Vick Appearances Cancelled Amid Threats Of Violence

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael VickAn upcoming Michael Vick appearance at an Atlanta Barnes and Noble has been cancelled following multiple threats of violence to Vick, his family, store employees and store property.

These threats have been reported to police.

Vick was set to sign copies of his book, “Michael Vick: Finally Free” at three Barnes and Noble locations: in Atlanta, New Jersey and Exton, Pa. All have been cancelled because of safety concerns. The Atlanta appearance was scheduled for this Saturday.

“While we stand by Michael Vick’s right to free speech and the retailers’ right to free commerce, we cannot knowingly put anyone in harm’s way, and therefore we must announce the cancellation of Mr. Vick’s book-signing appearances,” said Byron Williamson, president of Worthy Publishing. “We’ve been assured these threats of violence, which have been reported to the police, are being taken very seriously by local authorities.”

There has been a recent uptick in what a source close to Vick calls “credible threats of violence” directed toward the Eagles quarterback and his family.

The bookstore’s Facebook page has been flooded with comments protesting the appearances. The same is true for Vick’s fan page. In many instances, it goes well beyond protesting. Vick and his family have been threatened on a number of occasions.

Some recent examples:

“I would go there to slit your throat knowing how you treat animals.”

“hope your kids don’t fall in a pool with a battery.”

“I would snap your neck if I met you, your [sic] a piece of trash.”

It goes on and on.

There has been plenty of hostility directed towards Vick since re-entering the public forum following a 19-month prison stint for his involvement in a dog-fighting ring. While he now faces less opposition overall, the tone has been more violent recently, according to a source close to Vick.

“This is a small number of Hate Groups who have turned to terroristic threats,” said the source.

In October, Vick conceded that he had become a dog owner again once his probation was up. There has been a recent backlash to photos showing Vick attending dog training classes at an area Pet Smart.

“I understand the strong emotions by some people about our family’s decision to care for a pet,” said Vick back in October. “As a father, it is important to make sure my children develop a healthy relationship with animals. I want to ensure that my children establish a loving bond and treat all of God’s creatures with kindness and respect. Our pet is well cared for and loved as a member of our family. This is an opportunity to break the cycle. To that end, I will continue to honor my commitment to animal welfare and be an instrument of positive change.”

Despite the recent examples of hatred, Vick has come a long way in restoring his public image, thanks in large part to his community outreach efforts. He partnered with the Humane Society to lead an anti-dog-fighting campaign, and has worked on a more personal level — often away from the cameras — with high-risk youth to try and make a positive impact. His coaches and teammates paint the picture of a man who has turned his life around and is trying to do the right thing.

Around 1,000 people had RSVP’d to attend Saturday’s signing in Atlanta. Vick planned on donating NIKE gear to a local VFW during his signing in Exton on the 26th. His team is working on the details to move forward with the donation.

“Michael Vick has millions of fans and has countless letters from teachers thanking him for inspiring students to make positive changes,” said Chris Shigas with Vick’s long-time PR firm French/West/Vaughan. “It is disturbing that a few extremists would threaten Vick’s family and store employees.”

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  • I’m a long time vegetarian & animal rights supporter. Vick did horrible things. He was convicted & served his time. Since then, he’s been repentant and seems to do and say the things I would want to hear from someone’s who’s sorry for what he did. I’m not saying the guy gets a pass, but he’s alright by me. Let him live out his life and atone for what he’s done.

    • Graham

      Thanks for being so understanding. I agree with you, he’s done his time and repented. All the others that are threatening him should learn from you.

      • Repentant my ass. He only went along with his “punishment” because he wanted to stay playing in the NFL. BTW, saying you are a veg-head doesn’t give you a pass on stupid.

    • Check out my paper…”Vegans for Vick”

    • ksmith757

      Exactly. He has served his time. When are they going to let him live? He didn’t do all he served time for but, he took all they had and that’s still not enough.

    • Ann

      I concure, this is all about something else!

    • Jamers

      It’s really very difficult to tell whether anyone who employs someone to look after their image is doing something for selfish, or altruistic reasons. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

    • sybil

      Joseph you are so off base. He pleaded to money laundering and racketeering. NOT to murdering his own 2 dogs. I he slammed against a wall. the other one he slit the throat. Have you ever accidentally stepped on your dogs paw// do you remember the s the cry he/she let out. Imagine that sound times ten from a throat slit! I read his case file He threw his cousins under the bus Okay fine they deserved it. His Uncle told him to stop this in 2005. He enjoyed it! He is a psychopath

      • JWavy

        As far as I know, Vick wasn’t the one directly responsible for doing those sick things, it was other people who were part of his circle. Please post a link from a credible news site detailing these allegations you’re making. Thanks.

        • Rowan Morrison

          Check the court records – he killed dogs himself, and he loved doing it.

          • JWavy

            Thanks for the link Mr. Morrison, Vick committed some horrible, reprehensible acts that frankly disgust me to even think about. However, I can’t in good conscience continue to condemn him and make his life difficult for the killing of dogs after he served time. I am a dog owner myself and love the animal but I believe that we need to develop more love for each other, for our fellow man. If we showed our fellow man the kind of love we showed our pets a lot of injustice & suffering in this world could be ameliorated if not eliminated.

          • Debbie Hogan Tate

            Yes just think how this would all be different if he had showed his dogs some love instead of killing them

          • Debbie Hogan Tate

            I will help out my fellow man all I can and have many times over. But I will not support a sociopath! He admitted he Liked killing those dogs, it gave him an adrenal rush! No love or pity foe Vicks. If his kids want a dog . . Let them volunteer at a shelter somewhere. and get a dog from there! The dog he got is worse than a pitt bull. It is used by our military and the police. AND this is the dog you would get for your kids? No this is a dog that can get aggressive. Why do you think the police and military use them? You are SOS if you think this is a “family pet”!

          • MAC

            If you are a Christian especially or a person of faith then you need to either try to forgive or at least understand that an eye for an eye is not going to fix anything. It’s not our place to judge people! You have a right to not like him, but no one who condones threats against a man’s family has the right to be judgmental on Vick’s actions. We all will be judged in the end and if we do not learn to forgive then we can’t expect forgiveness when it’s our judgement day. I hope many like you are prepared for that when it’s your time.

        • Debbie Hogan Tate

          Here is his indictment.

          And here is his plea deal

          And Undercover investigation that lead up to all of his charges.
          Hopes this helps you understand what he was responsible for!

          • MAC

            So basically even after he did his time you want him to spend rest of his life dealing with threats to his children. What about your thoughts on people that threaten a man’s children? You going to hold them to the fire after they serve time for there crime?

          • Debbie Hogan Tate

            So NOW what do you think JWavy? Everybody got their just due punishment. And he did not serve ONE day for what he did to those dogs, NOT ONE DAY!

      • grow up sybil.

      • MAC

        Sybil I hope you or your family understand what your advocating. These are threats to his family. People have a right to be angry still but to condone him dealing with legitimate threats to his children after serving prison time is wrong no matter how you feel about his crime. In our system most crimes are plead down. Again you have a right to your opinion, but condoning the threats is not right. Protesting is one thing, but threats to a man’s children are another. The people making those threats are now also criminals and better hope they don’t get same treatment after they are convicted of there threats and they plead and do the time. Threats are an excessive reaction to him and his family. if it were your children being threatened after you went to jail for a crime I bet you would feel differently. You can call him what you want, but it’s our constitutional right to move on in life after we serve our time for the crimes that we have committed. Threats are serious and make this person’s moral’s no better than the ones they speak so aggressively against!!

      • Debbie Hogan Tate

        He killed and buried 13 dogs in his back yard, not two!. The two you were talking about was his personal pets! And now he wants another dog? How long till he fights or kills this one? I agree, HE IS a psychopath! Gee, what a role model for our kids. . NOT!

    • He got a slap on the wrist for what he did. No amount of public appearances is going to please everyone.

    • Rowan Morrison

      As a long time vegetarian and animal rights supporter, you’re beyond clueless. Vick did not serve a second of time for animal cruelty. He has not been repentant in any way about his treatment of animals – in fact, he never even mentions them. Learn the facts before you judge those who are NOT willing to forgive and forget this monster.

      • He has repented on way too many occasions. So, Im sure you are perfect in God’s eyes. Deer hunters kill innocent deer for FUN and farm animals are killed every day. Dog fighting has been going on Forever!!! GOD is the only one to judge and I promise you we have a forgiving GOD. Focus on your own sins boo.

        • Debbie Hogan Tate

          @ ANGEL Deer hunting is for putting food on the table. They are not shot and then buried in your back yard. The same hold true with farm animals (chickens, cows and pigs). They are not killed for the pleasure! And then buried in the back yard! Or do you not eat any farm animals. AND it is Gods job to forgive. Right? Not mine! I don’t have to forgive and I will not forgive OR forget all the pain, suffering, abuse and murder for pleasure of Gods creatures! Go back and read your Bible for you have missed quite a bit of it. Or do you only read the parts you want that pertains to your thoughts and ignore the rest?

      • I remember being 15.. er i mean an animal right activist.

      • Justin

        I honestly can’t take anybody serious who complain Vick didn’t serve time for animal cruelty. Like it’s his fault the prosecution offered him a plea deal. The crimes he was accused of were terrible. But continuing to make his life difficult isn’t going to change the past.

  • aj feely

    A man made a mistake, and paid for it. Since serving time he has been a model citizen, let the man live.

    • Vick hater

      A mistake is putting on the wrong sock or leaving your cell phone out in the rain not repeatedly touring and murdering dogs for 7 years!!!!!

      • I know right? Love how his supporters call it a “mistake”

        • Get over yourselves

          Love how his haters don’t watch football.

          • How do you know that? So if you watch football you must like Michael Vick?

          • Get over yourselves

            You PETA preachers are bringing your crying attitude into a football blog.

          • Wrong again. I do not support PETA, and if you knew anything about PETA or me for that matter you might have guessed that.

          • Peta has killed thousands of more dogs than vick ever did.

          • Dog enthusiast

            No his haters watch football just not the team he plays on.

          • My favorite sport is football and the eagles use to be my favorite team since 1975.

        • Taihair Djehuty

          Love how fake christians can’t forgive and continue to do Gods job by passing judgement

          • JWavy

            Amen. If you love a dog more than your fellow man there’s something wrong with your brand of Christianity. Please go pick up a Bible asap!

          • Logical commenter

            Animal cruelty, though the other could apply.

          • Graham

            Please refrain from such religious comments, they are offending us atheists. This blog should not be preaching Christianity.

