Eagles Wake-Up Call: The Latest Draft Buzz

With the draft just 15 days away, here’s a roundup of the latest buzz.

Josh Norris of Rotoworld/NFL.com has a new mock out that includes a twist – projected trades. While he has the Eagles staying put at No. 4 and taking Utah DT Star Lotulelei, Norris predicts that the Cardinals trade up to No. 3 to take Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher:

The Cardinals can’t afford to wait until pick No. 7, just in case the Eagles, Lions, or another team trade up to target the remaining two tackles. Fisher and Johnson are more proven commodities than many prospects in this class, so they should go off the board early.

If Fisher or Luke Joeckel makes it to No. 4, the Eagles could definitely get a call or two. Of course, if the offers aren’t good enough, it makes perfect sense for the Birds to just draft the offensive tackle and move on.

In an ESPN Insider piece, Ron Jaworski ranks his top-eight quarterbacks. Jaws has Geno Smith first, followed by Ryan Nassib and EJ Manuel. He has an interesting comp for the Florida State QB:

I’ll be honest, when I first started watching Manuel on film, I didn’t really like him. Then, last week, when I broke him down a little more, he reminded me of another notable recent prospect: Colin Kaepernick.

With Kaepernick, I went back and forth a lot. Same thing here. I don’t like a lot of the negatives I see with Manuel — too many misreads, too many throws into coverage — but if you speak to NFL scouts and coaches, they’ll tell you that when it comes to projecting prospects, it’s more important to see the high end of the talent spectrum than to focus on mistakes. Once you know a QB is capable of making the great plays, you can spend time on eliminating the mistakes. It’s easier to erase flaws than to teach greatness.

Jaws doesn’t see Manuel getting out of the first round, but some mocks have the Eagles grabbing him with their second-round pick.

Chris Burke of SI.com offers a safe pick and a surprise pick for each team. He’s got Fisher as the Eagles’ safe pick and Tavon Austin as their surprise selection:

May as well go all out here, eh? Geno Smith is the obvious “surprise pick” candidate for the Eagles — it’s hard to tell if Chip Kelly is sold on Michael Vick and Nick Foles does not seem to be a very good fit for Kelly’s new offense.

Austin, on the other hand, feels like a natural for the Kelly spread. Just imagine him in the slot, flanked by DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, with LeSean McCoy coming out of the backfield. Good luck defending that.


An All-22 look at how DeMeco Ryans fits in a 3-4.

Many analysts are projecting Geno Smith to the Eagles. Here’s the latest mock draft roundup.

Chip Kelly talks Michael Vick, draft strategy and roster-shaping.

Jon Gruden offers his thoughts on this year’s QB class.


Brian Solomon of McNabbOrKolb.com wonders whether Trent Cole could play 5-technique defensive end in the Eagles’ new scheme:

He’s no prototypical 5-technique defensive end, but Cole works there if you think more about the player and less about a rigid scheme. First, he’s still great against the run, which is that player’s primary job. Second, it allows him to keep his hand on the ground, rather than convert to a stand-up linebacker in his ninth season. Third, it keeps the team’s best personnel in the game, and actually aids scheme flexibility.

Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz.com isn’t sure Jason Avant will have a spot:

Jason has been a good Eagle since he was drafted in 2006, but he’s not fast, he’s not a huge guy, he doesn’t have RAC ability.  There’s just nothing compelling about him, besides having good hands and being a very polished receiver.  Is that good enough in the Kelly offense?


Plenty to get to today.

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  • GGeagle

    i can see avant traded to the broncos or Pats.
    Comparing EJ to Kap is just lazy. They arent similar to me
    If we had to make any DE a 5tec, I would prefer Cole intead of Curry

    • Sig

      After reading this article, a trade with New England for Avant seems logical. I would be sad to see him go because he is a great football player, and a great leader. I can just see his numbers really bumping up in an offense like the Patriots. Hope there is a spot for him on the roster.

      • Richard Colton

        what do you think the Pats give us for a 29 year old possession receiver? Multiple 1st round pics? Possibly the 2005 Lombardi Trophy they stole?

        • Sig

          I was thinking more Tom Brady and Gisele in a package deal. Gisele would be the deal breaker.

          • Sig

            Player for player trade

          • Richard Colton

            I’m in, let’s call Bob Kraft. I’d say even up to the Jets for Revis, but SI is reporting the Tampa Bay trade is basically a done deal.

