Cole: I Played Through Snapped Bone, Tendon In Hand

Word got out this offseason that Trent Cole had been dealing with a right hand injury for over a year, and had surgery to address the issue. He filled in some blanks while talking to the media on Wednesday.

“It was an injury I actually had — two years ago it happened to me,” said Cole. “But I kept playing with it and finally it snapped in half and I had to get some surgery. I played through the season with it.”

Snapped what, a tendon?

“I tore tendons and everything. I snapped a bone and a tendon, right at the joint. The surgery went fine to help me get some movement in my hand and go from there.”

The veteran noted that he has played through plenty of injuries that were never made public, and didn’t cite the hand ailment as the lone cause for his down season. He said there were a multitude of reasons for “the first bad year” that he had ever had.

“I’ll straight up tell you I had a bad year,” said Cole. “And it’s not going to happen again.”

Cole appears healthy, and is also leaner. His normal playing weight is around 270, but said he is now close to his goal of 260 pounds. Is that a sign that he is moving to outside linebacker? He said that he is dropping into coverage some and “trying different things.” It sounds like they are very much in the experimental period, as Chip Kelly has suggested.

“We don’t know where we’re going to be at right now,” said Cole.

He did make the point that, in his opinion, a stand-up rusher has a big jump on his opponent compared to one with his hand in the dirt. Perhaps that’s a hint worth taking note of.

There is a big transition underway at NovaCare, especially for guys like Cole who are dealing with not just a coaching change but a potential position change as well. But the 30-year-old sounded energized. And he is not buying into the idea that he is a player in decline.

“Come on now. I’m not done yet,” said Cole. “I got some years in me, and I look forward to having some great years here coming up.”

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  • Geagle

    Great to hear!!! but I worried more about his legs last year, than his hands. In fairness, it’s very difficult to battle 300lb men with 1 arm…I wish I could paste a pic of my hideous Former lineman Hands lol my pinky is grotesque

    • cliff henny

      is this brian baldinger?

      • Geagle

        oh no…My hands might be worse than his. Torry Holts hands are disgusting.

        • Geagle

          But a lot of it was also from basketball. I can’t tell you how many times, a basketball has hit one of my fingers directly, and bent it in a direction that it’s not supposed to bend. My pinky was the first time, so I was afraid to fix it myself…but after that, everytime it happened to other fingers, I would look away, but push it back into place….The only one I had to go to the hospital, was two years ago, while I was living in Rome, my young teenage cousins were going to play soccer, and wanted to get the old American to play…so they put me in as goalie(never been goalie in any spot in my entire life), some little Guido, Fired something Visceous at me, and the ball hit my thumb dead on, not only crushing the joint backwards, but also bending it sideways. I had no business playing soccer lol. it was grotesque. thanks to free Italian healthcare, I honestly can’t even remember which hand that happened to.

        • nicksaenz1

          Donald Drive has some jacked up lookin’ hands too

          • Geagle

            Haven’t seen his…I’m sure most NFL players hands are destroyed

  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    I like the fact that hes manning up taking responsibility “its not going to happen again”. His lil nephew Norris Cole doin big things with the Heat hes steppin up in a major way. This DNA certainly aint lacking in heart.

    • Geagle

      Yeah man, while I’m skeptical about Cole’s Future after the down year, and ow scheme changes….would anyone really be shocked to see a LION like him, return to form and do some damage? Not me. Then again, I also wouldn’t be surprised to see us eat 5mil trading him for a 5th round pick…so, I don’t really know what to think about Cole and Graham(contract year makes it tricky)….If we look at next season’s free agency(I haven’t looked yet), if there are not a lot o players we want to go after, maybe they don’t worry about trading Maclin or Graham, because if those two leave in free agency, and we don’t sign anything comparable…they would probably bring us back some nice compensatory picks

  • I’d love to see Trent come back and be a force. Even if it’s just situational, he’s been through a lot here in Philly but no one could ever question his dedication and heart. He’s a Philly guy through and through.

    • EaglesHero87

      I definitely agree. Cole is one of my favorite Eagles players, and I cringe everytime I see people comment about trading him…for good reason, understandably so, but at the end of the day, I hope he stays and retires as an Eagle.