          • Logical commenter

            What does religion have to do with this? He never did a day of time for anal cruelty, it was for racketeering. Therefore, he was not punished for his crime. Religion is not a part of the justice system, get it?

          • Jason

            You are ignorant you can’t get the fact that it is against the law to threaten a person life. But since you have no God in you to know that COWARD

          • Graham

            Please refrain from religious comments, they are offending us atheists

          • logical commenter

            I would never threaten anyone’s life and I haven’t. So, you’re being ignorant, Jason. I don’t believe in death penalties or anything violent…against people or animals. I’m simply stating the Michael Vick did no actual time for animal cruelty, that’s a fact. And religion has no place in government (and that’s the law in the US), though I believe it’s everyone’s right to practice as they please without being called names or facing torment. Since you’re calling me names, I’m guessing your religion is weak.

          • Bdawkbdawk

            Michael Vick never committed “anal cruelty.” That my friend is slander.

          • animal commenter

            It was also a joke. I corrected my typo from the above posting. Sheesh.

          • Standupagainstanalcruelty22

            You Monster! “Anal cruelty” is not “a joke”. For Shame! For Shameeeee

          • Michael Vick

            This animal commenter sounds like quite a sick fellow. In order to correct any misunderstandings I want to clearly and unequivocally denounce all forms of anal cruelty

          • Fight for Change

            Good for you, Michael. I have been standing up against anal cruelty for the last decade and I can’t bare to see the good name of the eagles besmirched by this animal commenter. It’s not “doggy style” it’s doggone wrong you creep.

          • Debbie Hogan Tate

            You, if you are MV, are a sick sociopath that has no remorse for anything except your PR is suffering. Not one day did you serve for the cruel,abusive and inhumane treatment of those dogs. When they bury you with the dogs in the back yard will be a great day for the animals! In all your statements, when did you ever even mention them or say you were sorry for what you did to them? How about NEVER. You are a sick sociopath that should be locked in a mental ward and the key thrown away. You should never be allowed to own so much as a goldfish! And what kind of role model are you? A BAD ONE!! Should of never been left back into the NFL. Atlanta had the right idea . . get rid of you! And you say you want a dog!! You had about 70 of them and did not show even one of them love! You put your personal pets in the ring! Sick SOB. May you lose everything you have and rot in the hottest part of hell forever! No Pity here. You did not get what you truly deserved. To bad one of those dogs did not rip your throat out! Maybe your new one will.
            Did you tell your kids what you did with the last personal pets you had? You can’t keep it from them forever! They will learn and I hope they turn on you! You are a sick sociopath animal murderer. You are right up there with Dalmer, Bundy, and the other sick sociopaths!

          • Luvmytigs

            And your personal slogan is “F$&@ the Police”? Nice. It isn’t up to me to judge vick, however to protest a national chain of which I am a customer is my right. I support law enforcement and the rights of others.

          • Taihair Djehuty

            Protesting a national chain is your right and you should exercise it. Threatening a man life is nobodies right though!

          • MAC


        • Ann

          Yvette, he that is w/o sin cast the first stone applies to U 2 get over URself..

        • PHARAOH

          I hope you feel the same way when a dog kills a child,which they have kill many of children…ain’t heard a peep from you so call good ppl…yeah a bunch of ? can’t even find a word for you…

          • Dogs have killed children, and it is a horrible thing, but those dogs are, almost without exception, are immediately put down perhaps that should have been MV’s fate, too??

          • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA melinda :) you crack me up calling for anyone’s life. wow. Well hey some people are just evil.

          • ray that got away

            He should have just killed a person or two so he wouldn’t have to face jail time

      • LetVickLive

        Tough talk on the Internet you a Punk Bitch! Go the streets and say that to his face. Matter of fact, they’re dog fights every week in the streets. Find one and tell them to stop you Pussy.

        • dog enthusiast

          You complain about “Vick hater” comments, try looking at the hate in your own toward those.

      • just saying

        u should really get a life! There are more pressing issues in this world

        • Luvmytigs

          Of course there are. Unfortunately the Vicks and Honey Boo Boos of the world captivate the American public. Both are sickening examples of what is wrong with our values these days.

          • Actually pious zealots who believe in banal causes using ignorant logic and “common sense” are what’s wrong with our values these days. I would say I’m more worried about people who believe in psychics than dog fighters.

          • MAC

            Yea and a person that is on the side of the people that threaten a man’s children has such a high value system right? Do people realize what they are condoning by acting like he deserves threats to his children? I am not a Vick fan as a QB, but I do know that it’s not my place to condone threats on a man’s children no matter his crime.

      • Ram

        If black people can forgive slavery and are told to get over it then surely you can get over his PAST treatment of dogs. You seem hell bent on hating the man. He went through the justice system, served his time and has moved on with his life while you and others like you remain in the past…

        • Ram, if you can have a slave contact me I would like to thank them for forgiving being forced into slavery. Other then that who else has a right to forgive anyone that was not forced into a situation. Is this one of those my great grandfather was a slave so you OWE ME SOMETHING. Good luck with Obama you liberal give me free stuff cry baby.

          • You just missed my last grandparent by a few years, because I would take you up on this offer. Your comment conveys your smart ass demeanor. You are reaping the benefits of what those sociopaths did, don’t even go there.

      • Julia

        Hate is hate and nothing your ignorant comments can say can justify threatening a person life. Put your name on here coward

      • Well hey half the country voted for someone who has sentenced several thousand people to die.. so hey there’s that.

    • Have you seen this?

    • Luvmytigs

      Other than the shooting at the birthday party where the guy who testified against him was shot. Oops, vick

    • He didnt even serve his full sentence. He got a slap on the wrist and didnt even admit to the abuse of his two dogs.

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      One dog . Maybe a mistake! Killing 13 in a very abusive and cruel and painful ways. Not a mistake! The signs of a sociopath! Read up on what a sociopath is and the warning signs that you are dealing with one. Get informed and then tell me it was a mistake.

  • atlvickfan

    Dude, Matt Jacobs, you really need to chill, man.

  • Rick H

    Well said Joseph Kaye! He is doing far more good today for animals but i recognize the horrible things he did. He has really tried hard to make up for his mistakes!

  • He doesn’t seem that repentant to me. When asked if he would change anything about his life his answer was, “NO”. When pressed, he replied that the only thing he would change would have been to have shortened his prison sentence.

    • Blessed

      Who are you to judge reps tents? You see what you want to see Hope you never have to ask for forgiveness with your holier than thou attitude. Maybe you should research before you make a blank statement but again who are you to judge repentance?

      • Just quoting the man himself. Look it up.

        • Bob

          Even if Vick said that, how do you come to the conclusion that he isn’t repentant. Have you ever thought that maybe the dog killing incident changed him as a person, so he wouldn’t change that part of his life?

          • Matt

            Hey Yvonne, he’s not a bad man, I know someone who played with him in high school, down south where they grew up dog fighting used to be part of the culture there, lots of people did it without even knowing it was illegal, I’m not saying it’s alright cause it’s not, but where he grew up its no different from going to the local high school football game or playing pickup basketball after work, it’s just another hobby and he just got in with the wrong crowd

          • I live in Atlanta. I grew up here. I don’t accept this as a cultural thing. To call it a hobby is a very strange choice of words. Knowing the illegality is beside the point (although the fact that they did it in secret proves they DID know it was illegal), but to not be able to recognize TORTURE as wrong, is the mark of a sociopath.

          • Matt

            You’re speaking on such a close minded level on all of your comments. I’m usually not one to attack but you are just blinded by animal love honestly. Regardless of the fact that he did was wrong or if he even cares he did it, he has produced more good to society than he has ever done wrong. For you to act like people cannot grow up in an environment where things are accepted that others don’t is just silly. The entire reason every single person on this planet has an opinion is because they all have different view points based on what they believe or have learned in their life. Which is exactly why some people are sworn to god or have no religion whatsoever. All your doing is attacking a man for something that happens all over the world and you do it because you don’t think he has repented, instead of accepting the fact that the amount of money and effort put forward to society heavily outweighs the wrongs that have been done whether it was court ordered or his PR or his own doing. Being hateful towards someone for their past and not their present is just wrong.

          • Again not her place to judge anyone but herself !!! No one cares what you think !!!!

          • Debbie Hogan Tate

            He may buy his way out of trouble but when it comes to meeting his maker, That money won’t mean squat!. We heard not one word in his apology for the abuse, torture and suffering he caused those dogs! The only thing he was sorry for is that he got caught. His own words were and I Quote ” I would still be doing it if I hadn’t got caught”. And when asked if he would change anything “I would of liked a shorter sentence”. Not “I wouldn’t of abused those dogs,” Or anything even close! He is a POS!

          • So you live in one of the sociopath headquarters. Where people TORTURED and HUNG human beings years ago because of their race and nothing was thought of it. Watch out! You are right dogfighting is not the “cultural thing” it is portrayed to be by the media – in “urban” neighborhoods. It originated in England and is still a favorite sport for white males especially in the Southeast. Don’t be mad because Mike Vick is making good on what he says and has moved on with his life, speaking against the mistreatment of animals, AND back in the NFL. I’m happy for him and his family. Good for them.

          • Luvmytigs

            Still running with the wrong crowd- birthday party shooting types….

          • First of all, he DID say it, look it up you can watch the video. You are the one putting words in his mouth, that’s not at all what he said. He said he would change the length of his prison sentence. Didn’t even mention the dogs.

          • Why do you care !!!!

      • Ann

        Blessed, Yvette thinks that she’s worthy enough to judge another persons short commings or sins, I do believe that we are wasteing our time and efforts, she’s a pharasee @ oh so Sadusee, thalk about holier than thou is an understatement! In her world. She’s @ the right hand of god, @ that’s with a very small ‘g’ pathatic..Ann

    • Johnc11

      Because he knows where he is now…he knows he could have ended up shot in his home before 30we if he didnt think he would have changed if he didnt spend time behind bars?

    • Ann

      We don’t car what it seems like to Yvette ‘YOU ARE NOT GOD’ ie MV’s Judge!

    • So you do believe that you are appointed judge and jury for all convicted football players or anyone else who doesn’t live up to your standards ??? Better get your mind right before your own judgement day in front of your maker ,it’s the only one that counts !

