Roseman On Trade Options: ‘We’re Open To Anything’

When asked about potentially trading out of the No. 4 pick, Eagles GM Howie Roseman recalled a tale from the 2006 draft.

Charley Casserly told us a story that he had the first pick in the draft with Mario [Williams] and he called the Jets and he said to Mike [Tannenbaum], ‘What will you give me for the first pick in the draft?’ ” Roseman said. “And Mike said to him, ‘What will you trade me to take that pick?’ I think that was based on the salary structure at that time. It’s a lot different now. The cost is a lot different to move up a couple picks than it used to be.”

The conversation between the two GMs happened seven years ago, but it pertains to the chances of the Eagles trading down in this month’s draft. Before the 2011 CBA, teams were reluctant to trade up because of the salaries that top picks demanded. But now, with the rookie wage scale in place, moving up for top picks carries less risk.

Take the No. 4 pick, for example. In 2010, before the new CBA, the Redskins gave offensive tackle Trent Williams a six-year, $60 million deal with a reported $36.75 million guaranteed.

However, last  year, No. 4 pick, Matt Kalil, got a four-year deal worth $19.77 million (all guaranteed) from the Vikings.

“It’s easier to maneuver with this new rookie wage scale,” Roseman said. “Before, it was cost-prohibitive in terms of cash and cap with your team to trade into the top-five, no matter how much you liked the player going forward because you were going to be hamstrung in some situation or another. It gives you some flexibility. You’re not as reluctant to trade up – not based on your evaluation, but based on how it’s going to affect your team in the future.”

Last week, we took a look at some of the teams that might be interested in moving up, like the Dolphins, Chargers and others. Offensive tackle is a position to watch. By all accounts, Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel, Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher and Oklahoma’s Lane Johnson are the top three options, and then there’s a significant drop-off.

Oregon’s Dion Jordan might be another name to keep an eye on. If he doesn’t go in the top three, teams might be interested in moving up to grab him.

“Pass rushers are going to go quick like they always do,” Roseman said. “There may not be much of a run in the second or third round as you’d normally see with pass rushers. But I think there are high quality ones at the top and they’ll go quick.”

As for the process, don’t expect Roseman to frantically be working the phones in the minutes between the third and fourth picks. Conversations have already taken place this offseason, and the Eagles’ GM expects to talk to more teams next week.

There’s plenty of time for preparation, and it’s entirely possible that the Eagles could work out a deal ahead of time, in the event that a specific scenario plays out. That was the case last year when they swapped places with the Seahawks and drafted Fletcher Cox.

“I think there are teams that are very comfortable giving you scenarios they’ll stick to in that situation,” Roseman said. “With us and Seattle last year with [Seahawks GM] John [Schneider], it was very easy to get to an agreement on the compensation if the player we were interested in was there and they felt comfortable moving back.

“I think what that does, it takes the negotiating out of being on the clock, because when you’re on the clock, there’s a lot of things going on. You’re getting a lot of phone calls and when you’re starting something new or from scratch and you’re going through that process, time runs out fairly quickly.”

Last year (the first with the rookie wage scale), among the top-seven selections, only the Colts picked where they were originally slotted. And while that class had more firepower at the top, only one of the deals (the Rams/Redskins) was for a quarterback (Robert Griffin III).

This year’s class is not as top-heavy, meaning the Eagles might not get an offer that grabs their attention. But Roseman said he still believes there’s a “clear line of players” the team considers “elite talents.”

Asked if there’s a number he wouldn’t want to go past in the first round, Roseman said, “Yes. That’s usually our first meeting, and it was in this case, of what we think is the proper value, if we think there is a proper value, what we would do, what we wouldn’t do. That’s already been discussed and basically decided.”

While every deal depends on compensation, the hint seemed to be that the Eagles don’t anticipate dropping down to the 20s, or losing their first-rounder altogether. On the other hand, he didn’t rule out moving up into the top-three, although that seems like an unlikely scenario.

“We’re open to anything,” Roseman said.

While much of the discussion has been about the No. 4 selection, the more movable pick might be No. 35. There’s a lot of value in the second round, and Roseman expects to get calls about the team’s Day 2 selections.

