Eagles Wake-Up Call: On Maclin, DeSean And Chip

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy MaclinA common practice, when scanning over the current Eagles roster for areas of need, is to skip right past the wide receiver position. They have DeSean Jackson, they have Jeremy Maclin, they have more pressing concerns. Move on.

But it’s worthwhile to take a more thorough look.

For one, this is a brand new regime. And while Jackson and Maclin seem like fits for Chip Kelly on the surface, it’s important not to assume before we have a better feel for the coach. (For instance, Kelly puts a high value on receivers that can block, and this group was sub-par in that area last year. Is this an easy fix, or is there a potential issue ahead?)

Second, the jury is still out as to just how good of a wide receiver corps this truly is.

Pro Football Focus features a stat that lists which receivers in 2012 had the most combined first downs and touchdowns. As you might imagine, Calvin Johnson is far and away the leader with a combined number of 95. Heavy hitters Andre Johnson (79), Brandon Marshall (75), Reggie Wayne (74), Roddy White (73)  and Wes Welker (72) follow.

Maclin ranks 41st on the list with a total number of 37. Jason Avant (31) is 50th, and Jackson — who missed five games — totaled 30.

Injuries, offensive line woes and inconsistent quarterback play are all factors, but that doesn’t mean the receivers should be completely taken off the hook, either.

Jackson was steady (he only dropped one pass last season) but he was not given a $51 million deal to be steady; he is expected to be a difference-maker. The 26-year-old burner was targeted deep down the field  (20-plus yards) 24 times, and wound up with six catches for 231 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Again, that is not all on him, but when the home run is your bread and butter, you need to hit more of them.

You can make the case that the six-year veteran has not been used properly, particularly of late. The creator of the Miracle of the New Meadowlands only returned one punt in ’12. And he ran so many fly patterns in the name of taking the top off the defense, you wonder if the team would have been better served using him more in the short and intermediate game. Jackson seems to think so.

“I think this year coming up with Chip coming in here, with the style of play of his offense, it’s really going to help me out a lot more too as well, just because I’m going to be able to get certain looks, get the ball in my hands, do different things that we weren’t doing the past five years,” Jackson said.

“I think a lot of times in the past couple years, teams really were able to key in on me and things like that.”

The counterargument is that Andy Reid is not a dope. Perhaps he utilized Jackson in a specific way because he had a good understanding of his strengths and limitations, having worked closely with him for so long. Kelly may envision an expanded role for No. 10, but his tune could change once theory becomes practice.

As for Maclin (69 catches, 857 yards, seven touchdowns, nine drops), what many thought would be a breakout season turned out to be similar to his previous campaigns. His contract is up at the end of the year.

Of course there are other receivers to talk about, too, from holdovers Jason Avant, Riley Cooper and Damaris Johnson to offseason acquisition Arrelious Benn. But to be an elite group, the two men at the top have to perform.

The question is: How sold is Kelly on the Maclin-Jackson tandem? And how anxious is he to get himself a back-up plan in this draft?


Kyle Long could be an option for the Eagles in the second round.

Sheil gives an update on the latest players to visit the Eagles. 

Why the Eagles could be after a tight end in this draft.

Plenty of analysts see Geno Smith ending up in Philly. 


Jon Gruden gives his thoughts on EJ Manuel:

I think he’s the quarterback in this draft with the greatest ability to execute any kind of play you can dream up — designed quarterback runs, option plays and, most importantly, drop-back passes. Where Manuel draws questions is because while he can do it all, he hasn’t proved that he has the one elite trait. But you can develop him, because while he hasn’t done one thing perfectly, he’s the guy with the greatest portfolio of skills.

In Don Banks’ latest mock draft, he has tackle Luke Joeckel falling to the Eagles.

I still can’t pull the trigger on the Eagles taking West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith, because my sense is Chip Kelly views Florida State’s E.J. Manuel a more viable option early in the second round. In Joeckel, the Eagles get one of the draft’s elite offensive tackles and give themselves alternatives as both starters at the position, Jason Peters and Todd Herremans, return from injury-marred 2012 seasons.


