Eagles To Work Out QB Zac Dysert

With the draft exactly a month away, the Eagles are continuing to do their due diligence on quarterback prospects.

The latest name to add to the mix is Miami’s (Ohio) Zac Dysert. The 6-3, 231-pound signal-caller told The Miami Student he has a private workout set up with the Eagles.

For those keeping track at home, the Eagles have had a private workout with West Virginia’s Geno Smith, are scheduled to have one with Florida State’s EJ Manuel and have hosted Arizona’s Matt Scott on an official visit.

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock did not rank Dysert among his top-five quarterbacks. Neither did ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr.

Dysert was a four-year starter in college. In the last two seasons, he threw 48 touchdowns and 23 interceptions. Dysert completed 62.9 percent of his passes last year and 65.8 percent in 2011. He did not work out at the Combine after suffering a hamstring tear during offseason training.

Asked in Indy about the read-option, Dysert said, “I did some of that that, and that being part of my skill set will definitely help.”

Greg Cosell of NFL Films liked some of what he saw on film out of Dysert.

“Now he’s a little scatter shot, and that is a problem as well,” Cosell said, per Rotoworld. “All of these quarterbacks have flaws. Now, he ran a spread offense so you don’t see a lot of downfield throws. But if you look hard enough… you do see some downfield throws, and he has enough arm to make those throws.”

Like another Miami (Ohio) quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, Dysert takes pride in making things happen even when plays break down. Asked to list his three biggest strengths, he said, “Accuracy, being able to make plays with my feet and throwing on the run.”

Dysert is expected to be a mid-round pick.

Tip of the cap to Tommy Lawlor for the original Dysert link.

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  • JofreyRice

    Supposedly, the best way to evaluate Dysert is to look at his games from 2011, where he played in a more conventional offense, and was asked to make more NFL type throws. I can’t say I’ve watched him, but from what I’ve read about him being a mobile guy, his really just adds fuel to the fire that Kelly is looking for a QB that can move.

    If they can unload Foles for anything, I’d do it. I don’t think he’s got a future in Philadelphia, at all.

  • Richard Colton

    The great QB drought of 2013 – a lot of these guys look average and completely forgettable . The lack of talent at the position in this year’s draft is going to bid the price way up. I’ll pass on most of these guys unless they fall. But they won’t.

  • GGeagle21

    this kid is actually a more realistic options for if the eagles want to draft a QB. I feel bad for fans that think we will take Geno at 4, or give up valuable draft picks to trade back into round 1 to get EJ Manuel…EJ Manuel, will be drafted by the niners…take that to the bank

    • Richard Colton

      The 49ers are certainly one of 32 options. yes.

  • Guest

    Are you okay over there?

  • http://www.philthycanuck.com/ Adam

    So there seems to be 2 common themes when it comes to the QB hunt that I’m a bit curious about:

    1. You don’t get a franchise QB outside of the first round (and usually in the beginning of the first round) with the exception of a couple guys.

    2. This is a weak QB draft and next years will be better.

    So we are looking at mid/late round guys this year/ Are we trying to find a project there? So we find a guy to develop in the mid rounds… and then what.. he’s not going to be our franchise guy right? We try again next year with the better QB class? So we wasted a 3rd round pick and a potential starter at another position (OL, DL, S, CB etc). and then use a 1st rounder next year on QB?

    I’m not saying this is the right or wrong approach, I’m just curious as to what others think.

    • Lukekelly65

      i think if you say a QB taken in the mid rounds is a project then how can you assume your going to find a starting caliber player with that pick at another position? i understand what your saying that you have a better chance of finding say DT depth in the draft but thats hard say. I think the case can be made to take a mid round QB this year if his value is good because of how the important the QB position. you cant look at it as a waste of a pick to take a QB its more of an investment look at Kolb or Matt Cassel (granted the games cassel played were very promising) both hardly started for their teams but both were shipped out for draft picks to QB desperate teams… im not saying every mid round QB can be flipped in a few years but it does happen…just a thought though

      • http://www.philthycanuck.com/ Adam

        And that’s a great point. And I didn’t mean starting caliber… those are not near as hard to find as a true “franchise” guy. A guy that can put a team on his back and win a SB is what I mean by a top end of the 1st round requirement. But yes, it never hurts to have an ace in your pocket with a starting caliber back up QB (to trade or otherwise).

        • GGeagle

          If you go into this year, and give Foles a full season in a healthy environment, he will either:
          A)Surprise us and lead us to a 7-9, 8-8 season, in which we start building around him, and dont need to draft a QB next year…
          B) He doesnt take that next step and we only win 5 or 6 games..in that scenario, we will have a high pick again, or atleast be in reasonable trading range to move up and get a QB…remember the 1st pick in the draft next year will be Clowney, so thats 1 spot less that we have to move up to get our guy…

          Either way these two option, will atleast let you find out what kind of player you have on your hands with Foles, and actually allow you to make informed decisions, instead of hasty ones that you end up regretting for a long time. Chip does not have the NFL clout to trade away Foles, without ever seeing him, and having a franchise QB on the roster…and Foles end up flouring somewhere else. Chip cant make that move at this point no matter how juicy the carrot that you dangle in his face..

