Eagles Host Western Kentucky OLB, Alabama DL

With the draft just 12 days away, prospect visits continue for the Eagles.

The team hosted Western Kentucky defensive end/outside linebacker Quanterus Smith, according to Gil Brandt of NFL.com. Smith (6-5, 250) was leading the nation with 12.5 sacks through 10 games last season before tearing his ACL. Because of his injury, Smith wasn’t able to participate in drills at the Combine.

Injury checks are a big part of pre-draft visits, and that was likely the reason the Eagles brought Smith to the NovaCare Complex. Brandt reports that Smith checked out healthy when he returned to Indianapolis for a medical re-check recently.

Smith’s primary skill is as a pass-rusher, meaning he’d transition to outside linebacker in a 3-4. He is considered a mid-round pick.

Meanwhile, look for the Eagles to address defensive line depth in the draft and through undrafted free agency. One guy who could fit the bill is Alabama’s Quinton Dial. Dial (6-5, 318) visited with the Eagles yesterday, according to Adam Caplan.

In addition to his height, Dial has 34 1/2-inch arms and could play defensive end (5-technique) in a 3-4. He began his college career at junior college because of academics before joining Nick Saban in Tuscaloosa. Dial was a rotational player, notching 21 tackles, five for loss and 1.5 sacks.

He is projected to be a late-round pick or undrafted free agent.

Smith had three sacks against Alabama and five sacks against Florida International. Both cut-ups are below, courtesy of DraftBreakdown.com.

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  • GGeagle

    I swear just yesterday Dial popped in my head. I had forgotten all about him. You can bet the house that if he goes undrafted we will try to pounce on him. I could see us using one of our 4 7th rounders on him for sure. Kid has some very real potential…
    I like Quanterus, but I know he will get drafted at a spot where I like atleast 3 prospects that are still on the board more than him, so I cant get behind the kid

    Let me give you guys another forgotten prospect who could possibly end up getting a chance in philly after going undrafted…The Cincanatti Bearcats all come to Philly right? This one, would be a real LONG SHOT (Im not familiar with him but Mayock listed him as his OLB sleeper so I started looking him up)…..Enter, Walter Stewart 6’3 246lb OLB. 4.55 40time, 16 bench press reps, 37.5 Vertical

    Mayock: “He’s a major medical risk because of a cervical spine problem. He didn’t play last year. The kid announced he was retiring. It’s a major reach to say he’s ever going to play. But the doctors have cleared him. He’s very quick, very athletic.
    “If you took the medical out of the equation, he’d probably be a third- or fourth-round outside linebacker. But you can’t. The medical is a major deal. Teams are going to be concerned about it. I don’t even think he’s going to get drafted. But I recognize his athletic ability.”
    Would love to know how many visits allowed, that the Eagles have left. Are we getting close to our limit? Did we Cancel Millner to bring in one of these guys, or did we have a bunch of allowed visits left, so Millners canceling had nothing to do with it? To be a fly on the novacare wall

    • Regular Reader

      GGeagle, I ‘ve been buying into your case lately for Dion Jordan. In addition to adding several sacks per year, it would be great to have him spy the RG3 types and play in coverage. In a league trending to fast tight ends and big WRs to create matchup problems, Dion’s size/speed combo may prove invaluable.

      One reason I still held out hope for him is that we didn’t seem to have one of those 70-30 coverage OLBs yet. Most of the current roster look like the 90%+ rushers.

      However, Spadaro had this on the team’s website the other day: “…and Connor Barwin was added to make an impact as a linebacker, both in coverage and in rushing the quarterback”. I know Shiel did an article on Barwin’s sacks, but anyone know if he is any good in coverage? Is 70-30 coverage OLB still a need?

