Eagles Wake-Up Call: Buzz Picks Up On Goldson

The slow trickle of news that marked the early portion of the three-day “legal tampering period” has turned into more of a steady stream. By Monday night — Free Agency Eve — it was flowing real nice, including where the Eagles are concerned.

Adam Schefter got things rolling with some news regarding fan favorite Dashon Goldson.

(Schefter even threw in a Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie nugget in for good measure.)

Reuben Frank reports that the Eagles are showing interest in both Goldson and fellow safety LaRon Landry.

The bottom line when it comes to many of these free agents — and Goldson in particular —  is this: A lot of it comes down to the money. The Eagles are in need of a serious upgrade at safety and would be foolish not to see value in Goldson, who is coming off back-t0-back Pro Bowl years in San Francisco. New VP of Personnel Tom Gamble (formerly with the Niners) has seen his impact up close. But the financials have to make sense, as Howie Roseman explained to Birds 24/7 recently.

“If they are of value, they can still play at a high level, we’re going to look at them, we’re going to grade them, and we’re going to see if that matches what our salary structure is and if that’s what we’re looking for,” said the Eagles’ general manager.

There will be a level of discipline heading into this free agency period given the circumstances. Roseman noted that in 2011, when the team splurged ineffectively on big-name free agents, the team was coming off a playoff loss to the eventual Super Bowl champion Packers. They wanted to push all their chips in.  This time around, they are coming off a 4-12 campaign and have a new head coach at the helm. It is a different time. The Eagles are less pressed, and they hope a bit wiser when it comes to the process. Just because they have north of $30 million in cap space does not mean they will pluck a ton of big names off the board.

“We’re always going to try to be smart and be aggressive,” said Roseman. “By the same token, [you have to] learn from [2011] and how important it is to build a team and to build the right environment.”

Will Goldson fit the bill? He checks a lot of the boxes, but it will have to be at the right price.


Sheil arms you with a list of 25 free agents the Eagles could pursue.

 Michael Vick cancels three upcoming appearances amid threats of violence.

The Eagles are reportedly showing interest in defensive lineman Desmond Bryant.

The team took care of two of their own, signing Jon Dorenbos and Colt Anderson to deals.

The Eagles’ brass, including Jeffrey Lurie, went to Morgantown to work out QB Geno Smith.

It is to be determined if the Eagles are interested in LB James Harrison. But we learned that Harrison, per his agent, is interested in the Eagles. 


Dan Granziano did free agency primers for each of the NFC East teams. Here are his thoughts on the Eagles going in:

Strategy: The Eagles’ management figures that whoever remains in place from two summers ago knows all about how badly the last big experiment with free agency went, so don’t expect to see a frenzy like the one it created on the market in 2011. But the Eagles have many needs — cornerback, safety, linebacker, nose tackle, a right guard or tackle, maybe a big wide receiver. They will be active because they must. As for strategy, though, I’d expect them to target younger free agents who can help them build the roster long term, not just help them contend in 2013. The moves the team has made since firing longtime coach Andy Reid and hiring Kelly indicate that Kelly plans to be in Philadelphia for a long time and is thinking about what can make his team competitive for years to come, not just right away.

Peter King had a couple free agency nuggets in his MMQB column that could be of interest to Eagles fans.

Three under-the-radar guys generating more interest than you’ve heard: Steelers corner Keenan Lewis, Jets defensive end/tackle Mike DeVito, Chargers guard Louis Vasquez.

Tennessee, with an estimated $19 million available to spend, is targeting Buffalo guard and all-purpose lineman Andy Levitre. One source told me Tennessee would go out hard for Levitre in the opening hours of the market, which echoes what beat man Jim Wyatt wrote in the Tennessean last week.


Free agency starts at 4 p.m. We’ll bring you the latest throughout the day.

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  • I think it is a shame if we don’t inquire about Cook. He could offer a dynamic that this offense would really need. I love the idea mentioned below of adding two safeties in FA like Goldson a well known cover guy that loves to hit and Landry a heavy hitter (although that is a dream senario). We need to add some kind of NT for competition sake, Kighton from the Jags should be considered. As far as Sean Smith is concerned I am on the fence. I feel as though if the Eagles brass feels comfortable they can get a consistent effort out of the kid they will bring him in and I will be okay with that. If they leave him alone then they have the same hesitations any concerned fan would. Amendola, while I love how he plays is just too fragile and would be better off somewhere else. As far as our WRs are concerned if we are going to bring someone in then it needs to be a big body that can win some battles i.e. Cook or one of the top TEs in the draft. If we have to stay at 4 I think the choice is one of threee (Millner, top OT available, or Jordan). Ideally I would like to trade back and pick up some extra amunition in the early rounds. St. Louis has 16 and 22 and Minesota has 23 and 25, maybe one of these two teams fall in love with a top 5 talent and makes a move for the number 4 pick. We can only hope. As far as drafts are concerned this is the year to move back as the draft is more deep than stocked at the top

    • GGeagle

      No worries my friend…I’m confident we will get him. both Chip and Cook now that they are a match made in heaven…Cook needs to be signed to a BIG MONEY CONTRACT, but with a clause to bail. he can either take that next step under chip, that many of us think he can do…giving us our money’s worth, or we exercise our option to bail from it. I’m really expecting him to be an Eagle or Bear.

      we need to sign COOk AND either Delanie Walker or Casey from the texans..both would be Swiss army knife, do it all H-back types…while Cook is basically a 6’6, long armed, 4.5 speed slot RECIEVER

    • Septhinox

      Who’s to say they already haven’t inquired about Cook? They may have already and deemed his price too high and that may never become public.

