Nick Foles Believes He Is A Fit With Chip

During Nick Foles‘ session with reporters Wednesday, Jason Kelce and Todd Herremans — up to no good — ducked their heads in to check out the scene.

“Tell them how fast you are, Nick!”

“Yeah, tell them how fast you are!”

That got the normally straight-faced Foles to smile. He quickly reverted back to his stoic self, pushing through questions about how he, as a square peg, will fit Chip Kelly‘s round world.

“Chip hasn’t defined an offense, he just does up-tempo,” said Foles in his first comments since Kelly was hired. “I remember playing against him in college and it was up-tempo. I believe whoever the quarterback is, whoever is the leader of the team, you build your offense around that.

“I feel like I can go in and run anything. I love this team, I’m getting to know the coaches, and I’m here to compete.”

Competitive spirit aside, Foles knows he can’t “run anything.” This is what he said about the possibility of running the read-option under Kelly the day Andy Reid was fired.

“I think you know the answer — I have never ran the zone read; I’m more of a dropback [QB], but I’ve been under center, I’ve been in the gun,” said Foles. “If I can adapt I want to, but I’m not a zone read quarterback. Some people are gifted with different things, that’s just not one of my skill sets.”

Foles said Wednesday that he did run the option in high school “a couple times.”

Kelly has maintained that he will tailor his offense to the strengths of his players, and that mobility is not a prerequisite to play quarterback for him. Foles insists that he was not concerned about his future in Philadelphia when he heard that Kelly was tabbed as the head coach, and tuned out the trade rumors that surfaced shortly thereafter. The QB said that he and Kelly never discussed the possibility of a trade, and so operated under the assumption that he would remain an Eagle.

Foles  has an idea of the kind of offense Kelly plans on deploying here in Philadelphia, but had no interest in divulging the specifics.

Whatever it is, do you feel like you fit in it?

“Yeah, I do,” he said. “I wouldn’t be right here, right now if I didn’t. I think I would be somewhere else. Yeah, I believe I fit here, I want to be here. I love this team and I love this city. This is where I want to be.”

DeSean Jackson talked about the prospects of Foles operating in Kelly’s system.

“Nick Foles is a special player. Even though he’s kind of big and lanky I still think he’s able to have mobility and sling the ball and move up in the pocket and do some things,” said Jackson. “He’s never been in an offense like this before so it’s really hard for me to say how he would fit into it. When minicamps come maybe I’ll be able to answer your question a little better. But I think he’ll do fine. He’s a great quarterback.”

Kelly’s decision to bring Michael Vick back and sign Dennis Dixon helped bolster the theory that the read option was on its way to Philly. But Foles is still in the mix and is out to capture the starting gig, however odd the pairing may seem.

“You want the best quarterbacks possible to compete against one another, and Mike’s one of the best in the league. I believe that,” said Foles. “We want competition, we want the best quarterbacks. We’re all on the same team, we’re all going to compete against each other, and the guy that can score the most points and be a leader is going to be the guy. We’re all going to work together, and somebody’s going to be that guy.

“If you want to be a quarterback in this league, or even in Pee-Wee or something, you gotta believe, ‘Hey, I’m the guy.’ If you think, ‘I’m the backup,’ you’re going to be the backup. That’s how it is. That’s the mindset, always.”

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  • Tyler Thierolf

    Nick should have mentioned how New England ran a very high tempo offense effectively last season and that he how he likes his chances in the 40 against Brady.

    • GGeagle21

      hahaha Brady has the athletic ability of a 600lb woman, who has been stuck to her coach for the past 7 years! Foles will run circles around brady, than let that thang rip side arm! lol

  • GGeagle21

    love this kid! He gets it, and thats FAR FROM A GIVEN when you draft a kid at QB. Desean knows the deal! Would Kelce and Herremans really be messing around with him like this if there was any chance Foles would get dealt? I dont know who else needs to tell people that Foles isnt being traded…Our FO would never be so stupid…Who else needs to tell people that Foles isnt being traded? Howie has said it 600 times to the point he is now aggrivated when you ask him..Chip has said it to ad nasuem, Our owner even said it…Heck the fatman who we could have fleeced for Foles, even said it! Get used it Folks, there is a decent shot that ST NICK will be your guy!

    • nicksaenz1

      Hope he is instead of Vick.

    • southy

      Kelce and Herremans know nothing about who the front office wants to deal. That said I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

    • Howie has to be right about Foles, his career is riding on his decisions regarding Foles. If Foles does get the nod, he has to display exponential growth over his current body of work. In my opinion, depending on the defense, 8 losses isn’t going to be appealing.

      • JofreyRice

        Unfortunately, I disagree. Foles is a 3rd rounder, not 3rd overall. If he doesn’t pan out, so what? I think Howie’s career is riding on whom they choose as the long term answer to replace Vick if/when Chip decides that Foles isn’t a fit.

        • So was Russell Wilson and at this point, Foles is not Russell’s equal, nor does he measure up well against any of the other rookie quarterbacks in his class.

          • GGeagle21

            yeah cause you can friggin compare playing QB for the friggin seahawks to playing QB with: Dunlap,Bell,Mathis,.Kelly,Reynolds,Cooper,Maclin,Avant,Celek(playing the worst ball of his life), and terrible playcalling that every defense knew exactly what you were doing at all times, before you even thought about doing it…oh, and a secondary, that laid down everytime a reciever caught a pass……AWESOME ARGUMENT! thanks for the valuable contribution….As if the speed of the game slows down at the same time for all rookies. Compare Eli Mannings BEST 6 rookie games with the 6 that Foles had. The point is, any comparison is ridiculous! Different people, different learning curves, different coaching, different supporting cast….any judgement other than “shows some promise at this point, but still to be determined” is utter BS

          • You play the hand you’re dealt…… You either get going or get loss. Foles seemed to get loss. He was subject to the same system of support every other Eagles quarterback on the roster was subject. Do we now need to make special exceptions depending on who’s playing?

            Again I asked initially what are the Standards you are making your judgements? I’m not comparing Foles to any other rookies other than those who came out in his class and started Games in 2012.

            I compare him to only those Quarterback and no others. Why would being compared to his peers be ridiculous ?