      • Geagle

        Barwin is only really talked about in coverage because every other OLB on our roster is either terrible at it, or we never seen them do it before. but he is nothing special. You would still crap you pants watching him drop back and try and cover Witten, as much as you would seeing Brandon Graham try and do it……I honestly thing If in the NFC east, Dion will be a nightmare for RG3….Heck I would line up Jordan as an in the box safety just to show a different look here and there(If Phillips is playing, because he has the cover range to play centerfielder with a death backer in the box)..

        put it to you this way, Demeco was asked what Barwin brings to the table and he said “Barwin can rush the passer all day long”.. No mention of cover skills. I been going back and watching the texans past season since we got Barwin and Casey. m on game 12 right now(although I took a break this morning, as we speak I’m watching NFC championship game falcons vs. Niners lol)…From what I see of Barwin, he was asked to drop back a few times per game, and he is capable for sure, but his cover skills certainly aren’t a WEAPON? I mean you can line up Dion on a slot RECIEVer, have him disrupt the route on the way to rushing the passer. There are so many craft, and intricate ways you can use Dion as a weapon”……I hate to say this, because I’m one of Graham’s biggest fans in Philly. but I don’t think he gets a contract extension, and September of 2014, I’m starting to get a feeling that Barwin moving back to the open side where he had 11 sacks in 2011(Predator), with Dion as the Sam, could become a reality. What that means for Curry,Graham, and Cole, I have NO IDEA. but they aren’t Chip’s guys, so I don’t think what I’m proposing is as far fetched as most people think it to be….12 days and we can start to find out. Dion is just such a weapon, because he can do a million things for you. he is a credible drop back and cover threat, so it will be confusing for Olineman to play against him, because not only will he move all over the field, but he could literally do a million different things on every given play, so it’s tough to know what he will do…it helps in even small ways for example..Lt expects Dion to rush on 3rd down, Dion drops back to spy RG3, OT has his eyes on Dion and it gives the player that is rushing instead of Dion, a split second of daylight to make his move…and that’s really all it takes

        • theycallmerob

          I agree with what you said regarding Barwin. Big fan; but, from watching him play, it seems his coverage abilities are best suited for trail backs and checkdowns in the flat. He can also disrupt some bigger TEs off the line, and seems sound in his patience regarding play action. However, he doesn’t have the athletic ability to keep up with TE or slot WR moving across the middle or running out/comebacks.
          Dion Jordan, if nothing else, would be the most fascinating 1st rd pick I can remember in many years.

          • Geagle

            Yeah man, I see The same exact things in Barwin as you do…Which is why when Barwin was signed, It made me want Dion more, instead of how most people just assumed that because we got a real 3-4 OLB so we would automatically be set…Unless Graham and cole are traded on draft day, I would expect Jordan to play behind Barwin as a rookie(which is better IMO because it allows us to bring him along the right way and fight to get on the field)…but I hate to say it, I don’t think Graham or Cole will be here by this time next year, and I wouldnot be surprised if contrary to popular belief, Barwin is our Predator ofthe future, opposite of Dion at SAM…

            I think out of Curry,Cole,and Graham, that Curry is he safest

      • GGeagle

        If I am going to listen to analysts, I pay attention to Mayock and Cossell..

        Mayock on Dion Jordan: “I loved him on tape and love his upside. A year from now, he can be an Aldon Smith-type guy. He’s got length. You can move him around. He’s got to get some weight on him. He got the (injured) shoulder fixed which hopefully will allow him to get back into a lifting program and nutrition program.
        “This kid should put 20 pounds on. To me, he’s got the length, the explosion, the quickness and ability to be a premier edge-disrupter in the NFL.
        “Some people might see him as a 4-3 end in the NFL, but I like him as a 3-4 outside linebacker. If you put the Oregon tape on, he’s out there over slots, disrupting the slot on the route. He’s running with slots, but you can bring him in a three-point stance and let him go.
        “I think this kid, if he can stay healthy and puts weight on, I think he has a chance to be a premier player.”….Now mayock isnt talking about good player, probwl players, he is talking about a kid with the chance of becoming a PREMIER PLAYER, at a PREMIER POSITION…AND we are fortunate enough to have first hand knowledge of having a stellar charecter of a champion? WHere the FOCK DO I SIGN UP? lol

        Dion is basically the same size Jason Taylor was coming out of college(they had similar sack numbers there final two seasons, yet JT wasnt playing with a torn Labrum, and he wasnt facing anything close to as good of competition as Dion was…Since College, Dion put on close to 15lbs of Muscle and he did it with a torn Labrum(which I dont even understand how thats possible)….SO I really dont understand how adding weight can be a concern. Adding size and strength has been a concern for about half the defensive front 7 prospects that went on to become Hall of Famers. We are talking about Boys, that are now going to play with Men, more times than not they will need to add size and strength…Dion has the Frame for it, a guy like Mingo DOESNT.
        Gots to have Dion, Thats my main man, pots and pans, we go way back like 4 flats on a catillac…lol

        • Warhound

          I’m certainly on the side of: a top five pick should be a Star player (potentially) at a position your scheme emphasizes. If that can’t be had – trade back!