  • GGeagle

    I want to adress something. Yes we are 4-12, yes we are rebuilding…but I dont think that means we have to count ourselves out next season…The past 10years there has always been 1 team each year that went from worst to first in the division…I dont know if that trend will continue for an 11th year, or if it will be the Eagles….but I dont think we should be assuming that we only win 6 games next year….Its funny, because the two teams I think have the best chance of going from worst to first in their division, are the Eagles and Cheifs….our division does not scare me. Everyone has crowned the Skins already, but they dont scare me….First of all, call me crazy, but I see a year two regression coming for RG3 a la Cam Newtons sophmore season…..A combo of:
    1)RG3 being less developed of a QB as people think…defenses will figure out a way to slow down the pistol, and RG3 wont cut it throwing to his first and 2nd read again this year. He will have to start going thru his progressions, and I expect him to struggle at times next year/….we are 4-12, yet I would much rather be us, than the Giants or Cowboy(and they have QBs)…
    I wouldnt bet on us heading back to the playoffs, but I dont see any way possible that we wont be significantly improved

    • knighn

      It’s a good thing you’re not betting on the Philadelphia Eagles heading back to the playoffs…

      It’s true: a lot of teams have gone worst to first over the last 10 years. But it’s one thing when “worst” is say 6-10 through 9-7 but it is another thing when the team has reached the special level of “BAD” required to reach only 4 or fewer wins.

      From 2002 through 2011 teams finished with 4 or fewer wins 48 times. Want to guess how many times those teams went to the Playoffs in the next season? 11. So, if a team finishes 4-12 or worse, based on recent history, there is a LESS than a 25% chance of making the playoffs in the next season.

      Oh, but it gets worse. Out of the 11 teams that made it back to the playoffs following a truly terrible season, only 2 have won a playoff game. ZERO have won two playoff games or more.

      When I have talked about realistic expectations for the Philadelphia Eagles for 2013, THIS is what I have meant: there is a slim chance that the Eagles make it back to the playoffs next year. If they do, there is a slim chance that they actually win a playoff game and next to NO chance that they win two playoff games or more.

      I absolutely have HOPE that the Eagles will significantly turn things around in 2013, but that is not my expectation. Both my hope and expectation are that the Eagles will be much better from 2014 forward. It simply takes time for a team to get much better when they have gotten that bad!

      • GGeagle

        we seem to have similar expectations…no shot of winning 2 playoff games, very little hope for winning 1 playoff game….I wouldnt be surprised to see us get a playoff spot, or 1 win short of a playoff spot……………..We were a pecial kind of bad last year more due to the injuries and coaching….I think there is no shot in hell that we go 4-12 with chip coaching a much healthier version of last years team…our secondary is already significantly improved, It was bad last year. If Cary Williams is the only one who stays healthy, our secondary will still be much better than we were last year…our play calling will be light years ahead of last year. Our Oline, by default cant be worse than the worst line ever…..With the roster we have at this very moment, chip can do alot better than 4-12….with a good draft, and a few other additions, who knows how much better we can be in year 1….I wouldnt expect us to make any noise…but I do think its possible for us to make the playoffs in this division…I have no idea how good we will be, but there is no shot in hell that we dont win at the very least 6 games. Thats our floor….I would say our ceiling is 9-10 wins(best case scenario)

        • knighn

          Based on the actual numbers above:
          – Less than 23% chance of making the playoffs
          – Slightly better than 4% chance of winning a playoff game
          – Virtually 0 chance at winning two playoff games
          There is a up side to this: if Chip Kelly’s Eagles do win a playoff game, he has beaten better than 95% odds and you can truly start calling him a genius.

          Incidentally, Andy Reid’s Chiefs, being in a division with another 4-12 or worse team have a much, much better chance (than the Eagles) of being a playoff contender next year.

          • GGeagle

            you have to understand…the results really dont matter to me. I just care about progress, growing as a team. No matter how much better a new team is in its first year together, they dont just go on to win superbowls…There’s a natural progression of a team at play…Its will take 2 years of playing together, no matter how much they improve before they are ready to really compete for it all….Knowing that, the outcome of this year really doesnt matter…if we go to the playyoffs, it just enforces we are on the right path. Whether we win 10 games next year, or 6…we are still atleast 3 years away from realistically competing for a superbowl…Success next year is good because it will be more fun for the fans, and it rewards players for buying into chip and working hard….but in reality next year doesnt matter, the year after doesnt matter…we might be significantly better, and enjoy a playoff war or two…but nothing matters but a superbowl and there is no chance of that happening before 2015…..lets just concern ourself with growth, player development, and getting on the right path..whatever success we have next year is just gravy

      • Richard Colton

        I don’t know. RGIII looked really good. Yea the pistol & read option might be to 2012 what the wildcat was in 2010, but Griffin looked good in the pocket too. As an Eagles fan, I want him to fail…but something about him tells me we’ll be dealing with him for a long time.

    • Sensei

      The pistol is a different animal than other trends in the NFL plus a lack of top flight corners in division could help Griffin so I don’t see much of a decline because of that only his injury but to your point I agree and would still pick the Eagles to win every division game because they are capable of that and have a shot at beating every team especially in division

  • GGeagle

    Heck, I would love the Eagles to come away with all these players: Sharrif, Lane Johnson, Dion, Trufant, Vaccaro, Jonathon Cooper, Justin Hunter……but it doesnt work that way. We need to prioritize….so what you start doing, is seeing which of those players you can find something similar to later in the draft,

    Oline and NT does not need to be addressed in round 1 of this draft, because there are NFL starters at those positions still available in round 4…

    Trufant: you can get a guy like Brandon McGee who I think has a chance at being a solid nfl starting Otside Corner in rd4..

