Nnamdi: ‘I Wanted It To Work Out So Badly’

Philadelphia Eagles CB Nnamdi Asomugha.Nnamdi Asomugha isn’t making excuses for his two down years in Philadelphia, but insists that the dip in production had nothing to do with age.

The newly-minted Niner took part in a conference call with Bay Area reporters Wednesday night, and was asked why his two seasons with the Eagles did not work out.

“I tried my hardest for it to work out. I believed all the way up until the end that it was going to work out. I wanted it to work out so badly,” said Asomugha, via CSN Bay Area. “I wanted to win in Philadelphia. I wanted to be great in Philadelphia. I wanted everything to fall into line and work out, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. I think the more level-headed you can be during those difficult moments is how you bounce back, and I think I’ve been pretty level-headed about it. I don’t like to sit and talk about reasons why it didn’t work out. It doesn’t feel right to me.”

Just two seasons removed from being the hottest free agent on the market and landing a five-year deal with the Eagles with $25 million guaranteed, Asomugha signed a one-year contract in San Francisco with exactly zero dollars guaranteed. The Eagles are paying him $4 million this season so he is still being well-compensated, but the modest deal he got from the Niners shows just how far his stock has fallen.

The 31-year-old addressed the doubts that he can still play at a high level at this age.

“Yeah, I know it. Like I said, I know what things went wrong and didn’t work in my favor. I know how those things are fixed. And I know the level I can play at,” he said. “So that’s where I stand with that. I don’t think it’s an age thing. I think it’s based off of not playing well during a difficult two years and being removed from that situation and that environment and just having a rejuvenated opportunity.”

Asomugha added that he has had a chip on his shoulder every year that he has played in the league, but ” it’s bigger this year because of the adversity I went through in Philadelphia.”

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  • borntosuffer

    Well, it did work out badly.

  • Tyler Phillips

    If he plays well for San Fran…. I’m not sure what I’ll break, but I’ll break something

  • 91eaglesboy

    WTF!..y did they sign this guy?

  • eagles4lyf

    U got exposed last year..2 picks in 16 games is pathetic..save your breath brodie man.

  • Kristopher Cebula

    he’ll probably make the pro bowl next year

    • cliff henny

      which guy? the one who cant play zone? the one who cant tackle? the one defenses dont even account for in run game? the one who has terrible ball skills? the one who lost at least a step? plus, there discussing making him 3rd cb…he’s even worse on the inside! yeah, not a big concern…guy was a fraud, SF is taking a look, doubt they’ll like what they’ll see

      • Warhound

        They may bring him in on third at an outside spot ands slide the starter inside.

  • cliff henny

    not many Eagles i hate, they deserve respect for what they leave on the field…but Nnamdi, flat out POS! players lose a step-it will happen. they might get a contract for more than their talent-hey, i’d sign a 25m guarentee in my blood, cant blame him there. but him just running from tackles and his flailing arms like a little schoolgirl at safeties was too much for me. by end, was sick to my stomach that he was wearing eagle’s green.

    • GGeagle21

      he is a player we should all make an effort to never mention again..we should refuse to acknowledge that he was ever an eagle…wish the MIB would come erase my memory or the NNamdi era…Fraud!!!

      • GW.Fisher

        He even made DRC look goo…nah, who am I kidding? :0)

  • George

    Hell be a damn all pro and ill be pissed as hell about it every day. Unless williams and fletcher are amazing and the eagles win, in which case I wont care

  • addicted2mula

    It was the “wide nine ” that ruin things. Why u think eagles and lions are changing. And our defense was never horrible like that but they were last two years under wide nine

    • GW.Fisher

      The Lions brought in Jim Washburn to coach their D-line this year. Change you can believe in, eh?

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    He did walk into an extremely chaotic situation but he reacted about as poorly as he could have. When things get tough you don’t want a guy like that in a position of leadership. He might bounce back being an extra guy for a contender, but he shouldn’t be counted on.