          • Geagle

            Agreed, if you can’t find someone who you believe has a chance at being a premier player in this leage 4 years from now, then there is no point of picking at #4…I understand we are all traumatized by past draft busts, and people want a good, safe player…but F THAT! This is a rare pick, find the kid with the highest ceiling, who’s Charecter you believe in. That won’t stop working til he fulfills his potential. This is a new Regime, we are fortunate enough that our college coaches know most of these prospects well. do not let the failures ofthe past Regime scare you away from swinging for the fences…

            MY favorite thing about Dion Jordan, is that as a 49er, Gamble was delegated to scouting Oregon for Harbaugh..So I can count on Gamble having his eye on Dion for a long time now…It’s not like Gamble just started looking at Dion during thiscombined process. combine that with the knowledge of Chip, Azzinaro…If Jordan is on the board and we pass on him, how can I even be upset? as long as it isn’t Geno or Milnner, I would immediately get excited Bout what they must saw in the player we drafted for us to have passed on Jordan

          • G

            Great point.. all this Dion talk is really convincing me as well. Sounds like the next… cough cough… Demarcus Ware. Especially when there’s a head coach and Dline coach who just finished coaching him… he may be very special

          • http://www.facebook.com/todd.orange.1 Todd Orange

            If Dion is gone do you look at Star Lotulelie?

          • GGeagle

            If Dion is gone, there are alot of players I would cheer for if we heard there name called: Star is Certainly one of them. He fits the versatility criteria, so thats good enough for me. He can be our 5Tec, our NT, and he stays on the field on 3rd down, pairing with Cox in the interior of a 4man line…..Sometimes I think, if we were to trade back to 9-12range, we could get lucky and find Star on the board..Other times, I get the feeling That Star will surprise people and be a top 4 pick(I think he is in play Bigtime for Oakland)..
            Floyd(Versatile can play all over your line)..I would think about using Floyd as your NT, and get a big, beef, anchor to eat up blocks as your 5tec. Floyd also stays on the field on 3rd down, so he is worth a top 5 pick IMO…
            Ziggy Ansah…Versatile as well. Can be our 5tec, can be our Predator of the future(if we choose not to re-sign Graham), on 3rd down he would play DE on our 4man line.
            Even Sheldon I would consider at 4…I would use him at NT like Sharrif, although I think Sheldon could grow into a fine 5tec as well. He would also stay on the field on 3rd down….He reminds me so much of a less discaplined Fletcher Cox. I think he can become very similar to what Cox will be, I just think Cox will develope faster than Sheldon. I think Cox is ready to take over THIS YEAR…Sheldon would probably be really ready by his 3rd year(but theres nothing wrong with that)..Patience! We need the player that will have the best career, not the player who will be the best rookie.
            I like the Olineman. I will cheer if any of the 3 are drafted, but I think defense really really needs the 4th pick in the draft, so with so many defenders I believe in, and bring alot of versatility to our defense, its very difficult for me to get excited about the Olineman…if there werent Olineman that I LOVED in rounds 2-3, I would probably be alot more excited about Joekel,Fish, or Lane
            Just because Im Dion stir crazy, doesnt mean he is the only guy for us. I think there are about 7-8 guys that we could draft that would make me a very happy man…With drafting so high, comes great responsibility…We have to get a serious player. We can not Bust at #4. It would be a disaster…and I would sleep better at night knowing we drafted such a known comodity( not only to our coaching staff, but also Gamble who has spent a good amount of time scouting Oregon for the 49ers)…
            When hiring a College coach with No NFL experience, we should all get our WWJJD Bracelets…WHat would Jim Johnson Do? lol, he is the model of success for College coaches making the transition to NFL coaches…

          • Richard Colton

            star player. A “Star” player isn’t a top five pick, we would have to trade down to take him.

        • http://www.facebook.com/todd.orange.1 Todd Orange

          I’m on board with Dion, I just don’t think he is there for us at 4. Oak and Jax scare me.

