Eagles Release Cullen Jenkins

The much-hyped 2011 Eagles free-agent class has lost another member, as the team released defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins on Monday.

Jenkins carried a $5.5 million salary for this upcoming season and was reportedly due a $1 million roster bonus in mid-March, forcing the Eagles to make a call on the veteran.

The 32-year-old had four sacks and 26 tackles in 2012, a drop-off in production from his first year in Philadelphia (5.5 sacks, 40 tackles).

“I had a chance to speak with Cullen today and let him know of our decision,” said Howie Roseman. “It’s one of the most difficult parts of the job. He has been a very productive player in this league for a long time but we felt it in our team’s best interests that we go in a different direction. By releasing him at this point, it gives he and his agent more time to sign on with another team. We wish Cullen and his family all the best as he continues his NFL career.”

He signed a five-year, $25 million deal in 2011 after seven quality seasons in Green Bay. While Jenkins was a solid contributor in two seasons with the Eagles, he did not quite live up to the billing — much like many of the other big names that joined the fold prior to the ’11 campaign.

Ronnie Brown, Vince Young and Jason Babin are off the team. Nnamdi Asomugha could be next. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, acquired from Arizona via trade, is slated to become an unrestricted free agent. The much less heralded Evan Mathis could be the only member of that group still in green when the 2013 season kicks off in September.

Jenkins won a Super Bowl with the Packers the season prior to joining the Eagles, and the hope was that he would develop into a leader and help build a championship environment in Philadelphia. The magic never rubbed off, and the Eagles went a combined 12-20 over the past two seasons.

“I was brought in here, especially coming from a championship team, to try and help instill [a certain mindset]. Not maybe, I’m not doing a good enough job of it,” Jenkins said back in November.

He had this to say on Twitter Monday:

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  • BrucieGambino

    Don’t know how I should feel about this or if I should even have a feeling lol

  • Good.

  • whattheDEUCE22

    Was definitely not the first name I was expecting to see next to “Eagles Release”…but ultimately I stand by this decision.

    • D3Keith

      Yeah this is part of underachieving and starting over with a new coaching staff.

      I agree there are players who are well into their 30s and more obviously overpaid than Jenkins and Patterson, and both could have contributed (I assume) in the new system. Cullen was set to get $5.5 mil and Patt more than $4 though, and if you’re building with guys who you want to be here for years, makes sense to clean house now.

      According to Eaglescap.com, here’s who’s left making $2m or more this season:
      Nnamdi $15.3 (which he won’t see)
      Peters $10.75
      DeSean $9
      Vick $7.07
      DeMeco $6.7
      Cole $5.35
      Maclin $4.55
      Celek $4.53
      Herremans $4.3
      Mathis $4 flat
      Graham $2.95
      Cox $2.32
      Avant $2.71
      Watkins $2.17

      You could probably argue that some of those guys are still overpaid — Nate Allen makes almost 2 mil too — but the benefit of keeping them around exceeds the benefit of cutting them.

      In terms of cap hit, the only uncuttable guys are:
      DeSean $12m
      LeSean $9.8m
      Cox $8.3m
      Cole $6.4m
      Graham $5.12
      Herremans $4.8

      NA and Mathis have cap hits of 4, FWIW.

  • eagle fan dwn south

    Another sign of the eagles getting back to the old style of running the organization of the over 30 year old guys usually dnt stay here unless home grown which is y Nnamdi should b gone but I guess Vick got lucky

  • Jeff Williams

    I’m praying we pick Shariff Floyd with the fourth pick dude is a beast!!!! At first I wanted Dee Milliner but after watching Floyd I’m hoping he’s the pick

    • GGeagle

      considering you wanted to take dee milner at 4…YIKES! Anyone who wanted Milner at 4, obviously just goes off of Mocks….you want to take a CB at 4, who hasnt backpeddled in a game in 4 years? you do realize that saban gets the pick of the recruiting litter every year right? so why has he never produced an Nfl pro bowl cornerback? mayvbe cause his corners crabwalk in college instead of frigging backpeddling, you know, backpeddling….the basic prerequisite of playing corner in the NFL. LMAO Milner wont be picked before 13. BET THAT! unless you chose to believe the BS Lions rumor

      • You wanted Manti Te’o at #4 last month, so don’t throw stones from your glass house.

      • CJ

        I’ve seen him that high in mocks, but personally I don’t see it. There are DTs that have been far more productive than him. Star’s injury doesn’t necessitate that some DT take his spot in the top 5. If anything it indicates that there’s loads of talent at the position and could compel teams to wait on the DT/NT position since they’ll get comparable value far later. And we agree on Millner. Also, I swear you’re the guy that called into Mikey Miss on the fanatic the other day. He was quoting your talking points on there almost verbatim.

      • Jeff Williams

        I go off of what I’ve seen on tape he’s a tough physical corner something we haven’t had since Sheldon was here he makes plays plus he’s a bump and run corner watch the national championship game he shut down the top te in the draft

  • mike

    Howie didn’t get involved in free agents until 2012

    • JofreyRice

      oh, baloney!

