Health Update On Kelce, Peters And Herremans

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason KelceThe health of the offensive line is obviously a major issue heading into the 2013 season. The Eagles lost Todd Herremans (dislocated foot), Jason Peters (ruptured Achilles) and Jason Kelce (torn MCL, partially torn ACL) to serious injuries in 2012. Their ability to rebound will be critical if Chip Kelly wants to experience some semblance of success in his first year at the helm.

With the offseason program set to begin on April 1 and the first minicamp a little over two weeks away, we checked in on the triumvirate’s status.

Kelce appears to be the furthest away.

“Not all healed up yet, I’m in the process of it,” said Kelce at Herremans’ charity event Thursday night. “Right now I’m at five months post-surgery, six months post-injury.

“Right now we’re hoping I’ll be able to do some things in this first mini-camp, but even that is more me trying to press them to let me do stuff. I think they are trying to take it safer. I’m probably about a month, month-and-a-half before I am cleared for [all] football activity. I am full-go in the weight room, full-go in the training room. On the field is the last area where I still have to go full-go.”

If that timetable holds up, Kelce could conceivably be back when OTAs begin the second week of May.

Herremans expects to be ready out of the gates.  The 30-year-old sustained a dislocated bone, some fractures and torn ligaments in his right foot after landing awkwardly against the Saints in early November. The rehab process has been extensive and, while he has been cleared to participate in the offseason workouts, it will likely take some time to regain his form.

“It will probably take a couple weeks of football activity every day until it feels normal,” said Herremans.

The next question is: where will Herremans play? That, like much with the new head coach, is still a mystery.

“He’ll probably move us all around quite a bit,” said Herremans. “Who knows? Maybe it depends on who our quarterback is. Basically I’m just trying to go in there and win a job back.”

Herremans was asked where he is at his best.

“That’s a tough question,” he said. “I think I had a really good year at guard a few years ago and I think I played really well at tackle two years ago. Last year, my tackle play was sub-par. I don’t really know what to attribute it to — maybe I let myself slip a little bit. But I’m just excited. I’ve been working hard all offseason to get back from injury, and come back better this year.”

He should have his Pro-Bowl left tackle back with him. Peters initially ruptured his Achilles this time last year while working out, then again in May when his Roll-A-Bout allegedly broke, and missed the entire 2012 campaign. Signs point to him now being healthy.

“I talked to Jason,  he’s just as excited as I am — probably more so,” said Herremans. “He is cleared and said he is ready to rock. Sitting out from football for a whole year kind of makes you realize how much you miss it, and I know he is itching to get back.”

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  • Joe Jones

    We need all three back. Given that Chip and Howie did not address O line in free agency, they must like a few draft prospects. Which makes sense if you look at the line as a whole. Where is the youth? Where is the ascending talent? Adding 2 O-linemen in the draft makes a lot of sense.

    I have no idea what they do at 4, I want BPA and if that means getting a guard/tackle in the 2nd or 3rd, so be it. I wonder if Kyle Long or Terren Armstead fit what Chip and Jeff Stoudtland are looking for? Only 27 more days til we find out….

    Go Birds

    • GGeagle21

      Refreshing to read a post from a guy that realizes that Eric Fisher at #4 isnt the only way to fix your line! We have so many needs still, that as much as I would love to say, lets draft a Tackle, guard and center, thats just not realistic….The real issue on this line in order are:
      1)starting RG (I havent closed the door on Watkins yet, but you cant just go into the season assuming he will be fine
      2)Backup center…Dallas Reynolds is not the answer
      3)4th string Tackle (Dennis Kelly will solidify himself sooner or later as one of our future Tackles, I believe in him, this year he is our #3 swing tackle:
      Unfortunately, where we stand today, we cant invest 3 picks in the Oline. That could change if we aquire more picks..So we need to be creative and fill as many of these holes as possible. How do you do that? You draft versatile players that can play multiple positions on your line…So now Im going to list in order, my wish list for the Oline in the draft:
      1)Barrett jones! No one is more important for us than him. Can start at Guard(ruined Manti Teo’s draft stock lol), can back up Kelce, and even be an emergency tackle. Drafting this kid is sooo important for us. Rocket scientist type intelligence, with a Runyan-like mean streak: Drafting him literallygives you a starting guard, a backup center, and a backup Tackle…How can any player be more important to us than Barrett?
      2)Kyle Long. Already has succeeded in Kelly’s high tempo offense. played Tackle For Oregon, projects as a hevckuva NFL guard, and can certainly play RT for long stretches of time, if the injury bug bites.
      3)Terron Armstead OT 2nd-3rd round (i believe he will be a very solid NFL tackle)
      4)Menelek Watson: see Terron Armstead
      5)Trade back to the 8-11 Range and grab Lane Johnson
      I just listed 5 options that are more appealing to be than taking Eric Fisher at #4th overall