  • Run Eagles Run

    I dont have the hate most people seem to for nnamdi. yeah he played bad. everyone played bad. really, really, really bad. and nnamdi got most of the hate because of his contract. thats part of the the deal, you get the big bucks, you are gonna get the praise when things go well, and all the shit when things go bad.

    well, things never went well for nnamdi. and certainly there was major issues in communications with the CBs and the safeties. nnamdi was exposed, big time. but shit, if the eagles drove a truckload of money to your door, would you be like “hey guys, nah, Im not worth that money. give me like 2 mil a year.” fuck no, you greedy hypocrites would take every penny.

    the guy has taken his shit and eaten it. get off his back, be glad that the secondary is going in a new direction and wish him well. the hate is just uncalled for. if he was the one problem with the secondary it’d be different, but thats not the case. yeah, he fuckin dogged it. but to paraphrase something DRC said after a game, guys were playing to not look bad on tape the next day. they were playing safe, and not on instict. they were playing to try and keep their jobs essentially. no communication. that leads to a lot of finger pointing, and ugly football.the lockeroom was a black hole. nnamdi playing at pro bowl form wasnt going to save that secondary. I would have dogged it to, especially with every drunk shithead eagle fan up my ass every home game.

    • GW.Fisher

      If it wasn’t for him working harder to make sure to point out Coleman or Allen immediately after his guy torched him yet again I’d cut him slack. And I lost some respect for Coleman for not jacking this guy up in private over that crap.

      • Run Eagles Run

        its very easy to say what YOU would have done, to say how you WOULD have handled it… but guess what, youre full of shit. You cant say what you would do, because you are sitting behind a computer at your shitty day job, you dont know what being a pro athlete is like and neither do I. which is why I was say “bye bye nnamdi.good luck and goodbye”. I dont hate him, I hate the organization for the shit product they trotted out the last two years. Im not gona be rooting for nnamdi, but the wasted emotions some philly fans still have for him is sad. Philly sports fans are all about negative energy. Its pathetic. Some of you people sound just like Boston fans, and it makes me want to vomit. grow the fuck up, children. Hating nnamdi is like hating a brick wall. its fucking pointless. You sound like jaded exgirlfriends who still bitch about their ex who didnt live up to their expectations.

    • This is absolutely ridiculous. First off, he is a professional athlete who is making top tier money. Like an any athlete, if he signs on the dotted line and takes that money he has an obligation to perform at that level. If he doesn’t, us as fans have every right to criticize his play. At the end of the day, we as a collective pay his salary.

      I understand that the entire secondary played bad. But no one was making the kind of money Nnamdi was. At the very least, you expect him to do a competent job when the ball is thrown his way. He can’t control everything, he can’t make plays when DRC is thrown at.

      I’ll buy the whole no communication thing for some of his bad play. But the fact is, Nnamdi played terrible in almost all facets of his game. He was burned on the regular, couldn’t make a play on the ball, had no closing speed, and couldn’t tackle.

      If he was getting death threats and people were trying to hurt him, then yes I would say that’s uncalled for, but other than that, cry me a freakin’ river buddy. He got us for millions of dollars so I wouldn’t feel to bad for Mr. Nnamdi.

      That being said, I blame the FO more than Nnamdi for allowing him to be on the field as long as he was. We all got duped into thinking he could get over that hump.

      • Run Eagles Run

        ” First off, he is a professional athlete who is making top tier money. Like an any athlete, if he signs on the dotted line and takes that money he has an obligation to perform at that level”

        what if he was never that good to begin with? are you four years old? cause that is the most retarded logic I have ever seen, hahahahah!!!!

        • Name calling is a great way to have someone take you seriously.

          • Run Eagles Run

            haha like I give a shit if you take me seriously. you’re a dumb person. you probably take a game of hungry hungry hippos seriously.

    • Wilbert M.

      I have zero respect for any professional athlete who “dogs it.” Dogging it when you’re making over a half-million a game is utterly disgusting, no matter how bad the team or coaching is. Sorry, but I could never say “I would have dogged it to(o)” under any circumstances. Dogs (like Nnamdi) have extremely poor character, no matter how many philanthropic activities they’re involved with.

      • JofreyRice

        And rightly so. I was really surprised to hear the Nnamdi was the negative influence in the locker room, never pegged him for that kind of dude. I think his last play as an Eagle is a great microcosm for his time here. Beaten in press man coverage by a rookie WR on an NFC East rival’s squad, and just openly holds him and draws DPI, because it would have been a TD, otherwise. Benched for Curtis Marsh.

