Cary Williams Out To Show He Is Not A ‘Crazy Wild Man’

Cary Williams made headlines when he shoved a referee during a skirmish between the Ravens and Niners in Super Bowl XLVII. He was kicked off his first college team. He was suspended back in 2010 for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

He has not, in other words, always walked the straight line.

The 28-year-old has also overcome his missteps to become a starting cornerback in the NFL, and most recently, a Super Bowl champion. He talked about his unique story with 97.5 The Fanatic Thursday.

“I describe myself as a human being, man, a guy that is trying to learn life and trying to change the way he is being perceived,” said Williams. “If you perceive me as a crazy wild man then I think your perception is off. When you get to know me as a person I think you’ll have a change of heart.”

Williams, a Miami native, said he went to three high schools in four years. The inconsistency scared off most college teams, leaving him just a couple offers. Fordham’s offer was the best, so he packed for New York. It did not work out.

“Scouts were saying that I had talent to play at the next level, but I just wasn’t playing at Fordham and I couldn’t understand that,” said Williams. “I got frustrated, I said some things and I got kicked off the team. Then Washburn stepped in, took me under their wing and it’s been an awesome story ever since.”

Washburn is Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. The NFL isn’t exactly filled with Ichabods, but the Titans took a shot on him in the seventh round of the 2008 draft. He appeared in just four games for Tennessee and was signed off their practice squad by the Ravens in ’09. He earned a starting role in 2011 and kept it for the next two seasons.

He is known for playing with an edge.

“That’s who I am, that’s what got me here and that’s not going to change,” he said. “I’m definitely going to tone things down as far as getting into fights and stuff like that –that’s not going to be part of my game. But me being physical, me being vocal on Sunday, that’s not going to change.”

Williams, who signed a three-year, $17 million deal with the Eagles Thursday, said that he is open to playing either on the left or right side.

“I definitely want to be a bump-and-run guy, and in-your-face type dude. I don’t shy away from challenges, I don’t shy away from those situations that sometimes can be a little risky,” said Williams. “I definitely feel confident in my ability, feel comfortable in who I am and what type of player I am, and I’m definitely going to go out there each and every week and compete.”

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  • He plays with the same kind of edge as Kurt Coleman, but it won’t be so annoying to watch because he can actually play.

    • Drl

      Well said.

    • Guest

      Hmmm a D.B. that can actually play? I’ve nearly forgotten what that feels like to witness :| Don’t know about you Phil, but I woulda sold my I teeth just to have, say even Mikell back. And when I thinka of Dawkins or Vincent or even the way Sheldon Brown would TACKLE and hit I become engulfed with sorrow & rage simultaneously. Last year I came to the conclusion that all our D.B.’s were having roofie eating competitions during pre-game warm ups!!

    • Bdawk20

      Except that he gave up over 1,000 yards and there was a QB rating of 91 last year when he was targeted by opposing QB’s…

      • Word

        He also only missed 3 tackles last season. 3. That’s something that has been sorely missed in this secondary. There are many facets to be a good DB. Stop crying.

        • Bdawk20

          Hard to miss tackles when you can’t attempt them because the other team is GAINING 1,000 YARDS AGAINST YOU

  • As long as he isn’t as soft as a down pillow on the field, I don’t care how crazy he is.

    .Overall, I have to say I am a pretty happy fan with this FA class. Other than an OL and DL (5 technique), I’d say this team has most of its need positions filled and should be free to go after BPA in the draft.

  • Capt. Undapants

    Can the naysayers and pessimists lay off now? Howie has done a great job getting a seemingly innovative coach and a solid FA group. Just because the Iggs didn’t get the player or coach you might have had your heart set on, does not mean they’ve failed. This team is doing an excellent job rebuilding.

    Can we trust the Eagles brain trust now? Or if not trust, can we at least ride this thing out before we rain hellfire and brimstone on this team? They appear to be doing things correctly. They have learned from past FA mistakes, and looking at the last draft class, have presumably learned from previous draft mistakes. So let’s just ride it out and see what happens. Fly Eagles Fly.

    • GoBirds1

      Thank God for Gamble’s return to Philly. Roseman has proven himself to have zero talent or skill in player evaluation. Then again look who he learned from, Mr. Reid.

      • Jay

        then how do you explain the draft last season? the trade for demeco? gimme a break. stop just repeating what you hear other people saying and learn something for yourself

        • nicksaenz1

          Andy ran the puppet, that’s how last draft and the trade for Demeco happen.

      • Damien

        I love how he was good last year, but people clame it was Andy. This year it’s Gamble. Here’s the truth. NO ONE KNOWS WHO MAKES DECISIONS!