      • Tom W

        Well put — put me down for all of these. Per, you still have a 70 percent chance in the second rd and a 53% percent chance of landing a starting otackle in the 3d round .. the highest of any position in both rds . No reason to force Fisher or Joeckel in at 4 when otackle is deep this year and is not a glaring need.

        • GGeagle21

          Thank you…and awesome stat man. Much appreciated! Not to mention, if Tacklle is this glaring need, you got two pretty good ones still on the free agent market, one of which is a young 26 year old who is a heckuva run blocker in Andre Smith. The strength of FA was Tackle, One of the strength of depth in this draft is tackle…yet people cant figure out a way to fix the line without taking away a playmaker at #4 that our defense desperately needs? Its crazy, especially when you have Dennis Kelly on the roster, and almost 20million dollars tied up in the tackle position. Herremans just got paid tackle money, and Peters is our highest paid player…until that changes, and their contrac ts get restructured, then we have no business spending the 4th pick on a 4th tackle. Its just crazy, considering your needs on the defensive side of the ball.
          What do I want in round 1? something that I cant find in round 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or all of Free Agency…..Mr. DION JORDAN!!! I can find something comperable to any other prospect later in the draft…not Mr. Jordan! UNIQUE!..if I cant have him, and we dont trade back, I pray that Ziggy,Floyd or Star is the pick……We have 1 5tec on the roster that we aquired yesterday, and people have the audacity to list OT as the biggest glaring NEED? Like am I going crazy here?

      • Lukekelly65

        I really like the idea of drafting Barrett Jones he played tackle guard and center in the SEC and did well at all three spots i also think he fits perfectly with the type of player Chip seems to like hes versatile he comes from a extremely successful program hes a hard worker and a really intelligent guy.. he played through injury in the national championship game so you know hes tough. i agree that he would be a great choice… is he projected to go in the 3rd? also out of all the top tackles i like Lane Johnson the most hes super athletic and he plays with the mean attitude i like in linemen i think he is going to be a stud but like you mentioned i only see us taking him if we trade down which i am all for I’m just not sure if i see it happening but then again what do i know hopefully Howie can work some magic

        • GGeagle21

          also, Stoutland is our new line coach, and for those of you living under a rock, he is the eagles new Oline coach. So you would be getting Long who has already succeeded in our headcoaches system, and Barrett who has succeeded playing everyone on the line for our current Line coac…Bama and Oregons line schemes also happened to be similar. They werent identical, but it wasnt a drastic difference at all

