Eagles Add OLB Connor Barwin

The Eagles made yet another move Thursday evening, signing Texans outside linebacker Connor Barwin to a six-year deal.

“We didn’t go into this necessarily thinking that we were going to have the opportunity for Connor,” said general manager Howie Roseman. “But as we went through the market in the last couple days, some things popped up that we hadn’t anticipated early on in the free agency process.”

Barwin (6-4, 268) has posted 109 tackles, 19 sacks, two fumble recoveries and 16 passes defensed in four seasons with the Texans. The 26-year-old moved to outside linebacker from defensive end following the 2010 campaign. He has 14 1/2 of his 19 sacks since making the switch.

One number that jumps off the page with Barwin is sacks. He had 11.5 in 2011, but that number dropped to three last season. Roseman indicated that the Texans changed how they used Barwin in 2012.

“He was more on the open side two years ago,” Roseman said, referring to the side of the formation without the tight end. “He was more in position to set the edge and cover the tight end this year. We watched him two years ago on the open side, and then even this year when they played the Lions when he was doing it more.

“We think that we know what we’re getting here in him.”

With the Eagles expected to switch to a 3-4 or some kind of hybrid, Barwin fits in at outside linebacker. The Eagles currently have several options at that spot: most notably Trent Cole, Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry. But none of those three has any experience as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 at the professional level.

Barwin, meanwhile, played over 94 percent of the Texans’ snaps last year, per Pro Football Focus. On passing downs, he rushed the quarterback 86.4 percent of the time and dropped pack 13.6 percent of the time. The Eagles’ focus this offseason has been versatility, and clearly they saw that in Barwin. While the cover skills are important, Roseman made it clear this move was about Barwin’s pass-rushing ability.

“We want to be able to make sure we can get pressure on the quarterback,” Roseman said. “Getting pressure on the quarterback, preventing pressure, that’s always going to be stuff that’s important to us.”

Barwin was originally a second-round pick out of Cincinnati in 2009.

According to Adam Caplan, the deal is worth $36 million with $8 million guaranteed.

Tim McManus contributed to this report.

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  • JMan

    I like this signing. Building a deep roster.

  • Tom W

    good signings along w the other 7. Didn’t overpay for anyone. Low risk/mid-level young players (except the nt) who will compete and contribute this year and next and allow the eagles to draft BPA in each of the first 4 rds of the draft and hopefully trade back and grab some extra picks. May have wanted Sean Smith for the money Williams got, but other than that I am fine with everything. Still probably could add a 5-tech DE to push Thorton (or draft Star or Floyd) or otackle (or draft fischer or johnson) or guard (or draft Warmack) or lb (or draft Jordan) …

    • professor619

      I like the addition but I’ve noticed a glaring issue… we have yet to pick up o line help… every addition we have added fits into what we’re gonna do as a defense but we still need o line help and depth… maybe either winston from the chiefs or someone

      • bentheimmigrant

        Unless they’re projecting #4 as a starting RT, and then will grab one or two more linemen in the draft… but I’m with you. I’d at least like to get some line depth (as in, not necessarily a starter) – although that level of player will still be on the street for a while.

        • Token

          Herremans is going to be a RG on opening day.

          The gut feeling for me after the moves so far is at #4 they are either going Smith, tackle or trade down.

          • bentheimmigrant

            Same here. Although maybe a D-lineman, to fill the other DE/DT position opposite Cox?

          • GGeagle

            they arent done….they will sign a RT, and a 5tec DT, so that they can go in the draft and truly draft the BPA with every single pick. Only fool would waste time trying to predict the eagles draft board, so there really is no point in going crazy pre draft over any prospect…

          • bentheimmigrant

            We’re eagles fans. We’re fools by definition.

          • Matt

            Cedric Thornton is strong against the run and should play the strong side 5-technigue if we play the 4-3 under

          • bentheimmigrant

            Indeed, but I’m not putting him in as an unchallenged starter.

      • addicted2mula

        The defence is gettn tkn care of now to save money and picks for oline. And u got to think about our oline was horrible cuz of injuries and all of them are expected to come back 100%

  • Damien

    Really like this. He’ll never see all that money unless he plays great. It’s a win-win. He could really help install this defense. Another good Chip pickup.

