Eagles Wake-Up Call: Kiper Expects Offers For No. 4 Pick

Earlier this week, we discussed the possibility of the Eagles trading down out of the No. 4 pick.

And while many believe teams at the top of the first round will have a tough time drawing significant offers, ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. thinks the Eagles will get some calls.

“You’re going to get offers because it’s not costly to be up there,” Kiper said. ‘It’s a case where there’s going to be some hot players, and the hot players are going to be those left tackles. Everybody seems to want to go up and get those guys. After [Luke] Joeckel goes, if he goes one, that’s going to make Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson two possibilities for teams that are going to look to move up.”

The tackles seem to be the players to watch. Joeckel, Fisher and Johnson are the clear-cut top three options. It seems likely that Andy Reid and the Chiefs will go with one of them. But the Jaguars and Raiders at two and three could go in a number of different directions.

One team that has the ammo to move up is the Miami Dolphins. But Armando Salguero of The Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins like Joeckel and Fisher much more than Johnson. There are plenty of smokescreens this time of year, but that’s something that could work in the Eagles’ favor.

Meanwhile, one option for the Birds with the No. 35 pick (second round) could be Florida State QB EJ Manuel. But will he still be there? Kiper said he loves Manuel, but has some concerns.

“I just saw a kid who didn’t go through progression to the third or fourth option,” Kiper said. “He’d go one, two, and underneath.  Didn’t have to read the whole field, read half the field, that’s a concern.  At times he made inaccurate throws, questionable decisions. That’s a concern. I didn’t see him take his game to an elite level despite having elite physical and athletic skills.

“On the numbers alone he’s first round. He tests like a first rounder. I thought his performance was more like a second or third rounder. Do the math on that, you’re thinking late one, early two.”


In his Twitter Mailbag, T-Mac discusses the Tavon Austin possibility.

Is Geno Smith the next Tony Romo? Here’s the latest draft buzz.

The Eagles traded Dion Lewis to the Browns for linebacker Emmanuel Acho.

Here’s our latest draft profile of Oklahoma offensive tackle Lane Johnson.

DeSean Jackson talks about the Geno Smith possibility.

The Eagles have released linebacker Ryan Rau and three others.


NFL Network’s Mike Mayock tells Paul Domowitch of the Daily News that he doesn’t think Florida’s Sharrif Floyd is a great fit in a 3-4.

“I don’t think 3-4 teams are going to be very interested in Sharrif, unless they intend to use him like Houston uses J.J. Watt. The base 3-4 teams typically are looking for longer, bigger guys to line up head up on that tackle.”

Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz.com would not be on board with a Geno Smith pick:

I will be highly disappointed if the Eagles use the #4 pick on Geno Smith.  If they trade back and take him, I’d be more comfortable, but that wouldn’t change the fact that I’m just not sold on Geno.  Greg Cosell has pointed out the “slow eyes” issue.  Geno is a smart QB, but as Ron Jaworski says so perfectly, a QB must process information quickly.  Geno doesn’t do this.  He’s late on his reads and decisions.  I’m not sure that can be coached out of him.  The situations in the NFL will only be tougher.  Receivers will be less open.  Pass rushers will be bigger, faster, and stronger.


Draft, draft and more draft!

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  • I don’t see Oakland or Jax taking a tackle because of such strong needs elsewhere, which means one should fall to us. Would love to move back a little bit, preferably still in the top 10 but if Miami comes calling at the price is right then I say go for. There’s a few players I’m iffy on at 4 but would be happy to take at 12.

  • BlindChow

    ESPN’s NFC North blogger speculated the Lions might be interested in taking a tackle with their pick (#5), which means anyone below them who wants a tackle would have to trade up to #4 to guarantee one of the top guys…

  • Arizona at 7, SD at 11, and Mia at 12 are our most likely trade partners. Assuming Jordan is on the board I feel like we won’t trade out; howeve if he is taken by Jax or Oak the trade gates have opened. If we drop back to 12 we would more than likely be bale to pick up the 42nd and 54th picks in the draft, especially if it turns into a bidding war. That gives us 12, 35, 42, amd 54. Don’t get me wrong I would much rather have Jordan and whoever is available at 35. But if this is the senario we could look at a draft that would in the first two rounds give us Star Lotulelei or Jarvis Jones at 12; EJ Manuel at 35; Matt Elam or Margus Hunt at 42; and Kyle Long at 54. That is the QB of the future and 3 day one starters! Thoughts?