          i actually see things the same as you…Lane is my favorite Tackle, but yeah we cant take him at probably noticed Im a Dion Freak lol, but good business is good business and trading back to like 8 and drafting Lane Johnson while also aquiring an extra 2nd or 3rd and 4th pick in the process, is just too good business to pass up on, because of my neverdying man love for Dion Jordan. I will go crazy if he pass up Jordan for Fisher at #4, but if its announced that we traded back and took Lane, I would have to give a standing round of applause…then again, I probably still wouldnt take lane, because I think drafting Kyle Long and Barrett Jones is so much more valuable than investing in a tackle this years…we could trade back to 8-11 and still have a chance at:
          star,sharrif,ziggy, Trufant(I have so much belief in him becoming a stud CB), Sheldon Richardson…getting the defene a play maker:
          then you would either have two 2nd round picks, or one 2nd, two 3rds, and two 4ths..and then you have crazy options like this:
          2)Kyle Long
          3)Barret Jones
          4)Best corner or Saftey on the board(and there will be some VERY good ones)
          4)TE Nick Kasa or your fav TE on the board
          2)Terron Armstead
          3)Brandon Williams
          3)Barrett Jones (keep in mind Kelly is the 3rd string Tackle, Barrett is more than capable of being the 4th OT on your depth chart)
          5)Best TE
          all while you already got a defensive playmaker in rd 1….A draft like that could really help…especially if you are able to uncover some hidden gems in the 7th and undrafted FA
          But I do really realy like Lane, and it wouldnt upset me if we drafted him..I just think Versatile players like Kyle Long and Barrett Jones who play multiple positions for you, is a smarter way to go when you already have a good line in place but are just worried about injuries…theoretically, you might not need a single starting lineman this year, so another stud tackle can wait:
          Herremans, Watkins, Kelce, Mathis, Peters…. or
          Kelly, Herremans, Kelce, Mathis, Peters
          we can do better at 4, than drafting depth, and injury insirance…Im not saying we dont need to get another OT of our future, but it can wait a year..Sign Winston to a two year deal, and call it a day!

          • Lukekelly65

            i think a big part is how the team feels about Kelly and Watkins both guys are still pretty young…maybe if we feel one of them is solid it helps keep our options open at 4…also i came across another interesting late round/UDFA to keep an eye on….Jeremy Moore from Georgetown hes a 5’11 175 CB. i know his size isn’t ideal and Chip seems to like bigger longer CBs but the kid has some talent he really attacks the LOS when he plays hes super aggressive and is a good tackler he also is a KR so that has some add value.. i think he would be more of a slot guy and seeing as we have Boykin already it may not be a great fit but i like the toughness he plays with and i think he will be a nice UDFA signing for some team even if he just plays ST

          • GGeagle21

            Thanks for the extra name to add to my Sunday morning list…I will check him out and get back to you with my thoughts on Monday…I actually Think Dennis Kelly has a bright future. As bad as the line was last year, you wouldn’t see him get beat so bad that he would have to commit those terrible 3rd down holding penalties. I think playing with 4 above average lineman, Kelly will be fine….Watkins is a bigger question mark, although I don’t write him off yet. it was dumb to draft him if you were going to have him pass block 40 times a game..He is strong in the run game, and our new offense should play to his strength..he also despised Howard Mudd…so hopefully Stoutland can help get him on track

      • UKEagle99

        What do you mean by “and can certainly play RT for long stretches of time, if the injury bug bites.” Either you can play RT or you can’t, if not then I want to know how long his stretch is so I can determine whether I need to draft/sign another tackle to back him up.

        • GGeagle21

          well, he played RT for 4 years…He just projects to be a better guard…but how can you really worry about him playing RT, after he has been doing it already?

  • PaoliBulldog

    As much as sports medicine has advanced over the last 40 years, there are still no guarantees that a player can recover fully from a serious injury. Thank God none of these guys regards Andrew Bynum as a role model.

  • southy

    Kelce’s the smartest guy on the team. He needs to focus on healing up properly and he’ll be fine.

    • Kelce has the heart of an elephant. During his rookie campaign in camp it was obvious he was not intimidated as some of the other new Offensive linemen were. I’m mildly impressed with Cincinnati alumni in the NFL, I wonder how hard the Eagles are looking at the players coming out of Rutgers.

      • GGeagle21

        im sure they are atleast looking at Kaseem

  • BlindChow

    Did Peters’ lawsuit against the Roll-A-Bout company ever go anywhere?

    • bentheimmigrant

      Dunno, but throwing “allegedly” in there makes it sound like it didn’t.

  • Explorer51

    I know it’s been mentioned a million times but three-fifths of the line (arguably the best three-fifths) are all recovering from serious, season-ending injuries…and we have no depth! I can be as optimistic as anyone but full recovery from knee and foot injuries for three big bodied guys (two on the north side of 30) may be less optimistic and more wishful. Here’s hoping that OL isn’t Chip Kelly’s blind spot like WR and LB were for Andy Reid for so many years.