          • MAC

            So same goes for Vick with playing the hand your dealt. Vick’s #’s and production were worse than Foles. If that is your attitude then there is absolutly no excuse for Vick. Listen man Eagles are not winning 8 games with Foles or Vick at QB. You can say you like Foles all you want, but you keep comparing him to a 10 year Vet in Vick and other rookies that were either pick 1 or pick 2 in the draft or played on a team like Seattle that was a legit super bowl contender. If you held Vick to the same standard you hold Foles you would be absolutely against Vick as a starting QB.

            Ok so lets look at your last question.Why would being compared to his peers be ridiculous ? Ok by those standards and I will play along we will compare Vick to other Veteran QB’s and disregard the line, injuries, coaching, etc like you are with Foles and like you say play the hand your dealt. So what is the excuse for Vick’s abysmal play versus say Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Manning, Brady, etc. since those are his peers and in your equation the other influences are thrown out the window. Vick in playing the hand he was dealt failed miserably. yet you support him a ton. I am not into fighting on here, but you have very bad perception on Vick and how you compare him to Foles. You need to be honest and if your going to say play the hand your dealt then there is no excuse for Vick. Also Foles is the only rookie qb in NFL history, to complete 60% of his passes while averaging 240 yards per game. Those #’s mean nothing? So how can you ever stick up for Vick if your mindset is play the hand you were dealt as you say?

          • Ggeagle21

            No Mac…It’s actually much worse for Vick.,,When Vick played, the line, the defense were not in shambles already they way they were when Foles took over. vick had significantly better surrounding parts than Foles did

            the fact that Vick has a job, is a joke

          • Mac, good argument, However, I believe based on the evidence i’ve seen. The Eagles best option for winning Is Vick and not Foles.

            All it boils down to is winning. Foles didn’t win or in my opinion prove he is capable of winning.

            Our standards are different.

          • JofreyRice

            Donovan McNabb led the team to 2 wins in his first 6 starts. I’d say he turned out OK. You don’t seem to be a person well versed with all the common rebuttal points to his argument, or you might avoid these kind of statements. Wait, let me guess, that was another era, before Luck and RG3 raised the ability of rookie QB’s everywhere, by their mighty power of association? Come on man, just be honest. We’re talking about distilling the actions of 22 men playing 4 quarters into a single W-L metric to judge a QB?

          • Before McNabb, the year before the eagles were 3-13, McNabb won as many game when he was thrown to the wolves as the Eagles won as a team the year before, the year after the Eagles were 11-5. There was no questions on who should start from there on out, because in Philly only winning mattered.

            McNabb sat for the first 6 games before replacing Peterson. We have only drafted two Quarterback who played as rookies and amounted to anything, the rest when thrown to the wolves in their first season, all sank and contributed nothing that was meaningful with the exception of spot duty in the event of an injury.

            At this point Foles hasn’t met those standards and thus there are questions.

          • JofreyRice

            Ok, so we can take external factors into account when it comes to McNabb. So the fact that they won 11 games the year after means the fact he only led them to 2 wins in his first 6 is irrelevant? Dude, you don’t see the evasions in logical reasoning that you’re committing here?

          • What Eagle rookie would you compare Foles in losing it was clear McNabb was the better Quarterback, cemented support for McNabb being the Answer, the next year he exceeded expectations.

          • Phils Goodman

            So why would you judge LT picks that way?

          • JofreyRice

            Haha, touche’. I think as a qb matures, and eventually transitions to that franchise guy, he impacts a game much more than a franchise LT. I don’t think the win delta theory has to payoff in the first year to be valid.

          • Phils Goodman

            Agreed. I maintained that QBs were different. But you still need a large sample size before W-L means much for them (statistically). And given the proportionate impact of a LT to a QB, the sample size you would need for a LT (or any other non-QB position) becomes absurd.

          • JofreyRice

            He’s shown WAY more than Brandon Weeden, Brock Osweiler, Ryan Lindley, and BJ Coleman. I’m sure the Packers are furious that the 7th rounder Coleman didn’t work out–they probably thought they were drafting a guy that was going to push Aaron Rodgers for a starting spot, being that Coleman’s peer, Andrew Luck, improved his team by 10 wins. Ted Thompson might be on the hot seat if he keeps blowing picks like that.

          • I agree, but I’m not here discussing Weeden or Osweiler, they didn’t win so what they may have done doesn’t interest me. I don’t just keep up with anybody. If they rise to meet my standards maybe I’ll take notice.

          • JofreyRice

            They’re other rookie QB’s from his class. The fact that they didn’t beat out the starters and take their jobs means that they’ll never be any good, right? The Broncos should just cut Osweiler now, he had ample opportunity through training camp, the preseason, and regular season to put a stranglehold on Peyton Manning’s job and failed to do so.

          • Right, I don’t think they will amount to anything either.

            I don’t know what he Broncos should do, but if he was any good he would be starting, there has been a few guys who played under Payton Manning when given a chance to win a position in the league they couldn’t, why should his current back up be expected to be any better?

  • ICDogg

    What’s not to like about the spirit of this kid. I’d like to see more physical skills, but if he can make some quick reads and get the ball out of his hands in a hurry, it can make up for a lot.

    • nicksaenz1

      I think he’s better than Vick when it comes to quick reads and pre-snap reads. If Kelly is so committed to those things being necessity due to the up tempo nature of running his offense, Foles has a good shot at winning the job.

      • ICDogg

        He’s going to have to be a lot better than Vick at those things because he cannot run out of the option. Certainly not out of the question though.

        • Why would you hesitate to floor the tail back if you knew in defending the option, the Quarterback at best is a 3 yds and a cloud of dust rushing threat? You’d want him to keep the ball.

          Every play I would instruct my end to nail the running back to force Foles to keep the ball.

          • Token

            I suspect that defenses will hit the QB every time a option play is run this season. Thats why I was hoping CK wasnt going to go full out RO offense. I think it will be dead this season. A offense that gives the defense free legal hits on the QB will not last in the NFL.

            And if CK truly thinks his offense is so grand that he can stick anyone in there at QB at the NFL level and succeed, well hes nuts.

          • That depends on who’s quarterbacking. Some defenses may want the Quarterback to keep the ball. The Eagles never had the support to be a intermediate passing team, and they still aren’t. Vick isn’t the best option at a game of that sorts. He is, the best option to win now.

            Nothing else matters to me except winning.

            I don’t care about the players lives, likes or dislikes, or race, all I want is wins……..

