Eagles Name Gamble VP Of Player Personnel

The Eagles are trying to build a Super Bowl contender, and are calling on an old friend who has experience doing just that.

The team announced Wednesday that have hired Tom Gamble to become the team’s Vice President of Player Personnel.

Gamble spent eight seasons with the 49ers, including the previous two campaigns as Director of Player Personnel. The 49ers reached the NFC Championship game and the Super Bowl in those two seasons.

“Since Ryan Grigson left to become the General Manager of the Colts, we’ve been looking for the right person to fill his spot and we are excited about what Tom can bring to the team,” said Howie Roseman. “He’s not only a talented evaluator, but also a good man and the type of person you want as a part of your team. Tom and I have had a great relationship over the years and I know he’s excited to come home. He had a great run in San Francisco and they have been very successful over the last few years. He will jump right in with our group and get working on free agency and the draft.”

Gamble will report directly to  Roseman and work in both the college and pro personnel departments.

The 49-year-old, now with 25 years of pro experience, entered the NFL as an assistant in the Eagles personnel department in 1988. He remained in Philadelphia through 1994, serving as a college scouting administrator, area scout, contract negotiator, and later as the director of pro scouting. He went on to work for the Jets, Ravens and Colts (where he served under Bill Polian) before landing in San Francisco.

Gamblie is a Haddonfield, NJ native. His father, Harry, was Eagles President from 1986-95.

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  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    Now thats something to get excited about. Someone besides Howie evaluating talent.

  • Now this is a damn fine hire. I wanna watch LaCanfora eat his words.

    • mike

      Howie, you should really post under your real name

      • eagle fan dwn south


      • Loke2112

        Good one

    • PhEaglesPhan

      Agreed man! In fact I think this may be the one hire everyone can be stoked upon. I look forward to the future of this man in office for Philly.

  • laeagle

    But…but…Howie Don’t Know, right?

    • theycallmerob

      HowieCanLearn. HowieDoBetter. HowieMakeGood.

  • The prodigal son returns!…….. This is a major addition to the Eagles Front Office and may rival the hiring of Chip Kelly in terms of what direction the team goes.

    Most impressive move Howie. Nice, bringing back home grown talent!

    • $52095436

      WOW! Great move. But I am really stunned. I thought the front office was full.

  • I’m surprised Gamble left SF. I would think he would want to stay and win a Super Bowl. I wonder if theres some friction going on in SF. Harbaugh can be a hothead.

    • laeagle

      The family angle is big, I guess.

      But after living in the Bay Area for a number of years, I can’t see moving back east. It’s like the scene in “The Five Year Engagement” where Jason Segal is looking for a job in Michigan after moving there from SF, and all the guys in the Indian restaurant are laughing at him for moving from the Bay Area to Michigan, like it’s the dumbest thing they ever heard.

      Still, family can be a big draw for a lot of people. And if he grew up in Philly, and worked for the Eagles before, chances are it’s kind of a dream job for him. He’s like the Vinny Curry of the front office.

      • theycallmerob

        man, I agree with almost everything you opine on this blog…but paper beats rock, fire beats plague, and East beats West. Facts of life

      • $52095436

        Maybe Tom isn’t into public displays of depravity. Oh, yeah, I forgot about the Wingbowl.

      • It’s a good move on everybody’s behalfl. Should Kelly get a handle on things and his Offense takes shape here in Philly,chances are great more teams in the NFL will covert one way or another and the revolution continues. Gamble will have a lot of say in shaping the direction and personnel to help make things click and become the go to guy for the right parts.

        This is or could be a pretty intriguing collaboration. I think it’s one of the most significant moves in the NFL this year.

        Kelly’s seen coaches find success using his philosophies.

        • MAC

          Dutch I am not trying to start argument or be a jerk, but I believe you have mentioned teams using the Kelly philosophy before. It is true Belichek spoke to Kelly to understand part of his philosophy. However the Patriots do not run an offense based off of what Kelly does nor does anyone completely in NFL at this point. Belichek wanted to learn about Kelly’s hurry up strategy bc Kelly implemented a 1 word play calling system so he could run the hurry up faster and more efficiently. I am sure Patriots use some other concepts from Chip, but there offense is not based of Kelly’s offense. They run hurry up part of time and do it much differently than Kelly. Patriots do more of no huddle than a hurry up (unless defenses are not set).

          The read option is in NFL, but that is not a Kelly system. He is known to play the #’s meaning if you commit certain amount of guys to run based on his formation then he throws and vice versa. I do think read option is effective now, but teams will adjust and it will still have a place as a part of an offensive playbook, but not as a whole offense. Teams will do what Ravens did in super bowl and hit QB every time with a designated player to get the offense to stop doing it bc it puts QB at risk if he gets hit even when hands off. This is my concern for Vick bc we all know not most durable guy. Kelly’s philosophy is more a #’s game and hurry up, The NFL is not going to become a read option league.

          • theycallmerob

            MAC, you’re right about the offense “ideology”, if you will, and I agree 100% that the Ravens showed a good defense for the option (in the NFL, you just can’t risk QB like that; it will slowly fade to a few plays at most per game). But, I think that is exactly why we won’t be running much of that. I’d be blown away if Vick is asked to carry the ball more than 3-5 times a game. The #’s game should also help Vick and the OLine diagnose and audible, if need be. And I think blitz pickup will be a huge deal for the RB’s, so they can truly be 3-down backs (man, with Bryce Brown’s size, I’d love for him to throw some mondo blocks).

            Moreso, I think all this efficiency talk rings true. If Vick regresses at all, I cannot imagine Kelly tolerating turnovers or mistakes. Hell, if Vick doesn’t learn to slide by the end of camp, I can’t imagine he”ll even play.

