Report: Eagles Show Interest In DL Bryant

The Eagles are among six teams showing interest in Raiders defensive lineman Desmond Bryant, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports.

We wrote about Bryant earlier today in our list of 25 potential free-agent targets for the Eagles. At 6-6, 311, he brings length and versatility to the table. And Bryant is only 27-years-old.

He played defensive tackle in the Raiders’ 4-3 last year, but could swing out to a 5-technique defensive end in a 3-4. Bryant had four sacks to go along with 11 QB hits and 20 hurries, according to Pro Football Focus.

Bryant was arrested in February on charges of criminal mischief.

According to Cole, the Patriots, 49ers, Seahawks, Jaguars and Raiders (re-sign) are also in the mix.

Some other notes from today:

* Evan Silva of Rotoworld has a great piece up, projecting where the top-100 free agents will go, along with guesses on contract details. He’s got the Eagles ending up with safety Dashon Goldson (five years, $40.5 million); wide receiver Danny Amendola (three years, $18.5 million); right tackle Eric Winston (four years, $22.5 million); cornerback Greg Toler (three years, $13.5 million); and defensive lineman Ricky Jean-Francois (three years, $12 million).

Here’s what Silva writes about Goldson:

Goldson wants Eric Weddle money — $8 million per year — and he’s earned it while emerging as the league’s premier cover safety. The 49ers never gave serious consideration to franchise tagging Goldson, and appear to have washed their hands. Philadelphia has cap space to pay Goldson, and new VP of Player Personnel Tom Gamble was in San Francisco’s front office during Goldson’s development. He’d fill a gaping need at free safety.

* Speaking of Goldson, ESPN’s Adam Schefter disagrees with Silva. During an interview with Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic today, Schefter said, “I’ll be surprised if Dashon Goldson ends up in Philadelphia.” He added that he expects other teams to shell out more money than the Eagles for Goldson’s services.

* Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith has been linked to the Eagles, but they’ll have plenty of competition for his services. According to Matt Maiocco of, the 49ers are poised to make a run at Smith “at the right price.”

* And in case you missed it, two big trades today. The Seahawks acquired wide receiver Percy Harvin from the Vikings for a first-rounder, a seventh-rounder and a mid-round pick in 2014. And the two Super Bowl teams made a swap, with the 49ers landing wide receiver Anquan Boldin from the Ravens for a sixth-round pick.

* Free agency kicks off at 4 p.m. Tuesday, but there will likely be plenty to cover between now and then.

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  • Thornton and Bryant could make a good rotational tandem at 5-tech.

    If you are looking at it “hockey lines” style:

    LEO: Cole/Graham
    3: Cox/????
    1: ????/Dixon
    5: Bryant/Thornton

    • I have a sneaky suspicion that when it is all said and done, Cole will not be on this team. I am expecting a draft day trade. Somewhere in the range of an early third round pick.

      • Richard Colton

        And what has Cole done in the last two seasons that makes you think he’s worth a 3rd round pick?

        • illadelphia21

          Cole for a 5th. I’d take it in a heart beat unless they can package another player w/ him and get a better pick.

          • Wilbert M.

            Cole might bring a 7th rounder. The big contract is a killer. Asante only brought a 7th and he had a lot more gas in the tank than Cole does. They should just keep him and hope for the best.

        • jdimagg55

          They can’t trade or cut Cole bc of the extension he got last year. His cap hit would be too high. For now they are stuck with him.

          • illadelphia21

            Yeah his contract sucks for the team yet if they held off on 1 free agent I would take the hit.

        • If Cole is to be cut now is the time. There are a ton of defensive ends/Line Backers with standing who are available after the recent round of cuts in the league. I agree with you, why trade a draft pick for Coles when Harrison, or Freeney, to name a few, are available? You want DE or OLB who can sack a qb in the pocket and also capable of running him down on an option play. I don’t know that the older DEs available have that kind of range.

        • Does anyone know what his cap figures are in the upcoming years. I think that 6th or 7th round isn’t value but maybe my 3rd round wishes are a little lofty. Maybe 4th-5th, I just don’t see him fitting in the system and a team desperate for a DE with starting experience could make it happen. It all depends on what the figures are I suppose.

      • That wouldn’t make sense right now with the way his contract is structured. They have to just play it out for a year. His trade value is at a low point anyway.

    • illadelphia21

      Thornton would prolly back up cox unless they use him like a swing tackle…yes I know he’s a dt/de. So I still think we would definitely need to aquire another 3-4 de in FA plus an NT. I would love to get Bryant, Branch, and RJF as well as Geathers in the 5th of the draft.

      • I am not sure they should sink so much into an abundance of role players. The units I listed above are alright, and they can get by for a while with a couple more stop-gaps, but I think another impact player is needed to make the D-line formidable again.

