Eagles Cut Mike Patterson

And another one.

The Eagles parted with Cullen Jenkins earlier Monday, then later announced that they cut ties with fellow veteran tackle Mike Patterson as well.

“Mike Patterson is one of the toughest players I have ever been around in the National Football League,” said Eagles general manager Howie Roseman. “He has overcome many obstacles throughout his career and I have the utmost respect for him because of it. Coach Kelly and I each had great conversations with him today. He is a class act. He gave this organization eight great seasons of hard work and dedication and we wish him all the best as he continues his career in this league.”

Patterson was slated to make a base salary of $2.9 million this season, and carried a cap number around $4 million.

The former first-round pick was the team’s longest-tenured player (That distinction now belongs to Trent Cole and Todd Herremans). The 29-year-old appeared in 115 games (99 starts) at defensive tackle for the Eagles and racked up 551 tackles, 16.5 sacks, four forced fumbles and seven fumble recoveries.

The past couple season have been defined by health issues and his ability to fight through them. During training camp in 2011, Patterson suffered a seizure and was diagnosed with a brain AVM. Patterson played the entire year and had brain surgery in the offseason.

He returned to the field in Week 9 of this past season against the Saints, only to be hospitalized with viral pneumonia in December. The Eagles caught some flak for placing Patterson on the non-football injury/illness list, a move that could have cost the defensive tackle $150,000 in pay. Eventually the Eagles decided to pay him the full amount owed.

Patterson released the following statement upon his release:

“I want to thank the fans for all of their support over eight years in Philadelphia. It is never easy to say goodbye to a fan base that supported me no matter what. My goal was to come to work every day to try and make the Philadelphia Eagles the best organization we could be. The Eagles organization has treated me and my family with nothing but respect since the day I was drafted and I wish Mr. Lurie, Howie, the new coaches and all of my teammates all the best going forward. I will miss them all and I will always have a place in my heart for the Eagles and for the city of Philadelphia.”


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  • goeagles55
  • Myke Lowery

    so i guess they’re drafting a DT at number 4?

    • 36 methinks

      • Myke Lowery

        would much rather prefer trading down forJordan

    • Because if you don’t pick the player in the first round, they won’t be good. (rolleyes)

  • Andy


  • theycallmerob

    Kelly must love Thornton and Dixon

    • D3Keith

      Come on man, there’s time yet. There’s free agency and the draft, and aren’t these Billy Davis’s decisions as much as Kelly’s?

      • theycallmerob

        guess my sarcasm failed…sorry to offend.
        And speaking of free agency, one potential Safety candidate is off the market- George Wilson

        • D3Keith

          Not offended at all.

          Wilson had a good game against the Eagles in 2011 at Buffalo, and always seemed to be popping up in highlights.

  • CJ

    Well, now we HAVE to go 3-4. We don’t have the bodies to run a 4-3. I don’t think this forces us to go DT a 4 though. In the first four rounds, yeah, but they drafted Cox high last year already, and though they deserve crap for a lot of things, telegraphing a draft pick 2 months in advance has NEVER been one of them. I think if one thing’s sure at this point, they’re not taking a DT at #4. Trade down or take Jordan at 4.

    • theycallmerob

      Maybe not DT, but I’d put all my money on defensive front-7 with our first pick (wherever it ends up). Got to have some more linemen, and as Kelly said the benefit to a 3-4 is more LB on the roster (helping ST). Need some more of those too.

    • My money is on DT at 36

  • Corry

    Man, Patterson was one of my favorite players. Very sad to see him go. Best of luck Patt!

    • If the Eagles get rid of Patt and keep Nnamdi I’ll be pretty P.O’d

  • nicksaenz1

    Class act. Sad to see him go.

  • professor_619

    talk about fire sale… might as well get rid of everyone if that’s the case… I guess I understand they want to get younger but they’re already one of the youngest teams in the league so let’s see where they go from here

    • MorganC

      Also, it wasn’t like Patterson was one of the problems on this team. A solid veteran, and not too expensive. Again, I get the Jenkins decision. But I don’t get cutting Mike at this time.

      • D3Keith

        He wasn’t too expensive, but he wasn’t too cheap either, and he wasn’t dominant or anything. I liked him and didn’t want him gone, but I can’t say this raises my ire. You have to expect when the coaching staff turns over that some guys you like are going to be gone.

