Joeckel, Milliner, Escobar To Visit Eagles

A few new names to add to the Eagles’ list of official visits: Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel, Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner and San Diego State tight end Gavin Escobar.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer reported the Joeckel and Milliner interest. Tony Pauline had the Escobar nugget.

We profiled Joeckel back in February. The 6-foot-6, 310-pounder is considered the best or second-best offensive tackle prospect in the draft (along with Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher). It would be a huge upset if he didn’t go in the top five, and there’s a good chance Andy Reid and the Chiefs could take him first overall.

If Joeckel happens to slip to No. 4, the Eagles would have to give strong consideration to making him their pick.

We profiled Milliner a couple weeks ago. At 6 feet, 201 pounds, he’s considered the top cornerback prospect in the draft. But in the last 10 years, only two corners have gone in the top five, and both had return ability. Milliner might be more of a possibility if the Eagles trade down.

Escobar is an intriguing prospect. The 6-foot-6, 254-pounder caught 42 balls for 543 yards last season, scoring six touchdowns. Like most at his position, Escobar is considered more of a pass-catcher than a blocker. But he could have the versatile skill set that Chip Kelly covets.

Earlier this offseason, the Eagles signed tight end James Casey from the Texans. They’ve also got Brent Celek and Clay Harbor on the roster, but Harbor is no lock to make the team.

Below is a cut-up of Escobar from a 2012 game against Boise State.

Click here for a full list of reported Eagles draft visits and prospect workouts.

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  • ICDogg

    Boise State’s blue turf is annoying for trying to watch YouTube videos. Escobar looks like he could be a good fit for the Eagles though.

  • GGeagle21

    Millner won’t be drafted by us…Fisher is actually here tonight…Escobar I could see end up with us. Why did Rotoworld report that PhillyMag is reporting Clay Harbor being on the roster bubble..yet I see no mention of it here?

    • CJ

      “but Harbor is no lock to make the team.”

      • GGeagle21

        I figured it would have like its on article since Rotoworld was pointing it out…no big deal

  • GGeagle21

    I would be thrilled to have Esco…seems to handle his own blocking

  • jaran riley

    Think the pick ends up being Dion Jordan. Which i want anyways.

    • GGeagle21

      I kind of hate that both of these guys played for Chip…but screw that, we have to draft Dion and Kyle Long…both have been doing the mma training with Jay Glazier, and thats extremely valuable..He said, Jordan is a top 5 pick, who trains like a 5th rounder that isnt sure he is going to get drafted, saying Dion only has one shoulder so he is working on hips, leverage, and work with his other arm(so he is making the less dominant side of his body stronger)..Kyle Long, he said is one of the meanest, nastiest SOB’s Glazier has been around..He said he will bring that attitutude to your line, and he is a bulldog, who will set the nastiness to your line….Lets not out think this draft. Dion in rd 1, Kyle in rd 2.
      Philly’s Tom Lawlor seems to believe that Geno and the OT’s are our smokescreens in rd 1…Keep an eye on miami, they fell in LOve with Lane, who wont make it past Arizona at 7. miamia has two 2nd rd picks, and two 3rd’s

  • xlGmanlx

    We haven’t had a game changer TE since…….Jackson? Could Kelly’s genius be going back to basics and being stout up the middle again? He already loves the run game, a play maker TE plus more results from better scheme on D, at lest hope for better scheme, and things could turn around quickly with the right guidence. A commitment to running the football, which Kelly is known for, automatically makes you a tougher club because you practice running the football. No easy button/substitute for that. Either way, I don’t think I’m the only one to say that things are more exciting being an igg’s fan than I can remember in how long…

    • GGeagle21

      couldnt agree more. How could we not be excited. Just look at all the potential change:
      1)TE’s will be valued and used now like in NE
      2)We will go from one of the teams that run to ball the least to most
      3)We finally value LB’s, you know, the best athletes on the defensive side of the ball?
      4)We go from one of the slowest most stuborn coaches in terms of in game adjustments, to the quick thinker who will have an answer for everything the defense does.
      5)We will no longer ignore opponent weakness, going against the grain.
      7)Every defense will no longer know every play we run before we run it
      8)Chips scientific approach, has to be the best for our players bodies than any training program they experienced in their pro career (I exoect it to make a BIG DIFFERENCE)
      9)Guys are excited! No one is bitching about having to bust their but in April, guys like Peters, and Desean seem to be drooling at the thought of getting back to work
      10)Guys who struggled, get a new fresh start to get their careers back on track: Watkins, “Not so nasty” Nate, and all the FA we basically signed to prove it deals, that come in with attitude, winning backgrounds, and huge CHIP on their shoulder, no pun intended (maybe a lil)..

  • Jmkrav

    If joeckel is there at 4, I’d expect a large trade down offer. Cardinals #7 plus their 2nd? Still take doin at 7. Then with 4th and 7th pick in 2nd round add a 3-tech end and an OT like Fluker/Watson/Long.

    Maybe even trade back into the late 1st if someone they really like slides.

    • GW.Fisher

      As much a I like Fisher/Jockel I’d take this deal. Then you can take either Star or Floyd (assuming both OT’s are gone) or Jordan and use the 2 high 2nds to address the OL and S positions. But Barring a trade I’d take the stud OT and be set for the next 10 years…

      • GGeagle21

        Dude, if we drafted Dion Jordan while AQUIRING an extra 2nd round pick, I will probably instantly spontaneously combust from a happiness overload…That is, literally the most ideal of ideal scenario’s…because then you can get both your G/T(Pugh or Long) and yr 5tec(sly,Hankins,Carradine,J Williams) in round 2..then you start focusing in the secondary and a TE in rds3-5….and in rd7 you take Safeties Dexter McCoil and Rontez Miles, and then the most talented player to fall down the draft boards due to being a pothead or criminal! Lol

    • jabostick

      Nitpicky point but because OAK, PHI and DET finished with the same records, they ‘snake’ their positions each round. The second rounder is the 3rd. The Cards pick 6th in the 2nd round (doesn’t change your point, just FYI).

  • JofreyRice

    Two big benefits I’m not seeing mentioned, in regards to Joeckel, are:

    1) He played in an uptempo attack, in Kevin Sumlin’s version of the Air-Raid at aTm. It wasn’t as fast paced as Oregon’s, but he has shown that he’s got the conditioning to do it at a high level. Transitioning might be easier than other T’s.

    2) He pass protected for Johnny Manziel, a guy that does a lot of freelancing when plays break down, very similar to the way Mike Vick does it. I think it makes your job a lot harder when you don’t know where your QB is going to be. He’s shown he can do that at a high level as well.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    seems like he blocked alot in those highlights. lookin like a Pitta type to me

    • GGeagle21

      He should become a very capable blocker..He already will hit the DE good, and then. Go seal off the LB to spring the RB, and he will only improve…but his real bread and butter is using his crazy length to bail QBs out, and come up with some unCatchable balls…he is like a poor mans TE version of Randy Moss in that regard…This kid, has as good as a chance as ANY TE in this draft including the two alleged 1st rounders, to develope into the next big thing at TE in the NFL. I would kick Harbor to the curb so fast if we drafted Esco!!! Lol

  • southy

    Escobar looks like a liability in the run game when matched up on anyone but DBs…

    • GGeagle21

      Strongly disagree

  • jmkrav

    As good as Escobar looks in this video, is anyone else even more impressed by the SD ST runnng back? Is he in the draft? Because they run a few zone-read plays and he does pretty well with them. With Dion Lewis, (and probably polk) gone, I could see the eagles snagging a 3rd RB late in the draft.