did you pick a date for the 24/7 fan mock yet G?

    • cliff henny

      GG, assuming jordan is still available at 4, and johnson is only tackle left they’re trading up to get, how far could we drop and still get dion?

      • Geagle

        I would say, everyone start getting them into me on Monday..Tim and Sheil haven’t instructed us…I frequent this site enough leading up to the draft, that you can just post it under one of my post in a recent head starting Monday, and I will start recording them..I will leave it open for two days, so after Tuesday I won’t record any new entries

        • Richard Colton

          Deal. And what did you say, top ten?

          • Geagle

            Mock the entire 1st round….and then give me ten names that you feel have the best chances to be drafted by the Eagles, as a tie breaker….

          • Geagle

            you guys can give me your entries anytime starting now…jUst post it under one of my recent posts, and make sure I reply with your name and CONFIRMED, underneath it….Tuesday is the last day I’m taking entries, because I will probably be a maniac next weds.

          • Geagle

            Wait Tho….in fairness, someone has to record my entry, or I can just claim that I won lol

      • Geagle

        I wouldn’t risk it past 5. If Cleveland stays at 6, Dion is a heckuva weapon to add to Daqwell Jackson, under Ray Horton..If Jordan is there at 4, and we are in love with him, I don’t think they can risk trading back more than 1 spot…If they like him, but no more than they like Star and Floyd, and they are both on the board, then they can probably trade back to like 9 and still be almost GUARENTEED to find one of the 3 on the board.

    • thefadd

      Jordan’s still hoping to go #1. If he falls to #4, he’ll be disappointed.

      • Geagle

        As he should be saying! No Top pick should ever say publicly that he wants to be drafted anywhere but number 1……oF course, it would be pretty awesome to see him try to Eli Manning, strong arm his way out of being drafted by Jaxs or Oakland…..We would love him forever if he passed up the chance to go two or three and fight his way into playing for Philly. he would be a draft day GOD in Philly as opposed to McNabb..

        I think it’s dumb when I see a top talent like Chance, proclaim publicly that he wants to be the 10th pick in the draft to play for the titans

        • nicksaenz1

          he just knows that as a guard he’s not going to go as high as all of the tackles and the Dions/Ziggys of the world

  • GGeagle

    I would give anything to see how Foles is moving in the read option

  • Man Vick looks in great shape

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      This boy DIESEL he put on like 15lbs muscle

    • cliff henny

      shoulders and bi’s arent the issue with him, ribs and 5 inches b/t ears i’m worried about. but, yeah, he does look yoked

  • JofreyRice

    Of course they have!

  • Geagle

    Walterfootball updates their 5round mock every Wednesday..the most recent is interesting, but scary:
    1) Geno Smith (Dion went to Jax)
    2) Justin Pugh RT/RG
    3) Gavin Escobar TE
    4)Marquis Goodwin WR
    5)Brandon McGee CB

    While this would give us a scary offense(even tho Geno is a complete waste of a pick)…According to this mock, our 5tec will be disputed between Antonio Dixon, Clinton Gaethers, and at best a 6th round pick…and we wouldn’t have a single OLb that can cover…What a nightmare this would be!!!

    • cliff henny

      what’s worse is check out kiper’s article on espn. what he would consider A draft grade for us. think it’s fisher at 4, than package this and next yrs 2nd and trade up to 25 and take geno.

      • Geagle

        Hahahahahahaha. That’s awesome. And that’s coming from the guy who started the entire mock industry lol. Classic! I don’t know why I do it, why do I keep looking at these Mocks? they never change my oppinion, and all they do is either piss me off, or make me laugh…yet, like some Drug, I can’t resist looking at them…

        When you really think about the process, it’s borderline insanity lol…we have a million “experts” and media guys who all, live and sleep this process, giving us their mocks after a ton of research…yet this entire industry is based on What inside sources tell them…Yet 99% of what inside sources tell you is just BS meant to create confusion…Its the biggest Bullshit industry in the world….

        I mean the man that started it, who dedicates his life to it year round Kiper, can’t even tell you anything credible. I mean he will tell you himself, that you can’t even try to hold yourself accountable for who you pick to get drafted at what spot..Instead you should just judge yourself on the number of players that you can guess landing in the right round…That’s how big of a crap shoot this is, and how off we really all are…We all know it, yet we all go crazy over it…it’s nuts when you think about it…That’s how dominant the sporty of football is in The U.S of A(in my borat voice)

    • Dominik

      What about Safety? TE, in my opinion, is just a nice pickup, no real need (like Manuel in the 2nd). I think we need (!) help at the O-Line, 5 tec., Safety and Corner.

      Corner you can probably find in later rounds, maybe the 5 tec too. But O-Line and Safety needs to be adressed early.

      I really like the Phillips signing, when healthy, he’s a very solid Safety. But the heath isn’t a small question mark with him.

      I watched many games of the Patriots and didn’t like Chung at all. I think Chung, Allen and Coleman should battle out one roster spot, since Anderson probably will take one backup spot because of his special teams abilities. But we need, in my opinion, one more starter at safety. We should get this player in the 2nd or 3rd round, but I would pick a Safety before I would pick a TE in any case.

      And, although it’s a little off-topic: is Geagle and GGEagle the same user? Sorry, guys, but I don’t get it. Both love Dion Jordan and the names are… quite similar. :)

      • Geagle

        man, you are preaching to the choir. if it were up to me, I would draft a RG, and TE, and the other 7 picks for the defense…

        the only thing I disagree with is, that Safety is even deeper than Corner. some experts call this the deepest safety class of all time. there are players that I think will fall to round 7, who I could see being this years rIchard Sherman type late round steal..I’m pretty sure a safety will be drafted, I just don’t think it will happen in round 2. if Cyprien fell to us at 35, yeah I could see that…but I don’t see anyone in round 2, that will be so much better than what you can find in round 3….There will be some really good safeties in round 5, the kid from Nevada..Rontez Miles..TJ McDonald could fall. I think seeing us take a safety in round 2 is a long shot..however, I think if I guy they like, for example Swearinger(I don’t know that they like him. But he reminds me of a young Dashon Goldson who was drafted by Gamble)..If we falls somewhere that they didn’t expect him to fall(rd3 I guess), I could see them taking him. but the safety would have the clear cut best player available for us to draft him in round 2 or 3…that’s my guess…I see our safeties and corners coming from rounds 4-7

        • Dominik

          Then I think I will trust you and the experts on this one. I really don’t care if we draft a Safety in the 2nd or the 5th round. I don’t expect a Polamalu kind of player, but the Safety we pick should be able to start on Day 1 and improve the Secondary significantly (which should’t be too hard to accomplish :D). If we’re able to pick this kind of player in Round 4, 5 or 6, because the Safety class is deep – no problem with me. I just don’t want to have another season with two safetys who doesn’t get the job done.

          And if Phillips gets injured, I think this could be the case with the roster we have right now.

          I have to say: I’m only a Football fan since the 2010 season, so I’m a after-Dawkins Eagles Fan, if you will. I never saw good Safety play since I’m an Eagles Fan. I hope that changes this season. ;)

          I hate to bring this up again, but you did’nt answer my question ;): “is Geagle and GGEagle the same user? Sorry, guys, but I don’t get it.”

  • Vick looks great. Good mentality, he’s confident he’s the guy. Nothing wrong with that. If he can learn to read the end and let the running backs take the hits rather than him, he can minimize his weaknesses and become a good game manager for us this season.

  • Read option? Vick can’t read his daughters coloring book.