The EJ Manuel Diaries: My Workout With the Eagles

Quarterback EJ Manuel is doing a weekly diary here on Birds 24/7 as we count down to the draft. In this installment, he details his private workout with the Eagles on Thursday.

Hey guys, been a busy week so I apologize for the late post. Worked out for the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday, and it went great. Coach Lazor came into town Wednesday night and we met up for a casual dinner. I was able to really pick his brain about his coaching history, his expectations from his quarterbacks, his coaching philosophies, etc. I also learned that Coach is a family man, as his kids both called him to say goodnight. Very good man as well as coach, so whoever you all draft as a quarterback (should be me) will definitely enjoy working with Coach Lazor.

The next morning, coach and I met to watch film and go over play installments. He was testing how I learned best and how fast I was able to retain information. I impressed him, just as I did at the combine and the Senior Bowl interviews. One thing that goes unnoticed in all of this, how much football do you really know, and how much of that knowledge is applicable to the NFL? This is an added value I have coming from FSU. WE LEARNED FOOTBALL. Trust me.

From the film room, we headed to the field to work out. I killed it. The ball came out of my hand great. Weather was chilly so it gave a realistic feel of how it’ll be in the fall in Philly. Coach gave me a few things to try out and I was able to perform those techniques after he gave his initial instruction.

Overall, coach left with a great impression. The ball may have touched the grass once. I really liked Coach Lazor. I think I will have a lot of success learning and working with him and within the Eagles offensive system!

Cleveland and Cincinnati are up next, so I’m going to prepare for them! Catch you guys later.

EJ Manuel

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  • A_T_G

    What a waste. With the level of awesomeness that this diary entry documents, EJ should be in Israel negotiating peace or traveling the world, solving global warming.

    • Johnny Domino

      Chuck Norris would draft himself behind EJ.

  • Dilleria

    I wouldn’t mind picking up EJ. Id like to see more tape on his quick and intermediate routes (seems like every highlight is him throwing bombs). He reminds me of Randall Cunningham a bit…Geno Smith does not…don’t know why anyone would compare him to Randall….not a chance.

  • Joe Jones

    Gotta love the internet, where being a sarcastic, idiot is the norm. EJ is a college kid who wants to play football in the NFL, agrees to write a few blog entries and the response is stupid sarcasm, that isn’t remotely funny…..”world peace?” how original…..

    EJ, please ignore the idiots….its not a Philly thing, its an idiot thing. Real Eagles fan appreciate you taking the time to share your draft experience and wish you nothing but continued success(hopefully here in Philly, but if not, whichever team is fortunate enough to get you). God bless bro and again, thanks.

    • JMan

      I second this.

      • Joe Jones

        I think its very cool that Birds fans joined together to show support and appreciation for EJ sharing with us.

    • Run Eagles Run

      I agree. Keep up the good work with the blog EJ, and more importantly keep up the good work on the field. Thanks for taking the time out to do this for 24/7. This is my favorite stop for eagles coverage despite a few ninnies in the comment section. You’re gonna look great in midnight green.

    • Eric Belize

      Also agree!!! As someone who bleeds garnet and gold in addition to kelly/midnight green, I look forward to continuing to follow your career and hope it is in Philly!!!

  • eaglzflyrz

    EJ sounds like a great kid with a good head on his shoulders. I would be stoked if the Eagles grabbed him at the top of round 2. Also appreciate getting a little insight on Coach Lazor.

  • G

    Is it just me or does he seem a little cocky……. not the greatest attitude for locker room

    • southy

      These guys are coached up by their agents and whoever to sound confident. Every time they get any kind of exposure, they need to come across as confident, capable, and deliver the message of why your team should draft them. Unless you’re a consensus no. 1 pick, then you need to act humble.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Have to take him at 35. Or else he won’t be there. Jarvis and Ej. Or Floyd and Ej. First 2 picks. Thanks Ej for the article. Much appreciated. Hope to see you and Lazor back together

  • Adam

    Ej is a bright man based on his blog.No wonder why his is always mentioned with Geno Smith.Ive seen Wvu and Fsu games with both these guys at command and Im starting to think this class may be underrated at Qb.Someones gonna get a good qb when this young man is selected.