Howie Roseman talks draft today. Will pass along his thoughts after his morning session with reporters.

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  • theycallmerob

    I’m a fan of Da’rick Rogers myself, and tommy lawlor has had some good, convincing articles on Marquise Goodwin. But with so many other needs…..boy, really wishing we had an extra 2nd or 3rd.

    • JofreyRice

      I like Da’Rick Rogers, as well. I’d much prefer a big bodied WR that can also run and break tackles to a tiny little speedster like Marquise Goodwin. This is definitely the year to have extra 2nd or 3rd rounders.

      • Richard Colton

        Well who knows? As much as I’m opposed to trading down, If we see a few surprises in the top three (e.g. Ansah and Geno) a team might get really antsy to jump ahead to take Fisher or Joeckal. As long as we can stay in the top ten and take Lane Johnson or Richardson as a consolation prize, a 2nd rounder isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

      • Myke Lowery

        Tiny little speedster? I think you’re thinking of tavon Austin. Guys that out quick defenders and run by them(or out of bounds) rather that face contact. Goodwin isn’t afraid of that and a solid blocker.

        • JofreyRice

          Goodwin has a tough time finding the ball when he’s running downfield. That scares me. It’s not just about the ability to blow by a defensive back, catching a 40 yard bomb is no easy task.

          Goodwin plays bigger than Jackson, but please don’t pretend he’s some bruiser. He’s 5’9. If you’re <180 pounds in the NFL, it's a concern. What is Goodwin, like 182? If we're adding a pure speed guy, put me down for Markus Wheaton. Much better technician and more complete WR.

          • Myke Lowery

            Plenty of film showing him catch bombs. Anyways ..Ryan Swope over Wheaton if we’re talking speed slot wrs

          • JofreyRice

            WHA!? I like Ryan Swope, but no way I’d take him over Wheaton, Wheaton played on the outside, primarily, not the slot. Swope had a nice 40 time, but no way he plays that fast. Wheaton looks like the fastest guy on the field every game, and had the production to match.

            I mean, Goodwin only had what 25 receptions or something for the whole year? Even with a small sample size like that, I think you could string together the best 5 or 6 bombs to make him look like a great and consistent deep threat. I didn’t see that. Oh well, different strokes for different folks.

          • Myke Lowery

            Small sample due to being third or forth wr behind Davis and Shipley. I just wonder why Wheaton did not have good games against Washington (cb Trufaunt) nor Texas. Swope put up numbers in all games. Especially Alabama. Like you said. . Different strokes for different folks. Who knows. Maybe they surprise everyone and draft Austin at four? Yikes.

  • Jackson needs to have a big 2013. He’s healthy, the line is healthy, and he’s got a coach that’s going to scheme properly to get him in the ball. No more excuses. Same goes for Maclin. With changes in this teams philosophy neither of them are “safe”.

    • devCal

      who’s gonna get him the ball??

  • Wilbert M.

    Brandon Kaufman, WR from Eastern Washington would be a great pickup in the 5th or 6th round. 6’05”, good hands and fast.

  • I wouldn’t be against adding some talent in the Wr corps. Third round at the earliest though.

  • JofreyRice

    I’m pretty much done with Maclin. You can’t discount the fact that he gets open in the redzone, but the guy plays smaller than Damaris Johnson. I don’t think they should cut him, but he needs to step his play up throughout the game, and play with a little more heart. There is talent there, but when you combine all his bonehead plays at the end of games with the falling down, it adds up to a very frustrating player.

    There are so many good WRs in this draft. Guys like Chris Harper or Da’Rick Rogers or Aaron Dobson offer a really strong, physical presence (altho, I think Harper transferred out of Oregon to get away from Chip Kelly’s O, so maybe that’s not a good fit). Ryan Swope is a really good run blocker, and I think he’s getting undersold as just an option-route slot receiver. Justin Hunter could be really good if he ever figures out how to catch the ball. Late round guys offer tons of upside, if they can have their flaws corrected, like Va Tech’s Marcus Davis, or my favorite late round project, RU’s Mark Harrison (dropped a lot of TDs). Ace Sanders makes plays, he just doesn’t have the track speed someone like Goodwin has–I’d take him in the 6th before I took Goodwin earlier.