      • GoBirds1

        What is so difficult to get. They are going bigger, faster and younger across the board…Are you not ready for change? Did you not have enough of Reid’s fastballs with a good motor? Look at all the 1,2,3 round picks of DT and DE that all sucked! Granted Patt was a good player likewise for Jenkins, but building the roster now for where we will be in 2-3 years. Hopefully that same reasoning applies to NA.

  • EaglefaninAZ

    Best of luck to Mr. Patterson for the future. I understand the move, but I’ll miss him regardless. The guy had heart and cajones. God bless ‘im.

  • JofreyRice

    Weird move. The guy was cheap. Maybe not an ideal player in the 3-4, but he could have at least been a vet piece. They did him dirty w/the AVM recovery and trying to cut his pay for getting the flu.

    Cutting Jenkins and Patterson is getting rid of two of the better players on the roster–as sad as that is. Where the hell are they going to get depth for the front 7, unless they invest heavily in the draft, which they’ll already have to do to rebuild the secondary and add linebackers?

    What happens when Antonio Dixon, who wasn’t even in the right shape to be a rotational player in Washburn’s wide 9, has to hold down the nose for multiple series after the offense goes three and out in fourteen seconds?

    • ClydeSide

      Coach Azzinaro apparently wants more violence. I’m okay with that.

      • JofreyRice

        Well, the D was trash last year, so I’m all for a rebirth, but Patt was a cheap productive player–before the AVM. The only reserve they have now is Ronnie Cameron, so I’m anxious to see who they bring in to fill out the line.

        • D3Keith

          I think this pretty much solidifies they’re bringing players in in either FA or the draft. The three across the front now are Cox-Dixon-Thornton, I can definitely see them adding to that, big moves or small.

          Patt wasn’t dirt cheap now, let’s not overstate it. 2.9m with a cap hit of over 4mil this season (according to eaglescap.com). Also he got his $150,000 supposedly, so they didn’t really do him dirty.

          I liked Patterson and Jenkins, but you were going to pay those guys a total of $9.5m this year and they weren’t going to be here that much longer? If you’re going to start fresh, do it now, when you have the season of slack from us, the fans, and the season to install your system and train the players in the ways of the new system.

          • JofreyRice

            They tried to do him dirty, until he and his agent made a stink. Considering he showed up to practices after the AVM surgery, when he didn’t even have to, and spoke about how much he loved the game, bulked up to two-gap for JJ, and slimmed down to one-gap for Washburn; they pretty much had to capitulate to avoid a PR nightmare.

            2.9 Million is fairly cheap, considering they’ve got 3 UDFA’s out of the down linemen (two of them now penciled in as very tentative starters). 2.9 Million for a solid, if unspectacular, defensive tackle is about right, actually. This was really where the Banner longterm extension started to balloon (modestly).

            I’m ok with starting fresh, but this is where you start cutting? With the disgrace that the secondary is? Seems strange. You might not have long term plans for Patt/Jenkins, but they could be guys that could give you some depth in a unit that’s very thin. There are some good trench players in this draft, but there are also some good secondary players–I was hoping they’d concentrate on the latter, since it’s been a problem for so long. Now, if they don’t find a guy they feel is worth investing in as a FA (which they may be a little hesitant, considering they’re dumping everyone they can from the last FA splurge), they pretty much have to get 2 or 3 DLinemen at Radio City.

          • D3Keith

            I don’t disagree with most of this, except I think it means we could see some mid-level DL brought in before the draft. They have the money to be aggressive. One thing we have to remind ourselves to be careful about is judging a move without knowing the corresponding move. Maybe they’ll do something that makes this all look better.

            But it’s also possible that they’re just projecting a few years out and even though it’s the opposite logic they used on Vick, guys that are getting up there and won’t be around, there’s not much point in paying them a lot now.

            Or maybe they just don’t fit what Billy Davis thinks he needs. Hard to say … but it’s hard to be mad, even though Patt was a consummate Eagle, when Kelly cleans a lot of the high-salaried, diminishing-returns players out. Maybe they are going to try to overhaul the whole thing at once. Could be interesting.

    • Damien

      The draft happens. That’s what. We’ll draft fillers.

  • Wilbert M.

    Why is Assholmwa still an Eagle?

  • MorganC

    Jenkins? Okay. But Mike? I mean, I just don’t really see the need for it. He was a solid player, and at age 29 with last season’s health issues now behind him… AND making only 2.9 million, I just don’t understand the need. They now have only one legit NFL DT on their roster (Cox). At least this year, we know we will suck.