      Just because it’s not reported doesn’t mean it hasn’t/won’t happen.

      • I hope so my firend. I am in total belief that there is a lot of things going on that the public just doesn’t know about. Can’t wait for the bell to ring…so to speak.

  • DunedinEagle

    Damn there are 279 comments on that Vick thread and I can’t see a single one of them. What the heck is going on around here with the censorship?

    • Stephen Stempo

      1. You’re not missing anything there as most of those comments were inane drivel backed up by idiotic reasoning and a strong desire to seem “cool.”

      2. Being that this website isn’t owned by the government or reserved for use by the public they can pretty much do what they want with their comments wether or not you cry censorship or not.

      • DunedinEagle

        I realize it’s their right. But making the entire comment section completely vanish is just a little over the top in my opinion. But whatever I’m just about done with this crap team anyway.

        • Capt. Undapants

          Based off of your comments, sounds to me like you should stop cheering for the Eagles, and refrain from reading Sheil and Tim.

          • DunedinEagle

            Dude I’ve been rooting for whoever is playing the Eagles for the last 2 seasons as a means to an end. Then they kept Howie relinquishing him of all responsibility for 2010 & 11, went for the super high risk/ticket offensive selling splash hire with Chippa and then restructured Vick instead of cutting his arse. My only hope is that somehow Foles or a traditional drop back passer starts this season and that that Gamble and Kelly have a strong say and actually know how to evaluate talent but I have my doubts either will happen.

          • Capt. Undapants

            Who says a traditional drop back passer is the way to go? If you look at the NFL, say one “traditional drop back passer” wins every year. Meaning, at most 31 other traditional drop backs failed. Why not change the mold? Teams, not QBs win Super Bowls anyway.

            And why the Howie hate? Let’s judge him off of this year’s draft when we KNOW that he’s the one in charge.

            Why do you want Jeffrey gone? The iggs have enjoyed much success with him. The NFC championship game runs… The Super Bowl visit? Fielding great teams?? Sure it’s a down period now, but all teams go through them. Unless of course they are a team in Massachusetts that has a history of cheating.

          • DunedinEagle

            I’m pretty sure it’s a proven fact that traditional drop back passers win Super Bowls. Steve Young was an accurate pocket passer who could run so he really don’t qualify. I think you will see a huge dip in the success of Kepernik, Wilson and Bob Griffin after a full offseason of DC tape study. In order to win the big one your QB has to make a few incredible plays with his arm along the way.

            As far as Howie, I just think he lacks the back ground and it’s a slap in the face to absolve him of 2010 & 11 when he stood there and raved about the picks???

            Yes the “Iggs” have had success but I’m convinced Jeffrey is more concerned with the waiting list/bottom line than winning championships unlike other owners around the league.

        • peteike

          Good for them, deleting it all, sometimes its just over the top whining or just plain racist. I feel similar to you as a fan, that being said, I dont regurgitate the same negative crap day in and day out. That stuff gets old, not that you are, but you read it in a lot of threads and its tiresome. I like this site because for the most part you have reasonable back n forth and its mostly talking football. You get some of the negative which is good, but not all negative all the time. At some point, its time to talk football and the future. Also, I imagine all that was deleted for a reason, most likely with these guys they had a very good one.

          • DunedinEagle

            Yeah I am sick of feeling negative but I just can’t get passed what has taken place. I always say I want my Eagles back but I doubt I’ll ever feel the passion I once did sad to say. I remember when I lived outside of Tampa (Im from Philly) from 2000 – 2005. I actually climbed on my neighbors roof to lay down a white king size sheet that read EAGLES RULE. My wife and I put green and white streamers in their bushes and spray painted (washable) their windows with EAGLES FAN LIVES HERE all on the morning of the Championship game against the stinking Bucs. It’s been down hill from there and those days are long gone but I digress…..

    • jabostick

      One of my favorite parts of this site since it started is that the comments are (generally) about football and not tired/regurgitated comments meant to troll/bait.

      Before this, the sites I went to usually had a comment thread that went:
      1) First!
      2) Joe Nickels Banner
      3) A reference to Fat Mcnabb
      4) A reference to Fat Andy
      5) Something about Vick being a convict/murderer
      and then it would devolve after that. I’m fine with Sheil and Tim shutting it down if it gets like that.
      So, yeah, I’m sure you missed some real intelligent discussion on animal rights, race, and the like…

      • DunedinEagle

        I agree with all of the above but my problem with this site is for the most part all they do is report and don’t spend NEARLY enough time holding this organization accountable for the endless mistakes that lead to this point. I know it’s a new coaching staff but Vick, Howie and Jeffrey are all still there. Add to this the complete deletion of the comment section and I guess I just find it annoying. I’m mad as hell at the Eagles and I want journalists to be the voice of the people and tell it like it is like Phil Sheridan for example. Anyway, like I said I’m one cut/trade (Foles) away from being completely done.

        • jabostick

          I don’t know, I think they’ve been pretty objective in assessing everything (including why Vick and Roseman are still here) and a bunch of time during the last half of the season/coaching search was spent on ‘mistake analysis’ and why we’re where we are. Also, the Bowen/Sheridan approach just doesn’t seem their schtick. To each their own though…

          As for the comments section, I didn’t see it but can only assume that it had ZERO to do with with criticism of the Eagles and everything to do with people being disrespectful and offensive.

      • MamulaThaRula

        Ha +1. Though the random (often completely unrelated) Nickels comments made me laugh

    • Septhinox

      It got out of hand. I’d bet some of the people in that thread made some of the threats.