  • Of course you FAIL to mention the fact that many non-violent protesters have been threatened with all kinds of physical violence (including rape and murder) on Mr. Vick’s behalf on a page he either created or caused to be created using his name, had their addresses and phone numbers published by Mr. Vick’s supporters for the purpose of harassing them and have been the target of racist hate speech for simply exercising their own right to free speech. Where’s the condemnation of them? Anyone? Anyone? No? I see, so it’s okay to treat the people that don’t see Mr. Vick as a rehabilitated animal killer that way but it’s not okay to treat Mr. Vick that way. I’ve said it before and I am gonna say it again… The simple truth is, Mr. Vick tortured and killed dogs for financial gain and his own entertainment, he even killed his childrens’ pet. He is the text book definition of a sociopath. He has given public quotes that even if he could go back and change what happened that he would not. Even U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson, the one who sentenced Mr. Vick said “I’m not convinced you’ve fully accepted responsibility,” when Mr. Vick surrendered himself to begin his sentence. In fact, Vick was denied an “acceptance of responsibility” credit that would have reduced his sentence. Mr. Vick’s “fans” refuse to see any of this and instead of placing the blame on him, place it on everyone else because they claim anyone who does not like Mr. Vick is either in league with Satan, racist or playing God.This is simply NOT TRUE. We don’t like Mr. Vick because of his own actions and words and we have just as much of a right to say that as he did to write his book.

    • macaroni and beef

      Your dog is ugly.

      • Yup folks, “macaroni and beef” is a prime example of the mentality of a Michael Vick fan. Never mind the facts, never mind the horror he caused, let’s call people who don’t like them names. Yeah! That will teach us! Grow up…

        • Bob

          How do you know macaroni and beef is a mike vick fan? I’m not following you Jenna. So anyone who thinks your dog is ugly is a Mike Vick fan?

          • Well that’s just silly Bob. My point was, even when someone presents their issue with Mr. Vick in a non-threatening way, without using foul language or name calling, there is always one rabble-rouser who completely disregards the substance of the post and makes it about something irrelevant and stupid. And my apologies if “macaroni and beef” is not a fan or supporter of Mr. Vick, sadly, he or she made an excellent & perfectly timed example of the point I was making about the behaviors of some of the people who choose to support him. That being said, Mr. Vick does have fans/supporters who do not engage in that kind of behavior, although sadly, I have seen few examples of that.

          • Richard Colton

            It’s just a dog. They aren’t people, even if you want it to be. MV committed a crime, and was punished. Get over it. The only thing your non-sensical comment did is take away from the only debate that matters – is Mike Vick the right QB for the Eagles?
            By the way, your dog is ugly.

          • Luvmytigs

            The Eagles have 5 QBs and are still shopping. I think that question has been answered.

          • If you do not like football or the Eagles or Michael Vick ….don’t watch but keep you ignorant oppinions to yourself ! No one really cares !!!!

          • atb124

            On the contrary, many, many do care.

        • Stop and ponder for a moment ….. Why is it that you are spending so much time worrying about anyone besides yourself and your family ? Hmmm Time for us all to open up our own closets and see what sneeks out of them .Being an imperfect human being myself, I personally do that every day it helps me to appreciate others around me. It helps me to except people for what they can be and not torture them by making ignorat statements about them having never walked a mile in their shoes ! Our country will always be in a struggle as long as people continue this line of ignorant behavior constantantly giving their oppinion when it is not sequestered . WWJD

      • i think her dog is cute

        • Ben

          he is pretty ugly…and jenna, you’re talking about the beginning of his sentence. A lot changes spending that long in jail….

          • Luvmytigs

            Riiight, then there was that birthday party shooting- of a HUMAN. Happens to me all the time, I go to a birthday party and shots start getting fired.

      • Debbie Hogan Tate

        what is your excuse!

    • Ryan

      You failed to mention all the crimes that you people got away with having dogs tear skin off innocent human beings in the name of hate. You probably are one of the ones that threatened his family. Ovrer dogs something that happened 5 years ago you threatened his family, his kids ? Yeah you are a REAL loser!

      • First of all, I can’t make heads nor tails of your first sentence so I can’t respond. Who is “you people”? Second, nice libel Ryan! If I was dumb, sick, twisted, cruel, heartless and thoughtless enough to threaten a man’s family for his actions, I certainly would not come here and post to this thread “complaining” about the treatment of non-violent protesters by some of Mr. Vick’s fans. I don’t like Mr. Vick but I abhor violence of any kind and yes, that includes violence towards criminals, even sociopaths like Mr. Vick. I think I was pretty clear as to why I am not a fan of Mr. Vick but let me use smaller words for you…. Mr. Vick ordered and participated in the killing of other living beings. That makes Mr. Vick a bad man in my opinion. I support his right to write a book, I support his right to try to rehabilitate himself but I do not support establishments where I spend my hard earned money promoting him like he is some kind of good guy…. His actions speak louder than his words, he is not a good guy in my opinion. And for the record, the people that threaten violence, whether against Mr. Vick or the people that opposed his presence at a book signing, are the losers.

        • Ben

          If his actions speak louder than words, look at all the time and money he’s donated to humane societies since his jailtime. All you’re referring to is his actions before jail, which we all know are all bad. And animal cruelty societies are a waste of money anyway; they’re animals for goodness sake. Once people start caring for people as much as they do animals, this world will be a much better place

          • And all of that was either court ordered and/or a ploy developed by his PR team. There are a number of ways in which Mr. Vick could have chosen to, but did not, rehabilitate himself. In any event, those of us who choose not to support or be a fan of Mr. Vick are just as entitled to our opinions as those who do. But here is a thought… Mr. Vick did not have to return to public life, he chose to. If he had simply gone on to live a quiet, private life, outside of the “celebrity” fishbowl, there would be none of this fuss. But again, he chose to return to public life and all that entails. As a result, he invited public scrutiny, the good and the bad. Voices on both sides have taken things too far but Mr. Vick, nor his family, are victims in this, Mr. Vick was a volunteer. Doesn’t make it right, it’s just how it is. And I am with you on the majority of large humane organizations… like anything else, it’s become all about the money but there are some fantastic smaller organizations that still do good work.

          • Ann

            Yvette: this just in ur comming off as judge jury @ Mick Vick personal hater, are all ur sins forgiven??? @ how do you know what’s in MV’s head again get over URself…

          • Debbie Hogan Tate

            I am a saved Christian ANN! My sins are forgiven!. And my God says to take care of HIS creations, that includes the animals. When God destroyed the earth. . . Other than Noah and his family, God saved the animals! Why . . people were wicked, just like Vick

          • MAC

            As a Christian myself I know that God also calls people to forgive others for there sins as he has and will forgive you and I. You can’t pick and choose what parts of being a Christian you want to practice,

          • Again ….none of your business ! Why do you care !!!

          • sybil

            Ben read you are so off base. He pleaded to money laundering and
            racketeering. NOT to murdering his own 2 dogs. I he slammed against a
            wall. the other one he slit the throat. Have you ever accidentally
            stepped on your dogs paw// do you remember the s the cry he/she let out.
            Imagine that sound times ten from a throat slit! I read his case file
            He threw his cousins under the bus Okay fine they deserved it. His Uncle
            told him to stop this in 2005. He enjoyed it! He is a psychopath


          • Debbie Hogan Tate

            BEN . . . Here are the court documents to the undercover investigation of Bad Newz Kennels. I suggest you read it (ALL OF IT) before putting your foot in you mouth!

          • Maybe your wish will come true when people are able to practice the same unconditional love that dogs show their humans…

          • No one should have to defend Mike Vick to someone who has no right to mind his business ! Unless of course Jenna is his wife or family ???

          • Debbie Hogan Tate

            Yes, he was court ordered to make that donation to the Humane Society! It did not come from the goodness of his heart. BTW . . the Humane Society head guy (Wayne Parcelle )is under investigation for using the money for salaries and not for the animals needs. Wayne Parcelle (Head of the Humane Society) is BFF with Vicks! GEE surprise surprise! There are a lot of people fighting to make the world a better place for people and helping anyway they can. The Difference . . Animals can’t talk so we speak for them.

        • Vick is awesome

          First off yeah your dogs ugly second off he plays Sports the guy made a mistake but were fans of his performances on the field people really suck its not like he murdered your dog stop having such a problem with it focus on your own drama and your own ugly dog… He did his time got what he deserved and so what if it was court ordered he will does it and has a living dog today

          • Oh ouch… boo hoo… my feelings are so hurt. Another one making my point….

          • sybil

            people are watching that dog if one hair goes astray he is back in jail

          • Not much to be a fan of, when the guy gets hurt almost every time he takes the field… (by the way, I was a non-fan of Mr. Vick from the beginning of his career, not just because of his side job as an animal abuser)

        • DW

          Then you will understand the violence I have had by the mouth of a dog ..mind you at a dog show..we did not ask the owner to put the dog or sue..although I had several surgeries and a fear of dogs for many years..I didn’t picket the owners house …I moved on…if I can move on I suggest you do the same

        • Richard Colton

          I’m willing to forgive Vick. He did his time.

          You won’t because you value a dog’s life over a person’s. That’s sad and pathetic.

          Not to mention – this is a website for people to discuss football, not their own anti-Vick agenda. If you hate Vick because you think he will never lead the Eagles to a superbowl, or that he can’t succeed in a read-option offense, then speak your mind and we can talk.

          If you’re here because you hate Vick because A) he’s black or B) you think dogs have the same rights as people – then I have no time for you.

          I’ve been all over the world and I don’t usually eat dog, but in your case I might make an exception. By the way – your pooch is ugly. It deserves to be kicked.

          • Debbie Hogan Tate

            Yea. . you are a moron!

        • Again ….none of your business !!!!

    • sybil


    • Luvmytigs

      Jenna, well said, however, “Mr. vick” is inappropriate. Whenever I attend a Falcons game, I am appalled at the crowd still wearing the #7 jersey. He killed the franchise with his lies and ignorance.

  • Just FYI folks – all the “wonderful” things he has done: COURT ORDERED.

    • MGamble

      The first 6 months we’re court ordered and since then he has exceded work requirements with the spca and has donated triple what he was told to. The man commited a crime and has paid for it.

      • You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but many of us don’t believe he has paid for it, an opinion to which we are entitled.

      • sybil

        public relations is what he is doing and it is all bull

      • Luvmytigs

        The humane society backed off when he got the dog. That didn’t sit well, no pun intended.

      • In the words of the Beatles …” Let it be ,let it be ,let be, let be wisper words of wisdom letttttt it beeeeee !

    • Get over yourselves

      Oh but you know nothing about football, so your point is invalid. He did what he could for the city of Atlanta and the Atlanta Falcons and fans, but you wouldn’t know that. COURT ORDERED.

      • What the hell does football have to do with these crimes? I live in Atlanta, I know exactly what went on from day one.

        • Get over yourselves

          oh cool, can you tell me what shoe size michael vick wears too?