    • http://twitter.com/Lez215 Dutch

      The theory on waiting to next year suggest throwing in the towel on this season, it’s evident to be in contention for a top pick, no less a quality QB the Eagles will have to go 4-12, or worse to have a chance. I’m not betting Kelly can go 4-12 two years and survive. With in the next few years the Eagles are going to need, if not now a Quarterback and based on what I see that franchise QB is not on the roster now. You can contend with a leaky defense, you have zero chance without a capable quarterback.

  • Rick H

    i get heat for my opinions but that is all they are (opinions). I really like this site with Tim & Sheil. Good debates are excellent but let’s not deteriorate into name calling. We all know that really ruins it. The Talk about the Eagles message board is prove of that. I like Foles and think he will have to impress Kelly but I believe he will. They have said they DO NOT want to trade him. Then again everyone player is up for sale if the price is right. I believe it is down to the following 1. They trade down if they are overwhelmed with an offer. 2.Offensive tackle 3. Defensive line or Dion Jordan as a linebacker and if Milliner is really that good he has to be considered. I can see an scenario where they trade down to as low as ten and then pick up Lane Johnson or Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper. If the Eagles get a 1st rd pick within the top ten and pick another 2nd rd pick in the 2d rd top ten plus a early 4th that would be very tempting. The Eagles need players but not as many as people think. They are signing guys that are good but are guys that really CARE! My summary is I truly believe they do not know what they are going to do but they have a well informed game plan.

    • http://twitter.com/Lez215 Dutch

      There are two “Can’t miss” Prospects in this draft in my opinion. 1. Chance Warmack and 2. Jarvis Jones. I don’t see Milliner as an equal to Patrick Peteson, a top 10 defensive back , and there’s nothing on Tape or the Stat Sheet to justify Dion Jordan being considered so high.

    • peteike

      great post, my thoughts as well. Im hoping they get an offer and trade down.

  • Capt. Undapants

    You sound like a fool.

  • theycallmerob

    Really? Say with certainty? Nothing you say seems to be sensible, let alone certain. Better ways to make a case without insults and hyperbole.

  • JofreyRice

    O powerful football oracle, can you please help us understand your mysterious and hazy visions of what will come to pass by not revealing your prophecies so unintelligibly?

  • Sean Bealer

    You do realize that Andrew Luck ran the same 40 time as Cam Newton? Luck is very mobile and can run some IZR plays. He isn’t Foles and his 5. whatever time.

    I think Foles will be here though. There has been a lot of reports saying that he isn’t being shopped, and no one will give them a second round pick. Do I agree with this option, no. I think they should trade him while he has some value, and I do not think he will work in the offense.

  • Richard Colton

    Don’t forget caps lock. That’s how you know your point is valid.

  • JofreyRice

    DYSERTS and MILLERNEN WILL NOT BE HERE for The Ealgels, take That to the cleaners!!!!! It’s like when you buy food at tyaco bell and they TELL YOU they remembered your Borrito, but then you drive away and THEY FORGOT IT!!!! I just llaugh and laugh at poeple that think there will be a draft in april!!!!! who can talk???? I am 160% Sure that Dysett ends up on teh Tennese Tittans.

  • peteike

    no need to attack grammar. Easy enough to make a counter point without stooping to another level. I get it when its insults being tossed around but sometimes its too easy. I tend to agree and have said same thing when they made Geno run a bunch and throw off the run in his workouts. Says it all if you ask me, not that I agree with it, but it runs contrary to the idea that hes going to adapt his game plans at this level.

  • GGeagle

    who else do you need to tell you that Foles is NOT AVAILABLE in a trade? who? If Foles would have been traded it, we would have fleeced the fatman, who gave up all that juicy comensation for Alex..Howie told us 15 times to the point where he is getting anoyyed at answering, chip told us 100 times, lurie told us..heck even the fatman whjo has no ties to us told us like 5 times already that we made it very clear Nick isnt available…what world do you live in that a new coach, who has no clear cut QB, will cut a promising 3rd round pick, after 6 games, without ever having looked at him a day in practice, not even getting to see the kind of year 2 leap he has made, especially in a significantly healthier environment where the deck wasnt stacked against him before he even stepped on the field? WHO ELSE DO YOU NEED TO TELL YOU, BESIDES YOUR OWN COMMON SENSE THAT FOLES WONT BE TRADED BEFORE CHIP KELLY GETS TO SEE HIM?

  • GGeagle

    Dee Millner is not good! the team that takes him will regret it…I always hear the silly parrotted line of: “He is the next in the long line of great alabama corners”!! Hahahahaha who are these great NFL alabama corners that everyone parrotts? Nick Saban has the pick of the recruiting litter every single year and hasnt produced a single NFL probowl corner.

    BACKPEDDLING is a friggin prerequisite for playing CB in the NFL..Do you realize that alabama corners dont backpeddle. They crab walk, its what Saban wants. Thats a very different way of playing the game…You want to draft a corner, 4th overall who hasnt backpeddled in 4 years? Playing the game backpeddling had no parts of making himself into a top prospect…So Now, we will take him 4th, line him up against legit NFL recievers, he will have to backpeddle to stay with recievers, stop on the dime, break on the ball, and we should hope that he comes down with the INT? I have NO DOUBTS that Desmond Trufant and maybe even Xavier Rhodes will be better NFL corners…

    Havent we seen enough piss poor tackling out of our Corners?

    Just because everyone wants their to be a top 5 caliber prospect at CB, it doesnt mean every draft will provide that. If I know that Milner is in no way shape or form worth the 4th pick, then I am certain that either chip, gamble, roseman, someone will know it as well