    • GGeagle21

      I can assure you that you dont have to hope that Oline is important to chip…I dont feel like digging up the quote where he states that the Oline is EVERYTHING to him(paraphrasing)…I wouldnt even draft a Tackle this year: I would invest in Kyle Long in round 2, and Barrett Jones in rd 3. As rookies, they can fight it out with Watkins for the starting right guard, Ideally, watkins beats out both rookie’s so Long and Barrett go to the bench for a year: If you draft Kyle and Barrett you have so much versatility and depth by just having Herremans,Barrett, and Kyle who can all play multiple positions for you. The depth would look as following:
      LT: Peters, Dennis Kelly
      LG: Mathis, Barrett Jones,
      C: Kelce, Barrett Jones
      RG Watkins, Long, Barrett Jones, Herremans
      RT Herremans, Kyle Long, Barrett Jones
      No team is ever going to be able to invest in 10 stud lineman. If you suffer more than two season ending injuries to your starting line, you cant expect to be ok. You will Never have THAT much depth…But when you have 3 guys like Herremans, Barrett, and Kyle that can play so many positions for you at a high level…you will be in a better depth position than most.

      • G

        I like your thinking here. Let’s hope it happens

        • GGeagle21

          thank you…yes sir..Im hoping!… this would give us as much depth as we could possibly ask for in 1 offseason, and still allow us to get a serious play maker for the defense with the 4th pick

      • NineseveN

        Yes to Barrett Jones. I understand why people are down on him, but he’s pretty versatile and can do anything asked of him around the O-Line. He’s super intelligent. The lis-franc injury is a question mark, but I still like him. Kyle is more of a project, but I don’t think Kelly will shy away from that. Still, it’s hard to pass on Fisher (I think he’s the best of the 1st round O-liners).

        • GGeagle21

          also keep an eye out on the situation involving Rams LT, who is getting switched to the Right side, and NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT, he might go on the tradingl block soon… RT Rodger Saffold. Good player entering the contract year of his rookie deal. The rams and Coach Fisher have been trying to contact him since they signed Jake Long, but he hasnt returned any of their calls….If he hits the trading block, eagles could pounce!

        • GGeagle21

          I dont see Kyle as a project, not at guard atleast. If Barrett and Kyle are both drafted, the competition between those two and Watkins would become very interesting

          • I don’t think that highly of Watkins, If Barrett and, or Long came to the Eagles and couldn’t convincingly beat out Watkins, I’d be very disappointed.

          • GGeagle21

            see, I dont think Watkins is a bad run blocker…I also think Mudds scheme was too complicated, and that watkins despised him..Some player take 3 years to figure out the NFL….this isnt IDEAL considering he was 28yrs old when we drafted him…but Im hoping it turns out to be a case of better late than Never, instead of a completely wasted 1st round pick. I dont have Much faith in him either, but I havent closed the door yet. He gets one more year from me(mostly becomes Im in denial nd refuse to already admit that we completely wasted a 1st round pick). Thanks Howard mudd! “Watkins is a Big strong Guy with HUGE WRISTS” lol Thanks Mudd! Hopefully Stoutland doesnt look at wrist size lol

        • Kyle Long is Howie Long’s son. Long is the Kelly type Offensive Linemen, Hugh, Fast, Flexible and Strong as an ox. The new Eagles Offensive Line Coach, Jeff Stoutland, coming out of Alabama could clean up Long’s game for the next level, but Long has loads of natural potential. Barrett Jones is a proven and sound versatile linemen, he lacks the nasty attitude Kelly likes in OLinemen and has cement feet. Jones is pretty much the gentlemen brawler, Long is new to the position but he’s a bully, the kind you want protecting your Quarterback.