  • Al

    solid. much better than what the Browns did with Kruger.

    • ESFjellin

      Hahaha…Puny Banner!

    • I don’t see it being drastically different (unless there are surprising details).

      Edit: Only $8M guaranteed. So there you go.

      • Al

        kruger didnt play many snaps in bmore. Barwin played more than anyone else in Houstons front 7.

        • But Kruger was more productive.

          • theycallmerob

            Not so much, look at the breakdown of his plays per game last year….he was a situational pass rusher, who did most of his damage after Suggs returned. It’s easy to get sacks when Suggs and Ngata eat up double teams. The limited number of snaps he had in the super bowl, as a run liability, speak for themselves.

          • Barwin was getting single blocking too. He played in all situations and produced less overall pressure. Barwin may be the better bargain, but let’s not act like we got the player coming off of a more productive season.

          • theycallmerob

            Oh no, definitely not. I don’t disagree with you regarding Barwin’s production, more of an indictment of Kruger. IMO, worst contract of FA so far. Well, I guess 2nd worst after Walden

  • ICDogg

    The Eagles appear to be getting a little bit taller.

  • I know there will be some sticker shock, but I have been anticipating this as free agency started to gear up because Barwin seems like such a natural scheme fit. Adding more coverage responsibilities at SAM should help Barwin’s pass-rush (which is admittedly somewhat one-dimensional) by making him less predictable.

    Connor Barwin is also the greenest Eagle. Bikes to work, drives a Prius. No joke. This was written in the stars.


    Let’s see the meat and potatoes of the deal.

    Edit: Doesn’t seem that risky.

  • daryksr

    Good pick up. Not blown away or anything, but can def see some of these guys added recently becoming fan favorites especially Carey W… Fans will truly appriciate his willingness to tackle ala Sheldon Brown/Bobby Taylor. Doesnt lay the wood like they did but he’s very solid and plays with the kind of chip on his shoulders that Philly fans will appreciate.

  • B-West

    Only 8 mil guaranteed?? I’m coming around on this…

    • JMan

      I’m surprised by that amount.

    • Tom W

      If that’s true I am doing back flips w happiness compared to Krueger’s $20mil.

  • Smegga

    I don’t like this signing. He played a lot last year, and with Mario Williams gone, it was his chance to step up, but he did poorly.
    Hope I’m wrong, but would have preferred we gave the guys we already have (Cole, Graham and Curry) a chance to do the job.

    • Tom W

      Those 3 guys are too short and liabilities in coverage to play SAM.

    • laeagle

      You are wrong, at least with your assessment of his connection to Williams. Barwin got his 11 sacks in a year when Williams was mostly injured. Williams played 5 games in 2011.

      • Smegga

        Thanks, forgot about Williams being injured. Still, he came out blazing in 2011, then last season just couldn’t cope with the offenses gameplanning for him.
        Also, with JJ Watt getting doubleteamed and still getting that many sacks, how does Barwin only get three sacks himself?
        If he’s a success, I’ll be delighted. I’m just not certain he’ll do as well as lots of people think he will.

        • laeagle

          It has to do with matchups and how he was used. Howie wasn’t just blowing smoke about that “open” stuff. Barwin shifted from playing on the weakside (not as WLB, b/c it was still a 3-4) to the strongside, where he was getting blocked by the tight end. He got shuffled around a lot, too. Injuries to others caused him to be shuffled inside at times, too. I don’t know that I’d expect consistent 11 sack seasons from him, but I wouldn’t assume that 3 is the norm, either. I think he’s a great pickup, but am not expecting superstardom.

          • GoBirds1

            Why do you think it is great pick up? Seriously, how many Texans games did you watch last and how much did you focus in on Barwin? Specifically, what did you see that he does really well? I would love to know more about this guy from someone who knows his game. I think he is more of a serviceable body that fits our new scheme than a great pick up. He is no Barkevious Mingo, woof woof!!!!!!!

    • JofreyRice

      Agree. This guy blows. Gonna have to go a long way to disprove that.

