Eagles Mock Draft Roundup

Here’s our weekly roundup of mock drafts, along with notes on who analysts have the Eagles taking with the No. 4 pick.

Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com has Utah DT Star Lotulelei going to the Birds:

The Eagles have focused on getting bigger on the defensive side of the ball. The trio of Isaac Sopoaga, Fletcher Cox and Lotulelei would be tough to run against.

Click here for our draft profile on Lotulelei.

Will Brinson of CBSSports.com has the Birds taking Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher:

Having added substantial pieces via free agency, Chip Kelly can focus on grabbing an uber-athletic lineman who fits his scheme. Fisher is that lineman.

Charley Casserly of NFL.com also has the Eagles grabbing Fisher:

Both of Philly’s offensive tackles (Jason Peters and Todd Herremans) were hurt last season.

We profiled Fisher earlier today.

Evan Silva of Rotoworld projects Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd:

The Eagles efficiently plugged roster gaps in free agency, signing six new starters on defense and swiss-army-knife tight end James Casey to add a “joker” element on offense. Aside from 2012 first-rounder Fletcher Cox, the defensive line remains a work in progress. Philadelphia intends on drafting the best player available under Chip Kelly, and Floyd would add dynamic pass-rushing ability from the interior on passing downs. Floyd is both a value pick here and addresses a need.

Pat Kirwan of CBSSports.com thinks it’ll be West Virginia QB Geno Smith:

It will be hard to pass on a QB with the skills and production to run Chip Kelly’s offense. Owner Jeff Lurie was at his pro day, and that rarely happens.

Rob Rang of CBSSports.com also says it’ll be Smith:

Michael Vick has proven unreliable. Nick Foles, despite what the Eagles are saying publicly, is clearly not a fit in head coach Chip Kelly’s offense. Thus, this seems to be the logical spot for Smith, the most gifted talent of an average quarterback class. The Eagles are certainly doing their homework on the strong-armed quarterback. Team owner Jeffrey Lurie, general manager Howie Roseman and head coach Chip Kelly traveled to Morgantown to put the former Mountaineer quarterback through a personal workout three days before WVU’s scheduled Pro Day.

Dane Brugler of CBSSports.com still thinks the Eagles will take Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel:

Just like other positions on the Eagles’ depth chart, offensive tackle looked to be a strength, but injuries have really taken a toll on this team. Although Jason Peters’ injury situation will be a factor in Philadelphia choosing a tackle – as will the type of offensive linemen new head coach Chip Kelly seeks – Joeckel has the chance to grow into one of the NFL’s most consistent blockers.

Josh Norris of Rotoworld also predicts Joeckel:

The Eagles can go a variety of different routes after filling immediate needs in free agency, with mostly young players. The most inconsistent group last season was the team’s offensive line, albeit due to injuries, but Joeckel is an athletic blocker and is a future, or current, starter depending on Jason Peters’ health.

Click here for our profile on Joeckel.

Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting pegs Oregon OLB Dion Jordan to the Birds:

New head coach Chip Kelly has said that he wants more size and versatility on the defense. While Star Lotulelei would add to the interior of the defense, adding his former dynamic defender may have more value for Kelly’s defense.

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com thinks it’ll be Jordan too:

Chip Kelly takes one of his former players to help amp up the pass rush.

Matt Smith of NFL.com is on the Jordan bandwagon also:

Prior to last year’s draft, we tried to pair up Coby Fleener with Jim Harbaugh, his college coach at Stanford. This year, we’re talking about Ryan Nassib rejoining Doug Marrone in Buffalo and Jordan following Chip Kelly to Philly. In this particular case, it makes sense. Jordan is an athletic freak who has proven capable of keeping up with the pace at which Kelly asks his players to perform.

Here is our profile on Jordan.

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  • GGeagle21

    Wtf are we paying Herremans an peters almost 20million dollars if we are going to treat them as stop gap players and take the #4 pick in the draft away from a defense that desperately needs it. When your highest paid player is a LT, We shouldn’t even have to think of the position. WTF is Herremans getting paid OT money from a brand new deal, if you want to make him a guard? I need defense with our first round pick, but I think the world of Fisher…If you are going to draft Fisher, when their is a young stud in andre smith on the market…then I expect a restructure, pay cut, trade, cut of one of our starting OTs…WTF are we doing in a rebuilding year, paying almost 20million to two OTs, that you don’t have enough faith in to not use the first round pick on?