        • GGeagle21

          lucky for FOles, that its not really difficult to be better than Vick at those things….Even if Vick is able to learn how to read a defense, enough to make the audibles and decisions that a chip kelly offense requires a QB to make, moving the ball successfully up and down the field…How long is Chip going to deal with the insane turnovers? How long before Vick gets injured and misses significant time? The Line has nothing to do with it..You can give Vick the best line ever to play the game, and he will still take really bad hits way too often. He doesnt even know how to play the game without getting hit. Go tell Chip that you dont know how, and refuse to learn how to slide..Think Chip is putting up with the crap that the fatman put up with? Im sorry, but I cant get over, 5 games into the season..Vick running it, making it all the way to the goal line, closing his eyes, surrendering and coughing the ball up. I have been a huge supporter of mike vick. But that one play is tough to swallow, and I swear its a play I will never forget about in my entire life

          • Foles mustered 10 turnover in 6 Starts. It’s not like taking the ball and placing it in Foles hands is securing opportunities to move the ball and, or score and under the pounding Foles took, he also managed to be knocked from the game by injury.

            What standard are you applying to Foles you obviously aren’t applying to Vick?

          • JofreyRice

            I think it’s more or less about the fact that those were the first 6 starts of Foles’ career, and he did show promise in some areas.

            I mean, 10 turnovers in 6 starts isn’t setting the world on fire, but it’s not like he threw 6 TD’s to 14 interceptions in his first six starts, like this other bum…Peyton Manning. Now, am I saying that Nick Foles is Peyton Manning? Yes, actually I am. NICK FOLES IS PEYTON MANNING! WOOHOO!

            I’m really not a Foles fan–I’m not sold on his arm–but I don’t think you can apologize for Vick’s turnovers by citing Foles numbers as similar. Vick, as a vet, just is held to a higher standard when it comes to protecting the football than a third round rookie. If he turns it over at the same rate he did, fumbling, throwing into coverage, not being aware of blindside players clearly showing blitz, etc., I think we’re going to see just how bad Nick Foles looks running the read-option sooner rather than later.

          • I actually believe Vick was concussed long before he was diagnosed with a concussion and continued to play. He took more than 100 Hits before being replaced.

            Some of what you’re saying would be true some years ago, but with the showing of the 3 other rookies in Foles Class, those assessments doesn’t hold water. Cam Newton and Dalton set the bar for rookie quarterback pretty high two years ago and, Griffin, Luck and Wilson exceeded those expectations for rookies a year later.

            Foles is a pocket passer, the Eagles offense isn’t set in the skill positions to support a per se’ pocket passing quarterback. Foles, I like him, but he doesn’t have the long ball accuracy to be effective in a vertical passing game. He will be a excellent West Coast Quarterback, short and intermediate throws with receivers who catch in traffic and pile up yards after the catch. He doesn’t have the skills to throw open a receiver 20 yards or beyond down field. Joe Montana didn’t either, but he had receivers who were perfect working the intermediate routes who could exploit missed tackles and space. The WCO is not a long ball offense.

          • JofreyRice

            Hunh? So somehow the play of Andy Dalton, Russell Wilson & RG3 just magically make Foles’ a better rookie QB, capable of avoiding stupid mistakes? Interesting theory. I wonder if they can pass some of that magic on to Mike Vick, he needs it. Now he was concussed the whole time he was the QB, and that explains the horrible turnovers? Come on man, conspiracy concussions, figurehead D-Coordinators, improved skills by association–you don’t think you’re just inventing ways for reality to match up with your opinion?

            Andy Dalton, Cam Newton & Russell Wilson were all heavily managed at one point, leaning on either running plays, or the running game itself. Reid had Foles dropping back 40-45 times a game out of the gate–50 times in his first start! That gives him a lot of angles to show his warts and bad decision making. I think that was kind of the point, to be honest. During his first 6 starts, Foles averaged 43 drop backs; over that same perido, DangeRuss Wilson averaged 30, and he had a much better arm/grasp of the offense, and physical skillset to make plays. Dalton, playing with AJ Green, the best young wideout in the game, averaged 35 dropbacks in his first 6 starts. If you put a QB in that position, on a bad team, down by multiple TD’s, it’s somewhat expected that he’s going to turn it over.

            It doesn’t sound like you like Foles too much, which is fine. I’m not sure I like him either. He did play well in the TB game, and showed a little something at other times, but I don’t know he’ll be an excellent anything, and I don’t think he’s a fit for Kelly at all. That being said, to defend Mike Vick’s turnovers by pointing the finger at Foles just seems misguided.

          • Actually, I like Foles and thought he was worth a pick. I felt and still do that he could mature into a decent WCO Quarterback with time. He was never expected to selected in the third round, I thought the Eagles could have gotten him in the fifth round. I’m still happy he’s there in Philly, but I have my doubts because he’s not in a West Coast Offense. Chance are in a true West Coast offense, last year he would have shown better, but we aren’t a true WCO, and he didn’t do well.

            No, its’ not theory, it’s fact, the Play of Dalton, Wilson and other recently drafted QBs into the NFL is simply the barometer for Foles. His play over those 6 games in no way measures up to the expectations established by those QB who are most likely to be considered his peers. And Wilson also a 3rd round pick.

            In Vick, by his own admission he’s never studies defenses and, or schemes in college or with Atlanta. I wouldn’t expect him to have any basic understanding of defensive theories.

            So basically Foles had ample opportunity with 50 passing attempts a game to prove himself and he came up crap and no better than Vick who also was heaving the rock 50 times a game?

            What are the standards you’re applying to both in making your judgement.

          • JofreyRice

            You keep trying to make a 1-1 comparison of Vick to Foles that’s just not fair to Foles. Vick has how many NFL seasons under his belt? Coming into 2012, he was the 15/mil a year franchise QB. There is just a higher standard than a guy you pick in the third round, who was expected to be a developmental 3rd string QB.

            Is it supposed to be a defense of Vick to say he’s never studied defensive schemes? As the franchise QB of the Eagles, I absolutely expect him to study the schemes and defenses he’ll be facing week to week. That’s the responsibility of the QB. He can’t just roll the ball out there and make plays, the way he used to in ATL or VA Tech. History has shown us that even when he had world-class athletic ability, that alone wasn’t enough. He has lost some of that ability now, and if he’s going to be effective, he’s going to have to make up for it with preparation and execution. No way to do that without studying. You really don’t see that as a problem for a 10+ year vet?

            It’s extraordinary that the Seahawks were able to pick a rookie QB in the third round and have him start for their franchise. John Schneider’s success with Russell Wilson does not mean that he’s set the new standard of how you get a franchise QB, and any GM that can’t replicate that is going to be viewed as a failure.