  • Tom W

    Can anyone confirm only $8m guaranteed? If that true, Howie pulled off another stealthy-good signing

  • ICDogg

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks

    Connor Barwin looks like if Stewart Bradley & Jason Babin had a baby #FWIW

  • Tom W

    Looks like Howie got Barwin for slightly less than Ahmad Brooks got for 2 very similar guys … you hope he is more like 2011 than 2012 …. but 8 mil means we could easily cut this kid in 2 yrs if not 1 if he is a bum … like all the deals so far we signed … we aren’t overextending ourselves nor marrying anyone.


  • DPick

    The other signings helped provide depth. This guy can make an impact. He’s kinda like a Vrabel, just not as good. Solid signing though.

  • ICDogg

    Barwin … rushed 640 times (86.4%), dropped 101 times (13.6%). Sounds like a 3-4 Strong side OLB to me.

  • Birds are back baby

    gotta be impressed with Howie, Gamble and Chip…..this is how its done…this defense will be ok even before the draft….then you take best….players….available during the draft….go Birds

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Ya im very impressed with chip and gamble siince they came in good moves are being made

  • LEO: Cole/Graham
    5-T: ????/Thornton
    NT: Sopoaga/Dixon
    3-T: Cox/????

    WILB: Kendricks/Matthews
    SILB: Ryans/Chaney
    SAM: Barwin/Curry

    CB: Fletcher, Williams, Boykin
    S: Chung, Phillips/Allen

    I think the defense is coming into focus. Could Sharrif Floyd be the missing piece opposite Fletcher Cox? Curry could be a candidate for a bit of a “joker” role.

    • bentheimmigrant

      I’m starting to suspect Cole will be traded… Maybe Curry can manage SAM. We’ve not really seen enough to know, but from what I can tell he’d be more likely behind Cole and Graham at this point. But then, no one but the staff know what we’re actually going to be playing this year.

      • Cole is going to be tough to trade and won’t really help them financially either since all of his guaranteed money from his new deal would “collapse” into this year. I think the signs point towards riding it out, hoping that Graham’s emergence can ease the load on Cole and let him bounce back.

        • bentheimmigrant

          But bounce back where? They’re talking about Barwin like he’ll be on the weak side.

          • I would not read much into that. Howie could just be touting his versatility. They need an OLB who can cover and Barwin’s the only one who has done it. SAM is the OLB with coverage responsibility.

          • Jdubbs

            Think Barwin is best used as Pass Rusher. But maybe we use him at SAM this year until we find a better fit there. Could be the plan it was a 6 year deal.

          • If the past is any indication, Billy Davis rushes 70% with his SAM and drops him into coverage 30%.

          • ICDogg

            Rush end when they switch to the 4-2-5

        • Token

          It would depend if any team wants to give up a pick for him. Even a late pick is more valuable than Cole on the team this year. Theres just not a spot for him. Hes declining and certainly not at a age where hes gonna excel in a completely new system.

          It would create a 6.4 mil cap hit. But he was due to make 5.35 mil. So really only a difference of a little over a mil vs what you already budgeted for. Not to mention sometimes theres clauses in these deals we dont find out about that could allow the team to not take as big of a hit as we think.

          Basically, to me its worth the hit to clear him out this year and be done with it going forward. He doesnt need to be taking snaps from anyone. Id cut him outright if he cant be traded.

          • I think that’s extremely reactionary.

            Graham has never played a lot of snaps before and they need to be two-deep at a lot of positions (especially greueling ones like DE) with a no-huddle offense that can be on and off the field very quickly. No huddle also makes the game “longer” by increasing the total number of snaps.

            Finally, the Predator role, if Cole is given it, is not a great departure from 4-3 defensive end (that’s why Davis calls it a 4-3 Under). Plus we are likely to see 4-2-5 and 4-1-6 looks against spread formations on passing downs.

          • Token

            Trent Cole will be 31 this season. He had three sacks last year playing for the most part in a system designed for him as a pass rusher to excel. You could just watch him, hes just losing it.

            The guy is just worn down. He was a good player. Disappeared for the most part when games actually mattered, but still a solid career. Hes just done. It happens and it can happen fast to rushers. Hes played a lot of snaps.

            You draft another guy. Cole on the opening roster makes zero sense. Do you see him here in 2014 or 2015? No. So get it over with and send him packing now.

