Eagles Work Out OT Lane Johnson

The Eagles worked out Oklahoma tackle Lane Johnson on Friday, a league source confirmed.

Adam Caplan was first to report the workout, which was held away from the NovaCare Complex.

The 6-6, 303-pound Texas native was an all-state quarterback in high school and played the position some in junior college as well. He started out in Oklahoma as a tight end and defensive end before eventually transitioning to tackle. He played on the right side in 2011 and was primarily a left tackle last year, starting all but two games there.

Johnson ran a 4.72 40 at the Combine.

A sample of his draft profile from NFL.com:

Uses his athleticism well, displaying good foot quickness to mirror pass rushers off the edge to deny them the corner and adjust to their inside moves. Easily reaches second-level targets when pulled outside or stepping up in the box, and sustains the block. Generally plays with good pad level and balance despite his height, and can fire out from a three-point stance and generate a bit of push on run plays. Johnson’s feet keep moving through initial contact, allowing him to get into the correct blocking angle while engaged. He also uses his hands and length well to maintain distance with the defender. NFL coaches will like that he plays with an attitude, as he looks willing to hand-fight with defensive ends, usually landing multiple strong punches, and will consistently finish blocks with a strong arm extension.

Caplan is certainly high on him.

The primary concern seems to be his lack of experience as an offensive lineman. It doesn’t appear to be affecting his draft stock too much, though, as Johnson is a borderline top-10 pick in many mock drafts. Mel Kiper’s latest mock-up has Johnson going to San Diego at No. 11.

Most consider Johnson the third-best offensive tackle in the draft behind Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher, both of whom are expected to go early. The Eagles have some options assuming they are high on the former Sooner. If they have a similar grade on Johnson as they do the more heralded tackles, they could conceivably trade back and still land a desired target. Something to keep in mind.

Here is some video of Johnson at work, courtesy of DraftBreakdown.com

For a full list of workout and visits, click here.

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  • http://twitter.com/Lez215 Dutch

    I really like this “Dancing Bear”….. he has a high Football IQ so understanding blocking concepts and responsibilities should not be difficult for him to digest in a fast pace environment. Being athletic and intelligent with sound technique are all qualities that should serve him well at Right Tackle and later as Peters replacement on the left side. This kid could give the Eagles 10 good years each better than the previous.

  • Eagles4Lyfe

    Lane Johnson just overall seems better suited for the type of O we’re more than likely going to be running under Chip. And I like how it seems like he has a little nasty streak in him.

  • PaoliBulldog

    Oh my Gawd. To start college as a QB and wind up playing LT at Oklahoma is pretty amazing. And a 4.72 40? Take that, Manti Te’o.

  • Andy

    Looks like a big, strong, mean dude.

  • GGeagle21

    This is the BIG TICKET..not that BS Fisher and Joekel crap!
    I just read a report that Travis Kelce ran a 4.60 flat, which is Blazing speed for a man his size. The report goes on to say he is very Physical in the blocking game…yada yada yada, nothing I didnt know already….but then it says: “Charecter Issues will push him to rounds 3-4″…………What are these charecter concerns sorrounding Travis Kelce? I have never heard anything of this sort attached to his name before….can anyone shed some light?

    • sa_eagles

      Travis was suspended for the entire 2010 season due to a “violation of team rules”. I couldn’t find much more detail than that though.

      • GGeagle21

        yeah, but I have been searching all damn day, and I cant find out wtf happened? I wouldnt be surprised if he beat the crap out of one of his teamates or someone on campus (knowing his older brothers charecter)

    • PaoliBulldog

      Big bro will bust out a can of whoopass.

  • peteike

    maybe theres a small chance that if they trade down they can still get him. At least I think he would be one of the targets in that scenario or Warmack.

  • HowieDon’tKnow

    He looks really good. Unfortunately, I am sure the Birds lack someone who can really evaluate whether this guy would be a better pick than the others that are likely to be available. I sure would like to know what Ozzie, Bill B or Mickey L thinks of this guy.