  • Dahmir

    We need people on the team that wants to be here and wants to work hard Ejs said he wants to play here numerous times draft him !

  • Xzavier Graham

    That was a good story EJ! I am a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and I think he would be a great draft choice and trade Nick Foles For a third round pick

    • GGeagle21

      How do you trade away something that you have no clue at this point what will become? How does a coach trade a QB away without seeing them in practice first EVER? How do you trade anyone after 6 games without seeing what type of leap they take in year two, atleast during training camp? WTF is this cities rush to trade away Nick Foles? It doesnt cost us draft picks to find out what Foles can be, and we are paying him Chump change. You do realize, that for all we know, RIGHT NOW, TODAY, Foles might be the best QB on our Roster? Do you know how much he has improved since getting valuable playing time last year? Do you know if old age hasnt taken another gear from Vick? Havent you seen enough lineman and Linebackers catch him from behind last year to admit that he has DEFINITELY lost a step? and if he has already lost a step, how do we know he wont have lost another step or two by the time september Rolls around?
      Let me tell you what I do know about young players. I KNOW that if a young player is smart, LIVES for the game of Football, TRULY wants to be great, and puts in the hard work to become great…what I can tell you with absolute certainty, is THAT type of a YOUNG player WILL IMPROVE, and if he is the real deal, he will improve QUICKLY and EXPONENTIALLY! We are fortunate enough as fans to have been able to see 6 games with Foles when he had the entire Deck stacked against him..How could you not be curious to see HOW MUCH the young man will improve in year two, in a drastically healthier environment in which he isnt set up to fail even before he takes the field? All we have to do, is not be dumb, irrational fans, and we get to see how fast he improves from one year to the next under conditions:
      1)Just by default, his Oline will automatically be 10 times better than it was last year
      2)Significantly more weapons next year then he had last year
      3)FRESH play calling as opposed to the antiquated Ried play calling, where everyone knew exactly what we were doing before we did it?
      4)A defense that doesnt give every single opposing QB their best QBR rating of the season
      Im not saying we need to sit on Foles and build around him for the next 4 years…But how could you not want to sit tight for 9 measly months and find out how much better our offensive Genius can make him, before every even thinking about trading him?
      Lucky for me, in my mind, I dont think their is any chance in hell that Foles isnt here in training camp, competing with Vick…and If the Eagles were to take a QB in rd 1, or rd 2, My guess is that Vick is the one they try and trade, nOT FOLES! You dont trade away what you dont know, ESPECIALLY at the most important position in sports that historically it takes a few years to look good at

      • dan

        lol ok nick foles. chill out guy. take a b r e a t h e. Oh and learn to notuse Run-on sentances haha. jk man. but serioulsy take a breather.

        • GGeagle21

          Funny….cuz no where in my post do I claim to know what Foles will be……Im just not dumb enough to judge him after 6 games

          • meh1988

            But seriously why can’t you just slow down and write neater? Doesn’t have to be perfect but your posts are always so long and hard to read.

          • GGeagle21

            because you asked nicely without attacking me, consider it done!

      • DaKid Wiz DemFellaz

        dude the guy is no eli manning or troy aikman. i can see if he was a former 1st or second rd pick but hes only a 3rd rounder. out of those 6 games he started he was 1-5 and if you go back to watch the tape his decision making wasnt that good he should have threw way more picks then he did which he ended up throwing 6 tds to 5 interceptions and 5 fumbles so hes not to far from vick in terms of being a turnover machine. oh yeah did i mention he was a 3rd round pick so its not like you drafted him to be your franchise qb so in that case if coach kelly wants to draft a qb to run his offense im all in hes the coach i have no problem with them drafting ej nor geno if they’re what chip is looking for in his qb you dont have to watch a player in practice to know if he’s your guy you can just put the tape on. anybody can be good in practice its what you do on sundays that count.