    Everyone has fallen in love with Fisher, as if he is the last of the Mohicans..the last Olineman on the face of the Earth….Barrett Jones is ten times more valuable to us than Fisher!!! If you don’t daft Barrett Jones, guess what? You will have to spend a draft pick on a backup center…With Barrett and Herremans on the same team, you have two players that together can back up all 5 positions on the Line…

    I would rather go defense in rd1, than take Kyle Long with your next pick and stick him at RG

    I’m not opposed to Eric Fisher, he will be a stud…but I’m opposed to paying 20million dollars to OTs, and still taking the 4th pick away from the defense that desperately needs it….in your wildest of wild imaginations, we have plays on our Roster that can play OT..

    • GGeagle21

      Yet there is no one on your roster that you can even fathom playing 5tec. Anyone comfortable with any of our OLBs running with Jason Witten twice a year? What a scary thought….yet people think the defense doesn’t need the the best pick we have had in over a decade

      • Richard Colton

        did you respond to yourself?

        I’d love to see Barrett Jones fall to us in round 3. He can
        actually back up all five positions on the O-line, but projects as a OG/C. But
        10X more valuable than Fisher? A starting LT is the second most important
        position on offense. Backup guard & center is what…top 20?

        Besides – drafting OT in round one doesn’t put Herremans on
        the bench, it sits Watkins. With the rookie pay scale, my O-line doesn’t become
        prohibitively expensive like you suggest – but it could be the best in the

        Before we write off Barwin/Graham/Curry/Cole as OLBs, lets see
        what they can do first. If Jordan or Milliner is the pick, I won’t be upset,
        but if Fisher or Joeckal is still there at 4 – he’s the guy.

        • GGeagle21

          Did I respond to myself? Or did I add to my post? No reason to go out of yor way to be a D***…Let’s stick to football!

          We have 20million almost invested already in the tackle position…I’m not talking about in terms of positional value. Everyone knows the three MOST valued positions, above the rest are: QB, LT, 4-3DE/3-4 OLB… I’m talking about items of overall value, where you would have to daft a player being included.l..So YES, getting a starting OG(rocket scientist type intelligence, and a Runyan-like nasty streak)who can back up every position on the line, in the 3rd round, In my eyes, is significantly more valuable than taking a Ot with the 4th pick inte draft, especially when you desperately need playmaking on your defense…I hate even having to make this argument, because I think the world of Fisher and Joekel..But if you draft Fisher, guess what, you still need to invest a pick in a backup Center…If you take Barrett in the 3rd round, you get your starting guard, and you no longer need to aft a back up center….SEEMS kind of valuable to me, instead of taking the 4th pick away from the defense….

          I’m still expecting a heavy focus on the defense in this draft class. A fanboy would argue, yeah but we signed 7 FA on defense, and only 1 on offense…All we did in FA, outside of Barwin was change the culture, layer a competitive foundation of what our defense will become..It’s stars and playmakers will still have to be drafted..

          once again, I think the world of Eric Fisher, but I don’t see him as this MUST have player…For example: guys like Terron Armstead and Menelek, are a lot closer to Fisher. Yet don’t have to be drafted in the 1st round…yet, let’s say you pass on Dion Jordan, he doesn’t exist later in the draft, he didn’t exist in free agency..lthe kid is such a special and unique talent…I honestly can’t envision Chip passing on him, regardless of who is on the board…btw, Dion will catch a few TD passes, and two point conversions if he ends up with Chip…I don’t know if ion lasts til 4, but if he does, I really can’t see us passing on him…No player offers you as much versatility and ability to disguise your defense like he can..That’s just my beliefs, but I will say, that if we do pass on Dion, I won’t have any problem with it, because no one knows that kid better than Chip. If we don’t draft him, there will be a good reason for it, not an Andy Reid, we don’t draft LB in the first round type silly reason…so as a Dion fan, I’m in a comfortable place. Charecter is so darn important when it comes to prospects, and I love the fact that we don’t have to guess on his Charecter, or pay attention t interviews that agents coached a player up for…We know exactly who Dion is, how he is wired…and that is very appealing to me…I also don’t think people understand how den impressive it is to not only be able to be moved around all over the defense, and asked to do a million different things for your team

          • Richard Colton

            You’re all over the place. I’m not even sure what your point is. As far as Dion “lasting” to four, I mean anything is possible, but the Raiders and the Jags use a 4-3. So where’s he going in your mock? 1st? If your fear is that Jordan won’t be there. Don’t.

