Eagles Acquire DE Geathers For Havili

The Eagles announced today that they’ve traded fullback Stanley Havili to the Colts in exchange for defensive end Clifton Geathers.

Geathers (6-7, 325) is 25-years-old. He was originally a sixth-round pick by the Browns out of South Carolina back in 2010.

He’s bounced around the league, spending time with the Dolphins, Seahawks and Cowboys, in addition to the Colts and the Browns.

Last season, Geathers played 152 snaps for Indy, per Pro Football Focus, coming up with one sack and five tackles. In 2011, with Dallas, he played just 31 snaps.

As we mentioned earlier this week, the Eagles still need bodies on the defensive line. Geathers likely projects as a 5-technique defensive end, but will have to compete for a roster spot. In addition to his height, Geathers’ arms are 37 3/4-inches long. In other words, the theme of Chip Kelly wanting to add length on defense continues.

As for Havili, the writing was probably on the wall for him when the Eagles signed James Casey.

Originally a seventh-round pick out of USC in 2011, he played 21.5 percent of the Eagles’ offensive snaps last year, appearing in 15 of 16 games. He had six carries for 22 yards and a touchdown and also caught seven balls for 43 yards. Havili spent 37.5 percent of his snaps as a blocker in the run game and actually turned out to be an adequate lead blocker when called upon.

But it’s unlikely that the Eagles will use the fullback in a traditional role under Kelly. Casey spent 54.6 percent of his offensive snaps as a run blocker last year with the Texans. I’m guessing one of the things he found attractive about the Eagles is that won’t be his primary role here. But if called upon to serve as a lead blocker on occasion, he should be able to get the job done.

More to come.

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  • Tyler Thierolf

    Time to pick up his little brother in the middle rounds of the draft too.

  • JofreyRice

    Holy cow, hopefully these Geathers brothers get a discount at the Big and Tall. This is essentially the same as drafting Kwame, except we got rid of a guy with no future in the scheme instead of using a pick. Will be good competition for Thornton at LE.

    • Tyler Thierolf

      Not exactly, Kwame is more of a NT while Clifton projects more of a 3-4 DE. Kwame is shorter in both height and length, but heavier. I’d still love to see Kwame taken in the late 3rd or 4th if he’s still around.

      • GGeagle21

        I actually remember when Clifton was a prospect. This isnt anything to write home about, because he very well not even make the roster or even the practice squad. Lazy player, very slow(as if his size indicated he would be fast lol), I think this kid is going to hate a chip kelly practice lol. Im not going to sit here and crush the trade because we gave away a player we would have cut, so anything we got for Havili is gravy…but Im just trying to be honest with myself, and you guys…I would have so much rather have gotten a 7th round pick in return. Heck I woulda took a 7th rounder in next years draft lol….
        Considering that we didnt have a single 5tec on the roster(I view Cedrick as Cox’s backup at 3tec), this is a step in the right direction. Who knows, maybe arriving here at a time where we dont have a single 5tec besides him, lights a fire under his oversized Arse(In my best mIcheal Bisping british accent lol), and he gets hungry(No not literally, Im sure he is already hungry), and takes a serious shot at trying to contribute to this franchise, and we get something out of him….But this is an aquisition in which we need to temper our expectations.
        I do however like Kwame Gaethers much more. They have a strong NFL bloodlines. One of his uncles was a bengal, and was actually pretty good..They either have two nfl uncles, or 1 uncle and father who were former NFL players, cant remember which it is.

        • Tyler Thierolf

          Their father and uncle were both NFL players, as is their older brother Robert who is a Bengal. I don’t know how they could every afford to feed that family…

          • GGeagle21

            thanks…hahahaha RIGHT! That Poor mamma Gaethers! That woman is a saint!

      • JofreyRice

        yeah, see I didn’t want Kwame for NT, I would have wanted him for LE, as well. I thought Kwame played kinda high to be a nose guard, would have wanted to see him locking out OTs with those long arms.

        I’d love for them to pick up Brandon Williams for the nose, if he can last til the third. Good leverage player.

        • GGeagle21

          ooooohhhh LOVE BRANDON WILLIAMS! Dude his size should not have that kind of quickness and ENDURANCE (We dont say high motor in these parts any more) lol…Did you see the youtube video of 345lb Williams walking on his hands? He reminds me of a bigger, explosive, mike Patterson..like you said, lot of leverage, good low center of gravity, I think the world of that kid

          • Richard Colton

            I love Brandon Williams in the third. We need at least one Austrailian on the team, or risk offending the ghost of Sav Rocca

          • GGeagle21

            cheers mate lol

  • ICDogg

    Should be helpful on the FG blocking unit

  • usmcnole

    Damn. I kinda liked Havili

  • Making moves…like it. Cash money says Reid would have been stubborn, held on to Havili, maybe even through final cuts cuz nobody would give him a a high enough pick and then ultimately released him anyway…
    Really looking forward to another draft that Roseman is in charge of…if he drafts like he did last year, we’re going to be right back in this thing sooner than people think.