            Similarly, the ability to walk onto a team from the third round, and take them to the playoffs isn’t the new standard for QB’s. It’s an outlier, pure and simple. Even so, did you know that Russell Wilson didn’t throw for more than 200 yards until his 5th start? Reid had Foles throw for over 200 in injury relief of Vick in the Dallas game. Over his first 6 starts, Wilson put up 8 TDs and 8 Turnovers (6 INTs, and lost 2 fumbles).

            Being that Foles was never one of the top QB’s in the draft, comparing him to Luck and RG3 is more than a bit unfair. A better comparison would probably be Kirk Cousins, who went half a round later. Other QB’s taken around Foles’ range in recent drafts are Colt McCoy and Mike Kafka. Andy Dalton is not very good, I’m not sure why you keep mentioning him as some kind of shining example of rookie QB play.

            All those same rookie QBs, that you’re claiming Foles should have been on par with, vastly outperformed Mike Vick. If Foles had played up to this “new standard” you believe Foles should have been able to meet by association, there wouldn’t even be a QB Controversy in Philly; Foles would have obliterated Vick in the competition.

          • Now, you’re bring in the strawman argument also, how relevant is Vick’s salary if Foles hasn’t shown decisively he’s the better Quarterback when he was granted that opportunity? I don’t know how that factors into Foles turning the ball over and being ineffective. That’s not an excuse I hear from other Rookie Quarterback thrust into starting, why is that reserved for Foles?

            Foles has every opportunity to set himself apart, he had 6 games. Heavy were the game plans to show off his arm, similar to the game plans Vick was given.

            Foles played under the exact conditions as Vick, same Offensive Line, same running backs and receivers.

            At no point did he show himself to be an improvement. He was subject to the same pounding and also was succum by injuries.

            All things being equal, What is Fair to you?

            I stated my case regarding comparing Foles to other Rookies in his class, and the simple fact is he just didn’t get the job done in the opportunities he was provided.

            Based on your idea about studying the defenses and plays, Foles didn’t fare any better in games, and the results speak for themselves, but, I’m sure he was as prepared as Luck, Griffin and Wilson.

            What standard are you using in your judgement.

            I’m not saying what Foles won’t be one day, I”m saying he hasn’t shown he’s capable when granted ample opportunity to set himself as the Starting Quarterback.

            His body of work suggest he need a lot more work.

          • Token

            First 7 games of their career:

            Nick Foles – 1699 yards, 6 TDs. 5 INTs

            Andrew Luck – 1971 yards, 8 TDs, 8 INTs

            Russell Wilson – 1230 yards, 8TDs, 7 INTs

            RG3 – 1601 yards, 7 TDs, 3 INTs

            Andy Dalton – 1479 yards, 9 TDs, 7 INTs

            Joe Flacco – 1216 yards, 3 TDs, 7 INTs

            I agree with what I think your premise might be, that rookie QBs dont have to sit anymore. They can get in there and play, and in some cases succeed in the first season.

            Foles was asked to go out and throw more than 30 times a game in all but one of those games. A few were way more than 30. And dont forget McCoy was out for 4 of Foles starts.

            I dont know what Foles will be. But I can tell you he did some things that are positive. He is a better prospect than Kolb was at this stage. Way better pocket presence.

          • Bingo, If a Rookie is good he’s going to make immediate contributions, through the mistakes on the way to winning …… I feel about a few Eagles the way I feel about Foles. We can never be satisfied with mediocrity. I’ve been a fan to long and now I know what it’s like to win, losing ain’t cool.

            The Eagles need a quarterback, however, Vick gives the Eagles the best option to win. The Eagles need pass rushers, the new signees in my opinion will not get the job done. i don’t go for we having to loose until we find solutions.

          • Token

            I agree about not excepting mediocrity. However you cant have it both ways.

            You cant say that and then in one thread defend DeSean Jackson who has been mediocre for a long time now. Then also be satisfied with Vick.

            Vick is not the best option in any way. Im not sure how anyone can still think along that line. His 10 years of play must not have been enough to prove that to you. He is a bum and has always been a bum. Anyone else gives us a better chance.

            Not to mention it would be nice to be able to fully get behind this team again. Thats been tough to do for a couple years now. Has to be one of the most unlikable Eagles teams in history.

          • JofreyRice

            Do you understand what a strawman is? That’s where I invent an opinion, pretend it’s yours, and then attack it. I can’t see that happening here.

            I don’t think you’re reading my argument closely, and we’re just talking past each other at this point. Citing Foles’ turnovers as a defense of Vick’s is flawed. Vick, is an established vet of 10+ years in the league and Foles was starting his first 6 games; as such, Vick should not be turning the ball over at the same rate (actually a higher rate) that Foles is. The idea that the play of other rookie QBs means that Foles is not entitled to any kind of learning curve as he starts the first six games of his career is ridiculous. The standard I’m using is the historical standard of QBs are evaluated in the NFL, as supported by the stats Token linked below, and I linked elsewhere. It’s a standard that’s been applied to people with a much higher ceiling and many more mistakes than Nick Foles–one of them being PEYTON MANNING.

          • There has never since Roman Gabriel been a QB drafted in Phila, who was developed over a few seasons.

            Eagles Quarterbacks were all thrown in to sink or swim, We have never played someone we drafted after allowing them to sit for a few years who have amounted to anything.

            Foles didn’t break that trend.

            Sheil, when was the last Eagles QB Drafted who came off the bench in a year after his draft to lead the Eagles as their Starter?

          • GGeagle21

            are you kidding me dutch? If I have to watch a ton of turnovers it BETTER be because its a rookie who is developing as opposed to a friggin 33 yr old with a decade of nfl experience…I mean…seriously?
            NO!! Im not going to judge a 24yr old and a 33yr old the same way. NOT AT ALL!…

          • I’m not thrilled by Turnover by anyone, There’s no pass on turning over the ball in my book for anyone. If you can’t judge the new kid by the set established standards that everyone is judged by, maybe the kid doesn’t belong.

            Again, the other rookies made mistakes equally but they rebounded and lead their teams with respectable performances and meaningful victories and winning season.

            If you can’t run with the big dawgs, stay on the porch with the puppies. The bottom line, Foles proved he’s not ready when given ample opportunities.

          • Token

            Man do I agree with this. IMO I will watch almost anyone, even EJ Manuel, play for this team and fully support them as long as I dont have to watch Vick take another snap in an Eagle uni.