    I can comfortably pass on Sharrif because I know one of these guys will be on the board at 35: Tank, Hankins, Sylvester williams….

    Vacarro, is a complete waste because there are starting safeties available in every round

    Why take Cooper when I can have Long,Barrett,Quessenberyy,Pugh outside of round 1?

    My obsession with Dion is how Unique he is. If we dont come away with Dion, we cant find anything like him later on..We can find an OLB rusher like Jamie Collin(I i LOVE), but he scares me in coverage…or we can go with an OLB who can cover like Jelanie Jenkins or Sio Moore, but they wont add much in terms of pass Rush

    People need to understand that the point of switching away from the 4-3 is so that Oline’s dont know exactly what players will be rushing the QB on a given play. For this schematic disguiise to work, you have to have an OLB who is as credible dropping back in coverage, as he is as a pass rusher, if not you might as well stay in a 4-3…Trying to play a 3-4 without linebackers that can drop in coverage….is like Andy Reid calling a playaction pass, when everyone knows we wont even consider running the ball…POINTLESS!!!……the scary part is, if Dion isnt avaiable at 4, I dont know wtf to do…Mingo, I HATE! He has a tiny, petite frame that wont be able to add weight as well as Dion…and Mingo doesnt have half the charecter as Dion, thus his bust potential is significantly higher than Dion’s in my mind atleast…Jarvis is such a question mark….If we cant get Dion at 4, then we have a PROBLEM that I have no clue how we will fix…yet if my target is Fisher, if he isnt available at #4, I can breath easy because I still have a million ways of fixing the line….I think Dion is Crucial…He is a very important part of the puzzle that will be difficult to find, if we cant get him at 4

    If there was a 97 available at 4, and the rest of the options were graded as a 91, then its a no brainer pick, you take the 97 regardless of the position he plays, and what you alreday have on your roster…But that isnt the case this year. All you will find at 4 is Parity, a bunch of similarly graded prospects…so if you are considering 4 players, and 2 are ranked 95, and the other 2 are ranked a 94…then you need to start prioritizing, and see which players you can find something comperable to later in the draft, which positions are the most important, who’s charecter do we believe in the most, how many different things can each prospect provide….

    • Tom W

      Unfortunately I think dion is going to go at 2 or 3 so what is plan B. Trade down to 12 and a 2 and late 3 or draft Lane Johnson/Joeckel (think andy will take Fisher) or Ansah or Floyd or Star?

      • GGeagle

        no clue man! I guess, I would probably take the trade down to 11, 12, 13…and hope Star falls to us, if not take Sheldon…worst case scenario one of the guards or trufant will be there….I doubt Lane makes it past 7, or I would def take him at 12I …Sheldon might not excite people now, but if he falls to the Cowboys, we will all be terrified, so sheldon shouldnt be scoffed at

    • Richard Colton

      You’ve probably written more about Dion Jordan than Dion has himself, and your argument is starting to win me over. But say your board is 1) Dion 2) Floyd 3) Joeckal 4) Fisher…and you have to agree, that’s a reasonable draft board. Say the pics are Dion, Floyd, Ansah…in that order and the best deal you have on the table is the #16 plus St. Louis’ 2nd round pick plus a 3rd round next year. What do you do?

      Doesn’t it make sense at that point to draft OT? I really don’t get the people who want to paint us into a box. We have to draft D first! We can only draft OT! We have to take a QB! The Eagles must take the best available long snapper in round #4! The best NFL drafts I’ve ever seen are the ones where the GM is flexible, works with scouts, accepts that need is part of the equation, and trusts the board. Ohh, and has the cojones to say – “the hell with what the fans think in April.”

      • GGeagle

        Normally, Im all about BPA…but it doesnt exsist this year because of the Parity..Just for shits n giggles lets take a look at how NFL.com grades the top prospects:
        1)Luke Joekel 94.3
        Tie for 2nd and 3rd
        2)Dion Jordan 93.5
        3)Sharrif Floyd 93.5
        4)Fisher 93.3
        5)Millner(No shot we draft him) 92
        6)Ziggy 91.3
        So, basically we should be happy to end up with Dion,Sharrif,Joekel, or Fisher would break the tie by looking at versatility, charecter, positional value doesnt matter because they are all important positions, what he will bring to our team……….I will stand up and cheer if I hear any of those 4 names drafted, but I dont think I can see a case for how we could pass up on Dion if he is on the board. He brings the most intangables, versatility, and NO CHARECTER concerns…He is also a player that you cant easily find if you pass…I cant say that about the rest of the prospects that we are talking about…..but this Myth that Fisher is this head and shoulders BPA is BULLSHIT!!! Think about how much you like Fisher and how awesome it would be to have him…well Dion has to be doing something right to be graded similarly if not HIGHER than Fisher!!! People can like Fisher more than Dion…thats fine! but its not ok to talk about Dion as if he is some reach at #4

        • Richard Colton

          So in my (very plausible) scenario you would take Joeckal? Me too. I’d be just as happy with Jordan if it plays out: Joeckal, Fisher, Smith. I don’t want to reach for Lane anymore than I want to reach for Richardson

          • GGeagle

            Yes, I wouldnt scoff at Joekel or devalue him if he is available….however, I would seriously listen to trade offers for him(because Im assuming he is the juicy carrot that makes people want to trade up)…..If Dion is on the board, I take the phone off the hook and not even listen to offers…but thats just me….I dont see any other way to find anything like Dion later so I take the phone off the hook. I would love to have Joekel or Fisher, but Im atleast listening to and considering trade scenario’s if those are the guys Im about to draft…
            Word around Jax is that they narrowed it down to 2 players they really love..and then like 4 players they like….FOCKING BASTARDS, and Gus Bradley are going to break my heart, I know it!