        • illadelphia21

          Role players? Either RJF or Bryant would be our starting DE opposite of Cox. The loser of that battle would be our back up DE for the 5 tech. Or they could rotate them situationally. Meaning that since RJF is more of a run defender, Davis could use him for when he calls to play the run and rotate in Bryant who is a better pass rusher when he gives a call to play the pass out of the base D which we assume will be a 4-3 under.
          Don’t know if you know this but we only have 1 starting d-line man, that being Cox. Other than him we only have Thorton and Dixon. That means we lost Patt, Jenkins, and Landri and with only Dixon to play the NT spot and for another DE Ronnie Cameron…who??? Exactly.
          So don’t know what your exactly talking bout but we definitely need role players. 2 DEs (Bryant & RJF) one ‘starting’ NT (Branch) and are you really going to argue against Geathers in the 5th.
          And where are you going to get this one ‘impact player’ to make our d-line formidable when we have to very big holes on the d-line? Let me guess Floyd, Richardson, or star. So our 1st round pick?! And you’ll still be short a nose cuz those 3 guys are better suited for a 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE and both Floyd and Richardson are best suited for the 3 tech, which we already have Cox for and it would be a waste of his talent to move him to the 5.
          So basically, we have no starting d-line and really no back ups that are prove depth either. Plus we still gotta fill the both safety spots and probably both corner spots and the SAM spot cause Graham, Cole, and Curry are more suited for the predator role. WE DON’T HAVE A DEFENSE!

          • A starter can be a role player. Think Brandon Whiting or Hollis Thomas.

          • illadelphia21

            This is not basketball and I really don’t know how they do it in hockey, but in football every player is a role player on ever given down. The only exception to that could possibly be the QB. So yes your right starters can be role players but so wrong on not putting money into them. Didn’t quite get where you were coming from at 1st.

          • Signing a glut of mid-level free agent talent at overlapping positions is one way to be incredibly inefficient.

          • illadelphia21

            Where do you even begin to see ‘a glut’ and over lapping positions? What the fact that I want us to sign to DEs to play the 5? Seriously man it’s called depth and the team is going to need a back up DE from somewhere unless u know something about Ronnie Cameron that I don’t. Or unless you want only 3 DEs on the roster, which is kinda ridiculous cause the nfl has this thing called injuries!!! Or maybe we can draft some not even mid lvl (unproven) talent and ignore other needs for the team. We don’t have a ‘glut’ of draft picks this year. So. Two DEs/DTs and all of a sudden that’s a glut when we just cut two?

          • RJF, Branch, Bryant and a draft pick. The three free agents are former role players who are looking to be paid like starters on the open market. If you sign all three to the contracts they want, their pay is going to exceed their usefulness.

          • illadelphia21

            Where do you even get that there looking to get paid like starters which from the tone of your argument, means top $? Branch was a starter so yeah you’re right bout him. If we bring Bryant in to start then yeah he’s gonna get starter money. RJF should get more than what he has been but is not gonna get a big payday. Fact is none of these guys are gonna get a big payday. Yet the market will determine their prices as it does everything so if another team decides to break the bank then let them. Doesn’t mean the eagles have to. What do you not understand that we have a lack of D-line players?! I gave you 4 that would take care of that. Those guys would make up a grand total of 7 d-linemen, cause I’m not counting Cameron, and all fit w/ in the cap.

          • illadelphia21

            Not every starter gets paid big money whether drafted or free agents. And we’re gonna have to get 6-8 free agents to actually field a team along w/ the draft so get over it. Unless they wanna stay w/ the players left on the roster and continue the status quo of loosing.

          • illadelphia21

            1) Branch for shade nose
            2) Bryant for DE for the 5 and sometimes 3.
            3) RJF for strictly for the 5
            4) CB
            5) Safety
            And both 4 & 5 we’re definitely gonna get in FA so 3 players that I would like us to have is a glut??? Lmao.
            And you can’t even bitch about the cost.

        • illadelphia21

          the reason why players like RJF and Bryant are garnering this much attention league wide is because as far as ‘quality’ 3-4 DEs, this draft class doesn’t have them in abundance. And other than the geathers pick I would would hope they would address our secondary, SAM (Jordan), OL depth…

      • Julius Jones, and John Jenkins from Georgia would go a long way towards solving the problems on the Eagles defense. With Jones, if he’s on the board at pick 4, he’s a difference making player. However, the Eagles have to put a space eating menacing defensive tackle in front of the linebackers.

        In my opinion, it’s a cheap look having several key players who were free agents and not brought up in your structure.