          • GGeagle21

            hold up…I have heard plenty of experts rave over Barretts Nastyness! I view both as tough as nails. Coming away from this draft with those two, and some stud defenders, would just be sooo HUGE for our team going forward..Describing Long as a Bully you want protecting your QB is just sooo spot on! Already well versed in the high tempo chip offense…Has played a ton of OT, so can fill in just lke Herremans if injuries occur…Barrett played every position on the line in the SEC, Destroyed Manti Teo’s draft stock while playing with a significant injury. If we can get those two: and Dion and a Dlineman like Jon Jenkins, Montari Hughes, Brandon Wiliams(Later in the draft),, I will be so Excited

          • Kyle Long only played on the Offensive Line 13 to 16 games, Jones has 4 years. Long started out as a defensive end, like his brother and father. Getting Jones and Long is not happening in my opinion. There’s not a lot of talk about Long, which is good for teams peaking at him, but he’s a solid prospect with a gene pool behind him. He’s not sneaking in under the radar. Kyle is not getting pass the second round. I would like to believe Jon Jenkins of Georgia has something he could bring to the Eagles, I wouldn’t expect him to be a game changer for a few years. If the Eagles can pull him off the board in round 4 that’s a good investment in my opinion.

            Again, I don’t buy into the Jordan hype. Pick 4 is not a, pick to spend on possibilities and potential, but a true disruptive play maker with the tape to verify those attributes, and Jordan doesn’t have the tape. He has a good highlight reel, but in extensive tapes of Oregon games you don’t notice any of that potential or Jordan’s contrition.

      • UKEagle99

        LT still looks like a weak spot to me. if Peters comes back in 2011 form all well and good but if not, or gets hurt then we’re back to where we were in 2012.

        • GGeagle21

          We certainly need an emergency plan, and we certainly need to find an OT that can pair with Kelly to be our bookends of the future….This I will not dispute, I just don’t think we have to take this player in the top 5 of this years draft…..after round 1, I’m all for adding Olineman……but me personally, since we have a projected starting Line, I would set my sights on drafting Lineman that can play multiple positions

          • UKEagle99

            You’re not wrong imo. Biggest needs for me (and you dont draft for need, right?) CB & 5 tech. Not sure best value is at #4, if they can get a dance partner I think they trade back, not far though. If not then I think they take BPA that fits what they want, Tbh thats anyones guess because we dont know what they want!

          • GGeagle21

            I think our biggest needs are 5tec, outside CB to back up B-fletch, and an OLB who can cover… If Dion Jordan isnt available at 4, I would trade back to the 10-13 range because Sheldon Richardson, Desmond Trufant, and Xavior Rhodes should all be available…and you could get lucky and find star on the board….But I think Dion will turn into a Jason Taylor type pass rusher, with blazing speed and insane coverage ability…I wouldnt dare not take Dion on the board if he is there…but thats just me… FYI Right now, Dion is the same size JT was coming out of College…JT started 3 years at akron accumilating 21 sacks…thats 7 per year on average…Dion onlly started two years on the defensive side of the ball, Dion had 7 sacks as a Junior, and his senior year he had 5.5 sacks playing with a torn Labrum for 6 games….not as far off JT as people think…JT also had been playing defense since Highschool. Dion spent his HS and beginning of his college career at WR/TE…So he really only been a defender for 2 years, and he can already do a million different things from you on the field

      • theycallmerob

        Like where your head’s at; the only change I would make to that is grab Armstead (OT) instead of Long. Barrett would challenge most interior spots, and Armstead could probably play either tackle spot. I’m also a fan of the center from USC. But, your philosophy is spot on, and Kelly has also emphasized the importance of o-line multiple times.
        I think the only good that came out of last year’s o-line debacle was getting Reynolds and Kelly experience. Neither player is anything special, but adequate as a backup. Every team can only cross their fingers when it comes to starters.

        • GGeagle21

          Thanks..I like Armstead a lot…so I would certainly be fine with him and Jones….I’m just tired of hearing that the OLY way to fix the line is with Fisher at 4…and I’m just as tired of people telling me that OT is our greatest need. how the hell could that be possible when the only 5tec on our Roster is Clifton Gaethers? A guy who has been on 5 teams in two years? That’s a REAL NEED!!! Not your little Oline depth…a OLB that WR won’t crap our pants watching drop back in coverage is a REAL NEED!!?..Of course I would love a stud like Fisher, who wouldn’t? But we have more important NEEDS at the moment….and you never know what could happen…For example:
          say Vick or Foles surprise us this year and lead us to 7-9, 8-8 in our first year of the new ear, and we decide that we have our QB for the next 3 years….Next years draft, if you can’t get Clowney, you can start turning your sights on OT’s Lewan and Mathews….we aren’t going to get everything we need this year, so we need to prioritize..
          Taking a OT at 4, when OT is one of the strengths of this draft class, makes no sense at all to me