    • fastnbulbous

      When you have as many needs as this team, every million bucks and roster spot matter, and Patterson really didn’t have a position in the 3-4. Sentiment aside, the move makes total sense.

  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    They did his ass dirty on this 1. But its out with the old in with the new. Couple other names on that defensive front need to go then though.

  • dislikedisqus

    I respect him a lot. Seems like the kind of guy you wsnt on your team. Best of health, Mike !

  • HowieDon’tKnow

    “One of the toughest players I have been around …” Wow. That’s saying a lot. Let’s see if Howie can replace him with someone like Watkins, Jarrett or Curry … What a joke.

    • Damien

      What did you want him to say? “Patterson was pretty average and lacked the physicality I see in other players. He wasn’t that great on passing downs and even on run support he would occasionally struggle.” He was just saying it because you have to. I’m sure the 49ers will be saying the same thing when they trade Alex Smith. Calm down bro.

  • laeagle

    Also not too sure on this move. I get it from a cap perspective, sort of, but we’re already in good cap shape. Maybe they’re planning on doing a lot of movement in the FA market? That’s the only thing I can think of. Perhaps not a splash or marquee player, but a lot of mid-tier guys, to flesh out the roster with players that Chip likes? We’ll see.

    Shame to see Mike go. I always thought he was a good solid pick, and he played at an unappreciated, high level for most of his career.

    • D3Keith

      I think you pretty much nailed it. My guess is they’re going to bring in a lot of guys who are malleable (young, or experienced but hungry) and better fit the new system. There’s only once chance to start fresh with guys who can be molded and then be kept around for years to come, so I understand.

      Liked both Patt and Jenkins though.

    • fastnbulbous

      We were $4M under the cap last I checked, which doesn’t give you much maneuvering room. Cutting loose some older guys who weren’t going to see a lot of time anyway makes sense for a 1st year coach with tons of holes to fill.

      • nicksaenz1

        Found this breakdown. The home page has it wrong, but the current tab on it shows the proper breakdown including the weird “carryover” (I forget why they started that after the CBA), but after Jenkins & Patterson being cut we’re roughly 33mil under the cap.


        Still waiting on the word from Nnamdi as well. If he goes, that’s 44 under the cap. Somewhere in the middle if he restructures.

        • D3Keith

          Eaglescap is great.

          I actually thought this was the same as the old LTBE carryovers and typed up a long explanation, but … Nevermind! You’re right, it’s actually new to the latest CBA and replaces those.

          A quick explainer on the carryover from (ugh) PFT:

          • nicksaenz1

            Thanks for the link! I couldn’t remember if this version under the new CBA was the simple or long version, but it seems that it’s really a basic optional rollover. The new CBA raised the minimum percentage of the salary cap that the teams must spend in salary, also. So some of those teams mentioned in the articles, like the Jags, will likely continue to have the extra space to rollover because they don’t sellout games or have the passionate fan bases readily buying new memorabilia, jerseys, etc., thus not generating the revenue for the owners to earn their desired return. Luckily, you know we’ll likely continue to produce favorable contracts to maintain the flexibility. The 23mil dollar carryover may not even be dipped into much.

          • nicksaenz1

            Just looked at Vick’s contract on Eaglescap. There’s still LTBE stuff mentioned in it, seeming to count in the “other bonus” section, however, without the ability to add to the cap next year if not earned. Seems just very straight forward. Looked up LTBE from before the new CBA and it’s shiesty stuff. Found this really good link laying out the salary cap rules with notes, also from Eaglescap.com


  • aub32

    I don’t get why so many are surprised by this. I liked Patt, but didn’t believe for a moment they would carry him into the 2013 season, especially with that cap number. Good luck to him going forward, and I can’t wait to see what Howie’s cooking up with all this money at his disposal.

  • Damien

    To me it makes sense. This year no real fan is complaining yet. After next season things will get a little more intense and a little more pressure will be on Chip. For now, do the dirty moves. Get those out of the way. We need young willing players. Get the vets out if they don’t fit. Patterson didn’t fit and he had a cap hit of $4 million. I’d much rather bring in a better fitting 3-4 DE at $4 million than keep Patterson.

  • ICDogg

    I always liked Patt. I think his time here has been underrated. That being said, he has not much to offer anymore.