    • And maybe everyone should check to see what he did time for! Tax Evasion

    • Ann

      So this clears a lot of guess work up, as far as your comments Yvette, let’s just get this. Straight, so you believe all the wonderful things QB Vick, has done was ordered by the courts? Not only are you ill informed ur ingnorant to facts if u think this is correct…smh

    • Luvmytigs



      • Luvmytigs

        Pamela, don’t you have a Khloe Kardashian blog to defend??. Wwjd? Watch the Kardashians ….bahahahahah!

  • Jmtyl

    This is not about dogs this is a select group of hateful bitter people. If they cared about dogs where are they when others are prosecuted or charged with animal abuse or dog fighting? You don’t hear from the nuts. This is about trying to destroy one man because they think they have a right to pick and chose who God forgives and blesses. They are the real heathens and sickos that should be behind bars. I hope they lock everyone of them up.

    • You are wrong. The people who are protesting against Vick ARE there when others abuse, neglect, torture and kill animals. You just don’t hear about it because those other criminals aren’t famous. This criminal happens to be famous so it makes the news.

      • Matt

        Exactly the point. The man is famous, and was brought up around that lifestyle. His friends were around that lifestyle. Just because someone does something does not mean they are horrid individuals, if you grew up with something being so normal your entire life you wouldn’t just leave all your friends because they did something society looks down upon. Would you stop being friends with someone because they decided to have an abortion? He wasn’t the only person involved in this and he played a smaller role than what most people think. But since he is famous many people instantly make it all him and not the actual ring that was going on. Just because you love an animal doesn’t mean you should care less for a human being. With that same mentality you’re doing the exact thing you’re complaining about in reverse.

        • Luvmytigs

          His parents tried…he had loving support unlike so many who did NOT turn into thugs. I grew up rough, so I couldn’t help it? Really? i see that as a racist stance. People who overcome adversity without drugs, shootings, gangster behavior should be highly insulted by the brothers vick. The guy has an ego the size of a 747.

        • True, doing something does not necessarily make someone a “horrid individual”- but when the “something” is torturing and then killing animals, then yes, you are indeed a “horrid individual”. If my “friends” were a bunch of sick f**ks who were killing animals you can bet your life I would find other- better- friends

          • Sarah

            Do you have this same reaction, when hunter kills massive amout of deers and elks. I do

        • atb124

          He said himself he ended up incarcerated because he didn’t listen to those telling him to stop.
          And it’s in the court documents that he was a first hand participant in the killing of those dogs.

        • Debbie Hogan Tate

          He played a BIG part in it! Do you know how to read? If so read his indictment, plea deal and The investigation that brought about his charges. The others involved were also prosecuted also. Read!

    • dog enthusiast

      Where are they? They are taking care of these tortured animals and setting about changing things. What are you doing? What are you doing? It IS all about the dogs!!!!

      • Debbie Hogan Tate

        It is not! It is about the abuse! Whether it is Animals, Adults, Children, the Elderly or the Enviroment, we are fighting to end the abuse of all! His crime involved animals. Go to the site Care2 and see what we fight for. He just happens to be famous or you probably would not of heard of this either! Get informed!

    • sybil

      you are so off base. He pleaded to money laundering and
      racketeering. NOT to murdering his own 2 dogs. I he slammed against a
      wall. the other one he slit the throat. Have you ever accidentally
      stepped on your dogs paw// do you remember the s the cry he/she let out.
      Imagine that sound times ten from a throat slit! I read his case file
      He threw his cousins under the bus Okay fine they deserved it. His Uncle
      told him to stop this in 2005. He enjoyed it! He is a psychopath

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      Maybe you should go to the Petition Site and Care2 and find out what people are doing to stop child abuse,. We are at those court proceeding. But MV is a public figure. That makes the news. Just because you don’t hear about it does not mean we are not fighting for our children, our elderly and our abused. Get informed then open your mouth!

  • RCarels

    Soooo. these people want to inflict deadly force on a living thing because that person inflicted deadly force on a living thing… hmmmm… are these people really that dumb or are they just… no wait.. they ARE just f***in dumb!!! Those who live in a glass house should not throw stones… He who is without sin may cast the first stone… etc. etc.

    • dog enthusiast

      There are always some nuts, but they are not the majority that oppose Vick’s dog ownership and behavior. Just because they can forgive DOES NOT mean they will forget

  • Wow. I dislike Vick but I’d never stoop to his level and threaten to hurt him

  • POS. Vick NEVER ONCE said he was sorry for the brutality and murder of those dogs. He was sorry he got caught. Anyone that thinks this MORON would have stopped dog-fighting on his own is dumber than a sack of rocks. That includes the “author” of this piece.

  • Josh Gardner

    A man whom a phenomenal person like Tony Dungy supports, should be supported as well. That is all.

  • SFW100


    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      I guess that would include you as you hate haters!

  • double with cheese please

    LOL gee wiz they were only dogs HAIL MICHAEL VICK YOU GIVE’EM HELL TIGER

  • SFW100


  • Les Entreprenuer Howard

    People are sooooooooo stupid… smh… Serial killers don’t catch this type of flack…

    • This is how serial killers start out. Look it up!

    • Luvmytigs

      OJ did.

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      Serial killers are not left back out on the streets again!

  • That Karma, sure can be a biotch.

  • Thug hater

    Are you people that dumb?? He did his time??? He never served one minute for animal cruelty only 18 months for the gambling aspect. He has never once said he was sorry for what he actually did to the dogs. He also said he would still be doing it if he didn’t get caught. He is a heartless thug who only does what his pr tells him to do and say. He is not some kind of changed wonderful person. Someone needs to get that dog away from him!!!

    • Exactly. And he has never expressed ANY remorse for what he did. Then he goes to Petsmart for dog training classes – total photo op – as if he can’t afford a private dog trainer. Vick is out for Vick, period.

      • Guest

        I have a pure bred red nose pit, she wears her Vick jersey every game day with us, never once heard her complain.

      • But is it really your business ! Why do you care ?????

    • He has two dogs now!!!! I’m worried for them… :(

      • Did God put U in charge of judgement day and forget to tell us !!!! Are we serving a cold dose of reality on that day ?

    • sybil


    • Bdawkbdawk

      Yes, Vick did his time. When a prosecuter is worried about the success or expense of a case, he/she will often accept plea deals where a player will admit guilt to lesser charges or take responsability with the understanding that the sentencing will be more lenient. Vick did this and still recieved harsh punishment (in statutory terms- not common sense terms)
      No one is saying he is wonderful, but if he can help improve the lives of children and animals in the future, it should be encouraged. The United States’ democratic and judicial ideals mean absolutely nothing, unless they apply to people society designates as unsavory.

    • Sweeping out other peoples closets brings so much bad Karma ! Sweep your own out and life will get better for you ! Mike Vick isn’t your business !!!!

  • Alison

    Has anyone being negative on here actually taken the time to read his book and listen to what he has to say for himself? If your answer is no, then you should keep your ignorant judgments to yourself. Don’t claim to know things you don’t know or haven’t taken the time to learn. It’s not our job to judge people or hate people, and those of you who are so adamant about doing both of those things need to take a step back. I’m sure you’ve made mistakes, and I’m also willing to bet that you wouldn’t want to be judged solely on that mistake for the rest of your lives. Be kind.

    • Watch his 60 Minutes interview and then tell me he’s repentant. I listened to him, and I heard him say that the only thing he was sorry about was that his prison sentence wasn’t shorter.


    • Wouldn’t waste my time! I read my Bible about good don’t need to bother about reading about evil.

    • They do not have the right to judge ! Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord !!!!

      • Debbie Hogan Tate

        Vengence is the Lords, you are right. But we can still judge him, we just cant seek vengence!

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      Have you read the book?//!

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      Killing one dog can be consider a mistake, granted. But killing dozens . . No mistake there! Pure animal abuse and murder of living creatures that can not speak! and could not escape. No mistake there!

  • K256

    He never served one minute of jail time for any animal cruelty related charge, and he has never once showed any real remorse for what he did to those poor dogs. His only remorse is that he was caught and he has no other choice then to pretend to be sorry. He is using this book and the fact that he now has as dog to shove it in the public’s face and send a message that says nothing other than hey I got away with systematically killing, maiming and torturing dogs and now I’m back to living the high life. He is a disgusting pathetic being, but as much as so many of us loathe him you cannot stoop to his thuggish level and threaten violence. If you want to exact revenge upon him IGNORE HIM because people like him do no deserve publicity, be kind to animals, volunteer at a shelter, help dispel the myth that Put Bulls are not the monsters that they are made out to be… do anything other than something horrible the he would do. The only monster here is Vick! Don’t be a monster like him, be a voice of change with positive energy!

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      You care WAY TOO MUCH…Funny how 90% of these posters dont post on football topics. Vicks doin his thing GTFO

      • Get over yourselves

        @dde3ac567d940ab741f1d4b58810e623:disqus You just won this argument. “Funny how 90% of these posters dont post on football topics.” Best comment here!

      • theycallmerob

        I was just wondering that….where the heck did all these fools come from. Take you PETA crap elsewhere, this is a football blog. The man did terrible things; lost his life-style and money, went to prison, and (court-ordered or not) is doing everything asked of him, a.k.a. “justice being served”. Now he’s playing football. End of story.

      • Luvmytigs

        How come the Eagles are shopping for yet another QB this week? He stunk at dog fighting and the ribs aren’t holding up since the O line didn’t seem motivated to protect him. Maybe he has found his calling as a writer.

    • K256

      We none of you CARE ENOUGH. I put out a well articulated response to an article that had nothing to do with the actual game of football and everything to do with off the field occurrences. Seems you are not intelligent enough to notice that, or to convey any kind of proper response that does not include profanities. You are typical football fans, all you care about is who can run the fastest, who can throw the ball the furthest and who can catch the ball. You give no thought to the character or morality (rather the lack there of) of these so-called superstars that you worship sooo much. I feel sorry for people like you who have nothing more to their lives that a silly game on TV. I’ve said all I am going to say so have fun talking to yourself on this post from now on :-)

  • Jersey strong

    Ray Lewis was involved in the murder of a Human Being but no one cares about that just the guy who was involved with the killing of dogs. Ray sold out his 2 friends and paid everyone off. didn’t man up and do any time just covered his own rear end. Ray goes up on a pedestal Vick condemned for life. Vick did his time like a man. paid for his wrong doing in prison and is trying to better things. you people are crazy.

    • Why do think that because we care about the murdered dogs we don’t care about murdered humans? They are not mutually exclusive. But, this discussion is about Vick, not Ray Lewis or any other murderer. I think you will find that those of us who despise Vick despise all kinds of evil, whether inflicted upon humans OR animals. No one here is supporting these threats of violence, we are in OPPOSITION to Vick.