    • theycallmerob

      I’m on board with everything you said about the front office, and the FA they’ve signed, and all that…..but he’s just not a great player. He can say whatever he wants, but the Ravens wouldn’t re-sign him for the league minimum. Just speaking to what I’ve seen since he’s been in Baltimore. It’s a shame Keenan Lewis turned down his offer.

      • Jdubbs

        Ravens offered him 3 years 15 million at beginning of the year and he started every game, injuries to others or not. Sick of everyone acting like he was some scrub forced to play on a terrible team

      • Justin

        To be fair, the Ravens cut Pollard too.

      • Reese

        I understand what you are saying but what corner on the open market you know could be classified as a GREAT player really?? A great corner hasn’t been a free agent since Deion really.

        • theycallmerob

          I agree. And at the end of the day, it’s not the worst signing in the world (after more details were released regarding the terms/guaranteed money). The only CB in free agency I personally had interest in was K. Lewis. My only beef is Williams is I don’t think, as some fans/media believe, he is a legit CB1. I would love nothing more than for him to play solid, just as a role-player. I think Fletcher is a good #2 CB, and Boykin should do well in the slot; but I’m wary of projecting a starting duo of Williams/Fletcher. I feel we have that position nailed down except for a true, shutdown CB. And yes, I realize many teams can say that too.

    • grn_mtn_phan

      I’M in agreement that it’s time for the nay Sayers to hush. I have concerns. We all do I think. But I AM overall, pleased with the approach the new regime is taking. Building from the inside out in personnel as I see it. I’m just praying that a majority of these players and the players to come, play hard & up to their full ability. That they buy in all the way. ESPECIALLY the secondary! I posted earlier that watching them the last couple of years could make a grown man cry
      And that my memory of how great it felt to watch DAWK, Vincent and corners I loved like Sheldon Brown & MANY others, has gotten so I almost don’t remember how awesome it was. I started thinking that last year the whole secondary were having roofie eating contests in pre game warm ups !I

    • Mostel

      I like every move excpet for Chung. Anybody that plays safety, but can’t run down a lame pass from Eli with the game on the line is not serious about playing football the right way.

    • Agreed. Proof will come this fall (and lets be honest, probably next fall) but all i can think of is what if Roseman had the power of a real GM (vs deferring to the all knowing Reid) the last couple years? Would we be in nearly as big a mess? I like what the Eagles have done thus far. Reid left a mess…this is not a one year fix. Meanwhle…Reid has learned nothing and continues to sign every big name he can in KC.

    • morgan c

      You are right. I have always been at least a tepid supporter of Howie on this blog. I will say, however, that the Vick signing still baffles me. I pray they are doing this for a one year holdover type thing. Sorry not trying to be a debbie downer – I agree I like what FO is doing generally.

      I just thought it was obvious after 2 horrible years that Vick wasn’t a good NFL qb…

  • Troll patrol

    We get rid of an all pro who turned 30 while still getting INTS like candy(#22) asante only to turn around and pay all this money to an 28 yr thug. Then we pay Barwin money to do what our first round pick should have been doing all along(Brandon graham). And don’t let me mention barwin played in the AFC south… I could get 2 sacks playing in that weak division . Peyton was hurt and no Andrew luck yet …. Weak

    • TheAsshole

      You are the epitome of the average Eagle fan.

      • Thakm77

        Please don’t hate me because My football IQ is higher than yours. You thought Kevin kolb was going to be the next phenomenon in this league…you just stick to reading my post and let me just continue posting.

        • TheAsshole

          Ummm WTF?

    • Mostel

      Graham will be in rotation with Cole in the predator position in the 4-3 under system. Barwin is here to play the “SAM” role where the guy has to mix dropping with rushing. GRAHAM WAS NOT DRAFTED TO PLAY PASS COVERAGE!
      Troll Patrol must be Sean McDermott if he thinks we drafted Brandon Graham to cover passes.

      • Troll patrol

        So we paid barwin that money for pass coverage…. Go play in traffic please

      • Troll patrol

        One more thing genius last time I checked we are playing a 3-4 hybrid not a 4-3…smh… Also who picks a player in the 1st round who cant cover. Please stick to reading my post and discontinue with your rhetoric

  • BDawk20

    Thank the Little 6 pound, 4 ounce Baby Jesus! Blessed is Pope Francis! I don’t give a damn if we win games anymore…let’s hit some damn people. So sick of this putty shite I’ve been watching the last 6 GD years. Love this guy. Hit people, players, Refs, cameramen, I don’t care.

    • Bdawk20

      Not cool that there are 2 Bdawk20’s…. your capitalization is throwing me off. Can we just agree to not make asinine statements to protect each other???

  • PaoliBulldog

    He has a pulse? I’m in!

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    I personally would be OK with it if he was a little crazy. Not a lot, just a little.

    • Johnny Domino

      I’ve tried that philosophy with girlfriends, it doesn’t always end well.