            There are three premium LTs in the 2013 draft. All three are rated higher than the first OT off the board in 2012 and 2011. The Eagles are in a great position to get value and fill a need with the best player available at 4 – if Joeckal or Fisher is still there.

          • GGeagle21

            In all fairness, we have no clue how NFL FO are grading these prospects. The mocked version can be drastically different from the real version. My guess is that their wont be much separation in terms of grades at the top. When talking about the difference between a 95 and a 94, it’s not much…tie breakers come in: positional value: QB, keeping pressure off QB, getting pressure on QBs are valued above the rest..personality, versatility, Charecter, these are tie breakers that will come into play: If I had to honestly guess the top 10, without my wants…My guess would be:
            1) Joekel
            4)Jordan(I really can’t see chip allowing us to pass on him)
            5)Fisher (no one thinks Detroit will take a OT)
            6)Millner (Paired with Hayden will be attractive)
            7)Lane Johnson
            8)Warmack (They let Levitre walk)
            9)Star Latululei
            I know some of my pcks are Unconvential, but tis is myest guess. Your guess is certainly as good as mine

          • Richard Colton

            It’s a pretty good mock draft. The only head scratcher is the Jags taking Ansah at two. I really don’t see that happening. Flip-flop Ziggy with your #10 pick and it really makes sense.
            Actually, the best thing about your mock is you have 4 offensive linemen going in the first 8 picks. That could actually happen. I thik the Eagles get excellent value if they grab one. That’s why Fisher is my pick at #4

          • MAC

            Your complaining about needing tackles with paying Peters and Herremans what they get paid. I understand that, but there are 2 key factors if they decide to go o line why. First is simple and we all know after both Herremans and Peters coming off season ending injuries it makes taking a tackle a real possibility. Second reason is also very simple, both Peters and Herremans are older now. All you have to do is look at last year to see what happens if both guys are unable to return to form or stay healthy. When both guys are over 30 years old and this is supposed to be a running offense I think it’s obvious why tackle may make sense this year. Now I do think they can go line in 2nd or 3rd round and draft an impact guy round 1. Just responding bc you made it seem like the thought process of taking a tackle at 4 with Herremans and Peters contract made no sense. In NFL you don’t wait until a guy retires or can’t stay healthy to then draft there replacement. If Joekel or Fischer are best player available you take them,
            Also asking what linebacker will cover Witten the answer is none. Witten gets covered by either a safety or your nickle corner like Boykin or maybe a bigger guy like Fletcher.

          • GGeagle21

            I don’t really disagree with anything up I said, but I guess it just gets tiring of people making it seem like Fisher or Joekel are the last two top lineman that we can ever get. because of the injuries to our OT’s, yes we need one back up RT, I just don’t think it should come with our 4th pick,Ot when I really like guys like Menelek, Armstead, Long who can all be had later in the draft…If, our entire line stays healthy, and only one OT goes down, we are fine with Dennis Kelly, so my belief is that we should use this draft to really get us back to finally playing a brand of Defense Philly can be proud of, and find another Dennis Kelly type who can be plugged in, if both of our Tackles get hurt…If we stack the defense this year, and say Foles proves to be the guy we want to build around, you could target Lewan or Mathews next year, you can still sign Winston or Andre…It’s not that I don’t want Joek or Fisher, I think the world of both of them…I just can’t stomach the thought of taking the best pick we had in ver a decade away from a defense that desperately needs it. I mean you are talking about hypothetically a 4th Tackle on our depth chart…when we don’t have a single 5tec. and YES, you do need a LB who can cover a TE, it won’t always fall on a Nickleback or a safety….Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I can think of countless defensive needs….and If we do take an OT with the 4th pick, I don’t think it’s irrational of me to ask that we restructure, cut or trade one of our tackles. If we are paying what we are paying for the position, than I believe we shouldn’t even have to consider drafting a tackle with the 4th pick, and if we are considering drafting a tackle, then I don’t believe that they should be making what they are being paid. So, because I recognize the skill ofthe tackles at the top ofthe draft, I’m reallyot opposed to takings hem, but something will have to give if we do….I mean when you are coming off a 4-12 year, new era, with Peters being the highest paid player on your team the first two years..if we can’t trust and believe in him, than what are we doing having a stop gap player as our highest paid player? BTW, Jason Peters is one of my favorite players in the NFL, and I actually believe in his return ore than most. A backup is important, but I don’t think the 4th pick should be spent on it. We can wait a year, maybe even two to draft our next LT of the future..I still think their is a good chance Winston becomes an Eagles. if we do sign him or Andre, then what would you do with the 4Th pick? Just curious