      • Get over yourselves

        So you’re saying that Vick should not be able to go sign autographs and do his thing in Atlanta and the other two cities? GTFO with that hater trash. Because last I checked this article was about threats to him and his family, and not about his past issue with the dogs. You’re done, stop talking.

        • Nope, not done. And I’ll keep talking against Vick along with my fellow animal advocates for as long as I please. And yes, I and others have the absolute right to protest and voice our objections to the glorification of a criminal.

          • Johnc11

            He more than paid for his crimes.a reputation a football career and over a year imprisoned,not to mention all he is doing now to speak out against animal cruelty,all because he tortured and killed dogs.vick is a human his life is worth more than any animal belive it or not, what he did was a bad crime he paid for it hes an exceptional man now and if he wasnt we would know.get over it…..or maybe i just wont get over it if you ever offend me

          • Luvmytigs

            Johnc, he has a very fragile reputation stitched together with carefully orchestrated events. I agree that those who make threats against him and especially his family are wrong. He did everything he could to bankrupt and spend all of the money before reporting to prison. Post prison he was at a birthday party where the guy who testified against him was shot- vick supposedly left about 2 minutes before the shots. Be careful who you support. Only time without handlers will tell.

          • Umm. last time I checked, he was still starting QB for the Eagles, so he still has his “football career” however lame it may be.

          • Debbie Hogan Tate

            So since he is such an “exceptional man” I suppose you knew all about him and his dog fighting ring? And what else is he doing behind closed doors now? Since he is such an exceptional man?

          • Ann

            Yvette ur just talk about MV is 10 past talk, it’s clearly in the i personally hate you Vick lane o_O

          • Show me one instance where you protested, or even just bitched about ray lewis, or donte stallworth for that matter?

        • Luvmytigs

          Not done either. I am actually a B&N customer who reads books. You know, the things you probably haven’t seen in years? He gets threats constantly. The events were cancelled because B&N was pressured by customers who buy books. Vick’s handlers turned it into another press op in a desperate attempt to get the book to sell. Heck, maybe you might even buy it.

          • logical commenter

            Ahahahahah! My husband and I had this EXACT discussion! It was so dumb to do anything for Michael Vick where intellectual activity is concerned. Ever heard of a football activist? Me either.

      • Why don’t you oppose wakeing up in the morning given the fact that you seem to be perfect and no longer belong down here on Earth with all of us imperfect sinners !Get freakin real !!!

        • MAC

          Exactly thank you!! I hope Yvette or her loved one’s never need to be forgiven.

      • DW

        Do you love GOD Yvette?

    • Get over yourselves

      Maybe Vick has to start preaching like Ray Lewis in every interview, then maybe people will forgive him.

      • Lets get real people …. forgiveness belongs to God ! Do we ask Mike to forgive us for our sins ? Why does he need to ask us ? I am flabbergasted at the lack of common sense in this country !

    • Luvmytigs

      I do care. Same as vick, they wouldn’t prosecute. Same as OJ, they lost the evidence. Ray Ray is a thug. I’m not crazy and would love to make a personal wager with you on how vick turns out after the handlers disappear.

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      They did not have enough evidence to prosecute Ray or they would of ! They sure as hell tried but not enough evidence. They had an undercover person at Vicks dog fighting ring and Sure As Hell had enough to prosecute Vicks. He should not of been left back into the NFL. What kind of role model is that for our kids? How about Dalmer or Bundy, they should be role models along with Sanduskey and Bin Laden and Hussain and lets not forget Hitler. According to your thinking they are heroes also!

  • daryl

    sad we in atlanta are fill with hate it nothing but some white trash folks that doing all of that. he did his time so leave him the fuck alone you stupid ass people get a life!!!

  • Maybe if he showed some remorse and maybe if he talked to the owners of his Pits that were rehabilitated to see how the dogs are dong, maybe if he gave his two dogs (who don’t belong 1 inch near him) to some loving family, maybe if he worked for a shelter & took his children to love on some poor animals there, maybe if he paid his bills and donated some of his millions to some Shelters for Pit Bulls. Then I say Maybe just Maybe I would consider letting him off the hook. That is a BIG IF too! Tell me one teacher that would even want to teach a child of this Horror in his/her class room, that this man caused to living creatures, and I’ll protest him/her keeping their job. Who in their right mind would teach children about the EVIL this person caused to poor defenseless animals? Take your teachings to a rehab for dog fighters m.vick. No I would never threaten any person’s well being. Violence is not part of my agenda, or in my soul. I am no way like the body guard that threatened my friend Richard Hunter. Yes I am a Non-Violent Animal Advocate/Animal Activist/Child Abuse Advocate. But if I see someone doing what he did to many animals or hurting a child I can not be held responsibility for my actions. Check out what he and his entourage said to Richard Hunter while they pushed and shoved him. Terrible!

    • I agree Tammy! How about donating some money to support the dogs he tried to murder that are still living at Best Friends? That would be a nice start.

      • Do your reading ladies, Vick gave approximately $1mil to PETA – which is all they wanted in the first place – the money. They kill dogs EVERYDAY.

  • Get over yourselves

    Vick should of went. The hood got his back, which means these civilized high class suburban trash in Atlanta will be afraid to mess with the hood. All you dog lovers might as well STFU. Not everyone has that mentality of ‘mans best friend’. Yes I hate dogs wait I hate plenty of pets! Talk to me when you put your life in front of a child while be attacked by a big golden retriever. Should of kept a leash on that ‘sack of rocks’ (courtesy of Jane). But you know, I’m a nice person, I’m not gonna sue that family or get their insolent pathetic dog taken away from them. Same for Vick, be nice, get over it, because it’s done. Vick should be forgiven for his crimes. All you haters can get over it, oh and cry me a river.

    *waits for thumbs down*

  • Yichen

    The man definitely paid his price – $130 million of it in fact, served his time, and had his career derailed. Endured 2-3 years of public shame.

    Ever since that, he’s brought national attention to animal abuse, he’s worked hard to do the near impossible, get another starting job in the NFL after prison, do everything in his power to do all the right things, and is even trying to make sure his offspring will grow up to love animals and not make the same mistakes that he did. Why do people hate a man who is trying so hard to make up for his mistakes? He’s a better role model than these terrorists who want to hurt him and his family (who btw have done nothing wrong themselves)

    • Luvmytigs

      He tried to hide the money and bankrupt before paying the court. He went on a wild spending spree the week he reported to prison. Of course death threats are uncalled for. Don’t lose sight of the fact that he is a mediocre QB, he stunk at dogfighting and he is paying for a new image. Maybe he and RayRay can be co-commentators for football.

      What’s wrong with skill AND character? I love football and it makes me sick that felonious behavior is ignored if there is a perceived skill. Hell the Prosecutor refused to prosecute vick so the Feds were forced to convict on an interstate gambling charge. By the way, he was a VT fan.

    • He is doing what is REQUIRED of him in order to keep his cushy NFL quarterback job. And he hasn’t yet paid for all of his crimes, only the ones he was charged with and convicted of. He was never even charged with torturing and killing animals, when he is properly punished and serves his time for those crimes, then the “haters” will be satisfied that he has truly paid his debt…

      • MAC

        Haters will never be satisfied no matter what he does! Go ahead and pretend that more jail time would have changed your stance. That is a bold faced lie!! Oh wait what? I am guessing me saying that makes you think to yourself ” you don’t know me and you have no idea how I would react with a longer prison sentence”. While guess what same goes for you then. You don’t know if Vick does the charity and animal cruelty awareness work bc has to or truly wants to do the right thing.

        In our system people who commit crimes have the ability to plea for a lesser charge.Also Vick has done way above and beyond what was required of him when it comes to working with animal rights activists. You or I do not know his true motives, but to assume the worst and advocate his children’s life’s being threatened is wrong in and of itself. I know you will say your not advocating the threats, but in a sense you are. Your backing the stance of the person threatening his family. I love dogs and do not like at all what Vick did, but I have to be able to forgive and try to give a 2nd chance. Since when I do wrong or any of us do wrong we ask and hope for forgiveness in our life.

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      Could you site your sources for your info? And where did you get the figure $130 million? Either way the money it cost him, his career being derailed and public shame he brought it on himself! It was his doing. Not ours! A mistake is killing one dog. Killing over a dozen is not a mistake. It is a sign of a sociopath.

  • I hate the way people treat this guy he lost everything and has lived a solid law abiding life since getting out its about time for them to leave him alone and get a life.

  • Carla

    They need too worry about these rapist child molestors abuse children and leave Vick alone he made a mistake and he paid for it

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      So if a murder comes in your house and kills your child, he can claim he made a mistake? How about if he killed 20children, Is that a mistake? No mistakes here, he knew what he was doing and did it anyway. Even when his Uncle asked him to stop. He laughted at him and kept on dog fighting and killing dogs!

  • Vick’s days are over as a quarter back…..his 15 minutes of “I’m a good person, God has forgiven me” are coming to a close. FYI ~ Gordon would still like a one on one, if you’re man enough.

    • GOD

      “quarter back”? You must be a liberal. Sounds like you know as much about life as you do football.

    • Luvmytigs

      Gordon offers a great charity opportunity!

  • Kei Demosthenes

    They were cancelled because a TON of people bombarded B&N’s phones and FB page protesting this ghastly felon’s appearances. The biggest threats I heard were about boycotting. I find the Violent threats claim highly suspect. This is likely a cynical PR attempt at garnering more sympathy for this brute.

    • auser72

      This is an example of a twisted mind trying to bend reality to suit their personal biases.

      • Debbie Hogan Tate

        Not once in his apology did he say he was sorry for anything he inflicted on those poor defenseless dogs. Now he got another dog that is just as bad, if not worse than a Pitt Bull. Breeders of this type of dog are concerned about him having it.! If he really wanted to made a point he should of got a Lab, Setter, or Retriever. why? They are not natural fighters. The dog he has now is used by our police and military! What does he need that type of dog for? He said his kids wanted a dog . . Did he tell them what happened to the last “personal pets”? That when his fighting dog was losing he would put his personal, family dog into the ring? He went to jail under the RICO Act for running a dog fighting ring. He did not serve ONE DAY for the abuse he caused, NOT ONE!!! People about other NFL players and how they have done much worse??? Their victims LIVED!! Were they electrocuted, drowned, shoot, hung, chocked to death by their hands, slammed repeatedly to the ground till they died, and worse???? Did the other NFL players do any of these horrible acts???? NO THEY DID NOT!! NO COMPARISON to the other NFL players and what they have done. He is in a league of his own titled “SADISTIC MURDERER” No pity here for Vicks! He gets what he deserves!!! May he rot in Hell. Let him live out his life?? Those animals never got to live out their lives!!! They suffered cruel and inhumane deaths. I honestly do not understand the NFL, who our kids hero worship, would let someone like him back into the game. The Falcons had the right idea! Shame on the Eagles! Promoting “Hero worship” for an animal abuser and killer!!! SHAME ON THE NFL! He should of never been left back into the NFL!