        • nicksaenz1

          Just as I said to Dutch, if we’re definitely running the option in any significant amount, then Foles isn’t winning the job. If we’re not, then I can’t think of a good reason he couldn’t win the job. Fole COULD be traded on or by draft day, however, I don’t think Kelly is going to limit his options and have all “running” QBs.

          • ICDogg

            I don’t think he’s married to the option. The thing is, not being able to run is one strength Foles does not have, so he has to make up for it with other strengths that he does have.

          • The Eagles have Shady McCoy at Running Back, and for some reason you’d think Kelly, a noted run oriented coach would abandon the run to throw the ball ?

            Who are the receivers in the NFL which played under Kelly at either of his college Head coaching stops?

            If he believed in Foles, Vick would have been long down the road and the Eagles would have never forked over $3.5 Million to retain him and a $3 Million Roster bonus, every dime paid 5 months before the season even starts.

          • ICDogg

            I never said they would abandon the run to throw the ball or anything like it. I don’t know where you got that from. I just said that since Foles can’t himself run, he has to be considerably better in other parts of his game than a QB who can run would have to be. And being that his arm is only adequate, but not powerful, that’s another issue he needs to overcome by being able to make quick reads, quick decisions, and accurate tosses.

          • JofreyRice

            I’m really curious to see how it’s going to pan out, but I think he’d much prefer to run the zone-read than not. I think he really likes the mathematical advantage, and will try his best to get a QB that does it good enough.

          • If we aren’t running the option, we aren’t importing the type of receivers we’ll need in an effective intermediate passing attack. Foles isn’t going to play any better without the pieces in place. We’re not winning with Foles throwing to Maclin and Celek over the middle.

      • You are aware of the scheme in an Option, right? The primary read determines if you audible to a Slant, Dive or maybe some version of a toss.

        The pass plays are pretty limited to throws within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage.

        The featured skill position will be Shady McCoy at tailback. With no threat from the QB to keep the ball and turn it up or out….. the objective of the Option dies.

        • GGeagle21

          send me a copy of the eagles playbook…dont be stingy with it

          • nicksaenz1

            It appears he’s hoarding that for himself. I’d love to see it, too, so I’d know ahead of time if what I’m posting is completely ridiculous or has some merit.

        • nicksaenz1

          Until we know what offense is going to be utilized, you’re merely speculating. IF you’re right, and the offense is going to be heavily dependent on the read option, then yes, Foles isn’t the guy. IF, Kelly is smart enough to realize that teams will likely figure out how to stop the read option, just like they did the wild cat, then Foles has a legit shot.

      • Greg

        I don’t know how you think that he played with same players Vick played with overthrew players, -and won 1 game. But you losers said the same about Kolb

  • Andy

    I brought you a delicious bass.

    • Richard Colton

      they do look a bit alike, don’t they?

  • DunedinEagle

    I really like Foles. Please start him Chip so I can once again be a fan. Pretty please??

  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    If Foles had a chance to start on this team Mike wouldnt have resigned for another year. He aint no russell wilson

    • DunedinEagle

      If Foles is still here come pre season there is no way PickVick will beat him out on the field and Chippa will have no choice but to go with Foles or he will face the wrath of the fan base.

      • Reid wasn’t intimidated by Philly Fans, why should Kelly? And McNabb didn’t go into the season as the starter and he was the second pick in the draft, a pick in front of disapproving Eagles Fans in Radio City Music Hall.

        • DunedinEagle

          A pick in front a a few dumb asses bussed up by WIP not the majority I assure you. Not sure why your bringing up McNabb but I can say most of the fans have had enough of Vick and his non sense and when Foles clearly out plays him in the pre season and Chippa goes with Vick anyway the air waves will be screaming when the fumbling, interception and poor decision making commence. This isn’t like when Reid took over and we had our no doubt QB of the future sitting on the bench. Patience will fade quickly if PickVick takes the field week one mark my words.

          • Foles had a chance to clearly secure the position he could not….. let’s be clear here. The kid had a chance and fair opportunity to set himself apart and failed. Sounds like you are seeking for Foles another chance. First impressions are lasting, you get one, Foles had 6 a great deal more than Kevin Kolb.

            Again, when Foles was tasked with leading the Eagles, he was prone to turnovers, and injuries ended his season.

            So that argument isn’t logical in any comparison.

          • Wilbert M.

            I take issue with saying Foles “failed.” Considering he was playing behind a 2nd string OL, without McCoy and Jackson for several games and most if not all of the team had quit, I think he did OK. He showed he can make reads and hit guys in stride – things Vick struggles with.

          • So were philly’s other quarterbacks and yet the standard of measurement moves when we come to Foles, why? Obviously, Foles struggled with those same issues. and he also threw interceptions and compiled turnovers like every other Quarterback in Football, he never recovered to move the team to wins is the difference.

          • GGeagle21

            WIlbert…spot on man!. We wouldnt even be talking about Russel Wilson if he played behind what Foles played behind, because his little ass would be dead!

          • Wilson came out when Foles came out, why would he not be discussed in relations to Foles performance, he’s the prime candidate to compare Foles, both being 3rd picks in the 2012 draft.

            How is that not fair…… What exactly is your standard, I can adopt to it for this discussion.

          • DunedinEagle

            Dude Seattle had a defense and a team which is two more than the Eagles had last year.

          • nicksaenz1

            Don’t waste your time. I’ve gone over this with Dutch before. He hates Foles and can’t make objective observations based on realistic and logical standards. That Foles and Wilson were both 3rd round picks is his only argument, and tells us very little about the situations under which they played, but that doesn’t matter to him. The only thing that matters to him is that they were both 3rd rounders, one went to the playoffs and one did not.

          • you’re wrong, I don’t hate Foles. Foles didn’t meet the standards. He did not convincingly win a starting position, There’s never been a rookie drafted and thrown to the wolves with the Eagles who didn’t convincing win the position and remain the starter. Foles didn’t alter that trend.

          • DunedinEagle

            Thanks for doing it for me Wilbert.

          • DunedinEagle

            Listen if you think this team is better off with Vick behind center rather than Foles than there is no sense trying to convince you otherwise. Foles has potential and Vick is what he is and that will never change at this point in time.

          • You couldn’t convince me with discussion this is Football we are discussing, my opinions are drawn and based solely on game observation and results. Practice not theory.