    The class is deep enough that you can find pretty much whatever you’re looking for. I like all these guys after the third round, though. They must get a safety. I don’t want to see them draft a WR before a S. This is going to be a multi-year rebuild, there is some talent at WR in place, whereas they only addressed safety and cornerback with guys that are either a hair above mediocre, bench players, or injury reclamation projects.

    Despite what he said, I think Howie went small potatoes in free agency, because he was afraid of missing big. The org missed big on Nate Allen and Jai Jarrett, but that’s not a reason to avoid drafting S again. They have to do something to prevent the big plays that have plagued the defense for the past 3 years. Maybe Chung and Phillips are the answer, but that possibility requires more optimism than this team has given me cause to possess.

    • Richard Colton

      Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been waiting for Maclin to break out for five years?

      • JofreyRice

        Yep. And mostly it’s been frustration. Those games he choked away in 2011 really left a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Beavis

      At last year’s Dallas game, I sat behind some drunk mouth-breather who wasn’t sure what plays to cheer and spent a good portion of the first half yelling random obscenities and/or trying in vain to get his friend two sections over to wave to him.

      I knew this guy was a few cards short of a full deck already, but when this dingus got up at halftime and came back with a grab bag of Eagles swag I was convinced when he sat down and struggled to pull the tags off his new Maclin jersey.

      He then proceeded to stop yelling obscenities and trying to get his friend’s attention. Instead he sat there rubbing his new #18. Awkward.

      • JofreyRice

        haha! Nice.

    • TXEaglesFan

      I am not so down on Maclin. He has had a solid career so far. When it comes time to renew his contract the Eagles should offer him what his production value is, and if he hints at #1 receiver money, you can scoff and give him a 2nd round tender and hope someone takes him off your hands next year. Odds are against any 3rd-7th rounder this year putting up career numbers anywhere close to what Maclin has done. Maclin is a known quantity.

    • Token

      Disagree on Maclin. I think he takes the game more seriously then Jackson does. I think he blocks better. Scores. Undervalued in the redzone.

      I do think one has to go. Dont think you win anything with these two as the starters together. Jacksons deal proved to be a mistake. If you are ever going to get value for him its right now. After another season like hes been having its all over.

      I feel if either of the two WRs will excel under CK its actually Maclin. Jackson is what he is. Your not going to have success lining him up in the backfield or some other nonsense. He is just a homerun threat that doesnt hit homeruns.

      Maclin has said he will play this year without a deal in place. So it will obviously determine his future here.

      • JofreyRice

        Hard to get over his falling down any time a defender gets close to him. His YAC numbers are pretty bad, for the kind of receiver he plays like–dainty and quick. He makes people miss less than Desean, by a pretty big margin, and doesn’t have the turbo boost.

        Agree that he’s good in the redzone, and he has flashed talent, but the guy is >200 lbs, he’s gotta run harder. For Desean, I can accept some of the preciousness, because he’s only 170 pounds. That can’t be Maclin’s game, too, though.

      • I highly doubt Chip is going to trade either of those 2 guys without seeing what they can do in this offense.

        • GGeagle

          it might not even be chips call. Howie learned everything he knows from Banner, Heckert, and Reid…we are cap GODS!! Have you ever seen any of the men I mention, allocate big money to TWO WR’s? I havent! Howie might not even believe in it…one thing we know how to do is work the cap. So if we are going to praise our GM’s for how they work the cap, we have to be understanding of them sticking to their Cap rules. Now I dont know that howie thinks its an absolute NO NO, to pay big money to two wideouts, but considering his track record, and the track record of his mentor’s, I think its a very real possibility.
          Alot of successful front office people believe that when your productive player, at a certain position is about to hit free agency, start over, draft a kid to play for cheap for the next 5 years…every GM believes that about one position or another…I dont know if WR is one of those positions for Howie, but its certainly possible…
          I think the handling of Maclin, starting from next thursday will be fascinating.