        • *Jarvis

          • illadelphia21

            D.O.J. (Dion over Jarvis) I have no idea what you’re talking about because you’re not making any sense. 1st you want a impact player on the d-line but your impact player would be our SAM?! Then you say ‘it’s a cheap look having several free agents who weren’t brought up in your structure’?! Well guess what…no player on the team currently was brought up in the structure. New coach, new dc, new scheme equals new structure!!! That was the worst reason why we shouldn’t go after a bunch of FA that are badly needed. And by bunch I mean 6-7. That’s not a lot at considering how many teams add and subtract players throughout a full offseason. And none of the names I’ve said will cost top dollar. So by filling needs for depth and a couple of starters, which still doesn’t even take care of 1/2 of the needs of this team, through FA and building through the draft for other key areas is a cheap look??? Who the hell cares bout looks, it’s bout filling your team w/ the best possible talent. Oh did I mention none of these guys are going to break the bank individually nor collectively. Plus all teams have to spend 89% of their cap. So how do you plan to accomplish this?

        • illadelphia21

          You just pitted your ‘impact players’ against each other. Meaning for whichever one the team picks, the team will be lacking in the spot of the one they didn’t chose since both are more than likely going in the 1st. Yet you left us with no viable choice through free agency, which means holes!!! Unless you think Jenkins can be had in the 2nd, but wait…now you just made sure we missed out on the top 5 safety prospects. We’ll maybe we can get a safety in the 3rd…ok, but then when are we going to get our back up o-line pick or our corner??? And so on, and so on. That’s what happens when you let perceptions of a ‘cheap look’ get in the way of building a solid team!!!

    • JofreyRice

      Interesting. Besides the need to split time between Cole and Graham because the latter is productive, and the former is paid a lot, why wouldn’t you just pencil in starters? why the “hockey line” style? I don’t think a Washburn-style rotation was something that Davis did in AZ, and not something the Seahawks do, either.

      I like Bryant’s talent a lot, and he’s got all the physical dimensions they’d theoretically be looking for in a 5 Technique LE. I think he’s far and away the starter, does virtually everything better than Ced. Thornton sticks around as backup and depth. Thornton is a perfect depth player, IMO. Has not shown enough that you absolutely have to get him on the field, but has proven to be at least competent in some areas.

      • “Hockey lines” isn’t just a Washburn thing. Jim Johnson did it too in years when the line was deep. If Chip Kelly is installing an up-tempo no-huddle, I think that adds even more incentive.

        • illadelphia21

          No he really didn’t. Cole was ‘always’ on the field and so was Douglas. Johnson would rotate them on a as needed basis ie when they needed a rest. And as far as our DTs under Johnson he rotated them per the situation on the field. Wash was the only DC we had that used a set rotation to keep his players so called fresh.

          • SOME PEOPLE SAY that the overriding symbol, or characteristic, of the Eagles’ defense this last decade has been the blitz. There is truth there, for sure. There is something else, though, more subtle but maybe more telling. It is that the defensive front four comes at you in waves, eight players a game, mixed and matched, shuffled and reshuffled, changing sometimes like hockey lines.

            – Rich Hoffman, 7/24/09

          • illadelphia21

            Seeing as how there were @ least 3 substantial injuries on the d-line the year before, yes alotta guys got playing time. So since you have 1 article you got it…meaning your right. Still don’t understand what chip’s up tempo no-huddle offense has to do w/ our d-line rotation.

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    • JofreyRice

      I do agree that we need more grafters to make the defense work, but I’m not sure where Denise would fit in the new defense. I feel like her main asset is the passrush, and we’ve already got the Predator covered.

    • Johnny Domino

      For that kind of scratch what are you grafting, medicinal marijuana plants?

  • Richard Colton

    I’m interested in Smith, but not a 29 year old Goldson

    • illadelphia21

      Smith is comparable to DRC so other than the fact that he’s 6’3/6’4 I don’t know why everyone’s all over him. Yes he’s stronger but is not known for his tackling ability. Yet, counterpoint, DRC is faster. I would like them to keep DRC cut Nnamdi and go after E.J. Biggers. I think The $ for Smith will be too much cuz of others teams vying for him.

      • Richard Colton

        If it’s true that 10 other teams are bidding for him, then yea – you’re 100% right. He’ll cost way too much.

    • illadelphia21

      And as far as safety goes Inwould want Philly to get Clemons from Miami and draft a SS in the 2nd and another safety, FS or SS in the 4th or later rounds (Sean Williams)

  • illadelphia21

    Glad to have heard the amendola rumor was shot down. San Diego has a way better FA prospect for us. Denario Alexander. 6’5, 4.4 40, and really came on last yr. has had leg issues but it seems to be finally behind him. He would be a true compliment on the other side of DJax and was tendered low so all we have to do is make an offer that San Diego cant/won’t match. W/ there limited cap space it should b easy

  • Johnny Domino

    Nice mugshot.
    Last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it.