      • Kushan Patel

        I have his jersey in Kelly green. This would be a dream come true.

        • Geagle

          damn, that’s a dope jersey. don’t think I have ever seen a Kelly green Cole jersey

  • Mostel

    All of this after the fact injury disclose is pure 100% BS. If you’re hurt, miss time. If you’re not missing time, I don’t want to here excuses about why your production is off.

    • bsn

      During the season it was reported that he had a hand injury. It’s just that nobody knew to what extent.

  • Run Eagles Run

    hmm… where are all of the people who were calling cole heartless? should have been cut? cowards.

    • Geagle

      Hahaha not exactly sure why you would puff your chest out and talk trash? Feel good?
      let me be BLUNT. Forget what Cole tells you, or what the Eagles tell you…Cole will be a square Peg in a round Hole. Cole might be able to help us in 2013…but he won’t be part of our future, so why wouldn’t you unload him if you can get a 4th or 5th?…We let howie off the hook, but he gave Cole a BAD extension…Don’t care how much respect you have for Cole, or how sentimental you are, you can’t be paying 5mil for a 30yr old, situational player, who even in his prime would wear down….if they get Graham and Cole off the books, that’s an additional 10mil that can be used for something of extreme value to us…2lineman who can 2 gap

      When you suffer through the two years that we just suffered through, there is NO MORE SENTIMENTAL CRAP!! Aim trying to get back to the playoffs and compete for a Super Bowl..and 10mil for Graham and Cole, who at best, aren’t an Ideal fit for what we are transitioning to, makes very little sense to me…I don’t care what you have done in the past for Andy Reid. I care what you are going to do for Chip Kelly in the next 3 years?

      • Absecon

        Roger that! Square peg in a round hole is a good way to put it…

      • Run Eagles Run

        you missed the point. people were calling him heartless, and the guy was playing on a terrible team. injured. Not saying you’re assessment of how he fits into this defense is incorrect, but I will let cole’s play speak for itself. if he plays bad, or doesnt seem to fit, ok then move on. how can you go around calling players heartless and then be heartless yourself? fucking hypocritical morons. you are just some shithead behind a computer who never coached or played football, so why would I take your word for it that cole is not going to play well in this defense?

  • thefadd

    He’s Trent Cole. He’s 30. There hasn’t been a better overall Eagle in the post Super Bowl years and he never got the respect he deserved anyway. Let’s see if with fewer reps and less asked of him he doesn’t have a legit break out season.

    • Geagle

      IF that’s the case, he should restructure the BAD CONTRACT howie just gave him….5ml to be a situational rusher is bad business

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    lets go Trent…need 58 gettin after that QB….yeaaaaah!

  • Geagle

    bigTime Cole and Graham fan….but If It were up to be…Dion would be the SAM, Barwin would be the predator, and Cole and Graham, we could use the 10mil we pay them to get TWO BIG 2Gap defensive lineman….starting to worry about the defense. How many lineman do we have that can two gap? Sopo, Cox, maybe Thorton…..without 3 guys that can 2Gap, you can kiss the 3-4 goodbye. Would I like to have two 2Gappers and keep Cole and graham? Of course, but I don’t see how that can be a good use of resources….IMO, ATleast one Has TO GO! Graham is probably more valuable in terms of trade compensation, and you don’t have to Eat 5mil to trade him….Think you can get a 2nd round pick for Graham?

    • Richard Colton

      still need to save room for Clowney next year. This team will continue to be a work in progress even after the draft.

      • Geagle

        I agree…but I need this team to solidify as many holes as possible, so that next year we can trade away our entire draft to trade up to the spot of the bad team that drafts Geno Smith this year, to get our QB(Teddy or Taj)….We should be operating under the assumption that we don’t have any 2014 picks, so we need to use this draft to solidify the meat and potatoes of the team

        • Richard Colton

          What do you think of Mariota or Johnny Football?

  • jerseyray321

    Cole has been and always will be one of my favorite eagles,comes out every week and plays as hard as anyone!!! To whoever said it,didn’t seem like tcole used his hand as an excuse,he flat out said he had a bad year.