Eagles Wake-Up Call: Dixon And the QB Picture

The Eagles are showing interest in quarterback Dennis Dixon, a league source confirmed to Birds 24/7.

Dixon, who spent this past season on the practice squad for the Super Bowl Champion Ravens, is free to sign a futures contract with another team. The Eagles and Dixon’s representation have been discussing a potential deal. If negotiations go smoothly, the former Oregon Duck will be reunited with Chip Kelly.

CSN Philly first had the report.

What does it all mean?

I think it would be a reach to assume that Dixon will vault right into the mix for the starting job. The 28-year-old has been in the league since 2008 and has just three starts to his name — all with the Steelers. He has not thrown a pass in the bigs since 2010, and was unable to crack a 53-man roster this past season.

Kelly has worked magic on Dixon once already. The year before Kelly arrived at Oregon, Dixon threw 12 touchdowns to 14 interceptions and Oregon went 7-6. Kelly came aboard as the offensive coordinator for Dixon’s senior season. The signal-caller tossed 20 touchdowns to four INTs that year, becoming a Heisman candidate as the Ducks finished 9-4.

Could history repeat? Possible, but unlikely. It certainly makes sense to bring Dixon in, though, and allow him to compete for a backup role while helping to educate his teammates on the finer points of Kelly’s offense. And if the Eagles get more out of him, then all the better.


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The $3 million guarantee is set to kick in, but the Eagles aren’t ready to part with Michael Vick.

The key to winning a Super Bowl? Hiring a former Ray Rhodes assistant, of course.


The bad news? Vick is on Forbes’ list of most disliked athletes. The good news? He doesn’t rank as high (low?) as he used to. From CBS Sports:

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Eagles  Vick are the most disliked players in the NFL, according to Forbes list of the 10 most disliked athletes in America.

The No. 7 ranking was actually an improvement for Vick, who topped the list last year. While there seems to be a clear reason for fans disliking Vick and a reasonable explanation for why fans dislike Cutler, it’s hard to pinpoint why Romo made the list.

Lance Armstrong was No. 1, followed by Manti Te’o and Tiger Woods.

Reuben Frank is keeping 17 of the 33 offensive players that finished the season on the Eagles’ roster or injured reserve. Here’s what he had to say about Vick and Danny Watkins:

Michael Vick: He’s going to be 33, he hasn’t won a playoff game in nine years, he’s clearly lost a step or two, and there’s absolutely no reason to believe he can recapture the magic of early 2010.Goes.

Danny Watkins: I haven’t seen any evidence the former first-round pick wants to play football. Goes.


The Eagles could sign a quarterback and hire a defensive coordinator. Much to keep an eye on.

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  • ClydeSide

    At Oregon, Dixon made good decisons running the zone read. With Shurmur, the passing game will be more complicated than it was in Oregon. He had 4.6 speed before he was injured and some say he was a favorite for the Heisman. He probably runs 4.8 now–which is still faster than Foles. Good value if Chip can get him rolling again. If nothing else, he could be a good backup or situational player.

  • The Guru

    And just like Spurrier bringing in Shane Matthews and Danny Wuerful, Chip’s already bringing in guys who aren’t NFL players.

    • Pat Mc

      It’s typical with offensive coaches. Reid brought Peterson with him from GB, to keep the seat warm for a rookie QB. Don’t think Kelly considers Dixon the future, just someone who knows his offense.

      • The Guru

        As we just saw this season, “keeping the seat warm” is a waste of time.

      • Joe Jones

        Don’t bother explaining anything to that idiot. He obviously knows more than Chip Kelly LOL. Chip Kelly has been one of the most successful coaches of this decade, but an unemployed jelly factory worker with a keyboard thinks he knows more than Kelly.
        Chip hasnt made a single roster decision, yet, fools wanna make comparisons to other coaches/regimes based on what? The fact that Chip Kelly never coached in the NFL, just like Spurrier? Laughable….

        But hey, any loser with a dialup connection can pose as an expert and criticize.