          • GGeagle

            yes and NO…I would love to have Joekel, but I expect him to command the most trade interest…but if someone doesnt blwo us away with a juicy offer, I would definitely take him…
            YOu gotta go youtube the nfl sport science on Dion tho…its crazy! Its not indicative of football play…but to see what his physical skills compare to is crazy…he cuts with the same 40degree angle they measure in Arion Foster..His spin move measure like ridiculously faster than Freeneys, anfter which he gets up to 16mph in 3 steps…just crazy

          • southy

            I’d be happy with Lane or Richardson but not at 4. If we can trade back to 10 and get one of those guys I will be doing backflips.

          • Richard Colton

            Lots of teams are looking to trade back but stay in the top 11. Say the best deal is the #11 pitch plus a 4th this year and a 3rd next year. You making that deal? I’m not.

          • GGeagle

            COLT!!! No shot in hell I would accept a 4th and a 3rd next year! Rather take Joekel or Fisher if thats all they are offering

        • Say the pick is Floyd…do you think he has a spot on the defense? He is a traditional 3-tech. I dont see how he could play NT or the 5 tech. I think he is arguably the most talented player that could be available but again doesn’t seem to fit the system. If it is Floyd and Fisher on the board I am going Fisher. Again that files right into what you are saying with the parity of talent. 93.5 and 93.3 aren’t very far apart so go with the bigger need and more natural fit. There is a strong chance that Oak drafts Jordan.

          • GGeagle

            Yes, I do..I do agree that he should be a 3tec, but he played everywhere in College. I could see us using him as a Jay Ratliff type of NT, with a big blockeating anchor at 5tec….The real fun, with adding an explosive DT like Floyd or Sheldon will be on 3rd down when we line up in a 4-2-5..Cox, and Floyd/Sheldon rushing from the interior of a 4man front, is just Fockin scary!

    • JofreyRice

      gotta disagree, Sio Moore is an excellent passrusher. Have you watched him play very much or just a game or two? Not only does he have a great feel for the blitz, he can beat a tackle with his hand on the ground. Very versatile guy that plays with violence no matter what you ask him to do. Only knock is that he’s kind of smallish.

      What beef do you have with Mingo’s character? He seems like a good kid, as far as anything I’ve ever read about him. Agree he’s a rail, but both he & Dion look like ectomorphs to me. I could see either of them having a tough time putting on real weight. Dion put on weight after the season, but that’s probably a natural bounceback from the uptempo stuff that kept all those Oregon guys skinny. Casey Matthews put on a bunch of weight right after leaving, but really never moved up from there. Dion was playing at 225 in season, that’s crazy at his height.

      • Richard Colton

        +1 for use of the word “ectomorph”
        -1 for use of the word “caseymatthews”

        • JofreyRice

          haha! I have a sneaking suspicion that Casey Matthews is going to be on the final roster.

        • HAHAHA

      • GGeagle

        sorry, meant to list Sio as my pass rush concern….Why do you think Dion will have a tough time putting on weight? He added 10lbs already since the end of the college season, and did so with a torn labrum..Mingo’s frame is drasatically different…I dont believe in Mingo at all. I dont even know how to use him,,,sometimes I think he is a 4-3Sam…some times I get the impression that he can be a 3-4OLB….I just dont like him. I think he will be the major 1st round bust..just my humble oppinion..we can certainly agree to disagree on him

        • JofreyRice

          Well, I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know, but Mingo & LSU’s D played a ton of contain, to deal with the mobile QB’s they faced, so like Jordan, he was not allowed to pin his ears back as much as a guy like Jarvis Jones. I understand your concerns about his narrow frame, I share them myself. I do like the way he explodes off the edge, though. I think he’s got a great first step, and I think he shows a little more natural violence as a passrusher. I think he’s a weakside OLB in a 3-4.

          They both look like a hard-gainers to me. Jordan’s put on close to 20 pounds since the season ended, he was playing at 225-230 at Oregon. I kind of chalk that up to the way his body dealt with the rigors of Oregon’s defense. I can see Jordan being similar to guys like Jevon Kearse or Aaron Maybin–tall, angular dudes that just struggle to hold onto weight during the season. I do think Jordan has more versatility, but for passrush, I’ll take Mingo.