        • Khaled Holmes, the USC center. Holmes vs Lotulelei

          • GGeagle21

            Yeah, he is a pretty Darn Solid Center prospect…But if you draft a Center, on a team that has Kelce, wouldn’t you rather your Center prospect be able to move around, and play other positions as well as Center?

          • Barrett Jones is the most experienced and accomplished prospect in the draft, but he has slow foot speed, he’s not going to be get to the 2nd level before Shady. On the other hand, Kyle Long has the speed, strength and size Kelly craves. Kyle is also versatile enough to be plugged in at Tackle if needed. He’s a talented two sport athlete and the fastest OLinemen at this year’s combine.

            This doesn’t diminish my appreciation for Jones, but Kyle is a better fit for the Eagles featuring the option.


            Oregon offense vs USC 1st Half

          • GGeagle21

            I dont really disagree, but Kyle is basically todd Herremans, A guard-tackle type(Preferably Guard in the NFL)…although Barrett has played Tackle in the SEC and can be an emergency tackle in the NFL, In the NFL, I view him as(an interior lineman version of Herremans) a center first and foremost, and then Guard….If we were to draft both my guess would be that Kyle would beat out Barrett for the RG spot(assuming Watkins cant beat both)…..But we have to find a back up center. If we were looking for a starting center, I would probably much rather have Kahled Holmes…But since we are going to draft a backup center, I would rather spend the pick on a guy that can be a capable backup at every spot on the line, instead of a better center prospect…No?

        • Salty

          Arik Armstead at Oregon? He’s was a freshman last year, not available.

          • GGeagle21

            Terron Armstead, The offensive tackle from Arkansas Pine Bluff, is who he is talking about

    • B-West

      The NFL is structured to create parity, which leads to positions that are devalued or seen as blind spots. Andy game planned and schemed very well for years to allow for low cost players at certain positions.

      • Explorer51

        B-West, I think you mean parity…

        • DLRJ

          You could argue that it’s also well structured for parody. I saw some pretty entertaining impersonations of Andy.

        • B-West

          Ah, dagger. Nothing like a terrible misspelling to ruin a point. Fixed now

          • Your point, misspelling or not was well taken…..

      • DLRJ

        I think you make a good point. You can’t prioritize everything.

      • GW.Fisher

        Parity. Not parody. But apropos here…

  • Kristopher Cebula

    Love the honesty from big Todd in admitting that he thought his play was sub par. most players don’t like to admit that they may have lost an edge or had a poor year

    • That was pretty interesting. I never expected Herremans to man up on his lackadaisical play last year. Given the age of the Tackles and battered bodies the Eagles are in prime position to select a difference making contributor at that position and get 10 years of service. Still what ever is necessary to get Herremans off of that edge and back to guard should be the priority. There is no way after reviewing the tape Kelly is going to feel comfortable with Herremans at tackle, given the rushing stats on his side over the last two years.

      • GGeagle21

        As a former Tackle, dont understimate how difficult it is to play Tackle, when you are playing next to an incompetant guard. 1 serious chink on the Oline, severly effects the rest of the players….Herremans is our STARTING tackle! Thats who we gave starting tackle money to last year!..There are plenty of top guard prospects, that can fill in at Tackle for extended periods of time, non of which require taking the 4th pick away from the want a tackle that bad? DENNIS KELLY! You can wait a year, maybe two to invest in your next stud tackle of the future, as long as you get a starting guard, who can play tackle as well

        • nicksaenz1

          he doesn’t really get tackle or guard money. look at his numbers on he gets less than half of the top tackle and tad over half of the top guard’s salary.