          • We’ve yet to encounter a situation where Howie has had 2 talentedyoung players at the same position where he has had to decide to keep only one. He’s pretty strict on the cap numbers but I highly doubt that’s the be all end all. With 25 million in cap space there would be no reason not to give big money to two receivers who ARE PRODUCING.

            See the caps at the end of that? That’s the big if.

          • GGeagle

            I wont disagree….It just something I want to keep an eye on…which is why from the day before the draft, til the day Maclin signs his next contract, Im really interested to see how Maclin is handled….Im not convinced that Maclin will be traded on draft day, Im not convinced that we wont extend him…but In my mind, its far from a forgone conclusion that Maclin will be here the next 5 years.

          • Not at all, this is his year to prove himself.

      • Pretty strange to see praise for Self Tacklin’ Jeremy Maclin. Let’s not forget that Maclin is a first round pick to Jackson’s second.

        Maclin is one of the most frustrating Eagles players to watch. Takes the game more seriously? Are you kidding? This kid had stellar college numbers, he should be having an amazing NFL career. His ceiling was ridiculous. He had over 200 avg. all purpose yards per GAME in his final season. But since he’s come to the Eagles what has he done? Nothing for the return game. Decent amount of touchdowns, no 1000 yard seasons. I see a guy out there who cries for flags and avoids contact at all costs. He’s got all the talent in the world but come game day he’s soft as puppy sh!t.

        • Token

          Yes he was good in college. Wasnt he used much more in the slot in college if I remember right? Has he been moved around at all under FF?

          I guess we will see. But IMO Maclin is the better WR of the two. I think Jackson may be one of the more overrated players in the league by Eagles fans. TY Hilton and Torrey Smith have become better deep threats.

          • cliff henny

            no, he was used a ton on WR scenes or short throws with WR/TEs running clear-outs for him. he was good at running threw defenses, he did and does not like to turn his back to defenders. lived out in LA had buddy who was Mizzou grad, saw almost every game, i thought STJM was going to be great

          • GGeagle

            Maclin was a GOD in College. When he fell to us, I couldnt even believe it…..I remember leading up to that draft, I LOVED Maclin, but I didnt even consider him, cuz there was no chance he would wind up with us………
            .I didnt see anything of him in an eagles jersey to warrant me feeling this way leading up to that draft!

          • Fink

            I’d like to see us trade Maclin away. I’ll echo what everyone has been saying.. He tackles himself, he is comes up short in big situations, and he is a waste of talent due to his effort and attitude. At his age he is still worth a 3rd or 4th I’d think. Let’s say so long and pick up a mid to late round prospect WR. I don’t think Chip will need a prototypical WR to work well in his offense. He will come up with creative ways to get the ball in guys’ hands.

            My ideal draft:

            1) Dion Jordan
            2) Matt Elam
            3) David Quessenberry
            3) Johnathan Hankins (Pick from Maclin trade)
            4) Ryan Swope
            5) Brandon McGee
            7) TE
            7) DL
            7) OL
            7) S

          • Richard Colton

            hey Fink. Overall, I like it. I think you have Q-berry too high at three. he strikes me as a guy that can play all 5 o-line positions, but not an elite athlete. I really like your top two – Elam could be a 1st and Jordan might not make it to 4.

            If we can replace Q with Armstead or Long, it’s damn solid.

          • Fink

            Glad you like it. And I would love Armstead or Long in that spot too, but Q’s versatility makes up for his lack of elite athleticism in my mind. If our first two picks are Dion and Elam, I will have a smile on my face for weeks.

          • Maclin SHOULD be better than Jackson if you go by their draft pick. But I’ve yet to see anything that’s proven that he’s better than Jackson.

      • Explorer51

        I agree, Maclin has a much better attitude than Jackson; plus, he’s averaged more catches and TDs and he’s two years younger. Yes, Maclin had a couple of bad fumbles two seasons ago but at least he was playing, even after what seemed like a very serious illness; he was never benched for lack of effort, nor did he selfishly pout for an entire season like Jackson. Let’s get a big receiver in the draft, someone with the potential to be groomed into the #1 role, keep Maclin as the #2, and trade Jackson to KC or somewhere else where he can strut and jaw and complain.