        • Bdawkbdawk

          I don’t know if he detailed his crimes to his children. Why would he? Seems a little bizarre. But his children can read- and if they havent read what their father has done, I’m sure they will someday. At that time, Vick will have to answer some hard questions. And i think he will do it with the same poise and class that he has demonstrated when he speaks all over the country about his prior moral failings.

          It is actually inconceivable that people still jam their Caps Lock key to yell that Vick hasn’t served time for his crimes. The dog killings were used by the prosecutors as leverage to get Vick to plead to RICO charges. Yes, RICO charges. The same charges that get levied against mobsters running criminal conspiracies. Had Vick’s case actually went to trial, prosecutors would have had an incredibly difficult convicting him because juries are often very skeptical about law enforcement when there is not hard evidence to link crimes to the accused.

          I’m sure Vick’s creditors, you know, the innocent men and women who sold him goods and were owed money, don’t hate that he was given another chance to repay his financial debt to society. A job is one of the most important parts of integrating prior felons back into society.

          • Debbie Hogan Tate

            that is where you are wrong as they had someone undercover observing and noting every thing that went down for the indictment against Bad Newz Kennels.

  • Biggdog

    peta and it’s contributors are making those calls to Vick. Animal rights you people kill me. Look at human rights people are treated worse than animals. People can’t get medical care but a mutt can take 3 to 4 thousand dollars to nurse back to health. An then “humanely euthanized”. Vick gone go hood on’em when he get off paper.

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      Our point exactly! No change!

  • Carl Williams

    People pay more attention to animals than to human life??? What’s crazy is that I’ve seen a picture of Sarah Palin hold a head of a moose that she killed in Alaska. Didn’t hear anyone threatening her life or the life of her family. She did not go to jail. Pay restitution. This country is soo backwards. Leave Mike alone!!!


    As an avid animal lover and Eagles fan Vick served his time and repented for his wrongs! Who are we to judge?? At the end of the day only GOD can judge us and none of us are GOD!! Vick haters get a LIFE!!

  • Joethomas215

    I love how you threaten his kids, you really show how pathetic you are. When you threaten him your actually.worse then him

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      Who threatened his kids? Where are your sources? I can site my references, can you site yours?

      • Joethomas215

        Who was talking to you? I was commenting on the I hope your kids don’t fall in a pool with a battery, my source is.the.story read it, Go Vick!

  • People are crazy Vick. Those people need a reason to hate and they picked you.. It’s a shame cuz you are the most exiting player I have ever seen. Keep your head up. I am a long time Falcon fan,I also watch the eagles just to see you do your thing…

  • rob

    I know mike personally and can honestly say the whole dog fighting incident changed his life. He learned from his mistakes and I think anyone in his position would want to change how long they say in prison. If you want to nit-pick, why arent you guys demonizing people who have cock fights? Or people who bullfight? Or people who shoot and hunt animals for the hell of it? Leave the man be DAMN! He is human just like the rest of us on here. He made and makes mistakes just like us all. People can say its not about race, but I would be willing to bet my life if he was white his sentence would not have been so harsh… nor would the threats be! Only god can judge so stop GUESSING about what you think he is or isnt sorry for… you dont know him.

    • EXACTLY !!!!! Thank-you !!!!!

    • Luvmytigs

      Rob, since y’all are best buds, what happened at that birthday party? We want the scoop. Were you there? That poor witness got shot-inquiring minds want to know.

      • Debbie Hogan Tate

        Yes Rob do tell us about it!

  • Edward Ash

    People go to far when it come to these animals. Go to the South and you will see dogs running in streets, etc….. Pregnant dogs with puppy in sewer pipes, you all get mad about that. I love pets had dogs all my life, but I keep them in their proper place and animal. Worship ping the creature more than the creator who is blessed forever more!

  • 7cam

    People are so quick to judge one another, only one can judge him. How’s that for Christian?

    • What people like you don’t understand is the world has been judge already by God for good and bad. I’m just following what the Good News tells me to. And it does not say to not judge killers unless they repent. Something your Boy hasn’t done yet!

  • auser72

    These God fearing, animal loving, good Christians don’t see or feel no contradiction in wanting another human being and his family harmed.

  • rob

    @only god can judge us… I totally agree. Shit in some countries they are butchered in the streets. The focus needs to be on exactly what you said…child molesters (priest), rapist, murderers etc

  • GOD

    No surprise these lost soul liberals would attack some guy who’s paid his dues. Its as if the lost soul liberals think they are smarter than anyone else, when in fact its the opposite.

  • Chance

    Can’t believe how some people can’t let the past go. I understand you’re animal advocates, and what he did was wrong nobody is denying that. You people who bash on Vick are just as bad because you are so single minded all you do is look at the bad things and think all the stuff he has done to help make up for the dog fighting was mandated. Maybe you should do some research and see that he does things today that aren’t mandated at all. He does them because he made a mistake in his life a horrible mistake. You can live in Atlanta and say it’s not part of the culture, but unless you live in a bad neighborhood which I highly doubt you do, and even if you do people aren’t going to tell you they fight dogs nor are they going to do it in the streets like they did back in the day, but the reality is there are tons of people who do this, and the only reason you’re bashing Michael Vick so hard is because he’s the only famous person you can blame it on, I GUARANTEE you that there are many more people who have done dog fighting on higher scales and are still doing it today, but you won’t bash them no, you’ll keep trying to blame Vick for all the dog fighting he did and make him into an evil man. You people act like you’ve never made a mistake, and yes what he did was a mistake, and the reason it was bigger scale was because he had money, I’d bet money that if you had the money he had you would’ve made a severe mistake as well, maybe not dog fighting, but something horrible none the less. You people who hate on this man are lower than him, he admitted he made mistakes and he owned up to them, while you just keep on trying to belittle the man.

    • A-nonomiss

      People can’t let the past go because they are pathetic Carl. Point well made.

  • C.Love

    I’d say every one of you haters has done, or does do, something that you are ashamed of. EVERYONE is corrupt in one way or another. He did horrible things, served his time, and has spent lots of time and effort trying to do the right thing. I will ALWAYS be a fan of Michael Vick.

  • Eagles

    I wish all of you who think he’s still a bad person could spend the time he spent in prison. You fail to realize what that does to people. Yes he did a horrible thing, but holy shit let it go its been 5 years. He is reminded of it everyday. Quit your bitchin. Plus I would rather support someone who fought dogs and when to prison than someone who raped a girl and didn’t get any punishment.

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      If what you say is true we would not need swing doors on our justice system for all the repeat offenders

  • auser72

    I would love to see all these animal loving folks go protest Bubba, and Billy Ray at some of these hunting clubs. They kill animals for sport everyday and nothing is said. Just one of many contradictions.

    • They won’t do that – too much alike.

  • i dont see why peoples care so much what he did , it was his dogs.

  • Paula M. Wells

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    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      And what does that have to do with this discussion at all! Go sell your wares elsewhere!

  • Luvmytigs

    Dear Loser. Who cares about your book, your fake photo ops to try and build an image tarnished by stories of brutality and the image of you shooting birds during your denial phase. The Pet Smart dog training photo op was ridiculous. We don’t believe for one second. You’ve turned out to be as mediocre at the QB position as you were at dog fighting. When your handlers leave you, the brothers vick will unravel- again. in the meantime, Gordon Shell has a charity fundraiser offer- call him.

  • Dj

    people been dog fighting for years just never got caught, face it he has money and black.. Leave the man alone he has paid for his mistakes… God is a forgiving God, move on haters…

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      True. Whoever is on top of me is copying my name and posting as it. These PETA freaks are really over the top and dramatic. Too bad they cant worry bout their own life insteada Vicks

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      I am not God and I do not have to forgive! Not my job. That is Gods job

  • Steve

    Where are these ppl on these Animal Hourding shows? That crap is just as bad.

  • Kathy Meyer

    Gotcha back Michael

  • holly allen

    no one I know whats his book for sure I will never forgot what he did and am sure the dogs he killed never forgot ..

    • Well actually I have to say that the dogs he killed probably had pretty short memories. Unless you mean the ghosts of those dogs never forgot. Though that reall anthropomorphisises dogs a bit too much for my liking.

  • I have a pure bred red nose pit bull, she wears her Vick jersey every game day with us, never heard her complain about it once.

  • Ryan

    Vick has turned his life around. He knows now and know what he has to do. I respect Vick and people might not like this but I think Vick is a good role model. People think about it. So leave this guy alone. Let him live his life.

  • Eternal life

    Vick has served his time and has done alot to redeem his image. God forgives his sins, why can’t you? For the sick people out there that are threating him, God forgives you too. Just shows you the love God has blessed us with. Vicks a changed man and I just hope he can change the hearts of alot of people by winning a Super Bowl in Philly! Love u Vick and I’m pulling for ya!

  • Andromeda

    It’s hard to believe people are so sick and unforgiving. Have these people never regretted a decision, or an action. Mike Vick served his time, and got dog. So, get over it you weird bunch of racists.

    • Luvmytigs

      How we treat the least is how we treat God. This isn’t about judgement, it isn’t up to us. We are protesting the fact that NFL, NIKE and Barnes and Noble support a felon who would rather declare bankruptcy than pay his debt, that sensationalizes every good work for a photo op. I have regretted many things and certainly commit sin. I am so far from perfect.
      Never have I slowly and methodically used my hands to take the back legs of an animal and swung it round and round, slamming it repeatedly onto the ground as it screamed in agony until it died. (Very different from hunting, wouldn’t you say?) I have never been at a birthday party after getting out of prison where someone who testified against me was shot. Time will tell and God will decide. In the meantime, I will protest any business or franchise that endorses vick.

  • Could NOT be ME…

    There is no way in HELL I would have cancelled over some loser threats… He can’t run like this or he will always be running…

  • jennifer

    Hate to hear this. People are so cruel you have plenty supporters Vick..stay strong..

  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    This isnt Eagles football anymore this is E news. These are the type of quacks you get posting 15 comments when you write about football irrelevant material ESPECIALLY regarding Vickadelphia’s personal life

    • logical commenter

      Ahahahah! Actually, your comment here is very true.