    • cliff henny

      nope…Gamble. go look at 49ers last 3 or 4 drafts.

      • HowieDon’tKnow

        They got a lot better when the 49ers hired Baalke as the GM. Baalke is a real football guy and Harbaugh to work with. Our GM is not. We’ll see about Kelly and how much the 3 amigos listen to him.

        • GGeagle21

          our GM seemed to have HANDLED HIS BUSINESS in last years draft:
          Cox,Kendricks,Foles,Boykin,Kelly,Bryce…and you have the audacity to bad mouth Howie “Splash” Roseman?

  • http://www.philthycanuck.com/ Adam

    Interesting.. people don’t want to take a prospect on defense that is “raw” or has “potential” but they’re alright with this pick? This guy has all the athletic ability in the world but he’s new to the offensive line and has questions about whether or not he has NFL strength. You are very much banking on his upside,

    40 times are great but I don’t put much weight into it when it comes to offensive linemen. I couldn’t care less how fast my tackle can run in a straight line.

    • ICDogg

      I’m big on upside whether on defense or upside, so taking a raw prospect is OK with me. It’s all a balancing act, though, any way you look at it.

      It seems to me, though, that you wouldn’t take Johnson before Joeckel and Fisher. If those two tackles are off the board along with Geno Smith and we’re at 4, someone will be very motivated to trade up with us to take Johnson, as there is (allegedly) a pretty big drop off in tackle talent after him.

      • http://www.philthycanuck.com/ Adam

        I completely agree, I’m all for upside as well. I just see people saying Dion Jordan is a bad pick because he’s too raw, but they’re all for taking Johnson. Both have a lot of similarities though, Big athletic frames, relatively new to their position, scored well at the combine etc. You’re banking on upside with both of these guys.

        • Richard Colton

          Fisher is to Lane Johnson as Jordan is to Ansah

        • GGeagle21

          RAW isnt always bad, because a positive about lacking experience, is having formed less bad habbits that need to be broken. I believe the draft is about 2 things: Potential, and Charecter. How many prospects that had all the potential in the world, combined with the charecter to bust their ass, and never stop until you become great…have went on to become Busts? How is that even possible? You can achieve anything by outworking everyone, as long as you dont have any glaring Physical limitations thats are just too much to overcome(and thats rare, because alot can be overcome with supperior technique)…It does happen, just look at Tim Tebow, the highest charecter just couldnt overcome the limitations….but when you are chosing in the top 5, you are only considering the best of the best athletes, with the most potential….so, I put alot of stock in CHarecter and Versatility… If Watkins had charecter, would you really be counting him out? If Watkins lived for football, refused to ever quit and stopped fighting, and worked tirelessly to improve, would you have written him off already?
          If you have supperior freak Physical skills…and you wired to LIVE the game of Football, work tirelessly at your craft until you achieve greatness…how do you become a bust? (Injury not withstanding)….

          • A_T_G

            Sorry, not to be that guy, but didn’t all those red lines bother you when you typed this up?

            Character, habits, superior, a lot

        • ICDogg

          Yep. It all depends on what you like. The reason I’m not high on Jordan as much as some of the other guys is that I don’t see the explosiveness and violence as a pass rusher that I see with Ziggy and a couple of the other guys. I do think Jordan would be a very good player for us and fill a need, but there are others I prefer.

          • GGeagle21

            fair enough! Dion certainly isnt the only player that can help us

    • Phils Goodman

      The difference is that you don’t need excuses for Johnson’s lack of production. He went in at RT and excelled immediately, then he changed to LT this year and earned national and conference honors as a stand-out by the end of the season. He dominated good competition head-to-head at the Senior Bowl as well. He’s also at a position with historically lower bust potential in the top 10.