            Now, if everything I said actually plays out, then I’m ok with the Vick move. I don’t think Kelly’s trying to outsmart everyone, or “fix” Vick, but rather put him in the best possible position to succeed. And if he can’t, he won’t play.

          • As presently constructed, there’s not much that’ll help the Eagles Offensive Line with the exception of jettisoning Herreman’s and finding a Right Guard. Counting Peters return, 40% is in immediate need of replacement.

            Those hand-offs for the Dive or Slant are made in the pocket, the NFL is going to address the vicious hits on Quarterbacks in the pocket after the handoff. But that is traditionally how the triple and wing t option were attacked in my High School and College days.

            Well designed quick routes by DJax could and should hurt a blitzing defense. Blitzing the spread only further isolates more of an area in the defense.

          • The Kelly inspired concept of squeezing in 80 plus offensive plays a game has proven for the Patriots, who routinely gets in 78.2 pays a game; and effective weapon. Running off 80 plus plays simply gives your opponent less time with the ball to score.

            The spread option, spreads the defense which isolates areas in a defense limiting the defense from overloading, the option dive, or slant. The QB keeper is based on the defensive end route of attack. The Offense worked well enough for playoff participants the 49ers, Seahawks, and Washington into this. 49ers, and Seahawks are featuring coaches fresh from College.

            This offense will come down to offensive line execution. I don’t think the Eagles now have what it takes in the interior of the O Line to get the job done.

      • Run Eagles Run

        Eh, if you’ve got money like this guy its nice to come home. I’m sure he will have the means to visit san fran on a whim.

      • FMWarner

        The family angle could be huge. I moved to LA for work, and if I could do the same job back home I’d leave California tomorrow.

  • Andy

    Good move. Very nice hire.

  • peteike

    I always thought the people that surrounded Howie were more important or just as important as Howie himself. Far too much criticism came his way. Great move

  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    This is one hire I think we can all jump on board with.

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    A football man!!!!!

  • Loke2112

    Trying to find a reason to bitch about this one….Oh yeah, we still have Vick….

  • ICDogg

    I don’t remember Harry Gamble ever getting as big of a positive reception.

    • theycallmerob

      depends on who you asked!
      “Harry is one of the most capable men I’ve ever been associated with in any business,” Braman said of Gamble, 55, who coached at Lafayette from 1967-70. “I’ve been extremely impressed with his leadership since I purchased the team.”

      also, the internet is amazing. http://articles.mcall.com/1986-07-17/sports/2542383_1_eagles-organization-harry-gamble-eagle-fans

      • ICDogg

        Well, yeah, and it sounds a lot like the stuff Lurie used to say about Banner.

    • Mostel

      Harry Gamble was a HORRIBLE GM! He did nothing about Braman being cheap and letting Reggie White go for nothing. Seth Joyney gone. Eric Allen gone. Keith Jackson gone. Keith Byars gone. William Thomas gone.

      • Bob A

        Braman was the real creep. Gamble had to do his bidding, but it’s not like Gamble believed that Reggie, Joyner and Allen couldn’t play, he just knew his boss wouldn’t pay them. You could make the case that a GM that was more principled would have resigned, but I blame that whole era on Braman. To me, he was the worst owner in Philly sports history, because he was the only one that intentionally sabotaged his own club;everyone else was just either incompetent or had a gambling problem( Tose). Everything Buddy Ryan said about the creep, he deserved.

        • theycallmerob

          A. Men.

        • Mostel

          Yes. He should have resigned. Braman was the real creep, but Gamble did all of his bidding. What a joke of an era. Gamble was the GM of that nonsense and deserves just as much scorn as Braman. Gamble should have quit and ripped Braman in the process. F him for not doing so and speaking company line nonsense as all of our stars left town.

  • brent

    this is quite the gamble!

    • ICDogg

      …he said, with a huff.

  • JofreyRice

    OK, good. He’s got a good football pedigree, and the 49ers have made some really great personnel moves. They needed a guy like this.

  • JoeN

    Very nice, smart move.

  • Bob A

    I guess this is another guy Jason LaCanfora thought wouldn’t be willing to work with Howie. Has any “journalists” credibility taken a bigger hit than that guy over the last month or so?

  • PhEaglesPhan

    Despite me usually not agreeing with these 2 gentlemen, (however they usually provide valid points and insight)

    But I’m curious if MAC and Matt Jacobs find this to be a good move or not!?

    • Zachary Kahn

      Im sure Matt will find something wrong with this. The Eagles could win the superbowl next year and he’d still be complaining….

    • Graham

      LOL here I am scrolling down the page thinking the exact same thing, and what do you know…

    • MAC

      I like the move personally. This one I can get behind. I am trying to be more positive. The Vick news got me completely nuts with anger, but I have had a day or two to calm down and this hiring in my opinion is good news finally.
      I also like all the talk about CK wanting cerebral coaches and run a smart team as well. He seems like intelligence and efficiency are big to him. I agree that those are important and hope he is able to apply to this team. The efficiency being important to Kelly is one main reason I do not understand keeping Vick, but whatever. This hiring is a solid move in right direction in my book.

    • The Guru

      Actually, this is the best move this organization has made in almost 5 years. Best part is, Gamble isn’t a yes man promoted from within.

  • nicksaenz1

    Shouldn’t Howie report to Gamble?

    • ICDogg

      no… Howie was VP of Player Personnel before he was promoted to GM.

      • nicksaenz1

        I was being sarcastic

  • Yo Mama

    No “I wonder what he thinks of Alex Smith” posts?