    • “I’m not saying there are definitely going to be more injuries. But if you went into this without trying to plan for that possibility, and maybe that probability, you’d be leaving yourself vulnerable. Even if you do plan for them, we still have guys that, if they go down, we’re in trouble.

      “There’s where [general manager] Howie [Roseman] was so important. You look at the [Anthony] Hargroves and the [Evan] Mathises and Jarrad Pages and the Sinorice Moss type guys, these are all guys he lined up with a sense of trying to do everything we possibly can to not get to the point where, if we have a few injuries, we’re going to [say], ‘Oh my goodness. What are we going to do?'”

      Joe Banner to Philly.com, 8/18/11

  • whattheDEUCE22

    This move freed up $5.6 mil in cap space btw.

    • theycallmerob

      only about $4 mil…1.5 of that was guaranteed

      • GGeagle

        perfect…now we can use that 4mil to offset the 4mil it takes to cut Nnamdi….Patterson can be cut without any cap hit. and THE NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES continues..lol

      • Only in case of injury.

        • theycallmerob

          do you know that for sure? if so, where? I thought the same thing, but ESPN is reporting otherwise

          • BGN, but they could be wrong. It would match up with the claims that that were saving $5.5M in cap space, though.

            Edit: CSN Mosher says the $1.5 was fully guaranteed, others are saying it was “offset.” In other words this is getting into obscure cap stuff that I am not familiar with.

          • CJ

            “Offset” is the same language from Vick’s deal. If that is the case, he’s guaranteed 1.5 mil from “somewhere”. If he can’t make that up on another team in the league, the Eagles owe him the balance. So (again assuming this is accurrate) if Jenkins doesn’t get another job, the Eagles owe him 1.5 mil. If Jenkins signs with another team at 750k, the Eagles owe him the balance 750k. Again that’s all hypothetical, but explains the offset language.

          • Ok, that would make sense. The early buzz is that he could go back to the Packers.

          • theycallmerob

            thanks good brother (you too Phil)

          • No, not for sure. Now I’ve seen several conflicting things too.

  • Robin Wallace

    I don’t care if we save .20cents what about King Dumbazz. He needs to go!!!

    • GGeagle

      you want to laugh? bleacher report just ranked king dunlap 3 spots better then Jake Long in its best OT of 2012 list. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. you should see the charger fans message boards, I swear they all want King Dunlap. WTF is going on? hahah

      • nicksaenz1

        Could you imagine if we turned him into a draft pick? That would be awesome! The guy is awful!

    • Damien

      He’s a FA dumbazz

  • CJ

    Not sure how to feel about this. He’s one of the only guys that attempted to lead this defense, though his level of success can certainly be debated. The Eagles have an obscene level of cap space, so this move is meaningless in that regard. While he’s older, he’s won a superbowl and he can play in a variety of schemes.

  • JofreyRice

    hmm…worse offenders than Jenkins. Keeping him would have given you some vet flexibility in case Thornton can’t handle the 5 technique. Decision is about the bottom line, and what Jenkins offers–can’t say I’m too broken up about it.

    Would have really liked them to just release Asomugha. The guy will be a straight up liability any time he’s on the field, which is not the case with Jenkins. I’m hoping they don’t keep him around just because they owe him guaranteed money.

  • Absecon

    Not worth the cash….Bye Bye!

  • Bdawkbdawk

    I ‘m not thrilled with this. Especially if you think we are moving to a 3-4. Jenkins was vital to the Packers on their Superbowl run, and I think you have to give the man the chance to show coaches whether his regression is due to age or position/wide 9. We could do a lot worse than a solid, accountable veteran who is a bit overpaid. Ultimately, I wish Jenkins the best and hope that this is more an endorsement for Cedric Thornton than a simple budget cutting measure.

    • Wilbert M.

      Maybe locker room issues had something to do with this. I caught Jenkins not hustling a few times – once was just before the argument he had with Andy on the sideline. But, as far as versatility, Jenkins will be tough to replace.

  • I think this is good news for Mike Patterson. If they were only going to keep one, I’ll be glad if it’s him.

    • Now this is sad.

      • Cyrus Robinson

        You jinxed him! lol

  • Patterson gone too! Yikes!

  • Run Eagles Run

    Not saying I think jenkins played great last year, but I thought he was solid in a year where shit really hit the fan. Not to mention, he seemed to actually care about the losing. A lot of people seemed to throw him in with the heartless players but thats a load of bull. You dont flip out on the sideline on your coach if you dont care on some level. If you watched the post game interviews, you could tell he cared. He’s the kind of player you want to root for, but I understand thats not worth 6 mill to the eagles if he is gonna be in a back up role. I wish him best of luck.

  • EaglefaninAZ

    Check out Sheil’s postgame defensive front charts posted on this very site during last season. The last third of the charts posted show Cully with lots and lots of zeros after his name. (No hurries, no pressures, no sacks).

    Glad he’s gone. He quit just like a lot of the defense.

  • 1972

    Another bad signing gone. Next up,Assomugha!!!!