      As for a legit knock on him, he looks top-heavy but he says he is focusing on lower-body strength over the offseason.

  • Septhinox

    He’s like a young…Jason Peters.

    • Richard Colton

      right, remember Peters started as a TE

    • Mac

      Smart, athletic, and has a nasty streak. Instant upgrade to o-line… I want this guy, trade back or not.

      I like to think of him as an athletic version of John Runyan… lol

  • Richard Colton

    It’s a banner year for O-linemen, could see Fisher, Joeckal, Johnson, Warmack, Cooper go top 12. When’s the last time four O-linemen went before the first QB?

  • chloroformdreams

    The tape looks good, I’ve been backing DJ or maybe Star at #4 but I’ll support anyone but Milliner, even Geno (but I’ll still root for Foles). Jason Babin has no nipples.

  • http://www.facebook.com/todd.orange.1 Todd Orange

    My thought is that you can hope that a team like Arizona (our favorite trading partner) is really interested in someone at the fourth spot. You trade back to the eight pick. Looking at this years Trade Value Chart we could give them the 4th pick and our 4th rounder and get the eight pick and their second rounder. That sounds very appealing to me.

    • xlGmanlx

      When is their second rounder? Is it within the top 40 of the draft? Two seconds that early could put us back into the 1st if there was another player Kelly wanted to pluck. What would be clutch is if Howie could get them to give us a 3rd, which we could take and plus Cole and maybe get into the 2nd and swap 3rds.

      Or if things fall our way somehow this year (2 years in a row?) and we can trade back one more time to pick up another 3rd and still get a top talent in the top 10. I’m hoping his approach and eye for talent are the real deal and set the NFL on their heads for a couple of years.

      • http://www.facebook.com/todd.orange.1 Todd Orange

        They have the 38th pick. So that means rather than give up a fourth round pick we have to balance out somewhere else for the values to work. Still I think it is conceivable and we are able to get an OT that is athletic and has a little nasty in him. Someone earlier compared him to a more athletic Runyan (I think that is an excellent comparison). We should probably stay with our two second rounders and draft BPA at both spots, this is a team with many holes. You can look for secondary help as well as a possible 5-tec DE. Then we have our third round draft pick and we could possibly trade Foles (as it pains me to say he doesn’t fit the system) and get a second third round pick. That is a possible 5 guys in the first 100 which is an awesome start to rebuilding the franchise, as l

        • http://www.facebook.com/todd.orange.1 Todd Orange

          …long as the evaluations are done well.

        • http://www.facebook.com/todd.orange.1 Todd Orange

          So if this were the case my dream first three round would be 1. Lane Johnson; 2. Margus Hunt; 3. Jonathan Banks; 4. Kiko Alonso; 5. Travis Kelce. Then in the fifth round you take the best NT available.

        • xlGmanlx

          As great as Floyd/Star/LT1a,b,c/Jordan at 4 would be, if Howie could some how wheel and deal, pick up Ziggy, johnson and long by moving back? I don’t know if you could complain about that. A possible starter in the DB and DL could be had in rounds 3-6.

          • http://www.facebook.com/todd.orange.1 Todd Orange

            I don’t think any maneuvering can happen that will land you Johnson and Ziggy.

    • Lukekelly65

      I think the team to look at is Miami i saw on twitter that they love Lane Johnson if they can convince them that we have really interest in him at 4 maybe they move up from 12…They have two 2nd (42, 54) two 3rds (77, 82) so they have the ammo to make the move.. If howie can move back 8 spots and pick up a extra 2nd and 3rd i think that leaves us in a great spot because of the middle round talent in this draft (rd’s 2-4)…also dropping down to 12 would leave us in an ideal spot to take a long look at Tavon Austin if hes still available… another possible target at 12 could be Kenny Vaccaro as well

      • http://www.facebook.com/todd.orange.1 Todd Orange

        I love the thinking but in order toile tht trade happen we would have to give a little more back to Miami. Their 1st and one pick from the second and third carries more value than our first round pick. I’m also not so sure that Miami a team with considerable holes would be willing to make that trade.