    • Zach Reese

      It’s always hard to judge draft trade value from year-to-year (and the trade value chart is very outdated), but we would be incredibly fortunate to get both 2nd round picks off of Miami. The more likely scenario would be receiving both of their 3rd rounders, or just one 2nd. Best case scenario could land us a 2nd and 3rd (which I think the Eagles would jump on in a heartbeat (especially if it involves pick 42 rather than 54)

      • I agree that those expectations are a bit lofty but if you have three teams going for that pick the value increases supply and demand. At a time like that the value chart can be thrown out of the window. We could possibly throw a 4th round pick to them, but it is feasible.

    • Richard Colton

      11 or 12 is the absolute lowest I would go, and there’s no guarantee that any of those players would be there. I’m not sure that dropping from 4 to 12 gets us 2 second round pics, but if it does…

      Not to mention, the players you’ve mentioned in the second round have been getting a lot of late first round love in recent mocks. Check out NFL.com and CBS. Elam and Hunt both going in round one. Your thinking is sound – I mean, somebody has to drop, right? But what if the Birds drop 8 spots to 12 and get a #2 this year and a #3 next year? We might be talking about a deal that looks like this: Dion Jordan for Jarvis Jones and Kyle Long. Do you prefer that? Or Eric Fisher for Star Lotulelei and Keenan Allen. Where do you think the value is?

      • My thinking from the gate is if Jordan is available you don’t pick up the phone. If it is one of the desired tackles then you think about moving back. Personally if we did trade back I would only consider going back to 7 with Arizona. However Miami has the ammunition to be agressive and move up. I dont thik it is completely out of the question that they do offer up both 2nd rounders if they like Fisher or Joekel that much. Especially with the likes of Detroit at 5, Arizona at 7, and SD at 11 all in need of an OT.

        • Richard Colton

          The way you feel about Jordan is how I view Joeckal/Fisher. Too close to a sure thing. The great dream on draft night is to trade down and get two great players for the price of one. Guess I prefer the %’s; I’ll save the gambling for Vegas.

          • haha I can dig it….

          • Geagle

            Colt…a lot of people think that in a normal draft Fisher would be the 15th pick…Joekel is a pass blocker, so he would always be a top 10 pick. I like Fisher but not more than Lane, Lewan, or Jake Mathews

          • Richard Colton

            Well. He’s rated higher than Russell Okung (#6 in 2010) Tyron Smith (#9 in 2011) and Matt Kalil (#4 in 2012). It’s possible he goes lower than 5 if there were some top-flight QBs in this draft. I still think #4 is outstanding value for this kid. I suspect we’ll be having this argument until about 8:45 PM on the 25th (which is awesome)
            You could legitimately make the same argument about Jordan. Where does he get drafted if Clowney is in the 2013 class?

          • Geagle

            Yeah we literally could make the same exact argument about Dion…such an interesting and fun draft year…Where the hell would have Clowney been drafted if he came out last year? Now that’s an interesting question…The rams probably would have drafted him, and who knows where RG3 would have ended up

      • devCal

        how bout this..
        if at 4, jordan is available, along with one of the tackles, we call up the lions, and offer them the 4th, in exchange for the 5th, and a 3rd round pick?

        • Geagle

          Holy shit man, now you are speaking my language…There is literally NOTHING that would make me happier on that Day, than us getting Jordan and a pick for letting an OT fall to the Lions…I think it would probably be a 4th instead of a 3rd, but a 4th in this draft is very valuable….This actually could work, but only if…Fisher and Joekel are both off the board when we pick at 4, the lions would then be really really desperate for Lane Johnson…and I THINK that’s a game of Chicken that Howie could win. lions would be forced to give up a 4th, just in case Howie isn’t bluffing. I can’t believe people talk about how the Lions might draft a DE or a CB…screw that! There is no chance that they want anything close to as bad as they want to draft a condom for Stafford(get it? Protection hahahah)…..good stuff DevCal

        • Richard Colton

          Do you do that trade if you’re the Lions? A third round pick for one spot? You KNOW that no matter what, the Eagles will claim that the player they wanted at 4 fell to them at 5. The Lion’s fanbase will be calling for the head of the GM if that move gets done. I’m all for it, I just can’t remember a time in draft history two teams flip-floped back-to-back picks.

          • devCal

            point taken. however, last year, the browns and vikings traded with each other. 3rd for the 4th.