        • Why are people OK with Maclin’s mediocre play just because he’s a nice guy? Fact he’s another in a long line of under performing Eagles first round picks. He should be a top tier receiver, and now he’s a #2 fighting for a decent 2nd contract.

          • JofreyRice

            Maclin’s not even as good as Kevin Curtis was.

          • Token

            lol come on now. Curtis had one ridiculous game in a blowout against the Lions.

          • JofreyRice

            OK, OK, maybe I’m getting a little crazy. Is Maclin that much better than Reggie Brown, though? Dante Stallworth?

  • Da’rick Rogers or Ryan Swope can both be had in the third round. Both are bigger faster guys.

  • GumboGumbo

    what about momah? 6’7″ and ran a 4.4

  • Just leave the WR core alone …. No need to waste a draft pick

    • Richard Colton

      So if you’re the Eagles – and you have Tavon Austin rated as a top 12 talent, and somehow he’s sitting there at #35 – you don’t think about taking him? That would be a wasted draft pick? Bet you hated the 2002 draft.

      • If Tavon somehow makes it to 35 you could get a ransom for him. Won’t happen.

        • Richard Colton

          It’s unlikely that he makes it past 16. What about Corderelle Patterson? Consensus pre-combine #1 WR. Based on recent mocks, dropping to 35 is unlikely but more possible. Say the Eagles have him as the #1 or #2 WR in the draft. You don’t draft him at #35? Then why have a draft board?

          I get frustrated with the fans who say – “Don’t draft XXX, leave the WR core (sic) alone.” It’s not a wasted draft pick. We don’t have three 22 y/o all pro wideouts.

          • Nope …. We have so many WR it doesn’t make any sense and their all pretty good most of the new ones very tall and fast ….. D Jax and Tavon are like the same player essentially ….. So what’s the point like really ….. Pick up a lineman and a DB

          • Richard Colton

            I really hope you’re kidding. A player you have rated as a top ten talent falls to #35 and you don’t draft him? When you wear your Sam Bowie jersey in public, do people stare?


    I don’t buy “Andy didn’t design plays for DeSean”. Maybe Andy got predictable (ala shovel pass formation inside the 5). If anything Andy is guilty of trying to protect the china doll. I hope DeSean isn’t the guy complaining about a team who runs the ball 10 more times a game and a rookie QB who calls his own number more that MV.

  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    My counterarguement to your counterarguement is that Andy Reid may infact be a dope…Like you mentioned earlier about the recievers dont be so quick to assume hes not.

  • h

    justin hunter and darick rogers. two best receivers of the draft. hunter culd be there round 2. darick in round 3 or even 4. both would be huge steals

  • cliff henny

    would like to see a hybrid WR/RB taken, slot player perferably. as WRs for kelly, jax and mac will be fine worst case, hopefully one or both will fullfill potentional. neither is built or has skill set to run most of the play d’anthony thomas did, which is fine, but those plays are necessary for kelly’s offense to work. tommy lawlor on igglesblitz like goodwin out of texas for this role

  • tim wills

    Desean is a lot better than maclin. If uou watched the games Jackson was open deep multiple times a game but but Vick and foles can’t throw either too far or short so that’s not desean a fault also even after all those bad missed deep balls from Vick desean was still averaging 77 receiving yards a game before Vick was hurt then foles didn’t throw his way and desean got hurt. IMO desean played great the dude hand solid hands and made the hard catches hes not the problem if you put him on the patriots or greenbay he’d be a top 5 receiver in yards and tds. He’s the best receiver the eagles have maclin needs to go he’s a slow unmotivated scrub

