Tom Coughlin: Chip Kelly Will Make Things Interesting

INDIANAPOLIS — Chip Kelly had a chance to get his foot in the NFL door before he ever coached a game at Oregon.

Back when Kelly was at New Hampshire, Tom Coughlin and the Giants offered him a quality-control job. But he turned them down. From a July 2012 article in The Oregonian:

When Tom Coughlin dangled a quality control position — a non-specific, do-it-all role generally reserved for novices — with the New York Giants late in Kelly’s tenure here, [New Hampshire head coach Sean] McDonnell told him he had to take it. He’d be crazy not to.

“But he said, ‘I want to coach,’ and Coughlin couldn’t tell him he was going to be a full-time coach,” McDonnell said. “So he turned it down. … He wanted to run the offense.”

Now, Kelly will coach against Coughlin two times a year.

“I know Chip from his days at New Hampshire and the tremendous job he did at Oregon,” Coughlin said Friday at the Combine. “We interviewed him at one point here in New York. He’s done a superior job. He’s an outstanding football coach, and he’s going to make it interesting.”

With Robert Griffin III in Washington and Kelly running the show with the Eagles, the NFC East will likely feature two teams running some version of the read option. Griffin ran for 161 yards on 14 carries (11.5 YPC) in two games against the Giants last year.

Coughlin was asked whether he’s asked defensive coordinator Perry Fewell to go over the read option with a fine-toothed comb this offseason (talking to college coaches, reviewing extra film, etc.).

“You said it as well as I could,” Coughlin said. “Yeah, absolutely. [It’s] right in our division. We’d be foolish not to. We’re doing as much as we can.”

And finally, Coughlin called Andy Reid a friend and acknowledged it’ll be difficult to have him out of the NFC East.

“It’s an unusual thing to say,” Coughlin said. “But to not have him in the division, I’ll miss him.”

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  • Andy

    Class act.

    • CJ

      you could choose to look at it that way. Or that people in Washington, Dallas, and NY will miss Andy Reid not being in Philly than Philly will. Truth is probably somewhere in between.

      • Bdawkbdawk

        Can’t agree. Reid had a winning record against every team in the NFC East.

        • CJ

          Then why was he fired? How’s that record since Jim Johnson’s passing?

          • Bdawkbdawk

            How’s the record? Well actually, pretty damn good. The great JJ passed in July of 2009. Since then, The Eagles have gone three and three vs the Redskins, 3 and 3 vs the Cowboys, and 4 and 2 vs the Giants. And these are “down years.” Not a single rational NFC East coach is going to miss Andy on Sundays.
            And since you asked…I think he got fired because of an overly critical media/fanbase, an underperforming team, and a drastic need for change. Ultimately, I cant fault my Eagles- but I think every coach has down years/rebuilding years in a 14 year tenure. Nevertheless, these down years came consecutively and after much hype. So I can see why the fire Andy movement picked up speed. But it was for his performance against the rest of the league- not the NFC East.

          • CJ

            so you’re happy with a game over .500 then, in what you call down years that showed no signs of even potentially trending up. That’s not down years, that’s falling off a cliff.. Content with 1 over 500 probably puts you in the minority here, but like I said up front, the truth probably lies somewhere in between.

          • ICDogg

            Reid and the Eagles both needed a change, doesn’t make Reid a bad coach. Just means he was here too long.

          • GoBirds1

            No it doesn’t. But he became a bad coach. His playbook and scheme was as stale as stale gets. It was embarrassing that most teams knew what play was coming before the even lined up. Fat Andy and MM or Minnie me the ultimate yes me were pass junkies, had no ability to adjust or play to your teams strengths. Not to mention the lack of discipline and player accountability transcended the entire team. For example they ran the shovel pass play the in the redzone out of one formation, but the problem is that is the only play the run out of that formation. Maybe that’s way it stopped working and the other team knew what was coming.

          • Bdawkbdawk

            Yes I am happy with a game above .500. If you are able to cherry pick the worst three year spread of Andy Reid’s tenure, and the best that you can do is “the eagles were 10-8” against one of the best divisions in football, than yes I am happy. There are so many arguments that you can make for why Reid was fired, and i’d politely nod my head. But I just simply can’t buy that Coughlin, who has gotten beaten for years by Reid, wants him to stay for competitive reasons.