          • GGeagle

            an is only 3.4% body fat! Thats seriously the lowest body fat percentile I have ever heard of in an athlete…Jordan is the same exact size Jason Taylor was coming out of College(they had similar college sack production)…Dion is just a kid,..I( hope people understand how difficult it is to put on 15lbs of muscle with a torn labrum…and he has done it since the end of College(couple months)…He is going to hit the nfl strength and conditioning program and turn into an absolute monster…then his grown man strength will kick in, and he ill probably become unstoppable. That type of speed is just insane…..If I had the concerns about Dion’s frame putting on the weight, that I have with Mingo….I wouldnt want Dion

          • JofreyRice

            that BF% is almost too low. I really don’t see it as a foregone conclusion that he’s going to put on an additional 20 pounds. What makes you so sure that he’s going to put on weight so easily? The torn labrum?

            I think he’s a really smooth athlete that can help a team, but I just keep coming back to the fact that the guy has not shown the violence or strength to counter a tackle that just pushes him past the pocket. Speed, flexibility, and coverage skills, yes…but the violence & tenacity needed to be a top tier passrusher? I just haven’t seen it so far.

          • GGeagle

            n 15lbs of muscle in a few months since college ended, and he did it with a torn labrum!!! Do you understand how difficult that is to do? He has the same body Jason Taylor had coming out of college, yet he brings way more blazing speed…That kid has the frame to but on the Bulk…Once he gets healthy, and hits an nfl strength training Regime, he will be a beast…and in two years when his grown man strength kicks in, I have a hard time seeing how 30yr old NFL OT’s are going to slow him down, especially when he probably has more reach than most of them…I have dreams at night of seeing him get free on RG3 or Romo’s blind side, and EXPLODE into them at like 20 miles per hour lol….I know RG3 doesnt want to see Dion in the NFC East!

          • GGeagle

            Go back and watch the Oregon vs. Fresno state game, before he torn his Labrum…It will show you how people arent factoring his injury enough into there analysis…He was playing some serious, Physical football pre injury..Not exactly sure how people expected him to be Physical with 300LB Monsters, only having 1 arm……Just the fact that he played thru that Injury, at such a physical position…color me impressed

  • JG

    I’ve wondered about making Cole a 5-tech as well with Graham and Barwin as OLB but this is the first time I’ve seen anyone say it. He has always been good against the run and would present an additional threat as a pass rusher from that position. He’s only 15lbs lighter than some good 3-4 DE’s like Justin Smith and Darnell Dockett, although I’d worry about his durability over the season in that role. That would put Cox at the 3-tech though which may not be the best use of his talents.

    • GGeagle

      huh? COX’s best role is a 3tec in 4-3Under. He can do alot of things, but 3tec makes him an absolute TERROR…If I had to try to make one of our 3 Predators a 5tec, it would be Cole..but ideally, NONE would be my 5tec. Durability is a huge concern with Cole at 5tec. He wore down every single year as a 4-3DE, I dont see how he will hold up to the pounding and double teams of playing 5tec…Curry, could possibly grow into a player that can handle it, but I think he would transition to 3-4LB the best out of the bunch, so its kind of head scratching to see him as the one they are trying to convert to the line……….The issue is Cox can play any position. He could easily be a great 5tec, but THAT would be a waste of the Havoc he could create as a 3tec..
      I think the world of Cole and Graham as 4-3DE’s…Cole I would certainly trade and take the cap hit. I hate to say it, but he isnt young enough of an asset to warrant keeping as a square peg in a round hole..and Im not so sure that Brandon Graham will even get a contract extension. I could see Barwin moving back to the open side next year where he had 11 sacks, and Dion taking over at SAM….Graham, could be kept because he doesnt really need to learn to drop back in coverage if he is a Predator…We cant just pay Graham and Cole a combined 10Mil so they can share the predator Role,.Especially, since Id rather see Curry get the back up Predator snaps, than Cole…Hate to say it, because he was a warrior, but Trent has to go

      • I have been saying the same thing for a while now. I just don’t see Cole as a good fit for the defense anymore (as much as it pains me to say it). I think we have to bite the bullet and unload him for the best compensation possible. I loved his play and attitude but times are changing, personnel as well. I’m trying to get people on this Margus Hunt train, can be had with our second round pick and he is a legit 5-tech DE.

        • GGeagle

          I dont hate Hunt…but there are 5 tecs above him on my round 2 wish list:
          Best case scenario: Tank Carradine or Jonathon Hankins…..then Syl williams, Jesse Williams….then Hunt!..
          If we are looking for a Justin Smith type of DE, than I would rather have Carradine than Hunt…Carradine might not make it to 35, Hunt probably will..
          But for the Hybrid I think we are going to play, I think space eaters like Hankins and Jesse Williams are much more valuable. I think keeping lineman off of Demeco and Kendricks is more important than getting a pass rush out of the 5tec….Demeco had a the best Eagles season in the passt 15years in terms of Tackles and tackles for a loss…and its frigging UNBELIEVABLE for him to have accomplished that in a scheme that did him NO FAVORS. Our Dline didnt keep lineman off Demeco, they pinned their ears back and tried to rush up field…yet Demeco was still able to do all that he did on a new team in his first year on a sinking ship? Can you even imagine how much better he could have produced if our Dline actually kept Lineman off of him? Find a 5tec that can command a double team, and I promise you will see Demeco produce as one of the top inside LB’s in 2013…..Hunt doesnt fit that bill. The hybrid is created to get a pass rush from the SAM,Predator and 3tec…sure I would love to get pressure from our NT and 5Tec as well, but first and foremost they need to keep the LB’s clean

          • I think Tank is a 4-3 end and is more of a pass rusher than a run stopper. Sly Williams seems to be a 4-3 DT and Hankins and Jess Williams I like just not as much as Hunt. Could you imagine Dion Jordan in the first and Hunt in the second?