  • GGeagle

    Im threw with Maclin. Too Reggie Brown-ish for my taste., Trade him on draft day!..Once we dont re-sign him and lose him to free agency, its not a guarentee that we will get a compensatory picks. Its depends on how many free agents you lose, and how many you sign…so Maclin could end up walking for nothing. So I would much rather get value for him during this draft, than use him as a rental player, for 1 year coming off a 4-12 season, when we could end up losing him for nothing.
    I dont think Mac is a fit with Chip. If Desean, wasnt on the team, maybe Id consider keeping him. If Arrelius Benn is healthy, he is just going to break out and take Maclin’s snaps anyway…Also, has anyone ever seen Howie Roseman, or any of his predeccesor Mentors ever invest big money in TWO WR? I havent, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they dont believe in it. I think Maclin isnt good enough to give big money to, and I have a feeling Howie wont want to commit big money to both him and Desean. Desean got his deal, now I think they will draft a 2nd-4th round wideout that will play for cheap for the next 4 years..
    I really do think there is a chance that Cole, Graham(If Dion is drafted, I wouldnt be the least bit surprised to see Graham Flipped for a 2nd or 3rd round pick), Maclin get traded on draft day, and Im CERTAIN that Maclin is on his way to a playoff team, most likely the patriots..
    Maclin will probably be a Colt, and Avant a Patriot, thats my guess….and if Cole or Graham are Traded, expect 3 Destinations: Denver, Cincanatti, and atlanta(Keep an eye on them)….
    Atlanta has wanted to aquire a 2nd pass rusher opposite of John Abraham for YEARS now! They thought they got it done, but Ray Edwards was a complete bust. Yes they got Osi, but they lost Abraham, so they are basically in the same position…Gearing up for a Superbowl run, I wouldnt be the least bit surprised to see them take Cole or Graham off our hands(Keep in mind before you flame me, that I was probably defending Graham back when you were ripping him! lol)

    • cliff henny

      plus, if we start running the 50%+ of the time, casey and let’s say gavon get extra touches at TE, get a slot guy like goodwin, and if you are correct that maclin split touches with Benn, maclin just ends up not being worth the money. Kelly will absolutely lose his $hit the first time maclin gator arms or self tackles, too.
      love to see all those other guys moved for picks too. nice players, gave it their all while eagles, absolutely respect them, but i hate positon changes and avant is not the slot guy for kelly, he needs a guy who’ll run jet sweeps and end arounds. need some of those plays to keep read option working. if we’re going to run it, make sure we can run it to maximum effiency

      • GGeagle

        good stuff..totally agree. Didnt even consider the angle that the Offense could seriously decrease Maclin’s touches…
        All the players that I think might be traded: Graham, Cole, Avant, Maclin, heck I wouldnt care if they traded away Celek(but I dont think it will happen), are all players that I like, and respect, and its not a “dont let the door hit you were the lord split you” situation. I LIKE these guys, and if Kelly can make it work with them, I would love to keep him…but the whole “We taylor our schemes to our players, is just BS”…Fundamentally, I believe it…but I dont think its possibly that any collection of players can fit one scheme..I dont think its possible to change from a 4-3, and fit ALL OUR returning players into a new scheme…I believe that our coach will use our players to their best ability, but its impossible that he can make everyone fit….so some really good players, GOTS TO GO!
        Avant: Patriots
        Maclin: Colts
        Cole/Graham: Atlanta, Cincanatti, Denver
        Those are my guesses

        • cliff henny

          yup, perfectly put about trading players, will have to use that addage, cause often get resistance. celek might just get phased out too, he better come with alot more than last year.

        • cliff henny

          this scheme fitting is more of coaches/team building attiude. reid was a continuity guy, the playbook is the playbook. one goes down, plug next guy in. can really see it now when we’re trying to move guys into new positions, just seems we have alot of the same guys ie jax/mac, graham/cole dcr/nnamdi even polk/brown are clones, can even say allen/coleman are very similar-both stinks-but were asked to play the same. even yr to yr, he looked for LBrs and FB with particular skill-set and just plug them in. kelly wants a diverse get me the 52 best players possible, i’ll figure out the which plays work best for which grouping, if i find a grouping i like, i’ll make new plays.