    • GGeagle21

      stop it! you look like a severely mentally impaired person trying to connect the dots. Hahaha JK, sorry I was holding that one in my back pocket for a while, I just had to get it out…Seriously tho, I would strongly disagree. If you had any faith in mike Vick, then you wouldnt have basically spit in his face, and sign him to an INSULTING contract compared to the 100million dollar one you just took away from the man, I mean, you cant look at the contract that they signed Vick to, and interpret it with any level of confidence in him. Many have argued, that what they did was get him signed to a very TRADEABLE contract.
      Honestly sometimes I think that the only reason Vick was re-signed was:
      Try and set up a trade prior to the draft(keep it quiet)..Identify a later round QB that you like(scott, Drysert, maybe Lane)…and set his value, being able to go into the draft thinking…If this kid falls to us in (insert specific round), we will draft him, and have a deal in place with a team (for example the Jets), to immediately take him off our hands if we got the QB we wanted..In this scenario we would have two young QB’s, and if the rookie cant beat out Foles, you still have a kid in Foles who you know has the intangibles to handle being QB next year until the kid we drafted is developed and ready to take over. If the kid we target, doesnt fall to us at the value we set, than we have Vick compete with Foles for the starting position…Either way, I think Foles has a bigger role in this organization than most, or so it seems
      If Im the Seahawks, who just geared up for a superbowl run, and has very little NEEDS, I would seriously consider trading for Vick to back up Wilson, in case of injury…If a brilliant mind like Chip is willing to put Mike Vick on the field with a 4-12 team, than you have to think that he can play with a heckuva supporting cast like the seahawks in an emergency injury situation. If you are a team with a mobile QB trying to make a superbowl run, and are actually considering signing Vince Young, than Vick has to be worth a 5th round pick to you, as insurance in such an important year………..NO?

      • Vick is on a one year $10 Million dollar contract with I think $8 Million guaranteed…… which is in the range with One year Quarterbacks and higher than Alex Smith’s $8 Million guarantee.

        Had he made a decision to leave Phila, he would most certainly have found suiters willing to sign him and given a chance to start elsewheres in the NFL at the same or better salary.

        • D-von

          Vick’s guaranteed money varies on what he does this upcoming season. It seems that he will be paid 5 mill in 2014 regardless as that will count against the eagles dead money. has it all

          • GGeagle21

            yeah its only 5…Think it can go up to 6 if he plays like every snap or something insane that his fragile body will never allow…what exactly was this QB market for Vick that you were talking baout? lol

          • D-von

            Its perspective I guess. I didn’t see a market for him though. An over 30 year-old QB that has not been able to play a whole season for the last 3 years.

          • GGeagle21

            I see a market for him as a backup to a superbowl contender with a mobile QB…like in a backup role to Kapernick or Wilson…Just as a glue guy in case one of them say misses 5 weeks of the season, you get a similar style veteran who might be able to keep such a talented team’s playoffs hopes alive until the starter gets back.,..a trade to a team like that is what I would expect to happen, immediately if a QB we liked, falls to where we liked to draft him…just a hunch tho. if a QB is drafted, I think Vick is gone

          • the Eagles have no choice other than to draft a Quarterback at some point in 2013.

            You have a new coach in a new system, using a stop gap to implement his scheme. If he were comfortable with his options he would have never resigned often injured Vick, like wise if he had confidence in his back-up, he would have never given his go ahead to sign Vick for another guaranteed year. When the Eagles draft a Quarterback, no team trades for Vick, you let the Eagles release him and sign him as a free agent. Then the Eagles are out his roster bonus paid in March, and the remainder of the Guarantee.

          • nicksaenz1

            One could also argue that if he were comfortable with the options he had in the draft then he wouldn’t have resigned Vick, therefore, he may not draft a quarterback as resigning what is believed to be a stop gap QB allows him to wait and see what his options are at QB.

          • GGeagle21

            to each his own man…thats all I have left to say to you! lol

          • MAC

            Since you support Vick let me ask you this simply. What are your expectations for him this year as far as wins and losses and his #’s. I know you can’t guess at what the offense will be ran like, but you mentioned earlier post that if Foles were to start this year 8 losses is not acceptable. You believe that this team with Vick will win 8 games? I am curious bc I don’t think with either guy we win that many. So if 8 losses is not acceptable for a 2nd year QB with this team what are your expectations for a 10 year vet with this team?

          • No less than 8 wins. Your assumption of supporting Vick is not clear cut, it’s not support for Vick, it’s simply supporting the best option for the Eagles to win. In that I don’t see Foles being near the point of directing the Eagles to a winning record. Is here more that should count?

            I don’t subscribe to the developing a Quarterback theory, because that’s not ever been a reality in Philly. We select a Quarterback, he gets in and performs well enough to convince everyone he won the position, that’s not were the Eagles are with Foles and thus I don’t expect he’ll ever reach that point. It’s never happen before and he has not left me with the impression he can now.

            I get some of you are satisfied with his performance. That does nothing for my and other Eagles fans.

            In this discussion, I’ve learned some fans believe Foles is better and has performed as well as Cam Newton.

            It’s so obvious I don’t see what a few of you do or remotely understand the Standards employed.

          • How long did it take Carson Palmer to get a job, he’s 33 or Jason Campbell at 31 in the same market. Same can be said for

            All Quarterbacks 30 years old and older who signed this year as Free Agents with Teams, some contending for Starting spots. Palmer was traded before he was cut just Monday.

          • You’re not counting the $3 Million roster bonus he received in march when the eagles didn’t release him.

  • peteike

    had a dream last night, not kidding, that I went to a bar and Eagles were playing and Vick was starting and I had a feeling of deep disappointment. He was making crazy scrambling plays getting big yards. Then I was distracted, then looked up again and Vick fumbled and I was happy again. Then I realized it was just preseason so it didnt matter. All very weird though like all dreams…and then there was this girl I worked with and…..never mind it never goes where you want it to.