        • GGeagle21

          Did you watch Nick Foles at Arizona? The guy made himself into a 3rd round pick while being surrounded by slop. he has been playing behind bad Olines for years now…yet some fans praise a guy like Geno smith, who if he doesn’t have the cleanest pocket, just becomes a mess? A guy who threw to THE MOST CLUTCH RECIEVER in College( Yes they released the list of who had the most clutch receptions last year among recievers with ATleast 100 catches, and Stedman Bailey was #1) and Tavon Austin, who would just catch simple passes underneath and take them to the house…

          I’m curious to get people’s oppinions on something….but I’m curious to get the oppinions of guys who have actually watched Foles at Zona, Geno at WVU. There is no right or wrong answer, I’m just curious to see how people view it.. If Foles played his entire career behind Geno’s Oline, throwing to the best take it to the house on every play weapon, in Tavon Austin, and the number 1 clutch RECIEVER in College, where would Foles have been drafted? Conversly, had Geno spent his college career in Foles shoes, behind a mess of an Oline, and no significant weapons, how would we be looking at Geno Smith right now?

          my guess is that Foles would have been NO WORSE than a 2nd round pick…Am I crazy for thinking Geno would be a 4th round pick, had he spent his career in Foles shoes?

          now let me have it guys!!! Lol please be gentle

        • GGeagle21

          Hahaha and stop talking as if a 3rd round pick is slop…3rd round picks are extremely valuable. being drafted in the 3rd round does not mean you are chopped Liver. and really? You bring up Eli
          . have you forgotten how PUTRID Eli looked early in his career? And not just for 6 games of his rookie year. Eli was Brutal for YEARS until he grew into the position. The QB position is not the position to be impatient with. Some really great players needed years of PLAYING time before they were able to grow into good QBs….so why would anyone even try to Judge Foles after playing 6 games, in the most dysfunctional situation a rookie QB could possibly be in?…even if you are lucky enough to draft a QB talent like Flacco or Matt Ryan, those guys needed what? 3-4 years of playing time before they were really ready to compete for a Lombardi trophy? take Foles 6 games last year, and compare them with Flacco’s first 6 games of his rookie career, and see what you get…keep in mind Flacco did it, in a much healthier environment, and a significantly better defense…bu go ahead. check out how Nick Foles compared to the most recent Super Bowl winning QB…and Flacco was no top 5 pick himself..Check it out. Matter of Fact, you can take the best 6 rookie games out of most of the best QBs in the history of the game, and you will rarely see numbers that Dwarfed Foles production…Now only a fool or a hater, would respond to me about how I love Foles or have this belief in him…that’s certainly not the case. but I feel like I have to point this out when you see so many irrational fans want to trade a player after 6 games.
          I wonder:
          1) What Foles would have looked like last year behind an average, instead of terrible Oline?
          2) How much better would he have looked if Bell and Dunlap didn’t nullify so many of his 3rd down completions with holding penalties that killed our drives? I mean, that didn’t happen just a handful of time..anyone have the stat for how many 1st down completions turned into 3rd and long due to our dumb OT’s
          3) what would have happened if Foles didn’t break his hand against the redskins enabling him to complete that wide open deep pass? I was at that game, sitting 7 rows back on the redskins sideline. And I swear to you, the skins were shook. Foles started getting in a groove, and their players did not know what hit them…had he not broken his hand, There was a pretty decent shot that he would have completed his 2nd come from behind, late heroics win in a month, and he would have done it against a division rival who was one of the hottest teams in the league at the time, gearing up for a play off run…I can’t help but wonder how much different, a city of over reactors would feel about Foles today, had he not broken his hand and completed the comeback against the redskins..going 2-4 as a starter, winning one less game than Vick did(while Vick played 4 more games), with a healthier line, a better defense, and the full compliment of weapons that Vick had.