        • The Guru

          Where’s your racist agenda? I think it’s been proven rookies can play and do well. I have history on my side…you have…well nothing as usual

          • Joe Jones

            Chip hasnt made a move and you’re crying and complaining. Whiny little idiot. “History on your side?” In the context of your whines, that means what? You complain that Kelly may bring Dixon in, I laugh at you. You come back with “history is on my side.”
            It really is impossible to have an intelligent dialogue with a moron. I’m sorry, I just couldnt resist laughing at you. Kelly=Spurrier. Good post LOL, carry on Chief!!

          • The Guru

            Funny part is Spurrier at least won titles in college….more than you can say for Chip. If you can’t see the comparisons, then you’re just incompetent.

      • I can see that being the case for Dixon, familiarizing the skills position players with the new scheme. It would not pay off to get a franchise QB and play him behind the current Eagles offensive line.

    • Have you ever heard of camp bodies? Talk about an overreaction. I doubt he’ll even be on the roster in September.

      • The Guru

        You think? All this talk about Chip adapting his system and the first move he does is sign a guy who ran his college system. That has to worry you a little…

        • MAC

          Exactly. CK says when he first got here that he will adapt his system to the personnel not the other way around. He also said that the things he values in a QB are durability, not taking sacks, getting rid of ball in under 2 seconds, and not taking negative plays. He even says no one ever lost a game bc they threw a ball away. While since those statements he is somehow considering Vick which Vick is terrible in everyone of the categories he emphasized for his QB. Then instead of adapting system to personnel he is interested in Dixon. This screams finding players to fit his system and the Vick thing tells me his requirements he listed for a QB are just a lie!
          Now I know coaches don’t always give all the info to the fans and have to just give answers that make media and fans happy. However this is scaring me bc if you want to run your system and get players for it, then you may pass on talented players that are the best available bc do not fit your way. That scares me and should scare any Eagles fan. I also am hoping he is just trying to create trade interest with Vick. If he legitimately believes he can use Vick and win then I will lose a ton of faith in CK. The things he said he value in a QB are important and do make for a winning QB, but Vick is the opposite and has been for 10 years. I am not just talking about last year for all Vick apologists. He has had turnover and durability issues since he came into the league. Also for the Vick fans who throw out his INT #’s only when comparing Vick’s turnovers, while fumbles are a turnover also so per snap Vick has top 5 worst turnover ratio’s ever. Not able to be fixed.
          All this should make fans worry a little. He seems to be trying to use same philosophy and run same offense did in college. Otherwise why would he consider Dixon? Just draft best player available and build a system around those guys. That is how super bowl’s are won. Not trying to reinvent the wheel!

          • Where to begin, where to begin..

            First, lets clear one thing up: There will be NO trade partners for Vick. There is absolutely no team that would be willing to pick up Vick under his current contract. If he plays out of Philly next year, it will be because he is cut and subsequently signed with another team. No trade. If he plays in Philly, it will be under a new contract.

            Chip has nothing to lose by keeping Vick around a bit longer. We’ve already heard that the 3 mil bonus will not count against the cap if he signs with another team, which he definitely will after he is cut here. Also, as some writers have already pointed out, Vick is a very popular person in the Eagles locker room. It would be an unwise move to cut Vick without letting him and Chip talk, feel each other out, and then if it’s not working out, part ways. This is most likely what will happen.

            Chip is a smart man. It won’t take much film watching for him to figure out that Vick does not have the ability to run the read option. I have no doubt that he can RUN, but he cannot make the quick read on the defender and read defenses from the line to see the mismatches. If I can see that, I’m sure Chip can see it. He knows, just like everyone else, that Vick is not durable enough either.

            Here is what will happen, and I will be willing to bet money on it: Vick will not be on the roster in September. He will be cut before then, but they are in no hurry to do so. Second, Dixon will be one of 4 or maybe 5 quarterbacks at training camp. At best, he will be a third stringer. I’m leaning towards him not even being on the team.

            You people need to RELAX stop over analyzing every little thing. Between now and training camp you’re going to see a lot of people signed. We need 90 guys for camp. The roster is a lot smaller.

            Breathe, relax, and enjoy.

          • Chip will also see that his receivers doesn’t recognize defenses, nor know how to break off routes in response to changes in the defense.