  • GGeagle21

    Btw, Funny that the respected Mike Mayock, agreed with Nawrocki’s evaluation on Geno Smith. Mike Mayock said he doesnt know he is comfortable taking Geno Smith in the top 32 picks of the draft. I dont know how Chip can see something SO MUCH better than what a Mike Mayock will see. Mike Mayock has been wrong plenty of times…but the man does no what to look for, and he certainly knows a RED FLAG when he see’s one. He said Geno has traits of a potential franchise QB, but too much HORRIBLE tape that cant be ignored to take Geno in the top 10. He acknowledged that Geno will be drafted in the top 10…but he wasnt even comfortable commiting to him as a first round QB. Im sorry, but I dont see how I would ever be comfortable with picking Geno at #4 over the type of players that will be on the board…I think Chip is a brilliant man, so I dont see how he could possibly overlook ALL OF the RED FLAGS and take Geno at #4
    Mayock also basically said that Nawrocki is not some blow hard with a skip bayless analysis. He said he is a very credible draft analyst, well sourced, and whatever oppinion he provides, is very well investigated…For him to have said this about Geno, people close to Geno had something not so positive to say,.This dude didnt just make this up, or ask his magic 8ball..of course no one close to Geno who is about to be worth MILLIONS is going to step up and allow there name to be connected to this…and if Nawrocki revealed his Cam sources, then he would have never gotten anyone close to Geno to trust Nawrocki enough to say these things, and we wouldnt know this percieved side of a kid that we mite be considering(although I dont buy it)

    • Nawrocki had a similar assessment of Cam Newton. NFL Rookie of the Year Cam Newton.

      • DunedinEagle

        And what did Cam do season 2? Wake me up the next time one of these types of QB’s wins it all.

        • Pretty obvious you slept thought the Steve Young days.

          • DunedinEagle

            Cam Newton = Steve Young….Are you frigging serious?

          • Steve Young was a running threat every time he touched the ball, so was Roger “the Dodger” and Fran Tarkington. What did you mean exactly

        • MAC

          Your wrong completely. Newton since week 10 threw 11 TD’s also ran for 4 more for a total of 15 TD’s and only 2 INT’s. Are those struggling #’s? By the way he also went 5-2 down the stretch. To bash Newton’s second season is just incorrect and is totally biased.

          • He has to be employing a completely different standard

      • GGeagle21

        DID you happen to miss Cam’s 2nd season? When he started to lose the locker room? hahahaha

        • We are talking Rookies, I made that clear. Why are we now looking throughout the league at QBs other than rookies in comparing Foles?

          It appears to me you’re trying like the other guy to set up your narrative for this debate………….. That’s called a strawman argument…..

          • Joe Jones

            According to most in here, Cam Newton sucks…..but Nick Foles shows great promise LOL. Hilarious,

            Good luck Dutch, you have way more patience than me…..

          • you are to funny!!!

  • UKEagle99

    What are the chances Nick has spent every minute of the off season at an athletics track?

    • GGeagle21

      Much greater than the chances that he hasnt spent every minute at an athletic track. lol

    • I would think he did a fair amount of rehab work in a training setting. Foles was knocked from the game with an injury. Foles, as have been mentioned about Vick, was prone to turn overs and finally succumb by an injury.

      • nicksaenz1

        He broke his hand, he didn’t tear an ACL. The rehab is very basic and odds are he’s about 100% if he’s not already. He wasn’t nearly as turnover prone as Vick.

        • He had 11, how may in 6 games does he have to have to be as turnover prone as Vick?

          • nicksaenz1

            Vick had more in the same time frame, with a more of the starting O-line present.
            Edit: Being more specific, in the first 3 games of last season, Vick had 11 turnovers, and that was with the starters minus Peters, and Kelce dropped in Week 2.

  • D-von

    I think Foles will beat out Vick when its all said and done. Vick will come in work real hard to get his body straight and mind right, look good in TC and utterly fail in the preseason. That’s happened the last 2 years in a row already. Foles will come lead the team better than Vick can.

    • Did Foles not attend Training Camp last year? Edwards in all of this received the short stick, he was brilliant in pre Season.

      • D-von

        Yes he did. And did Vick not look good last year in TC until he paid the 1st preseason game against the Steelers who befuddled him until they knocked him out with broken ribs?

        • What Vick or Edwards looked like has no baring on why Foles wasn’t capable of setting himself apart from either in holding on to that starting position, nor making a solid case for himself in Preseason.. He controlled his own destiny. Edwards, nor Vick impeded Foles ability to firmly maintain a chokehold on the QB position.

          • D-von

            First Foles looked better than Vick in the Preseason because Vick was, as always, injured. Two, why would Reid start Foles over Vick. At that time Vick had been the starter for 2 years in Reid’s system. That’s like saying why Aaron Rodgers didn’t start over Brett Favre in his first year with GB. That usually doesn’t happen.
            I have nothing against Vick personally but as a QB for the Eagles I’ll pass. Foles looked good to me in the few starts he has so I would like to see what else he can do.

          • Well Vick was playing with busted ribs, Foles should have set himself apart from a guy with battered ribs and obviously not at full strength. Edwards played well

          • nicksaenz1

            Backups, especially rookie backups, generally aren’t given many snaps in preseason. Vick got the work because Vick was Reid’s guy, and was always going to be going into the season.

          • Reid didn’t draft the kid to throw him at the wolves. His intention was to bring this kid along over a couple years. I thought that the best strategy, in an act of desperation when the ship was sinking the Eagles threw this kind in the worse possible situation, there was nothing but failure forecast.

            Some people maybe wanted to believe, but he was not expected to succeed. First and foremost the Eagles are Salemen. Some of these people were hoping for a fairytale.

            Besides, I would have thought with busted ribs Edward and, or Foles could have taken the starting position after Pre Season.

          • MAC

            That’s unfair bro. Vick was getting over $12 million last year and was already named the starting QB. It was not a competition at all, Vick was going to start week 1 no matter what and anyone knows it.

          • Mac that’s a logical conclusion, but just two years prior, the Eagles gave Kevin Kolb $10 Million to do a whole lot less and the next year traded him.

  • AReagles87

    I don’t normally post here, but Dutch, you really need a reality check. You claim that Foles “failed” because he didn’t match up with the rest of the qb class, while at the same time disregarding every fact to the contrary. Foles is the only rookie qb in NFL history, to complete 60% of his passes while averaging 240 yards per game. He set an NFL record with a team that had quit and was in shambles because of injuries. You don’t do that without some sort of potential, which is all anyone is claiming he has. No one is saying he’s a surefire Hall of Famer, or even with a certainty that he will be good. But claiming that he showed nothing is ridiculous. He led an offense with more backups than played with Vick to more points a game and less turnovers (which by the way he only had 8, at least get your numbers right).
    The fact of the matter is, we don’t know what Foles is/will be. He needs to be evaluated longer and with a healthy supporting cast. You can’t just ignore facts to make your arguments and you can’t compare him to his peers just yet, because they had better offensive personnel, good to great defenses, were given an opportunity to win the job right away, and didn’t have lame duck coaches. If he wins the job this year, it will be because he earned it and there is nothing wrong with that. If not, so be it. But if he plays an extended time with a healthy offense and the new coaching staff, then you can judge him one way or the other. Right now there is not enough evidence to say if he is good or bad, only that he has potential.