    • Luvmytigs

      Blame vick- he is the media hound.

  • Not everyone in Philly is blinded by his former prowess on the field and we wish the NFL would make a stand against violent criminals whether they’ve been to jail or not and ban them from making millions. We stageda peaceful protest on B&N website and Facebook page and Petsmart by returning rewards cards after these stores forgot their purpose and allowed a violent criminal in. As a lifelong Eagles fan I am disgusted by their lack of morals and I don’t cheer for them anymore. I’m glad he feels threatened maybe its just a sliver of the fear the dogs felt that he tortured and murdered.

    • Bdawkbdawk

      Hoping he feels threatened is despicable and you should be ashamed of yourself. It is not up to you to decide how people should be punished for their crimes. Vick formerly broke the law, you are currently a hatemongerer.

    • Richard Colton

      a dog isn’t a person, so it can’t be “murdered” or “tortured”

      Steve – is a football blog the right place to rehash your nonsense? Clearly the majority of people in this town have forgiven Vick. Get over it and talk football or move on.

      Ohh and how did your “online protest” go? Wow. did you submit angry comments? Were there ill-tempered emoticons?

      It’s doubtful you’re an eagles fan. It’s even more doubtful you’re a man. Bet you have 9 cats and are into knitting.

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    Not once in his apology did he say he was sorry for anything he inflicted on those poor defenseless dogs. Now he got another dog that is just as bad, if not worse than a Pitt Bull. Breeders of this type of dog are concerned about him having it.! If he really wanted to made a point he should of got a Lab, Setter, or Retriever. why? They are not natural fighters. The dog he has now is used by our police and military! What does he need that type of dog for? He said his kids wanted a dog . . Did he tell them what happened to the last “personal pets”? That when his fighting dog was losing he would put his personal, family dog into the ring? He went to jail under the RICO Act for running a dog fighting ring. He did not serve ONE DAY for the abuse he caused, NOT ONE!!! You talk about other NFL players and how they have done much worse??? Their victims LIVED!! Were they electrocuted, drowned, shoot, hung, slammed repeatedly to the ground till they died, and worse???? Did the other NFL players do any of these horrible acts???? NO THEY DID NOT!! NO COMPARISON to the other NFL players. He is in a league of his own titled “SADISTIC MURDERER” No pity here for Vicks! He gets what he deserves!!! May he rot in Hell. Let him live out his life?? Those animals never got to live out their lives!!! They suffered cruel and inhumane deaths. I honestly do not understand the NFL, who our kids hero worship, would let someone like him back into the game. The Falcons had the right idea! Shame on the Eagles! Hero worship for an animal abuser and killer!!! SHAME ON THE NFL!

    • Jason N.

      I would write a long message about this. But let face it. I’m too tired from reading from people like you, condemning people like it’s your day job.

      1) you’re a hatemonger. You’re not that much different from the people like the Westboro Baptist Church, spreading hate words.

      2) you are nick picking his words. The man apologizes many times, but you will never be satisfy because you want him to say certain words in a certain way that would make you feel better. He apologized, he’s still apologizing. But you and many other are just too close minded to accept it.

      3) I don’t know if you believe in a God or not. It doesn’t matter either way. Cause you are building hatred against a man that most likely have done more good in this world than you have in your life. Why don’t you go out there and do something helpful like Vick is. You’re probably just sitting on your computer, hating away every day. Because you just want someone to hate on.

      Face it, it’s a basic human thing to like watching other people suffer and condemned them, cause it make you feel better about yourself, make you feel superior.

      How about get off your high horse. Go volunteer, donate money, go speak at a fundraiser, anything. Vick is speaking out against animal violent, donating money and other stuff. He’s trying to make this world a better place and to make up for the bad things he did. While you people are just creating more hatred in the world and making it worst.

  • Black guy hating Vick

    Saw this dude in the ATL airport in 2005. Would have loved to break his knee then while he was in front of me. He acted like he was so badass. Now I wish I could do more then that. He is a solid example of who i do not want to be. He is all show talking about wanting to stop dog fighting IMO. I find it hard to believe he is sincere. He needed to do that to show he “cares.”

    • This is not a surprise, this country was founded on violence and taking things from others that do not belong to them. So you breaking a knee resolves it huh? Oh I get it a sociopath.

  • Vick hater

    No one has a right to threaten his family, they’re not responsible for what that piece of trash did. He hasn’t changed, he knows he’s being watched. He should never be allowed to own an animal after what he did. How does one go from killing them to loving one in his home? Bull! Don’t buy it. Leopards don’t change their spots, they just climb up a different tree! No second chances here, the dogs he murdered will never get a second chance.

  • atb124

    So, you all think that a verbal threat, with absolutely no action behind it, is worse than what Vick did?

    I mean, I’m not out there wishing him physical harm or threatening him, but you’re so quick to judge someone for a bullsh!t threat, which, while wrong, is not in the same universe of wrongness as the horrors Vick committed. If you want to judge those that threaten, be prepared to judge those who acted far more harshly.

  • Greatest1

    Lets go eagles! Vick lets get a ring brother. Who cares about all this crap, what does it mean to you Vick? nothin absolutely nothin! Brothers gonna work it out

  • Ms. Betty

    there is no reason to be hateful. it’s not Michael Vick you are hating, you just looking for something to hate. Get help. He’s paid his dues. People killing people – received less time than Vick served. Maybe start caring about your neighbor…. that should take your mind off hate. and it will improve your ignorance. Everyone deserves a chance – how many? – how many do you deserve, double that and add 7?

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      My parents raised me on the fact you only get one chance, if you blow it, you are a screw up. Just like first impressions, you only get one chance to do it right! He had his chance and his Uncle even asked him to quit it. He laughed at his Uncle. His words!

  • Nombre

    Back out of his life! It’s not up to you lunatic extremists to decide whether or not this man can own a dog as a pet! He more than paid his due in the form of prison time and understands his mistakes and deeply regrets them so his past should be left in this past so hot damn, shut up and leave this man alone.

  • No vick

    The signings were cancelled due to thousands of phone calls and website posts to Barnes and Noble. Most people, like myself, simply stated that if the company was hosting Vick in its store we would no longer patronize it. Much like the day It was announced Vick was joining the Eagles and I turned off the television, and have not watched a game since (after not missing a game in 15 years) The thought of supporting him, or any business that supports him is nauseating to me.

  • Fe Nixon

    The world needs to mind their own business and leave others alone. Only God Judge last time I checked he was not excepting applications.I have told people tonight sweep around your own front door man is not perfect. I love my Pitts and I love Mike Vick, Sorry but as a child it was fun watching Dog’s fight. Almost better than humans saw nothing of it, but then you grow up. Kind of hard coming out young with a lot of money and not trying it for your own. So he tried it. What have you done in your life you wish you could take back. At least it wasn’t on world news. The Man throws a pig skin for a living, not some other man that molested children, Oh how we seem to forget the real problems in the world. Mike next time fight chickens or shoot deer, apparently they don’t matter. Always a cause,Can’t win.

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      You are flip floping on your comments!! Make up your mind!!!

    • Luvmytigs

      Why not fight Gordon Shell in a perfectly legal charity match?

  • saavy_one

    I wonder how many people are this outraged about the millions of lives slaughtered each day in abortion clinics (and others). He paid his dues and has turned his life around. Find something else to be angry about–like the inactivity of our executive and legislative branches.

  • G Lee Mlr

    Maybe Michael Vick has turned over a new leaf. But I will not trust him as an individual after he was in the forefront of committing SUCH TERRIBLE acts to those dogs. I simply cannot support such a person as him. I truly believe that he is the personification of evil!

    • Jason N.

      I guess you never heard of people such as Emperor Caligula, Charles Manon, Adolf Hitler, Jeffery Dahmer.

      They killed many people. Caligula did some really horrible stuff that I rather not list. You can google for yourself.

      The point is if you think Vick is the personification of evil then I would love to live in your world since apparently you haven’t heard of or think anyone else in history could possibly be worst than Vick. You must have an innocent mind of a child.

      What Vick did is horrible. And you know what separate him from all of the people above? He actually apologize, repent and actually became a good human being when he came back from jail. He probably did more stuff to benefit this world than 99% of us on this page.

      Oh and if you are playing that, “oh but he never apologize for killing those dogs”

      The man apologizes many times. What you people are doing is nick picking his words. You just want him to say exactly what you want to hear. I bet if he apologize in a different language, you would argue that he has to apologize in English for it to count. He has to also say these words, in this exact order.

      You people are just hating because let face it, as human one of our basic instinct is to watch people suffer, to ridicule other to make ourselves feel superior. Even if that person had paid for their crime or have done good things, you won’t stop hating because that mean your life would become quite pointless if you don’t have anyone to hate on.

      Why not forgive and love? God teach us that. My parents sure taught me that, and they aren’t even in the same religion as me. Hate will never make this world a better place. Is people that are out there doing good things in the world, fixing mistakes they made are making this world a better place. All you people are doing is living in the past, hating and making this world worst.

      Stop hating, start forgiving and go out there and make this world a better place like Vick. Instead of sitting in front of your computer and finding every article of Vick you can find and fill the comments with hate.

  • Fe Nixon

    What I don’t understand with the US in the situation it is in no jobs no money no nothing how can you wake up worrying about Michael Vick and how are you going to pay all your bills and send your kids to college and make sure Grandma has life insurance and make sure you have health insurance oh my goodness and who is taking care of a family member that is disabled that has a care taker income that was cut damn near 50 percent in a year don’t let me go on it doesn’t matter what we are going through when Vick wake up in the morning he still got an extra 12.5 million all I got was a two week salary which I am embarrassed to speak about. Think about your own business, the US would be a better place. So tomorrow when you wake up ask these big business men to bring some of the countries businesses back to the US don’t you think that’s more important. Believe it or not you may not want to open your closet and see what falls out. At least the world want know but when those few FRIENDS in your circle find out man it HURTS. Just Imagine a day in Mike shoes NOT as a Celebrity.

  • VickFan7

    Honestly there are several nfl players that kill innocent cough cough donte stallworth but really, this guy served his time and is trying to change his life. I’m a dog lover, Vick is still my favorite player in the nfl. These people are the sick ones. Go do something else instead. Seriously, people need to relax and move on, if people harp on this they will have a short life. Be happy, if you hate Vick then you hate but don’t say your gonna kill him. Now you are going way to far. I respect for how Vick changed his life around. Not many ex-convicts will do this.

  • Spmirish

    This is crazy! I am an absolute animal lover especially dogs!! But enough is is enough, the guy did horrible things and has been punished for it! Dam, Ray Lewis was accused of murder and paid off the families involved. Now I am not saying he actually committed the murders but, there is no doubt he knew what happend! That was human life!! And he gets a pass????!!!!! Our world is just F’d up!!