          • GGeagle21

            thank you for the stats….but in fairness, where we are today, drafting a tackle at 4, to be our 4th OT on the depth chart this year makes no sense to me…Not when their are options outside the 1st round who not only can compete with Watkins for the STARTING guard, but also be the 4th Tackle on our depth chart…Eventually we will have to find a compliment to Dennis Kelly, that I do not dispute! But I think we have no business looking for him at #4 in THIS years draft…not when our defense is swicthing to a new scheme…………and I hate even having to make this argument because I think the world of Joekel and King Fish, although I like Lane more….so I dont want to sound like Fisher is a player I wouldnt love to have…but Im trying to Prioritize! When you dont have a starting 5tec, and you have a stop gap veteran at nose tackle, and only 1 player with any kind of OLB experience, and probably no players with OLB experience that you want dropping back in coverage 30% of the time and running with Witten twice a year……..Deep Breath, sigh…..It COMPLETELY BAFFLES me to hear people talk about the 4th OT on our depth chart with the best pick we have had in over a decade. If you have that Little faith in Peters or Herremans, than why pay them 20Million dollars? Cant be allocating all types of crazy resources in 1 position, no matter how important it is….everyone’s body is different. The Eagles arent in the dark like we are in terms of how our lineman are healing. They have been getting progress reports every step of the way. If they were that concerned with our players returning from injury, I would like to think we would have saw:
            1)Aggresively go after a free agent OT, since their were plenty of more than servicable ones, that you didnt really even have to break the bank for..
            2) Why hasnt Peters be asked to restructure, or pay cut? Past performance made it ok to pay him as our highest paid player last year for not a single game…but if you arent confident that you are going to get something out of him this year, why is he your highest paid player?
            What is Peters and Herremans? Peters is the highest paid player on our team, and we just rewardied Herremans with a juicy extension last year…yet people want to treat them as stop gaps? It doesnt work that way…are they stop gaps or do they have a future here? you dont invest what we are investing in them, if they are stop gap guys, not coming off a 4-12 year
            Im not worried about Herremans at all…Peters is the bigger concern, but everything I hear is positive, and if there was reasons to really worry about him, something would have been done already…So until they are treated as stop gap guys, Im going to continue with my belief that you dont spend the 4th pick in your draft on the 4th tackle on your depth chart. Thats just me, to each his own…I never played any other position in my entire life besides LT, and DE….so dont look at me as some fan that doesnt want to draft lineman because it isnt a sexy pick

          • James Skip Carl

            Agree completely

          • GW.Fisher

            Moving Herremans to guard, drafting and making Fisher the starting RT is not drafting him to be #4 on the depth chart. What baffles me is you have Fisher sitting behind Kelly…

          • GW.Fisher

            Having said that, I’d shoot for a DL after trading back. If Fisher isn’t your guy you can get talent later in rd #1 and pick up some pieces for later rounds…

          • New York Jets Dewayne Robertson DT 2003
            Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gaines Adams DE 2007
            Atlanta Falcons Jamaal Anderson DE 2007
            *Houston Texans Amobi Okoye DT 2007
            Kansas City Chiefs Glenn Dorsey DT 2008
            *New Orleans Saints Sedrick Ellis DT 2008
            Jacksonville Jaguars Derrick Harvey DE 2008
            Kansas City Chiefs Tyson Jackson DE 2009
            +Green Bay Packers B.J. Raji NT 2009
            +Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh DT 2010
            *Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gerald McCoy DT 2010
            Buffalo Bills Marcell Dareus DT 2011

            This is a list of Defensive Linemen drafted with one of the top 10 picks over the last 10 years. Of the 130 players drafted with a top 10 pick during that period, there are 3 standout play makers from the DL crop, Raji, Shu, and Okoye.

            Going Defensive Line with pick 4 is more likely to produce a failure than provide a solid contributor.