  • silvio

    He was one of the most targeted cb in the league and allowed more than 65% of completions and and a qb rating above 95.0
    For the same amount of money we are paying him, we could have had any other cb in the market, including Sean Smith, who has at least more potential.
    Id have rather taken a shot at Chris Gamble.

    Also Barwin puzzles me a little bit: 6 million a year for a player which produced 3 sacks last year? Now chance to go picking Jordan, since we already have 4 high tenure OLB on the roster.

    • You can’t just look at Barwin’s headline total salary (6 years 36 million) what’s important is the guaranteed money (8million) all of which is due over the first two years. It’s also backloaded only 13.5 over the first 3 years so if he doesn’t produce we can essentially wipe our hands clean after 2 or 3 years and move on. however if he does produce we’ve got him locked down through his best years. Very team friendly deal i’d say.

      • silvio

        Barwin’s contract breakdown was not yet availbale when I posted, but I still think, with Michael Bennet (9 sacks) signing 1 year deal at 5M and Cliff Avril (10 sacks) signing 2 year deal at 15M, Barwin might not be worth 14M for 3 years.

        • But can either of them play SAM? The SAM will be expected to drop in to cover every now and again, we know that Barwin can. If we were looking for a predator (pass rusher) then Avril would obviously be the better choice, but if we wanted a SAM then Barwin might be a better fit.

          • silvio

            Last year he dropped in coverage on nearly 10% of the snaps he played and also Roseman clarified the signing was about his pass rushing skills.
            He’s probably more versatile than other players, but Id have rather gone with someone stronger on what he’s supposed to do for 90% of the time.

    • Really?

      Our fans are so dumb it’s embarrassing…

  • reese

    Can we please stop eagles fans with this negativity. I find it refreshing that we have a owner and a gm that actually wants us to win and is not all about the dollar. wr have a coach who had excelled in the college ranks and we can’t judge h8m because you never seen him coach a NFL game. but I can tell you he has the attitude if a winner. this free agent class might not be filled with high priced names , but that did bot help us 2 years ago. the one problem with eagles fans is that they want their cake and eat it to. you have a problem that they only sign high priced players but this year you are. mad that they did not. SHUT UP!!! I love every FA pick up they had I just need a proven right tackle and I would be extremely satisfied going into the draft. I’ve been an eagles fan since the day I have been born. since buddy Ryan and Howie roseman and chip have given me a reason to be excited for the new season. I know this comment is ling but it was necessary after reading these negative. comments that got on my last nerves. Love you Forever Philly

  • Maurice

    Howie Roseman is one of the great minds in the NFL and we are lucky to have him. he actually wants us to win and is not all about the dollar. he’s not perfect but you do try. we can’t say that about everyone.

  • Mostel

    I’m good with the nasty streak. I think he should prove his value to Eagles fans by blitzing off of the corner and taking out Eli’s knees.

  • Mostel

    I like every signing except Chung. That guy is the bum safety who was too slow and too stupid to get over to the sideline to break up Eli’s lucky pass to Manningham in the Superbowl. Allowing Eli to win anything important other than a visit to the IR is unacceptable.

  • I’m still not sold on our rebuilt secondary. I hope they add a safety and corner with high draft picks. Too many question marks with these FAs.

  • knighn

    As far as I see it: this is a numbers game. Call me ‘Crazy’ (or ‘Crazy Wild Man’) but the way I see it: if half of the 8 players the Eagles signed significantly contribute (starters, signifcant snaps in rotation, or just STs) and half do nothing, the Eagles are still much better than what they were before the start of Free Agency.

    Additionally, I do expect the Eagles to take at least one more Defensive Back in the draft. The story on Chip Kelly was that he likes competition and will play the best players regardless of who was supposed to be “#1”. Let’s hope that plays out well here!

  • Troll patrol

    Eagle family I have a question. If JJ watts gets majority of the double teams then why does Barwin only have 3 sacks in a weak division last year. He is nothing more than another Jason babin…

    Connor barwin=Jason babin

    • Troll patrol

      Like one pundit just told me. We got barwin for pass coverage not to sack the QB…. Hmmmmmmm ok

  • Richard Colton

    I’ll take a “crazy wild man” – just no 15 yard penalties for pass interference

  • ben

    When this all began with Coach Kelly, I wrote ” meat and potatoes” first, not dessert. All these FA’s reflect that and all have something to prove.

  • eagles2zc

    He was only ‘crazy’ ’cause he was on the another team. I think we’ll enjoy his physicality after NA and DRC

  • Psycho

    The over/under for personal fouls on Williams is at 8.

  • ojdiddoit

    Unless Kellys and Davis s new defense can put some kind of susiained pressure on the qb this year..unlike last year. it wont matter what kind of cover skills,hitting skills,talking trash skills any of these new players bring to the birds.