          dumb decisions eat away at us for years in this city. earl Thomas, JPP, Mamula…DO NOT misconstrue my posts as me being some Foles lover that Knows he will become a top QB..THAT IS NOT THE CASE! I simply don’t want to trade away what I don’t know….without having a Franchise QB in place, could you imagine this city if they traded away Foles after 6games, and he went on to become a franchise QB for some other team? We will be talking about it for longer than we talk about throwing snowballs at Santa…Anyone who says they know that Foles will be a franchise QB is a FOOL, but the fan who claims to Know that FOLES isn’t a franchise QB at this point, is just as much of a fool…….since it literally costs nfl chump change to keep Foles on the roster..lI think we should leave the kid alone. treat him like a plant, let the coaches give him his water and sunlight every day…and in 9 months we can start discussing what we have on our hands

  • SweetDickWillie

    I think we can wait on a QB for next year. I just don’t see him being a franchise QB. Furthermore, he is to public and seems like he loves media attention. Honestly, i prefer the quit professionals.

  • usmcnole

    EJ you were maddeningly inconsistent at FSU. You offered us nole fans greatness half the time and complete frustration the other half. I loved your spirit and willingness to be a leader
    but when you turn the ball over or completely miss a wide open receiver on a routine throw it practically negates the positives. If you come to Philly, these fans will be the best support system you’ve every known but if you play inconsistent like you did at FSU, they will most certainly let you know and they will have little tolerance, especially if they feel you aren’t working hard enough. So, you better work hard and have thick skin. Just ask Donovan.

    • jd

      Im also an fsu fan and i disagree i always enjoyed watching ej. Hes tough can run big arm you should have been frustrated with the play calling. If you put ej in genos offense last season we would be talking about ej for a top ten pick easy dude can ball and is a good kid.

  • I’d love to see Philly pick this guy up in round 2.

  • ben

    If Kelly likes him, I like him. Period.

  • Da Wiseman

    As a

  • Da Wiseman

    As a fsu alum I don’t see how this man will make it in the NFL… We call him Captain Checkdown over here!! With this years UF game on tape I don’t see how you can justify drafting him

    • Token

      The only Eagles fan that want EJ are the ones who never saw him play. They see his size and stats and think hes good based on that.

      • GGeagle21

        yup!! doesnt have half the accuracy of Foles…the funniest are the milner at #4 fans, I have to assume they never watched him play

        • Smegga

          You don’t like Milliner, fair enough. Just stop referring to people who do want him as idiots who’ve never watched him.
          Do I want him? Not at number 4, but he’s a talented player who is going high because of a lacklustre group of players available.
          You like Foles. I don’t. There we go.

          • geagle21

            Dont misconstrue, me not being foolish enough to judge or give up on Foles after 6 games, with me liking Foles. Stop listing real issues involving Milner? why would I do that? It gets frustrating to hear a hundred people a day tell you that the Eagles should pick at 4, out of those 100 how many of them even know that alabama corners dont backpeddle? I honestly think Milner and Geno at #4 are THE ONLY mistakes we could possibly really make….Would you agree that about 70% of the people who give you oppinions on college players, have literally never seen them play? So if you are in that other 30% its logical to get frustrated…I havent disrespected you. I stated that Millner is a disaster selection at 4, and listed about 7 reasons why. If you disagree with me, I always welcome a respectful intelligent need to call me out. start listing the reasons why you would like Millner at 4. No reason to get into a pissing contest…By me posting my oppinions, and people disagreeing with me, is how I LEARN and increase my football acumen…no need to be calling each other out, and getting into pissing contest…when we could amicably debate football all day. Cheers