    • Mitchell


    • nicksaenz1


    • Well said.

      • GGeagle21

        this convo, I dont think trying to talk football with dutch is a good way to spend my time. To each his own..but I dont need to debate with someone who see;s the nfl like a game of bad, and refuses to factor in the humant element and natural progression/development, involved with the game. Sorry, just keeping it real. People dont need to agree, disagreements and debates is what makes this fun and how we learn….but you gotta draw a line somewhere. Nothing leads to more mistakes than having on blinders, and being a slave to instant gratification.
        Stick to “Talking baseball with Dutch” hahahahahaha sorry, I had to do it

        • GGeagle21

          correction: see’s the game like a game of Madden

        • You’re concerned with things that have nothing to do with professional football and thus take these opinions to personal. All I have is a concern about is running, tackling, and Winning. Obviously there’s more involved with you. I come in peace, hold no grudges, try doing the same.

          I don’t care who’s playing, all I care about is how to best get the Eagles to win.

          I don’t care who comes, who goes all that matters is what can they do to help the Eagles win.

          I don’t think Foles was good enough simply because he didn’t win. I don’t think based on his body of work, he’s going to lead the Eagles to wins.

          I don’t understand loosing seasons under no circumstances. Vick is the best opportunity for the Eagles to win and that’s all that matters.

          • I’m glad you’re not running our organization then.

            What exactly do you mean by a losing season? Are you referring to a team losing games on purpose? There is no team in the NFL that would ever go out there and deliberately lose game in and game out. There are teams that lack talent or coaching, or have a young inexperienced roster, that lose. They let players play that may not be as good as the guy behind them but they have a greater upside and the player behind them is on the decline. This would be referred to as a rebuilding season.

            A losing season is simply losing more games than you won, for whatever reason.

            Any talent evaluator that made a final judgement call on a rookie quarterback on 6 starts mid way through the season would have their career ended Old Yeller style. You simply cannot make a decision on that little of body work. Because of an abnormal rookie QB crop last year people expect greatness right out of the gate. 3 seasons is generally the rule of thumb on how long a rookie QB should be given to mature, learn and show his worth. But at the very least, he needs a complete off-season as the starter before you can make that sort of definitive call.

            And that’s not even touching on the fact that Foles’ statistics weren’t even bad. They were actually pretty good all things considered. Yes he couldn’t win but how many rookie QB’s have stepped in mid season and won games? Please.

            Teams with solid rosters and great depth can care only about “winning now”. The Eagles have been doing that for too long. Terrible drafts and bad free agent signings have left us with a team full of holes. So as great as only caring about winning now might be, it’s not a luxury the Eagles have.

          • JofreyRice

            See, I have a theory that Foles was losing games on purpose because he wanted to get one of the tackles in the draft, to make the line stronger for the organization.

          • No, I’m a paying Fan. I don’t pay to watch the Eagles lose. They have spoiled me over the last decade and, now I demand and look for them to win.

            Why should anything other than winning matter?

            So equally I’m glad you’re not running the team.

            You as an evaluator can’t make those decision, as is your prerogative. there are a lot of us who don’t agree. We don’t think Foles meets the standards.

            Philly isn’t a place, where the Fans ever seen a Quarterback Develop over time, it’s always been sink or swim since back to Roman Gabriel. Anyone that says different is “Miss speaking” .

    • All that matters to me are Eagles winning. With Foles under center the Eagles did not win. If you’re satisfied so be it, I am not.

      There is no problem, we just have different standards.

      You only get points for field goals and touchdowns in Football.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    i really hope Nick is the guy for this team. love the kids makeup ansd guts. not to mention he got better each game and learns from things that happen. reads d pretty well and is really smart and decisive. Keep working on getting better Nick. and im certain Week 1 the cream will rise to the top and you will be running out of that tunnel a starter.

  • JofreyRice

    Plenty of teams ran up tempo stuff, New England just went faster. I’ll agree there was a Chip influence, but I don’t think it’s as significant as folks are crediting it for. It was still the Patriots offense, just in fast forward.

    Chip Kelly’s Oregon offense in 2012 had a lot more in common with what the Seahawks & Redskins were doing than the Patriots, schematically IMO; spread-to-run zone-read with the QB as a running threat and a lot of plays that looked identical: IZ/OZ read-options and play passes off the same blocking action. Scheme and concepts are more fundamentally meaningful to an offense than pace.

    If Kelly brings the Oregon attack to the NFL, which I have a hard time believing he’s not going to do, in large part, I can’t see a future for Foles. Right now, NFL teams are employing elements of what Kelly did at Oregon in separate ways. The Patriots, Broncos, & Ravens, to name 3, used the uptempo no-huddle, or ultra-up tempo offense, to keep the D on it’s heels, but ran pass-tilted attacks to do so. Other teams are spreading to run, like the Redskins, Seahawks and Panthers. No one is doing both simultaneously, which is where Kelly could exploit teams unprepared for the combination.

    I don’t see Foles as a fit for that.

  • Kirb

    Marcus lattimore and shady McCoy would do wonders in Kelly’s uptempo offense. Defenses would go crazy trying to keep up

  • Doctor Rick

    As a long time Duck fan who really respects Chip Kelly, I think Shiel and Tim really have a good grasp of what is going on, and the writing is great.

    A lot of writers focus on the up tempo and read option aspects, but Chip’s offense is much more nuanced and more basic at the same time.

    His offense is NOT all up tempo, it is broken rhythm and difficult to anticipate. If the defensive personnel are set, he will slow the game and create mis matches. If the wrong defensive personnel are on the field he will go up tempo before there are substitutions.

    The QB for a spread, read, broken rhythm offense do not have to be good runners, they just have to keep the LB honest. While SF, Seattle and Washington all have passing QBs who can run, look at the Pats. Tom Brady can’t run but he can move the pocket and create those same broken tempo, spread the defense and get the ball to players in space. Great concepts and basic football. Review the Wing T and see the similarities.

    While I am a fan of the Seahawks, I am a new fan of the Eagles.