          • GGeagle

            I would love it, because Im a defensive guy…but I fear we would be irresponsibly be neglecting the Oline…Kyle Long or Pugh in round 2 seem Juicy to me…I will say that Hunt could possibly fall to us in rd 3, or I wouldnt be oppoesed to drafting him or long in rd 2, then trade back into rd 2 from rd 3, to get the other one…I think Kyle Long just brings so much to our line…staqrting GUard, already established in chips uptempo system, nasty as all hell, can backup the RT….f we wait til round 3 for Oline, the best we can hope for is a Barrett Jones, Quessenberry, Brennan Williams type…
            so many fucking players I like, not enough picks…is is not the draft to not have extra picks…soooo aggrivating. lol

          • Love the idea of Long…a lot. We will have to draft him in the second so trading back into the round would be necessary. I think that is where players from the previous regime will come in i.e. Foles or Cole. Hunt will not get past the top ten in the second round. Some project him to go in the first to NE. Remember as strong as this draft is in OL next years draft is supposed to be even better as far as OTs are concerned.

        • It’s easy to say we should just take best compensation possible for Cole, but there very well could be none available. With a huge contract full of dead money with a ton of wear on the tires, it’s hard to see any team reaching out for him. Ageing vets in the NFL with big contracts are going to way of the dodo.

          People are so quick to write off Cole, but I don’t think his jump to the Predator role is going to be bad at all. He’s essentially going to be a 4-3 DE. He’ll be a situational pass rusher, just like he has been the past 2 years. He’ll stand up sometimes but he can also keep his hand in the dirt.

          I’m not quite willing to put all my eggs in the Graham basket. He’s been great in limited snaps and has earned a closer look, But I’d like to see him play a full healthy year before I get rid of Cole completely.

          • Sig

            I am anticipating a good year out of Cole.(but what to I know) With the influx of passrushers we have to share the load at the “Predator”position I don’t see him getting as worn out over the course of the season. I don’t see any reason to force him to play out of position. There is plenty of time and opportunity to add interior linemen.

            I look at guys like Jared Allen who are much older then Cole but are still producing at a hight level. 30 is not always a death number. If he is used correctly, which I think CK will do, there is no reason he can’t put up 8-11 sacks this year.

            Side note, just watched highlights from Vick in 2010. Man if he could get back to making plays like that with CK’s offense, we could be in store for a fun season. That is a BIG “if” and my expectations are low, but I can dream as an optimistic eagles fan.

  • Jmkrav

    I think EJ is more like Big Ben than Kaep.

    Only way we take Austin is if with a second 1st rounder. Maybe trade up from our 3nd round pick or trade back for STLs picks and take Austin with one of them. Unlikely.

    • BlindChow

      We’d probably have to throw in our 4rd round pick, too.

    • JofreyRice

      Yeah, can’t see the Austin and #4 overall talk. Would anyone draft Percy Harvin #4 overall? I love Percy Harvin, but that’s too damn high. And Austin is not nearly as powerful a runner, and about 25 pounds more likely to be seriously injured.

  • BlindChow

    “Nick Foles does not seem to be a very good fit for Kelly’s new offense.”

    He means Foles isn’t a good fit for Kelly’s old offense. We don’t know what his new one is going to look like.