“We don’t have 35 first-round grades, so you always hope that a guy you have in the first round slips to that spot,” he said. “I think there’s going to be a lot of action because I think there’s going to be a lot of good players. I think that Friday’s going to be fun.”

Bottom line? The Eagles have not picked in the top-five since 1999. They’re coming off a 4-12 season and are in need of young, talented players with high ceilings. They’d be content staying put and selecting the top player on their board with the fourth pick.

But if a team offers up a sweet deal, and they’re still able to stay in the top half of the first round, they’ll absolutely consider moving down.

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  • Richard Colton

    “Bottom line? The Eagles have not picked in the top-five since 1999. They’re coming off a 4-12 season and are in need of young, talented players with high ceilings. They’d be content staying put and selecting the top player on their board with the fourth pick.”

    And that, young Sheil, says it all.

    • GGeagle

      HIGH CEILING SAYS IT ALL TO ME: Dion ,Ziggy, Lane, Sheldon, Sharrif….The only player I think we would absolutely have to draft at 4 if we want him is Lane Johnson, because he wont get passed Detroit at 5. There is a chance, if the draft falls were Fisher,Joekel and Geno all go in the top 3, you could end up getting compensation from Detroit to move up 1 spot to get Lane, while we would be getting a couple extra picks between rounds 3-5 while still ending up with Dion Jordan, Sheldon,Star,Sharrif or Ziggy…..That would be such a DREAM scenario..
      if Nassib is on the board at 35, I think that becomes a very valuable trade chiip because you know buffalo will want him, and we would only be moving back 6 spots, yet at the very least they would have to give up pick #104(they probably also have to throw in a 7th or a 6th) which is pretty darn valuable in this draft class…Look at it this way, you might be able to trade back from 35, and still get Long or Pugh, then use the 104th pick to add Barrett Jones, Quessenberyy or Brennan Williams…That means you would turn the 35th pick in the draft into 2 offensive lineman who can both play multiple positions on your Oline. You would basically get all the depth you need on your Oline just by using the 35th pick…

      • Richard Colton

        “High Ceiling” is one of those draft neologisms that’s worth discussing. For me – it’s a guy projected to get better because he hasn’t reached his athletic peak. Or it could be a raw athletic freak who hasn’t played top notch competition or gotten top level coaching. I agree about all the guys you mentioned – I’ll add Fisher because as an athlete/technician – we haven’t seen the best of him. Guys like Ziggy and Watson (another probable 1st rounder) also fit the “Low Floor” – meaning they’re more likely to be busts.

        • GGeagle

          see, I actually dont think Fisher will improve all that much. He is good enough right now, so whether he improves or not is a moot point really, because you would still be getting a great player…but when I think about HIGH ceiling, I think of a guy like Lane Johnson, who some say, and I quote “Had the most dominant performance in senior bowl history”, yet hasnt even scratched the surface yet in terms of what he can become. Fisher’s ceiling isnt exactly up there with Lane’s, but its still significantly better than Joekel’s….Joekel is so refined, that other than adding some grown man strength, he is pretty much maxed out IMO(which isnt a bad thing). Heck if Im a guy like the fatman in KC who wants to throw 40 times a game, I would be drooling over Joekel.
          This is all just nitpicking anyway because all 3 should have no trouble seeing the probowl at some point in thier careers, and I would be comfortable starting any of them for day one. The 3 are also, scheme versatile IMO which is very valuable because its not always the case..For example, the guards. Warmack is supposed to be a super prospect, but he makes more sense for a power blocking scheme like the Jets. I would think that Jonathon Cooper would be a better fit for us, and I atcually think he is every bit as good as Chance,….If Lewan and Mathews were in this draft, where do you think they would fit in terms of rankings? I ask because I think about it all the time, yet I havent even come close to being able to form an oppinion on it lol…
          I think this draft is fascinating. You have the mock community that has come to the conclusion that Joekel and Fisher are these two, cant miss, Super prospects that should deserve to be drafted in the top 5…and when I look at this years big board, I agree…But I asked 2, long time, amatuer scouts that I respect, and were gracious enough to answer my emails…In a Normal draft class, like last year, or 2014, where would Joekel and Fisher be drafted? Both basically gave the same answer…”Joekel is an elite LT Pass blocker so he would always get drafted in the top 10. But for Fisher, they thought he would go from 15-20…both were non commital about Lane. One said that Lane could be the 1st overall pick in any draft, but he could probably also fall to the Fisher Range…
          Im not even sure that its a forgone conclusion that the order will be Joekel, Fisher and than Lane. I think every possibly combination of the 3 is a viable possibility. This draft to me is so interesting, more than just what the Eagles will do. So many wildcard prospects that i cant wait to where they fall. Is Hankins the 15th pick, or the 45th pick? Who are the teams that dare take a shot on one of these QBs? how high will tavon go? How far will Ogletree drop? Is Tank Carradine the 15th pick or the 35th pic lol? What do the nutty seahawks do? what I would pay to take a pic of thier draft board and send it to Howie lol…Could we see Geno take a brady quinn free fall before our eyes lol? thats always entertaining? what happens with Jarvis? does cleveland shock everyone and take him? So many questions, and Im getting stir crazy waiting for answer, yet I have 9 days of intense rumors, all of which will be BS to sift through…In the infamous words of the illustrious Terrance Howard…”Its hard out here for a pimp” lol