          • Average_Joseph

            @Bdawkbdawk – you did actually watch the games the last couple of years…media/fanbase had nothing to do with his firing; being here 14 years, of which the last few having a team get progressively worse had everything to do with it. Don’t put the blame anywhere but where it’s deserved, right on Andy Reid’s shoulders.

          • Bdawkbdawk

            I did watch the games. Took trains up from D.C.. Spent hard earned money for mediocre seats. Saw some pretty crappy play. Sadly I think Andy should have been let go. But I would wager that only a third of the people, yelling for the head of the winningest coach in Eagles history, were actually making decent arguments. People wanted Reid gone after the Steelers game and we were 3 and 2!
            This was a perfect storm of a season. Lurie made a stupid ultimatum that forced Andy to make risky decisions. Good players regressed unexpectedly. We played an inordinate number of teams after their bye weeks. Our number 2 ranked offensive line dropped like flies. The best LT free agent turned out to be a farce. A couple bad breaks and we imploded. Such is football.
            But if you think that the “dump Juan”, “fire Reid” “sky is falling at 3 and 2” culture didn’t hurt the team, I think youre just in denial.

          • therealpistolp

            One of the best comments I’ve read on here…

          • GoBirds1

            You mean his record against winning teams. 10-8 isn’t anything to Bragg about. His record since ’05 is 66-60-1 not is not acceptable and his acts of desperation both coaching and managing is what got him fired. Go CK

          • xlGmanlx

            – Bad drafting
            – Lack of accountability
            – Poor in game adjustments
            – No replacement for 5
            – Lack of evolution compared to rest of league
            – Poor replacement of key staff
            – Washburn

          • GGeagle

            I mean come on..It got to a point that every single opponent knew exactly which plays we were running on offense…you go get Tod Bowles, yet you dont even let him run a todd bowles defense WTF does a Bowles defense ever have anything to do with the wide 9? he had no experience with the wide 9 When the hell did Juan ever experience or see a wide 9 defense, yet he was asked to construct a defense around that? how? is there some wide 9 defense for dummies book out there that I dont know about. Reid was a great coach for years, but the decision making these past couple years, its just one horrific, IM SMARTER THAN YOU decision after another, that all blew up in his face. I mean 14years and he left us the franchise the way he found it, in shambles. Sure coaches like Jon Gruden did that to Tampa, but those fans have a superbowl to show for it.

  • PaoliBulldog

    Says a lot about Kelly that he had the confidence and courage to turn down the Giants at that time.

  • barry_nic

    It’s going to be an interesting first year. Coughlin has always had my respect, we always did well against him, but MAN, he just wins superbowls. This coach and F/O have an energy that I haven’t seen hear in a while. I can’t wait for the draft, OTA’s, Training Camp, and the season. It’s been about 8 or 9 years since I felt this way. It’s just going to have all of us on the edge of out seats with anticipation. It really may take a couple of years to see it all happen, there are just too many areas of concern on this team and not enough F/As or many impact players in this years draft to really make a difference in one year. But it is exciting.

  • southy

    I want Kelly to start Foles the first game of the season and the first play out of the gate run a read-option, just to see the baffled look on the opposing coach’s face.

    • GGeagle

      Foles isnt even as slow as people think. The kid is a good athlete with not speed, but functioning mobility…How many times did we see him avoid a pass rush, get out of the pocket and extend plays? thats basically all he did behind that joke of a line…He isnt fast, but no where near as slow as people say

    • xlGmanlx

      You can always throw the ball faster than you can run it, nowhere has kelly said he wants to run the read-option. That is just the dopey media being lazy, present company excluded somewhat.

  • theycallmerob

    Kelly was asked whether he was close to taking the Browns’ job, as was reported in early January: “Erroneous. That was a quote from ‘Wedding Crashers.’ ”

    take that, Joe Banner! Also, in the same article, Arizona’s GM defends Bowle’s hiring despite a 1-9 record as DC by saying he was “put in a bad situation in Philadelphia”