          • GGeagle

            yeah man, been living on pins and needles, Jaxonville really scares me…Oakland, is a possibility, but they dont worry me like Jax does

      • GGeagle

        We have the fortune of having a HC who coached the prospect with the most potential,and highest ceiling in the entire draft…and there is actually a chance that he will be on the board at 4, how is that not a NO BRAINER? I just dont understand….I love Ziggy Ansah, but Chip didnt coach him for 4 years, and Ziggy doesnt provide as many things to a team as Dion will. We dont have first hand knowledge of Ziggy, chip doesnt know him……I dont see how Chip kelly can pass Dion. I trust Chip, so if it happens I wont utter a word…but leading up to it, I cant possibly think he isnt our top target

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      16 reps of 225 at 246 lbs wow. Its amazing to me how much many of these football players arent in the weight room like they supposed to. I think Mathieu got like 4 reps? At 171 im doin 225 14 reps nd i got other shit to do.

      • GGeagle

        yeah it really is crazy. I cant say too much, because for some reason bench pressing was always my achilles heal, and I felt like my bench numbers were never close to indicative of my true football strength….so Im in no position to be criticizing them, but I wasnt a blue chip athlete either…I look at some of the bench numbers from the big school prospects and its mind boggling
        I want to know when the combine will upgrade and start using all the new sport science technology to measure athletes…Put the stop watches away its 2013 lol

        • Warhound

          Sometimes a persons muscles fire in a way which isn’t correct – the muscles don’t …um… cooperate quite right. Sometimes a person who can bench press a lot has their muscles fail to be as effective as possible when engaging in a more helter-skelter activity. Conversely, the other also happens- happened to me – my bench press never was up to my effective strength (or my apparent strength based on appearance). But, my muscles fired correctly when it really mattered!

    • Richard Colton

      So we could take this guy and Jarvis Jones and hope that at least one of thier spinal cords hold out.

      • GGeagle

        perfect….you would think chip kelly has a mad stem cell scientist, with 50 of every ligament and Tendon growing in his basement with the injured players we have been signing

  • Geagle

    Wow…Chance Warmack blatantly says he wants to get drafted by Tennessee…States that it would be a dream, and he could learn so much from a coaching staff with two former offensive lineman, Muncheck, and Bruce Mathews…Smart kid, but I never really saw a prospect publicly state that he wanted to get drafted 10th overall(unless his former coach is coaching that team)….Interesting. Wonder what his agent thought about this espn interview

    • http://www.philthycanuck.com/ Adam

      Not uncommon really.. these kids are growing up in the Madden age and a time when football is the most popular sport on the planet.. they’re bound to have favourite teams, doubt it hurts their stock much to say things like that. At the very least it shows that he’s wanting and willing to get coached up.

      Dee Milliner said the other day that he thought if he went to the Browns him and Joe Haden would make the best CB tandem in the NFL. Not a big issue.

  • phillyfaninportland

    Who is 1 on WK?

  • Dominik

    @ GGeagle

    Strongly thought the Eagles should draft an O-Line Player at #4, at least if either Joeckel or Fisher are still on the board (would’nt grab Johnson at #4), but damn, you are convincing. Now I am, at least, uncertain if Jordan would’nt be the better pick.

    My only problem with Jordan is the depth the Eagles have at the position already and the faith in Cole, Graham and Barwin. Depth is great, don’t get me wrong, but if you need a starter at O-Line, Safety and Cornerback, depth should’nt be the first problem to solve. Still: you’re very close to changing my mind. :) Not that that matters, but Kelly knows Jordan, so let’s see how he decides. If Dion is still in on the table (would’nt be too sure that neither Jacksonville nor Oakland takes him).