      • CJ

        I have to think the answer is to trade down. You could move back a couple spots and still get a Floyd, Star, or Richardson. I think any of whom could play the 5tech well. I’ve seen lists where up to 7-8 guys in the first 3 rounds could projects to a 5 tech, but if you can get an extra pick and still get one of those 3, I think you have to. You could still get a guy like Armstead who might have a lower floor, but just as high a ceiling as any of the top OTs a bit later. If those 5 techs are gone, odds are a top OL is still on the board, you can go that route and still grab a guy like Williams, Hankins or Jenkins in the 2nd. The Eagles biggest needs are OL, DL and Safety, which happen to be the three deepest positions in this draft. They need to take advantage of that. In a draft like this, it’s possible to grab a top 3 safety, a top 5 5 tech, and a top 6-10 OL. If they can do that, I don’t care what the rest of the draft holds, I’ll be busy doing backflips.

        Some say there won’t be interest in that pick because of a lack of high end talent, but I have news for you: There’s going to be interest at 4. Too many teams in desperate need of a QB, and someone may want to jump Detroit for Millner. Not to mention if Joekel or Fisher make it there.

        • GGeagle21

          I don’t disagree with a word you said…but me personally, if Dion is there, I’m not passing on such a Unique Talent! In my mind, there is no chance of drafting Millner. I believe Trufant and maybe even Xavier will be better NFl corners. everyone likes to parrot the Line” Millner is the next in the long line of great Alabama corners”….hahaha who are these great Alabama corners? Saban has the pick of the recruiting litter every single year, and he hasn’t produced a single pro bowl corner, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence,,He coaches his CB to crab walk, instead of backpeddling(which is the friggin prerequisite for playing corner in the NFL)…people say Millner back peddle well at the combine And write it off like its not a big deal…Drafting Millner means you will have yet another terrile tackler, and a kid who became a top pick, on a stellar defense without backpeddling in a game in like 4 years….Crabwalking and backpeddling are two be different ways of playng the game…I honestly don’t even think Millner gets picked inte top 10, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Trufant is the first CB taken….Just because we might want a top 5 tpe CB, it does not mean that every single draft will provide one. with all the help we need in their trenches, why would we even consider drafting a guy, who can’t tackle and will defend 10 passes per game? If there were odds on the eagles not drafting dee Millner, I would put some serious coin down on it.

          If Dion Jordan is available at 4, I would snatch him up and call it a day….Too Unique to pass up. but if the Seahawks snatch him up, I would honestly trade back as many times in rd 1 as the 31 other teams allow us to…this is such a deep draft class, no matter where you end up drafting, you can come away with HELP..We need to start stock piling extra picks for this year and next year,,,

          i also think we will take one of the niners picks, and give them one back next year (have a strong feeling that the niners draft EJ Manuel)

          • GGeagle21

            i meant Jaguars not Seahawks. Still got Gus Bradley on the brain

          • CJ

            we’re in agreement here about the OL (and Millner). Not sure this makes sense, but just because every draft doesn’t have a top 10 CB or QB, doesn’t mean each draft doesn’t have a top 10 CB and QB. Perennially bad teams make consistently bad decisions, which is why they’re still bad teams the next year, and so on. Someone will take Millner in the top 10 because they need a corner, just like someone will take Smith in the top 10 because they need a QB. It’s just the way it is.