    • GGeagle

      We dont know what Foles will be, so no one can say if he fits or not, this imaginary playbook that everyone seems to have… I will say this, if Foles develops into a top 10 pocket passer, THAN he will be a FIT for EVERY SINGLE HC. Do I know he will grow to be a top 10 pocket passer? How could I? Only a fool would claim to know either way after 6 games…..Good pocket passers are scarce, there arent alot to go around. When you dont have a quality pocket passer, you have to start to find other ways to move the football, and thats where the running QB comes in….when you look at this years QB market: Vick, Alex Smith, Carson Palmer and Matt Flynn were literally the ONLY options you could even consider….aLEX sMITH IS PROBABLY THE BEST of the bunch, but he isnt that much better than the others…Vick was the one we could get without giving anything up….now after that, the rest of the QBs available were all 3rd tier players that would be competing for a 3rd QB roster spot. If you are chosing between slop, wouldnt it make sense to choose the slop you are familiar with, Dennis Dixon?…
      Everyone saw this college option, and the fact that there are 2 mobile QBs on our roster, in theory….when in actuality, LB’s and Dlineman catch Vick from behind now, and how much mobility does dixon actually have left?….Foles is the one QB that seems different from the rest…yeah, well the probably with that reasoning is the “rest” is FOCKING SLOP, and Foles by default, age/lack of experience has POTENTIAL, the rest of the slop doesnt…..yet people are so convinced that Foles is the odd man out, when in reality, he could take a year two leap, grasp the offense significantly better than Vick…and be significantly better than the rest of the slop we have at the position….Or Foles wont take a big 2 year leap, and show that he is nothing more than a backup…both are possible, so jumping to conclusion’s is dumb….but IMO, jumping to the conclusion that the only QB we have with any potential AT ALL, is the odd man out, well to me thats an even dumber conclusion to jump to!…Does anyone actually think that if Howie put a gun to chips head this very moment, and told chip, right now, you have to make a decision, you only get to keep one, we have to immediately cut the other….does anyone actually think Chip would chose a 33yr old Vick over a 24yr old Foles?. Lurie is commited to chip, chip plans on being here a while…does anyone actually think he would ditch potential to keep a 33yr old, who even if he can by some fockin miracle return to 2010 Vick, would only give chip AT BEST 2 years, and NO lombardi trophy? vick was an easy, and available option…nothing more, nothing less…If we didnt want Foles, he would be in Kansas City right at this very moment, and we would have two 2nd round picks…But Foles is here, so get used to it, and stop parroting silly lines about how he doesnt fit…unless you care to show me the playbook…WTF was Pat Shurmer kept for, if we were just gonna run zone reads up and down the field all game?

      • Tom W

        Although I dont necessarily want EJ (even if we get an extra 2d in a trade w Dolphins or Chargers), am I correct that Foles gets automatically traded if we draft EJ (or less likely Vick). You wouldnt want to developmental qbs on your roster (if we kept vick) w foles and EJ so presumably they would trade foles (or cut/trade vick. Wouldn’t the eagles almost have to have a trade in place for Foles agreed upon before draft if/when they draft EJ so Foles value doesnt plummet bc other teams know we wont be keeping him? I see a team like the Jets who have done nothing about adding competition at qb — Rex needs to win now so a rookie qb doesnt help but maybe foles who has started and shown promise is more their styles — and luckily for them he is dirt cheap so they can afford him for say a 2d or next yrs’ first … they will have extra picks w revis trade. I could accept a 3d but I would rather not.

        • JofreyRice

          I would take whatever they can get for Foles; something > nothing. I just don’t see a future for him with Kelly. Maybe I’m wrong, but everything they’ve done so far leads me to believe Kelly wants a guy who can run the read-option a good amount of the time. I think they target a developmental guy, and have Dixon as the backup to Vick.

        • GGeagle

          If EJ is drafted, my assumption is Vick wil be dealt, either day 2 of the draft, or in camp when some teams QB gets injured….Drafting EJ means, EJ is your QB of the future…Foles handled the fire in 6 games of experience..Chip will feel comfortable enough playing him, and seeing if maybe he can be something better than we expect, while we wait for EJ to take over…WHat would be the point of keeping Vick? in 2 years when EJ is ready, is Vick going to be his 35yr old back up? Foles would probably eventually be traded, unless he made the most of his time while EJ develops…but I dont see a scenario where Foles is traded before we even know what we are trading away…thats just bad business in my humblest of humble oppinions

      • I’m not going to lie, I skip most of your posts because you don’t seem to know how to format a paragraph.

        • GGeagle

          im not going to lie…plenty of people interact with me on a daily basis, for me not to give a damn whether you read them or not…sorry, but if my fucking phone doesnt allow it, wtf would you have me do? Mental note, dont read adams…K, now we are even. enjoy your day lol

          • chris

            children, play nice

          • devCal

            dude, wait till you’re in front of a laptop or somethin, otherwise, yes, only half of your posts get read (as in, the first half).

    • JofreyRice

      I get that point of view, but do you really expect him to do something vastly different than he’s done at every other level he’s coached at? He might have had QB’s that didn’t run *as much*, but from what I understand, he’s been running some version of an uptempo zone based read-option since his days at New Hampshire. Couple that with the acquisitions they’ve made, and prospects they’ve been linked to, and I think it paints the picture that the Eagles offense is going to have some major similarities.

      I mean, do you think Andy Reid is going to start running power on every play in KC, even though his RB & Oline is much better than this QB? Maybe Kelly really is a different bird, but I have to think that Coaches do have offensive philosophies that are somewhat static.

      • BlindChow

        Andy Reid is a poor example, as he’s coached in the NFL for years, while I think Kelly is going to make some changes as he converts to the pros. There have been a lot of articles asserting how different the NFL and college are (and how Kelly will have to adapt his offense in order to be successful); I do not expect a carbon copy of what he’s run previously.

        Mostly I just took exception to Chris Burke’s surety of what Kelly is thinking at this level.

        • JofreyRice

          See, I don’t really take issue with what Burke is saying. For me, connecting the dots leads me to believe they are going to feature the read-option. Foles said himself that kind of thing is not in his skill set.