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      They did not have enough evidence to charge or convict Ray or they would of. They most definitely had enough to charge and convict Michael and they did!

  • Fe Nixon

    Good Night, This Sh*t Crazy.

  • Sigma4

    Some people need to get a life. Ray Lewis was involved in the death of 2people and he got a slap on the hand. But “some” people are still mad over the mistake he made. I know everyone one here has either killed a roach, plant, went hunting or threw a rock at an animal. The olny thing is they didn’t die. Leave him be.

  • Sigma4

    Either way you look at it, everyman deserves the oppertunity to make right what he did wrong. I believe Vick is trying and should get that chance. But what I will say is for the fool who threatened that man’s kids should get beat with a bag of nickles and dipped in salt. Any man who would threaten kids deserves the a$$ kicking of his life………. Then we can see if he deserve forgiveness.

  • Tina Quinn

    This is so sad. A man can molest children, have a prestigious University staff, athletic department and campus police knowingly cover it up and people riot in the streets to save “the reputation of the coaching staff and school. While I don’t agree with Mr Vick(s role in the dog fighting case, he has served his time, paid his fines and even more admitted his wrong. No let him and his family alone! I want to have a SIGNED copy of his book.

  • Batman55

    Ok everyone seems to be upset one way or the other, so let me just say the following : it’s a black people and redneck thing to fight dogs so we should all go on a lynching spree and eradicate all of them. It would solve the problem and we would help out with overpopulation. Who’s with me?

  • Jason N.

    Oh btw, any of you ever called Vick a psychopath really need to do some research. But since I actually studied psychology I’ll tell you this so it will save you time from googling.

    Psychopath are incapable of feeling remorse for the crimes they committed.

    Example: Ted Bundy a famous serial killer never felt remorse for what they did, even after he was caught.

    They cannot fake feeling remorseful, most do have a sense of right and wrong. But they choose to do the wrong thing and they don’t feel the guilt part of it.

    And I’m sure if Vick was a psychopath. He wouldn’t be having a happy family right now, cause most psychopath are incapable of maintaining a normal healthy relationship let alone a family. If he was one, he wouldn’t give a damn about what any of us think about what he did. Why would he? He’s not feeling any guilt at all. He would continue being a pro quarterback and not give a fuck, doesn’t have to go to book signing or donate anymore money or his time. But the fact is that he does feel guilty, he does feel remorse. And that is why he’s doing all these things and trying to do good things in life.

    Vick is just a normal man, who happen to commit a horrendous crime, who have paid for his crime by a court of law (whether you agree with the sentencing or not, there’s nothing you can do about it) he has and still is doing more good things than most of you have done in your life.

    So if you want to be mad about something, if you want to hate something. Then hate the fact that a former inmate who have don’t something horrible is doing more good to the community and the world than you are with his action.

    You’re just making this world fill more with hates with your words.

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      And Dalmer was a psychopath who hid it well! But I also saw no remorse in his apology about these dogs!Here is his so called apology . . . Anybody see anything about the dogs he hurt, maimed and killed?

      • Jason N.

        Dahmer didn’t have to hide his remorse cause he didn’t have any. He was caught cause he was careless. Btw I don’t see how this is helping you make a point. Ask any psychology professor at any university and they can tell you Vick is not a psychopath.

        And I have read that transcript before. I honestly think that people like you won’t be happy until he say the exact words that you want him to say, the exact way you want him to say it.

        It’s like a parent asking a child to say I’m sorry. And the kid did. And the parent ask them “what are you sorry for?”

        Please don’t kid yourself. Everybody know what he is apologizing about. You’re not a child, you don’t need a word by word apology that fit what you deem is acceptable.

        He apologize and apologize many times after that. But you are just nitpicking.

        In your eyes, nothing he can do will ever be good enough. What he did was horrible. But most people has the heart to forgive and move on.

        Only those with hatred and petty in their lives refused to move on.

        Oh and the fact that you admit you have a whole file on him is pretty sad. Are you his lawyer? Do you work for the court system?

        Keeping a file on a man you hate is a pretty unhealthy obsession.

        • Debbie Hogan Tate

          When I get into a discussion with someone I like to have my facts straight! And he just happened to be the topic we were given in my paralegal class, that is why I have the file! No obsession, just a 3.97 GPA

          • Jason N.

            This is in no way, shape or form sarcasm. But well then good for you that you are using his case for your class.

            Whatever you’re doing with the file is your business. I’m sorry I asked. But the only point I want to maintain is that. Hating doesn’t make anything better.

            We already got enough hatred in this world. You may not agree, but I’m tired of arguing about this. But I think Vick has apologized and has repent.

            A man doesn’t always apologize in the spotlight or in front of hundred of people for it to be valid.

            If you want to continue to hate on Vick and anyone else. Then go ahead.

            I know there will be people out there that will try to make you forgive him. I won’t anymore.

            So please don’t go around telling people that they shouldn’t forgive him when they already did. He has fallen down to the lowest point of his life, and like everyone. He deserve to to pay for his sin, repent and have a second chance at life.

            But there are those out there who still won’t give him that chance.

            I’m sorry if this offend you but I think it’s true. People like that are close minded, fill with hatred and cannot understand how important forgiveness is.

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    Some people tend to think he went to jail for Tax evasion!!!Maybe you should check your facts before opening mouth and pushing to knee!! TAX EVASION!!! Really. Here is his indictment. Get your facts straight!!…. And here is his plea deal . NO WHERE does it state “Tax Evasion”! Get your facts straight! I have a whole file on him! And here is the undercover investigation that lead up to all of his charges. Get informed before opening mouth!!! .

  • Godgotme


  • Godgotme


  • Sam

    Only white people send threats like that, typical.

  • Kelley King

    You are not God, stop judging!

  • I think this is a monster that will never be safe around animals. Do to the fack that he just got another dog. This dog that he got is bigger then a pitbull. Do i trust him NO HOW DO YOU TRUST A MAN THAT LET ANIMALS FIGHT TO THE END? FOR FUN!! I think alot pf people thiink this way i know i do. You can tell me tell i am blue in the face that you don’t do this anymore. Well then how come you have a stronger dog? You in all people shouldn’t have one. I am not sorry for saying this. You should have that about what you did? You got out of jail way to soon for me. An animal is a pet and you took that and make money doing what you did. These voice being heard are those dogs. The dogs that went to the rain bow bridg. IF you don’t know that then, you really do TACK THE CAKE OF THE TRUE MEANING OF MONSTER!! Thank you.

    • Do you support one of the last 2 presidents we had? men who had no qualms sending innocent young men and women to die for NOTHING? Come back when your values are self consistent k pal.

  • So is anyone here also pissed off at Bret Favre too? Serious question. Or do they mostly not care because he’s white?

  • aub32

    The level at which some people place an animal’s life over a human’s is astonishing. I love my pet, but if it came down to it, I would save the life of a stranger before my own dog. I agree what he did was wrong, but the hatred and vitriol he receives far outweigh his crimes. There are people who have killed other people without receiving this much hatred, and that just saddens me.

  • xlGmanlx

    Stay classy philly, the VFW doesn’t need the drama – “Vick planned on donating NIKE gear to a local VFW during his signing in Exton on the 26”

  • leave the man alone dam, bush killed a whole country of people let alone the towers, aint no one fukn wit him, let the man live stupid ass people


    Most of you have missed the big point here. vick has deep seated character flaws. Sure he did his time. If he was not a football player you would cross the street to avoid him. He is on the level of a child molester. If one of them did their time and tried to move in to your neighborhood there would be protests and threats as well. Yet so many of you want to embrace him as a hero instead of the thug he is. Just the fact that the football world would hire him and the rest of the criminals that play now is dreadful. What kind of message are we sending to the kids? Sure go ahead ,rob, kill, drive drunk, you can still be a big sports star. If he couldn’t throw a football, as a felon he would have a hard time getting a floor cleaning job at a fast food place. Yet they couldn’t wait to toss millions at him to entertain us. We should take a step back and decide,morals or depravity.

  • drew

    Despite the horrible things that Vick did, he is in a position to do far more good for animals then he ever did bad. But do we really know he doesn’t still feel the same way about dog fighting as he used to? When you are capable of receiving a $120 million dollar contract, don’t you think you are going to have agents guiding you on how to recover your image? I’m not saying Vick isn’t a changed man, I’m just saying that even if he wasn’t he would probably still be in the same position he is now.

  • MAC

    What do people want him to do at this point? How much more can he do to right his wrong? At some point people need to understand that he has served his time and it’s done! I love dog’s but lets understand our justice system. If you serve the time then you should be looked at as dealing with your consequences. Everyone has a right to there opinion yes, but they do not have a right to continue to punish and threaten this man. The people making the threats need to look in the mirror bc how much better are they than him when they are now threatening violence against his family. It’s that simple!

  • Michael A. Graves

    Some of you have way too much time on you hands, posting of court records? Is it really about Michael Vick fighting his dogs or is it that he’s black? All you so called dog lovers need to goback in history and see who started this dog fighting thing. Rest assured it wasn’t Vick. Get a grip and let the man live his life. Most of this vitriol & hate is voming from, I hate to say it at fear of being labelled racist. White eomen who think it’s okay to kill babies, but not dogs.

  • PhEaglesPhan

    Why does no one complain that Ray Lewis killed 2 guys, or Donte Stallworth slayed a man while driving drunk, or Larry Johnson and his consistent battering of women!?

    We continue to download or tune into crappy Chris Brown albums despite knowing what we know, but because most of us own a dog we feel like we can relate, then our high and mighty ego’s come out of us and we preach about others downfalls like we are perfect angels. This needs to stop, you people are fueling a fire of hate. Yes the man has served the time, it may not have been for Animal cruelty but the courts were unable to pin that on him so he got the other charges.

    Vick has served a longer sentence then any other person who has been caught with this crime, he served it fully and continues to do support work. No one is telling you ignorant, holier then thou degenerates to forget what he has done, but you can not deny that he has tried to better himself. MOVE ON!!! There are child rapists, wars, children dying, and you continue to hash up something 5 yrs ago, take that energy and focus it on something that will actually make a difference

  • Sarah

    The nerve of you animal killers. Constantly killing deers and elks they are beautiful creatures. These creatures are just as important as a dog or cat. You don’t decide what animal constitutes more rights than the other. Animal is a Animal. Back off of him you demons liars murders, check yourself. People who support Michael Vick, let them know we are watching and listening for any harm or danger to him or his family.