            Jordan, I really love on paper, I do. But this team has a lot of needs, and I can’t help but notice that Chip talks him up, almost too much to the point of suspicion. His measureables indicate he’s a game changer, but something’s missing to me. Not sure if it’s the production compared to his measureables doesn’t seem to reconcile or what it is. That’s awful high for an LB, and in a draft like this I’m leaning toward wanting volume if a game changer isn’t there. Jordan could be a game changer, scheme-wise he’s like the James Casey of a defense, you can disguise formations and move him around and that’s a lot of value. But moreso than turning that pick into a 5tech and an OL? Maybe even more? I’m just not sure. Look at the teams that pick right after though…if Jordan falls to 4, he’ll most likely fall further. If you could deal with the Jets for their first and second so they draft Millner, you may well still end up with Jordan. I’d be more worried about Jax or Oak taking him than Det, Cle, AZ or Buffalo.

          • GGeagle21

            I can’t disagree with a word of your post..but for debates purpose I will play a little devils advocate. I certainly agree that dumb teams do dumb things, so we will always see a Qb and CB drafted in the top 10 or just outside of it. Geno is certainly being drafted in the top 10, I can’t see us making that move at all. Millner will probably go top 10, then again I can also see a team like Trufant more(I was shocked when Florio mocked Trufant to the lions yesterday, but I don’t think it’s as far fetched as most seem to think)…5tec is our greatest need, because we don’t have anyone we can even pencil in as a starter on paper. However, OLB in our new scheme will be the equivalent of 4-3DE, and getting pressure on the QB is always most valuable..when we talk about Jordan, we are taking about a prospect who can not only be the best pass rusher in two years, but also the best cover guy as well, and that’s crazy to get both at a high level in one prospect. he will continue to gain weight, and in a few years his grown man strength will kick in, and I expect him to take off. He certainly lacked in terms of play making, but that will change by simply gaining experience as a defender. It’s jaw dropping that he was able to switch to the defensive side of the ball on the fly, against some top competition, and turn himself into a top prospect, only playing defense for so little time. his stats would also be better if he was a selfish superstar who made an issue about not getting as many pass rushing opportunities. I think the kid is a winner…and I can’t wait to see him catch his first two point conversion as an eagle lol… I guess my ideal scenario would be:
            Rd1) Dion
            Rd2) Carradine of Hankins
            Rd)3 Barrett Jones

  • PaoliBulldog

    Lotuleilei’s cardiology reports are going to be hugely important because he’s a top-4 or better pick if healthy. I can’t imagine drafting Geno Smith at #4 when Lotuleilei, Joeckel, Fisher, Milliner or Jordan will be available.

    • GGeagle21

      No worries…I don’t see any shot in hell that we draft Geno. I also could see the raiders taking him, which would be great for us

      • Damien

        How would that be great for us? If we think Geno is a franchise guy then I want him. They know more than us with that. Also having Geno on the board gives us leverage to trade down and pick up more picks than we would’ve.

        • GGeagle21

          Here’s the thing. I DON’T BELIEVE for one second that they believe Geno is good enough to take instead of these defensive and Oline prospects. I don’t believe it for one moment. But Chip has my trust until he messes it up..iF we call Geno’s name on draft day, I will get behind it…but I’m sorry I don’t believe for one second that it will happen…but wtf do I know? Your guess is as good as mine

        • I agree that if Chip believes Geno is the guy to run his offense then they should get him. However, I would like to think it is more of a smokescreen to trade down for a guy like Star or even Ansah who I think will end up being one of the dominant players of the draft. Then maybe take a chance with EJ Manuel in the second round

  • Mostel

    Pat Kirwan is my boy on Sirius, but he needs to STFU on Geno Smith. I want NO PARTS of continued running QB play. Kelly’s play fast / run a lot system doesn’t need QB runs to work in the NFL. Look at New England. Evan Silva can also STFU with Sharif Floyd. Sharif Floyd is a no-good sellout bum. He was recruited by Penn State, but went to Florida. He owes the state tax money for all of the hundreds of thousands of dollars we spent on him in the Philadelphia public school system, but he chose to rip us off by going to Florida. Weak.

    • Damien

      Actually the Pats and Oregon offenses are very different in ways. The big one is running vs passing. The reason Chip Kelly runs so successfully is because of his QB being a running threat. That is the key to the offense.

      • Mostel

        no no no no no. Playing fast / no huddle and calling a lot of runs. The Pats do both. They were 7th in rushing, but didn’t have an idiot runner @ QB. We need to roll that out here.