          • GGeagle

            did they? what was the compensation? I dont even remember

          • devCal

            ” The Browns gave up their fourth, fifth and seventh-round picks in draft to pull this off.”

          • Geagle

            Ae you kidding? Anything after drafting Jordan is gravy…id take a 7th. if we can get a 7th, 5th and 4th…I would bow down to Howie. getting 3 picks and Dion Jordan at of round 1 is the number 1 dream scenario possible…You will be able to get a good RB, or NT in Round 5, and some pretty darn good players in round 4

          • GGeagle

            I doubt they would do it for a 3rd, but I certainly could see them getting possibly a 4th, if not a 5th….Stafford and Calvin have been there for a while now. Its time for that offense to shit or get off the pot. They just invested in Reggie Bush…I think they might be desperate for Lane,Joekel,Fisher enough to give up a 5th, possibly a 4th…and if we wanteds Dion all along, then anything we can get out of them is Gravy. Heck you wouldnt tell them NO if they said we will do it for a 6th or 7th…you might talk shit and play a little hardball trying to hold out for a 5 or 4th, but in the end you take whatever you can get if you are still going to get the guy you would take at 4…
            and If Im Howie, and they try to win this game of chicken, I take the OT at 4, and teach them not to Fock with Howie “Splash” Roseman in the future…Bet they draft Dion Jordan real fast at #5 and call us up appologizing. If Howie pulled that off, than he is a BOSS and I would never say a bad word about him again! lol

    • I agree if D. Jordan is still on the board pick him up if not ….. Make the necessary trade to add picks so we can get this shit rolling

      • Geagle

        Yeah that’s exactly where I’m at…If Jordan is there at 4, take him and run(RG3 will immediately start having nightmares at a rare player who can neutralize his body and athletic ability landing in his division)..If Gus Bradley pays us back for passing on him and drafts Dion, then let the bidding war begin for the number 4 pick

    • Jdimagg

      Jarvis jones, Matt Elam, Kyle long, and mangus hunt. Give me 3 of 4 and I’m ecstatic. Wait to draft a qb next year. 6 better than any available this year including my ideal pick for chip’s O- taj boyd

      • Geagle

        TAJ BOYD ALL DAY! I need Dion and Kyle Long, I’m willing to compromise on the rest of the picks lol

  • Sig

    This is my list of players that I would like to see the
    Eagles draft with the number 4 pick. This is if they do not trade up or down.
    This is assuming everyone is available at number 4.

    1. Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida

    Why: Fletcher Cox and Sharrif Floyd. This would make the
    interior of the Eagles defense scary. No more talking about our big guys up front being undersized but high motor types. We would have two playmakers up front stopping the run and collapsing the interior of the pocket making it very uncomfortable for RGIII, Tony Romo, and Eli Manning to move around. He is young (21 I think) and is only going to get better. Our defense would truly be build from the inside out. Add the young players we have on the roster rushing from the outside (Brandon Graham, and Vinny Curry) and people might once again fear our defense.

    2. Luke
    Joeckel/Eric Fisher, OT, Texas A&M

    Why: This is the most logical pick for the Eagles. Draft a player that will hold down the LT or RT spot for the next 5-10 years. This adds
    depth to the line and versatility. If everyone comes back fully healthy from last year, then we would have a very strong offensive line. If for some reason the Eagles are faced with injuries, they will have options. Moving Todd Herremans back to his natural Guard position would be a good option. If Jason Peters is not back to form you can move one of the Rookies to LT and keep Todd Herremans at RT. The Eagles would most likely be adding a day one starter and have some flexibility/depth. This is probably the smartest pick, adding depth
    to an injured/aging OL. It is just not very exciting.

    3. Eric Fisher/Luke Joeckel, OT, Central Michigan

    Why: Same as #3

    4. Dion Jordan, DE/LB, Oregon

    Why: A lot of people have Jordan locked in at the number 4 spot. He is a freak of nature and can play both the SLB and the WLB. He would most likely compete for the starting Sam spot because of his ability to cover TE. I would not be upset with this pick and could see Jordan becoming one of the more feared defenders in the NFC East. If they take Jordan here it would indicate that the coaching staff does not feel confident about the DE/LB on the current roster. If Trent Cole, Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry can be successful at LB in the 3-4, then this would allowing the Eagles to draft else where with
    the number 4 pick.