        • Richard Colton

          I’m really hoping there’s a role for Graham, Boykin, Cox, Kendricks and Ryans on this defense. I won’t be as sore if they can’t find a spot for Cole, because of age/productivity or Curry (because Andy couldn’t find a spot for him either)

    • GGeagle

      SORRY, WAS ON A CONFERENCE CALL WHEN i WROTE THIS LOL…Correction:, Im Certain that Avant is on his way to be traded to a playoff team, most likely the patriots

    • Token

      Your putting alot of stock into Benn. Hes a nothing. A nobody. I think you are going to be let down. Hes couldnt do anything on a team that was begging for playmakers.

    • MAC

      Nobody is trading for Cole’s salary in the coming years. He is going to be like 31 yrs old and his cap hit this yr is $5.3 million (if cut 2013 $6.4 million) and $6.6 next yr (if cut 2014 $4.8 million)
      Also no way they trade Graham after the flashes he showed last year, Honestly with Graham’s flashes of skills/talent last year in my opinion trading him would be a huge mistake. We have to at least see more of him this year. He could end up being that impact defensive pass rusher that all teams look for. You do not trade that away. Maybe Graham is average pass rusher, but after what he showed last year healthy to trade him even for a 2nd rounder makes no sense to me. He is young and you will have a hard time finding the kind of abilities he may have anywhere in this draft.

  • GGeagle

    This is my draft strategy:
    Leave the damn sexy flashy skill position players alone. You want to draft a WR? Then it should be with the extra pick you aquire for trading away one of our recievers.
    You arent going to win many games, getting dominated in the trenches(both sides of the ball), and you arent going to win ANY games if your defense cant stop anyone. Even the great drew Bree’s looks mortal when his defense stinks..You cant just look at interceptions thrown. You have to look at the context in which these interceptions were thrown. For example, if you let your opponent score TD’s on thier first 4 possessions, there is a good chance you will find yourself behind by atleast a TD…When your team is down 3TD’s, your offense probably wont be balanced, and you will start taking mnore chances, start forcing more throws, and many times thats when you will start seeing the interceptions…So No matter how much people want to parrot that BS, about how its an offensive game now, DEFENSE MATTERS! It Matters alot! Not just how many points you let up, but the way the defense plays, has an impact on the flow of the game, and it trickles down to your coaching, and QB…When your defense cant stop anyone, you start seeing Genius’s like Bill Belicek do dumb shit like go for it on 4-11, on their own 20 yard line…
    Use this draft to solidify the meat and potato’s of your team. Fill in as many holes as possible, and bring in as much competition for our starters that we dont have much faith in like, Chung, Phillips,Fletcher…Next free agency, you fill in whatever holes you have left…
    .so that when we get to next years draft, we can afford to Mortgage our entire draft to move up and get our Franchise QB. Franchise QB’s are literally priceless. We need to solidify our team as much as we possibly can in this draft, because we have to be prepared to do whatever it takes in the 2014 class, to land a Bridgewater, Boyd, or whoever the hell chip believes in…….. Even if Foles isnt already ready to beat out Vick in Camp, we all know Vick aint playing 16 ganes…ST. Nick will get his opportunity in 2013 one way or another…SO we will have a good idea what Foles will be by the end of next season…and Heck, if Foles proves to be our starting QB of the future, we could mortgage the draft for Clowney…and if the number 1 team, wont budge on Clowney, then we can just draft another 4-5 players that will help this team.
    Have to keep an eye on 2014. You have to put yourself in a position to give up your entire draft next year if need be, so that we can get Teddy or Taj…so that means, we gotta get this draft right, and get our front 7, and Oline DEPTH set

    • borntosuffer

      Defense and O-line. I believe the Eagles have enough receivers/backs to give teams some trouble if the line plays well. It’d be great if we could get starters at Offensive Tackle, D-line and a Linebacker or DB with the first 3 picks.

  • DunedinEagle

    I can’t stand the WR’s on this team. Jackson is a prima donna, Maclin is soft and Avant is average at best in the slot. They all need to learn a new system I say wipe the slate clean.