        You have to give the Nnamdi apologists credit, though. They stand by their guy, no matter what. Get burned in zone coverage? Castillo’s fault. Get burned in Press Man? Coleman sucks. Committ PI when he’s beat? Blame Allen. Can’t defend the Run? Wide 9 failure. Can’t make a play on the ball? Sun in his eyes. Become a locker room cancer? Blame rest of team.

        • I don’t even think it was all Nnamdi apologists, it was anyone who watched him play in Oakland try and figure out just what the hell happened to this guy. It’s honestly mind boggling to try and figure out? Was he just bad to begin with? Confidence shot? Week in and week out we all just waited and hoped that all of a sudden the light would come on and we’d get the Nnamdi we paid for.

          But alas, it never happened.

        • Run Eagles Run

          who is apologizing for him? he was awful! THE WHOLE SECONDARY WAS!!! You have to give the Nnamdi haters credit though. They hate him when he is on another team and not our problem anymore, that is dedicated hatred, bordering on insanity.

  • Zachary Kahn

    Heres where it gets me. Did Nnamdi walk in to a circus in Philly? definitely. Was he asked to play too much zone? yes. Did Castillo try and use him in ways he wasn’t used to? thats obvious. But bottom line: go watch the tape of him in that last game against the Giants. Repeatedly beat in 1-1 coverage. Not enough speed to catch up when he gets beat, and even with good coverage he seems to have no ability to play the ball in the air. It goes without saying he can’t tackle, but the guy stopped even trying to jam guys by the end because his confidence was so shot. Good riddance. I think he can be an effective corner in SF but he will need LOTS of help.

  • xlGmanlx

    Meh……I put Wash and his treasonous behavior higher up on the failure scale than NA. Didn’t work out and everyone had eyes wide open….stuff happens. If Chip had kept him around I would have been shocked, but he gone, so lets move on. Things are way more exciting than hearing about NA.

  • Are the Eagles set at corner? Of course not. But there’s no way after he’s played the last two years you could have him back at that salary.
    Do I blame him for signing the contract? No. I blame Reid for offering it.
    But would gets me most PO’d about Nnamdi was that he seemed to pull a McNabb…never just taking the blame as a leader (whether he deserved all of it, some of it or none of it) after bad games. Always seemed to pont the finger. You’re a vet, you’re brought in for that much coin…you’ve got to be a leader. He just wasn’t.

    • Mr. Wu

      I don’t blame Reid for signing him and neither did anyone else when he did. Not a single one of us wasn’t excited as all hell when we picked up Nnamdi. Let’s not rewrite history just because he turned out to be worthless

      • I wouldn’t say my first emotion was excitement when Reid signed Nnamdi…i’d say it was confusion. Was that a pressing need? Was it a need at that cost? Then I moved from confusion to that feeling you get when you’ve been dooped. How in the “heck” was this guy considered an elite cornerback? I am anything but a Reid apologist and i’m not going to start now that he’s finally gone.

  • Mr. Wu

    “I wanted it to work out so badly, and if it wasn’t for that medling Kurt coleman I would have gotten away with it.”

  • GW.Fisher

    “I don’t like to sit and talk about reasons why it didn’t work out. It doesn’t feel right to me.”
    I’m surprised he didn’t bring a photo of Kurt Coleman to point the finger at…

  • knighn

    Nnamdi had so many people run past him – it was like he was handing out Gatorade!

  • Absecon

    Both Nnamdi and DRC were doomed from the start here. They came with the Castillo and wide 9 debacles. Castillo acted like Nnamdi was going to play every position on the defense, and DRC was put in the slot. Disastrous decisions. The wide 9 is a gimmick scheme, and as a result the DB’s were screwed. The whole nonsense about the safety’s being interchangeable and the roles they played in run support were flawed and led to confusion in decision making. I believe both Allen and Coleman, whether here or somewhere else, will be playing better this year because the stated scenario screwed them up just as much as NA and DRC!!!

  • Chris

    So pissed that i bought an Asomugha jersey when he first signed here…there’s NO way i can wear that to games now, i imagine the fan reaction would be worse than seeing a giants jersey at the stadium. Oh well, time to bring back the Westbrook jersey…