    • GGeagle

      oh, trust me man…Im not sure he lasts at all. I been basically living on pins and needles waiting to find out…Whether Dion is your guy, Fisher, Joekel…as long as we dont hear Geno or Millners name, we will be getting a player that can certainly help us…Its cool to have our favorites leading up to the draft, but I hope when that players name is called, that Philly gets behind the kid…We have our oppinions, but we should have faith in Chip n Gamble until proven otherwise…that all sounds good an well, but if I hear Geno or Millner called, my TV is getting MURDERED!!!!
      I just look at it this way, when Jimmy Johnson signed on with the cowboys, from being a college coach, his first draft was amazing, because he had that leg up over everyone, knowing so many of the college prospects more intimately than the NFL front offices..He brought with him a few of his guys from College(eliminating the guess work that is the draft), and he went on to win a superbowl…..This isnt the NBA, where the team with the best superstar wins the nba championship every single year. This is the Ultimate Team game, so charecter is so crucial. Agents are coaching these kids up so well these days, that I would really take advantage of the personal knowledge our coaches have on so many top prospects…when you are picking at #4(take the top 3 players on your board, and the one that you are most comfortable with his charecter, thats the one I want us to draft, whoever it ends up being)…I just dont think you can find another prospect, more talented, with a higher ceiling, who’s charecter you(chip) believe in more than Jordan…Its one thing to interview a prospect and have him tell you that he doesnt care about sack numbers, he has no problem doing grunt work like play outside QB contain when playing against RG3 or Kapernick, but stats equal dollars in todays world…
      We are at the ground floor right now, I love the Idea of having such an unselfish team guy as one of our future stars…when your stars arent selfish, when your stars work hard, when your stars sacrafice for the glory of the team…that has NO CHOICE but to trickle down to the rest of the team, and thats how championship teams are built……Not only does the kid have the ceiling to be a premier player, but he has the unselfish superstar Lebron James quality…..bring a guy like that in year 1, when you are laying your foundations just seems so valuable to me…. You can never know for sure how a prospect will act once they get here…but if we draft Kyle Long and Dion Jordan, I can sleep easy knowing they LIVE the game of football, and they will run through a brick wall for Chip Kelly…..and that works for me. But to each his own

      • GGeagle

        I can probably list around 15 things that Dion Jordan can do for us on a football field. I cant say that about any other prospect… I will say that If its not Jordan, Im sorry but I dont just want an OT…When you look at my mock drafts, all the players I would want us to target, all can play more than 1 position for you, most can fit in different schemes…I dont want a Tackle, we have 3 tackles already. I want a guy that we can draft later, and pay like a guard, who can play Tackle if need be. I dont want a 5tec. I want a 5tec, who can play NT, and stay on the field to pair with Cox as an interior lineman on a 4 man front on 3rd down. I dont want a Center, I want a guy who can compete for starting RG, but also backup Kelce..I dont want a pass catching TE, and I dont want a blocking TE..I want the TE’s that can do both at the highest level, which is why you never here me mention Ertz or Eifert, I want Kelce or Escobar…..Versatile players is how I want to see this roster built……
        we just spent the past 3 years watching “STALE” and “Vanilla”…The offense was stale, everyone knew every play we were going to run at all times. The Defense was a simpliustic Vanilla joke which is baffling to me how they could blow assignments…I swear I would see our secondary blow high school concepts/assignments…It was so Vanilla. You have to have like 8 out of 11 PROBOWLERS on a defense if you want to be that vanilla and have success in todays game..We will keep Offenses off balance next year with multiple fronts, disguising coverages, and the more versatile our defenders, the more schematic disguise they provide and the more we can confuse opposing offenses.

        • G

          Well we know Chip wants versatility over everything…….. I hope you’re right GG… you’ve convinced me. This guys the next Demarcus Ware/James Harrison

          • GGeagle

            If he gets drafted by the Eagles, I hope he will be ware/harrison…but If WE PASS ON HIM, then I hope he is the biggest bust in the history of Busts lol…I would rather look like an idiot, than be right that a kid was going to be a premier player, and we passed on him…… I just picture Dion, and I just feel like he belongs in the NFC East…
            If you had to design a defensive player, to slow down RG3, im sure he would look alot like Dion

      • Dominik

        Like I said, you’re very convincing. But one problem I see with the Oregon prospects for the Eagles: maybe Kelly is overrating them.

        I think Kelly will be a great NFL Coach, and I know he knows College Football very well. But he does not yet know the NFL this well. He could, without any bad intentions, overrate his players a little bit (that’s just human behavior, I guess). You can only hope Gamble und Roseman will work together with Kelly very closely. I think this combination could work pretty well for the Eagles. Roseman, but especially Gamble know the NFL very well, Kelly has the far reaching College knowledge, at least for this Draft and the next one.

        Good point with Jimmy Johnson, though.