        • GGeagle21

          Miami is being splashy because they are fighting for a new stadium…Thats why you saw them have the dream team part Duex Free agency…I can see the SPLASH trend continue and them trade up into the top 5………If we were to move back to 12, my wish list would be(Lane wont last):
          1)STar Latululei(Possibility of him still being on the board)
          2)Sheldon Richardson
          3)Call me crazy, I might actually consider Tank Carradine at 12
          4)Jonathon Cooper(although I would much rather get a Guard like Long who can also fill in at RT for you)
          5)Desmond Trufant (I wouldnt even draft Millner at 12 lol)
          I really like Tavon…but I dont like drafting a kid in round 1, that I already know will miss time due to the big hits he will take…whats the overs/unders on concussions in Tavon’s pro career? He is however a very scary weapon, especially when your coach is Tavon….I would however like to see Tavon switch his style, and pattern himself after a Marvin Harrison…Become the most crisp route runner, make the catch, and get down ASAP

        • Lukekelly65

          I understand a 2nd and 3rd is wishful thinking but i think if we could get a 2nd plus a mid rounder that is still good value also i think the reason Miami went out and spent so much in FA was because they saw themselves as a team with alot of holes so they signed a group of players to fix that ( i disagree i still see them as a team with many needs) but if they feel confident with their signings they might think they just need to add one more piece to be a real contender and seeing as they let Jake Long go and Johnatan Martin is more of a RT they could think Lane Johnson is their guy

          • GGeagle21

            Luke…I dont think expecting a 2nd and a 3rd from a team with two of each is that crazy. Maybe we would have to throw in a 4th round pick or a pick next year or something…but I see that not only as very possible, but I defiitely think Miami is one of the teams that would seriously want to move up…You have already pointed out the need they have for OT. People talk about us needing OT, now thats a team that NEEDS OT! I also really believe that alot of the splashy moves we are seeing from the dolphins is because they are trying to drum up as much of fan interest because they are in the middle of in a battle to try and get a new stadium, in a market that hasnt traditionally done that well….So if the 4th pick rolls around and Goddell says the Eagles have traded the 4th pick to the Miami Dolphins, it will just be more ADDED excitement for the fanbase, which is another inch towards convincing the city that need a stadium….I see miami as a very possible trade partner, because they have to jump ahead of the cardinals if they want a OT..but depending how the first 3 picks unfold, Miami might have to jump the Lions as well, because they will certainly draft either OT or DE..Because the Chargers, Cardinals and Lions all have a BIG need for OT’s, philly might be the desired move up spot for the Dolphins.

          • Lukekelly65

            That’s a good point about them trying to get a new stadium..if they do make they move and slide back to 12 i could see Vaccaro or Xavier Rhodes being great fits i really like Rhodes hes 6’2 and he tackles well his speed isn’t that best but i think he has good enough speed to be a good CB i like how physical he is and he wouldn’t be pressured to start right away which is a good thing

          • GGeagle21

            Trufant is my fav corner in this draft..I also like both Xavier and Jamar Taylor more than Millner….I wouldnt be opposed to secondary help at 12, but its hard for me to advocate for it, when a guy like Star could fall to 12, and Sheldon Richardson would probably still be available…Front 7 before the secondary.

  • GW.Fisher

    I’ll take him as my pick I traded down to get. But I better still be in the top 10 and pick up at least a 2nd.

  • JofreyRice

    Impressive athlete at that size, and not as raw as Armstead. Would be better to play this guy “out of position” than Joeckel or Fisher. His ceiling is tremendous, but whoever drafts this guy is going to have to live with more mistakes than you’d get with Joeckel or Fisher. Those two are like machines, the same almost every play; this guy’s still kind of building that snap-to-snap consistency.