            They wouldnt have a ageing and declining guy like Cole take over a prominent role in the new defense. That just doesnt add up.

          • I’m quite aware or his age and poor season, but this is also a guy they were willing to commit to long term just a year ago. Dropping him down to a 50/50 platoon player instead of an every down guy (instead of taking a cap penalty to outright release him) is what I consider a more reasonable reaction to his disappointing season. It makes more cap sense and more football sense.

          • GoBirds1

            You clearly have no clue when it comes to cap money.

    • Tom W

      Floyd or Starr .. or BPA (otackle, guard, jordan/jones) … or trade down …. all options open …… we could still draft Jordan and use him on 3d down his first year and allow him to put on some weight and use him like a joker/SAM/nickel lb/predator next year after we cut cole or if graham proves a bust in his conversion to predator. then look at a young db. otackle. qb. dl in rds 2-5. Or flop Barwin to predator if graham doesn’t fly next year and put Jordan at SAM ….

      • GoBirds1

        GIVE ME MINGO!!!!!!!!! I am not a jersey guy, but I would definitely buy some Barkevious ware!

    • GoBirds1

      I think you are a little premature setting the D line up. I would expect more to come in FA and there will probably a rookie starting S. If you think Matthews should be on this roster for another season, you are nutz. The guy is not good at anything. If he were smart he should learn how to long snap as a final attempt to redeem the family name and not make Howie look like a schmuck for another busted pick.

      • Of course it’s premature. It’s March 15. I am just seeing how the pieces on the roster right now could fit.

        • Gobirds1

          Fine. But why would you include a bum
          Like Matthews?

    • Wilbert M.

      Thanks for laying it out. I’ve been a 4-3 fan forever and hate learning new stuff.

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    I like it at first glance

  • ICDogg

    We are apparently patterning our D on SF’s and HOU’s one-gap 3-4s.

  • DutchEagle

    Does this mean we’re not gonna go after Dion Jordan in the draft? Was kinda looking forward to landing him, but I guess now it’s Milliner?

    • Tom W


    • BlindChow

      Barwin sounds more like a Predator, if he’s rushing the passer on 86% of his snaps. Jordan is good in coverage, so he’d be on the opposite side.

      • Per PFF, Barwin was dropping into coverage twice as frequently after Week 11… i.e. 70/30.

    • Token

      No way they pick a Milliner at 4. To me it seems Smith, tackle or trade down. I dont really like those first two options.

      • ICDogg

        If we get a great player at any position, I’m all for it. But this is a draft without a lot of certainty at the top.

        • Token

          I think they want to trade back and pick up more picks. It will be a question of if they will get someone willing to trade up. Smith will go top 5. But will someone be trading up to the Eagles spot to get him? Nobody is trading up for Milliner. You could argue the next 2 or 3 corners in the draft arent too find behind him talent wise.

          • ICDogg

            You could argue it but I don’t think that would be a correct argument. I don’t think teams will be moving up to get him though. This is more and more of a quarterback league. They’re either looking for a quarterback, someone to pursue the quarterback, or someone to protect the quarterback, this high in the draft.

          • Token

            You better be a special corner to go top 5. Milliner isnt that. IMO

          • ICDogg

            mostly I agree but there aren’t 5 players who would be top 5 in a normal draft year

      • Troll patrol

        Smith or milliner get ready for it…. That is a fact jack

  • Token

    Caplan was on DNL. Said Connor was a guy Chip wanted to target after watching his film.

    PS: Caplan seems very confident the Eagles will be looking for their franchise QB early in the draft. Mentioned Smith, Nassib and Manuel.

    • ICDogg

      It wouldn’t shock me.

      • I have my fingers crossed for Floyd and Manuel with the first two picks.

        • ICDogg

          not out of the question

    • Troll patrol

      Hey quick question… Would we sign barwin if we had so much belief in graham? no….. Now would we be looking at dion Jordan in the first round if we had so much belief in graham… No…… So my comments and post make plenty of sense brother. I’m looking at what the eagles need not what they have…. Big difference

      • Duracell

        Jordan and Barwin project as SAM’s, whereas Graham projects to the other side. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I don’t think these moves indicate that.

        • Wilbert M.