          • wbramh

            M I L L I N E R

      • Hermes Pagulayan


    • GGeagle21

      Geno is just as bad! If he doesnt have a brady like, spic n span type clean pocket, he is an absolute mess. Was terrible in cold weather bowl game…ton of stats, but how many of the came from throwing underneath to Tavon, and him taking it to the house?…Could you imagine what a complete and utter mess Geno would have been last year behind our line? Foles been playing behind bad lines since he arrived at college….I cant help but imagine where Foles would have been drafted, had he played his career behind a functioning Oline, throwing to steadman Bailey and Tavon Austin? Yet Conversly, you put Geno behind the Arizona Line Foles played for, and Geno would probably be a 5th round pick…..EJ and Geno are both TERRIBLE IDEAS for us….We are trying to win a superbowl people, and Im sorry but Geno and EJ wont take us there…I dont know if Foles will, but it doesnt cost us a top draft pick to find out with Foles….Instead of just doing the revolving QB door of average options…try to build with what you have, spend your picks wisely to strengthen your team….so when the right guy comes along, we will be ready to pounce on him, and he can take center behind a strong team thats already in place…see Kapernick!
      Im sorry EJ, these blogs impress the hell out of me in terms of charecter. But I wouldnt take you at #4, I wouldnt trade up from the 2nd to take you(we need more picks, not less)…and you simply arent accurate enough to warrant us pulling the plug on Foles after 6 games. Real talk! but best of luck, I have a feeling you are headed to the 49ers!
      Lets not spend another single pick on a QB, until a kid comes along that we ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE! EJ, Geno,Nassib….these guys might end up having great careers…but if we are honest with ourselves, and dont let the allure of the sexy QB position influence us, than all of us should agree that none of these guys are OMG MUST HAVE GUYS!…It you wouldnt be willing to trade your entire draft to get one of these guys, than they arent worth taking at 4…..When RG3 was available, teams HAD to have him, they were willing to mortgage their entire draft to go get him….good teams dont spend high picks on QBs that dont end up being their franchise QBs…We can Decide to not be a bad team, and do dumb ish that bad teams do!…..Is any one of these prospects even better than Mark Sanchez? debatable…and if its even remotely debatable that you might not be better than Mark Sanchez, than we dont need you in philly!

      • nicksaenz1


  • ojdiddoit

    sounds like this kid has his stuff together and don’t doubt for a minute Kelly doesn’t have deep interest in him..if he is there when the birds pick in the 2nd round we will be saying welcome to philly

  • Jordan England

    Really like this kid. First time that I have read something like this from a person going into the draft. Really impressed how you put this online and how you spoke about coach lazor, I think you could learn here in Philly and receive respect and experience. Don’t listen to these people on here talking this and that. This would be a good pick up for the Eagles.

  • aaron mushrush

    great blog EJ….as an Eagles fan I would love to rock your jersey as proudly as I did McNabb. I hope we do draft you because your upside with Chip is endless.


    I would love for EJ to fall to the 3rd round so Eagles could get him, but not gonna happen. We’d be lucky if he fell to Eagles in the 2nd round, but I keep feeling like he goes between top 10-25. Teams want the Russell Wilson steal and teams will have to reach to get him. He will Christian Ponder himself into the 1st round. Too bad, he really wants to go to Philly and he’ll probably end up in Buffalo.

  • larryt1940

    Joe Jones is a, i don’t know what? Save your sarcasm for writing from your mother’s basement! Thought the piece by E.J. was very good!

    • Joe Jones

      I was commending EJ and talking about a poster who made sarcastic remarks and said EJ’s comments were trash. You misread my post. I was thanking EJ for doing a good job and providing a service to Eagles fans, giving us insight to behind the scene of the draft process.

      If you paid attention, you’d see over 120 people gave it a thumbs up, but like I said, people are so quick to be sarcastic, make dumb jokes and call names.

  • bianca marchionni

    He killed it wow that’s great hopefully he is around in round 5

  • daldevs

    If EJ would not have crapped the bed against Florida, FSU fans would have a completely different outlook on his time as a Seminole. Trust me, I hated EJ just as much as the next ‘Nole after the Florida debacle, but, in all honesty, EJ is a winner. He has a big arm, is very intelligent, is a big, athletic QB, and is a leader.