            There’s to much focus on Quarterback when there’s a need for talent improvement over the entire Eagles roster. There will be no quick fixes in Phila. This rebuild and scheme conversion will take a few years. The Eagles franchise QB may not have been drafted into the NFL yet, It’s a sure bet he’s not going to be discovered in free agency this year.

          • MAC

            Your right to much focus on QB in a QB driven league. Also I have no idea how you know that receivers struggled to recognize defenses. I rarely if ever saw balls thrown by Vick to a spot he thought the WR would go based on coverage. So that is a heck of a theory that again excuses Vick’s destructive play, Not just last season this has been a Vick issue for entire career so please spare me on o line blabber. Look at whole career there is a theme with Vick.

          • Foremost the Eagles aren’t getting a franchise QB this year, period. It matters little who is Quarterbacking this year. It’s sensible to built through the draft and get talent on the roster picking the best available players. QBs are weak this year.

            Eagles receivers never responds to shifts in a defense. DJax and Maclin having been here a while still never react to shifts in a defense. That’s an indication they’re not coached up to change their route when necessary. Which is probably why you rarely saw anticipation routes based on coverage.

            Receivers reacting to blitzing schemes isn’t difficult to recognize, it may be a bit more difficult watching on television. It’s obvious looking down on the action in a stadium.

            McNabb never did this either, until TO came to Philly, but TO had been taught and knew how to get around a defense and find holes abandoned by a defender.

    • xlGmanlx

      I love it when dopes like this gossip over transactions in Feb!!! I’m sure the igg’s org is second guessing themselves due to the genius input by public dope #1.

      • The Guru

        You mean like saying 18-37 Mike Nolan is a better coach than Jon Gruden?

        • xlGmanlx

          And yet he still doesn’t have a job…….

          • The Guru

            He gets offered 3 jobs every year. You too much of a simpleton to understand that? Your boy can’t even get a sniff for another head coaching job. BOOM!

          • xlGmanlx

            Look at this loser haha! He actually wrote “BOOM!” You cannot, and I pity your mother, who you certainly probably lived with up until recently, be above the age of 23. Shouldn’t you be saying something pointless on whatever social media you deem “worthy” to nobody who cares? You have ZERO football IQ.

          • The Guru

            YOU SAID MIKE NOLAN WAS A BETTER COACH THAN JON GRUDEN! That’s the dumbest statement ever to be posted on this site. And probably on any site. Ever. BOOM!

          • DC

            who the F is Matt Jacobs? Get the F out of here. Boom? What a d-bag.

          • xlGmanlx

            And could you step your game up please Misty Jacobs? It’s like you’re not even trying anymore.

  • eagleMD

    The natural follow up question to Kelly’s impact on Dennis Dixon is- what could he do with Michael Vick? You got to think he sees a lot to work with

    • bentheimmigrant

      I sincerely hope he doesn’t think he can work more magic than all of Vick’s past coaches. Kelley has made it clear he likes a QB who can master the mental side of the game, but as we saw ever since the end of 2010, if Vick has to make a quick decision, things go wrong. The only reason we didn’t see it earlier is because of how good the O-line was for the first half of that season.

    • FMWarner

      Yeah, but Dennis Dixon is going to cost the league minimum, he’s on a practice squad. If he’s your third QB, that’s just fine. Even if Vick renegotiated his contract, it would still be for starter money, and he’s not your starter.

    • MAC

      All coaches have seen a lot to work with in Vick. Unfortunately turnovers and durability at QB are to important in the NFL since the teams are so close in talent. Vick has had turnover issues, bad decision issues, & durability issues throughout his career. Vick is who he is. He can’t be fixed and will never win 3 playoff games in a row bc of those issues and the importance of ball security, minimal mistakes, and health in the playoffs. Sorry but if people think all of a sudden he can fix these issues then I think your definitely wrong. All the proof is on tape for 10 years.

    • GoBirds1

      So did Reid, how did that work out for him? Bottom line this is a QB driven league, with Vick, he will miss 30%-40% of the games. How does that help a young team develop. Last off season the big worry was if Vick could stay healthy. Once the season started the big concern was can Vick protect the ball. Until of course he got hurt. That is Vick now, a turnover machine that gets hurt. I have had enough.