          • GGeagle

            Im on a PC right now…not my ipad or phone..and I literally typed this post with 2 spaces between each paragraph, and this is how it came out…Just going to have to post like 1 paragraph at a time…I thought it was just an ipad or phone issue, but its not…so appologies, just going to have to start breaking them down n post in segments…because there is literally NOTHING else I can do about it..but I feels your pain

          • xlGmanlx


            Not that hard to do see?

            Wanna try like me?

            all in good fun of course

          • xlGmanlx

            Dang, deleted comment? Must have been good!

      • G

        GREAT POST… AGREED a trade with detroit for.. lets say #4 and a 2nd/3rd a 6th rd for #5 and a 5th rd….. that would be ideal

        • damien

          DET isn’t giving a 2nd or 3rd to move up 1 spot. A 5th at best ie Vikings/CLE last year.

          • G

            Ya i thought it’d be a stretch, why i threw in the 6th for 5th there as well..

  • JofreyRice

    Funny that the touchstone for sage draft advice Roseman uses is Mike Tannenbaum. They have similar stories in rising to the top as GMs; law school & accounting backgrounds to player contract negotiations, to general manager. Also, they share a love of the J-E-T-S!

    Howie will definitely be moving around on draft day. I forget who reported it, but in 2010, he was supposedly trying to “break the record” for draft day trades. Unfortunately, if you draft players that amount to bupkis, it doesn’t really seem as impressive.

    • GGeagle

      I wish, I knew like a betting website that had odds on, will the Eagles pick 5 players or less in the first 5 rounds? I would bet the farm that they take more than 5 players!!!..We very well could use some picks moving up, but I would think we would then trade back a bunch of times to make up for it. Howie is almost obssesive about extra midround picks…and he has to be staring at all the mid round prospects, diabolically plotting on how we are going to end up with more than 5 of these kis. I swear I cant remember many drafts, where I want like fiften 4th round prospects, and like ten 5th round prospects…This is NOT the draft that I can imagine Howie just enjoying picking 1 time at the top of the first 5 rounds..Howie “SPLASH” Roseman will get creative. I used to crap my pants going into Eagles drafts for like what, 15 years in a row? Last year is the only draft, that I know of for certain was all Howie, and he was flawless. I felt like I was in some warped universe,where in every round when the commissioner is about to announce our player, Im sitting thier praying for a player, and the name was called..It was a pleasant change from the past years, where the Eagles picks were followed by: WTF, ARE YOU KIDDING? Bleepin WHO?…Now we have Tom Gamble, who just got done helping to build a friggin powerhouse through the draft..oh and by the way, no teams coaching staff, knows as many of these prospects as well as we do..THE JIMMY JOHNSON EFFECT!…Im expecting BIG THINGS in 10 days from the Eagles, I used to despise Howie Roseman, had no faith in our FO…to be able to go into a draft cnfident in your decision makers is such a beautiful thing. I think we weathered the storm, and now comes the rainbow.