    The UF game was easily his worst, and sadly that’s the game many people will remember him by, but he carved up plenty of defenses in 2012. As long as he gets solid coaching and has talent around him, he will be more than solid.

  • Kevin C

    EJ we would love to have you on board to be the Eagles QB of the future. I feel you would bring great leadership, toughness, and on-field abilities to get us back into the playoffs after a rough year.

  • Jimbo99

    EJ’s a decent QB, he had a concussion against UF in 2012, I have a feeling EJ hasn’t felt anything close to NFL live action game pressure. And what he did at FSU, the ACC hardly is an NFL defense and comparatively, the Eagles probably don’t have the kind of pass protection he got at FSU playing in the ACC. Ask all the QB’s that have been injured in Philly.


  • thefadd

    he does remind me of Randall — in his complete lack of humility. that’s gotta rub Chip the wrong way and is sure to go over great in news conferences after a loss.

  • jon h

    Take Milliner in the first and EJ in the second. Hopefully that Fresno State safety will still be around in the third. Would be really happy with that, but even happier if Kelly gets all of the guys he wants – after all, he’s getting paid to know what the hell he’s doing

    • GGeagle21

      why do d these guys you assume to know what kelly wants? how can you say what is a smokescreen? what is due dilligence? what is genuine interest? WHy would want EJ or Geno when they dont have half the poise and pocket presence that Nick Foles has? because they are faster?….I dont know that fOLES is a franchise guy or not…but what I do know is if you want to talk about investing first and second rd picks in a QB, they BETTER be significantly better than Nick Foles….and these guys ARENT!!! The next time we invest a high pick in a QB, it better be a QB so enticing that you would be willing to trade you entire draft to aquire….until that kid comes around, just keep adding Talent to your team…Lucky for me, Gamble is here!! He knows how its done!…when Alex smith SUCKED, they didnt go wasting all kinds of high picks on QBs that people want so desperately to be good prospects, but really arent…they didnt draft QBs with tons o question marks, every year, cross their fingers and hope one pans out…They added Talent, they stuck to the course…and when they finally found good QB play(Alex’s development, and Kapernick), those QB’s had a heckuva supporting cast around them, and they were ready to take it to the next level!
      Havent we seen how bad it hurts to miss on your 1st, 2nd and even 3rd round picks?…The draft is a crap shoot as it is, and the QB spot is the hardest to find…but I need a little more certainty in a prospect than what Geno, and EJ provide! I actually think EJ has a better chance at the NFL level than Geno….I think Geno is a BAD idea…he gets so rattled when ever his clean pocket gets a little rattled….and at the nfl level, I doubt he is going to have 2 weapons that were so much better than the defense like Tavon and Steadman were in College……I cant help but wonder where Foles would have been drafted, had he played his college career with the clean pocket that geno usually enjoyed, throwing to Tavon and Steadman, instead of trying to carry that terrible Arizona offense on his back every single game…When things get tough, when things start to go bad, Geno crumbles….I never saw that in Nick. The game was never to big for him, he was always able to rebound from bad plays……….I just think the intangibles that Nick showed last year are so much more valuable in your leader, than his 40time, or whether he can run an inside or outside zone read….If Geno, EJ, and Foles were all on our Roster, I would want to play the most accurate AT ALL TIMES…and Geno and EJ arent these great prospects who we can automatically say that are more accurate then Foles…so why would I want to waste a top pick on QBs that might not even be more accurate than the kid we already have?

  • Eagles67

    I hope you get drafted early E.J> just not in Philly ,we have too many more important needs to fill up top!

  • IceNole44

    Being a Seminole fan, I do like EJ. Like any QB he has had really good games and stinkers. And sometimes he was the reason for the success and the failures. But he does seem to learn from his mistakes, and gives 100% on the field while at FSU. Do I see him as a number 4 over all pick, no. Do I see him as a late 1st or decent 2nd rounder? Yes. I do like the fact he shows confidence, without being cocky, and comes off as being appreciative for advice given. Yet another Seminole I would like to see wearing Eagles Green…