  • isaiah520

    i’d take one of the top 2 tackles if they are available. counting on peters after 2 achilles injuries makes me nervous. that’s a big man putting tremendous stress on the repair. herremanns is also coming off of injury and seems to have a tenuous hold on the RT position…lotta talk about moving him inside. draft fisher or joeckel and these concerns are likely to be remedied.

    • GGeagle21

      So why is Jason Peters our highest paid player? What’s the point of even keeping him as a stop gap player, for that price coming off a 4-12 season, if you have to use the 4th pick on an OT? Just playing devils advocate…I actually have faith in peters..I want a capable backup, but I don’t think we should be looking in rd 1 for capable backups..and No, I don’t want to pay Herremans as a Tackle so that he can play guard. Stick a good guard next to Todd and he will be a plenty good RT

      • isaiah520

        peters is being paid for past performance and it’s not a stretch to have serious concerns about that performance going forward. LT is an anchor position on any football team and i don’t want to chance it on a guy coming off of the type of injury that usually downgrades the performance of any athlete…let alone a guy coming off of two of them. i’m concerned about the D as well, but last yrs clown show at tackle was enuf of a cautionary tale for me. if peters is ok, having a guy ready to step in for 2 guys over 30 is hardly a wasted pick.

        • GGeagle21

          We have Dennis Kelly who I believe in. So I don’t think the 4th pick is worth spending on a guy that might be the 4th OT on your depth chart this year. I think we certainly need another backup OT…but we can find plenty servicablep ones that even have a chance to be starters outside of the first round. peters is my favorite player, but a decision needs to be made on him. Is he going to be your starting Ot for the next 3 years, or will he be a stop gap player for another year? If he is a stop gap player, than I don’t see the point in having him as our highest paid player..If he isn’t a stop gap player, than I don’t think we should spend the 4th pick on insurance. I don’t see why we can’t add quality depth at the position outside of the first round, and wait another year or two to take our next stud Ot of the future….Now, what would be your draft target if we end up signing Andre Smith?

          I think Herremans is a heckuva RT, he just wasn’t able to show it last year playing next to an incompetent RG. And if you really want to pay Herremans OT money to slide him at guard, than who is to say that Dennis Kelly isn’t ready to be a starting RT? he held his own for the. OTs part, surrounded by SLOP. He was probably our best lineman…If he is to be Play with 4 solid Olineman, I think he can do just fine for us in year two. I still think its significantly more important to find a way to land Barrett Jones to backup every position on our line, and push Watkins for the staring RG spot…I would also love to get our hands on Kyle long in rd 2, start him as our Nasty RG of the future, while he can fill in at RT if injuries occur. I see too many SOLID options to not use the 4th pick in the draft on a tackle…yet I don’t see so many options when it comes to filling other significant needs

  • ICDogg

    Any number of ways they could go. I’m pulling for Ziggy, myself, but there would be at least a half dozen guys I would be happy with there.

  • hotcakes33

    Funny how these guys who mock us Smith say that Foles doesn’t fit Kelly’s offense. No one knows what his offense will be yet. He may design it for a pocket passer to suit Foles’ strengths.

  • i kinda want geno but we need a really good OT or DT because with one of the QBs that used to play for kelly we got in the free agentcy im fine with using him as our QB as much as i love that QB we drafted last year i rather use anyone besides michel vick

  • Fink

    I am all for drafting OL with our first pick if, and only if, we trade down a bit and grab an extra 2nd. I love Joekel, Fisher, and Johnson – I think they could all be perennial pro-bowlers – but we’d be drafting someone to play RT, just to move him to LT in a couple years when Peters is done. With our lack of defensive playmakers, I think the number 4 pick has to be either Floyd, Jordan, Milliner, Richardson, or maybe Ziggy. If I’m Howie though, I’m doing everything in my power to trade down and take advantage of this draft depth.

  • Need impact player at #4.If OL not healthy,have to go with offensive lineman.If OL okay then I think trading down and getting more picks is way to go.

  • RC

    best available. bottom line. it will all come down to how the FO and Chip rank these fellas. we are NOT drafting for need. if their rankings show that Oline is the best available when it gets to #4, then we take Oline. There are many needs on this team…really, ANYTHING we take in round 1 is going to address a need.

  • PhillyRod631

    I hate to get too excited about draft picks…. I have a bobby hoying jersey….I would like to see them get a sure starter on the o-line to protect whoever is qb,