      • David J Daniels

        gotta agree with you here GG….last yrs draft was one where I listed players like Cox, Curry and Boykin, and we seemed to get those players later than I ever expected. Then the pleasant surprises of Foles and Brown made things even better. I.H.W.T.- In Howie We Trust

  • GGeagle

    This draft is extremely important IMO. You have to keep your eye on the 2014 draft. if you ignore wasting draft picks on the allure’s of the sexy positions like QB, WR, RB(I know we will add a RB, I just dont think it should be with our first 5 picks). . Dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, and you will almost always be in a position to win the game. The better your Oline, the easier and better your QB, RB and WR’s can perform. The better your Dline(including OLB’s since they are our DE’s now), the easier and better your ILB’s, Safeties and CB’s can perform. We shouldnt spend pics on QB’s, or RB’s..and the only way I would draft a WR, is if I aquired an extra pick for trading one.
    Use this draft to build your team the right way, and solidify the meat and potatos of this team, so that you can put the finishing touches with next year’s FA..and go into the 2014 draft ready to mortgage your entire draft to make a team an offer they cant refuse to get a QB of the future that Chip strongly believes in…I dont know who that is, but between The Taj Boyds, Teddy, Johnny, Mariota…Im sure there will be a QB that he really believes in. There is always a way to make an offer that a team finds difficult to refuse..Yes, alot of teams need QB’s…but put it to you this way, a BAD team this year will draft Geno smith. I dont know if he will be a great QB or not, but I do know that he is going to significantly struggle as a rookie, so the team that does draft Geno smith, will probably have a bad year and end up in the top 5. Well they just invested in Geno, so THATS the TEAM we make an offer that they cant refuse in 2014, offer up a package that gets us into the top 5 and get our QB. So we should be operating with the thought in the back of our head, that we might not have many draft picks in 2014…so ignore the sexy skill positions, and get yourself RIGHT on the line of scrimage…
    WHether or not Foles beats Vick in camp, I dont know. But what I do know, is that Vick wont play 16 games, and at some point next season Foles will be able to show how much he has improved, and who he really is…and heck, if he surprises us, and grabs the franchise starting QB spot by the throat, we can always try to move up to get Clowney, or Jake Mathews, or that Super TE Austin Sarfian Jenkins….A Franchise QB, is literally worth your entire draft. Its priceless. So whether we are set or not in the trenches, I would still mortgage the draft to get our QB next year…So with that in mind, I really hope we get right in the defensive front 7 with this draft, because we might not be able to add young talent to it next year. Defense Defense Defense…The only players I would draft in the first 5 rounds are:
    Kyle Long/Justin Pugh who can play both RT and RG… AND Escobar or Kelce, who can function as recievers while also helping out in the trenches.

    • therevxxx

      GG, you always have good posts, and they are well thought out. But you lose a lot of it because of your formatting. You should work on that, it makes it very tough to ready through your long posts. If this is a phone problem, maybe you should do one paragraph per post.

      • therevxxx

        Forgot to mention. Agree with everything you said above.

      • Token

        yep. I really wanna read the guys posts. But its always tough. Has to be a phone or tablet issue or something.

        • GGeagle

          actually today im not on an ipad or phone, and im typing two spaces between paragraphs and it stil comes up like this. So I basically have to just post single paragraphs. I thought it was jut an ipad or phone issue but it isnt..appologies, I will just have to post segments

        • JofreyRice

          It’s a wall of text.

          • Warhound

            I just realized another think that I like about this site as a forum: NO ONE POSTS IN ALL CAPS!!!

  • cliff henny

    forgot about how much Howie moved around in ’10. now that he has better handle on scouting, hope he’ll be as agressive this year. even if we stay at 4, those early 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks are highly tradable. so many good names being thrown about available in 2nd-5th, want as many as possible.