    5. Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

    Why: Some say his is the most athletic Tackle in the draft. His
    conmbined numbers were off the charts, and he had a great showing at this year’s senior bowl. Johnson would fit well into Chip Kelly’s spread offence. If the Eagles feel like he would be the best fit for their OL then why not pick him. I’m not sure if he is as consistent as Fisher or Joeckel (yet), but if getting out into the second level is considered a must, then he should a good addition to an already athletic OL.

    6. Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah

    Why: Two reasons he is at number six and not higher. When
    the news came out about his heart conditions I really had seconds thoughts about him. Secondly he is much older then the Sharrif Floyd because he took a year off after his freshman season. He is more versatile and might be a better fit for the Eagle’s defense then Floyd. He could play the 5 technique or play some NT. He is a force in the middle and would help the Eagles have a nasty defensive front. He was cleared by doctors and had one hell of a pro day,
    putting up a solid 40 time, along bench press. I would be very happy with Star at the number 4 pick. This would indicate that the Eagles feel confident about his medical condition.

    7. Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

    Why: Picking the top CB in this years draft sounds great. He
    would come in and compete with the new free agents. He reminds me of Sheldon brown, with more upside, a good tackler, and does not allow the big play. He is good in run support and has skills to make plays when the ball is in the air. You can never have to many CB in the current passing NFL. With some of the NFL’s best WR in the NFC East, the eagles are going to be matched up against 3-4 WR sets. It would be nice to add a physical DB to our depth chart.

    8. Chance Warmack, G, Alabama

    Why: The idea of having a perennial pro-bowler on your team
    for the next 10 years is what picking at number 4 is all about. Chance Warmack is as close to a lock to be one of the leagues top guards in the next few years. He would sure up the OL for the Eagles leaving no missing peaces. This would allow Danny Watkins to be the backup for left or right guard incase of injuries. This would give the Eagles some depth on the OL. The only negative would be that the Guard position is not considered to be overly important when
    it comes to drafting in the top 10. As an Eagles fans I would have to disagree. Watching Danny Watkins struggle to play on the right side last year really killed our offence, leaving whoever was at QB dead in the water. The Quarterback has to have confidence in all 5 of his OL men. With a guy like LeSean McCoy in your backfield a strong mauling guard is invaluable.

    9. Exekiel Ansah, DE, BYU

    Why: Ansah’s upside could be similar to that of JPP. He is a
    tall, long, and thick DE/OLB. He is relatively new to the game of football, so he has a long way to go and a lot of little things to clean up technically speaking. He could be one of those players that with in 2-3 years will be a regular all-pro/pro-bowler. If the Eagles front office feels they can turn this guy in to one of the leagues top pass rushers then he is definitely worth the 4th overall pick.

    10. Sheldon Richardson

    Why: He is very athletic and could be a force in the DT/DE spot. Very
    similar as Sharrif Floyd, but I do not see as much upside. Not sure how productive he would be at the 5-technique but could be a great player on passing downs lined up next to Fletcher Cox in his first year. He is a playmaker and a good defense can never have enough players that can create big plays/turnovers. Versatility is also a strong part of his game, as he was lined up anywhere from LB, 4-3 DE, and DT. He also has the ability to drop into coverage.

    *It was very difficult to leave Tavon Austin off my list. If Eagles end up with this kid I would would not be upset in the least.

    • Richardson and Floyd as good as they are, are scheme specific for a 4-3 defense. Your tackle options I couldnt agree with more as far as Joekle and Fisher but Johnson you could fall back some a pick. Jordan is my favorite pick of the bunch but I have a bad feeling that he is getting picked by Oak or Jax. Star I think offers decent value and could be a conerstone of our defense. Anash has value further down the draft but not at the 4th pick. Dee Milliner does not carry value at the 4th pick and IMO is a border-line top-10 talent, I didn’t see that before but after looking at tape again on him he is a bit overhyped. Chance Warmack no matter how good is a reach at number 4 for the guard position.
      Therefore the pick for me would be Jordan 100%. Assuming he is off the board, which ever tackle between Joekel or Fisher would be option number two. Option 3 would be to trade back and pick up another one of the aformentioned players. Solid list though!

      • Sig

        I agree that the guys in the second half of the list should be picked later and are more trade back prospects. I think at first guys like Floyd and Richardson are more traditional 4-3 DT. Floyd is only 20 right now and he is only going to get better. In a passing league (NFC East) having two 3-4 DE who can collaps the pocket would be awesome to see. A guy as talented as Floyd can play anywhere on a DL.