          I thought Barwin played the same role that Graham, Curry and Cole will play. Barwin is not a cover guy.

        • Sensei

          They pretty much said Barwin will play the predator role

          • morgan c

            Basically, we have 4 guys to play OLB (2 positions). Regardless of how this predator or adaptation of the 3-4 works, we are clearly going in the direction of some sort of 3-4 template.
            Therefore, we have sopoaga at nose, cox at one de spot, and the other one is open (dixon? rjf would have been perfect there but i digress…).
            At LB, we have ryans and kendricks in the middle, and barwin, cole, graham and curry all battling for 2 starting spots. It just seems crazy for me to think that TWO of those guys won’t be starting (probably Cole and Curry in my mind). Maybe Cole beefs up and plays the other end spot on the 3man line? It’s entirely possible Cole may transition to a 3-4 end than a 3-4 OLB… thoughts??

  • Holy Cow! We are going to have a completely different defense next year!

  • peteike

    Shouldve waited for Dumervil to be released

    • ICDogg

      For Elvis to have left the building?

      • nicksaenz1

        Nailed it!

  • Dave_King

    He’s from Cincinnati?! Alright he’s going to be just fine on the Eagles.

  • Troll patrol

    Listen… Let me play devil’s advocate… I’m high on barwin but let’s remember this… His best year was 2011 and that was 11.5 sacks. Something Brandon graham should be doing. But my point is let’s not forget that he played for the texans who play the jaguars twice and colts twice… (prior Andrew luck and Peyton manning hurt) and the titans twice….. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’m just saying #trollpatrol

    • nicksaenz1

      Sacking the QB isn’t necessarily a direct result of the QB himself, however, a product of line play. You’d be best to look at how the lines of the Jags, Titans, and Colts played that year.

  • Troll patrol

    AFC south… 2011 jaguars – Blaine gabbert
    Titans-Matt hassle ack. Colts ? Who was th QB when Peyton was hurt? You get my picture. Not RG3 , not. Eli Mann ing , not tony romo…… Does everyone follow me… Let’s see how this plays out

  • Troll patrol

    He had 11.5 sacks I ask anyone how many of those sacks came outside of the division … Brandon graham would have 12 sacks in that division

  • I actually love the pick up. Coming around to the FO moves so far. Actually like the addition of Phillips too low risk, high reward.
    Does this mean we shop Cole?

  • Sensei

    So Graham Curry and Cole won’t be the predator so I expect the team to try and move whoever they can

  • atlvickfan

    Love the Barwin and Casey additions. Kinda “meh” about the Phillips and Williams signings, although they have some upside. I think they need an impact player on D out of the draft, though.

  • Does this mean Cole is on his way out?

  • JofreyRice

    I know all the “smart” fans never question the Eagles moves–I mean why would you, with such a stellar track record?–but this was a bad signing. This guy sucks at football. When did the Eagles become Texans-East? And they’re getting guys from before the Texans were even good. Ugh.

    • nicksaenz1

      What does that mean, “getting guys from before they were good”? They’ve been consistently getting better over the course of the last 3-4 years. It’s hard to call only 8mil guaranteed for a potential 6 year deal worth as much as 40mil a “bad signing”… Sucks at football? Please explain, because I don’t know enough about him to say he “sucks”. If anything, the only reason that I think I don’t like it is because we’re chock full of pass rushers at the predator/leo spot. I don’t know the guy’s coverage history, which is what I assume Howie hopes he can do. As far as Texans-East, we’re not quite Arizona in how they poach from Pittsburgh. Another year or two and you have a point.

      • JofreyRice

        I went into my reasons for not liking Barwin in another post. Not gonna re-post. The guy basically has no coverage history.

        I don’t shit on moves just to do it. Trust me, this was a dumb one.

        • nicksaenz1

          Read your response to Token above. I agree in that the biggest problems in this are the lack of coverage responsibility Barwin is used to coupled with the stable of 4 should-be “Predators”. However, I don’t think the dude sucks at football. However, I think Cole has to be traded at this point, and I’m curious as to how they’re planning on using Graham and Curry now that they brought in Barwin. If they think he’s the solution at SAM, I’m not sold, but for 8mil guaranteed, can’t hate it too much as he can be gone next year. I just disagreed with your points in the original post.