          • GGeagle21

            Fair enough…but these generalizations mean nothing if you know what you are doing in the draft..for Instance, If Fletcher Cox was drafted in the top 5 last year, he wouldn’t make your list….Is Jadeveon Clowney going to be a bust?….There is always the exception to the rule, and having a bunch of college coaches who know so many of these prospects better than your average NFL executive….should help us get value in this draft….now in 3 years, when our new coaches are no longer familiar with the kids in college, we lose that advantage….so It’s really important to take advantage of that dynamic these next two drafts…

            There is also a study that shows the decline of DT’s at the age of 28

          • GGeagle21

            I would rather see Watkins resurrect his career, especially since I think he is a good run blocker, and I would like to not waste that pick. I think Dennis Kelly is going to be better than most people seem to think. we shall find out in a few weeks. I don’t believe that they will go offense in round one…but I could be wrong…rather see chip and Stoutland get their former players later, Kyle long and Barrett Jones…players that can play multiple positions especially sin injuries are our only concern on the line…instead of just investing in a LT

          • DLRJ

            I’m somewhat skeptical of the RT at #4 as well, and I agree about the risks of over-investing in one position, but I’m not sold on part of your argument. In order for a tackle picked at #4 to be #4 on the depth chart, you have to assume that Herremans can still play solid RT, that the Eagles don’t like the idea of moving him to guard (where there is a glaring need), and that Dennis Kelly is better than whoever we’d pick. I’m not a good enough evaluator of talent to say myself, but I’ve certainly heard smart people suggest that none of those are true. Obviously they won’t draft a tackle at #4 if they think he will be #4 on the depth chart.

          • UKEagle99

            I agree. We’re not set at CB either…

          • GGeagle21

            We really aren’t set anywhere on the defense with the exception of predator and 3tec…We need a 5tec, backup NT to Sopo, a OLB that can cover, a CB that can back up B-Fletch on the outside, and TWO safeties to compete with and backup Chung and Phillips…so we still need 6 Quality defenders(doubt we get all 6 in this draft, but with two drafts, we could have a nasty defense in place that Philly can finally be proud of).

  • He’ll probably move us all around quite a bit,” said Herremans. “Who knows? Maybe it depends on who our quarterback is. Basically I’m just trying to go in there and win a job back.”

    That’s an interesting tid-bit. After the 2010 season, I had wondered if they would flip the line around for the lefty Vick, but nothing ever came of it after the lockout. Maybe Kelly will be more keen on it, but without an established starter heading into camp it seems tough to do.

    • GGeagle21

      Not a chance….they aren’t going to flip lines around for a stop gap guy that might not even win the starting position…If Vick was going to be our QB for the next 5 years, than it would make sense…but he isn’t, so NO

  • CodeMonkee

    King Dunlap was prime time parody.

    • GGeagle21

      the funny thing…I know you guysd probably wont believe me, but I frequent message boards of other teams all the time, to try to get a better idea of teams around the league…and if you were to visit a chargers fan board from January til the start of free agency, all their Fans were CLAMORING for them to sign King Dunlap. I am sooo not joking. I couldnt believe that I would see multiple fans writing posts about how they should target King Dunlap…even crazier is when you consider the other OTs that were on the market. Chargers didnt even think about it, they signed King right out the gate…It was the craziest and weirdest thing I ever saw….Just picture a message board of tons of fans proclaiming that king dunlap is one of their main targets in FA…I swear I thought I was being punked by a legion of chargers fans…I didnt rain on their parade, I just watched Quietly….San Diego is literally EXCITED about King Dunlap…have you ever heard anything crazier? lol

      • bentheimmigrant

        We all were when we heard we were getting a 8 foot tall, 500lb athlete… called “King”.

        Don’t deny it.

        • GGeagle21

          Yeah but we didn’t have tons of nfl footage to watch that tells us Queen would even be a stretch lol

      • GW.Fisher

        Not as excited as we are to seee him go…

      • BrickSquadMonopoly

        I heard crazier…well maybe not crazier but Chiefs fans being ecstatic about getting a washed up coach that quite simply has lost his touch and introduces criminals to organizations

        • GGeagle21

          LOL TOUCHE

  • UKEagle99

    I applaud the use of ‘triumvirate’s’, I haven’t heard/seen that used outside of Westminster.

  • morgan c

    And why haven’t we heard / anyone reported just ONE word coming from the mouth of Jason Peters. All we have to go on is what Herremans said he said? Is Peters a JD Salinger or what? Tim and Sheil, please talk to this guy!