        And btw, sorry if there are some typos in my posts here. I’m from Germany, so I’m trying my best, but it’s not my native language.

        • GGeagle

          the best part about the Oregon players is that Tom Gamble was in charge of of scouting Oregon for the 49ers..So Tom has been watching Oregon players for years..
          .Id assume Chip came in, and told the scouts to start analyzing Dion..and once they come back and give Chip thier evaluations of Jordan, then he will tell Howie and Gamble what he thinks of Jordan(so that he doesnt Taint howie and Gamble’s view on Jordan)………Dude, Reading your post, I could not have guessed that you werent from the USA(You spell better than I do lol)..No worries about the spelling and punctuation, guys will give you a hard time, but as long as we can comprehend it, it doesnt matter…..How do you become an Eagles fan living in Germany? I spent two years living in Rome(but I was born n raised in pHilly), so I know the struggles of being an Eagles fan, when you are living in a country 6 hours ahead of the USA time…Its tough being a European Eagles fan(I know first hand)…Cheers, and Fly Eagles Fly!

          • Dominik

            It was kind of an coincidence. I was watching the superbowl for a few years, but german television only showed the superbowl, not any other regular season or playoff games. When I had an injury and was zapping through my television, I found out that I receive the channel ‘ESPN America’, which shows four NFL Games a week. So I watched it, I had nothing better to do anyway. :)

            It was the time Vick played his great comeback season and I was a fan immediatly. So I became a Vick/Andy Reid Fan. But that changed in course of the last season. Still wish Reid all the best at Kansas, but I’m now really exited Kelly is here to make the turnaround.

            Since I became a fan I watched every Eagles game, mostly re-live, though, because of the time difference. Thanks to the internet, because I don’t receive ESPN America anymore. Kind of an irony, I guess. :)

            But I’m, of course, still a student of the game, since I don’t have the football backround that most of you guys have. But since I found this great site here, the learning curve is increasing steadily. 😀 I don’t come through the day without checking Birds 24/7 at least 7 times a day. 😉

          • GGeagle

            thats awesome man….After living in Italy for two years, going through what I went through to not miss an eagles game, I have an appreciation for European fans…PrimeTime games were the WORST! ..LIke a sunday night football game, I would have to go to like a british Pub at 2am, the game would end at like 6am, and I had to be in work at 8am….and I never missed a game. Its tough. You guys get SKY in Germany right(TV)?….Yeah, Italy gets ESPN America as well, and I actually found that the Eagles were often one of the 8teams they showed on a given week. I was there for the Vick breakout season, and then the lock out season, and I came back to Philly last year…no matter what level your at in terms of football acumen, you literally learn something new about the game every day on this site….
            And seriously, dont worry about your english, no one would even be able to tell that you werent American
            So, Im assuming you wouldnt be mad if the Eagles traded back and drafted Bjoern? lol

          • Dominik

            I’m very lucky that I can watch the games re-live. I really am. Like you say, the prime time games do end at around 6 am and you normally have something to do on a monday – so yes, it’d be tough. But hats off to you, watching every game is one thing, watching every game live in the european time zone is brutal!

            Yeah, per Sky you can get ESPN America. But since I’m not living at home with my parents anymore, which I did in 2010, it’s not really helpful to me anymore. But hey, it helped me to become a fan, so I’m grateful. 😉

            Your remark about learning every day on this site is absolutely correct. I’m now beginning to read every comment in here as well. At the beginning, I was mostly scrolling down and read only the first 5-8, at least if there was no interesting discussion going on. But there are some users out there from whom I can learn a lot of things as well.

            Bjoern – man I really hope he has a fine career. And I really, really hope he’s not drafted into the NFC East. 😀 It’s really tough to watch Markus Kuhn at the Giants. Normally I would cheer for a fellow countryman, there aren’t too many of them in the NFL. :) But that’s obviously impossible. 😀

            The problem with Werner and the Eagles is scheme. I think he’s a good fit for teams looking for a 4-3 DE who rushes the passer almost everytime. Like Trent Cole. The Eagles definitely don’t need that.

            I would have loved it if the Eagles grabbed Vollmer, though. Very solid Right Tackle who knows the no huddle hurry up offense extremely well. But Belickick took out the checkbook for him, apparently, so he wasn’t there for the right price (if he would have been interested in leaving the Patriots in the first place).