          Let’s say they really do have a “QB Competition” between Vick (suited for Read-option) & Foles (not) with Dixon (suited), Kinne (suited) and one of the draft picks they’ve been linked to, Manuel (suited), Matt Scott (suited) or Geno Smith (suited) in the mix, as well. A competition is going to be about who performs the best in Kelly’s preferred attack–he’s not going to tailor an offense to Nick Foles to give him the best shot, he’s going to see how Nick does in an offense he believes will put the most points on the board for the Eagles. Likewise, in season, I don’t think he’s going to have a separate offense for him & Vick.

          I don’t find it inconceivable he’s bringing the uptempo read-option in large part to Philly. I don’t expect a carbon copy, but I do expect a lot of the same elements, because they’ve been proven to work at the pro level already. You have teams running successful offenses featuring extreme uptempo (New England, Denver, Baltimore) and teams running lots of read-option with ZBS (Washington, Seattle). Kelly’s O at Oregon just combined the two, mostly–it’s not like his basic playbook was running hook and ladder and Statue of Liberty plays. It’s fundamental numbers mismatches, and then exploitation of those mismatches with the passing game. Seems pretty translatable, really, and I think at the end of the day, that part of it is more important than the tempo.

          Just my two cents.

          • Mr. Magee

            Jofrey, what you say makes perfect sense… which is why I cannot for the life of me figure out what Kelly is doing here hanging on to both Vick and Foles. One of them has to be gone before the start of the season; if that person is Foles, why wasn’t he traded in order to get something in return??

          • JofreyRice

            Yeah, that’s the part I can’t work out either. The only thing I can think is Foles gets moved to someone either on draft day, or directly after–a team that doesn’t feel good about their QB situation. Maybe the Eagles just don’t want to move him for less than a 3rd rounder, since they just spent that on him less than 12 months ago?

  • Absecon

    I think Cole, Avant, Graham and a few others are all “Reid” players…size, style, etc. They will all be gone as soon as they can be replaced on the roster. I enjoyed their heart, contribution, and effort as part of the Eagles family, but time to move on. New game in town….

    • GGeagle


    • I would agree with you on all except Graham. I think Graham can turn into a decent OLB, but we will have to wait and see. Excited to see where this thing goes.

  • jabostick

    I would understand Avant not making it (and know it’s inevitable one of these years) but he’s easily been my favorite player the past several seasons.

  • JofreyRice

    I think Avant’s a bit underrated. He gets open and makes really tough catches on third down. I like that Kelly has a clear vision for what he wants in WR’s, but I like the idea of slowly bringing those guys in, rather than throwing productive players overboard because they don’t fit the mold.

    • Septhinox

      I don’t think he’s underrated at all. He is what he is. A reliable hands WR. No STs, no return ability, no RAC, no red zone ability combined with just 2 touchdowns in the last 3 seasons, gives him nothing really to rave about.

      • JofreyRice

        He caught 75% of the balls thrown at him and didn’t have 1 drop all season. Saying a guy is just a reliable hands receiver is fine until you are in a situation where you need a reliable hands receiver to run a 7 yard route on third and 6 and come down with it. I think Avant does that. He can also runblock his ass off.

        If they can replace him with someone better, yeah, I’m all for it. I don’t see Damaris Johnson or Riley Cooper as that guy. Maclin in the slot? eh, I like his ability to get open in the redzone, and I do value that, but he is not good at contested catches, and goes down at the hint of a defender near him. He might give you more explosive plays occasionally, but I don’t know I’d trade out the consistency.

    • southy

      … a la Asante Samuel for a 7th rd pick. I’m still bitter about that one.

  • JM

    This may have already been mentioned, but I have a sneaking suspicion that with all the spread and 3-4 wideout formations, our sub package is going to be just as important as our base package. Obviously we don’t know definitively what they are going to run as a sub package, but I really hope that the talent we have on this team is configured to fit both schemes to maximum potential.

    I may be in the minority, but I’m hoping they keep the talent we currently have on defense to at least evaluate throughout this year — let’s see what we have and how we can make it fit to disrupt the different offensive strategies that are becoming more and more popular.

    Would Cole make a great 5-tech? I have no idea, but even if he didn’t… could he be a massive force in our sub package rushing the passer, provided he wasn’t so worn down from playing every down throughout the season? I think there is talent here, and as long as we draft the way a team should and don’t totally strike out as we have in previous years, I think we have some building blocks that could make for an exciting team.

    PS. Is anyone else REALLY looking forward to see how much impact Tom Gamble has on our drafting? Looking at SF drafts, and having to watch the Giants and the Packers consistently kill it in the draft each year, I am absolutely itching for our team to get into the higher tier of teams that have consistently solid drafts year in and year out.

  • I just saw a mock that out ND TE Tyler Eifert in the second round (highly unlikely) but how awesome would that be if he was available to us with our second round pick. I would abandon all of my clamoring for Hunt if Eifert was still available.

  • I literally sent you an email this morning about Cole playing a 5-tech. And then I see this. Who is spying on my mind? I need answers.