          • Token

            Theres writers throwing around Graham and Curry as potential trade bait. I dont get that at all. It wouldnt make any sense. Cole is gone this year or next year. Why delay the inevitable and have him taking practice time and snaps away from young guys that may have a future here. This team isnt in a position where keeping him makes sense.

          • nicksaenz1

            I don’t get that either. I think Cole has to go, not that I want him to. However, depending on how we draft, Graham or Curry may be gone too as a result of this Barwin signing. I don’t like it, but it’s the sad reality of it. Likely it would be Graham, since he’s a FA after the season anyway. The more I think about it the more I’m agreeing with JofreyRice that this is a pretty dumb signing if he can’t cover and play the SAM.

    • Token

      Their reason for the drop in production was that he was on the strong side more this past season than he was in 2011.

      Im not a fan of it. But its 8 mil guaranteed They can basically get rid of him at any point after this year. Maybe they wanted one experience OLB? I think it may preclude them from drafting Jordan at 4 which is good.

      Now the problem ill have is if they get rid of a player now. I think Cole should go. Cap hit or not. But im seeing Grahams name thrown around. That would piss me off. This is a guy you stuck with for this long, finally shows something last year as your best rusher. Actually I think according to PFF he had the most pressures per snap or something along those line of anyone in the league. I realize its a new position for him. But he was projected as a OLB by some in the draft. I want to see him at that spot before I trade him for whats likely to be peanuts. Same goes for Curry.

      If signing Barwin makes you trade either of those guys before giving them a chance in the system it would be a big mistake. This team should not be about keeping guys like Cole and trading guys like Graham.

      • JofreyRice

        What’s weird is that if they are using that reasoning–that he just sucked because he was on the strong side–and plan to use him differently here, that’s the “Predator” ROLB/RE position! We have 3 guys to play that position, already!

        If they plan to use him on the strong side, well, then you’re signing him following a year where he was extremely unproductive in that role, and projecting him to way more coverage responsibility than he’s been in as a pro. I’d guess he’d drop more times in the first 8 games than he has in the entirety of his NFL career, previously, if the Eagles use him like the Seahawks use KJ Wright.

        I’d be OK with moving on from Cole, you know he was my favorite Eagle for awhile, but he definitely has lost something in terms of balance, burst, and flexibility. He was on the ground a lot last year. You’re right, though, Graham was very productive last year, and they were finally getting something back from the 1st rounder they spent. They just used a 2nd rounder on Curry last year! If you make Barwin the Predator, then one of the 3 of those guys is going to have major coverage responsibility, which is less than ideal.

        Just a dumb deal all around, need, player, fit, etc. Like I said, I’m not shitting on it to shit on it, and I know the consensus on this website is very positive for all the moves they’ve made, but this is a disappointing end to a very meh free agency signing period for me. It says a lot that the guys I’m most excited about are injury problem players.

        • Token

          The best moves could turn out to be Phillips and Fletcher. But man, they are asking a lot for those two guys to stay healthy.

          They offered Lewis more than NO did. Shame they missed out on him.

          • JofreyRice

            Yeah, I think that happens when you have a couple of really down years. I think you lose some of that luster for free agents; it will be nice to see the franchise viewed as a contender again.

          • Token

            On another note, did you see FF and his entire defensive staff went to the Oregon pro day to see Jordan? Interesting. Wouldnt have thought hed even be in their consideration with the top pick. But I guess you have to do the due diligence.

          • JofreyRice

            you never know with FF. He’s made some really weird moves. I think someone should check his blood sugar. Releasing a perfectly good RT to draft a LT with #1 and move him to the right? Big money contract to Donny Avery? Trading your second rounder for a QB that’s only ever done well in a situation where he wasn’t asked to throw. Maybe Kelly will turn out as a pro failure, and maybe these moves are Roseman’s swan song as boy wonder GM, but I’m still glad we moved on from FF.

  • Howie Rosemanisaweasel

    Bad signing. Cole, Graham or Curry cannot cover a tight end so that means this guy will. So he signs a guy based on the film of him playing on the open side yet he’s going to line up over the tight end??? Howie is a dope!!!! He’s not a GM, he is a whiney little weasel