        • Geagle

          in a 3-4, 4-3Under fronts…I actually think Sharrif could be a heckuva Jay Ratliff type NT, but then you would need a beefy Run Anchore like Hankins, Star or a NT type like Brandon Williams as your 5tec

          basically I wouldn’t use Floyd as a 5tec, I would make him our NT….and get a big body to eat up blocks at 5tec

      • Sig

        Really if we can not get one of the guys in the top 4 Floyd/Fisher/Jockel/Jordan then i would like them to trade back. Hoping they can stay in the top 10 or 12 if deal is right.

        • Geagle

          If you like 4 players, and you have the 4th pick…how could one not be on the board at 4? Lol

    • LostInChiTown

      This is why trading back is a good option in this draft. It’s actually possible the Birds also have all these guys ranked close together in value. In which case, why not trade back to the 7-10 range? You get equal talent, plus a third round pick? 2014 2nd?

      • Richard Colton

        Sure. But if my scouts told me they had 10 guys all rated the same at the top of the draft, I’d tell them to scout harder. Not to mention – if (big if) you have two players graded out equally then (and only then) it’s permissible to use need to break the tie.

        • LostInChiTown

          True and agree. But if the top two guys rate a 97 and the bottom two rate a 90, is that close enough to say you come out ahead with the 90 and an extra third?

  • Wesley Baldwin

    Trade down with Miami …. Pick up picks and draft some great second rounders

    • Richard Colton

      Reminds me of the Japanese car company that bought the Hollywood movie studio. Well (said the studio) we’re going to make 10 movies this year. Three will be hits, four will be bombs, and three will break even. We expect a profit of xyz. Wait (replied the car company exec) what if we don’t make the bombs?

  • B-West

    Somebody floated the idea in a previous board about trading out of 4 to gain assets in next year’s draft, and then using those assets to acquire a QB in what should be a better QB draft class. (Sorry for not giving credit, I couldn’t find the comment when I went back.)

    This is very interesting to me. The importance of a QB is a given. If you don’t think this draft class has your ‘franchise QB’, its not the worst idea to trade down and pick up future assets in the process. Then you have more to offer in a trade up the board, a la the Redskins with RG3.

    • Here is how I think about the QB situtation…EJ Manuel if he can be had with the 35th pick. Give him a year and change to see if he can cut it. If we are going to gather assests to make a splash in next years draft splash and pick up Clowney!

  • Lets go birds

  • nicksaenz1

    I think the hardest time I have with the draft charts is that while they do a good job of observing the pick value independently, that very independence of other factors limits it. I would love to see a model based on the old CBAs contract values assigned to those picks tied in (when it was constantly escalating), as well as one for the new CBA, since the contracts have been significantly reduced. It ties so much into the value of the picks, as well as perceived value of the player, that these charts, while very useful, are pretty limited.

  • h

    if fisher is there, i think they can get a first second and third from miami

  • cliff henny

    let’s say eagle drop from 4 to 12 w/ miami, def a possibility, could gain 2nd, #42 and 3rd, #77, to do this. then, trade 12 to 31 to 49ers, for early 2nd, #35, and late 3rd, #93. these really arent outlandish trade scenerios(both teams have multiple 2nd and 3rd rounder so trade wouldnt deplete them) and probably shorting eagles an additional 4th and 5th rounder. just think of all the holes that could be filled by turning our 4th into31st, 2 2nds, 2 3rds a 4th and a 5th, plus our picks in rounds 2-7. like all the guys being mentioned at 4, for the most part, but reality is, we are very far away from one very good guy making huge impact. hopefully that wont be the case in a year or two

  • peteike

    I get the knocks on EJ but Id like to see the knocks on Kap coming out last yr, looks like they will go in a similar spot. I suppose last yrs draft class for QBs was much deeper so its all relative. Maybe these knocks are accurate in terms of reading a D but it sounds like EJ could fit a Kelly offense very well.

    • cliff henny

      Ej is one of the main reason i’m wanting to load up on picks. i could live with EJ if he was just a part of the 2nd round draft equation.

  • DubCat

    I like the idea of trading back, but sticking at #4 will make it hard to miss on a potenial all pro or at least pro bowler.

  • Bite Mee

    The best thing to do is to try to grab one of those tackles. We went a year without a left tackle and I never want to do that again.