  • Birds24/7

    Sorry to see Stan go he came with the toughness and tenacity this team needs, unfortunate he didn’t fit. Best of luck Havili

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    nice acquisition. Havili was a lost player in this new look on offense

  • GGeagle21

    Question: which other players are we trying to shop?
    Players that wouldnt surprise me if were traded(I list them in order from most lekely to be traded in my eyes, to least likely, curious to see how my list compares with other peoples):
    1)Jason Avant: I keep getting the feeling that he is going to a contender (gut say Patriots)
    2)Clay Harbor: I think another TE will be drafted and used. Chip could very well keep more than 3 TE on the roster, but I dont think Clay is a guy that will be happy going to the practice squad or being deactivated most of the time
    3)Dion Lewis: You would think we wouldnt be looking at RB’s, but we are using up some of our visits on them so, I get the feeling that Chip is looking to bring in a young scat back like a Lattermore or Kenjon Barner.
    4)Trent Cole: If you want to get out from the big contract you just gave him, NOW is the time to do it while you still have the 5th most salary cap in the league. Bengals have the most cap space and are a good 4-3defense that just lost a DE to FA. Gladly take a 4th or 5th for Trent. I think the pre draft mini camp, as crazy as it sounds will be HUGE for trent. Coaches will get their first look at how Trent moves around as a OLB or maybe a 3-4DE(DOUBT IT)…if they really dont like what they see as an OLB, I can see him being moved on draft day.
    5)Kurt Coleman: Hopefully grigson and the Colts take him too
    6)Chris Polk: see Dion Lewis
    7)Maclin: One thing I dont expect to change with the new Regime, is the handling of the cap. If Howie doesnt believe in having 2 big money wideouts, and will be hesitant about extending Jeremey, than they might want to get a pick that they can use on a much cheaper Justin Hunter type… instead of just being outbid when some team throws crazy money at him on the market (I dont know if Howie believes in spending that kind of money on two wideouts or not, I have never seen the Eagles do it before, so I had to list it as a slight possibility).
    8)Brandon Graham: I listed this as the least likely of scenario’s…I am a HUGE B-grizzle fan. The only reason I listed this at all is because he is going into a contract year, is playing a new position, and doesnt fit the typical mold of Bigger, and Longer. Keep in mind that, there is a deadline during the season for extending your own players. If Graham hits free agency, he will be as good as gone. So Graham is in a tricky position, because he will want to cash in, but he is going to have to not only switch to a different position, but he will only have a few games to prove that we hsould pay him as much as he will be worth to a 4-3 team. That is a very tricky scenario If they forsee this type of contract issue, than they might just want to cash in on him now…If it werent for the positional change in a contract year I would never even list I player I like so much..just something to look out for

    • PaoliBulldog

      The only ones who are likely to yield a draft pick are Avant and Cole. The rest are so close to the bubble that they could only be traded for other marginal players.

      • ICDogg

        Cole’s contract details: http://www.overthecap.com/cap.php?Name=Trent%20Cole&Position=43DE&Team=Eagles

        Do you think anyone would pick up that contract on waivers, not to mention give up anything for it?

        • Jack Bauer

          Sure $3.5M guaranteed this year, $5M non-guaranteed next year. The deal is back-loaded, he was never going to get that 2015 and beyond $. The Broncos would gladly take that instead of the $4-5M / yr Freeney is reportedly asking for

          • GGeagle21

            Bengals lost a 4-3DE from what was a good defense, and right now the Bengals have the most cap space in the NFL…Why wouldnt they consider Cole? Bet you the Cowboys would consider him from waivers(if they can find money, since I doubt we would trade him to dallas)

    • Wilbert M.

      The only ones you listed that I don’t want to see go are Dion Lewis and Graham. I don’t think the previous regime even touched their potential. I think Lewis is the scatback you’re looking for and Graham needs to have a significant role in this defense. I don’t think Polk, Harbor or Coleman have any trade value.

      • GGeagle21

        see, normally I would agree that Dion is the scatback…but then what are we doing spending one of our 30 allowed visits on scatback prospects? Makes me think chip just wants to go younger and get his scatback….If we hadent spent visits on RB’s, I would have thought we were fine at the position, Lewis included…
        I wouldnt be shocked to see Kurt Coleman fetch a 7th rounder, simply because he has a nice amount of game experience, and charecter

    • Richard Colton

      GG – Cole and Graham? You’re trying to clear room for Dion Jordan.

      • CJ

        1)That’s a different position, and 2) they still have Curry and Barwin.

      • GGeagle21

        hhahaha no…Im strictly looking at those potential trades as contract moves. I would try and trade Cole, but I would never advocate for trading B-Grizzle. Just trying to be aware of the situation…which is, there is a cut off date for contract extensions..If we were playing in a 4-3, I would expect Graham to be one of the NFL’s breakthrough players..In a Hybrid, its a similar role…3-4, things would get murkier…..If this wasnt a contract year, I would never have listed him. But because their is a cut off date, midway thru the season for contract extensions, Graham has a limited time to prove to the Eagles that he is worth to them, what he would be do a 4-3 team on the open market, if not why would he sign the extension?….Im am not in anyway advocating for the trade of Graham, nor do I think there is a good chance of it happening…just trying to be aware

  • ICDogg

    Jumpy’s nephew.

  • metaReign

    He’ll probably battle Brandon Graham and Barwin for the spot, one will be the starter, the other a backup. The likelyhood is building a rotation within the run/pass defense with depth. We’ll also see how the draft outcome turns out. More competition means fluid understanding on building the core of versatile positions, where a player’s strength can be use to it’s variable of max potentials.