  • It doesn’t matter who the QB is if the O-line sucks.

  • dislikedisqus

    Every team needs 2 backup QBs. For a CK team, it makes sense to replace Trent Edwards with Dennis Dixon. The cost is probably about the same as is the likely productivity. But Dixon will fit better with what CK wants to do. I don’t think this sheds much light on anything.

  • aub32

    What too many people fail to realize is Vick doesn’t have to be 2010 good to win games. There wasn’t a QB in 2012 who was 2010 Vick good. Some of the feats he pulled off wont be repeated for seasons to come. We all knew he couldn’t sustain that play. However, 2011 Vick could’ve won a bunch of games and gotten the birds into the postseason, turnovers and all, if the D stepped it up a bit or if the O line had been as good as it was at the start of the season as it was at the end.

    • atlvickfan

      If Ronnie Brown doesn’t throw a backwards lateral on the goal line, the Eagles make the playoffs in 2011. It really is that simple.

      • The Guru

        Actually if Michael Vick doesn’t throw 2 picks against Arizona, they go to the playoffs. We can play this game all day long chump

    • The Guru

      What you fail to realize is Michael Vick has been good in his career for 7 games. That’s it. With the QB Mike Vick really is, it’s been proven under 3 different coaches, 3 completely different offenses, and 10 seasons. YOU CANNOT WIN WITH MICHAEL VICK.

    • MAC

      Reference Rueben Franks comments above bc they are dead on! Also throw in the fact that the playoff game he did win 9 years ago was same year he won his other playoff game. Guess what those are only 2 of his entire career!!! Yea he is amazing with 2 playoff wins in career.

  • peteike

    So much talk about Kelly not needing to run his Oregon system in the pros and how he will adapt etc etc. This kind of signing of Dixon does little to reinforce those beliefs, thats my issue. They need to do a combination of schemes to have that work, hence bringing in Shurmur and WCO. I really dread the thought of yet another running QB. I dont mind the use of athletic skills to make plays it just cant be the starters best quality. Im fine with a pocket QB running some read option not the other way around. I just worry that Kelly will use much of the same things that worked for him at Oregon and we will be looking for a new coach in 2/3 yrs. Maybe reading too much into a practice squad guy, but when you combine it with the Vick talk it has merit. As a football fan, esp an Eagles fan, it would be nice to go a new direction. The reason Kapernick works is hes an excellent passer first and Harbaugh emphasizes run gm and D. It can always get you so far and have success in a season or two, just not long term imo.

    • MAC

      I could not agree more. I am ok with a QB that is mobil and using that as an advantage, but if you use your QB in to many designed runs in NFL more often than not will get injured. I get worried about him adapting to personnel versus getting personnel for his system.After CK listed important qualities for a QB like durability, and no negative plays, he turns around and is considering Vick. That is opposite of Vick’s strengths. I like the read option as a part of play book and I know it’s not all Kelly ran. I just worry that in next 2 years teams will adapt and will become less effective. In Super Bowl the Ravens hit Kaepernick every time they ran the read option and it held it pretty much ineffective. That shows teams will adapt. I just hope he uses his innovative mind to tailor a play book to his personnel not other way around.
      All Vick talk and the former Oregon QB talk does start to show the opposite approach. I am an Eagles fan and will be fan no matter what. I do not want excitement over winning football. Keeping Vick and running up tempo constantly are flashy, but scary. You run up tempo offense means you need smaller more athletic defense for endurance purposes. Winning ugly games in playoffs seems to be necessarry for every Super Bowl champion. Smaller players tend to struggle in those kind of settings. I do not want to be the Oregon of the NFL. Kelly is smart so I hope he sticks to basing playbook for personnel. Starting to look different than that though. If that doesn’t concern fans then I don’t think they realize what successful coaches and franchises do to win Championships.

  • Poor Manti.

  • Gmadd33

    Does not matter … Just like with Andy, it is simply time…

  • DC

    Dixon and Chip Kelly would be a perfect match. Don’t be surprised if Dixon wins the starting job easily.

    • The Guru

      I’m surprised someone would actually attach their name to that diarrhea